Fertile Valley
(family, preg, inc, cons, size)
By Jim Davis


"Boy, did WE have a hectic day, how about you sweetie? Did you remember to get my aspirin? My head is killing me." Peggy had her arms round my neck and gave me a little kiss on the lips. I told her the pharmacist had been really nice and gave me some from his bulk supply. I hadn't even looked at the bottle, but he'd gone to the trouble of labeling it. ULTRA STRENGTH ANALGESIC TAKE 1 OR 2 EVERY 4 HOURS FOR PAIN.

"Wow, these are biggest pain pills I've ever seen - I hope they do the trick. I think I'll take 2 just to be sure I'm good company for my baby tonight." Peggy downed them and sat on the bed next to me. "I have a surprise for you, but maybe I should wait till later. The kids are probably hungry and I don't want to start anything we can't finish. Besides, this headache just WON'T go away.

I took two aspirin the desk clerk gave me over an hour ago, and it's still hanging on. I better try another one of those pain pills just in case." I knew Peggy had something up her sleeve, and I wasn't letting her off the hook that easy. "It's not like you to tease your poor husband like that," I said. "You tell me right NOW what this surprise is, you little minx." She gave me one of her smirks and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her loose blouse.

"I don't quite understand this Bill, but your little wifey is having herself a bit of a growth spurt." She kept unbuttoning, slowly, as she smirked at me again - one button at a time until her blouse was open. "I guess you wanna see what I'm talking about, huh?"

Peggy took her blouse off and locked her thumbs under the shoulder straps of her bra - right above the cups. She yanked up on them causing her tits to wobble like Jell-O. "I've loosened them as far as they'll go, and I'm on the last set of hooks in the back, and well -- as you can see -- there's just too much of me. Look at me, Billy -- I'm bigger than when I was nursing Melissa and Meagan. I thought maybe it was that time of month, but that's two weeks away and I never get THIS big then anyhow."

It wouldn't have taken much to get me excited that night, not after all I'd seen and heard that day. Seeing my wife's tits swollen up like balloons was overkill. I got the biggest hard-on in my recent memory, in about 11 seconds. My heart was racing and my hands were shaking as I stood up in front of her. I looked down at her sitting on the bed and I began to rub my throbbing member.

She looked immense as she sat there spilling out of her bra. My wife had never been close to that size before. I pushed her big tits together then, watching a foot of creamy cleavage bulge out the cups of that inadequate bra she was coming out of. It was more than I could handle. I felt the cum start to surge in my balls - like a volcano was going to erupt out of them.

I pulled my dick out and pumped on it, aiming it straight at my pretty wife's big tits. Then I came. GOD it felt good. Spurt after spurt, I felt it gushing out of my swollen blue balls and splattering all over her big chest. It kept spurting out and some of it hit her chin, dripping down to join the rest as she rubbed it all in. I'd been suffering all day long, and it was finally time - my body had taken over and gave itself what it needed - sweet release.

"Oh my goodness, my baby got all excited over his little wifey's big tits huh? Oh, you poor baby. I guess we better get cleaned up so we can go out and get some dinner. You made quite a mess, sweetie." She grinned up at me as she wiped the cum off her chin.

It felt so good to let go like that, even though it wasn't the fucking I'd planned to give Peggy that night. At least my balls felt better, and we'd have plenty of time later that night. I got hard again just thinking about it. I was going to fuck Peggy's eyeballs out. We showered, dressed and were about to gather the kids when my wife told me I'd better sit down for a minute.

"Honey, I don't want you to worry or be upset about this, but I think I'd better tell you." I hated it when Peggy prefaced anything like that. It was rarely good news. "You've probably been wondering about Dee n' Deb haven't you?" I nodded my head. She noticed the concern furrowing my brow. "Don't worry now Billy, I'm sure they'll be fine -- it's just that -- well -- let's just say I'm not the only one who's experienced some changes today. And -- well -- they have even more company now. We have two more daughters who are -- blossoming rather quickly I'm afraid."

I told Peggy I was relieved to hear that Julie and Jennie finally "sprouted". I told her about their little tirade this morning, and how I was afraid there would be no peace in this family for a while. "We'll deal with it all sweetie, I said - let's just get something to eat and the kids can tell me all about their big day." It was encouraging that something normal had happened. I stood up and started to head toward the door when Peggy stopped me.

"Bill honey, maybe you better sit down and let me tell you the rest of it." What now, I wondered. "I'm sorry to have to tell you this sweetie, but you'll see for yourself soon enough. For Julie and Jenny, it's business as usual in the bosom department. Nothing happening there - I mean NOTHING. And they're none too happy." I'm sure Peggy saw the color drain from my face. I certainly FELT it. I was stuttering then.

"You mean -- Muh... MMeagan -- and -- MMelissa are..." Peggy just nodded. "Bbbut they're not even 9 yet, and they haven't even reached pube -- I mean, they haven't started their menstr..." before I could finish, Peggy looked me in the eye and nodded again -- and again.

"I know it's all too sudden Billy, but maybe you'll come to some findings soon and we can make some sense of it all. There's something HERE doing this, I just know it. In the meantime, try not to stare at them, dear. They've already figured out that men like the looks of their "boobies" as they call them. None of them need any encouragement. We'll have to pay some extra attention to our first born for a while. They look so defeated Bill - it just breaks my heart." Peggy could see I had some questions on my face. She was good at that - and at coming up with the answers.

"I guess you're wondering how big the 'problem' is, huh? Well, I had to buy them all bras today - and I'd say it's a pretty big problem. We were drawing quite a bit of attention from the older boys at school. Even some of the teachers looked a little longer than they should have. Well, we're new to town too, so I guess that was some of it. At any rate, they looked obscene with nothing on underneath." Peggy still wasn't answering my question. She had an annoying way of talking AROUND a subject, giving you bits and pieces before getting to the point. She finally zeroed in on it.

"At one point today I felt like I was in a science fiction movie. They had changed in a matter of hours. It was freaky, Bill. It's stopped now, thank GOD. We bought their bras late this afternoon at a little shop on the square. The woman said you'd stopped in there on your tour of the town. It was the only place that had anything close to fitting them. I could not believe what I saw in there. I was afraid to take the girls in, but I was desperate. At least the other kids were still at school and didn't see it."

"So you found something to fit them?" I finally asked.

"Well, sort of - their clothing and foundations are designed for girls in 'this' condition." Peggy held her arms out 2 feet in front of her abdomen and smirked at me. I told her I knew that and asked her to PLEASE get to the point.

"The point is, Mr. Impatient, that most of the bras were too BIG. Your little girls were loving the whole experience though - they were in heaven trying all those bras on, one after another, right in the middle of the store. We were the only ones in there, so I figured 'what the hell'.

"The shopkeeper said we'd need to measure them since it didn't look like anything there was going to work. She had a new line of altered bras for younger girls who were 'just starting to bloom' as she put it, and thought one of them might work. Their 'GROWING GIRLS' collection would have just the thing she said. Then she asked when our 'little ones' had started to sprout and said, 'They really are adorable Miss, though not quite as 'healthy' as some of the girls out here in the country if you know what I mean.'

"I told her we'd already noticed several young girls who were rather overly endowed and that our children had just begun to sprout since we'd arrived here yesterday. I know she could see the concern in my face Bill, and she tried to put my mind at ease. 'Ma'am, I've seen this happen a lot. It's not all that uncommon, and the girls end up fine and healthy. There is one thing you need to do though - I'd recommend applying a generous amount of this lotion twice a day to avoid serious stretch marks. That's VERY rapid growth and this cocoa butter with soothing emollients will help ease those growing pains. They'll thank you for it later - believe me. I must say that your little ones have made quite a start. Especially these two. I'm glad you're still sitting down, Billy." I looked at Peggy with a question on my face again. Then she saw me answer it myself.

"Peggy, are you telling me that -- Meagan -- and Melissa -- are--" She finished my sentence for me, "They're BIGGER honey - bigger than Dee and Deb by a full cup size. The woman at the store wasn't surprised - she'd seen it before. Nothing seemed to faze that woman. She told me that several times a month she'd have customers come in with a girl who'd outgrown her older sister in the bust, and curiously, they were all about the same age. They were 8 to 9 years old in every case she could remember. I ended up buying 2 each of what she called "Junior A and Junior B cups" for Dee and Deb.

"She said Melissa and Meagan needed 2 each of the Junior B and Junior C cups. They were all a little loose but she told me. From my experience dear, they'll fit fine before you know it. And they'll need the bigger size sooner than you think."

I just shook my head in resignation and looked at my wife. I told her I had even more motivation then to sort out the mystery that surrounded us - especially surrounding the children. As if I hadn't taken on enough already, I had my own children's well being to concern me - not to mention my wife's. Peggy said it was time to go eat. I never argued with her about that.

"Let's gather the kids honey - we'll have a fun dinner, maybe go for a little ride. It'll be fine, and you need to let them see you in a good mood, OK?"

I nodded at her and smiled, "OK Peg, you got a deal. No brooding tonight. I just hope we can cheer up Jule and Jen." I felt alright then -- still worried, but alright. Peggy had a way of making me believe that everything would be OK. We went to gather one batch of kids. We'd put Adam and Peter in a room with Meagan and Melissa.

Dee n' Deb were in the other room with Julie and Jen. Our older kids had taken to looking after their younger siblings as well as any responsible adult, and I'd always been so proud of them for that. When we got to the room Meagan and Melissa were in, I lost some of my confidence in Adam, our oldest son. He was sitting on the bed on "his side" of the room playing Nintendo while Meagan, Peter and Melissa were beating each other up over the last bottle of spring water.

"Give it to me, you little turd, it's MINE." Meagan was trying to wrestle the bottle away from her brother. It looked like Melissa had finally given up. She was sitting there pouting with her arms folded under her...BREASTS? My GOD, I'd just listened to Peggy tell me about it but it didn't register. Not really, not until I saw..."

I looked at my wife in shock. My 8-year-old (well, almost 9) daughter was sitting there with -- BREASTS. They looked swollen, bigger than I'd imagined - and on such a little girl. Meagan got the bottle away from Peter and turned it up, chugging every last drop like a drunken wino. The floor of the room was littered with empty bottles of the stuff. It looked like they'd downed most of the case Peggy had bought at the grocery just the night before. I heard Melissa start whining as I glanced around the room wondering why they'd consumed so much of that stuff.

"Mommy it hurts. Look at it... my BRA... I think it's too tight. OUCH! It's pinching me. I wanna take it off! Get it off me, Mommy." Peggy handled it a lot more smoothly than I could have.

"Honey, calm down, we'll go in the bathroom and put the bigger one on."

"But Mommy, this IS the bigger one. What am I gonna do? - they're getting' BIG, Mommy. My boobies are growing again!" Meagan had yanked her little t-shirt up over her bra. There, bursting out the top of her 'child-sized' C-cup brassiere was a pair of swollen TITS. Not 'little mounds' like I'd seen on Dee and Deb. Not the puffy little 'buds' associated with the onset of puberty, but TITS.

Meagan made eye contact with me - and more. She sensed something in the way I looked at her, I could tell, and she gave me an impish little smile. An accomplished little smirk that said: 'I'm very pleased with myself, and I see you are too.'

I'd never felt stronger chemistry before, even with a grown woman - not even with the mother of my children. Meagan kept her gaze fixed on me for a minute, then she looked down at her bulging young chest and pushed her tits together with her forearms. She smiled up at me again.

"See how big I am, daddy? I have BIG boobies. They're getting' bigger too!" Then she giggled and hefted them with her little hands, looking down once again at her absurdly swollen bosom.

I had to turn around before the child (or Peggy) saw me. She'd given me a hard-on like I couldn't believe. I could feel the blood rushing into my prick like someone had pressed the plunger on a big syringe connected to it. I hoped she didn't know or understand what she'd just done, but I was afraid she understood EXACTLY what she'd just done. I began to try moving my thoughts to something - ANYTHING else. Out of the blue it hit me - like a ton of bricks.

The blood rushed out of my dick as quickly as it had rushed in. I don't know what possessed me to do what I did next. A bigger mystery is why I hadn't done it before. I picked up one of the bottles of water and read everything on the label. I'd seen the slogan, their logo of course, and knew it was a local product. It was something in the fine print that sent me into a state of panic - the stuff with copyrights and trademarks and such.

There in tiny type was part of the answer to my problem: "Bottled and distributed by Fertile Valley Water Co. A subsidiary of Fertile Valley Foods, Inc. - Lucas P. Daniels, Chairman."

It was that fucking PREACHER. And head of the company that bottled the water my children were drinking. The lunatic that wanted every female from 6 to 60 knocked up and spitting out babies like machines. He owned a freaking FOOD company of all things!! My mind was reeling with the implications.

Peggy was watching the blood run out of my face as I finished reading the label. She could feel my panic, I'm sure. I hoped the kids couldn't. I was mad at MYSELF too. How could I not have sensed it? How could I not at least suspect that something my little girls were consuming had caused them to --

Then I remembered - I'd consumed it too -- and Peggy -- no wonder she -- and my innocent little boy Peter. I went back and forth from panic to anger then. When I looked around and counted all those bottles on the floor, the potential damage really hit home. My youngest children had consumed more of this stuff than anyone else in the family. Far more. Of the 24 one-liter bottles in that case Peggy bought, 18 empties were strewn about that room. Cheerfully, I asked Peggy to go next door and check on the rest of the gang, trying not to appear too freaked out in front of my kids.

I whispered in her ear, "If there's ANY of that crap left - pour it in the toilet." I'd seen a bottle with a couple of ounces left in it under a chair. I'd planned to take it before the kids discovered it, and analyze it at the lab the next day.

I told Meagan she could go in the bathroom and get out of that contraption for now and promised that her Mom would see about getting her some new ones in the morning. "Don't you worry about it Pumpkin, get changed and we'll have a nice dinner - whatever you want." She ran over and hugged me, and I handed her one of Peter's dress shirts. "This will do for now." "But DAD -- " she said.

"I know it's a boy's shirt sweetie, but wear it just tonight OK?" While Meagan was in the bathroom, I cornered Melissa and Peter: Kids, "this is important. I want you to tell daddy how much of that water each of you drank. Now you're not going to get in any trouble, and everything's fine, so just tell me the truth." Peter offered the first answer while Melissa absently rubbed her growing breasts.

"Well Dad, it was kinda tough, you know, getting' much of it at all. They were always fightin' over it so I went over to Dee and Deb's and stole some o' theirs. I guess I had 3 or 4 bottles of it."

"OK," I said, "let's say that's 4 out of the 18 bottles I see here. Melissa honey, tell daddy how many you had."

"Well, like Peter said, we were always fightin' over it and that greedy little PIG Meagan ended up stealing most of mine this afternoon. It's really GOOD too daddy - and I didn't get my share. I only got 5 or 6 of 'em maybe - I think I should get Meagan's share next time." Oh great, I thought.

I'd have to explain why they couldn't have any more, and I'd have to do it without scaring them half to death. Like I was scared half to death of what the stuff had already done to us.

Doing some quick arithmetic, Peter and Melissa had 9 or 10 bottles between them. That left a balance of 8 or 9 empties in that room - allegedly consumed by one top heavy little Meagan. If there was a direct correlation between their bust expansion and the amount of water they consumed, one of my little girls was going to end up a very BIG girl indeed.

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