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Viral Goes to the Dogs

-by Alvo Torelli

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(Author's note: this story is set in NoOneInteresting's Viral Video universe. You might read that first at Piper's Domain.)


Eight-year-old beauty Nicole Raven was so excited! She couldn't wait to get back up to her room to watch the new video again. It was practically all she could think of ever since Krista had emailed her the link and she'd watched it the first time! Krista was totally right - it was awesome. Sitting through dinner with her parents and her visiting uncle was torment. She wanted to get back up to her room as quickly as possible. Just thinking about it made her want to push her fingers down between her legs to make the tingly feeling come again.

Nicole thought about showing the video to her father, or maybe her uncle, Duncan Leary, who was visiting for a few days. She really wanted to, but she was too shy. Maybe, if she watched it a couple more times, she could get over her embarrassment and ask one of them to watch it with her. Or both of them!

"Oh my goodness, Nicky, would you please stop fidgeting in your chair?" Mr. Raven said with exasperation. But he never could hold any anger for his beautiful young daughter, with her gorgeous thick soft mane of black hair and those big dark eyes. "Okay, okay," father said, "you've cleaned your plate well enough. You can go. But don't spend your whole evening on that computer, young lady," he said to Nicky's quickly retreating back.

Nicky raced to her room, followed close at her heels, as usual, by Thor. The big teddy-bear of a dog was a bit overprotective of Nicole, but she loved him to pieces and they were constant companions. As soon as they'd closed the door, Nicky grabbed her laptop and brought up the new video. The eight-year-old flopped on her bed on her stomach as the video began. She was immediately transfixed.

As before, Nicky saw nothing at first, then it seemed she was deep in a forest, and there were little people there, and they were smiling and groping and ...

Nicky's hand was underneath her and she was rubbing hard at the tight fabric stretched over her little pussy and oh, it felt so good. But wouldn't it feel even better if she just took off her tight shorts and her panties? Ooh, yes, that was way better! Ooh, her little pussy was so wet and there was a spot, right there, that felt soooooooo good! She just kept playing with her small wet slit as she watched the video a second time and by the time it was done something was happening - something amazing. "Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhh!" Nicky cried to herself as the first orgasm of her young life crested. It was a small orgasm, weak and short-lived, but it was nevertheless amazing and left Nicky stunned and breathless.

As soon as she recovered from her small childish orgasm, Nicky grabbed her laptop and zapped off some emails, wanting desperately to share her good fortune with her closest friends. She wrote, "OMG, thank you, thank you! You're the best! - Nicky" to her friend Krista. Then she dashed off another email to her good friend Alexa Seng, "OMG! Alexa, you just HAVE to see this new video! I wish I could be there with you to watch, but you just have to see it RIGHT NOW! It's soooooooooo good. See you at school! -Nicky."

All that work done, Nicky knew she just had to watch the video a third time. Maybe she could make that feeling come again? She went so far as to put the video on a loop and then concentrated hard as she fingered her little pussy and even rubbed at her tiny rosebud. She felt so naughty, but she felt good too. Maybe she should show the video to daddy. Maybe she should... "Oh, oh, yes, yes, oh!"

As she thrashed on her bed, arching her back and playing with herself in earnest, Nicky kicked the laptop to the edge of her bed, facing outwards.

Across the room, Thor cocked an ear at the moans coming from the bed of his little mistress. Curious, the Alsatian got up and padded over to make sure she was okay and maybe get some scratches on his head or even his tummy. But Nicky was rolling around paying no attention to him. He turned to go back, but the video on the laptop caught his eye - as if he'd spotted a rabbit running very fast. He stepped closer and fixed his eyes on the screen.

Nicky's attempts at self-pleasure were more frustrating the second time. It took a long time for the wonderful feeling to slowly, teasingly build up, but she had the feeling it was going to be much better. For the longest time she worked to coax it along, patiently and excitedly getting herself closer and closer. She was far too busy to notice her big dog, Thor, standing at the side of the bed. His head was cocked to one side, inquisitively, and his long pink tongue hung limply as he watched the viral video over and over again - more than a dozen times. It took the canine's slower brain much longer to fully integrate the fascinating vision on the screen, but the affect on him, when it finally arrived, was profound.

Nicky was flat on her back, moaning, and so frustratingly close to another orgasm, when she felt a heavy weight land on the bed, jostling her sideways and heard a crash as her laptop fell to the floor. She squeaked with surprise and opened her eyes to find Thor standing over her, leering down at her. He thrust his maw in her face and growled. Little Nicky gasped! Thor had never growled at her!

Nicole reared up onto her knees. Thor stood next to her on the bed, his head low and menacing and he stared into her face. His upper lip, on the right, lifted in a snarl as he growled low, showing frighteningly long, sharp canine teeth. Frightened and confused, Nicky backed away until she was up against the wall. Thor advanced on her. She was so scared, but also excited. Her big German Shepherd flicked out his tongue tongue and raked it across her small lips, coating her with his saliva. When she didn't immediately respond to his kiss, he growled louder. Nicole gasped and when she did Thor sent his tongue into her mouth, forcing it inside. He kissed her hard and long, but when she didn't kiss back, he growled again. Nicole gave in, terrified. She opened her mouth and kissed the huge canine back as best should could. Their tongues entwined and he swiped at her face. Nicky couldn't believe that her first real kiss was with a dog!

The big dog pulled away from Nicky and stared into her eyes with menace. He snarled, showing his long sharp teeth. The poor eight-year-old cowered against the wall, but at the same time another shock of excitement lanced through her, emanating from her small slit.

Nicole's poor young brain swam in a sea of desire and confusion. How had her wonderful sweet doggy turned into such a snarling and demanding beast? And why did it make her so excited?

Screwing up all her courage, Nicole said, "Thor, bad doggy, get off my bed? You know you're not allowed up here?" She tried to scold him sharply, but it came out as more of a terrified plea.

Thor answered his little mistress by growling loudly and shoving her with his massive head, knocking her over onto her back. Nicole screamed and scooted towards the edge of the bed, trying to escape, but a huge paw descended on her stomach and pinned her to the mattress. She grabbed at the paw and tried to move it, but the dog massed nearly a hundred pounds, for too heavy for her to lift.

Nicole should have screamed at the top of her lungs, loud enough for someone in the family room to hear over the television. Someone would have come to her rescue. But something stopped her. Visions from the video swirled in her head and her pussy was crying out for something. She paused, and the then it was too late. The huge dog dropped to the mattress with one paw still pinning her down and he swiped his tongue hard across Nicole's slit.

"Oooooh!" Nicole wailed and without thinking she opened her legs wide. Thor obliged and his tongue dipped into her honey and swirled around. The strength, warmth and roughness of his tongue was unimaginable. "Oh god, Thor, no, no, ooh!" Nicole pleaded weakly. Her young body was already responding to her big dog's tongue. "Nooooo!" she wailed as a wave of humiliation rolled over her. She even tried again, feebly, to push the big paw off of her stomach, but this earned her another sharp angry growl of anger that doubled her fear. She submitted.

Soon the little girl was writhing under the big German Shepherd's tongue as he pushed her rapidly towards the climax she so desperately wanted. Her back arched, then spasmed. The fat tongue was everywhere, swiping roughly across her tiny rosebud, spreading her lips apart, even swirling deftly around her tiny, sensitive clit. Nicky couldn't keep from bucking her hips and giving the dog even better access to her as she moaned.

"Ooh, ooh, yes, Thor, yes," Nicky moaned as her orgasm neared. But the big dog suddenly stopped and jumped back to his feet, backing away from her. "Nooooo!" Nicky wailed desperately. "Bad doggy, come back." When she said 'no,' Thor lunged at her, growling and snapping ferociously. Nicky covered her face protectively and whimpered. She was so confused. Why was her sweet doggy being so mean and scary? Why did it excite her? Why did she want to do whatever he wanted? Thor nudged her arms and she lowered them to look at him through tears.

What Nicky saw made her eyes go wide with shock. He stood sideways to her and she saw something underneath the dog - a bright red shiny pole, maybe three inches long, sticking out of the little pouch of fur between his legs - the place where he peed when he lifted his leg. It was fascinating. It called to her. But she didn't know what to do!

Thor had loved the taste of the little black-haired bitch's pussy. But it was time for her to learn her place. He mustn't please her first - it was her job to pleasure him! What was wrong with her? Couldn't she see he was ready for her? He growled at his possession. Was she stupid? Twisting awkwardly and lifting one leg, he craned his head back and took a swipe at his cock with his long tongue, then stared into the eyes of the recalcitrant black-haired beauty and growled sharply. Her eyes flared in surprise and then in understanding. He growled again to make his point.

An understanding of what her huge dog wanted grabbed ahold of Nicky's young mind and nearly made her faint. But suddenly nothing else in the world mattered. He growled again and she could think of nothing but obeying his will. She rose to her hands and knees. Nicky was tiny enough to get underneath the dog's belly. It was awkward to twist her body enough to get her face up to the shiny red rocket, but she braced herself with an arm over his back. The rod of red flesh slipped past her lips, filling her mouth. She ran her tongue around it, and even as she did it grew longer and a bit fatter. She pressed forward, nuzzling his furry sack with her nose. She felt the dog twist and then he licked across her naked ass, rewarding her obedience and spurring her on to slide her lips up and down the length of the growing red cock. She tasted little spurts of hot liquid that jetted into her mouth every few seconds, salty, thin and sour. Nicole desperately wanted to reach down to touch her little pussy, but she needed both hands to steady herself as she blew the dog. The need for stimulation was driving her crazy!

It was just about that moment when Nicole's uncle, Duncan Leary, quietly cracked open the door to Nicole's bedroom, curious about all the noise he'd been hearing from the guest bedroom downstairs, and secretly hoping to get a peek at his diminutive niece. He couldn't believe how cute she'd gotten since his last visit. He froze in shock. His beautiful dark-haired niece was under her dog, sucking it's cock! Duncan instinctively looked over his shoulder, guiltily checking to see if anyone was about - but he was certain Nicole's parents were at the other end of the house, watching a movie in the den. He was alone with her, if you didn't count the dog.

Looking back into the bedroom, Duncan spied Nicole's laptop, on it's side. It had tumbled close to the door and the screen was running some sort of strange video. Once he'd spied the video he couldn't look away from it. It was fascinating and confusing. Pushing the door open silently, Duncan stepped into the room and scooped up the laptop, standing transfixed as he watched. The video looped through two or three times before he finally tore his gaze away from it and returned to the amazing scene on Nicole's bed.

Little Nicole's eyes were bugging out of her head. The rod of red flesh had lengthened and fattened and she could only get about half of it into her mouth. Her lips sucked and stroked at it as fast as she could as more and more of the little squirts of hot pre-cum lanced her throat. She could tell Thor was excited. He couldn't quite stand still, he panted hard and he gave off animated little barks of pleasure.

Suddenly Nicky felt her bed shift as another considerable weight was added to the mattress behind her. She couldn't see what was happening and she stiffened with fright. She heard Thor growl, low and menacing, but he didn't move. She was too afraid to stop sucking on his dick, afraid he would be displeased or even bite her.

Uncle Duncan was mesmerized by the sight of his naked little eight-year-old niece and the scene on her bed. He'd set the laptop back on the bed and stripped in seconds. Now he was carefully maneuvering behind her, not wanting to get cross-wise with the growling and snapping dog. But he was desperate to touch his little niece and the big dog seemed to be completely absorbed with the amazing blow-job he was getting from the her. It was the most erotic sight Duncan had ever seen and it made him that much more desperate for the little sex kitten.

Nicole stiffened and nearly screamed when she felt someone touch her! She desperately wanted to know who or what was behind her, but when she tried to stop sucking on Thor's hot cock he growled low and dangerous and she knew she had to continue servicing him. She moaned with fear and excitement when someone's fingers stroked though her wet pussy. "Yes, yes!" she thought as the fingers stroked her quickly, finally starting to fulfill her desperate need. "Oh god, yes."

"Wait!" Nicky yelled in her mind. "That isn't a finger stroking me!. It's bigger. Oh god, oh god, what is it?" And then, suddenly "Agggghhhh!" little Nicky screamed around Thor's red rocket as her uncle pushed the head of his throbbing cock between the lips of her pussy, stretching her slit wide. "Oh god, oh god, what's happening?" she thought. The head of the stroked up and down, teasing and frightening equally.

Duncan couldn't believe how tight his little niece was. He was desperate for her, but he wanted it to last. He stroked the head of his cock through her slit and wondered if she could possibly take him inside her. She was so small! But she was so warm and wet and ready.

In her excitement, Nicky doubled her frantic bobbing on Thor's huge cock. Her agitated attentions to the red rocket had brought on a full erection. His knot appeared, as big as a softball. Nicole felt an increasing compulsion to take the huge cock down her throat, but it was simply too big. Instead, she sucked and slurped away at it as greedily as she could, bobbing her head wildly.

Thor whined loudly and pranced on his hind feet - overwhelmed with desire for his little bitch! She was so obedient and submissive and what she was doing to his raging hard-on was beyond anything he'd ever experienced. His hips quivered and his tongue lolled and he howled as his balls began to pump huge quantities of thin hot cum thorough his cock.

The stinging hot dog cum slammed into little Nicole's throat, filling her mouth and making her choke and splutter. But she did everything she could to keep her lips clamped around her master's dick. Wave after wave of hot sperm flowed down her throat.

Duncan saw the massive thrusts of the dog's loins and the throbbing in his cock. He saw the thin cum bursting out of Nicole's mouth and dribbling over her cheek. He watched her gagging and swallowing, again and again. It was mesmerizing. And just as the big dog pulled his huge cock away from the pretty girl's lips, he thrust his hips forward.

"AAAAGGHHHHH!!" Nicole screamed. Some huge intruder slammed up inside of her. Something tore inside her and pain lanced through her body. As Thor pulled away from her she dropped her body to the mattress, her shoulders and face landing hard on the soft covers. But her hips were in the strong grip of someone and he was thrusting his cock deep inside of her, over and over again, hard and fast. "Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh," she grunted as the man behind her fucked her deeper and deeper.

Duncan slammed into his little niece with passion. God, she was so tight. She was incredible. So small and perfect. He fucked her as fast as he could. Her body shivered in an intense orgasm, an orgasm that started the second he plunged into her and ripped away her innocence. But she was so tight and warm and wonderful - he wasn't going to last long! He could feel the cum boiling in his balls.

At just that moment, the big German Shepherd jumped back onto the bed as he realized the man behind his little girl-bitch might actually be a threat to his dominance over her. That couldn't be allowed. He lunged at the man, teeth bared, with a huge growl.

"Jesus," Duncan cried out. The dog charged him just as he emptied his balls into his little niece! One thrust, two, three, and then the dog was on him and he had to flee as fast as he could. He barely even grabbed his clothes as he bolted from the room, a nasty bite bleeding on his right arm.

Nicky was nearly passed out on her bed, quivering in the fading glow of a wonderful orgasm. Thick cum leaked from her thin slit. She felt the bed move as Thor returned from chasing away whomever had been fucking her so nicely. The big dog disliked the smell of another male on his bitch - it needed to be eradicated.

"Oh my god, no, Thor!" Nicky said weakly and tried to push him away when Thor started to lick the nasty cum from her thighs and then from her warm gooey cunt. But he growled a low warning and a shock of excitement gave her some renewed strength. Nicky rolled to her back and opened her legs to him at once, obeying his obvious desires.

And soon Nicky was back in the throws of another incredible orgasm as the dog's long tongue slashed through her little pussy and tickled her tiny rosebud. She moaned loudly and arched her back, grasping at the covers of her bed with tight little fists. She dug her heels into the bed and lifted her hips to him. "Oh, oh, oh, god, yes, yes!" Being licked by her huge dog was even better than being fucked!

For fifteen minutes the dog slathered at his little bitch, cleansing her of every iota of the other male and dominating every fiber of her mind and body. He growled low and mean, just to see the way she jerked in fear and excitement. He forced his huge tongue deep, deep inside her, fucking her tight twat with the strong muscle and swallowing her sweet honey as fast as she produced it.

Nicole submitted completely and irrevocably to her erstwhile pet. The transformation in the big dog was amazing. His forceful dominance, and her video-induced need for sexual attention combined to break her will once and for all. When he stopped licking her and nudged her side with his cold wet nose she knew instinctively what he wanted. She submitted to him without question, rolling onto all fours and presenting herself to her new master. As he leapt onto her back and gripped her thighs with his strong front paws, she spread her legs wider and grabbed the headboard of her bed with her small hands, supporting the dog's considerable weight with her back as he leaned into her and placed his huge jaw next to her face. Nicole arched her back and strained with her thin arms. She tensed at the low growl just beside her ear and whimpered with terror and excitement.

Thor curled his back and brought his resurrected erection into contact with Nicole's thighs. Hot precut jetted out to coat her pussy and thighs. He pulled hard at her and began thrusting at her with the speed of a machine gun. His long pointed cock quickly found the mark and he entered her fully. Every rapid thrust impaled her fully, then retracted out again.

"Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!" Nicole wailed. The dog's cock was even bigger than the man's had been. And with every deep stroke into her tight pussy it seemed to be getting bigger and longer. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!" she gasped along with the rapid strokes. She was in heaven. Her pussy was the center of a fantastical universe of pleasure and lust. Her arms ached from holding up ninety pounds of canine weight, but she didn't care and she held on to the headboard with all she had.

"Oh god, oh god, oh GOD!" Nicole cried out. Something was happening. The knot on Thor's cock had begun to swell and he rapidly thrust it through her tiny hole. Each time it stretched her beyond belief. And then, finally with a massive forward thrust he buried his cock inside her and held it there. The cock itself was swollen enormously, but the knot was something else. Bigger than a softball, it locked the dog inside of her. Her small quavering pussy clenched and spasmed around the thin base of his cock. A new flood of scalding hot dog cum filled her insides and increased the painful pressure. Nicole nearly swooned with pleasure.

With his knot firmly embedded in his little girl-bitch, there was no longer any need to grasp at her. Thor dropped his front paws to the mattress and held up his own weight. His new bitch let go of the headboard and dropped, exhausted to the mattress on her face and shoulders, but she stayed on her knees. It would be terribly painful to try to pull the gigantic knot through her tiny slit.

Nicole panted and her heart raced. The side of her face pressed into the mattress, but she realized she was looking at the screen of her laptop, where the new video was still looping endlessly. She was completely overwhelmed by the fucking she'd just received at the paws of her big dog. He was so dominant, so forceful, so demanding. Her gaze fixed on the video. For the next forty minutes, as she waited for his huge knot to subside, she watched the video over and over again and with each loop she understood more clearly what she needed. She needed Thor. She needed to be dominated and used by him. She must obey him. He would take care of her and see to her needs, every day, over and over, forever!

On the other side of town, in a fancy apartment on the top floor of a high-rise there was another little girl by the name of Alice Vonner. Alice was seven and her babysitter had fallen asleep, allowing Alice and her Dalmatian, Thumper, to watch the video the babysitter was so excited about. Now Alice was on her knees in front of the couch, her face and shoulders pressed into the cushion under the weight of her dog. Thumper was thrusting his cock into his newly claimed bitch over and over again as she watched the video on the babysitters computer.

And across the state, in a different county, six-year-old Lenora Vince had learned quickly how to be subservient to her Cocker Spaniel, Curly. For the fifth time that evening she was licking Curly's cock, then sucking it deep into her mouth. Maybe if she did it just right he would fuck her again!

Two states away, in a different time zone, Noreen Cilva, a fourteen-year-old blonde freshman was in real trouble. Both of her Bernese Mountain Dogs had watched the video she'd gotten from a friend at school and now they both expected her to service them constantly. She could barely hold herself upright as she was mounted yet again by one of the massive brothers. But her orgasms flowed constantly and her broken mind wouldn't contemplate anything but pleasing her new masters.

And far North in a coastal community of quiet fishermen, Caroline Nev lay back on the edge of her bed and gripped the covers tightly on either side of her for support. She spread her legs in a V and took a deep breath, waiting for the inevitable. The nine-year-old had found, after four days of constant, uninterrupted sex with her two Doberman Pincers that it was sometimes easier to take one of them on in missionary position. And sure enough she felt the weight descend on her, the hot breath of the dog on her face, the drool dribbling onto her cheek and then, magnificently, the thick hot cock buried once again in her small cunt. She screamed with pleasure and lust.

Across an ocean, in a small village, Corinna Leve groveled on the floor, presenting her pretty ass and pleading, "S'il vous plaît, S'il vous plaît!. The eight-year-old's beloved Beauceron, Jaque, sniffed around her, teasing her into a frenzy. He growled and snarled. She screamed, "S'il vous plaît!" desperate for the big dog to fuck her again.

All across the world, as the video spread to millions and millions of homes and computers and game consoles, there were those few unfortunate little girls who just happened to watch the video with their dog, or dogs. And some of those dogs were male. And some of those male dogs were not neutered. But all of the un-neutered male dogs who watched the video enough times were transformed. And all of those little girls learned of the joys that could come from being completely subservient and obedient to their canine lovers.

As for little Nicole Raven, the dark-haired eight-year-old beauty and her doggy Thor. Even now, Thor is once again demanding obedience from his little bitch, and she understands him, after a fashion. Slowly and carefully she removes the collar from Thor's thick neck. She adjusts the length, getting it just right, so that it fits tight when she buckles it around her smooth white neck. And then she takes her position on her knees, grasping her headboard and arches her back to present her perfect little pussy to her new master.


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