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Viral Visits the Island Paradise

-by Alvo Torelli

(Mg, M+g, Mf, Ff, mc, mast, oral bond, con)

Authors Note: This story is set at the intersection of NoOneInteresting's Viral Video universe and Piper's One Stone, Two Stone, Bluestone, Greenstone universe. You should read those first. It's also a sequel to Viral Goes to the Beauty Pageant and will make more sense if you read that first as well. Damn it - a story with homework!


Bambi Shockey tried not to cry. She was eleven after all - too old to be crying just because she was homesick. But everything was so different on the island, and she missed her parents - especially her mother - as well as her best friends Tansey and Quinnie. She hadn't even gotten to watch the under-twelve beauty pageant back home in South Lincoln, and she was sure Tansey was going to win this year, like Quinnie had won the year before. Why had she ever agreed to this stupid student exchange program? She just wanted to go home!

Sure, the island of Mt. Mentempuer was beautiful and the people were very nice and there were lot's of interesting and fun things to do. The oceans and streams were amazing for swimming and there was a volcano to see! But everything was so different and there weren't that many girls her age around. And some of the kids, actually most of them, were pretty spacey half of the time. It was hard to make friends with them when they kept disappearing for a day or two at a time. And when they reappeared it took them forever to even remember who Bambi was, like they were coming out of some sort of mental fog. Put that together with the fact that all of the children in this part of Sunset City were home schooled and it was just about impossible to make any real friends.

At least Bambi had made friends with another eleven-year-old, Ginger Lother, who lived across the street. Ginger had been fun to hang out with the first couple of weeks Bambi was there - although for the last few days she too had gotten kind of spacey and she kept disappearing for long stretches in the middle of the day. Fortunately, she seemed to remember Bambi when she came home and they had fun. But when Bambi asked her about where she went she just mumbled something like "I love Greenstone, Greenstone makes me happy," whatever that meant. It was so weird.

Bambi had also taken a shine to a pretty little six year old named Gurdie Clater, who liked to follow her around during the evenings. Gurdie was so sweet and cute, with her big island eyes and round face. But Gurdie also disappeared from time to time and when she came back from these unexplained absences she was usually exhausted and spacey for a few hours. Otherwise she was fun and was full of a thousand questions about America and South Lincoln and what it was like to live there.

But every evening, Bambi once again fell into the deep doldrums of homesickness and often cried herself to sleep. She couldn't believe she had three and a half more months to go before she could go home to her familiar surroundings. And this evening was no different. Distraught, Bambi decided to seek some solace from Mrs Dutley, her host mother - who did a great job being sympathetic - but just wasn't quite as good as her mother. Bambi had to give Mrs Dutley a lot of credit for helping her when she unexpectedly got her very first period! That had been terrifying and her host-mother had been ever so kind and helpful.

Leaving her room Bambi walked down the hall, but stopped when she heard low voices coming from the kitchen - Mr. and Mrs. Dutley talking to one another.

"Yes, I know she'd be happier if you took her to Greenstone," Mr. Dutley said. "But you know we can't do that! She's not an island girl - she lives in America. No Greenstone for her."

"But she so unhappy," Mrs. Dutley replied. "I not know what else do to help her, poor thing, poor thing. I just want poor girl be happy. Don't you?"

"It's impossible, dearest," Mr. Dutley continued. "Imagine how you might have felt, back in the old day when you were a Greengirl. Imagine being taken away from Greenstone and sent off to another land. Once you're a Greengirl you know true joy and you'd be devastated to lose that. We would never be able send the child back to America if she became a Greengirl. That would cause terrible grief and we might never get our Sabina back! Its past time for Sabina to become a Greengirl herself! We've put it off as long as we can. No, dearest, there's nothing we can do to help. Just give her what solace you can and she'll be fine."

Bambi couldn't imagine what her host parents were talking about, but it sounded serious. And she couldn't understand why they would withhold something from her if it would really make her that happy. She backed away from the kitchen and went back to her room, throwing herself on her bed for a good long cry.


The next day Bambi perked up when she remembered she was going to get to Skype with her parents in the late evening. It would be very early morning for her parents in America, but they didn't mind getting up early to talk to their only daughter. Sometimes even Sabina, sleepy and grumpy, got up to say hi too. Sabina usually enjoyed Skype with her own parents a couple of hours later, after Bambi was already in bed.

When the time for the Skype call came Bambi eagerly set up her laptop and sent a connection request. She was surprised when it was Sabina, looking alert and happy and excited on the other end. Bambi always felt a small stab of envy when she saw Sabina's beautiful face. Sabina had her mother's fantastic native islander eyes and dark complexion, combined with her European father's jet black hair and full lips. Sabina was so striking and Bambi was sure that her exotic looks were a big hit with the young boys back in South Lincoln. This idea did not help with her own misery.

Oddly enough, Sabina felt rather the same way about Bambi - whose classic American blonde surfer girl looks were bound to come across as exotic on the island, at least if she stayed away from the tourist areas. And worse, Bambi was a year older and clearly more developed than Sabina - despite the fact that both girl's had entered into womanhood on practically the same day. With her blonde pixie haircut, Bambi seemed terribly sophisticated to the sheltered island girl. Bambi was tall and thin, with nice curves and very obvious small breasts. Sabina couldn't help but imagine all the island boys ogling Bambi in a bikini. Of course Sabina didn't know Bambi well enough to know that the older girl was much too self conscious and shy to be seen in a bikini, even if she would be a knockout.

But tonight Sabina was too excited to let any of that bother her.

"Bambi, Bambi, you never guess, you never guess what happen!" Sabina gushed from the screen.

"I don't know, what?" Bambi answered.

"I won! I won! Can you believe?" Sabina's smile was huge and her excitement bubbled out of the screen.

"You won what?" Bambi asked, confused.

"Beauty ah, thing, oh! How you say? Beauty pageant! South Lincoln Under Twelve, me, queen now! Win!"

"Oh my god, Sabina, you won? That's amazing. Oh wow! What about Tansey - how did she do?" Bambi asked.

Sabina smiled at the mention of Tansey. "Tansey get second place, but only after naughty little Bree girl get thrown out. But Tansey mama not so nice. Mama say mean things, have to be taken away - hit poor mister Shorty and stomp on nice lady. People laugh but I don't think very funny. Little girl named Bree very naughty - try to keep pretty doggy all to self. But Sabina is now queen! Very happy! Tansey be queen when Sabina go to home in island. Tansey happy too! All good, except for wanting big doggy come visit."

"Wow, that's so great Sabina. But it sounds kind of crazy. I want to hear all about it. But, uhh, right now, is my mom there? I really need to talk to her."

"Wait, wait, Bambi, something to show you! Is important. New video. Help me win beauty pageant. Make pageant very fun, not so scary. You watch, okay? I send you link. You watch?"

Sabina was very insistent and Bambi just wanted to see her mother's smiling face, so she promised to watch the video, whose link had just popped up in the corner of her screen. Sabina signed off and Bambi's mother finally appeared. They talked for an hour or more, and Bambi felt much better afterwards - but she still longed to go home. Even her long story of getting to go see the island's amazing active volcano and learn all about the volcano gods didn't dampen her terrible homesickness for very long. When it was already well past her bed time, Bambi signed off from the Skype session and crawled into bed. Mrs Dutley came and sweetly tucked her in and assured her everything would be just fine.

Not surprisingly, Bambi couldn't sleep. After an hour of tossing and turning, thinking of all her friends and school and favorite haunts back home, she finally gave up and decided to get up. She flipped back on her laptop and there was the link from Sabina. She'd completely forgotten it. She clicked on it and instantly she was totally absorbed in the strange patterns of snow and whirling chaos on her screen. There was a story there, a scary compelling story with small men and horses and pink clouds that tasted like cherry soda and ...

An hour later, seeing the glowing light under Bambi's door, Mrs Dutley came in to check on her young charge. She found the child in front of her laptop, mesmerized and seemingly oblivious to the world around her. Even more disturbing was the fact that the little girl was masturbating with abandon, and the little groans of lust and pleasure she made as she grunted were evidence that she'd figured out reasonably well how to do it!

Mrs Dutley stared at the screen, but the looping video just looked like snow to her - and it had no affect on her whatsoever. Deeply concerned for little Bambi, she closed the laptop and Bambi finally seemed to snap out of her trance. It was strange that it didn't seem to bother her to be caught pleasuring herself in front of her host-mother. Bambi allowed herself to be put back into bed and tucked in and she fell asleep almost at once, where she had vivid and exciting dreams.


For the first time in weeks, Bambi didn't wake to thoughts of how much she wished she was waking up at home. Instead, she had a strange and somewhat disturbing excitement and a deep desire to share the new video with someone else. But first she wanted to watch it again! And while she did, wouldn't it be nice to push her fingers down inside her panties and find that perfect little button that... Ohhhh yes!

Bambi was in luck after breakfast. Ginger and Gurdie were both home. She practically dragged them to the Dutley's and back into her room to show them the video. But when she did, nothing happened. They both stared, confused, for a couple of minutes, but the video did nothing for them and they couldn't understand why Bambi was so enthralled by it. They also didn't understand why she insisted on playing with herself while she stared at it. Horrified by Bambi's nasty behavior and worried for her too, Ginger turned the strange video off.

It was a lovely warm day, and Ginger wanted to distract her friend from her strange new obsession, so she invited Bambi to go to one of the swimming holes that only the island kids knew about. One look at Gurdie and Ginger knew she had to invite the younger girl too. Bambi seemed reluctant to leave her laptop, but eventually she agreed and half an hour later the three girls headed off for the two mile walk to the special swimming hole. Gurdie held Bambi's hand and Ginger carried a basket of food for later. They all tucked towels under their arms and wore the big straw hats that many people wore to keep the strong tropical sun off their heads and shoulders. All three children were barefoot.

Bambi was strangely animated as the trio walked down a quite lane. She kept asking Ginger if Ginger thought there'd be any men at the swimming hole today. Men, not boys. She must have asked a dozen times. It was a strange question - and so unlike the usually very shy and reserved American girl. Ginger's worry for her new friend didn't get any better. Worse, Bambi asked Ginger about Greenstone again, which triggered confusion in Ginger and made her forget what they were doing for a moment. When Bambi asked if there were any men at Greenstone, Ginger nearly tripped over her own feet and she experienced a strong, confusing rush of desire that centered between her legs. Without conscious thought, Ginger muttered one of her usual mantras "I love Greenstone, Greenstone makes me happy. The Greenstone makes me serve. I love serving." Within a few seconds later Ginger had forgotten that Bambi even asked her a question and Bambi didn't seem to care any more. Bambi had gone back to asking Gurdie if there would be any men at the swimming hole. Ginger did soon remember that she was worried about her friend and her friend's strange behavior.

Things didn't get better at the swimming hole. There were about ten people there when they arrived - half of them older boys, well into their teens. Bambi's deep green eyes flared when she saw the young men. They had muscular tanned bodies and wore nothing but swimming trunks. The boys roughhoused by the river and used the rope swing to sail out and drop splashing into the cool water. Bambi bit her lip and grabbed Gingers arm with excitement. "Look, Ginger, oh, aren't they so handsome. Do you think they'll like me?"

Ginger looked at her friend with astonishment. The only other times they'd been around boys, Bambi had practically hidden behind Ginger and couldn't utter a word. And then it was Ginger's turn to have her eyes flare in surprise as Bambi dropped her towel to the ground and pulled off her sundress. All of the girls wore their bathing suits under their sundresses and Ginger fully expected to see Bambi's usual one-piece suit that covered more of her than it showed. So she was floored to see her friend in the skimpiest of bikinis. She realized at once that it was one of Sabina's bikinis, but Sabina was several inches shorter than Bambi, and nowhere near as developed. The tiny strip of fabric that served as the top of the all-blue bikini left no doubt that Bambi had developed lovely breasts - in fact it barely covered half of the small orbs. And the bottoms were tight on Bambi, too tight, and did little more than accentuate the nice curve of her round ass. The cleft of her of her young pussy was clearly molded in the stretchy cloth and worse, the blue fabric immediately gave away the fact that Bambi was aroused and wet. Ginger gaped at her friend and wondered what in the world had come over her.

Bambi might only be eleven years old, but she was suddenly a very sexy eleven-year-old and the teen boys at the swimming hole took notice of her at once. She blushed and then grinned delightedly when several of the boys stared at her openly and one of them even whistled. Abashed at her friends forward behavior, Ginger grabbed her by the hand and pulled her towards the end of the swimming hole, far from the cliff and the rope swing and out of site of the others. "Bambi! What are you doing? I can't believe you wore that." Ginger hissed.

"What?" Bambi said, with convincing confusion. "It's just one of Sabina's. She won't mind. Will she?"

"Of course she won't mind! But, but, you're practically naked! Nice girls don't wear stuff like that!" Indeed, Ginger's bikini was much, much less risqué than the one Bambi was sporting. And Gurdie's swimsuit was a very proper one-piece. The two girls might as well have been wearing parkas and snow pants by comparison to Bambi. "Gosh, my mom would have a fit if she saw me in a suit that revealing. And I don't even have any breasts to show off yet. Let's just stay way down here and maybe nobody else will notice, okay?"

"Uhh, okay, I guess," Bambi said. "But the guys are all up there. I mean, gosh, don't you want to go be close to them. Maybe see if one of them would like to kiss you or something?"

"Oh! Bambi! You wouldn't do that! Would you?" This time it was little Gurdie, who'd been too shocked to speak up until now.

"She absolutely will not!" stated Ginger, like someone's mother. She and Gurdie had both been raised in very strict and proper households and the thought of an eleven-year-old girl kissing a teenage boy was almost beyond their comprehension. "We are staying down here, on our end of the swimming hole and there will be no, I repeat, no boys! Gurdie, I don't know what's gotten into her, but you have to help me keep her away from those boys. Okay?"

"Sure Ginger," the little girl answered.

"But Ginger..." Bambi whined.

"No buts! Humph! Stay down here or I'll take you straight home."

"Okay," Bambi grumbled and frowned at her friend. "I guess we can just swim. It is kinda hot today, isn't it."

For the next half an hour the three girls actually had a great time swimming, talking and playing. But eventually, Ginger felt the call of nature, which required a five minute walk back up the path - unless you wanted to just hide behind a tree somewhere. Ginger was far too proper for that, so a five minute walk it was. She left Gurdie and Bambi sunning on the bank with an admonition not to go anywhere without her and she hurried up the path. And of course, when she returned, Gurdie was sound asleep on her towel and Bambi was nowhere to be seen.

Ginger panicked and ran towards the upper end of the swimming hole where the boys had been hanging out. There were still a few kids there, but all the older boys were gone. Gurdie chased after her and bumped into the back of her when Ginger stopped suddenly.

"Gosh, Ginger, I'm sorry! I fell asleep."

"It's okay, but we have to find her. She was acting so weird. I don't know, but, I'm really scared for her. Come on, let's spread out and find her. You go that way." The two girls took off - Ginger up the stream and Gurdie up another path that led through the dense vegetation.

Ginger asked everyone she could find if they'd seen Bambi, but none of them remembered her. She was half way up the far side of the pool when she heard a terrified scream. She knew the scream was Gurdie and she dashed back to follow the sound, which was suddenly cut off. Not knowing what else to do, Ginger ran up the path that Gurdie had taken a few moments earlier. She ran about a hundred yards into the thick vegetation before she stopped. It was hopeless. There were miles of tropical forest. Bambi and Gurdie could be anywhere! Ginger thought she was going to start crying any moment.

But then Ginger heard a noise, a rustling, from off the path. She backtracked a few yards and saw that there was a side path, barely noticeable, heading away from the main trail. With no better lead she took the side path and quickly crested a small rise, then came around a corner into a an opening that was hidden from the view of the main path. She stopped dead in her tracks and tried very hard not to scream.

There were five teenaged boys in a circle around Bambi, who was down on her knees. A sixth boy was holding little Gurdie off to one side. He wasn't hurting her, he was just holding her and holding his hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming again. For Ginger, the horror of the scene was what her little friend Bambi was doing. Bambi had her mouth firmly wrapped around the cock of one of the young men and she was bobbing her head forward and back as she sucked on it with great fervor. Her bikini top had been pulled up above her small breasts, which were shiny with something wet. One of her hands was on the boys cock, stroking the parts she couldn't get into her mouth and the other hand was down in her bikini bottoms, obviously fingering her little pussy with rapid, frantic motions. As Bambi bobbed her head forward and back her short blonde hair bounced in way that was almost hypnotic. Ginger gaped and couldn't tear her eyes away.

Ginger couldn't remember ever seeing a cock before and she couldn't stop staring in horror at the one Bambi was sucking on with suck glee. Even as she watched, Bambi started to bounce up and down on her knees and moan loudly, and then the boy grabbed her by the hair and pulled his dick out of her mouth. A stream of thick gooey stuff shot out of the end of his cock. Five or six long ropes of the nasty substance arced out and landed on Bambi's face and in her open mouth. They were long enough to go down her neck and onto her chest and suddenly Ginger understood why Bambi's breasts had glistened in the sunlight.

"Oh, oh, yes, yes, more, please, more!" Bambi was begging the boys to defile her. Even as Ginger watched, stunned, another boy circled into place in front of Bambi and she reached greedily for his already tumescent rod. She gobbled it down, then pulled it from her mouth and licked the underside all the way down to the boys tight young balls, over and over, until she popped the cock back into her mouth.

There was no telling how many of the boys had already defiled the eleven-year-old. Perhaps all of them had and they were starting a second round. Ginger was horrified beyond anything she could imagine but finally she'd seen enough and she threw off her terror. She had to help her friend! This wasn't right. Good girls did NOT do things like this.

"Tobey Eagen you stop that this instant!!" Ginger screamed in a voice her mother would have been proud of. She hadn't even realized she recognized the sixteen-year-old boy with his cock tickling Bambi's tonsils until she'd screamed his name. "I'm going to tell your mother what you've been doing you no good nasty boy! You too Teno Begaye. Let Gurdie go and get the heck out of here. ALL OF YOU! LEAVE HER ALONE!"

Six teenaged boys scattered like cockroaches. Ginger Lother was damn scary!

"Nooooo!" Bambi wailed. "Come back, come back. Please!" She turned to Ginger with a petulant pout on her face, but she couldn't really pull off the angry look when her face and hair and chest were plastered with warm, oozing cum.


"So then I chased the boys away," Ginger said, looking down at her feet so that she wouldn't have to look Mrs. Dutley in the eye. "It was terrible. Poor Gurdie shouldn't have to see something like that, she's just a little girl."

"Oh poor baby," Mrs Dutley said to Ginger and enveloped her in a warm hug. "Neither a you should see bad thing like that. I so sorry. And I so glad you tell me whole story. She in there watching silly video - again - I barely able get her take shower, clean up. Very dirty, sticky girl. Very bad stuff. I talk Mr. Dutley. He help fix all, you see. You good girl Ginger. Sometime I think maybe I should not recruit you Greenstone. Nice girl."

"I love Greenstone," Ginger said, looking up at Mrs. Dutley for the first time, then looking away, confused. Telling Mrs Dutley about the terrible things Bambi had done had been just awful. Ginger could barely make herself say some of those words, like cock and cum. But the mention of Greenstone had washed it all away and left her happy. "Greenstone makes me sexy," she said automatically. "I love being sexy. Greenstone makes me happy."

"I know, sweet girl. You go now, go home, good rest, work hard tomorrow." Mrs. Dutley said and then showed Ginger to the door to send her across the street to her own house. Mrs. Dutley knew the work schedule at Greenstone quite well - she set it after all. So she knew she'd be seeing Ginger the next day.


"It's that damned video," Mr. Dutley explained to his wife. "It's cropping up all over America and now it's in Europe too, spreading like wildfire. The reports on it are sketchy and hard to believe, like they were written by crazies. But I don't think anyone can resist it. Except that it doesn't affect us, and you said nothing happened to Ginger or Gurdie. It has to be The Stones."

"But what we do? Girl is crazy now. Say she want go find boys again, many boys. Not even know name of cock, but want go suck like crazy. Poor thing! How we fix?" Mrs. Dutley was beside herself. She was very fond of the American child and wanted to take care of her like she hoped someone would take care of her precious Sabina.

"Oh, dearest, I'm so sorry. But everything I've read about the video makes me think there's not much we can do. If she doesn't get what she's craving, she might go insane. And you saw how she looks now. Any man who's around her is going to find her very attractive." Mr. Dutley paused, pensive, and stroked his scraggly greying black beard. "No, I don't think there's anything for it. We'll have to take her to the boss - see what she thinks. She'll be at the scuba shop in the morning. We'll go then. You come with me and then you can head to Bluestone. I'll keep the girl with me at the shop if I have to."

"Oh yes, very good plan, boss lady know what to do. Very nice lady. Husband no good, but boss lady very smart!"

The next morning they woke Bambi up early and they refused to let her watch the video again until she was showered and dressed and was ready to go for the day. They all headed out in the early morning light, stopping to pick up Gurdie from a house down the street.

"Why is Gurdie coming with us?" Bambi asked as they stopped in front of Gurdie's house.

"Little girl go work. Long walk. Better not to walk alone - many dangers." Mrs. Dutley told Bambi.

"Work? But she's only six. What does she do?"

"She work Redstone today. I take, no problems. Here she come."

Gurdie beamed when she saw Bambi and ran out to give her a hug, then happily walked hand in had with her older friend, They made the long trek across Sunset City to the tourist district and all the way down to the docks where Mr. Dutley worked in the scuba shop. Gurdie chattered all the way, full of questions, but nobody minded.

"Wait here while I talk to the boss for a few minutes," Mr. Dutley said and disappeared into the shop. He returned a few minutes later with a slightly older woman who looked Bambi up and down appraisingly.

"Too bad," the woman said, "she'd have made a fine Greengirl. But we can't have that if she's going back to America. Besides - I strongly suspect she'd be immune to The Stones - just like we're all immune to the video. I've been afraid something like this would happen ever since that damned video started popping up. It hasn't spread here because it doesn't affect anyone The Stones have ever controlled, but I've been monitoring it just in case."

"But what we do, boss lady? She out of control. Want be bad girl - many boys on island to do bad things with." Mrs. Dutley put her arm protectively around Bambi.

Bambi was finding this entire conversation very confusing. But then she wasn't really paying that much attention because a good looking, tall young tourist had come out of a nearby coffee shop with his morning latte and paused to look her over. He obviously liked what he saw. Bambi wanted ever so much to go and ask him what his name was and what he was doing and wouldn't he like to duck in the alley and kiss her. A lot. Fortunately, Mrs. Dutley had spotted the young man too, and her grip was firm.

"You're on duty as manager today aren't you?" the boss lady asked. When Mrs Dutley nodded she continued. "Well, I can see you aren't going to be able to keep her from what she wants. And from what I've read she'd go crazy if you succeeded anyway. There's nothing for it. Take her to Greenstone and put her to work. We've been closed for three days for the volcano festival, so there's going to be a lot of business today. At least that way you can monitor her and keep her from getting into any real trouble. Tell the other girls to keep an eye out for her in case she gets in over her head. I'll be in this afternoon - I've got a diving group this morning. And keep my husband away from her!"


The Bluestone Bar and Grill was practically a legend in Sunset City, but it was Bambi's first time to go there - despite the fact that Mrs. Dutley was one of the three managers. She couldn't know that Mrs. Dutley had actually been keeping her away, afraid that she might run into one of the kids that she knew as they came and went from Greenstone or Redstone. But that problem had gone out the window and now it was Mrs. Dutley escorting the preteen into the famous restaurant.

"Gurdie - you go work now, no be late," Mrs Dutley said to Gurdie Clater as soon as they were inside.

Gurdie dropped Bambi's hand and looked up with a vacant expression, then said "Yes Mistress," and headed around a corner that took her out of sight at once.

"Where's Gurdie going?" Bambi said. The fast and odd departure of her little friend made her feel uneasy. Her unease wasn't helped by the strange feelings she had as she noticed the half a dozen or more single men scattered about the big restaurant eating breakfast and sipping coffee. They all seemed to be waiting for something. Even as she looked about several more men came in and were shown to tables by the buxom young hostess.

"Gurdie go Redstone, no worry," Mrs. Dutley said. "Redstone, Greenstone, open soon, half hour, must have tables ready."

This answer in no way helped ease Bambi's restlessness or confusion.

"Come. We go Greenstone. Maybe you be happy, maybe not. Don't be frightened." Mrs. Dutley took Bambi by the hand and led her around the corner and through a door marked “Emergency Exit – Alarm Will Sound.” But nothing happened when they pushed through the door, then spiraled down a staircase to a lower floor. They came to a hostess counter, just like the one upstairs, although the decor was decidedly different. "Okay Bambi, this Greenstone. You no be shocked, please. Maybe see strange thing - not scared. You understand?"

Bambi was already seeing something strange and her eyes flared in surprise. There was a young girl, a bit younger than herself, standing behind the podium with a big smile on her face. She was wearing a very skimpy tiger-print bikini that showed off her lovely native-style body. She even had small breasts, nearly as big as Bambi's, that nicely filled the top of her risqué suit. Her face was covered with painted tiger stripes and her long brown hair had been died so that there were orange stripes alternating with the natural brown. A pair of tiger ears jutted out from her head in a way that could only be called provocative. She even had long cat-whiskers that seemed to actually grow from above her lips and her nose was perfectly painted to look feline. As the girl turned Bambi saw that she even had a striped tiger tail coming out of the back of her bikini and if she wasn't mistaken it looked like the tail .... Bambi was too shocked to speak.

"Good morning Mistress," the hostess child said in a tinkling sing-song voice. "Greenstone won't be open for another half an hour, but I can take your reservation if you'd like." Then the girl seemed to notice who it was she was talking to and she blanched. "Oh, pardon me Mistress! How can I help you?"

"Is okay, Betina." Mrs. Butley said to the tiger-girl. "This is Bambi. She's going to work here today, so she needs a table. Do we have an open table?"

"No Mistress, but we could send Joey back downstairs today. He only moved up last week. They don't mind doubling up down at Redstone."

"Good, good, Betina. Smart girl. I glad I recruit you. How long you work now, five years, six?" Betina didn't answer Mrs. Dutley, she just got a confused look on her pretty face. But she perked up when given another task to perform. "You go now, settle Joey. I take Bambi costumes, meet others."

"Yes Mistress," Betina sang out at once and quickly disappeared through the door behind her podium. Mrs. Dutley and Bambi followed in her wake, stepping into a large room with booths and tables much like the restaurant upstairs.

About half of the tables were already occupied, each by a single young person, all of them clearly underage and all of them dressed in outrageous costumes. About four out of five were girls. Bambi couldn't help staring as she followed Mrs. Dutley across the large room towards the back. She saw a cowboy, a nurse, a couple of cheerleaders, a couple of bunnies - one boy and one girl, an Alice in Wonderland and a leopard-girl with a tail much like Betina's. There were a couple of girls in grass skirts, with silly coconut shell bikinis and two boys, both about ten, wearing dress suits. There was even a boy at one of the tables dressed like a catholic schoolgirl - and it was very obvious he didn't have anything on under his short pleated skirt. Bambi's mind was reeling at the strangeness she passed.

They passed into a room marked "Restroom - Staff Only" and the circus of the main room was left behind. A pretty girl with a nice tan and the round good looks of an islander looked up in surprise. She was just zipping herself into a slutty, black and white french maid costume. She already had the little lace headpiece pinned into her long beautiful hair and her white silk stockings and black high-heel pumps made her legs look so sexy and long. The skirt of her dress was so short she might as well not have been wearing anything and the bodice tied tightly under her small, but well-developed breasts. "Oh, Mistress, what can I do for you?" the girl squeaked.

"Hello Cana, dearie. This girl here Bambi. She work Greenstone today. But she need help. You help - make comfortable. Bambi new, not know how Greenstone work. You watch out for. Okay?"

"Oh, of course Mistress!" The pretty girl shivered with delight. "Is there anything else I can do for you today? Anything at all?"

"Just take care Bambi. I go make sure you two have tables next each other. Make sure Betina do assignments right." Mrs. Dutley turned to Bambi and leaned down to look into her confused eyes. "You work Greenstone today - do what Cana say - you understand?" Bambi shook her head and her eyes were just about tear over. "No, no, sweet child. No be scared. Cana take good care. You get what you want. Many boys, many men, come to Greenstone. You be like Greengirls today. Cana show you how."

"Men?" Bambi asked, and some of her fear and confusion melted away.

"Many men," Mrs. Dutley answered. "You do what Cana say. She help. Many men. You okay?"

"I, I guess?" Bambi said.

"Good. I go work now. I come back check later. You be good girl, be like Greengirls. I think you like. But you remember one thing, very important. Must say 'yes Master' and 'yes Mistress.' Always say, Master and Mistress, very important. You understand?"

"Uhh, yes?" Bambi answered.

"Yes what!"

Bambi's eyes widened and she started, but then she said "Yes, Mistress?"

Mrs Dutley smiled sweetly and give little Bambi a kiss on her forehead. "Smart girl. Do fine, listen Cana. I check later." And then she disappeared out the door.


Twenty five minutes later, barely in time for the doors to open, a still-bewildered Bambi slid into the booth behind her assigned table and Cana slid behind the next table over. Cana gave her a big, reassuring smile. But sitting out in the open, by herself, in her crazy costume was very scary. She still couldn't figure out what in the world was going on. Cana had helped her with the costume, which fit amazingly well but was hard to figure out how to put on. Cana had said nobody else had the right body - tall and thin but with lots of curves and good breasts to fill it out just right. It fit like a tight second skin, a shiny black velvet second skin, from her toes to her chin to her hands. Every inch of her was covered, but every inch was on display at the same time. Only her face was not covered by the velvety thin fabric. And the other thing was the strange placement of black metal buttons here and there on the tight costume, like the backs of her fists and the insides of her ankles.

There was still an empty table next to Bambi, on the other side from Cana. Bambi gasped and then smiled when Ginger sashayed up and slid into the vacant seat without glancing at her. Ginger was dressed like a glittering fairy, complete with gossamer green wings and her face sparkled with silver and gold glitter. She wore a tiny green sparkly skirt with a jagged hem cut to look like it was torn and a matching miniature tube top that barely covered her flat breasts. It was tight enough to show off her little nipples. She was gorgeous, in a super-slutty way. Ginger stared vacantly out over the rest of the room and didn't acknowledge Bambi until Bambi called her name, loudly. Bambi said, "Ginger, Ginger, it's me!" Ginger looked at her, but there was no sign of recognition in her eyes and Bambi felt a cold chill. But her friend did smile at her before she said "I love Greenstone, Greenstone makes me horny. I love being horny."

Bambi heard a chime and then the lights in the room dimmed. She could still see her surroundings by the light of the little lamp on her table, but she could no longer make out much of the rest of the big room, nothing past two or three table away from her. At least she could still see the nice girl Cana and her oddly behaving friend Ginger.

People started filing in to Greenstone, mostly men, but there were a few women and even the occasional couple. Each was shown to a table where they quickly interacted with the Greengirl or Greenboy waiting for them. Two tables over from Bambi a older man sat with a girl of nine or ten. Bambi couldn't hear what they said, but soon the girl was kissing the man and climbing into his lap as he fondled her small body. Bambi wanted to jump up and run to the table, get the man to kiss her too! But she was afraid. It was all so strange and confusing. Biting her lip, she stayed at her table like she'd been told.

Then a man came to sit with Ginger. This time Bambi could clearly hear as Ginger said "Hello Master, what can I do for you?" When the man growled at her to get him a gin and tonic and a whip, Ginger jumped up and ran off at once. She was back in moments with a tall cold drink and she handed him a device with a handle and a bunch of leather straps that flapped about.

"Bend over the table, you nasty, naughty fairy!" the man growled.

Ginger complied with his demand at once and said, "Yes Master, like this Master?" Her short, ragged skirt flipped up over her back.

Bambi watched in horror, but also in fascination. The man took up the whip and slashed it across Ginger's bare little ass. Ginger grunted in pain, but she didn't move except to spread her legs a little wider, exposing her bare cunny to the man's gaze. He struck her again and she let out a gasp. "Are you a nasty, bad fair? Are you? Do you need to be punished?" the man growled.

"Yes Master, yes! Punish me Master!" Ginger cried out and then the man slashed across her bare ass again, and again. Her ass turned bright red and looked hot.

Bambi wanted to scream out for her friend, but she was too frightened. Then she heard a sound behind her and she whirled around to see that Cana had been joined at her table - but this time by a couple.

"Oh, isn't she just scrumptious John. She's so perfect," the woman said and she sidled up next to Cana on the booth, cupping Cana's chin in her hand.

"Martha, darling, you really don't have to do this," the man said in return.

"Oh but darling, I do, I want to, you have no idea," the woman said and she stared intently into Cana's pretty brown eyes.

"What may I do for you, Mistress, Master?" Cana asked sweetly, with a smile that was all innocence.

"What's your name, sweetheart?" the woman, Martha, asked.

"Cana, Mistress."

"Cana, I think you'd better start by giving my husband here a nice blow job. Can you do that Cana?"

"Of course Mistress!" Cana replied eagerly and at once she was kneeling between the man's knees, expertly opening his pants and extracting his limp dick. It wasn't limp for long as her perfect lips molded around it and brought it quickly to tumescence.

At another sound, Bambi whirled back around. Ginger was still face down over her table. But now the man was behind her, his pants down around his ankles as he fucked her fast and hard. He gripped her hips and slammed his long cock into her over and over, loudly grunting his pleasure. She looked so small and frail beneath his bulk. Bambi was torn between fear for her friend and an almost undeniable desire to take her place. "Oh fuck, yeah, fuck," the man cried out and he shoved his prick deep in the small girl's cunt, holding it there as he shook and threw his head back. "Oh god, yes, yes!" When he was finally done, he collapsed back to sit on the bench, breathing hard.

Ginger looked over her shoulder at the man. Her face was flushed and her minimal clothes were askew. Even her wings were crumpled. But she just said "Thank you Master. Is there anything else I can do for you Master."

"Clean me up, whore!" the nasty man said and immediately Ginger lowered herself from the table and knelt between the man's knees to clean his soiled, limp cock with her small mouth.

"Oh god, yes, yes, that's so good!" The voice of the man named John came from behind Bambi and she spun around again to watch as he gripped the booth and jerked his hips wildly. His wife's eyes were wide with lust and excitement and she held Cana's head with one hand, forcing her down on her husband's cock. "Oh fuck," the man yelled as he shot more and more of his cum into Cana's mouth.

Finally the woman let Cana up, but she immediately said "show me!" Cana dutifully opened her mouth and showed Martha that her mouth was filled to overflowing with the husband's cum. "Kiss me, now, hurry," the woman said with excitement. Cana threw herself into the woman's arms and they kissed with passion, sharing the thick warm liquid from Cana's mouth.

None of this made any sense to Bambi, but all of it excited her more than she could ever have imagined. She awkwardly rubbed at her little pussy through the thin fabric of her black costume, frustrated that she couldn't properly use her fingers to stroke between her puffy outer cunt lips. She was hanging over the back of her booth, fascinated by the scene of Cana and the woman necking, with the woman's up under Cana's short dress when she heard a deep voice from behind her.

"I haven't seen that outfit for a long time. Are you new here little one?"

Bambi squeaked with surprise and jumped, then turn around on her seat to find a handsome man in his early fifties seated across the table from her. She was suddenly terrified and her face showed it.

"Well, little one, are you going to answer me?" the man said with a bit of annoyance.

"Uh, uh, yes, yes Master?" Bambi managed to stammer out. But she wanted to run far far away. She also wanted to jump on the handsome man and get him to do all kinds of things to her. Maybe he would be put across the table like Ginger. Or maybe she should scream and flee.

"Stand up and let me look at you. I always did love that costume," the man said. With Bambi standing next to the table he looked her fine body over and indicated that she should turn around to show him every side of her. She'd never known a man to look at her like he was - so intently and openly, like he was sizing her up before eating her. It was terrifying, but it made every inch of her young body tingle with anticipation. "What's your name girl?"

"OH! Bambi. I mean, ah, Bambi Master!" Bambi choked out.

"Bambi? Oh that's rich! Ha." The man slid to the end of the booth, out from behind the table and said, "Okay, Bambi, let's see you suck my dick. Go on."

"Um, um, yes Master? Oh god!" Bambi wasn't sure what to do. Yesterday the boys had just shoved their rigid cocks at her face, but this man was just sitting there, waiting for her. She'd seen Cana do this! Yes, she could just do what Cana did. She got down on her knees between the man's legs and reached out to open his trousers like Cana had. But she couldn't! Bambi's costume was designed so that her hands would only fit into the closed ends of the tight sleeves if she clenched them into little fists. She had nothing to grip with and no matter how much she fumbled, trying to pinch the end of his belt between her tight fists, she couldn't do it. She bit her lip in frustration, knowing that she could be sucking on his cock if she could only get his pants open, knowing that it would finally ease this terrible awful longing she had. But she just couldn't do it! Why didn't he help her?

The man burst out laughing and Bambi looked up in surprise. "I told you I loved that costume! Ha ha ha. Stop pawing at me and get on your feet, Bambi."

"Yes Master," Bambi said and quickly rose to her feet. The word 'Master' was coming more automatically as her mind reeled from the combination of emotions surging through her. Her video-fueled desires were nearly overwhelming her young brain, but at the same time she was confused and she was beginning to figure out that her costume made her extremely vulnerable. It was terrifying.

The man took Bambi by the arm and he pulled her into his lap, facing away from him. He was a big man, tall and broad shouldered and Bambi felt very little and helpless as he wrapped an arm around her to pull her tight to his chest where he could whisper into her ear. "Do you want me to fuck you, Bambi?"

Bambi gasped. She wasn't quite sure what fucking was, but she was very sure that it would be good and that it was what she wanted so very much. But the unknown was still scary. "Oh, oh, uh, yes Master? Yes, please?" she managed to answer him in a very frightened little-girl voice. She quivered in the man's hold.

"Jesus," the man whispered into Bambi's ear. His breathing got heavier. His hands started to rove over her small body and Bambi instantly arched her back into him and gasped. Even though he was touching only her velvety costume and not her naked skin, the pressure of his hands, the swirling, kneading, and pinching was unbelievable. Bambi's skin crawled and tingled and her need for sex exploded. The man explored one small breast, then the other. Bambi squirmed in his grip and let out a frightened moan of pleasure. Then he was rubbing her between her legs and OH it was so much better when it was someone else touching you there, even through the cloth! "Hold still," the man demanded, but Bambi couldn't stop from squirming in his arms, grinding her shoulders into his broad chest and gripping his large hand between her thighs as she was overwhelmed by the new sensations of his touch. Her desires roared.

The rest of Greenstone and the world faded away from Bambi's perceptions. She had no idea what was happening with Ginger or Cana or any of the other children in the large room. All she could experience in that moment was the man holding and touching her and driving her insane. She needed something so much! But she still wasn't sure what 'it' was, only that the man was the who could give 'it' to her.

"My god, you are a little firecracker, aren't you Bambi?" the man said a few moments later. He stopped rubbing his hands across her body and just held her around the waist, much to her dismay. Bambi could feel his heart beating very fast, but it soon slowed. After several moments of silence he said, "Do you know what these little buttons are for Bambi?"

"Um, no Master?"

"Do you want me to show you, Bambi?"

Fear lanced through Bambi. What were the buttons for? She had no idea. But she felt the man's excitement grow again as he waited for her answer. "Oh, I, yes, yes Master? Please show me?"

Bambi felt the man take her right wrist and bend her arm at the elbow, pulling her hand up to her neck. She knew there were two buttons on the back of her tightly clenched fist, just above the wrist, and she felt him working with them. She didn't know that there were tight button holes, nearly indivisible, along the side of the high collar of her costume. But a few seconds later her fist was buttoned to her collar, forcing her wrist to bend severely, forcing her shoulder back and forcing her bent arm out to the side of her body. Bambi tried to see her arm, but it was already difficult to turn her head to the right. She could barely move her right arm at all and even as she tried to understand what was happening the man was buttoning her left fist to the other side of her neck.

A wave of panic streaked through Bambi as she realized how much more helpless and vulnerable she'd just become. She struggled to move her arms, but they were held fast. No matter how hard she pulled or tried to twist, her fists were firmly bound to the sides of her neck. "Oh, oh, Master, please, I don't... Master?" Thoughts of the other buttons on her costume, and what the man might do with them, swam terrifyingly through Bambi's rattled brain.

The man held Bambi around the waist as she struggled to free her arms. His hands roamed over her small body again. He tweaked her little nipples through the thin fabric and she squeaked like a toy. He rubbed her pussy again and she moaned loudly. "Do you like it when I touch you? Do you? His excitement was rising, his hands were everywhere.

"Yes Master, yes!" Bambi was in turmoil - panic and lust fighting in her mind. Her new bondage was terrifying, but his touch felt so good.

"Do you wish I could touch your skin, little slut?"

"Yes, yes Master! Please. But my arms - I'm, I'm scared Master." Bambi sounded younger and younger.

There was a tearing sound. The man ripped away a small circle of fabric just over Bambi's left breast. Another rip and her right breast was bared as well. The costume was designed for this very purpose. Bambi's small milky white breasts jutted out through the holes and the remaining black fabric fit tightly around them, lifting and accentuating their form. Bambi strained to look down at the two white mounds in the expanse of black velvet. Her arm bondage forced her shoulders back and her chest out, adding to the display.

"Do you like showing off your little tits, slut? Do you see all the people watching. Do you like showing them what a little slut you are?"

Bambi looked up to discover that indeed there were now several people gathered round, watching her intently. Ginger's client stood nearby, as did Cana's couple and three more men. Amongst them were several Greengirls. She recognized Ginger on her knees, sucking the dick of one of the onlookers and a girl she didn't know knelt on a chair, leaning over the back so that another onlooker could fuck her from behind. Finally she realized that Cana was on her knees, mostly hidden behind the couple. Cana's head was under the skirt of the wife, who stood with her legs spread wide. Bambi couldn't imagine what Cana was doing under there, although the woman certainly seemed to be enjoying it.

"Answer me! Do you like being on display?" the man growled.

"Oh god, please, Master, no, yes, no, I don't know! Ohhhhh!" The man kneaded her bare flesh and tweaked her naked nipples. Bambi writhed in his arms. Feeling the stares of her audience she turned bright red with embarrassment. At the same time the man rubbed her pussy through the fabric and drove her wild. "Ohhh!" Bambi moaned, unable to control her quivering excitement as she squirmed in his lap and fought against the buttons binding her arms.

"Do you want me to fuck you, little slut? Do you?"

"Yes, yes, please Master. Please Master!" Bambi's little girl voice pleaded with the man. "Oh god, please fuck me, please!"

Bambi heard another tearing sound as she arched her back into the man's chest. She managed to look down to see that he had removed the tear-away portion of her costume that covered her sex. She gasped, realizing that all the people were staring into her naked little pussy! The edges of the tight fabric immediately molded around her puffy mounds, trapping the milky white skin in a black embrace. In front of all those people the man was touched her there, spreading her open. But it felt so good! She was so wet and she needed something so very badly. She needed it now! The man's fingers teased the folds of her immature cunt without mercy. Was this what he meant by fucking? She nearly screamed when he expertly flicked her small clitoris again and again. She knew that any moment she was going to go insane if she didn't get what she needed - even though she still didn't understand what it was. Bambi no longer cared that she had an audience. She cried out "Please Master! Please fuck me. Fuck me now! PLEASE!"

"Are you a horny little whore? Tell me you're a horny little whore. Tell all these people!"

"Yes, yes Master, I'm a horny little whore! Please Master, I'm a horny little whore!" Bambi had no idea what she was saying but with every passing second her need was growing and she would do anything the man said if only he would take away this awful, overwhelming desire.

The man stroked her little pussy and clit with one hand and teased her tiny nipples with the other. Bambi squirmed. It was infuriating to have no use of her hands. She knew the man had something she needed, something she wanted to search for, but she couldn't move! "Oh, oh, oh," Bambi moaned, "Oh god, Master, Master, what's happening? Oh god, please Master!" Bambi was at the precipice of a huge orgasm, the first of her young life. She could feel it just about to crash. But suddenly the man stopped! "Noooo!" she screamed. "Please! Master!"

The man rose and put Bambi on the table, face up. She squirmed with intense frustration, pleading and desperately trying to free her hands to attend to her screaming pussy. "Jesus Christ, what a horny little slut!" the man said. Then he pulled a massive cock out of his pants, pulled Bambi to the edge of the table and spread her thin legs wide open. "Is this what you want, horny slut? Is it?"

"Yes, yes Master! Yes, give it to me! Please Master!" Bambi didn't know exactly what he would do with the huge piece of meat, but she was starting to get an idea and her need for it was beyond her ability to resist. "Please fuck me Master!"

The huge cock stroked along Bambi's wet pussy, up and down, sliding along her outer lips and picking up her wetness. It rasped across her tiny clit. The amazing feeling started to grow again, building quickly to a fever and ready to crash over her body and mind. But suddenly he backed away, leaving her alone on the table.

"Nooooo!" Bambi screamed. "Please! I need it. Master, Master, I'll do anything! Please Master, please!" Bambi lay on the table, panting and struggling. Any moment her mind was going to melt down. Nothing had ever been so horrible. She was on fire with need. But her Master refused to take care of her.

The terrible, incredible feelings were just beginning to subside when the man returned. Again his huge rigid cock ran along the wet, swollen lips of her pussy, teasing her without compassion. And worse, he played with her little breasts and nipples, sending waves of electricity coursing through her young body. The awful feeling came back twofold, ready to take her away. But she knew it wasn't quite there. There was something he wasn't giving her, something she needed! She needed it now!

Again, he stepped away from her and she howled with disappointment. "Please, Master, please don't. Oh god, Master, I need it, I need it. Please fuck me!"

But the poor child wasn't to be satisfied. It was far too erotic and enjoyable to torture her young body and mind, denying her the pleasure she clearly needed. It was her terrible unfortunate that her very first Greenstone client was a sadist who'd quickly understood how much the little girl needed to be satisfied, even if he didn't know why. The man smiled broadly as he teased her again and again. More and more people, clients, Greengirls and Greenboys alike, had gathered to witness her loud torment. Soon the pretty child was reduced to whimpering pitifully, over and over again, "please Master, please fuck me. Fuck me please. Master, please."

"What going on here?!" came a loud female voice and Mrs. Dutley came wading through the crowd of onlookers. She took in the scene and understood at once what was happening. Anger flashed across her face. "How long this go on?" she demanded.

Ginger looked up from her position, down on her knees sucking the dick of yet another man. "A long time Mistress," she said. "Ever since we opened."

Mrs. Dutley was carrying a small stack of heavy, long plasticized menus from the Bluestone. She looked at the man, standing a couple feet back from Bambi's squirming form, with his rigid cock jutting out from his slacks and an evil grin on his face. "What wrong you? You bad man, mean to nice girls! Bad man!" Then she whacked the man over the head, hard, with the stack of menus. There was a satisfying crunch that reverberated through the large room.

"Ow! What the fuck? Ow!" the man screamed as he was pummeled a second and third time by the furious Bluestone manager. "Jesus, stop that! OW!"

"You bad man. Tease nice girl, make girl unhappy, make girl suffer. I make you suffer, bad man!" Mrs Dutley swung to hit the man yet again, but he was protecting his head with his upraised arms. So she kicked him in the shins, bringing a loud scream of pain. "You fuck girl now! Now, you bad man. Fuck girl now. I hit, I kick! Get fucking, bad man, fucking now! Girl need fuck, you fuck! Now!"

The terrified man jumped forward, grabbing little Bambi by the hips and pulling her hard against his body so that her legs wrapped around his ass. But in the intensity of Mrs. Dutley's attack his dick had gone limp. He panicked, sure that she would start hitting him again. As fast as he could he rubbed his limp dick through the little girl's wet pussy, praying for a quick revival of his erection.

"Oh god, oh god, Master. Please, please, now! Master, I can't wait!" little Bambi cried out, feeling that the man was finally going to give what she needed.

It was the plaintive little girl voice that did it for the man. Despite the nearby terror in the form of Mrs. Dutley, no man could have listened to that vulnerable, desperate, childish cry and stayed soft. His erection was back in seconds. He placed the head of his cock at her entrance and swirled it around to get it seated. Bambi arched her back on the table and struggled again with her arms. She cried out "Please, Master!"

Then man thrust his thick erection into Bambi's tiny slit and split her open. He tore through her thin membrane and brought a shriek of pain and delight to her lips. His strokes came hard and fast, pounding her down into the table. Even with the threat of Mrs. Dutley's menus, it was one of the best fucks he'd ever had - and he'd been coming to Greenstone once or twice a year for nearly two decades.

"Oh fuck, my god," the man said. Half of his long and fat cock disappeared into the impossibly tight cunt. He pushed against the end of her amazing sex tunnel with every hard stroke. "Damn, damn, damn, oh fuck!" He pounded into her over and over, oblivious to the crowd of people all around them. He no longer cared about the threat of the manager.

Bambi was in heaven! Finally, finally, finally! She finally knew what fucking was and it was glorious and it was fine and it was everything she needed and she didn't ever, ever, ever want it to end. Orgasmic bliss suffused every cubic centimeter of her little body. Her mind was going to explode with pleasure. Her body shivered uncontrollably and she no longer carried that her arms were bound. She was in ecstasy.

But all things must come to an end. The man's thrusting exertions got faster and faster and so did his panting, shallow breathing. He gripped her hips even harder. "Oh god, oh god, oh god," he barked out and then he thrust deep inside her one last time and his hot sperm squirted into Bambi's young womb, ready to do it's work. "Yes!" he cried out.

A new, warm feeling of ultimate satisfaction spread through Bambi when the man finally flooded her body with his hot seed. Her viral-video-driven need, for one short moment, was finally sated. But then the man pulled his big dick out of her body and she was flooded again with unsatisfied desire. "Nooooo!" Bambi cried out and struggled yet again to free her arms, desperate to grab the man and force him to stay inside her. "No Master, come back, please!"

But the man was done and Mrs. Dutley was more than done with the man. "You go now, bad man," Mrs. Dutley yelled and banged the man over the head with her menus one more time. He yelped and covered his head, moving towards the exit without even putting his shrinking dick back into his pants. Mrs. Dutley followed, whacking him repeatedly. "Go now, bad man. Go. No come back. Greenstone no for you. Bad bad man!" They disappeared through the exit door, where Mrs. Dutley followed the man up the stairs, hitting him repeatedly and yelling at him nonstop until he was all the way out on the street.

When Mrs. Dutley returned to check on Bambi, she found the girl still flat on her back on the table, her arms still bound. But a tall handsome man was fucking her with abandon and she moaned with orgasmic pleasure. Mrs. Dutley smiled. There was a line of men waiting for a turn with the hot, moaning preteen - at least a dozen deep. As Mrs. Dutley watched the man emptied his load into Bambi's young body, groaning with pleasure as he did so. Then he untangled her legs from around his body and stepped back to let the next man in line bury his sizable cock into Bambi's precious cunt.

Two and a half hours later Bambi was all but comatose and Mrs. Dutley had to call a halt to the never ending line of men who wanted to fuck the amazing, helpless little girl in the velvet costume. Bambi moaned weakly and could barely lift her head or wrap her thin legs around the men's bodies.

After shooing the men away, Mrs. Dutley told Cana to take Bambi to the showers to clean up, even though she knew the girl would be leaking cum for hours. She sent Ginger down to Redstone to fetch Gurdie. When Gurdie dutifully showed up she told the younger girl to escort Bambi down to Redstone so that Bambi could get some rest. The men down there only wanted younger girls. Surely they would leave her be for awhile.

After her shower, on shaky legs, Bambi let Gurdie lead her down into Redstone where she was given a red collar - and nothing else. Gurdie showed her to an empty booth where Bambi curled up and immediately fell into exhausted sleep.


Bambi woke up, disoriented, to unknown voices.

"I don't know, dad, I've never seen her before," a boy's voice said. "But she sure is pretty."

Bambi turned her head away from the back of the booth seat and started to straighten her body, then moaned out loud. Every muscle in her young body was stiff, sore and complaining.

"Yeah, she's hot," a much older voice said. "But she's way too old to be down here in Redstone, Droy, you know that."

"You want me to go find out why she's here dad?" the younger voice said.

Bambi finally managed to roll over and she looked up into the handsome face of an island boy not too much older than herself. The boy was barefoot, wearing board shorts and a t-shirt, but he was carrying a high-quality laptop. He was flanked by a middle aged man with strikingly similar features wearing a business suit with his tie pulled loose around his neck.

"Hell no!" the older man said. "Never look a gift horse in the mouth son. Let's have some fun."

"Jeez dad, you're such a perv. We came back here to get some work done. But gosh, she really is hot, isn't she?"

The father sat on the bench next to Bambi, who scrambled to sit up, wincing at the stiffness off all her joints. The boy, Droy, sat on the other side and set his laptop down. "So, little one, what's your name and what are you doing down here in Redstone?" the father asked, not unkindly.

"Oh! I, I'm Bambi and I don't ..., oh gosh, I mean I'm Bambi, Master." Bambi stammered out.

The boy and his father exchanged puzzled looks. "Uh, dad?" the boy said. "That was weird."

"It certainly was," the father said. He looked closer into Bambi's deep green eyes, noticing not a hint of the glazed look of a Greengirl or Redgirl. "What are you doing down here in Redstone, Bambi?" he repeated.

"Ah, I don't know, ah, Master? What is Redstone? Is that where I am. I don't remember. I was in Greenstone and I couldn't move my arms and there were so many men and..." Bambi trailed off.

"That's no Greengirl or Redgirl," the father said, looking worried. "Who the hell is she?"

"Hey, Bambi, don't be scared," Droy said. "Who are you? You can tell us."

"I, I'm just Bambi, Master," Bambi replied. "I, I came from America? On an exchange? Oh god, where's Mrs. Dutley? Who ... who are you?"

"Dutley? What the fuck?" the father said.

"I'm Droy, this my dad. We own this place - with my mom. You're in Redstone now, a floor below Greenstone. But I don't understand why you're here or why in the world you were up there. You're not a Greengirl, that's for sure, and you're too young to be a client." Droy pulled open his laptop. "What's your full name, Bambi, maybe I can figure out where the hell you came from."

Bambi's eyes focused on the laptop and she stared at it intently. "I have to show you something, Master. I have to!" she pronounced. "Please, Master, let me show you something, on your computer. Please?"

The intensity of Bambi's desire to show him something on the laptop was palpable. And besides, she was so god damn cute, with those fantastic little breasts, her curvy body and her exotic short blonde hair. She could give Cana a run for her money on the sexy quotient, and that was saying a lot as far as Droy was concerned. But she wasn't a Greengirl, even though she'd called him Master more than once. He decided to play along, despite the look of amusement on his father's face. "Okay, Bambi, here, show me." He handed the laptop around to her, then got up and came around to the other side of the bench so that he could see the screen too.

Bambi quickly found the web site with the viral video. How could she possibly forget such an important link? The video started up and instantly she was drawn into it, mesmerized by the swirling and fascinating story.

Droy and his father also watched the odd video, for about ten seconds, before exchanging another look. "What the fuck is that?" Droy asked.

"I should have know," Droy's father said and shook his head. "Really Droy, if you intend to be a successful businessman you need to try to stay up with the times. Even in our remote little piece of the planet you have to know what's going on in the world. And this, this video, it's probably the biggest threat to The Stones ever. Okay, okay, your mom's the one who found out about it, but at least I listened to her when she told me."

"But what is it?" Droy asked. The girl was still staring, transfixed by the swirling patterns.

"It's a viral video sweeping the globe, 'though it's mostly still centered in America, Western Europe and Australia. I don't entirely get it, but it turns young girls, especially pubescent preteens, into sex addicts. Men who watch it lose all their inhibitions and they'll fuck the girls silly. Plus adult women who watch the video stop caring about what's going on with the girls. You can just imagine what something like that could do to our business, son. Imagine if half the girls in the world were crazed sex-fiends and men were sexing them in public. Not exactly going to help our little family business is it?"

"Jesus, dad, that's serious. But, ah, you don't seem to be particularly affected and I know I'm not affected. Well, I mean, I would really like to ... you know, but hey, I wanted to do that way before we saw the stupid video. And it's not like I got all caught up in like she is. So, I don't get it - maybe it's all just a big hoax."

"Oh, it's no hoax son. Your mom thinks that anyone who's been exposed to the magic in The Stones is probably immune from the video. So that would explain us. And maybe it works the other way too. Maybe she's immune to The Stones. If she wasn't I'm sure she'd be a Greengirl by now, instead of a sort of Greengirl wannabe."

Droy reached over the back of the bench and closed his laptop, shutting off the video. Bambi jerked, as if she'd just woken up and she looked around her like a frightened animal. But when she saw Droy's father, and his broad shoulders, sitting so near to her, her eyes flared and she bit her lip. Then she moved closer to him and batted her pretty eyelashes at him. He, in turn, put on an amused and hungry grin and started to remove his suit jacket.

"Whoa!" Droy said, coming over the back of the bench to force himself in between Bambi and his father. "Dad! Remember what mom said."

"Alright, alright," the father said. "She's a bit old for me anyway. But hey, you stay and have a good time, I'll just go hang out."

"Yeah, right, you'll go 'hang out' with your cock up inside Juvia or one of her sisters. Whatever. We should go do that work we were going to do. Besides, I'd feel bad about Cana," Droy said to his father, but by the time he was done he was staring into Bambi's green eyes. She'd pressed her body up against his, put her arms around his neck and tilted her head just so.

"Droy, I've told you a hundred times. Don't worry about Cana." Droy's father said, patiently. "She's a Greengirl and she will be 'til she ages out. Anything you do while she's a Greengirl doesn't count - just think what she's doing! And it could work out just fine between you two. Look at old Dutley and his Mrs. He waited almost ten years for her to age out, coming back here again and again, until your mom finally hired him down at the scuba shop. But that certainly didn't keep from dabbling while his honey was still a Redgirl and then a Greengirl. Lord knows that man could almost keep up with me. I bet he'd still be coming down here to Redstone if he wasn't scared shitless of that woman. She's a terror, even if she is still damn hot. Best Redgirl I ever ..."

Droy's dad trailed off, realizing that Droy was madly kissing the pretty, naked blonde girl. Figuring the boy wasn't one to want to share, he quietly got up from the table and sauntered off to look for Juvia, or one of her sisters. Or there was that hot little Gurdie he'd met last week. God her cunt was tight. Yeah, maybe Gurdie was working today.

Bambi was all over Droy. She straddled his lap and pressed into him, kissing him with everything she had. It was glorious. And she needed him. She needed what he had, down there, in his board shorts. She squirmed on his lap as he kissed her back and ran his hands over her naked back. Soon she could feel the bulge in his suit and she ground her wet little pussy into his lap as hard as she could.

"Jesus, you're so ..." Droy said, coming up for air. He grabbed Bambi's hair and pulled her head back, then kissed along her neck - nibbling and licking, lower and lower.

"Oh, oh, Master, yes!" Bambi squealed, arching her back. "Oh!"

Droy was swept away by the sexual attraction of the eleven-year-old beauty. He was entranced by her. His kisses trailed down her throat and across her chest and then he was sucking deeply on one of her small nipples while he kneaded her other lemon-sized breast in his hand. God, she was so hot! And she was grinding down on the top of his erection, which was getting very uncomfortable. He was forced to shift their position, laying her back on the wide bench seat as he continued to suck and tongue her nipple. As he shifted above her, on one knee, the little girl immediately started clawing at his board shorts. She untied the string at the front and ripped the velcro open almost violently.

It was only a moment later that Droy's rigid cock was pushing into the little blonde girl's cunt. His board shorts were down around his knees and he pressed her down into the wide padded bench seat. He could barely remember how it had happened. The child held him around the neck and back with surprising strength. She moaned loudly as he slowly pushed deeper and deeper inside her and nibbled on her neck. But then he kissed her again, strong and hard and she kissed him back. She wrapped her legs around his waist and he started fucking her as fast and hard and deep as he could. She was so amazing, so tight, so warm, so fucking awesome. And she climaxed at once, shaking violently under his weight and clawing desperately at his back.

Young men Droy's age don't last very long the first time they enter a beautiful, sexy partner, especially one as passionate as little Bambi Shockey had become. But they make up for their initial quickness in sheer endurance. Droy shot his first load of hot baby seed into Bambi's womb after just thirty or forty seconds of wild thrusting. But he never let go of her and she never let go of him. Their passion went on unabated, with kisses, licks, fingers, desperate clutching and wandering hands. Five minutes later Bambi was on her knees with her face and chest pressed into the back of the bench seat as Droy fucked her fast and furious from behind. He kneaded her breasts and she moaned loudly as a long, continuous orgasm nearly made her insane. Ten minutes after that Bambi was straddling Droy's lap again, hands on his shoulder. This time she bounced up and down on his impressive cock as fast as she could, milking every last drop of his young cum up into her womb. Fifteen minutes later Bambi was bent over the table, her legs not quite long enough to reach the floor. Just as Droy rammed into her sopping pussy from behind she remembered seeing her friend Ginger in the same position, and scenes of her incredible time in Greenstone swirled through her orgasm-addled little brain. And twenty minutes after that Bambi was back on Droy's lap, facing away from him. He fondled her breasts and fucked up into her over and over, lasting much longer now, even as she shook violently from her never-ending orgasm.

"I should have known," a disgusted voice said just as Droy finished emptying his balls up inside of Bambi for the fifth time. "Like father, like son - at least she's not a god damn five-year-old." Droy's mother waited, impatiently, for Droy to finish fucking his new toy. When he finally managed to get his breathing under control and look up at her, chagrined, he was met with an angry frown. "I wonder what Cana would think of this. Hmm? Where's your no-good father?!"


The Greengirls and Greenboys at Greenstone worked at most four days a week. It was demanding work and they needed ample rest. Most Redgirls and Redboys worked even fewer hours. But Bambi Shockey spent the next three and a half months working Greenstone seven days a week. How else was she going to get the constant sexual attention she needed? Every day she worked the tables and she quickly became one of the most popular Greengirls in Greenstone - despite the fact that she wasn't actually a Greengirl at all. Fortunately, she got better and better at convincing her clients that she really was a Greengirl. Droy was a big help with this, training her as often as he could. And he could, very often.

Bambi grew to love all the costumes at Greenstone. She loved the way men looked at her when she wore something really slutty and she loved even more what happened when those men chose her to serve them. Her favorite costumes were the various feline bikini-costumes. She loved painting her face to be a tiger or a leopard, but best of all she liked getting someone to insert the tail. It was hard the first time, but once she learned how she could swish the tail about with her ass muscles she was hooked. Besides, the men found it really hot and getting fucked with a big plug up your butt was wonderful. It was almost as wonderful as serving two men at the same time.

The oddest thing was that the more Bambi said 'Master' and 'Mistress' and the more she did everything she was told to do, no matter how humiliating or degrading, the more pleasure she received when she finally got a hard cock to give up it's seed in her tight young womb. With each passing day it became more and more natural. She rarely even needed to watch the video any more. She looked forward to going to work with glee! A simple command, delivered by anyone at all, gave her immense pleasure and she jumped to cater to the whims of anyone, no matter what. There was nothing she wouldn't do and the men who came to Greenstone took every advantage of her compliance and her delicious, tight body. Towards the end of her stay, of course, there was an added spice she provided that certain men found irresistible. But within a month of her start at Greenstone, Bambi was a complete and total submissive - destined forever to derive enjoyment from serving and being used.

Three and a half months went by much too quickly. What had looked like an interminable stay, full of loneliness and homesickness, had turned into a blur of exciting pleasure and lust and endless fucking. Now Bambi didn't want to leave her adoptive family, her friends Ginger and Gurdie, her sort of/kind of boyfriend/lover/tormentor Droy or her wonderful, lovely Greenstone. But it was time to go home. It was time to trade places, again, with the Dutley's precious daughter Sabina.

Bambi cried and cried before she got on the plane to fly from Sunset City and Mt Mentempuer back to South Lincoln. Thank goodness she found a nice man on the plane who understood how distraught she was and who would give her some comfort on the long plane ride. The hours Bambi and her temporary Master spent locked in one of the airplane lavatories was time he would never forget!

Bambi landed in Newark, where she needed to change planes to fly to South Lincoln. By a wonderful combination of planning and coincidence, Sabina Dutley was also in the Newark airport, changing planes just like Bambi Shockey. The girls each knew the other would be there, and they had planned for months to find one another and meet, face to face for the first, and probably last, time.

Bambi spotted her long-distance friend from across a huge lobby. She screamed with delight and the two girls ran into one another's arms, hugging like long lost sisters.

They parted and both girls looked down at the other. They gasped in unison.

"You, you have..." Sabina gaped. Her beautiful brown eyes flared.

"Oh my god, Sabina, you're, you're ..." Bambi said with wide green eyes.

"Baby!" the two girls said in unison as each pointed at the other's obvious baby-bump. They screamed with delight and threw themselves back into one another's arms, giggling like delighted preteens.

The End

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