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Viral Goes Hunting

-by Alvo Torelli

(Author's note: this story is set in NoOneInteresting's Viral Video universe. You might read that first at Piper's Domain.)


"Mom, I really need to ask you something," Missy whispered to her mother as they packed the van with all of the camping and hunting equipment.

"What is it, Missy? Just spit it out," her mother replied impatiently. "We've got to get this packed or your father is going to split a seam."

"Mom! Not here, it's embarrassing," Missy said. She dragged her mother by the arm into the shelter of the garage, making sure no one could hear them. "Mom, I don't think I can go on the hunting trip."

"Oh my god, Missy. What is it now?" Ever since Missy turned eleven her mother had found her behavior exasperating and she had little patience for her antics.

"Mo-om! Please. I, I, it's embarrassing!" Missy's pretty freckled face blushed bright red. But she steeled herself. "I think I had my first period!" she said in a rush, then looked around again to make sure no one was listening. "And I'm afraid of it happening again, when we're out at the lodge. I, I don't know what to do!"

Missy's mom took a new look at her little red headed tomboy and all of her annoyance melted away. Was she finally going to have a real daughter? Missy, despite her name, had always been "one of the boys." No surprise with two older brothers and four close cousins - all males. "Oh my goodness, sweetie," she crooned and hugged Missy to her chest.

"Mo-om, stop it!" Missy wailed.

"When did it happen?" mom asked.

"Two weeks ago," Missy replied.

"Then there's nothing to worry about, sweetie. You won't have another period for at least two more weeks. When you get back from the hunting trip we can talk all about it. Okay?"

"Uhh, okay mom," Missy said, but she looked unsure.


There were ten people packed into a hunting lodge meant to sleep four - but that was the way they always did it. It was an annual tradition, all the "boys" out together for a week of grouse hunting. For Missy's father, Eric, and his two brothers Caleb and George, the tradition went back twenty five years. As more and more boys were born into the the family - Eric's boys Ian and David, eighteen and twenty now, Caleb's two sons Frank and Ben at fifteen and nineteen and George's sixteen year old twins Hank and Adam - the gang had just gotten bigger and bigger. As soon as you were old enough to carry a rifle, you joined the tradition. Little Missy, a late addition, had insisted that she, too, should be brought along and now it was her sixth trip to the hunting lodge. She was just "one of the boys," as rough and ready as any of her older brothers or cousins and nearly as good a shot as her father.

For the first time ever, Missy looked the small cabin over and thought about how close the quarters were. She shivered, nervously. But mom had assured her nothing embarrassing would happen. And it was just her family anyway - just her and her nine male relatives. For a week.

It was a long drive to the lodge and they'd arrived in two vans in the late afternoon. The drinking started at once, the young men mostly opting for beer, while the three older brothers went immediately to the whisky. Even Missy was allowed a bit of beer, though she didn't like it very much. By the time their first dinner was over, everyone was at least a bit tipsy.

"Hey, have any of you guys heard about that new video that's been making the rounds?" Uncle George asked the assembled group as they settled in to watch a game on the big screen TV. A few of them were sprawling on the two couches and the rest, including Missy, lounged on the many sleeping bags that littered the common room floor.

"What'cha talkin' 'bout, George?" asked a rather drunk Uncle Caleb.

"I got an email from a fellow at work - you know him Caleb, Duncan Leary - says it's the greatest thing he's ever seen. Tell me I gotta watch it, right away. What do you think, should we see if we can find it?"

"Hell, why not?" Caleb replied. "Duncan's a straight shooter."

"Gimme the damn remote then, asswipe," George joked. He grabbed the remote and used it to bring up YouTube on the big-screen. It only took a few seconds to find the video, and the room suddenly went very quiet as ten pairs of eyes studied the screen intently.

Missy couldn't really describe what she saw on the screen, but it felt like she was actually there. There were people without faces and rooms without doors and she ran without moving. She blinked at the end of the video, but then it started again and she was back. Then she blinked. Then it was back. Then she blinked.

Missy was kneeling in the center of the common room on her sleeping bag. Her hand was down inside her pants and her slit was very wet. Her middle finger was quivering as it sought just the right place to stroke. Her other hand was up under her shirt, tweaking at a very tight and sensitive little nipple. She looked slowly around her and met nine pairs of staring, hungry eyes. None of her uncles or brothers or cousins had EVER looked at her like that before - like she was a girl! Now even her father was staring at her with shock and appreciation and lust. Missy couldn't stop touching herself, despite a sudden wave of confusing embarrassment that flushed her cheeks bright red and brought out her lovely freckles.

It was cousin Adam who first managed to escape his shocked trance. He knelt behind his little cousin and reached around to unbutton her flannel shirt and reveal her braless chest. Her breasts were just buds, tiny handfuls of swelling flesh with small pink nipples. A delicate spray of freckles crossed her chest, brought out by the deepening blush that had spread to all of her beautiful fair skin. A gasp of pleasure escaped Missy's mouth as Adam cupped both breasts and teased her incredibly sensitive nipples. She leaned back into his strong chest and moaned.

Adam's cousin Ben joined him, kneeling in front of Missy's small body. At only four foot six, Missy's two cousins towered over her, even when they were all on their knees. Gripping her at the waist, Ben lifted her up and kissed her, hard, forcing his tongue into her small mouth. Despite her tomboy reputation, Missy had often imagined her first real kiss - but she'd never imagined it would be her handsome teen cousin Ben. He pulled her even tighter and she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him back with unimagined passion.

Missy felt more hands as her pants were unsnapped and unzipped, then wriggled across her curvaceous little ass and down her thin legs. She was lifted higher and her pants were pulled off entirely. Still kissing her cousin, she strained her eyes to see that it was her Uncle Caleb who was stripping her of her clothes! She felt her underpants push down her legs to join her pants and then her shirt was taken off her shoulders before Adam grabbed her tiny breasts again. Missy was down to her ankle socks!

Uncle Caleb pressed his face in and replaced Ben, kissing his niece with full tongue. His beard was scratchy and it was frightening to be kissed by her middle aged uncle, but Missy kissed him back. Hands moved here and there on her excited body. Missy gasped and her eyes went wide with shock when someone's hand came between her legs from behind and a finger was buried in her sopping slit.

Someone was kissing her neck and someone was rubbing her tits and someone was making her little pussy feel so amazing and someone was kissing her lips and wait, that was too many someones! Breaking her kiss with Uncle Caleb, Missy twisted to see her older brother, David, nuzzling her neck. Even as she looked he dropped his face to her chest and started sucking and tonguing one of her breasts. She moaned loudly and arched her back uncontrollably. She was pulled backwards and someone forced her legs apart and then she felt the warmth of someone's face between her thighs. "Aaaaggh!" Missy cried out when she felt cousin Adam's tongue penetrate her pussy.

It only took a few seconds of oral stimulation to bring Missy to her first of many orgasms. Adam's clever tongue drove her wild. He spread her lips apart and swirled his tongue around her tiny clit over and over. She bucked her hips into his face. And all the time David tortured her little breast with his strong mouth. But wait, someone was sucking her other breasts as well! "Ooh, ooh, ooh!" Missy moaned. She was on her back, on a pile of cushions and sleeping bags. Her back arched again and her head was thrown back as she moaned uncontrollably.

Missy's moans were cut off as a thick rod of flesh was pushed through her lips. Her Uncle Caleb's long cock pushed past her tongue and lodged in the back of her mouth. Missy choked, but she hungrily sucked at the huge intruder. Uncle Caleb grabbed both sides of her pretty head and pushed deeper with each thrust into her mouth. Missy sucked at the penis as hard as she could, but Uncle Caleb was incredibly forceful. He wasn't satisfied with a mouth fuck. He wanted more and he pushed hard at poor Missy's face. Somehow, despite her youth and innocence, Missy understood that she needed to relax and swallow. She did, and then, amazingly, her uncle's fat cock was sliding down her throat until his balls were slapping her in the nose with every vicious thrust. Her throat bulged visibly each time Uncle Caleb slid the long pole down her throat.

Missy was rapidly losing her mind. Each of the incredible stimulations she received was almost too intense to bear. Combined, they were far beyond overwhelming. And yet her body and her mind were reveling in the sex. Each time her uncle pulled his body away from her face she struggled to glance left and right and she saw the five other men, all gathered around her in a tight circle. They were all naked, with eyes staring hungrily at her small erotic body. All of them had massive erections pointing straight into the middle of the circle, like pickets arranged to prevent her escape.

Uncle Caleb suddenly pulled his big cock out of Missy's tortured throat and let his cum flow across her freckles and into her mouth. She greedily swallowed what he gave her, shocked by the salty acrid flavor, but desperately wanting more. Her entire body was shaking uncontrollably as Adam's expert tongue revved up her amazing orgasm. But suddenly everything changed in a second.

Missy felt herself being lifted off the ground. Every mouth was removed from her body and she gasped with desperation. Hands held her arms and legs and waist and even her head. Her legs were held open and then she saw what was happening and she screamed.

Eric, Missy's father, lay on his back, his massive erect cock reaching for the sky. It visibly throbbed with excitement. The men brought Missy down onto her daddy's cock and he thrust upwards into his precious eleven-year-old's hot virgin slit. She screamed again as her cherry was ripped away. She was plunged downwards onto the huge dick and her whole world spun. Daddy gripped her hips as she straddled him and he fucked up into his little girl as hard as he could. She was so incredibly tight! He yelled over her continuous screams, "Fuck, fuck, fuck! Oh my god! FUCK!"

People were still holding Missy's arms and she looked left to see cousin Frank with a firm grip. He put her little hand onto his cock and she grasped it urgently, stroking it as best she could. On her right she was gripping the cock of David. The men held her upright as her father pounded into her tight pussy.

Missy continued to scream right up to the second when Uncle George stepped forward, bending his knees to get to the right height and plunged his cock into Missy's pretty mouth. There was no chance to deep throat her other uncle, but she sucked at him eagerly. Daddy's cock just kept pounding up into her insides and her orgasm found a whole new level of intensity.

"Oh god, oh god, I'm cumming!" Missy's daddy Eric yelled as he lost his battle with his need to cum. He shot load after load up into the small girl. Eric's balls emptied completely. He had no idea that his tiny eleven-year-old daughter was fertile - that the first seed planted in her young womb might very well be fertilizing the precious eggs she carried for the very first time in her life.

At almost the same moment Uncle George yelled, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes," and he emptied his thick load into Missy's mouth. She reeled from the double onslaught of hot cum, but she happily swallowed every drop of her uncle's sperm.

Before she could even think, Missy was lifted off of her father and set back down on her cousin Hank, who lost no time at all in thrusting his fat cock up into her sloppy tight cunt. "Jesus," Hank yelled as he fucked his little cousin, "she's so fucking tight. Oh my god! Yes."

Missy was screaming again, whether in terror or excitement or ecstasy no one could tell. But her screams couldn't continue when her cousin Adam pushed his thick cock into her mouth, joining his twin at thrusting into the preteen beauty. Missy instinctively bobbed her head and sucked for all she was worth, clenching her small cunt around Hank even as she pulled at his twin. Her ams were stretched to either side, stroking unseen throbbing cocks.

The last man to join the melee, Ian, couldn't wait any longer. Kneeling behind his gorgeous sister, he used his painfully erect cock to probe at her tiny ass. She bounced around wildly on Hank's big cock, but Ian was desperate to fuck his little sister. Wrapping his arms around her body to grab her tiny breasts and tweak her sensitive nipples, he thrust forward and found the mark. His cock pushed past her tiny, tiny sphincter and popped inside of her.

In her mind, Missy screamed louder than she'd ever screamed in her life. But every orifice was filled to the brim with male flesh. The tiny girl nearly disappeared under the pile of randy relatives and every time one man came inside her he was replaced by another. Her wide, frightened eyes saw the video once again playing on the big-screen television and she vaguely sensed the other men watching it intently, even the ones who were actively fucking her in every hole.

At almost the same second, Adam and his twin brother Hank yelled "Oh fuck me!" and they loosed their hot cum into their little niece. More cum boiled down her throat and another huge load spewed into her fertile womb. And just seconds later, her brother Ian screamed "Fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me YEEESS!" and he slammed as deep into her bowels as could get his fat cock and then loosed a huge load of scalding jism.

The men gave poor Missy no time to recover from her massive triple fuck. In seconds she was flipped over onto her back on top of her brother, David, who's fat cock barely fit into her tiny ass, despite being stretched out by her brother. At once, her cousin Ben was on top of her thrusting his cock into her little pussy. David and Ben set up an intense rhythm, thrusting into her in tandem. Missy moaned loudly right up until cousin Frank, the youngest man in the building, pulled her head back by her short red hair and pushed his excited cock into her mouth. He lost no time, thrust rapidly into her mouth, and forced his cock down her throat until he was slapping his young balls agains her nose and eyes.

Filled to the gills with three cocks again - and with her never-ending orgasm wracking every fiber of her body - Missy was barely able to track anything that was happening to her. She was just a writhing ball of sensations, taking everything that was thrown at her. It didn't take long before all three men were filling her with their hot seed. Her fertile womb was overflowing with the seed of her relatives. Cum dribbled from her ass and her mouth as the men were replaced by more men and three more cocks filled her again.

Missy lost track of time and place and faces and holes and nearly everything. All she knew was cock, cock and more cock. She was vaguely aware of watching the video every few hours as she was fucked and she sucked, over and over again. The orgy of incest was intense for nearly five hours before it finally slowed down, with many of the men too exhausted to keep up the intensity. But every man in the pack had emptied his balls in the little girl at least three times before that happened, and the younger members of the group still had the energy to keep Missy going, one at a time.

It turns out that nine men, especially if six of them are under twenty-one, can actually fuck an eleven-year-old girl almost non-stop, twenty-four hours a day, for a full week. It helps if the girl is hot and willing and enthusiastic. It helps even more if they're all mesmerized by an amazing viral video. It takes gallons of cum and tons of supplies to keep the men going. It was a tough job, but they were up to it.

The men slept in shifts and several of them even managed to get out for some grouse hunting. But mostly they were either fucking Missy in one of her lovely tight holes, or watching, fascinated as someone else was doing the same. After two days of constant activity they let the comatose girl sleep for a few hours. By then she was already pregnant - in fact, she'd been fucked so fast by so many men that she had two fertilized eggs in her young womb, one fathered by her father, Eric, and the other by her brother, David. She'd been deep-throated so many times that she could no longer speak or scream - she could barely moan as she took the many cocks into her body. But still she wanted more.


Seven days of almost non-stop fucking finally came to an end. On the long drive home the men took turns fucking Missy in the back of one or the other of the two vans. Every hole got used several times before they finally arrived in her driveway.

"Oh my god!" Missy's mother cried out when she saw her naked baby, dirty and coated everywhere with dry and drying cum, being carried from the van, nearly unconscious. "Eric! Oh my god! What have you done? NOO!"

"It's okay Jenna, you'll see. I just have to show you something," Eric said to his hysterical wife.

Eric's brothers Caleb and George helped him subdue Missy's mother, and lead her into the living room where they forced her to watch the video. Three times she watched the video, her struggling getting weaker and weaker each time through. Even as she watched, Missy was on top of Ben, bouncing on his cock while Hank shoved his cock in her mouth.

Finally, mother rose from the couch, smiling as she watched Ben shooting his load into Missy's already pregnant womb for the umpteenth time. "You've been fucking her like this all week?" she calmly asked her husband.

"Oh yeah," Eric answered, "she loves it.

"That's so wonderful, baby," Missy's mother replied. "And I'm sure she must be pregnant by now! We'll get a kit and check, but she should have been at her ripest when you got there. This is so exciting!" Looking around at the gathered relatives she asked "Who's going to take her next? I can't wait to watch!"

"Oh hell, Jenna, I gotta tell you, we're all plumb tuckered out. That there was the very last any of us can do. We all need to recharge our batteries for a day or two."

"But baby, that's not fair!" Jenna said petulantly. And then she perked up with an idea. She took her little girl by the face and looked into her glazed eyes. Missy sat in the middle of the floor, barely knowing where she was, but she smiled up at her mother, then opened her mouth to show off the last of Hank's warm cum. "Sweetie," mom said, "you'd like to show mommy how well you've learned to fuck, wouldn't you? Do you want some more, now?" Unable to speak, Missy just nodded her head enthusiastically. Jenna rose and smiled at her husband. "You just get that video up on the screen again, Eric. It'll be alright. Trust me. And you - Ian, hold your sister up, she's about to fall on her face. That's right, get her on her hands and knees, please." Jenna disappeared towards the kitchen.

Everyone did as commanded, or else gathered around to watch, curious what Missy's mother could possibly have in mind. None of them had an iota of spunk left in their exhausted bodies. They didn't have to wait long.

Missy's mother, Jenna, strode back into the living room with a huge smile on her face. The video was playing and she admired it in passing. And behind her she led two Great Danes, Killer and Lightening. She told the dogs to sit in front of the screen and they both cocked their heads to the side, tongues lolling as they watched the video over and over and over.

It turns out that it wouldn't be that hard to fill the time before all the men were ready to have another go at their favorite daughter/niece/sister/cousin. And mommy was completely satisfied.

As for Missy - well, aren't eleven cocks better than nine?


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