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Viral Goes To Christmas - Viral And The Twins

-by Alvo Torelli, Christmas, 2017

At Mandy and Jake's house, Christmas morning included several long-standing traditions. First there was mommy's tradition of buying everyone matching pajamas for Christmas morning - nice warm flannels that they all wore while they opened presents together. Jake and Mandy, at twelve, had started to roll their eyes at mommy's choice of sleepwear, but they knew better than trying to complain. Mommy was not interested in their opinions. This year's pajamas were bright red, with white snowmen and reindeers. Jake tried not to gag when he put his on, but Mandy secretly liked them.

Another tradition in the household was daddy's insistence on filming every last minute of Christmas morning. He wanted every moment immortalized, and he often got out old video files and forced the family, or worse, family friends, to relive the looks of glee and surprise on the children's faces as they opened their presents. Daddy was so set on this tradition, despite groans of protest from the children that he set up two different cameras the night before, putting them on a timer so they would start automatically and he wouldn't miss a thing.

But the best tradition of all, as far as all of the family members was concerned, was letting mommy and daddy sleep late on Christmas morning. None of this crack-of-dawn present opening crap! The tradition had started when the twins were five years old. That Christmas morning they woke up far too excited to see what Santa brought them to wait for mommy and daddy. They stealthily snuck down the stairs to the living room and each of them opened one of their presents from Santa. They got in a LOT of trouble. But afterwards, mommy and daddy realized that the two rascals had spent over an hour quietly playing with their new toys while the parents slept in! A new tradition was born and from then on the twins always opened one present long before mommy and daddy got up Besides, mommy and daddy could always watch it on the video later.

This Christmas morning was no different - and the twelve-year-old twins snuck down the stairs together early. Jake and Mandy, now in early adolescence, fought with one another quite often. But Christmas morning was special to them, so they'd dutifully put on their matching flannel pajamas and they actually held hands as they descended the stairs. They looked every bit the twins they were - not identical, clearly, but extremely similar with their mousy brown hair, hazel eyes and freckled complexions. At twelve, Mandy was an inch taller than her brother, but everyone expected him to catch up and pass her on his next growth spurt.

The twins raced to the tree and they weren't disappointed. Santa had piled the presents all around, as usual. They dug through the piles, each looking for a particular present they were hoping against all hope to receive. Jake found Mandy's first and he happily handed it to her. He found his nearly identical box a moment later and they sat together on the floor to open them at the same time. "Yes!" each of the twins whispered with excitement as the wrapping paper gave way to reveal brand new tablets. Mommy had been dubious about letting preteens have their own mobile devices, but daddy had insisted it was time for mommy to join the twenty-first century and it would be fine.

Half an hour later, both children were engrossed in their new tablets. Mandy got their email and text accounts set up and Jake downloaded a battle game for his tablet and a word game for Mandy's. They were ecstatic, even though they weren't getting much communications from their friends, who were either still asleep or too busy opening presents with their families to be texting. But Mandy did, finally, get a text from one of her best friends, Janet, who was dying to share a new video with her. Mandy shot the new video over to Jake, too, just to show how well she could use her new tablet, and they both opened it up.

Mandy was instantly mesmerized by the swirling patterns of fashionable men and women, dancing wildly through a gorgeous castle in the clouds. Jake couldn't tear his eyes away from spiraling visions of armored, manly elves storming a castle defended by orcs, to rescue buxom, gorgeous young women. Both of the children stared and stared at the spinning, twisting scenes, drawn deeper and deeper, each of them with a hand down inside the bottoms of their matching flannel pajamas, until suddenly they both felt the need to look up.

Jake looked up and turned to his twin sister, who looked back into his matching, wide eyes. They stared at each other for several seconds, still touching themselves intimately. Then Jake launched himself at Mandy and wrapped his arms around her as he pressed her to the floor and kissed her passionately. It was the first real kiss for either of them and they each thought it must be the best first kiss of all time. Mandy snaked her fingers into Jake's brown hair and pulled him tight, even as Jake scrabbled at the buttons of Mandy's pajama blouse.

Kissing his sister was wonderful, but as soon as he had her blouse unbuttoned Jake just had to touch, and then lick and suck her small, nascent breasts. He'd been dying to see a real boob! His twin sister's breasts were tiny, but they were definitely boobs - soft little pillows of warm, feminine flesh with the most fantastic little nipples that flared and stiffened at the touch of his rough tongue. Gosh! The way Mandy arched her back underneath him as he thumbed one nipple and sucked on the other was exciting!

Mandy writhed under her twin brother's strong tongue and hands. She'd had no idea this could feel so amazing. Her little cunny was already tingling, getting warmer and wetter with every second. Gosh, she wanted Jake to touch her, play with her, scratch her terrible itch! She couldn't stop herself from pushing at Jake's shoulders and head, hinting not so subtly that she wanted him to go lower.

Jake got the hint and he trailed kisses down his sister's perfect stomach as he moved down her gorgeous, young body. He grabbed the top of her pajama bottoms and slithered them down over her newly curvaceous hips, taking her panties down along with them. Before he could even get them off of her he pressed his nose into the heady smell of her sex, drinking in the smell of her excitement, and feeling just as excited himself. But then Jake had to struggle to get Mandy's pajamas bottoms all the way down and over her heels, nearly ripping the fabric in his frustration. The second she was free, with the pajamas still stubbornly hanging on to Mandy's left ankle, Jake spread her legs and dived into the heaven of her tiny, nearly hairless pussy.

God! The taste of Jake's sister was sublime! And the moaning, desperate sounds she made as he forced his tongue into her wet pussy drove him crazy. She arched her back, pressed her heels into his back and forced her young cunt into his face like a wild animal. Jake darted his tongue in and out of his sister's snatch and swirled it around her small clit, drinking her sweet juices. But there was something missing! Something wasn't right.

"No! Jake, please, don't stop!" Mandy cried out when her twin suddenly reared back and left off tonguing her throbbing cunny. Why did he stop?!

But Jake couldn't ignore the throbbing, aching need from his boy-cock. He'd never been so hard before - not even when he'd seen those naughty pictures Uncle Tim had on his computer. He tore at his pajama bottoms, rolling back on the floor to get them off as fast as possible.

The second Mandy saw Jake's cock - the first of her life, her eyes went wide with shock - and then desire. She simply had to have it. She attacked her twin, coming over the top of him to press him down on the floor and get her mouth to the pole of flesh. She slipped her pretty lips around the head of the five-inch cock and ran her tongue all around it, wrapping her small hands around the base of it at the same time. Like her brother, she loved the intense reaction she engendered in him! Jake bucked, arched, moaned and nearly screamed.

Jake writhed under his sister, overwhelmed by the sensation of his enraged cock between her lips, her fingers stroking his length. But then, when he opened his eyes, he found himself staring straight into her amazing, glistening little pussy. He didn't hesitate to wrap one arm around her ass and pull her legs farther apart with the other, so that he could drive his tongue back into her warm, wet, tunnel. He loved the way she tasted! And what she was doing to his cock drove him crazy, doubling his desire to tongue-fuck her sweet, nearly hairless cunny.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" mommy screamed as she stepped into the living room. Her babies were on the floor, nearly naked, in a classic sixty-nine; each orally pleasuring the other's sex with wild abandon.

"What the hell?" daddy said as he stepped into the living room just behind mommy, then froze in his tracks at the sight of the lascivious act unfolding on the living room floor. "Jesus! Stop that!"

Mommy dashed to the children screaming, "Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god," as if that would miraculously stop their insane sex act. As she knelt next to them, she knocked into Mandy's new tablet, which continue to show the video, looping over and over. Instantly her eyes were drawn to the swirling miasma of cloudy, fascinating images. Even when daddy bumped into her from behind in his frantic attempts to get to the children and make them stop their horrifying actions, she couldn't pull her eyes away. And then daddy's eyes were glued to the video as well. He stared, slack-jawed over mommy's shoulder.

"Oh god, oh god, Mandy! Mandy!" Jake moaned into his twin sister's twelve-year-old pussy as he felt the hot cum welling up inside of him, ready to erupt out of his tormented young cock. He rammed his tongue deeper into Mandy's quivering cunt, rubbing his chin across her little clit and driving her orgasm to new heights and then he pulled away from her to scream "yes, yes, oh god, Mandy, yesssss!"

Mandy let the hot cum fill her mouth even as she rode her brother's face to the height of a massive climax. It felt so good! The hot cum flooded her mouth - oily, thick, heady - like nothing she'd ever tasted or felt before. It coated her taste buds and sent her young mind reeling. As soon as Jake was finished spurting the hot seed into her mouth she reared back her head and let his cock drop away. She found herself looking straight into the face of daddy - who was wild-eyed and hungry. She opened her mouth to show daddy the huge load of her brother's cum, and then she swallowed it - every drop, down her constricting throat, gulp after gulp. She was barely done swallowing before daddy reached out to take her in his arms, lift her off of her twin brother and kiss her pretty face with all his passion.

"Mandy, wait, no!" Jake said as his sister's warm, soft, smooth body was lifted off of him.

"Don't worry, sweetie!" Jake heard his mother coo in his ear and he looked up to see her beaming face. "I'm so proud of you! You gave Mandy her first nice cum. You're such a good boy."

"But mom, it was so... I mean... where...?"

"Hush, Jake, it's your daddy's turn - while you recharge. It shouldn't take long for you to be ready again! Oh gosh, it's just so lovely. Let's go help!"

Jake had never seen his mother so wide-eyed and excited. When he finally sat up he saw his sister kneeling in front of daddy, who sat on the floor in his Christmas pajamas. They were kissing, hard, and daddy was playing with Mandy's small breasts. Jake could hear her moan. His mother took his hand and helped him to his feet and the two walked over to Mandy and daddy, just as Mandy dropped to her elbows in front of daddy. 'Wow!' Jake thought, as he watched daddy push his pajamas and boxers down just enough to release his impressive erection. 'God, I hope my cock gets that big soon!'

Mandy blanched at the size of her daddy's erection, but she was so hungry for it! All she could think of was getting the big thing into her mouth. She slipped her forearms under daddy's outstretched legs and she brought her lips to the huge knob of flesh at the top of his waving, hard cock.

"Oh jesus, yes, baby, oh yeah!" daddy moaned. Mandy ran her tongue around the head of his cock and he went nuts.

"That's it, sweetie! Oh you're doing that just right," mommy whispered into Mandy's ear, kneeling next to her pretty twelve-year-old daughter. "Don't let him rush you now, you take your time. Yes, that's it, just keep using that pretty little tongue. Run it down the underside. You can do it. Yes, yes, oh sweetie, you're doing such a great job.

Jake watched in awe as his twin did everything mommy told her to, working daddy's huge cock like a pro. She had yet to take it in her mouth, but daddy was already going crazy - moaning and swearing. Suddenly he wished she'd done all these great things to him, too, instead of just swallowing his cock whole. Still, it had been great - and watching her with daddy made his cock hard and throbbing and ready.

Suddenly daddy couldn't take any more of the incredible teasing. He twined his fingers into the long, pretty brown hair at the nape of Mandy's neck and forced her mouth over his cock. The last sound she made was a gasp of surprise before her lips were stretched wide over daddy's knob and she was gagged with man flesh.

"It's time, it's time!" mommy encouraged Jake, back at his ear. "Oh my god, look at that lovely cunt-sticker! It's time, sweetie. Now, get behind her!"

Jake didn't need any more encouragement! He kneeled close behind his twin with his hands on her ass. Watching Mandy's hair bounce and flare out as she bobbed her head on daddy's cock was so exciting. But he wasn't sure what to do. He looked to mommy, who smiled sweetly at her boy's naive confusion. Mommy reached in and gently took ahold of Jake's cock, pulling it into position at Mandy's sopping, ready cunt. "Oh, oh god, mommy!" Jake said when he felt the amazing sensations of his cock head swirling through his sisters wet entrance while simultaneously gripped in his mother's warm hand.

"That's it, sweetie," mommy whispered. "Now grab her tight, that's it. And shove it in there, all at once, as deep as you can. Fuck her Jake! Fuck your sister! Give her your seed!" Mommy was so excited, so sure of herself. And when she saw Jake slam his cock deep into his twin sister, tearing away her virginity, she'd never felt so fulfilled in her life.

Mandy screamed around her daddy's cock as Jake deflowered her and took up a hard, fast tempo, raping his sister with all the energy he had. Her scream was inaudible with half of daddy's huge cock fucking in and out of her throat, but the bubbling, throbbing sensation made daddy crazy and he moaned with pleasure.

"Yes, yes, yes!" mommy cried with glee. Then she took one of Jake's hand in hers and guided him to reach around his sister. He had to lean forward and press her knees farther apart, but he let his mommy guide him until both of their fingers were sliding about in the wetness of Mandy's nearly bald pussy, just in front of where Jake was pounding her with his cock. Mommy whispered in Jake's ear, "That's it, sweetie! Right there. Rub your beautiful little sister's tiny clit while you're fucking her! Fuck her hard! Fill her little pussy with your cum! But don't forget to make her feel good and give her a nice, hard climax. Then you can cum inside her! Oh god, it's so wonderful! Fuck her hard, sweetie!"

And mommy was right! At once Mandy's pleasure was tripled. Her brother's fingers drove her over the edge and she experienced her first true, spectacular orgasm as she sucked her daddy and her twin brother fucked her hard from behind.

It was finally all too much for daddy. He came, explosively, in his little girl's small mouth. For the second time Mandy's mouth was filled with warm, thick cum. It rolled around, coating every surface. She nearly gagged on the quantity of daddy's sperm and she had to rear back, letting his cock pop out of her mouth. This just got her three huge globs of cum across her pretty little face. But at least she didn't choke to death.

"Now, now, sweetie, mustn't waste any of daddy's precious seed," mommy said, kneeling next to Mandy again. Then mommy carefully scooped up the errant cum on Mandy's face and fed it to her sweet daughter. "That's my girl. Now you just relax and enjoy getting fucked!" Mommy let Mandy suck her fingers clean before she sat back to watch the pretty girl get fucked.

And indeed, Mandy was in heaven as her brother fucked her. He was in heaven too! Mandy settled down onto her elbows again and let her lithe body writhe and quiver with ecstasy as wave after wave of orgasm spread out from her tight little pussy.

Now, even if you just came in your sister's mouth a few minutes earlier, the first time you fuck a hot, tight pussy is pretty damned overwhelming - especially if it's your sister's hot, tight pussy. So it was no surprise that young Jake only lasted ten minutes as he thrust into his sister over and over. She really was amazing and tight and he loved the way she responded to his probing, sliding, teasing fingers. But it couldn't last. Jake came. He came hard and strong, filling his sister's fertile womb with his seed as they both moaned with ecstasy.

"Way to go, champ!" daddy said as Jake collapsed on top of his twin sister and the two of them fell to the floor in a heap. "And don't worry, Mandy. Daddy'll be ready to go again - soon, I promise! And besides, your mama's getting some reinforcements. Everything will be great."

"Daddy, what? Who? Oh gosh, daddy!" was all Mandy could say.

Mandy and Jake both looked across the room to where mommy was on her cell phone. "That's right, Ted, you heard what I said. Get Tim and get over here, pronto. What's that? No! I don't care that it's Christmas morning, just get your brother and get your fat ass over here, it's an emergency!"

The twins exchanged a glance, each of them confused. Why was mommy calling her twin brothers to come over. And then the penny dropped and they both went wide-eyed.

"You know, baby, daddy might actually be ready to go again already! I don't know what's come over me - but I like it!" daddy said. Then daddy rolled Jake out of the way and pressed his much larger body over the top of his little girl. She screamed when she looked up at him, but she also opened her legs and wrapped them around daddy's torso. She screamed again when his much lager cock sank into her well-lubricated but incredibly tight pussy.

Daddy was still fucking Mandy with abandon when mommy's twin brothers showed up to watch the viral video and then join the party. Over the course of the very merry Christmas day, Jake and the three men enjoyed having little Mandy in every position and combination that mommy could think of. Mandy was very tired by the time Christmas dinner rolled around! Everyone had forgotten the two video cameras that were catching the party, but in later days they would all enjoy watching the videos over and over again. They never did figure out if it was Jake, daddy, or one of the twins who was the father of Mandy's gorgeous twin daughters. But at least Jake and Mandy's family had a new tradition to add to Christmas morning - for many years to cum.


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