Fertile Valley
(family, preg, inc, cons, size)
By Jim Davis


"Daddy, we learned how to make a baby in school today!" Melissa and Meagan announced this in unison as we sat at the dinner table. I dropped my spoon in the chicken soup I was eating and just stared at them. It wasn't what I expected to hear at a time reserved for light, family conversation. Julie and Jenny had a look of disgust on their faces as Dee and Deb giggled.

"I was wondering why all those girls we saw were so fat, and now I know" Meagan giggled. More giggling from the younger ones ensued - but Julie was not so amused by her little sister. There was a huge amount of sibling rivalry between them, and she did her best to be mean:

"They're not fat, stupid - they're PREGNANT." Jenny couldn't resist getting in her own jab at Meagan: "Yeah dummy, like in... KNOCKED-UP. They've got a bun in the oven, you little moron - just like you're gonna have if you don't quit showing off those big cow-tits of yours."

Peggy gave them all a stern glare and told them it was not the time or the place to discuss the subject of making babies - that we'd have to talk about that later. Meagan was paying no attention to her mother, or her older sisters. Instead, she was looking right at me from across the table with one of her knowing smirks.

She'd noticed me ogling her bare midriff more and more since our little 'encounter' on the couch that day. I'm not sure she understood why it fascinated me, but she used every opportunity to poke her big belly button out in front of me - grinning, as she watched my prick swell in my pants.

The expression on her face that night told me she'd discovered EXACTLY why I was so interested in her belly. She'd learned how girls got pregnant - and what it did to their bodies. She figured out somehow that it turned me on - and I was sure she'd use it on me. Just like her mother had for so many years. Just like Maggie had since the day we'd met.

Meagan's appetite had continued to grow steadily during the weeks after she started on the pill. The kid was eating us out of house and home - and packing on more weight right where it drove me mad. Between the food and the birth control pills, my daughter's bust expansion was out of control. Peggy was bewildered at the prospect of buying her any more new bras - her tits were already popping out of the 36"EE -cups she'd gotten just two weeks earlier.

Meagan's tummy continued to grow as well. Her belly button had grown so huge, it looked simply obscene - her pants were so tight she could barely get them buttoned, and at times, she wouldn't even bother. She'd leave her cut-offs unbuttoned and parade around in front of me - so I could see her enormous distended navel bulge out over the waistband.

She knew it got me hot - and she used it to lure me into playing with her tits - every time Peggy's back was turned. Every time she could get me alone in some remote corner of the house - or the barn - or the basement. Meagan had staked out every hiding place on the property, and she knew I'd follow her there as soon as the coast was clear.

I'd fought the temptation to do any more than nuzzle my face in her big breasts - or nurse at her monstrous areola - or flick my tongue over her fat bulging nipples - any more than splatter her swelling young bosoms with cum. She was getting so big I began to wonder if there was any truth to the old myth - the one about cum making tits grow. She simply LOVED rubbing cum into her tits.

I'd fought the temptation to let Meagan do any more than jack on my big prick with her little hands - to rub the head of it in her cleavage - or to lick and suck and slobber over every inch of it with her hot little mouth. Meagan simply worshiped my cock. She lavished it with affection - rubbing it all over her face - licking and kissing it - nursing at the head of it with her sweet lips - lapping every drop of hot sticky cum off it with her talented little tongue. And I simply worshiped HER. I'd fallen head over heels in love with my daughter.

From her honey blonde pigtails to the freckles on her nose and her plump, pouting lips - Meagan was adorable. She'd always had a special spot in my heart - but when her breasts began to grow, I began to melt down. When her tummy began to plump, I lost all reason. The temptation had become overwhelming. With every passing day, she grew bustier - her little belly plumper, and she wasn't even pregnant yet.

As horny as she already made me - as big as she'd already grown, I shuddered to think what she'd look like all knocked up - her belly so swollen with child - tenting out the front of a cute maternity dress. The moment she discovered my passion for pregnant girls, I knew I was at my daughter's mercy. She occupied my every thought those days - even as I fucked Peggy silly, banging her head against the wall in our bedroom, my thoughts would drift to Meagan.

The way her bosoms strained the buttons on her little blouses - the way her bra-less young breasts would wobble under her pajama top. Right before bed was the one time she was allowed to go without a bra - and she went out of her way to bounce as much as possible when she came to kiss us goodnight. She usually managed to mash her breasts against me in the process.

I guess it was her way of making sure I thought of her big tits - even as I went to bed with her mother. Peggy still enforced her rule about the girls wearing brassieres, and for good reason. She understood, firsthand, the importance of firm support for big breasts. She had experienced her own share of growth, right along with the girls.

With the exception of Julie and Jenny, they had all grown QUITE large in the chest. As usual, Meagan had the hardest time keeping a bra on - she continued to lead the pack in magnitude as well as duration of her growth spurts. She had consumed so much more spring water than any of them, and the chemicals were taking their toll - her bras did not remain comfortable for very long.

Meagan complied with Peggy's wishes though - until her mother's back was turned. Then she'd set her growing young breasts free. That fateful day Meagan learned about babies was one of those occasions. Peggy had made friends with one of the teachers at school - another woman in her early 30s that she had a lot in common with. The woman had two daughters Julie and Jenny's age, and the kids had become friends as well. They'd all made a date to see a movie, and I was to stay with the rest of the kids. I don't think Peggy realized what she was setting me up for.

Adam retreated to his room right after dinner, as usual. Meagan and Melissa went upstairs as well, claiming they had a lot of homework. Peter and Dee disappeared outside somewhere - something that happened often enough to make me suspicious - and Debbie joined me in the den to watch TV. For a minute anyway - Debbie had the attention span of a 2-year-old, and decided she wanted to play on her computer.

That left me on the couch to relax - or so I thought. I had my legs propped up on the coffee table - remote in hand - ready to watch some football. Not 10 minutes later, Meagan came down from her room. My jaw dropped when I saw her, and she giggled at my reaction - she delighted in the effect she had on me.

Meagan had found one of her mother's old tank tops. The bright yellow material was almost threadbare, and it was cut so skimpy that she simply POURED out of it - in every direction. Her nipples and areola were literally bursting out the front of it. Meagan looked obscene in that thing.

It had been one of my favorite summer tops when Peggy first bought it. She always went around bra-less in it - the armholes were cut wide to expose the sides of her big tits - the neckline scooped low to exaggerate her bulging cleavage. She was still nursing Peter at the time, and I remembered just how much cleavage she had to show off - how often the front of it would be soaked with milk from her huge spurting nipples. It was the very tank top she wore the day I knocked her up with Meagan and Melissa.

Now my 9-year-old daughter stood in front of me, stretching that very top to capacity with her enormous young breasts. She was smirking at me - knowing exactly what was going through my mind at the time. Meagan glanced down at her bosom and smiled - she pushed her tits together with her forearms and looked back at me.

"They look bigger without that ole bra on 'em - don't you think so daddy? Lookit...my nipples are poking out - aren't they just huge? The girl I sat next to in class today had really big ones too - and she was real big somewhere else - she had a big tummy daddy - a REALLY big tummy. After we watched the movie, I knew why she was so big."

Meagan was all giggles then. I was curious to find out what kind of 'movies' they were showing these kids. I asked her to tell me all about it, and she eagerly complied. She'd already made my dick so big I thought I'd lose it - and she wanted to see how much hornier she could make me before I actually did.

"They showed us a movie with this boy and girl in it daddy. They were in this room with just a bed and a table, and they were sitting on the bed - the boy started kissing the girl, and putting his hands on her tits - then he stuck one between her legs - she really liked it daddy.

"Teacher told us that's what ya call foreplay - she said it's when the male and female get each other excited - and then the boy's thingie got big daddy -she said that was his penis, and that the boy was gonna put it inside the girl's vagina. She took her panties off and they showed us the big hole between her legs. I never knew that's what you called it. Peter told me that was my pussy, and he said I had a really big one."

My tongue was dragging the floor at that point - listening to her talk about what she'd seen was the hottest thing I'd ever heard in my life. She was looking right at my prick as she continued. "Daddy, I think I'm getting YOU really excited - like that boy was - like when he got on top of that girl. He was so big - I couldn't believe what he did with his thingie - I mean his penis - he stuck it in that hole between her legs and then he moved up and down on her - it made it go in and out of her.

She liked it too - I could tell 'cause she was hugging him and saying how good it felt. He started doing it real fast daddy - they showed it to us from behind his butt. Then he made this noise - kinda like you make when you squirt on my tits - then I saw some of the white stuff come out of her...her vagina - it leaked out daddy."

I was literally drooling as Meagan told me more about the 'sex-ed film' she'd seen. "Teacher said that white stuff was sperm, and it went up inside the girl and found eggs in her - and when that stuff found the eggs, it made babies in the girl's tummy. We saw some more pictures of the girl then daddy - they said it was 6 months after that boy squirted the sperm in her. She was HUGE daddy - her tummy - it was humungous. Teacher said she had 4 babies growing in her - that's what made her so big."

"Cindy, the girl sitting next to me, said she had 3 babies in her tummy - and that her daddy put them there. She said it felt really good to do what they did in the movie - that her daddy did it to her all the time, and she told me how much he loved it when her tummy got all big. She told me she was gonna get even bigger - and she said it made her daddy really horny - that it made him want to stick his thing in her all the time. Cindy said they called it fucking.

"She said her daddy FUCKED her until he knocked her up. That means he put babies in her." After all that, my child asked me some questions that changed our relationship forever: "Is that what I make you daddy - horny? Do you wanna squirt sperm in me and make babies in my tummy daddy? I know you like girls with big bellies - just like Cindy's daddy does. I watched you looking at some one day daddy - and your thingie got big. And I see you looking at MY tummy getting bigger - and my big belly button too - it's huge daddy.

"Cindy says her babies made her tits bigger too - would you like that daddy? Do you want my tits to get even BIGGER?"

I just sat there dumbstruck - unable to answer. Meagan was petting my prick softly then - I didn't even need to answer - the size of my cock said it all. She crawled up on the couch then, and straddled my left leg. She planted her pussy right on my cock and started humping up and down the length of it. I'd grown so hard it was painful - but I could tell my hot little daughter was having the time of her life.

"I never let anybody touch me down there daddy - I just played with myself - I wanted YOU to touch me down there. This is makin' me all wet daddy - my panties are all wet. Oh daddy - we're BOTH horny - I never saw you get THIS big - look at it daddy - your thingie is HUGE. Put it IN me daddy! Put it in my pussy and SQUIRT in me - Oh daddy, I want some babies in my tummy like Cindy has! Make some babies in me daddy. Pleeeze."

I knew that day had been coming - I'd fought it for so long, it seemed - and I lost the battle right there on the couch. Without a care in the world as to who would see us, I stood up and pulled my pants off in front of my daughter - my prick sprang out bobbing and swaying just inches from her face. I told her to lie down on the couch and spread her legs open for me. I got on top of my little girl and pushed my fat knob into her gaping hole.

Peggy had told me she was putting half her fist into it while she played with herself, so I didn't figure I'd hurt her too badly. It was a damn good thing she was so big, because my prick had grown enormous from all her teasing. She was simply in awe of it, and the way she carried on made me grow even larger - and harder.

"Oh daddy...oh God daddy look...look how big I made you. You really love me don't you daddy...you want to stick that big dick inside me don't you? I made you so big you're gonna explode in me huh daddy...you're gonna put LOTS of sperm in me. Oh you're just so HUGE...Oh daddy...come on and put more of it in me...make some babies in me with your big huge DICK... FUCK me with it - fuck me and knock me up daddy."

I didn't need a second invitation. My daughter was squirming under me - swirling her pussy around on the head of my prick like a little whore. Her little friend Cindy had taught her some very nasty language, and she'd made me so HOT with it. She was made for this, I thought to myself. Made to fuck like a bitch in heat. She was running her little feet up and down the backs of my legs - then on my butt, as she bucked her hips at me - coaxing me to fuck her.

I eased it further into her then - just an inch at a time as she yelped under me. "OUCH daddy...oh it's just so BIG...oh, oh... it'll be OK... oh that's better... OH THAT feels better daddy."

I could tell I'd made it past her little hymen - or what was left of it.

"Oh it DOES feel good... Cindy was right... OOoh daddy! DO IT now! Stick it ALL the way in me... I want all that big huge DICK inside me daddy."

I was ready, and so was she - I JAMMED my prick into her then - grabbing both her butt cheeks in my hands - lifting her ass off the couch and pulling her pussy down on my prick as I crammed every inch of it into her. It would have destroyed most little girls that age - but Meagan was ready for it.

She was dripping, sopping wet and her body just screamed to be fucked. She had no trouble at all accommodating my huge prong and she bucked her hips toward me like she couldn't get enough. She was panting and moaning like she was about to cum. She was so wet we made loud slurping and sucking noises as I pounded my prick in and out of her.

"Oh daddy it feels so GOOD...Feel how wet I am?...Cindy and Dee were right daddy...oh God...it's so...fucking...GOOD. I wanna feel it inside me daddy - I want that sperm in me - SQUIRT it in me... pleeeze daddy." Meagan had lost control - wriggling under me - fucking her hips back at me like a little animal. She reached up and pulled my face down to hers - she started kissing and licking over every inch of my face -she stuck her tongue in my mouth and French kissed me - hugging my neck while I fucked the living shit out of her.

Then my daughter whispered in my ear, panting - just like her mother had done 9 years ago, the night we made her and Melissa. "Daddy, I want you to get me... oh God daddy...I wanna be preg... oh... oh... I want you to get me PREGNANT daddy. I want a BIG tummy... a big huge tummy full of babies, daddy - YOUR babies. Oh daddy look... you're already making me bigger... look what you've done to my TITS from fucking me like this."

She knew what that would do to me - talking about how big her tits were getting. I'd been too busy ramming my cock in and out of her to notice, but she'd swollen so large her nipples were about to pop right through the material of that tank top. Peggy had pretty well worn it out through all her nursing, and it was barely hanging on. I looked down at her and watched as she mashed them together from the sides for me.

"Daddy, if you knock me up, they'll get so much BIGGER... you know that, don't you? I'll be so HUGE! You want them to get bigger, don't you daddy? - you want me to have ENORMOUS titties, huh daddy?" She never missed a stroke as she looked down at her swollen breasts.

Something happened then that made Meagan's wish come true - made me cum like a fire hose inside her. I heard it... I saw it... but I just didn't believe it - Peggy's tank top began to rip. I watched it as it happened - Meagan's breasts had swollen so large from all that fucking, it could no longer contain her abundance - her nipples and areola burst right through the threadbare material - right before my very eyes.

It simply pushed me over the edge - it made me EXPLODE inside her. I kept blasting gob after gob of hot sticky cum in her as I looked down at her huge areola sticking out through the material - God it was so... obscene. Wilder than any fantasy I could have imagined. My little girl's tits got big enough to burst right through her clothes, and I simply went mad with lust for her.

I fucked her harder and harder - pounding her head against the arm of the couch - dumping as much cum in her as I possibly could, and loving every minute of it. She looked so nasty lying there getting her pussy pumped full of cum. I didn't care at all that she was my daughter - that there'd be hell to pay - all I could think about is how happy I'd be when her belly began to swell - how horny she would make me when she grew out of one big brassiere after another because her tits just got too fucking huge. I imagined what it would be like to watch her week after week - as her clothes got tighter - her supple young body blossoming with new life inside it.

Just as I thought I'd emptied my balls inside her, I pulled my prick out, kneeling down in front of her. She spread her legs open then - I could see my cum oozing out of her - forming a puddle under her butt. God she looked like such a little slut - I felt like I'd lose it again as she started tugging on her nipples. "Look what you did to me daddy - you made my tits so big, my nipples busted right outta this top. I wanna feel your cum on my face now - I wanna taste it daddy - I love your cum so much daddy - shoot it in my mouth - CUM on me daddy."

I was stroking my prick then - it was still so swollen it was painful. I don't know how, but there was still a BIG load in my balls, and I couldn't wait to get it out. My daughter was smiling up at me then - she'd opened her little mouth slightly and started licking her lips - "Right here daddy - cum right here - move closer to me and cum all over my mouth - all over my face - I want your cum all over me daddy."

That did it - I lost control and started to spew again. A big fat rope of it flew at her face - plastering itself right across her mouth and cheeks. I was jerking on my prick like a madman - and spurting cum ALL over my little girl. It landed in her hair - it went up her nose - it dribbled off her chin. I even had enough to dump some on her tits - as if they needed any more. Meagan was licking it off her lips then, scooping it up off her face with her fingers and sucking on them. Lifting her tits up to her mouth and lapping up gobs of my cum like it was ice cream.

"Mmmm, daddy I made you cum so MUCH... I really DO make you horny...you really DO love me daddy. Oh daddy, I love YOU too and I love to FUCK you daddy, oh you make me feel so GOOD."

Just then I heard noises - giggling, and whispering. I looked over toward the staircase, and there at the foot of it were Deb and Melissa - sitting on the bottom steps. They'd been watching us! Watching me fuck the living shit out of their sister - watching me cum all over her face and tits. They were grinning from ear to ear as they looked at us from across the room. I asked them how long they'd been sitting there.

Deb spoke up first: "Long enough to know what gets YOU all hot daddy - as if we didn't already know that." They both started giggling again at that point. "Long enough to see that big huge dick of yours - no wonder Meagan's always talkin' about it. You really ARE a lot bigger than the boys at school." What a difference a few weeks at school made. It seems my sweet little girls had gotten quite an education from their classmates - and that movie they'd seen.

The girls moved into the den and sat on the floor at the foot of the couch while I got dressed. Meagan continued to lick the cum off her tits - smiling at them. I asked them just what they knew about the boys at school. Meagan answered for them: "They've been letting the boys on the school bus play with 'em daddy - feel up their tits and spurt cum all over 'em. I watched 'em - at first they did everything but let the boys stick it in... you know... put it in their pussies. But now they're fucking their brains out - Debbie's got quite a reputation at school daddy."

Melissa spoke up for she and her sister then "Yeah daddy, everybody knows Debbie likes 'em BIG boys dicks I mean, she likes the really HUGE ones. I do too daddy. It's not our fault. We just got so horny - we couldn't help it - Peter spends all his time with Mommy and Dee, and Meagan has you. We had to have somebody to play with - somebody to rub our big titties - they get all sore and swollen daddy - see?"

Melissa peeled her tight top off over her head then, and yanked her bra cups down under her tits. Like her twin sister, she had far more tit flesh in her bra than I could have ever imagined. Her bosoms jutted out like a shelf from her chest - pushed up and out by the bra underneath them.

She gestured toward Meagan: "I'm not as big as Miss Moo-Cow here, but I'm growing - see? There's a way you can make me bigger too daddy - a lot bigger - like our friends at school are."

They all giggled then - all three of them knew what made their daddy weak-in-the-knees horny. Debbie had a devilish grin on her face as she watched me. She sat next to me on the couch and yanked her t-shirt off. She started feeling herself up as she saw me drool over her big tits.

I hadn't seen her nipples since the day they'd started to sprout, and I had to gasp when she took her bra off. They looked like big fat thumbs sticking out of her pebbly areola - twice the size they'd been just a few weeks earlier. I didn't understand why, but her nipples were so much bigger than her little sisters'.

Debbie looked obscene as she sat there pulling on them and smiling at me. "I wonder how big these things would get if they were full of milk daddy?" She giggled then, and her sisters joined in. Melissa got up and stood in front of me. She cupped her hands a good 6 inches in front of her chest as she looked down at me on the couch.

"We'd be out to HERE daddy, our tits would get HUGE, and that's not all that would get huge if we got knocked-up. Huh daddy? That's what makes you so horny isn't it?" Melissa stretched her arms out in front of her belly then - holding them out as far as she could reach. "We'd have a tummy THIS big daddy." They all started to giggle when they saw my dick grow hard again.

Debbie leaned over and whispered in my ear then, mashing a swollen nipple into my arm "All we have to do is talk about it, huh daddy - talk about... big... pregnant... bellies. We'll make you so horny you won't be able to help yourself - you'll have to fuck us silly, like you fucked Meagan. You know we could all be pregnant right now, don't you? We could have babies in our tummies - growing bigger daddy."

My youngest twins looked curious about what Debbie was whispering in my ear, but not for long. Melissa began licking the rest of my cum off Meagan's tits - slurping and slobbering all over her nipples. Meagan held her head, moving it from one to the other as she moaned with pleasure. It seemed like they'd done this before, the way they were going at it.

I'd been so consumed with the fantasy of Meagan all knocked-up that I'd forgotten we put the girls on birth control. It was unlikely that any of them were pregnant, no matter how many big dicked boys had been pumping cum in them - no matter how much I'd dumped in Meagan just then. I didn't have the heart to spoil the fun for them. I thought I'd just let them believe they could get knocked up - and I was still lost in the fantasy of their tummies getting big right before my eyes.

I told my little girls we'd better pull ourselves together - that their mother and sisters would be home soon - that they should go find Peter and Dee. They just giggled - obviously aware of something I'd missed. Deb let me in on it: "If I know those two, they'll be at it for hours. They've been fucking like dogs every chance they get daddy."

It amazed me how oblivious I'd become to my surroundings - two of my children had been fucking their brains out for weeks and I knew nothing about it - I'd been too absorbed in my own lust for Meagan. Something my daughters said led me to believe that Peggy was getting stuffed with our son's big young prick too. The girls had worked me into a lather with all that talk of fucking and wanting to get pregnant.

They had me right where they wanted me - I was helpless to resist them as I sat there and let Debbie pull my dick out. She kneeled down in front of me and slipped her lips over the tip of my cock - her tongue darted around the head of it as she looked up at me.

She tried to fit the head of my big prick in her mouth, but it was no use - it had swollen bigger than her fist from all the excitement. She was simply in awe of its size. It dwarfed her little hands as she stroked it up and down, slurping on the end of it. I was hypnotized as I watched her big nipples grow fatter - longer.

Debbie looked like a freak of nature - her nipples stuck out of her tits like spigots, and they were easily 2 inches in diameter. She knew they were making me horny out of my mind, and she began to tease me about it.

"Looks like these nipples are getting you all excited daddy - are you thinking about how huge they'll be when I get pregnant? Is that what's making you big as a horse? Huh daddy? Oh you're just so ...your dick is so... HUGE... look at it...it's a monster daddy."

Debbie was right - it had grown larger than my forearm from all her manipulation, and talk of how big her nipples would get. She climbed up on my lap then - ignoring my suggestion that we get ourselves together before her mom got home - and I was too horny at that point to protest. "I've got to have this thing inside of me daddy - I want to see what something this big feels like in my pussy - God you're ENORMOUS... fucking HUGE daddy... I want you to FUCK me with this thing."

Debbie wasn't waiting for my consent - she positioned her dripping wet pussy right on the head of my prick and eased herself down on it. "So this is what it's like to fuck a horse," she said. "I thought I'd had some big ones inside me at school... but... oh GOD daddy... you're just so...you're gigantic!" Debbie picked up the pace then - sliding up and down on my prick like a whore - gyrating on it - twitching and wriggling so fast I felt the cum rising in my balls not two minutes into it. She had her hands on my shoulders - her big nipples bulging out right in front of my face.

"Just imagine them twice this big daddy...my nipples...bigger...SO much bigger, and squirting milk daddy. All you have to do is cum in me...over and over daddy...and it'll happen - I'll get pregnant - you'll make me so big and pregnant my nipples will get HUGE. Oh daddy...FUCK me."

She'd lost control at that point - her hair was flying around wildly as she rode my dick up and down - faster and harder she slammed her little pelvis into mine - fucking me like a mink. I knew I wouldn't last long at that rate - she had me so worked up I was about to spew, and I didn't care if it went inside her - I just wanted some release from the agony of all that built-up cum in my balls.

"It's getting bigger daddy, I can feel it... your DICK... oh GOD daddy you're gonna... it feels like you're gonna CUM." My little girl knew just what was happening as I grabbed her by the ass cheeks and started lifting her up and down on my prick like a rag doll. I was fucking the shit out of my daughter - jamming every inch of my huge swollen prick in her - over and over and over - I fucked it in and out of her until I just couldn't hold it back any more. I let go inside her as I watched the look of shock on her face.

"Oh daddy... it feels like you spurted all the way up in my throat! Oh... CUM in me daddy... keep CUMMING in me." Debbie continued to wriggle her pussy on my cock - milking every big fat glob of cum out of my balls like a little slut. She seemed to love it so much, I could tell she'd been at it for a while - her vagina went into spasms on my cock as she jerked up and down. "GOD I love the way it feels daddy - all your cum inside me - all that sperm in my little pussy... FUCK me daddy... fuck some more of it in me and make me HUGE with babies."

Debbie knew just what it took to turn me into a raving, cum spurting maniac. The image of her with a belly full of my babies was too much to handle - I kept cumming inside her like I hadn't been fucked in a week - bolt after bolt of it splattered her insides as she sucked it out of me. She finally slowed down, as my prick began to dribble the last of the cum into her sopping wet pussy. Debbie stuck her tits in my face then, and pushed one of her nipples in my mouth. "Suck on it daddy - suck on my big fat nipple like a baby."

It was heavenly to suck on Debbie's rubbery areola. I was simply exhausted, but so high from it all I felt like I was on some kind of heavy narcotics. I had just emptied my balls inside two of my young daughters and all I could do was revel in the pleasure of it all - with none of the guilt or remorse I would have felt just a few weeks ago. I slurped and sucked and slobbered all over her big chest as she continued to wiggle her pussy on my cock. I was still hard, after all that - hard from all the excitement and the images I'd conjured of my little girls growing so hugely pregnant."

Just then we heard the front door slam. It jerked me back to reality, and I was terrified at the thought of Peggy walking in on us right then. Debbie slid off my prick and scrambled to find her clothes while I made a feeble attempt to pull my pants up. Melissa never missed a beat - she just kept licking my load off her sister's swollen tits.

We were all relieved to see it was Dee and Peter - coming in from what appeared to be quite a little 'session' outside. Dee looked like she'd been through a gang-bang. Her hair was plastered to the side of her pretty face with a mixture of sweat and cum - lots of cum. More of it adorned the shelf of her bosom - her blouse had been ripped open and she stood there in front of us with her tits bulging out the top of her big bra - they were COVERED in thick globs of boy-cum.

I got weak in the knees when I looked down and saw the insides of her thighs. More cum was pouring out of her pussy - glistening as it oozed out of her in a little trail all the way down to her ankles. Peter had fucked her silly, and used her body as a cum-dump. Like me, he still had a hard-on, and I had to gasp when I saw the size of the fucking thing. Meagan noticed it too, and couldn't resist a comment.

"Peter, your dick is fucking HUGE! How did he get so BIG daddy? He...he's almost as big as you are." Dee answered her question as she rubbed her brother's cum into her swollen tits: "I think I make him horny with these things." She started to giggle then, and added "he's been growing - every time we fuck, he gets bigger than the last time - I think he's gonna get big as a horse." We could all see that Peter had grown - the girls were just speechless, gawking at his huge member - but it still didn't answer Meagan's question.

I felt it was about time to level with my kids - to tell them why we were ALL growing so large - why we were so horny all the time - why we couldn't help fucking each other like animals. I told them about the water, the 'pain pills' they'd taken - the possibility that our meat and milk contained traces of bovine hormones. Last but not least, what the birth control pills were doing to their tits, and their sex drives.

I explained why their mother and I wanted to protect them by putting them on the pill to begin with - that we were afraid they would get pregnant at such a young age - like so many other girls in the valley had. Why it was so important that they take their pill every day. That if they DID get pregnant, with all those fertility drugs in their systems, they could end up having more than one baby - maybe as many as 5 or 6 babies. That their bellies would get so big they wouldn't be able to walk, or even stand up straight.

As I continued - telling them how sorry I was they'd been exposed to those chemicals, I heard Meagan utter a little "oops." The others giggled under their breath. I was almost afraid to ask, but I just had to know. I told Meagan to explain - "Oops, what?" I asked her. I cringed at the thought that ran through my head.

"Well, you see daddy..." Her sisters were all giggling openly then. "We haven't exactly been taking those pills every day, like mommy told us to. I forgot one day, then Melissa did, and well, we all forgot to a few days...but we took 2 or 3 of 'em to make up for it, and our tits got really HUGE. I'm sorry daddy. Are we gonna be OK? Are we gonna be in trouble with mommy?"

I was livid with Peggy at that moment for not making sure our kids were on the pill...witnessing the daily dose of the only protection they had from swelling up like pregnant little cows. To think the children were worried about getting in trouble with her. That was the least of their problems.

I'd already learned how sexually active Debbie and Melissa had been at school, Dee had been getting reamed 3 times a day by her brother, and I'd just deposited enough sperm in Meagan to impregnate half the girls in fertile valley. mind was reeling...what would I do - I remembered searching my brain for a solution - a solution that didn't exist. Peggy was a devout Catholic, and abortion would be out of the question. I was amazed she'd let us even practice birth control after Meagan and Melissa were born - but she was worn out from it all.

I was afraid for my young daughters...concerned for their fate, and their health. I was also concerned for my sanity at that point. If they WERE all pregnant, they would all be VERY pregnant. How would I deal with the sight of my 4 little girls swelling out of their clothes in a matter of weeks? First their breasts - overflowing one bra after another - then their bellies - stretching the waistband on their little pants till they couldn't get them buttoned any more.

Like so many times before, my concern drifted away as my thoughts turned to something else. There could be embryos inside my girls...lots of them...g-r-o-w-ing. It made me horny again...so horny Meagan made a comment about it - pointing and snickering.

"Well, I guess you're not TOO sorry we were exposed to all that stuff, huh daddy? I think you LIKE us big like this. You know what? I think it's making you horny... knowing I might be knocked up...you thought you couldn't, and now you know...you know there might be babies in me, huh daddy...you know I might get a BIG belly...just like Cindy has!!"

Melissa was in a trance, watching my cock grow - swelling out my pants leg - making its way to my knees. She came over and rubbed her face all over it and stroked it with both her little hands.

"Oh daddy, it makes you so horny doesn't it? Thinking about us getting so big? You're even bigger than that black boy that fucked me on the school bus today... he was HUGE, like a horse ...he had a great BIG one daddy...a BIG fucking dick, and he CAME inside me. I could have his babies in my tummy daddy...he sure squirted a lot of his stuff in me."

Melissa began to unzip my pants when we heard the doors slam shut on the van outside. Peggy, Julie and Jenny were home. The girls all scrambled to pull themselves together - fortunately they'd already started to get dressed, and had cleaned up most of the cum I'd spurted all over them. They all scurried upstairs, leaving me alone on the couch. I turned the TV on and sat there in a daze as Peggy walked in.

It was late - the movie they'd gone to see was a long one. Lucky for me, they were all tired and went straight to bed. Peggy told me she'd see me in the morning, and gave me a little kiss on the cheek. She seemed to sense something, but I guess she was too tired to bother asking me about it. I joined Peggy about an hour later, after passing out on the couch from exhaustion.

I fell asleep next to my wife that night about 10 seconds after my head hit the pillow. The next morning, I was grateful for the good night's sleep I got. It was a big day. I'd been hounding the lab I'd sent the food sample to. For a week, they'd promised me the results - then I found out the idiots lost the samples. I sent more - then they got backlogged again. The day had come when I was finally to get the analysis on the meat and milk products my family had consumed at the Dairy Queen that day.

The fax was 3 pages long - detailed descriptions of a dozen hormones and the possible side effects to humans if they were ingested in enough volume. The beef was riddled with testosterone - known to increase aggressive behavior in male as well as female subjects. That helped explain my kids' particularly forward behavior.

One chemical in the milk was designed to increase the size and quantity of milk ducts in the dairy cattle. Maybe that was the reason Debbie's nipples were so huge, I thought - but what about the rest of the girls? Would they be next? The analysis continued - bovine fertility drugs, sperm count enhancers, estrogen...the list went on and on.

Finally, the report said that none of the experimental methods had been approved by the FDA - That they were in serious violation of their standards, as well as those of the EPA, and they posed a health threat to the entire community. The lab had called the Dairy Queen and gotten the name of their beef and milk purveyor - Fertile Valley Farms - and reported them to both agencies.

There would be feds in town within a day's time to investigate. Maggie walked in and saw me reading the fax. She told me the FBI had been at the hospital, asking questions about all the underage girls in the maternity ward. They had apparently discovered that someone in the valley was operating a child pornography site that involved pregnant girls.

That same week, I was to be joined by my cohorts from the welfare department to help sort out the 'problem' in the valley. The place would be crawling with people from 4 different government agencies in a matter of days, and I was up to my eyeballs - right smack in the middle of the 'problem.'

When I got home that night, I couldn't help looking at my daughters, and Peggy - looking for any changes that may be the result of the chemicals I'd read about. I don't think it was my imagination - their nipples were more pronounced - fatter, and longer.

They had a look of lust in their eyes, and they were groping each other - or me - at every opportunity. It was behavior, and physical development consistent with the chemicals listed in the faxed report. The next morning, I awoke to the sound of my pretty wife throwing up in the master bathroom.

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