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This website contains stories about erotic mind control of or by underage characters. Loli MasterThis is a collection for all stories in this genre so please write your own stories and send them in under a name of your choice or anonymously. Just make sure that there is some form of mind control and at least one underage main character. This site accepts almost all stories which meet that requirement, including ones that involve incest, gay/lesbian themes, bondage, and many other fetishes. However, please be aware that stories involving violence, death, and other extreme fetishes are considered on a case by case basis and may not be acceptable.Loli Slave

You can contribute to the Domain to help it grow. The best way to contribute is to write and send in a story. It is easy to write when you have an idea that you want to tell and many current writers here would be happy to help you. You can even collaborate with other writers and send the story in jointly. Even if you only come here to read, please leave comments for stories to motivate our current writers to keep contributing.

While our goal is to make everything intuitive, some explanation of our organization scheme may be helpful. The updates page lists recently added stories in descending chronological order. The writers page links you to all of our writers (and all of their stories, not just the ones from the updates page). The alphabet links in the menu take you to those writer pages as well. The contribute page lets anyone send in new stories. In addition to sending in any stories that you want, you can participate in challenges, requests, and contests. We always have an active challenge, which can be found on the right side of every page. Readers can send in requests for stories that they would like someone to write. When you complete a challenge or request, you get a badge by your name. Contests are more formal and usually held a couple times per year. For contests, stories are judged and the winner earns both a badge and usually a drawing from an artist.

I am the Domain's webmaster and I go by the name of Piper here. If you need to contact me, please click here.

If you are under the legal age to view mature content, if you are offended by it, or if it is illegal in your location, leave this site immediately.

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If you are under the legal age to view mature content, if you are offended by it, or if it is illegal in your location, then leave this website immediately. None of these stories may be viewed by or distributed to a minor by any means. None of the situations in these stories should be attempted in real life. The stories on this site are works of fiction and are for entertainment purposes only; any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental, excluding parodies and works involving public figures. All fan fiction stories are parodies of the original content and are not authorized, sponsored by, or affiliated with owners of the original works. No fan fiction story implies anything about any person or entity affiliated with the subject of the fan fiction. No story involving a public figure implies anything about the public figure in real life. No story may be copied, reposted, sold, or otherwise distributed without the written permission of its writer.