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Viral Goes To Christmas - Viral Xmas Party

-by Alvo Torelli, Christmas, 2017

Christmas was Toni Gerard's favorite time of the year - and not just because of the extra income that helped him get through the year. No, there was nothing Toni like better than the looks of pure joy on the faces of the little boys and girls he took for rides in Santa's very own sleigh - pulled by five of Santa's very own reindeer. Okay, so the sleigh was made of painted plywood and ran on skateboard wheels under the carriage, and the five reindeer were large Malamute dogs with reindeer antlers strapped to their heads, and it was Southern California where there sure as fuck wasn't any snow for using a sleigh on and surf-Santa (Toni himself) wore bright red board shorts instead of hot wool pants - but what the hell, the kids still had a blast. "So sue me!" was what Toni said anytime anyone pointed out that his whole Santa party shtick was silly. "The kids fucking love it, asswipe! That's all that matters. So, let's have a beer, bro."

Toni parked his van outside the big Malibu house and unloaded the sleigh. He was just finishing harnessing up the dogs when the father of the family came out to greet him. It was the afternoon of Christmas Eve, his last gig of the season, and he was hoping for a big tip to go with his usual fee. "Yo, dude!" Toni said to the client.

The client, in a suit, looked Toni, his 'sleigh' and his team of dogs up and down with evident distaste. "Well, I hope your show is better than your props," he said. "You look like an idiot in that costume. But then I guess anybody who has to do this for a living is an idiot. Whatever. My daughter wants the sleigh Santa, she gets the sleigh Santa. I'll open the gates for you in a couple of minutes. The party's around in the back. Don't disappoint my little girl!"

Toni stared after the client, who strode away without waiting for an answer. "Dick!" Toni whispered. "And who the fuck is stupid enough to wear a suit on Christmas fucking eve! Shithead!" Then he looked down to check out his Santa costume - the aforementioned red board shorts, trimmed in white, and a bright red, white-trimmed, sleeveless vest that left his toned, tanned pecs and washboard abs on display. Add one Santa hat, a fake beard and red Converse high-tops and Toni was one Cool Dude surf-Santa! He didn't even have to change to go surfing! He just had to take his shoes and beard off. "Fuck the dickhead!" he said under his breath. Toni jumped into his sleigh, picked up the reins and when the gate slid open, he was ready. His team of dogs barely needed to be urged into action - they were well trained and knew the act as well as Toni did.

"Ho, ho, ho, merry Christmas!" Toni chortled in his best Santa impression as his team glided up the driveway of the fancy house and all the way around to the back, where a gaggle of little girls, all dressed up in their best Christmas bikinis, awaited.

But something was wrong. Toni was used to squeals of delight at the sight of his sleigh and his five magnificent reindeer. But the six bikini clad ten and eleven-year-old beauties didn't even register their presence. Instead, the six girls, together with a couple of large breasted MILFs were all gathered on the pool deck around a large screen television that hung beside the biggest hot tub Toni had ever seen. Toni's "ho, ho, ho..." trailed away as he took in the scene of all the hot little suntanned cuties - every one of them totally intent on the strange video on the screen - and every one of them with her little fingers down inside her bikini bottoms, frigging a little bald cunny. And as Toni got closer he, too, began to see the fascinating, swirling images of long, purple surfboards being ridden by green-clad elves over giant gnarly waves...

Everyone at the children's Christmas party was too mesmerized by the video to notice the way all five of Toni's reindeer-dogs sat staring at the screen, each with his head cocked at the same angle and each with his tongue lolling out on the left side of his mouth. The five giant malamutes, with their silly reindeer antlers, were just as mesmerized as the humans.

Moving like a zombie and never tearing his eyes from the fascinating, swirling video, Toni climbed out of the sleigh and went from dog to dog, unhooking each of their harnesses from the sleigh's gang-lines. Then he and his five huge dogs walked up close behind the little girls who continued to stare in wild-eyed wonder at the video.

But the video faded away, slowly, leaving the entire party, even the huge canines, shaking their heads in confusion - until pretty Noah, the hostess and belle of the Christmas party, turned and squealed at the sight of surf-Santa and his five canine reindeer. All the other bikini-clad preteens turned to follow her gaze, and a chorus of squeaks and gasps washed over Toni.

Toni took one look at the luscious Noah and his heart went pitter-patter. "Whoah, gorgeous," he said to the thin, curvaceous, eleven-year-old brunette. "Want to go for a ride in Santa's sleigh, or would you rather just sit in Santa's lap and give him what he wants for Christmas?"

Noah's eyes flared and she licked her lips, then stepped up to surf-Santa. "Golly, Santa! I, I feel so strange! Wh-what DO you want for Christmas?" Then Noah stood on her bare tip-toes, reached way up to put her small hands around Toni's neck and stretched her face up to his. Toni threw his fake beard back towards the sleigh and leaned down to kiss the gorgeous preteen. Their tongues danced and little Noah nearly swooned. But Santa/Toni picked her little body up and Noah wrapped her thin legs around his torso, her arms around his neck, and she kissed him even harder. Two seconds later, Toni used his considerable experience removing bikinis to relieve Noah of her bikini top, tossing it to one of the two MILF's who stood by, slack-jawed. Judging by hair color and features, the first MILF was Noah's mother, whereas the other MILF must be the mother of the very cute red-headed ten-year-old staring at Toni from five feet away.

But Toni really wasn't paying that much attention, he was too busy snogging a pretty eleven-year-old beauty, with one hand exploring her amazing, small, soft breasts and the other down the back of her bikini bottoms, where his fingers found her little cunny soaking wet with her sexual excitement. If he had been paying attention he would have seen the way that the five other little girls had all stripped off their bikini tops the second he removed Noah's. He would have seen the way all five of them looked up at him with intense longing, even as they stuck fingers down into their bikini bottoms and frigged themselves with a frightening intensity. Toni was oblivious to everything but the joys of touching and caressing and kissing and fingering sweet little Noah as she ground her young pussy into his stomach - right up until he was practically forced off his feet by someone tugging insistently at the side of his vest.

Toni broke off kissing Noah, who instantly moaned an incoherent complaint. He looked down to find the cute red-head, whose name was Khaila, not that that was ever going to matter to Toni, tugging hard at the hem of his Santa-vest. With his attention broken away from Noah, Toni quickly scanned the small sea of topless preteens, noticing the amazing variation in development - from flat with pointy pink nipples, to slightly mounded with amazing tan lines, to one slightly overweight mousy-haired blonde eleven-year-old with surprising B-cup tits that looked like two perfect handfuls. Noah, despite being barely eleven, was on the more-developed end of the spectrum of lusciousness and Toni realized that he was still cupping one of her perfect nascent breasts in his hand - not that he stopped - nor did he stop fingering her sopping little pussy. The two MILFs were still staring in shock, although the brunette who looked like Noah was busily fingering herself inside her bikini and the red-head was dashing around picking up all of the discard bikini-tops.

"Santa!" the red-head at Toni's side insisted as she pulled on his vest. "Santa! Please!" Toni looked down into her pretty, freckled face. He saw the way her tiny nose was quivering and her eyes were big and pleading. "Please Santa," Khaila moaned, "it's not fair. Noah can't be the only one to get kisses and touches and fingers and, and... OH!" Toni noticed for the first time that the little red-head, like all five of the other girls, was rubbing her pussy inside her bikini-bottoms as fast and hard as she could. But he could also tell she really didn't know what it was that she and the others needed.

Toni, on the other hand, knew exactly what all the little girls needed - and needed badly, immediately, now! But there was only one of Toni. There was only one pretend Santa to try to meet the overwhelming, confusing sexual needs of all six little preteen girls. He couldn't stand the helpless, pleading looks on the pretty children's faces. What was he going to do!?!

Holding little Noah tight in his arms, Toni looked to his left and his right. His five, huge, perfectly trained Malamutes sat at attention. Each dog had his eyes trained on one of the little girls. Each dog's ears were trained forward and his hackles were raised. Each dog quivered with pent up canine lust, dominance, and desire. But the fantastic beasts were far too well trained to do anything but sit and wait - wait for a word or a sign from their master.

"All right, boys," Toni said in a commanding voice that the dogs knew well. "We came here to give these little ladies a good time and take them for a ride. So that's what were going to do! Go!"

It was all the huge dogs needed to hear. Each of the five leapt forward, having already marked the child he wanted to make into his new bitch. Thunder, the biggest of the Malamutes, made straight for little red-headed Khaila, the smallest of the children. Alpha made a beeline for a little blonde ten-year-old named Fern and Jake went for the eleven-year-old with the big tits, Clarice. The twins, Cassius and Brutus, went after a ten-year-old Asian girl named Yoko and an eleven-year-old black girl named Tasha, respectively. All of the little girls screamed and threw up their hands in terror, but the dominant dogs each cornered his chosen child, growling and nipping until the child behaved as intended. Soon all five of the girls were on their knees, mouths open and kissing their new doggy masters.

Right away Toni could see a terrible problem - how to get the little bitches out of their bikini bottoms. But the answer was right in front of him, the two MILFs who continued to look on, wild-eyed as they rubbed their own pussies with excitement. Somehow Toni could tell that the two women would do anything they could to see the little girls find the sexual release they so obviously needed.

Toni still had the amazing Noah in his arms and he kissed her again, passionately. But he also found the ties to her tiny bikini. With a simple flick of his wrist the child was naked and he tossed the lower half of her tiny bikini in the direction of her mother. The two MILFs immediately understood and they dashed out into the crowd of little girls each kneeling and madly kissing a big, furry dog. In seconds all of the preteens were naked.

Of course the dogs all took this turn of events as an invitation to press their advantage with their chosen, tiny girl-bitches. Low growls and yips rippled across the party as the youngsters learned what their big, dominant partners expected of them. It only took a few moments before all five little girls were on their knees and elbows, cowering, with their naked butts in the air as the giant dogs laved their tight, hairless little cunts with long, rough, canine tongues. The children couldn't help their loud squeals of terror, excitement and pleasure as the dogs' tongues pressed inside the outer lips of their puffy, tight mons, raked over their untouched clits and explored the forbidden pink folds of their sensitive pussies. One by one, within minutes, each little girl began to writhe and bellow as she achieved the first orgasm of her life - on the tongue of a huge dog.

Toni took his cue from his pack of trained sled-dogs. He lowered little Noah to the ground on her back, pressed her long, thin, smooth legs back and apart and lowered his face to take in the amazing sight and smell of her tiny, unused cunny. She was so beautiful it nearly hurt. She squealed like the others as he ran his tongue along the insides of her thighs, teasing her unmercifully when he knew that she was dying for him to rape her little pussy with his tongue. And eventually, after she was squirming in torment and after she'd knocked his Santa hat away so that she could sink her little fingers into his long hair, he sank his tongue into her sex. She tasted so good! Noah went crazy, arching her back and thrusting herself at Toni's mouth. In seconds her first ever climax erupted and she screamed the loudest of all of the six preteens.

Eventually, Toni lifted his head to look around him, generating a moan of complaint from his little preteen. His face glistened in the bright California sun as Noah's juices dripped from his chin. All around him his team dominated the little bitches, keeping the preteens primed and wet, stimulating them almost beyond what they could endure. Each of the five dogs showed two to three inches of bright red cock jutting from the furry pouch under his belly and the mongrels whined with eager anticipation. But they all waited their master's command. Toni was so proud of his well-trained boys! And he knew it was time - his own need was driving him on. In a loud clear voice he called out, "Okay, boys - mount!"

Instantly all five of the huge mongrels leapt onto the backs of the terrified, unsuspecting preteens. Little girl squeals rent the warm air, but they quickly gave way to the growls of dominance and lust from the dogs. Overweight Clarice was the first girl to be penetrated as her new mate, Jake, forced her into the proper position and thrust forward, sinking several inches of bright red dog-cock into her tight cunny. Yoko was next as Cassius found the mark and began to rape the tiny flower of a girl. Fern and Trisha followed close behind as Alpha and Brutus each paw-handled his little bitch into the proper position and then rammed home, spreading their little pussies wide with huge, red phalluses. As each girl was deflowered by a massive dog she would scream and scream, but her screams would soon give way to panting, exhilarated pleasure as her doggy master found his incredibly fast rhythm and raped her deeper and deeper. Tiny red-headed Khaila was the last of the five girls to be deflowered. Thunder held her between his massive, strong paws as he humped and humped at her. But she was such a tiny thing, the huge dog just couldn't seem to get her at the right angle. Finally, in desperation, the little girl pushed up onto her feet, lifting her little ass higher, and suddenly the dog's enormous red rocket of a cock slammed into her pussy, spread her little lips wide and burst through her innocence. Young Khaila screamed the loudest and the longest of the five preteens as the huge dog proceeded to rape her with his over-sized dog-cock.

Not one to be left behind, Toni flipped little Noah over onto her hands and knees on the lush grass and grabbed her hips. His cock was so hard and so ready. He ripped open the Velcro of his red board shorts and grasped his huge cock.

"Santa! Santa! Please!" Noah screamed as Toni teased her unmercifully by slotting the tip of broad dick into the opening of her sex. He stroked it up and down, round and round, torturing her. Toni knew how much she wanted him inside her, but tormenting her was too awesome to pass up. "Oh god, oh god, Santa, please fuck me!"

It's not every day that a gorgeous brunette eleven-year-old begs you to fuck her. Who was Toni to deny the child her desire? He thrust forward into her tight preteen snatch, taking her innocence in a single fluid motion. Just like his dogs, Toni liked his women to know who was in control, and Noah, despite her size and youth, was no exception. Toni used his iron grip on the little girl's hips to control her. Her pretty hair flared out around head each time he yanked her small body back and thrust his raging cock forward. Her tiny breasts were just big enough to swing and jiggle beneath her as Toni fucked her from behind like his beasts were fucking Noah's five little friends.

Needless to say, it didn't take long for the five big dogs to mark their territory deep inside of each of the five little girls. The dogs fucked the children with the speed of sewing machines, going deeper and deeper. And as soon as the dog's long, red, slimy cock was fully embedded in preteen pussy it would begin to swell. One by one, starting with Fern and ending with Khaila, the child was knotted, the dog would howl his triumph, gush his cum into the child's womb, and the little girl would scream at the feeling of the huge knot that swelled deep inside her tiny, tight pussy. Every little girl was in the throes of intense orgasm as the dogs filled them with hot, thin dog cum.

Just as Thunder was howling and Khaila was screaming "Oh, oh, oh, it's too big, it's too big!" Toni slammed his cock as deep as he could get it into little Noah and his cum gushed out into her womb. Noah screamed "Santa, Santa, oh god, Santa, yes, yes!"

Toni pulled his long, glistening cock from Noah's tiny slit and let the child drop to the grass, where she continued to quiver in the afterglow of her first hard fucking. He walked around to check on all of the other little girls, making sure they were okay and thoroughly knotted. When he saw that Alpha was going to turn around on little Fern he rushed over to help and waved the two MILFs over as well. "You're going to have to help them turn so that they don't hurt the girls," Toni said to the two MILFs, "like this." Standing to one side, Toni grabbed the huge dogs far front leg to keep him from scratching the girls back. Then, as the dog's rear leg started to come up over the child's back he grabbed that too, helping the dog to twist around until four paws were back on the ground. Poor little Fern screamed in terror as the knot rotated inside her little body. At the end the dog and the tiny child were firmly locked together by the gigantic knot, ass to ass.

Immediately the two MILFs ran off to help Jake get his weight off of Clarice, and Cassius to twist over the top of tiny Yoko. Then it was Brutus twisting to get himself butt to butt with Tasha and finally, poor little Khaila. When Thunder was done turning, he was so much bigger than Khaila that the poor little child couldn't keep her knees on the ground. She had to stand, legs spread wide, tied to the huge beast.

Toni knew it would be at least half an hour before any of the large dogs could extract their swollen cocks from the insides of such small girls. He wasn't surprised to hear the little girls whimpering as they waited for release. The smallest of the dog's knots was bigger than a tennis ball - and Thunder's was like a grapefruit! But the little girls had all, somehow, figured out that if they reached back with one hand to diddle their little clits while the dogs still filled them to the gills, then they could keep a slow burning orgasm going on and on. The combination of moaning and whimpering the chorus of little bitches gave out was enough to get Toni's cock hard again.

But Toni had an idea - an idea that just couldn't be passed up. He went back to little Fern, tied securely to Alpha, and called over the helpful MILFs to show them what he wanted. It only took a moment to unstrap the harness under the big dog, then lift it over his head and off of his front legs, one by one. Putting the harness onto Fern was a bit more complex, since the child was only half the size of the canine. Toni put her arms though the harness one by one, then pulled it over her head. But to get the harness secure around her skinny little body, he had to double it around her body and strap it closed over her back. When he was done it wasn't quite as secure as he wanted, but it looked ever so much like a classic bondage harness, criss-crossing across the little girl's chest around her flat breasts.

By the time Toni was finished harnessing little Fern he was completely hard again. He sent the two MILFs off to deal with the other four little bitch-girls, transferring the harnesses from dog to child, and knelt in front of Fern. The little girl greedily sucked his hard cock into her small mouth. Toni moaned with pleasure and twined his fingers in the little blonde's hair, forcing his cock down into her throat.

A few moments later, Noah wandered over, walking gingerly from the hard pounding Toni had given her. "Santa?" Noah said plaintively, "please, I need more!" Toni grinned at Noah's pretty pout, then pulled her tight and kissed her hard. He gave Fern a couple more hard strokes at his cock, then pulled out and stood up. Fern went back to rubbing her little clit as Toni led Noah over to where Thunder was still securely tied to tiny Khaila.

"Here, baby," Toni said to Noah, "just get down on your knees right here. Thunder will make you all better." Noah got down on her hands and knees in front of Thunder and at once the huge dog excitedly tongued her wet pussy. He greedily sluiced his tongue along her smooth thighs and through her swollen pussy lips, cleaning off the cum that had dribbled out from her recent Santa-fuck. In seconds the sweet girl was writhing on the grass, moaning and keening in ecstasy.

With Noah's needs seen to, Toni was free to check on the rest of the little bitch-girls, which he did by going from girl to girl, kneeling in front of them and having the child suck his aching cock down her throat for a few minutes. He went from Khaila to Yoko to Tasha to Clarice. By the time he was done with Clarice he was nearly ready to explode. The little girls' mouths and throats were fantastic fuck holes. Toni rushed over to Noah, who was still in the throes of orgasm on Thunder's big tongue, and he let her suck his cock down her throat. Seconds later he came, filling the little girl's mouth with thick, slimy jism. Noah's pretty eyes were wide with shock as she tasted the strange, warm goo, but as Santa pulled his cock from her mouth she dutifully swallowed it all.

Alpha was the first dog to start whining and prancing as he sensed that his knot had deflated enough to try to pull it through the tiny opening of his new bitch. Fern screamed and screamed as the dog pulled hard, stretching her much wider than seemed possible. Soon Tasha and Khaila joined the keening cries as Brutus and Thunder also decided they were ready to pull out of their bitches. There was a huge, squelching pop when Alpha's knot finally squeezed through Fern's entrance, and a torrent of thin dog cum cascaded down her legs as she collapsed onto the grass in a dead faint. Cassius and Jake were both pulling hard at Yoko and Clarice when Brutus's big cock popped out of Tasha. The poor child screamed at the impossible stretching of her tiny pussy, then collapsed like Fern in a puddle of dog cum. A few moments later Jake's cock popped out of Clarice, followed almost immediately by Cassius pulling painfully free of tiny Yoko. The two girl-bitches collapsed, unconscious.

As all this was going on, Toni was happily watching from his position atop little Noah. The whole scene was so erotic that his cock was already hard again! And now that cock was pumping deep into the little girl's pussy. Her legs were splayed wide where he lay on top of her, with her face pressed into his muscled chest. She weakly grunted "Santa, Santa, Santa," in time to his hard, deep thrusts.

Little Khaila's screams were ear-splitting as Thunder decided it was time to get his gigantic red dog-cock out of the little bitch's constricted pussy. He pulled and pulled, dragging her across the grass. The two MILFs rushed over to help her, holding the poor child up and massaging her bulging stomach to help get the huge knot out. When it finally popped out of her she fainted and collapsed as a torrent of dog cum sprayed out of her tiny cunt.

Reluctantly, Toni got up off of Noah, leaving her moaning and pleading for him to come back. But he had work to do while the little bitches were still comatose. The MILFs helped Toni as he carried each wee child over to the sleigh and set her body, clothed in nothing but the binding dog harness, onto the ground. Toni realized that he could easily unhook the dog harness and use the extra length to bind the child's wrists behind her back, then reconnect the harness. Finally, he was happy with how tight and secure the harnesses fit the small children. The little ones looked so hot in their new bondage outfits! To complete the look, Toni and the MILFs retrieved all of the dogs' collars, then used the collars to bind the children's elbows together, wrapping the collars twice around and pulling them tight.

Finally, Toni connected each of the children's new harnesses to the gang-lines that led back to the sleigh. The gang-lines attached to the harnesses at a point just above the little girl's asses, but out of reach of their bound hands. It wouldn't do to let any of the little girls get free from their new duties.

The little girls were just starting to come to as Toni put the finishing touches on harnessing them up: his new team of girl-bitches. His last act was to place a nice bright Santa hat, from the stash in his sleigh, onto the head of each of his new sled-team. Fern and Clarice were on the left, Yoko and Tasha on the right, and tiny Khaila took the front lead position inn the middle. The big dogs had all wandered over to sniff and lick the children, each dog instinctively returning to his chosen bitch. As each girl came back to consciousness to realize that she was helplessly bound and harnessed to the sleigh she wailed with fright. But each child's big furry new master quickly assuaged her fears by licking her between her legs until she was back in the throes of orgasmic pleasure.

Toni took his place in the driver's seat of Santa's sleigh and Noah came running over to sit in his lap, facing forward as she put her Santa hat onto her pretty little brunette head. She had a huge grin on her face. "Oh Santa, Santa!" she cried out, "I want to go for a ride!"

"Oh, I'll take you for a ride, baby!" Toni said with an equally effusive grin. "Want to go for a ride too ladies?" he called out to the two MILFs, who happily climbed into the back of the sleigh. Somewhere along the line both of them had lost their bikinis, but they each accepted a Santa hat from Toni.

"Time for Santa to take his ladies for a ride!" Toni bellowed to the five girl-bitches, who staggered to their feet, confused and frightened. Toni had a long riding whip standing tall in one corner of the sleigh. Normally the whip was just for show, but today he needed to train a new team of bitches, so he pulled it from his holder and used it to flick little Khaila on her bare, tender ass. The child screamed and tried to run from the sleigh, pulling up short on her harness. By herself she could barely move the sleigh, loaded down with Noah and three adults, but once Toni flicked Clarice and Yoko on their cute little asses the sleigh began to move. A couple more painful flicks of the whip were enough to get Tasha and Fern moving too, and the sleigh began to pick up speed.

With Noah whooping with glee in his lap, Toni steered the sleigh twice around the big swimming pool, then pulled the brake to stop it. "Here you go, baby!" he said to Noah and handed her the whip and the reins to control the sleigh. This left his hands free to lift little Noah's body up high enough to get the head of his cock firmly pressed against her tiny ass. "Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!" Toni yelled and then he popped his cock into Noah's tight ass and started fucking up inside of her, deeper and deeper, until the full length of his cock was embedded inside of her. With his free hands he cupped a tender, nascent breast and fingered Noah's tiny clit as the child squirmed in ecstasy in his lap.

"Jesus Christ! What the fuck is going on out here!" Noah's daddy screamed as he stepped out of the house to check on his little daughter's Christmas party and make sure that the idiot surf-Santa was making her happy. What he saw - five bound preteens harnessed to the sleigh surrounded by five huge dogs, with Toni fucking his daughter in the ass while his wife and Khaila's mother looked on with lustful glee - nearly caused him to faint.

"Daddy, daddy! Look at me! I'm riding Santa in his sleigh!" Noah cried out to her incredulous father. Then she cruelly flicked her whip at the asses of the new team of little bitches. As the sleigh picked up speed, she whooped and hollered and steered the team around the house and down the driveway into the streets of Malibu. Daddy, screaming, ran after them, but half a block later he tripped and fell, losing sight of the sleigh as it turned the corner and headed towards the beach, surrounded by five huge dogs who would run interference if anyone tried to stop them.

"Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!" was the last thing daddy heard as the sleigh disappeared from sight.

The end. Or is it just the beginning?


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