Welcome to Piper's Domain!

This website contains stories about erotic mind control of or by underage characters.Loli Master The Domain is no longer adding new stories but you can still browse the collection that we acquired over the years. All stories were required to have some form of mind control and at least one underage main character.

The Writers page links you to all of our writers, and all of their stories. You can get to the Writers page by clicking “Writers” above. While we were actively updating stories, writers could achieve ranks and badges depending on their stories. You can see those accomplishments by clicking “Achievements” above. Below the main links, you will see alphabetical links. The alphabetical links in the header take you to the same story pages that you can access from the Writers page.Loli Slave

I am the Domain's webmaster and I go by the name of Piper here. I ran the Domain for years, and during that time we had dozens of writers submit hundreds of stories. Sadly, ASSTR had a server crash in 2017 that it never fully recovered from. In 2018, around the anniversary of the crash and following another ASSTR blackout that spanned months, I decided to stop accepting stories. The Domain now exists only as an archive and will no longer add new content. If you need to contact me, please use the email address in the footer of the page.

If you are under the legal age to view mature content, if you are offended by it, or if it is illegal in your location, leave this site immediately.

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