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Viral Goes To The Beauty Pageant, Part 1

- by Alvo Torelli

(M+g+, mc, ped, best, inc, orgy, humor)

(Author's note: this story is set in NoOneInteresting's Viral Video universe. You might read that first over on Piper's Domain.)

This is part 1 of 2 parts. Go HERE for Part 2.


At Lottie Lot's house:

"Daddy, daddy! It's about to start. Come on! You'll miss the beginning." Lottie Lot yanked at her father's sleeve as he fished for a beer in the refrigerator. "Come. On." she demanded.

"Okay, okay, princess. Jeez. Give me a second." Lottie's dad scooped up a whole six-pack, knowing he wouldn't make it through the two hours of his daughter's program without serious liquid help. But he knew how much it meant to her to have him watch the damn show. He let the pretty petite child pull him back into the family room, where they settled into the large soft couch and flipped on the television. He put his arm around Lottie and she snuggled happily against his large frame.

"Gosh, daddy, I wish I could be a contestant," Lottie sighed as the opening credits came on the screen.

"You're too little, Lottie," daddy said. "You know the contestants have to be eight to eleven - so maybe next year you can try out for the pageant. I bet you'd win, too, 'cause you're way prettier and more talented than any of the other girls."

"Oh daddy!" Lottie said and poked him in the stomach. "You haven't even seen the other girls yet! I bet you'll think they're way prettier than me."

"Not a chance," daddy responded as he opened a beer and took a long pull. "Hey look, isn't that the guy from that old television show?"


Main sound stage, WDMP television studios:

Voice over: "And now! Live! From the studios at WDMP TV! It's time for your very own South Lincoln Under-Twelve Pageant! Brought to you by your good friends at Parsons' Internet Model Promotions, sponsors of your local South Lincoln Under-Twelves for half a decade And here they are, sixteen of the prettiest young ladies you've ever laid your eyes on!"

The music swelled and the television audience was given their first view of the glittering stage. There were two moveable raised platforms, side stages really, one on each side of the main stage, and a brightly lit runway. The runway was twenty feet long and five feet wide, jutting out from the center of the stage and splitting the audience into two halves. As the show began, the side stages, which were roughly quarter circles, jutted out about twelve feet, taking up over half of the main stage. The backdrops sparkled in the bright lights and a large mirror ball threw points of lights in an ever-swirling magical pattern. Above each of the side stages large video screens showed a slide show of the shining faces of the many little girls who had participated in this and previous years of the South Lincoln Under-Twelve Pageant.

Out marched the contestants, all between eight and eleven years old, all wearing matching foot-to-neck leotards with short striped skirts and jaunty bowler hats. The costumes were done in bright, patriotic red white and blue and each child waved a small American flag in her left hand. The children, with smiles pasted on their pretty faces, marched about the stage and up and down the runway in a simply choreographed dance number set to the Star Spangled Banner. Two lines of preteen girls wove together and apart and together again until the final chord rang out. All sixteen girls ended the dance, right hands over their hearts, facing the audience and the cameras with beams of delight.

The studio audience of forty or fifty, mostly family members, erupted into applause and a few even rose for a standing ovation. The audience was heavily male since all of the girls' mothers were off stage, watching excitedly from the wings.

Voice over: "And here's the host of your live South Lincoln Under-Twelve Pageant - you know him best from his five seasons on America's favorite classic situation comedy, 'Playtime with Daddy!' - the one and only - Ronald Shorty!"

The applause was deafening as seventy-something television personality and local celebrity Ronald Shorty attempted to prance out on the stage, nearly tripping on the way. By the time he reached the center of the stage he was red in the face and wheezing from the exertion, but he smiled at the audience and acknowledged their applause with a wave of his hand.

"Thank you, thank you, you're too kind!" Ronald began as the crowd died down. "Welcome once again to the live finale of the annual South Lincoln Under-Twelve Pageant." It was more than obvious that Ronald was reading his lines directly from a teleprompter, but his delivery was still smooth. "Let's have another round of appreciation for these wonderful girls, your very own South Lincoln Under-Twelves." More applause crescendoed, with a few cat calls thrown in for good measure. The little girls, holding their positions, beamed with pleasure.

"As you know," Ronald continued, "this is only the final afternoon of our pageant. All these girls have been working hard to learn their choreography and compete in the many events. Every girl here is truly a winner and they'll all remember this experience for the rest of their lives. But now, sadly, it's time to announce our five quarter-finalists for this year's competition." A hush fell over the crowd and many of the girls on the stage began to visibly shake, their smiles looking forced and painful.

"Our first quarter-finalist is Bree Pendleton!" announced Ronald Shorty with a grand gesture to his left. A very pretty, petite and young blonde preteen in the second row of girls, standing on the raised side stage on the left side of the stage, squealed and threw her hands on her head with excitement. She ran to the front of the stage, where she was met by two women in sparkling silver gowns who whisked her away.

"Our next quarter-finalist is Tansey Huotari!" A striking Eurasian girl in the front row, with long straight black hair, began to shake and quiver - her eyes nearly bulging out of her head. Before she could faint with excitement the two women took her in hand an led her off stage.

"Our third quarter-finalist is Betty Sue Rallin!" The brunette tyke who'd been standing alongside Tansey screamed "oh my god, oh my god, oh my god" and ran up to hug Ronald before the two women could corral her and get her off the stage. With three of five quarter-finalists already named, the remaining children on the stage were getting more and more nervous. It was harder for them to hold their positions and many could be seen sneaking worried glances at their mother's who were crowding the wings of the stage and mouthing encouragement to their small charges.

"Ladies and gentleman, I give you quarter-finalist number four: Audrey Hogden!" This time a young redhead in the second row, on the right side-stage, squealed and ran forward, practically knocking two other girls to the ground in her zeal. She was intercepted by the two woman and led to her place off stage at once. All but one child remaining on the stage was visibly shaking, knowing they only had one final chance to move on in the competition.

"And that brings us to the last, but certainly not least, of our five quarter-finalists. The last girl to have a shot at becoming the next South Lincoln Under-Twelve Queen for a year. And that girl is..." Ronald paused for an agonizing five seconds that seemed like an hour. "Sabina Dutley!" A very pretty little girl in the front row, the one child who had looked confused rather than overtly nervous, now looked up with evident surprise and bewilderment. She was a real beauty, with dark skin and black hair cascading down past her waist. The two women led her off at once.

Many, if not most, of the remaining children on the stage were visibly crying or biting their sweet little lips to keep from crying. "Ladies and gentlemen, let's have one more big round of applause for our other contestants!" said Ronald Shorty. The applause was lukewarm and the little girls couldn't hurry fast enough to get off the stage and into the arms of their waiting mothers. Several of them them begged to be taken home - the rest of the pageant being simply too painful for the losers to watch. But all their mothers had signed an agreement, assuring they would still be around until the bitter end. They were whisked away to the green room to wait and watch the program on the monitors there.

The show went to commercial.


At Lottie Lot's house.

"Daddy, it's not fair!" Lottie cried in dismay.

"What, baby? I don't understand," daddy pulled her closer next to him and looked down at her sweet little face.

"Bree Pendleton, that's what! Daddy, she goes to my school - she's in the other second grade class. Bree's only seven, like me. It's not fair!"

"Wow," daddy replied. "Huh, her mom must have lied about her age. That's pretty bad. I'm really sorry sweetie. But you can try out for the pageant next year. Okay?"

"I guess!" Lottie said with a pout, but she snuggled closer to daddy and enjoyed his big arm around her shoulders.


Control booth of the primary sound stage, WDMP television studios:

"Are you out of your mind!" Ricardo Fett yelled back at his producer, Culver Depiro. "We can not do this - it is out of the question. I will not!"

"Look, you fat fuck," Culver growled, taking Ricardo by the lapels and shoving him against the wall. "If you ever want to work in this town again you'll do what I'm telling you. Ratings for this piece of crap pageant are in the toilet. This whole station is going to join it if we don't find some god damn viewers! Parsons is going to pull out of this, and then everything else, and then we are all FUCKED! So you are going to do it!"

The sound man, Andy Armondsun, spoke over his shoulder, "thirty seconds to air, boss!" He used his headphones to pretend he wasn't hearing the argument between his director and show's producer.

"Put it on the screens, god damn it!" Culver Depiro said to the fat, bald director. "Now!"

"But we don't know what it will do! My god, it might..."

"No, we don't know for sure what it will do," Culver broke in. "But I'm assured it will spice up the show. It's popping up everywhere and I've heard rumors. I'm taking all the responsibility for this, Fett, so just do it."

"Have it your way!" Ricardo said harshly, then he turned to his production assistant. "Stan," he said, "queue up that weird video to play on the side screens as soon as Shorty is back on."

Stan Assit took a quick look at his boss. "Are you sure, sir - isn't it that new video that's gone viral. Sir, that thing is dangerous - especially with young children around - haven't you heard..."

"God damn it, Stan, just put it on! I don't need a lecture from a fucking intern. Jesus this is a mess." Ricardo wiped his sweaty brow and threw a nasty look at his producer, then made his final decision. "And give the teleprompter controls to me. We may have to change some lines on the fly. I'll do it myself."

"Back on air in five, four, three, two ..."


Main sound stage, WDMP television studios:

Voice Over: "Once again, here's your host of the South Lincoln Under-Twelve Pageant - Ronald Shorty!"

Ronald Shorty ambled back out onto the stage, waving at an increasingly unenthusiastic audience. But he flashed his locally famous smile and began to read his lines from the teleprompter. He seemed to be unaware when the two large video screens flanking him blanked out, then came back on with a strange video image that at first looked like little more than static.

"Welcome back, welcome back! Before we go on, let me introduce our distinguished panel of judges for this afternoon's finale of the South Lincoln Under-Twelve Pageant," Ronald read. "Our first judge is well-known local pediatrician Patricia Edin." Patricia Edin waved to the crowd from her seat and smiled into the closeup camera, but her applause was tepid. Most of the audience was staring fixedly at one of the two screens that showed the new viral video. People were starting to see all kinds of strange, confusing and intriguing images on the screens and it was nearly impossible to pull your gaze away in the first few minutes.

Taken aback by the audience's distraction, but ever the trooper, Ronald Shorty continued. "Our second judge will soon be well-known to all of our contestants - South Lincoln High School's own principal - Priscilla Poncho!" Ms. Poncho didn't even bother to wave or smile at the audience, she was too rapt as she stared at one of the huge video screens. She felt the strangest urge to lick her lips in anticipation - but anticipation of what she had no idea. "And our final judge for tonight's pageant, none other than our sponsor - Tyson Parsons of Parsons' Internet Model Promotions! Please give our judges a warm welcome!"

Ronald Shorty was finally thrown by the strange behavior of his audience. Looking to his left he got his first sight of the viral video and his jaw went slack as he was drawn in to the irresistible patterns.


Control booth of the primary sound stage, WDMP television studios:

"Dead air, dead air," cried out the director, Recardo Fett. "Damn it, we've lost Shorty. Go to commercial. Fuck me!"

Stan Assit, still stung by his boss's earlier rebuke, flipped the switch to send the production to commercial. Unfortunately, in his haste, he'd queued up the viral video instead of the next commercial for Parsons' Internet Model Promotions.


At Lottie Lot's house:

"Daddy, stop laughing, it's not funny!" Lottie scolded her father.

"Oh my god, Lottie, I can't help it," daddy chortled. "This show, it's a disaster. It's hysterical."

"No it's not, daddy! Please. Hey, what's that?"

Lottie and her daddy were suddenly mesmerized by a video that was showing instead of yet another commercial for the show's questionable sponsor. If you looked carefully there were things and people and wonders hiding in the static. It was almost like you were there. And it was so fascinating.

Lottie didn't even notice that daddy had pulled her into his lap. She didn't realize her hand was pushing down into her tights, worming under the waistband of her cotton panties. She just knew she had to stare at the video and try to make sense of why those tiny people were chasing that hopping bunny around in the purple forest.

"The show's a disaster," Lottie's daddy mumbled to himself, "but the commercials are kind of..."


The Green Room for the primary sound stage, WDMP television studios:

Sixteen preteen girls and their mothers stared in fascination at the static-laden video that filled the large monitors in the green room. The five quarter-finalists had already changed into their costume competition outfits and their mothers, or in one case host-mother, had just put finishing touches to their makeup. The other girls, who had more time for their changes, were in various outfits - some of them still in their patriotic leotards and skirts, some already changed for the big final dance number. But every female in the room was rapt - staring deeply into the screens and trying to make sense of the strange and compelling video.

As they watched, many of the little girls began to feel strange stirrings. Some of their costumes started to come off as they scrabbled to put fingers to wet tiny cunts all across the room. Their mothers didn't seem to care.

But the mothers of the five remaining contestants suddenly felt an intense desire. All of the mothers wanted their little girls to win the pageant. Who wouldn't? But under the steady influence of the video that desire had multiplied many times over. "She just has to win!" each of them thought and then, in a flurry, they started making quick modifications to the girls' costumes.


Main sound stage, WDMP television studios:

Voice Over: "Welcome back! Here's your laugh-a-minute host, Ronald Shortstuff!"

Ronald Shorty glanced quizzically to the offstage position where the voice over guy sat during the show, then went straight into his shtick. "Well now, you folks at home, sorry about those technical problems - but we're back, live and full of excitement for the next round of our South Lincoln Under-Twelve beauty pageant. I can't wait to get better acquainted with our five quarter-finalists during the costume competition."

The two side screens were still showing the viral video, and many members of the audience were still rapt, but most were finally able to pull their attention away enough to listen to the deep familiar voice of Ronald Shorty. Looking out over his audience, Ronald was glad to see that at least some of the people were paying attention to him. But then he noticed two young girls in the crowd, probably older sisters of contestants. One of them was blonde, but he couldn't tell how old she was due to the fact that she was straddling the lap a large bearded man, arms around his neck as she attempted to find his tonsils with her tongue. The other girl, a pretty redhead of about fourteen, simply stared blankly at one of the side screens. No one around her seemed to care that she'd pulled her skirt up around her waist, pushed her panties down to her ankles and sat there spread-legged, stroking her fine, lightly haired pussy with fervor. Ronald blanched and nearly lost his place on the teleprompter, but he was an old pro and it took more than a peep show from a couple of pretty teens to knock him off his game. The show must go on!

Reading from his teleprompter, Ronald Shorty announced "Our costume competition will be scored tonight as follows: ten points each for poise, beauty and costume choice and ..." Ronald took a double take at the teleprompter, but he hadn't gotten this far in show business by ad-libbing or fucking up his lines. He read the words faithfully. "and, uhh, seventy points for sex appeal." There was an audible intake of breath from the audience at this And here's our first beautiful quarter-finalist, Tansey Huotari!"

Tall for her age, and thin as a rail, Tansey Huotari walked out onto the stage. She took tentative, nervous steps in her five inch spike-heeled silver sandals. Her long thin legs were accentuated by her awkward posture. At first glance, the simple black cocktail dress she wore, slinky, short and form fitting to her young body, made her look older and accentuated her long straight black hair. Her hair was parted to one side, with half the hair braided along the side of her face and all the way down to her waist. But the child's youth, nervousness and uncertainty came through, so that closer inspection made her look like a child playing dress-up. Still, the poor frightened girl did her best to approach the elder actor and smile. She nearly stumbled when she glanced up to see the viral video one more time. Her eyes flared and when she pulled her attention back to Ronald she was biting her lip.

"Tansey, Tansey, what a beautiful young lady," Ronald read smoothly. "And so very elegant. Tell us, Tansey, how old are you and what grade are you in?"

Tansey couldn't stop herself from taking a half step backwards before answering Ronald. She gathered herself together quickly. "Oh, sir, I'm eleven? I'm in, ah, fifth grade? At Central Elementary?"

"That's great, Tansey," Ronald said in his soothing voice, he was finding it a bit harder to keep going. He desperately wanted reach out and take the gorgeous Eurasian hotty by the hand and rip her slinky dress off of her. But his thespian training was too ingrained. He had to keep the show going. "Tell me about your, uh, costume, Tansey. That's a mighty grown-up look you're going there."

"Oh, uh, I just liked it? I mean, my mom's always wearing dresses like this when she goes out with all her boyfriends? So I thought, maybe the judges would like it? Oh!" Tansey blushed and spluttered as she realized she'd probably said too much.

"And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, our first contestant, Tansey, in a, ah, um, a nightclub slut costume!" Ronald shouted to the audience who applauded vigorously for the young girl's hot look. "But now, it's time for our next quarter-finalist. Please give a warm welcome to Betty Sue Rallin!"

Little Betty Sue Rallin ran out onto the stage like a frightened animal. She was flushed and already quivering with excitement. "Oh my god, oh my god, Mr. Shorty! Oh my god!" she screamed as she ran towards the emcee. Her flowing brunette pigtails flared out behind her and her eyes looked huge in her excited round face.

"Hello Betty Sue!" Ronald said in a sing-song voice. "Tell our audience here and all our friends at home a little bit about yourself."

"OH! OH! I-I'm eleven years old and I'm a fifth grader and I like to read and I like my dolls and I like to go to the movies and I really really think you're great and I like to watch reruns of your show. OH!"

"Well, now, Betty Sue, it's always nice to meet a fan. And I don't need to ask you about your costume, do I?" Ronald said.

Indeed, anyone in the world would recognize Betty Sue as the personification of Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz. From the shiny blue ribbons on her head and in her pigtails to her blue checkered pinafore and all the way down to her ruby slippers, she was the personification of Dorothy. But the similarities to Dorothy were less striking than the differences. Instead of knee length, Betty Sue's pinafore was barely long enough to cover her cute little ass. Nearly the oldest of the young contestants, Betty Sue was fuller figured and had already developed noticeable breasts. Her tight blouse accentuated them, and her pinafore molded under them seductively. She wore sexy white silk stockings to mid thigh, with tiny blue bows at the back of her knees. And her ruby slippers had three inch heels!

"Let's have another round of appreciation for Betty Sue Rallin in her Wizard of Sex, I mean, Wizard of Oz costume!" Ronald said as Betty Sue stepped back beside Tansey. "And next help me bring back to our stage Sabina Dutley."

The girl who next appeared at the edge of the stage was stunningly beautiful, but she looked confused and uncertain. Tentatively, she walked out towards Ronald Shorty. She was barefoot and wearing an unexpected costume. The top of her outfit was similar to the top of a skimpy bikini - two tiny triangles of fabric the color of dark roasted almonds that almost perfectly matched the lovely color of her skin - held on to her svelte body by the thinnest of black strings. The remainder of her costume was a short skirt that appeared to be woven from palm fronds. It flared out from her small hips and it wasn't clear what was keeping it from falling to the floor. Sabina's thick jet-black hair fell loose around her shoulders all the way down to her hips and there was a garland of flowers around the crown of her head.

"Well, now, uh, Sabina," Ronald spluttered, stunned by the sight of the beautiful little girl and her deep brown eyes. "That's quite the outfit you've chosen. Can you, ah, tell us a bit about your choice?"

Sabina bit her lip and glanced nervously around the audience, but she found the courage to respond to the strange little old man. "Is dancing costume. From island. From home. Dance for volcano god happy. All girls dance."

"Ah, I see," Ronald said although obviously he didn't. "Tell our audience a bit more about yourself, Sabina. And how old are you?"

"Me am ten," Sabina said, then frowned. "I am ten," she corrected, "from island, from volcano, you know, Mt. Mentempuer. How to say? Ah. Exchange! Exchange girl from island! Come see America. Many big cars. Not so many cars on island."

"My goodness, Sabina, that's just wonderful. How about another round of applause for Sabina Dutley from, where was that again, ah - Mt. Mentempuer!" Generous applause accompanied Sabina to her place in line with Tansey and Betty Sue. "And now, please welcome back to our stage - Audrey Hogden."

Once again, there was no confusion about the next little girl's costume. Out onto the stage walked none other than Supergirl. Audrey's long flaming red hair cascaded over the bright red cape of her costume. The long-sleeve velour blue blouse had the classic red and yellow S emblazoned on its front, with a gold banded hem just barely below her flat breasts. Her bare midriff was alluringly set off by the gold of the blouse and the gold belt of her very short shiny red skirt - which flounced amazingly as she walked in her thigh-high high-heeled red and gold boots.

Audrey marched confidently towards old Ronald Shorty, but then her attention was pulled to one of the side screens and the viral video caught her attention, causing her to stumble and gape at the screen. Fortunately, she managed to recover quickly and she fixed Ronald with a daring stare, one hand resting on her cocked hip.

"Well! My goodness - if it isn't Supergirl herself!" declared Ronald as he took in the cute and curvy form of little Audrey Hogden. "Aren't you just the picture of a super heroine, Audrey? Tell the audience and our friends at home a bit about yourself, Supergirl."

With the greatest of confidence, Audrey declared, "I am Audrey Hogden and I'm nine years old and I just know that I'm going to win the pageant tonight! Oh, and I'm a third grader at Kingston elementary school and I am the president of my class!" Audrey, now with both hands defiantly on her hips, cocked her chin up in the air and smiled, showing a beautiful set of pearly whites, missing only one upper canine.

"Oh my, oh my, I can see why you chose Supergirl as your costume Audrey. Let's give our appreciation for Audrey the super hero!" Once the applause had died down and Audrey had reluctantly receded to stand in line with the three other girls, Ronald Shorty looked at the audience and the cameras with a serious expression. "And now, ladies and gentlemen, I give you our final and youngest quarter-finalist - Bree Pendleton!"

No one was going to need any help figuring out Bree Pendleton's costume either. The giveaway was the bright red hood pulled over head and tied around her throat and the short flowing cape that cascaded down from it and flounced attractively as she literally skipped out onto the stage. The outfit under the cape was shocking, especially for such a young child. A very short sleeveless red dress, with frilly black petticoats flared out from her hips, barely keeping her decent. And atop the red dress she wore a black corset with white laces that criss-crossed up the front of her waist and chest. Between the flaring skirts and tight corset she had an amazingly grown-up hour glass look. With her thick blonde curls cascading out from under her hood, her shocking red lipstick, and her white knee-high beribboned stockings, young Bree Pendleton was one damn sexy Little Red Riding Hood.

Bree skipped up to Ronald Shorty and curtsied to him, beaming him a huge happy smile.

"It's Little Red Riding Hood!" Ronald exclaimed, "and a sexier Red I'm not sure I've ever seen. You look wonderful, dear. Quite the wolf bait. Now tell our audience how old you are and a bit about you, Bree."

"Oh, Mr. Shorty, I'm so excited. I'm se..., ah, eight years old." Bree blushed at her near gaff. "And I'm a second grader and I'm going to be a fashion model when I'm older, like twelve or something, and mommy says I have what it takes to do what needs to be done."

"And I can just imagine what you might have to do, Bree," Ronald said with an obvious leer on his face. "Now if you would, please join the other girls. Ladies and gentlemen, I give your your South Lincoln Under Twelve pageant quarter-finalists!" Thunderous applause greeted the pretty preteen girls, with an increasing number of enthusiastic cat-calls and wolf-whistles. "Now remember girls, you're being judged on poise, beauty, costume choice and mostly importantly - sex appeal. So let's see you strut your stuff!"

Immediately the young girls began their fashion walk, spreading out across the stage and down the runway out into the middle of the audience. Each girl would walk a few feet, then pause and turn this way and that to show off her pretty costume. Almost at once there was a wave of chaos running through the audience as men crowded close to the stage and the runway to get better looks at the pretty things. The camera woman, too, swung in tight to the stage and quickly starting shooting upwards. And that's how the studio audience and the home television audience both learned the shocking truth - two of the little girls, Tansey in her cocktail dress and Betty Sue in her Dorothy costume were not wearing any panties!

The excited stares and wolf-whistles from the men in the audience had the strangest affect on the little girls - an affect brought on by the video that was still swirling on the two side screens. Instead of being mortified to be showing their immature private parts to strange men, Tansey and Betty Sue became more and more excited. They flaunted themselves shamelessly, lifting their skirts to expose themselves even more.

Little Bree and little Audrey immediately took offense at the brazen immorality of the two older girls. From opposite sides of the stage, both of them took matters into their own hands. Each came to the very edge of the stage and paraded back and forth in front of the appreciative men. And almost at the same time each little girl reached up under her flouncy sexy skirt, bent over to show the crowd her fine round ass, and pulled her panties down to her ankles. The applause and whistles were deafening, especially when they both picked up their small cotton panties, twirled them around and then threw them out into the cheering crowd of men.

Finally, Sabina, confused but feeling stranger and stranger with every passing moment, came close enough to the edge of the stage that the men, and camera woman's camera, could see that indeed her little palm-frond skirt was not hiding any underthings. And that's when Sabina started to dance, a dance she'd learned practically in the cradle - the dance of happiness for the volcano gods. Her body swayed and undulated in amazingly flexible and erotic ways.

All around the stage and runway, men were trying to reach up to touch the little girls as they passed by. Some men tried to climb up onto the platform, while others pulled them back and tried to climb over their bodies. Chaos reigned and each of the girls at one time or another was groped around the legs. Poor little Audrey was actually pulled off her feet and over to the edge of the stage, where a man managed to get his face under her skirt and press his mouth to her tiny virgin slit. He terrified her, but she found herself naturally arching her back to give him better access. Too soon he was torn away by other eager men, but before any of them could get ahold of Audrey the two women in the silver gowns had grabbed her and pulled her back to her feet.

"Gentlemen, gentlemen, please!" cried out Ronald Shorty, but it hardly seemed anyone was listening to him. The men continued to try to scrabble up to get at the girls and the two women in silver darted from place to place, pushing the men back with unexpected force. All of the girls had given in to the strange electric feelings that coursed up and down along their smooth pretty skin. All five of the children were performing the little girl version of a strip tease. Audrey's Supergirl blouse was pulled up to her chin to reveal her flat little breasts and she held her skirt up to expose herself. Betty Sue was no better, with her short Dorothy costume hiked up above her hips and her blouse unbuttoned and pulled aside to show off her small, but well-formed little tits. Bree, unable to undo her tight corset, simply dropped to the floor and did the splits for her appreciative audience. And all five of them found their tight young slits to be completely irresistible. They brazenly showed off to their audience by fingering themselves.

The video was responsible for the children's unabashed, forward behavior. But somehow the video's effect was being magnified by the competitive environment. The sense of competition was overwhelming the girls' young minds. Anything that another girl did to draw attention was quickly adopted by all five. Soon they were all on the floor. Supergirl and the island beauty no longer had skirts on. Tansey's cocktail dress was pulled over her head and lost to the crowd, leaving the young child all but naked. Sabina's palm-fronds disappeared into the audience.

It was, in short, bedlam.


At Lottie Lot's house:

Lottie's daddy laughed and laughed, practically making himself sick. "Oh my god, Lottie, this is the funniest thing I've ever seen," he chortled as the screen went to a commercial for Parsons' Internet Model Promotions. A leering Tyson Parsons looked out from the screen while scantily clad teen and preteen girls strutted about.

Lottie looked up from daddy's fascinating big dick with scorn. "No it's not, daddy! It's not nice to say that - the show is important. Stop making fun of my show!" She immediately went back to licking along the long hot shaft, staring cross-eyed at the bulging veins. It sure was fun and exciting to lick daddy's cock and slip the head of it into her mouth to suck on.

The commercial for Parsons' Internet Model Promotions was only half way through when the screen suddenly went blank and then was replaced once again by the viral video.

Daddy's laughter calmed down the longer he stared at the fascinating mystery on the screen and he stroked his little girl's sweet head with both hands, twining his fingers through her thick brown curls. He was oblivious to the gurgling sounds she started to make as he forced his cock deeper and deeper down her throat. His eyes were glued to the screen. He never saw how huge the seven-year-old's eyes got as he gagged her with his thick, throbbing meat and then forced her to swallow gulp after gulp of his hot baby seed.


Control booth of the primary sound stage, WDMP television studios:

"Clear the stage, clear the stage!" Ricardo Fett screamed over his comms. "Jesus Christ, what is this unprofessional bullshit! Get those girls off of there and get them ready. We're running long people, we're running long. We've got to speed this up! I'll feed Ronald the costume results and we'll go straight to the talent portion of the contest."

"Boss, we don't have the results from the judges," Stan Assit told the fat director.

"Who gives a fuck!" chimed in the producer. "You're not going to get results from them, are you? Look down there, that greasy idiot Parsons's got some teenager sucking his dick, and that principal bitch is helping. Just make something up, Fett. Shorty will read whatever you feed him."

"I'm on it," Ricardo replied as he typed furiously into the teleprompter. "Stan, get down there and help get things straightened out. And keep your fucking hands off the contestants or you're fired!"


Backstage of the primary sound stage, WDMP television studios:

"Oh my god, baby, you did so great," little Bree Pendleton's mother gushed as she hugged Bree and smoothed out her mussed hair. "I just know your going to beat these nasty bitches. You just have to! Do you hear me? Don't you hold anything back, sweetie."

And ten feet away Tansey Huotari's small Japanese mother scowled at Tansey, lips pursed and eyebrows drawn. "You must be better girl! Why did it take you so long to take off your dress? You need to be sexier. You need to beat these other nasty children. You must win! Do you hear me?"

Just then Audrey Hogden and Sabina Dutley were dragged off the stage by the two women in silver dresses, followed moments later by Betty Sue Rallin, kicking, fighting and near naked in the arms of Stan. Betty Sue and Audrey ran to their mothers who treated them to the same kid of pep talks the other girls were getting. Sabina's host-mother was a bit more subdued, but even she was feeling the incredible desire to win the pageant through her young charge.

"Were back on in fifteen seconds!" yelled a stage hand. "Places! Places, get ready for the costume contest results."


Main sound stage, WDMP television studios:

Voice over: "Welcome back, once again, to this years South Lincoln Under-Twelve Pageant, with your host - Rumbling Smartypants!"

"Welcome back, welcome back folks," Ronald said enthusiastically, but with a forced smile. He was obviously trying not to scream at the voice over guy. Such a professional! "Let's get our five quarter-finalists back out here for the results of our costume contest. As I'm sure you know, two of our quarterfinalists will be eliminated in this round, leaving just three semi-finalists in our competition. Who will it be? I can't wait to find out."

The five girls, all more or less redressed and half-way decent, though not a one of them was wearing panties, came out onto the stage together. They all caught sight of the viral video that still adorned the two side screens and they paused to drink in another draft of the strange story it told each of them. Little Bree even pulled up her skirt and petticoats and rubbed her fingers through her sopping pussy.

"And now for the judges results for our five precious contestants. Remember that our contestants were scored ten points each on poise, costume choice and beauty and seventy points on sex appeal. And I think we can all agree we had a lot of appeal out here on the stage." There was wild applause and wolf-whistles at that.

As soon as the applause died down, Ronald got down to business. "Audrey Hogden - sixty five points," he said. More applause slowed down his delivery, but eventually he was able to rattle off all five scores. "Bree Pendleton - eighty points, Tansey Huotari - seventy two points, Betty Sue Rallin sixty eight points and finally Sabina Dutley, ninety points!" Even as Ronald continued there were two banshee like screams from off stage. His words, "and so, I'm afraid to say, Audrey Hogden and Betty Sue Rallin are eliminated from tonight's competition," were nearly drowned out.

Audrey and Betty Sue both looked stunned and Betty Sue immediately started to cry. But in a flash, both of their mothers broke out onto the stage.

"You can't do this!" screamed Audrey's mother. She grabbed little Audrey by the arm and dashed towards Ronald Shorty, who cringed back as he saw her coming. "It's not fair!" she cried.

At the same time, Betty Sue's mother was screaming "It was you, it was you, you little bitch!" at tiny Bree Pendleton. "You little slut! You whore! You stole it from my baby!" She grabbed at poor Bree and tried to tear her Red Riding Hood costume off of her. "Betty Sue was supposed to be Red Riding Hood, not you, you conniving nasty little bitch!"

The two women in the silver gowns dashed out onto the stage, but it took both of them to begin to subdue Betty Sue's mother and even so they all ended up rolling on the floor. With Stan returned to the control booth and the other stagehands too frightened to go out in front of the cameras, that left Audrey's mom opportunity to confront Ronald Shorty.

"She's the sexiest of them all, I can prove it!" Audrey's mother screamed and she tackled Ronald Shorty to the ground. "I'll show you! Get over here Audrey. Now!" Audrey's mother sat on the elderly celebrity's chest, pinning him down and quickly unbuckled his pants.

"Madam, madam, what are you - oh my!" Ronald yelled from the ground. His pants and boxers were down around his knees and his very hard cock was standing at attention - on local television.

"Suck it baby, quick, show them how much sex appeal you have. Do mommy a solid and give this old asshole a good blow job!" Audrey's mother barked at the poor confused and crying child. She grabbed Audrey by her long red hair and jerked her down on top of the old man, pushing her face into his crotch. "Suck him, you stupid bitch! Don't you want to win?"

The two women in the silver dresses grabbed Audrey and her mother at the same moment and dragged them from the stage as quickly as possible. Ronald Shorty lay on the ground gasping and wondering if he was having a heat attack, his dick waving in the air.

The show went to another unplanned commercial.


Control booth of the primary sound stage, WDMP television studios:

"Jesus H Fucking Christ can't anything go right today?" Ricardo Fett slumped back in his director's chair and threw his hands in the air.

"It's fine, Fett!" Culver Depiro said. "The call-in lines are lit up. Ratings for this are going to be through the roof. People are loving it."

"Can't you see? We're behind on time! And every time we put those little hussies in front of the camera something terrible goes wrong," said the director.

"Don't worry. I've got a call in to the network. We'll cancel the three o'clock program and you can run an extra half an hour. We'll get even bigger ratings. But let's get things back on track, Fett. I can't wait to see the next segment. Damn, I wish I could volunteer!"


At Lottie Lot's house:

Lottie's daddy popped open his third beer with a practiced hand. He chugged a third of it and then set it aside. Cold and refreshing! But not as refreshing as the great feeling he got from holding his sweet little girl in his lap, facing away from him, as they watched her hysterically funny pageant. Her little pussy was so warm and wet and he loved the way she squirmed and shivered all over as he ran his big fingers around and around it, pausing to tease her tiny clit.

"Oh daddy, look, it's back on," Lottie said. "What do you think they're going to... OH! OH! Yes daddy, right there, oh, oh, dadddddyy! That feels so good! Oh look, look, there's Bree! Why are all those men on the stage in those chairs, daddy? Oh god, yes, daddy, do that again!"


Main sound stage, WDMP television studios:

Voice over: "We're back, and if you're just joining us, this is the annual South Lincoln Under-Twelve Pageant - a test of beauty, talent and, this year, a little bit more! Here's your host - Rotting Smallballs!"

Ronald Shorty stumbled badly as he pranced back out onto the stage. He turned towards the voice over guy with murder in his eyes, but then he got control of himself and turned to the audience with a warm smile. "Welcome back folks, welcome back. Sorry for the minor wardrobe malfunction back there, but everything is fine and in it's place now. It's time for the semifinal round of this year's competition - the talent show! This year's talent show is going to be a little bit different. All our contestants will be competing to show their abilities in the same talent. No piano recitals, interpretive dance or show tunes from this year's South Lincoln Under-Twelve's."

"Now you may be wondering why there are nine men up here on the stage with me and why each man is tied to his chair," Ronald continued. "Fear not, these men are all brave volunteers and we assure you nothing bad will happen to them. These courageous men are here to help us with this year's talent competition. Their hands are tied to prevent them from accidentally assisting the contestants during the competition. But let's bring our pretty little contestants out here now. Here they are - Bree Pendleton, Sabina Dutley and Tansey Huotari!"

The three children all came hesitantly out onto the stage. They were all dressed exactly alike - in white bikinis that were tight and molded snugly to their little pussies. The eyes of the nine men in the chairs on the stage bugged out at the sight of the hot little preteens.

"Now children," Ronald spoke seriously, "I know you've all had the rules explained to you, but let me explain to our television audience. Folks - this is a test of our contestants talents at a critical skill for the would-be beauty queen - the blow job. That's right folks, our contestants are going to be giving blow jobs, right here on this stage! And not one, not two, but three! Three blow jobs each. It's a race against the clock and against each other."

"You'll notice that each of our sweet little semifinalists has a small vial," Ronald said, holding up Bree's hand with her small clear vial. "The rules are simple. The girls have a limit of ten minutes to give up to three blow jobs on any of the men out here that they choose. And each time they get a man to cum, they're going to spit the cum out into the vial. The girl with the most cum in her vial at the end of the competition is the winner! Only the top two finishers will go on to the finals! But don't worry folks, we have a special surprise for the girl who comes in last here today." Ronald turned to the pretty preteens and gave them a serious look. "Now, girls, do you have any questions before we get started?"

Sabina Dutley raised her small hand hesitantly. "I, I am sorry, Mr. Ronald, sir, but, what is blow job?"

Ronald Shorty looked out at his audience with wide eyes, then back at the pretty dark haired child, then back at his audience, with a wicked grin. He checked the teleprompter and shrugged. "Come here, Sabina," he said. The child dutifully walked over to him, her luscious native hips swaying with every step. "Now get down on your knees," he said and the girl did as she was told. Ronald looked at his audience again, then back at the viral video on the side monitor and his eyes went a little bit glassy. He pulled down his zipper and fished out a sizable erection.

"Okay, Sabina," Ronald croaked, looking down now at the pretty little girl. "Just slip this between your lips and suck on it. Oh, yeah, that's right. Oh jesus. Oh fuck me! OH! Yeah, yeah, you can use your hands like that. OH MY GOD! OH FUCK!"

Sabina grew more and more excited as she sucked the old man's dick into her mouth. She reached a hand into his pants to explore and discovered his wrinkled balls and lots of curly, wiry hair. He seemed to like that, which made her all the more excited. Without even thinking about it her other hand found its way into the bottoms of her bikini, where she was already so wet and so needy.

The other girls, who'd been staring once again at the viral video, pulled their attention away to refocus on the scene at center stage where pretty Sabina was going down hard on their elderly host. Both of them felt strong spikes of jealousy and they, too, put fingers inside their tight bikinis.

"Oh my god, yes, yes, oh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes!" Ronald Shorty had the best ejaculation he could remember, surely the best of his sixties or seventies and he flooded the little girl's mouth with his cum. "Jesus, Sabina, what a mouth!" He pulled back from the child and looked down to see his cum dribbling down her chin. "That, my dear, was a blow job - and a very fine one I might add. Any more questions, dear?"

Sabina, looked up wide-eyed, then slowly, very slowly licked her lips all the way around and shivered as she swallowed Ronald's old-man jism. Then she shook her head and got back to her feet to join the other girls.

"Now remember girls, especially you Sabina, you only have ten minutes. But it's not how fast you suck - it's how much cum you coax from your 'volunteers.' So don't swallow, just suck and spit into your vials. Are you ready girls?" The three girls nodded enthusiastically. Ronald looked out into the audience and asked the crowd, "are you ready out there?" Thunderous cheering and catcalls and applause exploded from the excited audience. Ronald looked straight into the camera, with his famous warm smile and said, "and how about you folks at home? Are you ready too? We'll be right back after this word from our sponsors!"


At Lottie Lot's house:

"Jesus Lottie, are they really going to get those little girls to suck all those men?" Lottie's daddy said, staring intently at the viral video that had once again cut into the commercial for Parsons' Internet Model Promotions.

"UH, UH, UH, UH! UHHH!" was all Lottie could manage to say as her daddy thrust his cock up into her tiny pussy. She was still reeling from moments earlier. Just as little Sabina Dutley wrapped her pretty lips around the cock of old Ronald Shorty, daddy had stopped rubbing her slit with his finger and playing with her tiny nipples. Instead he'd grabbed her around the waist, lifted her up and fit his big cock head to her tiny opening, then plunged her down all at once, tearing something inside her and making her scream and scream. Now at least it didn't hurt so much, but Little Lottie was far from regaining the ability to answer daddy's questions. Grunting in time to the vicious thrusts that rammed against her insides was all she could do.

"God, Lottie, I never knew this show could be so exciting!" daddy went on. "Who do you want to win the talent contest baby? I'd sure like to see more of that pretty Sabina girl. I hope she wins. But the other two are pretty hot, gosh, I just can't decide. What about you, baby?"



Main sound stage, WDMP television studios:

Voice Over: "Welcome back, ladies, gentlemen and all you perverts, to the annual S-L-U-T Pageant. Here's your host - Randy Shortballs!”

"That's right folks, we're back and we're not going to waste another second. Our three semifinalists are itching to go, quite literally," said Ronald Shorty through gritted teeth. Then camera two panned across the three gorgeous preteens in their sexy white bikinis, all three of them obviously fingering their little pussies hungrily. The viral video was still playing on the side screens and with every passing minute their desires grew stronger.

"All right girls, get ready, on three, two one, GO!"

The three preteens darted across the stage to the impatient men, who had their hands tied to the backs of their chairs to prevent them from fondling or otherwise helping the children. The chairs were arranged in an arc covering over half the stage. Each of the girls made straight for a man, Bree and Tansey choosing the two closest men, but Sabina opting to head for a tall handsome black man at the far end of the arc.

The first thing the girls needed to do was to get the mens’ pants open and out of the way. The men were only too happy to help by slouching low and lifting their butts off the seats of the chairs. Bree had the most trouble, her little fingers scrabbling to open the top button of her client's too-tight pants. By the time she was done both of the other girls had their men stripped, pants around their ankles and rigid cocks out on display.

"Uh-oh, it looks like Bree is having a bit of trouble," announced Ronald Shorty as he walked around the competition with a hand-held microphone. A camera woman followed close at his heels, filming the blow by blow commentary complete with a close-up of Bree's frustrated little face as she concentrated to get the stupid button open. "And what's this?" Ronald continued as the camera panned to show the stricken look on Tansey's face, a look of abject terror. "Is our Tansey having second thoughts?"

Poor Tansey balked when she saw the huge piece of throbbing meat that came out of the man's pants. It was one thing to touch it with her hand, but she was suddenly too scared to lick it or put it in her mouth. She froze on the stage, unable to do anything but stare in horror at the man's dick as it twitched and bobbed directly in front of her. Tansey felt the compulsion of the viral video as strongly as anyone, but her young mind just couldn’t overcome her fear of the huge penis. Meanwhile, Sabina was already slurping greedily at the near foot-long cock of the black man at the other side of the stage and he was moaning loudly.

Suddenly Tansey's small Asian mother appeared from the wings, sprinting across the stage to kneel next to her paralyzed daughter. She grabbed Tansey by her long straight black ponytail and screamed, "suck it, suck it now - ungrateful little whore! Suck him, get on with it. You not fuck this up for me, you. Suck now, whore, suck!" Tansey gaped at the vehemence of her mother and her mother took advantage to force her down onto the man's cock, pushing her hard and nearly choking her on the big hunk of meat.

"Madam, madam, this is completely against the rules!" yelled Ronald Shorty. "You can't do that - there is no assistance to be given. Stop her!" he called to the wings. The two women in the sparkling silver gowns, now looking a bit disheveled, immediately sprang onto the stage and grabbed Tansey’s mother under both arms.

“Suck whore, suck now, no fuck-up from ungrateful daughter. You be sorry you no win contest you nasty whore!” screamed Tansey’s mother as the two women dragged her off the stage to jeers and laughter.

"There will be no more interference!" Ronald yelled. "Immediate disqualification for any further outbursts!" He was red in the face, but his professionalism kicked back in and he calmed himself quickly.

"Oh, look, look, I think we're about to have our first success!" Ronald said as he and the camera woman scuttled to the other end of the arc of chairs, where the large black man was straining against his ropes, his eyes huge and wild as Sabina bobbed her head up and down on the top three inches of his long cock and stroked the rest of it with well-lubricated fingers. The man was obviously on the brink and even as the camera arrived to get a closeup of the huge cock in Sabina's mouth he screamed out.

“Fuck me, man, fuck me, damn, damn, oh god, yeah!"

Sabina's eyes flared as she felt the hot seed fill her mouth and try to jet down her throat. But the little girl was ready and she worked hard to keep it all under control. Some of it started to dribble out the sides, but as soon as she felt he was finished she quickly let go of his cock, grabbed her little vial and emptied the contents of her mouth. A huge 'ooh' went up from the audience! Even the teenaged girl in the front row, riding her father's big cock for the third time, was impressed with how well little Sabina had blown the big black buck. And just to show what a pro she was rapidly becoming, Sabina took the time to pull the man’s huge black dong into her mouth again and suck it as hard she could, working to pull out every drop of cum she could get. And then she was on to the next man in line. She didn’t seem to care that he was middle-aged, bald and fat - she was just out for more cock.

Little Bree had finally managed to extricate her man’s smallish dick from his too-tight pants and she didn’t hesitate to slurp it into her pretty mouth and start bobbing her head for all she was worth. Shorty and the camera woman quickly changed their focus back to Bree’s end of the arc of men and the screens at home were filled with a close-up of the seven-year-old greedily going down on the fellow. Her eyes were wild and her pretty blonde curls bounced about. The camera panned up to show the look of amazed lust on the man’s bearded face and it was obvious he was going to blow his load in seconds.

Meanwhile, Tansey, more afraid of her mother than her client’s cock, was also bobbing her head up and down on a six-inch throbbing dong. Her eyes bulged out with anticipation of what was to come and she didn’t have to wait long.

The men writhing under the preteen mouths of Bree and Tansey erupted into orgasm at the same moment. Both of the inexperienced little girls were unprepared for the massive onslaught of cum that exploded into their small mouths. For Bree this meant swallowing a third of the warm jism and letting another third run down her chin, but she was a quick study and she managed to quickly scoop the errant cum up with her vial and spit out the rest. Tansey got the worse end of the deal. She desperately tried to keep from swallowing the massive load, but only managed to choke and splutter. A quarter of the nasty warm goo was expelled through her nose as she coughed and gagged. By the time she was done hardly more than half the man’s cum landed in her little vial. It took Tansey precious moments to recover herself and by the time she’d moved on to her second man, actually a teenaged boy of only nineteen, Bree already had her Asian man’s cock out of his pants and well down her throat.

“This is certainly working out to be an excellent talent contest,” Ronald Shorty boomed out to the audience. “In the early goings, Sabina has taken a demanding lead - showing excellent form and strategy in her choice of partners. It’s neck and neck, or should I say mouth and mouth, between Bree and Tansey.” The camera quickly panned back and forth between the later two girls. “And oh my goodness, it looks like our sweet Sabina is ready to extend her lead!” The camera quickly followed Ronald to the other side and zoomed in on Sabina’s gorgeous face and the fat, short cock she was greedily sucking. And sure enough the older man was bucking in his chair and his eyes were bulging out of his sweat soaked face.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” the fat bald man cried out and then he yelled “yesssssss!”

But things didn’t go quite as well for little Sabina this time around. Based on her now extensive experience, she was quite certain she would have no trouble handling the fat man's issue. Surely he'd be no more trouble than the handsome black man with the massive tool. But appearances can be deceiving. The bald man was a prodigious ejaculator and once he began to erupt into the pretty little girls mouth he produced a flood of warm, thick, sticky cum. It boiled out of him in a torrent, wave after wave of jism. The warm cum slammed into the back of Sabina's throat and caused an involuntary gag reflex, forcing her to pull her head back. The man's cock popped out of her mouth, freeing it to spew cum all over her face and chest. With every spasm, and there were many, the turgid beast launched another huge rope of sticky cum onto the flailing child. It was in her hair, on her hands, in her eyes and all across her pretty face and flat little chest.

Sabina tried to recover from her panic. She scooped up as much of the awful cum as she could to deposit in her little vial, but mostly she just spread it around even more. Her skin glistened in the hot stage lights and the depth of her despair was obvious. The close-up camera loved her, as did the thousands now watching at home.

"Oh my, what an epic fail!" Ronald Shorty chortled to the audience. "But I don't think you could call that failure to launch, could you?" There was plenty of laughter at poor Sabina's expense.

"Uh-oh, I think we've got another couple of gushers coming folks!" Ronald and the camera rushed back to the side of little Bree Pendleton, where she was in a spot of trouble. The middle aged asian man she was sucking had managed to get one hand loose from his bonds and he had a firm grip on the lovely child's long blonde locks. In a mad frenzy of lust, he was forcing her to take his cock down her throat. Only the modest size of his manhood was saving her from choking to death as she fought, without success. Her little hands pawed at his thighs and she tried desperately to rise from her knees, but he was far too strong. The man threw his head back and gaped as he moaned loudly and fucked the little girl's gorgeous face. Her eyes went wide with terror as she started to choke on a flood of warm cum.

At the same time, Tansey and her teenager were getting along splendidly. The virginal boy couldn't believe that he was getting blown by such a hot preteen and he couldn't hide his enthusiasm. "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god! That's so good! Oh yes, yes, please don't stop. OH MY GOD!" Better prepared this time, at the last possible second Tansey pulled the boy's cock from her mouth and tilted her head back severely with her mouth wide open. The close-up camera framed her pretty face perfectly as she rapidly stroked the boys cock with her little fist. Every spurt from his twitching cock, and there were at least half a dozen, arced perfectly into Tansey's wide open mouth. The cum pooled deeper and deeper until her tongue disappeared. The crowd cheered as every precious drop of the boy's cum was then carefully deposited in Tansey's little vial.

"I think we have a surprising new lead in our talent competition," Ronald said as the camera zoomed in on Tansey's little vial, now three times deeper than just moments earlier. The little girl looked up, blinking, then quickly moved on to another man.

Tansey and Sabina were now side by side as they worked to extract large rigid cocks from the pants of bound men. Several men to their left, little Bree was likewise occupied with a second tall, muscular black man who smiled broadly as she worked to pull down his pants. Tansey was nearly ready to start slurping her man's cock into her mouth when she was distracted by a loud moan next to her - a moan that instinctively cut through her young mind. She looked to her right to see a good sized cock disappearing into pretty Sabinas's mouth, and then, with sudden trepidation she scanned up the man's torso to his familiar bearded face.

"Daddy!" Tansey screamed, "no daddy, no, not her!"

Sabina barely heard Tansey's screams. She was intent on getting every possible drop of cum out of Tansey's father's long cock and from the sound of his moans she thought he was going to comply fully with her desires. But suddenly her shoulders were grabbed and she was flung backwards onto her round her little butt.

"What's this? What's this? Do we have some added spice in our competition?" Ronald shorty chortled into his microphone. The two little girls rolled on the floor, kicking, scratching, pulling hair and gouging at one another. "Better get back to business girls - time is short!"

Meanwhile, little Bree Pendleton had a problem of her own. The cock of the large black man she was trying to molest was incredible fat. Compared to her little hands it looked like a tree trunk. Certain she was behind in the talent contest, Bree was desperate to catch up. But she could barely get her small mouth around the huge cock! Stretching her jaw as wide as she could, she forced her pretty lips around the monster but there was no way she could bob her head for a proper blow job. She couldn't even get her little hands all the way around the giant phallus to stroke it properly. The close-up camera loved the little girls desperate face, with her lips barely stretched around the huge black cock.

Suddenly one of the women in the sparkling silver gowns glided out onto the stage and handed Ronald Shorty a note. He glanced at the note and then looked up into the cameras with a hearty grin on his face. "Ladies and gentlemen, and the rest of you too, I've just gotten word from the judges of a change in the talent contest. We're extending the contest by another two minutes. And just to spice things up we're going to let the mothers come out here and help our lovely young ladies with their final tasks!"

Sabina and Tansey were still rolling about on the stage, grabbing and kicking. Sabina's bikini top was long gone and the long dark hair on both girls was whipping about wildly. Just then, Tansey's small asian mother and Sabina's host mother rushed onto the stage, with Bree's mother just behind. The two girls were pulled apart and helped to their feet, then urged back to the feet of the men they were supposed to be blowing.

"Mommy! No, don't let her do that to daddy! I should do daddy!" Tansey wailed.

"No, no, no! Your daddy nasty man. No good man. You no touch him," demanded Tansey's mother as she forced Tansey down between the other man's knees. "Let nasty island girl have his no-good seed. You blow this man, you blow now - nasty whore girl!"

"Mommy, no, she can't have da..." Tansey tried to complain, but then her mouth was filled with cock again. Her mother held her by the hair and forced her to face-fuck the man as she thrashed helplessly.

Sabina needed no more help than to point her back in the right direction and in seconds she too was rapidly bobbing her head up and down on a large erection - the one belonging to Tansey's father. She and Tansey were side by side and Tansey kept trying to reach out and grab her, even as she was forced farther and farther down on her man's cock, but Sabina's host-mother slapped Tansey's hands away, leaving Sabina to suck hungrily and efficiently. Already there were signs that Tansey's father, who was ogling his little daughter even as he was getting a magnificent blow job by a different child, was about to blow his wad.

But the most amazing thing on the stage was happening at the other side, where little Bree Pendleton's mother had whispered encouragingly in her ear as the girl continued to try to blow the over-sized black cock. Bree pulled back from the cock and looked at her mother with surprise, then nodded her head. She stood up and without a moments hesitation the child dropped her bikini bottoms to the floor.

"What's this? What's this! Is this within the rules?" Ronald Shorty said as he and the camera rushed to witness Bree Pendleton climbing up to straddle the large black man's lap. The camera zoomed in to show the child press forward and settle her tiny white cunt up agains the huge pole of black flesh, even as her mother whispered more encouragement into her ear. Ronald Shorty looked to the judges in the front row before he declared, "The judges have ruled that this is within the rules. In fact, the judges seem to be saying the rules are out the window! Oh my goodness, look at little Bree go!"

Bree thrust her hips forward, wrapped her little legs around the man's waist and placed her hands behind her on his knees for better purchase. Then she ground her wet little pussy up and down along the man's considerable length. The man moaned in obvious pleasure and a roar of approval went up from the studio audience. Bree was also clearly enjoying the amazing sensations coming from her little cunt as it slid smoothly up and down the man's glistening length. She began grunting, "oh, oh, oh, oh!" with every upward thrust of her little hips. When she began to shiver it was obvious that she'd gone into her first orgasm. Her head was thrown back and her eyes were shut tight and her mother had to brace her to keep her from falling from the big man's lap. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhh!" Bree wailed in ecstasy.

"Fuck me, fuck me, oh god, you hot little bitch, fuck me!" the big black man began shouting. He struggled against his bonds, but fortunately for little Bree he couldn't break them or she'd have quickly found herself impaled deeply on the man's twitching fat cock instead of just grinding him. "Oh fuck, fuck, yes!" he cried out.

Bree's mother grabbed the little girl and pulled her from the man's lap. "Nooooo!" Bree squealed and her eyes snapped open, but her mother was whispering frantically into her ear and she regained her composure quickly. Down on her knees again she threw back her head and opened her little mouth as wide as possible as she groped for the big man's cock with her tiny hands. Just in time she got both hands half way around his girth and pointed his dick in the right direction. A flood of cum exploded out, most of it going into her open mouth, some of it glazing her pretty little face. The quantity of cum was vast and in two seconds Bree's mouth was full to overflowing. The cum dribbled off her chin and dripped onto her flat chest and even down onto her little naked slit. When the man finally stopped shooting his thick cum onto her face, Bree quickly spit out her mouthful into her vial and did her best, with mother's help to get the rest gathered up and deposited too.

The camera truly loved the vision of little Bree's triumphant blow job, but on the other side of the stage Sabina was having her own triumph as Tansey's dad finally lost his battle for control and spewed an impressive amount of cum directly into the ten-year-old's mouth. She deposited every last drop of his warm seed into her little vial and the level rose noticeably.

Poor, unfortunate, little Tansey, who'd had a commanding lead over her competition after her success with the teenage boy was now the one in trouble. If her mother hadn't come to 'help' her she might have had a chance, despite her anguish over the fact that it was Sabina and not she who was draining her father's balls. But her mother was her undoing.

"Faster, faster, little slut, little whore! You not worth a thing. You not try hard enough! Suck harder, faster, harder!" Tansey's mother hurled epithets at her daughter as she forced the girl farther and farther down onto the man's average-sized cock. She was determined to win! Every fiber of her motherly being, riled to new heights by the video that was still playing on the side screens, wanted her child to be the winner. She wanted her to beat the crap out of these other mother's stupid little cunt-daughters. What was wrong with Tansey? "Faster, faster, suck harder, little SLUT!"

Balls deep down the throat of the gorgeous, choking eleven-year-old, the man couldn't hold back any longer. He erupted hard and fast and with plenty of volume. But his cock was embedded so deeply that his cum had no place to go but on down the throat of the poor abused little girl, until it rested uselessly in her stomach.

"Time!" cried Ronald Shorty. "The talent contest is over. Stay tuned to find out who our final two contestants will be. I know I'm dying to know."

The pageant went to commercial.


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