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Viral Goes To The Hospital

- by Alvo Torelli, 2016


"I'm very sorry Mr. Seng, but the prognosis is not good, not good at all. We're doing everything we can to stabilize your father, but this is a brand new condition we're dealing with and we simply don't know the best way to proceed. If we can't bring the swelling down and lower his blood pressure, he's going to go into cardiac arrest. It's only a matter of time. But I assure you, we're doing everything we can."

Little Alexa Seng, squeezed her mother's hand and looked up into her mother's worried eyes. The hospital room was such a scary place, and the doctor sounded so serious and worried. "Mommy," Alexa said in her scared little voice, "is grandpa going to die?"

Mommy knelt down to her sweet eight-year-old daughter. "Oh, Alexa, they're doing everything they can for grandpa. Don't you worry. And this is no place for a little girl. You go out in the waiting area now, and play with your iPad. I'll come check on you in a bit. Okay?"

Alexa held her teddy tighter, but she nodded to her mommy and tried to be brave. She headed out of the room where her grandfather lay on the bed, with an oxygen mask over his face and tubes running all about. She took one last look over her shoulder as she left the room, noticing again how the sheet over her grandfather stood up like a miniature tent just below his old skinny stomach. Then she headed down the hall to the family waiting room.

As she walked, Alexa overheard a hurried conversation between two doctors, a man in a suit and a worried looking policeman.

The first doctor said, "We're up to ten cases and there are more coming in all the time. We lost the first two, damn it! Total cardiac failure. We've got to know the cause."

The second doctor said, "The one thing we do know is that at least six of the ten we have now were taking Viagra. But they weren't taking any heart medications! We're testing the other four and we'll know in half an hour. But we may have more fatalities on our hands by then."

"I don't understand, you'll have to explain this all to me," said the man in the suit.

The first doctor answered. "All these patients have the same symptoms, Mr. Mayor: idiopathic erectile hyperkinesis. They're all between seventy and eighty-two. They've each had an extreme erection for more than four hours, some of them much longer. And their blood pressure has soared to fatal levels - far higher than an elderly man should be able to maintain. It's killing them, sir."

The second doctor added, "And there's more. All of them are glassy eyed and nearly comatose. They just keep moaning and they don't respond to questions. We have most of them sedated, but it's not helping. We can't seem to stabilize them." He turned back to the policeman. "Please, Chief, we've got to know what else is common to these elderly men. This is an epidemic! What have you got for us?"

The Police Chief said, "I'm sorry gentlemen, but we've barely had time to even start investigating. I have no idea what's causing this problem. Mr. Mayor, do I have your..."

Another policeman suddenly rushed up and handed a phone to the Police Chief. "Yes!" the Chief barked into the phone, "Really, you're sure, five of them - plus the one coming in now. Good, you know what to do Jenkins, get on it. Hurry man."

The Chief looked at the other men seriously. "Well, I don't know if this is what you're looking for, but my men have discovered something. At least five of your patients, no, six - you have another on his way - they do have something in common. You've heard of this new video that's gone viral?"

The Mayor said, "What video, Chief?"

"Nobody knows where it came from, but there's a video sweeping the internet," the Chief responded. "We're not quite certain what it does yet, but it seems to be bad. Something sexual they're saying down at the station house. We've had a couple of young girls in for questioning already and I'm told it took half a dozen men to subdue each of them. But here's the thing, gentlemen, my men have discovered that at least six of your patients had recently watched this viral video!"

"My god," the second doctor said.

"Yes," the first doctor said with excitement, "I see what you mean. Obviously an adverse reaction between the drug and the video. But..."

"But what's the cure, man, what's the cure?" the second doctor finished.

Confused by all this strange talk, Alexa wandered the rest of the way to the waiting room and curled up in one of the big chairs. She tucked her legs under her and pulled her nightgown tight over her feet. It was strange being out in public in her nightgown, but they'd all rushed to the hospital so quickly that she hadn't had time to change. Even daddy was wearing slippers!

Alexa decided that she and teddy should watch a video, so she pulled out her iPad. She saw she had an email from her friend Nicole Raven and she decided to check that first.

"OMG! Alexa, you just HAVE to see this new video! I wish I could be there with you to watch, but you just have to see it RIGHT NOW! It's soooooooooo good. See you at school! -Nicky" There was a link to a YouTube video and Alexa curiously tapped on it to find out what her friend was soooooooooo excited about.

At first Alexa thought something must be wrong with her iPad. The video was filled with static. But then she started to see the shapes and the figures. It was fascinating and she stared intently.

There was so much bustle and confusion as people ran this way and that through the halls of the emergency room. New patients, elderly men, were arriving every few minutes. No one took any notice of the sweet and pretty dark-haired child who removed her panties, then hiked her nightgown up over her knees in order to push her thin fingers in between her thighs, frigging her little bald pussy desperately as she watched a video on her iPad over and over. No one noticed when her eyes suddenly flared and she bit her lower lip as her body quivered wildly and she squeezed her hand as tight as she could. No one paid any attention to her desperate moans.

Afterwards, Alexa abandoned all of her belongings but for the teddy bear she clutched under her arm. She made the harrowing journey back to her grandfather's room unobserved, dodging running interns and packs of people racing with gurneys, all of them talking or yelling at the same time. She was nearly run over by a nurse talking on a cell phone as she dashed down the hall. But no one seemed to notice the pretty little girl in the rumpled nightgown.

All was quiet in grandfather's darkened ICU room. Alexa could just see by the dim light of the various machines hooked up to grandpa. The machines whirred and pinged quietly. Mommy and daddy were nowhere to be seen. But Alexa's eyes were big and round and she knew exactly what she needed to do. She set her teddy bear on the bed with grandpa and then dragged a chair over to his bed so that she could easily climb up and over the bedrail. She knelt at the foot of the bed and slowly pulled the sheet off of her grandfather.

Grandpa watched his precious little girl with huge, hungry eyes. Unable to speak and nearly paralyzed by his dangerous condition all he could do was watch and hope, hope that his little granddaughter understood the incredible need he had for the services of a young and beautiful child.

Alexa stared at the massively swollen cock that bobbed and twitched from the place where grandpa's hairy legs met. She didn't know what it was, but she knew that she wanted it. She wanted to know all about it. She wanted to touch it and taste it and take it inside her little body. She didn't know how or why, but at that moment the wonderful big cock was her whole world. She placed a hand around the base and a surge of electric excitement swirled through her body.

The old man moaned through his oxygen mask at the first touch of the little girl's fingers around his turgid member. "More! More!" he screamed in his mind and his hips twitched uncontrollably. But still he could do little more than make tight fists of his old gnarled fingers, gripping at the sheets of his hospital bed.

The big throbbing shaft of meat seemed to be calling to Alexa. Her eight-year-old mind didn't know what to make of it, but her desire to interact with it was intense. One hand gathered up the hem of her nightgown, pulling it up far enough to give access to her sopping little pussy. She fingered herself madly even as she began to lick up the length of the burning column of flesh. Her tongue felt every gnarl and vein, from base to tip. Grandpa moaned louder and tremors passed through his old body. As little Alexa's mouth closed over the bulbous head of his cock his muscles spasmed and his back arched. All of the machines in the dark room began to ping louder and the old man's breath was ragged and labored.

But sweet Alexa was in heaven. Grandpa's big shaft was so wonderful and playing with it made her feel so good down between her legs. She greedily licked its length again and again and then bobbed her head up and down as she tried to suck as much of it into her mouth as she could. She stroked it with her free hand, spreading her saliva all over the burning hot rod. She loved the way it throbbed in her hand. Despite the gagging feeling, she pushed her mouth down around it and swirled her little tongue all around the huge knob.

Grandpa's mind reeled. Ever since he'd watched the video all he could think of was pretty little girls, their innocence and youth, their smooth perfect skin and cute little features, their soft glowing hair and tiny bodies. And now the prettiest of little girls, his own granddaughter was blowing his cock and blowing his mind! But it was helping. Already he felt control returning to his feeble frame. A new strength rolled through his weakened body. And oh, the sight of her pretty lips around his cock!

Alexa felt Grandpa's hands suddenly holding the sides of her head, guiding her motions. But it didn't frighten her and she didn't let up her frantic, intense sucking and bobbing. She could tell something was coming. She had no idea what it was, but the impending feeling was overwhelming. Her pussy was soooooooooo wet and warm and happy and... Oh god, it was coming, it was coming, she could sense it! Her little body wracked with pleasure as something warm and salty erupted from grandpa's big rod and filled her mouth. Grandpa was shaking all over and he forced her to keep her mouth around his throbbing cock. Wave after wave of thick fluid was forced down the little girl throat, but it just added to her overall ecstasy.

Finally sated, temporarily, grandpa released his hold on his little granddaughter and sank back into his hospital bed. His monitors settled into a new rhythm of pings and flashing lights, calmer and quieter than before. Little Alexa climbed up her grandfather's body and straddled his stomach, looking down at him with a worried eye, once again clutching her precious teddy bear to her chest.

"Are you better, grandpa?" Alexa asked and she reached down to reposition his oxygen mask over his mouth.

"Yes, Alexa, sweetie, I'm better," grandpa managed to say in a barely audible whisper. "I'm better, but I need more, more. Please, sweetie, more!"

"Okay grandpa, I don't mind," Alexa said and she moved to crawl back down to the foot of his bed, ready to suck him to another climax. But suddenly grandfathers gnarled old hands were gripping her hips with surprising strength. Alexa gasped and froze.

"No," grandfather sputtered out weakly. But his glassy eyes drilled into the little girl's face and his grip on her hips was solid. "Not that way."

Alexa didn't know any other way, and her confusion was overwhelming. She wanted to help her ailing grandfather and she desperately wanted more of the wonderful tingling feeling between her legs. But then her grandfather lifted her and pushed her nightgown up over her hips. When he set her back down her bare, sopping little pussy was pressing hard against that big throbbing pole he had. She shivered at the feeling. Her pussy lips molding around it and at once she started to move her hips, with grandfather's guidance, sliding her pussy along the base of his huge rod. Again she could feel every gnarl and throbbing vein in his distended erection, but this time with the sensitive lips between her legs instead of the sensitive tongue in her mouth. She was terrified and she clutched her teddy as hard as she could, but she was also more excited than she'd ever been in her life. It felt so good!

"Oh god, baby," grandfather moaned, his voice getting stronger. "Yes, yes, oh god, grind me, yes, grind me! You're so wet and warm. Oh god." His hands had moved under her nightgown and gripped the smooth skin of her bare hips with new-found strength. "Oh, baby, get ready, get ready, oh!"

Alexa loved the feeling of grinding her grandfather's big cock. She didn't want to stop! The wonderful feeling was coming again, soon, she could tell. But grandfather was too strong and he lifted her up again and when he pulled her back down she realized the tip of his cock was going to go inside of her. "OHHHH!" she yelled in excited fright, and then her tiny pussy opened up around the big knob and in it went. "AGGHHHH!" Grandfather plunged her down onto his raging erection. He ripped away her cherry with a sudden flash of pain, then held her tight. Alexa squirmed in his hands but there was no fighting him. And besides, it was wonderful!

Grandfather's hips began a rapid dance, thrusting upwards into his little granddaughter again and again and again. His addled mind reeled, but with every moment he felt stronger and better. He no longer cared that the video had put him on the edge of death - it was worth it for this fantastic, incredible, impossible fuck! Oh, why had he waited so long to enjoy the wonders of his amazing little granddaughter?

Alexa bounced up and down on her grandfather's cock like a rag doll holding a teddy bear. Her long dark hair flared out with each massive thrust from grandfather's hips. "Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!" she grunted in time with his manic dance. Her orgasm was so intense that she was conscious of nothing more than the amazing feelings that wracked her little body.

And just as grandfather's massive Viagra and video induced erection unleashed another flood of cum into his little girl there came an earsplitting scream from the door to the hospital room, "OH MY GOD! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" followed by a huge crashing sound as Alexa's mother fainted and fell to the floor, taking down the bedside tray and a curtain with her.

Suddenly the room was ablaze with light and noise and people. Everyone was rushing about frantically. Alexa moaned "noooooo" as she was lifted off of her grandfather and whisked away. Bodies filled the room - people looking to the well-being of Alexa, her mother, her grandfather, even her stunned father, who stared dumbfounded. Alexa was whisked to another part of the room and two nurses asked her rapid-fire questions she didn't understand. She started crying, but clearly they didn't understand that she was simply confused and scared. Someone else called for help and more people crowded into the room. Mother was lifted and placed in a chair, but things got even worse when someone used smelling salts to revive her. Mother took one look at Alexa in her rumpled nightgown, with grandfather's cum dripping down onto the floor, and went into screaming hysterics. Grandfather's hospital room was total chaos.

The two doctor's suddenly came rushing into the room.

"Be quiet!" the first doctor yelled and a hush fell over the room. Even Alexa's mother stopped her keening.

The second doctor darted to the monitors that were still hooked up to grandfather, checked them quickly and said, "My goodness, this is amazing." He turned to grandfather who was now sitting up in his bed with his oxygen mask pulled down around his neck. Someone had modestly pulled the sheet back over his thin old frame. "Mr. Seng, how are you feeling?"

"Never felt better," grandfather answered in a strong steady voice. "If you'd get all these damn tubes and wires off me I'd like to get the hell out of this place."

The second doctor lifted the sheet and peered underneath, then shook his head. "Amazing!" he said, "a complete recovery."

"We've got to sort this out - at once," the first doctor said. "Someone check the security tapes." One of the techs rushed from the room.

The doctors and two of the nurses huddled in a corner of the room where they had a fevered, whispered conversation. Alexa, seeking comfort from the confusion of the chaos, ran to her mommy who enveloped her and her teddy bear in a warm embrace. Moments later, the tech darted back into the room to join the whispered conversation. Eyebrows rose in amazement all around the huddled little group as the tech divulged what he'd seen. Sharp glances fell on Alexa, then on grandfather, then back to Alexa.

Father, finally recovering from his shock, suddenly blurted out, "I say, this is intolerable! Somebody tell me what the hell is going on here this instant!"

The huddle of doctors and nurses broke up and the second doctor answered. "Mr. Seng, your father has fully recovered, but it was imperative that we discover how."

The first doctor cut in. "It's a major emergency man, we've got a dozen more cases of this dreadful affliction. We lost two more of them in just the past hour. And we're not the only hospital treating these cases. Elderly men are dying all over the city. Your father is the only one to recover!"

Just then, the Mayor and the Chief of Police rushed into the room. "Is it true?" the Mayor asked breathlessly.

"Yes, Mayor," the second doctor answered. "And we've found the cure!"

"My god man, why are you just standing here! If you have a cure, why aren't you using it?" The Chief of Police was red-faced with excitement. His own father was one of the men now crowding the ICU with alarming blood pressure and an erection that had been raging for many hours.

The second doctor answered. "Because SHE is the cure," he said, pointing at the pretty, wide-eyed, teddy-bear-clutching eight-year-old in the rumpled nightgown. Frightened, Alexa backed up into the protective embrace of her worried mother.

"What the hell are you saying?" Alexa's father blurted out.

"We're saying your daughter is the cure to this horrible condition, sir," continued the second doctor. "We're saying that we need her to help us, at once. Men are dying left and right, it's intolerable, and only your little daughter can help."

"Oh my god, you don't mean ..." Alexa's mother wailed. "You can't possible ..., No, no! I won't have it!"

"Mommy! I'm scared," little Alexa whimpered. "What do they want?"

"Mr and Mrs Seng, please, I'm sure that eventually we can find another way - but for now your daughter is the only person who can help all these men. We've had eight fatalities already. There are dozens more men, right here in this hospital, all on the edge of death. Surely you wouldn't let them die!" said the Police Chief. "I'm warning you, I have the authority to arrest you for obstruction and put your daughter under the control of the city. You really have no choice!"

"No, no, you can't!" Alexa's mother screamed. "She's just a baby!"

"Wait, I have something that will help," the Mayor broke in. "Please, Mr and Mrs Seng, just watch this quick video, it will explain everything." He handed his laptop over to the Seng's who bowed to the wishes of the popular politician and looked at the video he'd cued up. Alexa hid her face against her mother's chest, terrified of all the attention and all the confusion.

Everyone waited with intense anticipation as the Seng's watched the video on the Mayor's laptop. They seemed mesmerized and continued to watch slack jawed for several minutes. Finally, Mr. Seng shook his head and looked up at the Mayor.

"I, I think I see - it's so obvious. I mean, it's only her duty, isn't it?" Alexa's father stumbled over his words.

Alexa's mother chimed in with more assurance, "Yes dear, it's clearly her duty. What better use of her, ah, charms? Yes, Mr Mayor, our little Alexa is ready to serve her community and this hospital, whatever it takes!" She beamed with pride and thrust little Alexa forward.

"No, no, mommy, what's happening?" Alexa wailed in fear as the first doctor took her by the hand to lead her away.

"Wait," the second doctor said. "Perhaps the child needs to view the video again!"

"Yes, surely that's the thing," the Mayor said enthusiastically.

Little Alexa was coaxed into a chair next to her mother, who held her around the shoulders as the laptop was placed in front of her. Her big wet eyes looked at the screen and suddenly her face went blank. Mommy leaned in to watch the video with her little girl and she didn't try to stop Alexa when the child pulled up the hem of her nightgown and once again plunged her hand to her little pussy. Soon Alexa was biting her lip and moaning out loud. Almost a dozen people watched the eight-year-old frigging herself to a fast, intense orgasm. No one said a word, although several of the men in the room rubbed at their painful erections through their trousers.

When Alexa was done, the first doctor held out his hand and she put her little hand in his. Still clutching her teddy, she followed him out into the hall, trailed by her anxious, but proud parents. She didn't have far to go, as there was an elderly man, on the brink of death, in the next room over. Everyone huddled around the small window that looked into the room as Alexa climbed onto the bed and pulled the sheet from atop a fat balding man of nearly eighty, with the biggest, darkest erection anyone could ever remember seeing.

Alexa's mother stifled a sob as she watched her little girl's lips part to lick the huge, dancing hard-on and then push the huge bulbous head into her mouth. "Oh god, I can't watch," she cried out, but she never tore her eyes away from the torrid scene as her little girl bobbed her head up and down like a pro, then swallowed a geyser of hot old-man cum.

Moments later, little Alexa was climbing atop the fat old man for the second half of his "treatment." Her mother gasped and clutched at her own nether parts as Alexa lowered herself onto the rock hard pole of elderly flesh. As the old man felt the cum boiling in his balls he went mad with desire, tearing Alexa's nightgown away and slamming into her as hard as he could.

A cheer went up around the window as the corpulent elderly gentleman sat up in his bed, grasping little Alexa by the waist and fucking her like a stallion until he filled her little womb with his hot thick seed. Applause and excited congratulations could be heard all up and down the hallway and around the nursing station as news of the second miraculous recovery was shared. Finally, they had proof that there was a cure for the dreadful condition that had brought so many fine elderly men low.

Alexa was nearly comatose as she was carried out of the ICU room, held in the arms of a strong male aide, barely able to keep her hold on the teddy bear that dangled from her hand. But some juice and orange jello and a few minutes with the viral video had her back on her feet, ready to treat her next patient.

It was greatly fortunate for little Alexa Seng that about two hours later another preteen granddaughter came to the hospital in the ambulance with her ailing grandfather. Otherwise Alexa might have had to service all of the thirty surviving elderly patients in the hospital. Instead she only had to help seventeen men that night, not including her grandfather.

Eventually, the cure to the awful condition that came from mixing Viagra and the viral video spread to hospitals all over the country. Known commonly as the loli-cure, hospitals everywhere found that keeping one or two preteen girls as live-in staff was necessary, especially once they realized how often they were going to receive repeat patients, patients like Alexa Seng's grandfather.


And what of our little sex angel, Alexa Seng, the child who saved so many lives? There's a beautiful bronze statue of her at the entrance to Our Lady of Immaculate Passion hospital. And of course, Alexa lives in the hospital now, curing the woes of elderly men on a nightly basis.

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