Fertile Valley
(family, preg, inc, cons, size)
By Jim Davis


I was thankful, that first day in the valley, that our youngest kids were in the back of the van - amusing themselves with gameboys and some coloring books. A 'talk' on the facts of life was not in me at that point. Melissa and Meagan were 8 at the time, and more curious by the day. We had hoped they would have another couple years of complete innocence, but we knew there would be plenty of questions, and a little of that innocence lost with each answer. At least we could put it off for a while. Or so we thought.

Jenny, Julie and Adam stared in a daze at the enormous pregnant child on the billboard. She stared back at us all with a "very proud of herself" kind of grin. The photographer must have been quite a coach. We were all speechless until Peggy reminded me, not too sweetly, that her bladder would give way if I didn't 'get my ass in gear and find her a bathroom'.

Then I noticed a faint smile cross her face as she stared at my crotch. She looked me in the eye and flashed me a knowing grin. There was an erection throbbing in my pants that I became aware of at just that moment. Peggy had been aware of it a little sooner. She was always aware of an erection. Anywhere in her vicinity. My mind was not connected to this event at all-it was a pure animal reaction and I was losing control of it.

All I could do was stare at the swollen pregnant profile of this child whose breasts were impossibly huge. This barefoot child who's little dress was not quite able to contain her abundance. It was no secret to Peggy that the very pregnant female form was a source of excitement for me, and she had used that knowledge to stimulate me on a regular basis for years.

Even after she had called it quits on having babies, she would often point out enormously pregnant women wherever we went. In her own subtle way, she'd nudge me in the side, glance in their direction and then flash that knowing grin at me. She would mention the 'sighting' later in bed and watch me grow the biggest hard-on she could fit inside her.

Peggy could always push all the right buttons and she had found a new one. She reminded me again that she needed to pee, which brought me back to earth. There was a little country store about a half mile down the road, right at the edge of town. We had arrived- Hudson and Son Dry Goods-since 1894.

It was the kind of old store with rocking chairs on a big wooden porch and old metal signs hammered all over the weathered boards. It looked a hundred years old. So did the proprietor. He was friendly though, and showed Peggy and the kids the way to the back. The creaky old floors reminded me of my childhood days at the old store in my Mom's little hometown. I felt very warm and secure all of a sudden- this had the quality of home almost. Yet there was something very different going on here. Different and strange.

Fertile Valley had drawn the attention of the federal government for a good reason - the welfare payments and food stamp allotments to this district were swelling - at an astonishing rate. Right along with the population. This trend started over 10 years ago, and I had been sent here to help determine what was responsible for the abnormal explosion.

Their instinct was that it had to have at least SOME genetic explanation, and hence, my selection to assist in solving the mystery. It was a 2-year assignment, and I was one of 5 specialists to be stationed here-the government spares no expense in trying to save money. As I was looking through the old store, a young man in came in, followed by a girl in her early teens, two smaller girls who looked Debbie and Diedre's age then (one 10, the other maybe 11), and a boy around 12 or so.

Even though they appeared to be poor, clad in worn clothing and barefoot, they were strikingly attractive. Their light brown hair and beautifully tanned skin was evidence they spent a good deal of time outside in the sunshine. Their facial features were remarkably alike. Almost like clones - but of a different gender and age. If I thought something was strange before, these people confirmed my suspicions.

There was indeed something very different going on here, and this family was doing its part to help the population growth. All 3 of the girls were visibly pregnant, at different stages.

Peggy came back from the bathroom and gasped when she saw the youngest one, who was also the furthest along in her pregnancy. She leaned toward me and whispered "My GOD Bill, that kid's no older than Debbie, and look at her... She's... she's HUGE. Look how pregnant she is!! What's going on here?"

Peggy was right. The kid she referred to was barely 4 feet tall, and her belly was so big she had trouble standing up without help. She had an extra large t-shirt stretched so tight across her middle, her belly button stuck out like a huge nipple against the thin fabric. The poor kid looked like she would explode out of the threadbare shirt at any second. As she moved about, she had to steady herself on the tables to keep from falling over.

Just then, the old storeowner made a comment to the younger man, "Lordy Jeb, them young-uns o' yours shore have growed. Looks like yer youngest is fixin' to bust outta her clothes."

"Yep," he replied, "Our little Callie is gettin big huh? Still got a couple months to go. She done good for the Lord. An' my oldest, Jesse here, ain't gonna be far behind her now. Elsie done just got knocked up too, cain't ya tell? We think Homer here done it." (Elsie had a slight bulge to her tummy, but nothing like her sisters. Her breasts, however, were considerably larger - a detail that was not overlooked by Peggy.)

"That kid's tits are bigger than MINE are, Bill!!" she whispered excitedly. Peggy was just shaking her head at this point in complete disbelief.

Jesse, the oldest girl blushed, looked down at her blossoming tummy and swiveled her hips. She had on the shortest cut-offs I'd ever seen. Her butt cheeks hung out of them. They were unzipped halfway down to her crotch, and her pregnant belly spilled out over the waistband. Her halter- top did little to hide the expanse of flesh bulging out over her shorts. She looked to be about 6 months along. Homer and Elsie disappeared all of a sudden, and I glanced around to make sure all my kids were accounted for. They were all chewing or drinking something.

My oldest girls were downing their favorite- diet sodas and Diedra and Debbie were fighting over the only bottle of spring water left in the store - they each seemed to be getting their share so I went back to observing the locals. That youngest kid had my attention and she knew it.

She smiled at me and propped both her hands at the small of her back - the position that very pregnant women assume when they're trying to keep their balance. It seemed like such a natural thing to her - like she'd had a lot of practice at it. It also made her belly stick out hugely in front of her. I began to think about how this little girl came to be so pregnant. And by whom?

In a lot of cases I'd studied, pregnant girls this age were put in that condition by a relative - a CLOSE relative. And many times, not by their own choosing. I assumed her father-the young man in the store with us was responsible for his little girl's condition. When he mentioned she had "a couple of months to go" I began to wonder how many babies she was carrying. The kid already looked like she could give birth any second.

I did not detect that anyone was ashamed of it in any way - it was as though they were all very proud of what they had accomplished, and they didn't seem to care who knew it. Peggy's punch at my arm reminded me where I was and what we were supposed to be doing here, so I returned to the real world again. Dammit. I hadn't made it to the bathroom yet, so after Peggy and the kids had taken care of business, I made my way to the back.

When I reached the bathroom door I noticed a back porch on the old store through a small window. I heard some activity out there. Giggling mostly, and what sounded like a chair moving around on the old wooden floor, then some banging on the wall. I got closer to the window at this point as my curiosity continued to get the better of me. I heard a slap all of a sudden, and more giggling.

"Homer, you keep that thang away from me, you hear!! Ain't you done enough already? I don't want no more of yer young-uns in me." I could tell it was the other two kids I'd seen inside. As I moved closer to the window I saw the two kids on an old bench. Elsie was sitting on the boy's lap, facing him, and Homer had his forearm stuck up between his sister's breasts. The girl had quite a pair, as we'd noticed in the store, and her brother's arm was swallowed between them. I could tell from there she was quite a bit larger than my wife, who had grown to a DD-cup from all her pregnancies.

"Let's just do it like this, OK?" The little girl was trying to reason with the boy. Then I saw something strange-I was moving even closer now. The girl wrapped her hands around the boy's arm between her breasts and started pulling on it. This was weird, I thought. First the girl, who's pregnant already, tells her brother she 'don't want no more young-uns in her', then she starts playing with his arm. Who's been telling these kids about the birds and bees?

I finally got up right next to the window and kept at an angle where they couldn't see me. Then my jaw dropped again. That wasn't his arm she was pulling on!! Both these kids, each in their own way, were extremely well endowed. Homer's 'thang' WAS as big as his forearm. The kid was hung like a fucking horse. No wonder the little girl wanted to just 'do it like this.' He was bucking his hips pretty fast, jamming his big dick up between his little sister's tits. She mashed them together with her arms and yanked on the head of his huge prick for him with her little hands.

"Ya gonna squirt on me Homer? Come on now. I know you like it on my big ole titties." God, this kid was a pro I thought. She was working her brother over good. Hell, she was about to make ME come. The boy's face twisted up and I could see he was losing it as his sister continued to pump her hands up and down the shaft of his huge prick. Damn I mumbled, and Peggy thought I was hung.

This kid made me feel like a little boy as he let go a big wad of cum on his sister's face. It bounced off into her hair and some of it dribbled onto her tits. She moved back a little and aimed his second load right AT her tits. He splattered them. And I mean SPLATTERED. The little girl was covered in cum and she started rubbing it in all over her big chest and giggling.

"Ya see, I TOLD ya it would be fun - ya don't always have to stick it in ya know." The boy had a big shit-eating grin on his face-obviously satisfied by his sister's manipulation. With a good bit of willpower, I dragged myself into the bathroom, raging hard-on and all, and took a leak.

I was DYING from having watched all that, but didn't have time to "relieve myself" in any other way than I already had. It really was time to get back to reality, but the distractions around the town were proving to be pretty hard to ignore.

We had given ourselves plenty of time to make my first meeting-more of an orientation to the area than anything, but I didn't want to be late. I knew we'd better get going. I found the rest of my troop waiting for me-not too patiently-in front of the store. Adam and Peter had their faces glued to the window watching the two sisters inside the store. Peggy pried them loose and gave me a little grin as we loaded up in the van. I think she knew I'd been up to something.

We pulled up at the hotel-one of 3 in an area of 25,000 population. I guess they don't get many visitors, I thought. It was clean enough, and had a little meeting room where we were greeted by a local health department official, (Jimmy Pickens) a nurse from the hospital, (Maggie Johnson) and a state welfare case worker (Trudy Wilson). Peggy went to the registration desk to get the family settled into our rooms, and I met with the folks I would be working with at least for now. The feds hadn't made it in yet.

They were all pleasant enough with no distinguishing features, except for the nurse. An attractive brunette in her late 20s, Maggie was about to pop the buttons off her uniform. A pair of swollen breasts and a visibly bulging tummy announced that she too, was pregnant. I guess she wanted to get the last few weeks wear out of her regular uniform, but she was really pushing it at that point I thought.

I couldn't help bringing up what we had seen on the way into town - the billboards, the GIRL on the billboard, and that family of young pregnant girls at the store. My curiosity was driving me mad-this place had me confused, as no scientist should be and I wanted some answers. I asked Jimmy about the billboards first.

"Oh... THAT," he said. "It's a problem. Our biggest problem. We got some real religious people 'round here I'm afraid. There's this preacher that has a following. A BIG following. Like in half the county - that's over 12,000 now and there's no end in sight. See, he's got these people believing you have to do everything by the book - exactly like it's written in the bible.

"They do whatever he tells them - and he tells them, that according to the bible, they have to do everything possible to have as many children as they can to spread the word of the lord. When he says everything, he means EVERYTHING. He preaches that any two people capable of creating a new life has a command from god to do that.

"When he says any two people, he means family members, co-workers, teachers, ANYBODY and at any age. I happened in on one of his sermons one Sunday and it scared me to death - the results of what he preaches are straining our capacity to provide even the most fundamental health care to these people."

I was beginning to get the picture here, or at least part of it the numbers still didn't add up though. The population increases were even higher than what Jimmy's scenario would suggest-unless his estimate of the churches followers was very low. He felt pretty sure about the numbers though, and for a little community agency he had done a pretty good job of collecting information on anyone who had used public health services.

In a town like this, where 88% of the population lived below the poverty line, that was just about everybody. Maggie the nurse had been twirling her hair with her fingers and looking at me like I was a piece of meat, while Jimmy told his tale of woe about the preacher and the fate of public health in Fertile Valley. I had an amusing thought about what Peggy would do to Maggie if she'd been there. She would have that woman's eyes in her fingernails right now. Maggie let go of her hair and slowly pulled her shoulders back to stretch, as she smiled at me and then glanced down at her bosom.

She practically popped a button on her blouse as the material stretched across the fullest part of her breasts. There were huge gaps near the middle buttons where I could see straight in to her enormous bra. She knew this I thought-why else would she continue to wear the uniform? I maintained my composure somehow as Trudy the welfare worker relayed something she had overheard two little girl's talking about at the free clinic.

These kids are sitting there, can't be a day over 10 and one of them says, "Preacher told me it was time for me to do the lord's work. He found out I was havin' my periods from Mama, and I said was to get myself all prettied up an sit in Daddy's lap and rub myself on him... my butt he said... he told me to rub my butt on Daddy's lap and that would make Daddy happy and we could do the lord's work then. Then he told me I was startin' to get my breeding shape and that would get my daddy excited."

The other girl sat there wide eyed, and finally said, "He must be talkin' about them titties you got, Jenny. What did yer daddy do?" Trudy said she was about to go into shock when she heard this, and the girls quit talking when they noticed her interest.

"I can only imagine what that kid's daddy did," she said. "The one doing the talking looked like a fully developed woman with the face of an innocent child. And I mean FULLY developed. In fact, she could have already been pregnant at the time. Her breasts were incredibly swollen. At the time, I'd never seen anything like that before on a kid that age, but now I see girls like that all over town."

"Very interesting," I said. It was about all I could muster. As embarrassed as I was about feeling that way, I had a hard-on that was about to break through my pants listening to all this. I relayed our experience at the store, and my surprise at the remarkable resemblance that family shared. I stopped short of telling them about the two kids on the back porch and their... ahem... abundance of male and female development. I was still in shock over it.

Maggie finally put in her two cents worth, "We see it all the time in the emergency room...and it's gettin' worse I think. The whole family comes in, and there'll be 3 or 4 pregnant girls - identical triplets or quads it looks like - all fixin' to drop a litter like themselves. I think it's all the inbreeding that Preacher talks about - we blame it on him."

So, the multiple births are what's driving the birth rate up so high - that would explain the size of the girls bellies I'd seen, but how did THAT happen I wondered. And what about the staggering bust development on these girls, and that HORSE of a boy? It all had to figure in somehow, along with the sexual tension that was as strong as static electricity in January. Everywhere we went.

I knew we weren't going to solve it tonight. I was tired, I was horny, I needed my wife and I needed some sleep. Most of all, I needed some time to figure all this out. I had a mandate from the feds to improve this situation with the reward being a lot of notoriety and the promise of future research projects. It was an exciting time for me. And it was a confusing time for me. Peggy had the kids settled in their rooms and she was relaxing on the king size bed in front of the TV in our room.

Our own room. What a relief to have some privacy after the long trip and doubling up in hotels along the way. I got an instant erection when I saw Peggy sitting up in bed in her bra and panties. It began to crawl down my pants leg, bulging it out obscenely - a sight that drove Peggy over the edge even after all these years. She had a weakness for big dicks, which she confessed to me long ago, with details of how many she'd had and what size they were. She maintained mine was the 'whopper' she would cherish for the rest of her life, and she sure made a believer out of me-year after year- she still can't seem to get enough of it.

"After all you've seen today honey, I guess you'd have to be in a coma not to be hard right now huh?" Peggy was grinning - that knowing smirk of hers that reminded me she could read me like a book. "You're a dirty old man Billy, a dirty old man with a big fat prick." She started giggling. I was about to dive on top of her when she patted the bed next to her and motioned for me to sit down there. I tugged my trousers off over the raging boner she inspired and she gasped when she saw how hard I was. I'll have to admit it had been years since my prick had reached that size.

"Oooo, I think my Billy's all excited about those big pregnant girls, huh?" GOD she could be so indulgent of my turn-ons. "They sure were pregnant, weren't they, sweetie? And they sure were stacked too, huh? Don't lie to Peggy now - that turned you on, didn't it? Those little girls with their big fat tits and their pregnant bellies bulging out of their clothes got my Billy all horny." She had her fist wrapped around the head of my prick at this point; gently tugging at it then she picked up the pace, and turned up the heat on her little dialogue.

"I bet you were thinkin' about those little girls getting fucked, weren't you, Billy? Moving their little butts like minks up and down on a big fat prick until it pumped them full of cum, huh?" She was about to push me over the edge any second, and she just kept turning up the heat. "That kid on the billboard is driving you crazy right now, I bet. Peggy wants you to remember what her tummy looked like poking out of that little dress. That's it baby, Peggy wants Billy to cum, OH... cum on baby... cum for mama..."

She did it. In record time. Peggy had me spewing cum all over the bed, all over her, and all over the headboard before it was over, and then she sat there with this GRIN. "I believe my man feels better now huh? Peggy wants a nice LONG time with her baby later, so I wanted to make you happy right now. Are you happy baby?" I was in heaven, and I told Peggy so.

We chatted about the trip, and what little I had learned so far, and I watched as my wife hung on every word. She had always been fascinated with my work, and was quite adept at understanding it. Now I think it was turning her on. She saw the effect it had on ME and she loved it. Just then she brought up a subject a bit closer to home-two of our daughters. The middle ones Diedre and Debbie. (Dee an' Deb we called them).

"I hate to spring this on you at a time when your mind is busy on so much else Bill, but there's something we're gonna have to adjust to, and it looks like we may be adjusting quickly." I begged her to just spit it out. She did. "Well, you remember when you were wondering if your great grandmother's recessive genes would ever show up in our girls?" (Peggy held her cupped hands out about a foot in front of her chest to illustrate the recessive genes she was talking about, and which great grandmother they belonged to.)

"Those genes showed up, Billy. BOY did they show up. And what a time for it to happen. HERE of all places. But don't you worry about it - there's nothing we can do about it anyway. I just wanted to warn you." Peggy started rubbing my crotch like she was petting a kitten, and soon began to work her magic again.

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