Fertile Valley
(family, preg, inc, cons, size)
By Jim Davis


After all those kids had eaten for lunch - and all those milkshakes they'd inhaled - they weren't very hungry, so I decided to see if the hotel could get a pizza delivered for my oldest kids and me. I knew we'd better get an extra one in case the others got hungry later. We got the young man at the front desk to take care of it and Peggy and I went back to our room. I thought the kids would be OK by themselves for a while - after all, Peter had blown his wad all over Meagan just a few minutes earlier.

What could happen, right? When we got back to the room, Peggy noticed something sticking out of the pocket in my lab coat. I'd tossed it on a chair in my haste to jump on her earlier. It was the video tape I'd picked up when I was snooping around at the community center. Peggy walked over to check it out. "What's this Billy... oh... it looks like a tape... did you rent us a movie?" I stammered a bit... "Well... it's... uh... well not exactly dear." I decided to just let her find out for herself.

"Let's see what we have here - what's this? It says 'Daddy's Pregnant Pumpkin - Melanie at Nine Months' Why Billy... aren't YOU the naughty boy. Have you been watching dirty movies without me? I had no idea this kind of stuff even...where on earth did you find...it says this girl is only...Billy, is this for real?" Peggy could tell I was embarrassed. But when I told her where I found it, and what was going on there, I aroused more than curiosity in my wife. Our room had a VCR, and Peggy was dying to see what was on the tape.

"I think some of these things are all hype Billy. Let's just see how knocked up this little bitch is."

Peggy hadn't seen what I saw in those rooms - I guess I couldn't blame her for being skeptical. She stuck the tape in the VCR and started it. There was some narration at the start, and footage of a beautiful mountain valley. The footage could have been anywhere, but it looked an awful lot like FERTILE valley. The narrator spoke in soothing tones: "Let us take you back home to the hills, where life is simpler.

"There's none of the hustle and bustle of city life for the folks here. Not much business - very few jobs. Not a lot of recreation to speak of. Folks here just live off the land - barely getting by on their crops, and a little help from Uncle Sam. People pretty much keep to their families here - there's a lot of togetherness back home in these hills - and that makes for VERY interesting results now n' again. Especially for you fans of girls...as we say... 'in the family way.'

"Girls like little 9 year old Melanie - the star of our show. She and her daddy figured they'd 'fool around' one day- you know - have a little family fun. That was 9 months ago, and little Melanie has grown a bit since then. Seems like daddy left a little something in her belly that got very VERY big. What you're going to see is every swollen inch of this child's EE-normous pregnant body. So without further ado, here she is folks...just days before delivering two healthy, strapping baby boys."

Peggy and I were standing there with our mouths open listening to the narrator, and the scene suddenly switched to a room with a bed, a chair and a couple of tables. It was one of the conjugal rooms at the community center! I recognized the furniture and the cinder block walls. The room was empty, and we could see every inch of it - corner to corner. They must have equipped the camera with a wide-angle lens to capture everything - wherever it happened. Then the door opened, and in walked Melanie.

She moved toward the camera, looking straight into it. (It was obvious she thought there was a mirror on the wall.) She smiled, and looked down at her chest. She was close to popping the buttons off her sun dress. It was stretched so tightly across her swollen tits that her cleavage came bursting out over the top, and there were big gaps between the buttons where the material had pulled apart.

The girl's father entered the room and sat on the bed behind her. Melanie began to unbutton the top of her dress. She seemed relieved to be rid of the material that confined her big breasts. They burst into view then - the buttons were barely keeping her top closed. Melanie looked at herself and smiled again. "Looks like mah titties done got too big for this here li'l dress Pa. It feels good to be outta that thang. Now I gotta git this big ole BRA-zieere off me. Help me with it Pa."

The kid's father walked up behind her - well, limped would be a better word. His prick had grown so big he couldn't walk straight. He reached down under her tits and hefted them in his big hands - pushing them together and causing a foot of cleavage to ooze out the top of Melanie's big bra. Then he reached behind her back and undid the hooks. The band snapped forward when he got the hooks undone, and the child's breasts came tumbling out. They bounced and wobbled atop her big bloated belly for what seemed like 5 minutes.

"Help me unbutton the rest of my dress, Pa. I cain't reach 'round my belly to the front ones - you done got me too swole up with young-uns." She turned to the side then, offering a profile to the camera. I gasped at the sheer size of the child's VERY pregnant belly. The man moved around in front of her. He smiled down at his daughter's swollen middle, obviously proud of what he'd accomplished. "Yep, looks like Pa done knocked you up good darlin'. You shore 'nuff got a belly on ya."

They were right - she was so huge, there was no way her arms would reach around to the front of her. The man unbuttoned her dress then, starting right under her tits where her belly began the curve outward. As he went lower, button after button, he peeled the dress away from her bloated tummy - parting it down the middle - exposing more and more of her ripe young pregnant body. It billowed outward further and further as the buttons opened one by one - that big pregnant belly completely overwhelmed her.

When he got to her belly button, I thought I would lose it. The damn thing was HUGE - and it stuck out like a giant nipple. The dress hit the floor. Standing in profile to the camera, the child ran her little hands over the sides of her swollen middle. She reached as far out in front as she could and absently scratched her belly - the damned thing bulged out two feet in front of her.

Peggy had to sit down in front of the TV, before she fell over from shock. I was a little wobbly-kneed myself, so I sat down next to her on the bed. She gaped at the screen for a minute, unable to speak. 'Well, that shut HER up', I thought to myself. She finally had something to say:

"My God in heaven Billy...will you look at the SIZE of that...that little GIRL...that girl and her...look at the size of the BELLY on that kid! Is she knocked-up or what...why she's ...she looks like she's pregnant with a fucking MULE. Dear God Billy...she's so young, and... so PREGNANT. What if Meag... what if Melissa and Debbie and Dee... dammit Billy I'm scared. "

I understood my wife's fear all too well, but as I looked upon the very ripe pregnant body of that ENORMOUS knocked-up 9-year-old, I could only respond in one way. I'd become so excited, so quickly, that I flooded the entire leg of my pants with cum. I came on myself like a fire hose had gotten loose in my trousers - just sitting there looking at that kid's huge tummy - and those TITS - and that belly button! She looked like a fertility goddess.

Bulging...ripe...SWOLLEN with child.

Peggy couldn't believe how strongly I'd responded to the image before us. "Well I guess I know what gets YOU all hot and bothered now - you bad boy. I do believe my Billy's developed an interest in the younger generation - do I have that right? Did you go to the web site where they have more of this stuff Billy? Hmmm? Has my horny husband been hanging out at knocked-up-young-uns.com? Looking at a bunch of pregnant little girls?"

Obviously, Peggy had read every word of the label on the tape. I was busted - but instead of anger on her face, she just sat there smirking at me. She'd always been indulgent of my turn-ons, but I'd just cum on myself after watching a 9-year-old - a girl no older than our own sweet daughters. Her behavior was curious to say the least - I think she got off on it - got off on seeing me reduced to animal lust over that pregnant little girl. Still, there were some motherly instincts left in Peggy.

"I guess I better keep a close eye on you around OUR little girls, huh Billy? What if Meagan comes up and rubs those big tits of hers on you? Just what would you do? Huh Billy? Our daughter has a big ripe pair on her Billy - a nice BIG pair of bosoms. And they're just going to get bigger - you know it and I know it. Your other little girls are too Billy - they're getting bigger every day.

Meagan has me worried though - I've seen the way she looks at you - and I've seen the way you look at HER Billy. And that bare midriff she's been sporting? It's just for you Billy - she caught you staring at her big fat belly button the other day - you know what I'm talking about, don't you? It's always been twice the size of a normal child's - and it looks obscene the way it sticks out like that. I've seen your prick swell up when she's around Billy - don't you think I notice these things?"

Peggy had paused the tape then. I could tell she wanted to talk to me about the situation, and Melanie's father was just about to unzip his jeans for the camera. I was sure she'd want to see THAT part later, when I was fresh and full of cum again. I told Peggy I understood her concern, but that I would just tell Meagan to stop, and behave herself. Like I had earlier that day. "She listens to me when she knows I'm serious honey," I assured her. Peggy started to giggle then.

"Yeah right, Billy. I can just see it now. Day after day, she comes home from school, and you from work. Her little blouses are getting tighter, and she gets hornier by the hour from those birth control pills. She bounces around the house without a bra on. She sits in your lap and plants a big wet kiss on your mouth. She grinds her young pussy on your pants leg, making your big dick throb and pulse so hard you cum on yourself. How long do you think that's going to last? - how many times are you gonna tell her to behave herself before you break down Billy - Huh?"

Peggy had a point - to add credibility to it, my dick had grown hard again just listening to her talk about it. In my heart I knew she was right, but in my mind, I still felt that I could deal with my daughter. Our pizzas had arrived, and everybody was hungry again by then - even though most of them had consumed two days worth of calories at lunch. As we ate the pizza, I thought about all the cheese on it, but I figured what the hell, we couldn't starve could we? And nobody had keeled over dead yet.

The younger kids attacked their slices as if they hadn't eaten in week. They were moaning over how good it was. "Mmmm, this is like ...so delicious... I just love it mommy," Meagan said. The others grunted approval, as they chowed down on the pizza. It was gone in less than five minutes. I began to wonder if my kids would get fat from eating so much - but then, that was the least of my worries. I decided after dinner that I'd get some samples of the meat, cheese and milk from the Dairy Queen where Peggy and the kids had eaten lunch.

I wanted the lab to analyze the content, searching for traces of hormones and whatever else might affect my family and the rest of the population there. Even a small trace of the wrong hormone can add up - especially in foodstuffs consumed on a daily basis.

There was something else too - (flavor enhancers, maybe?) making this food so irresistible to the kids - I'd NEVER seen them eat like that. Peggy said she'd get Meagan and Melissa to move to our room while I was gone on my mission. She didn't trust them in the room by themselves with Peter. It was just for the two days we had left before we moved into the house - so I figured I'd survive.

It was easy enough to get the samples of food together. I had to go to the hospital and have the courier get them to the lab. While I was there, I stopped in at my own lab to check on things - the rats were all passed out in their cages. Maggie had left the males in with the females. They must have drained their little balls until they lost consciousness.

My computer sat there like a beacon. Calling me to it. I had a high-speed internet connection, paid for by the feds - all in the name of research. I decided to do some research at 'genetic-marvels.com', one of the sites mentioned on the videotape. I was, after all, a genetic scientist. I felt it was my duty to check it out.

On the left-hand side of the homepage was a young boy. They identified him as 'Jimmy Ray', age 10. There were several paragraphs of text under the bold headline "Mother Nature's Special Gift" to the right. The text explained that in certain parts of the country, inbreeding was a common practice. "And there are consequences to that inbreeding" it went on to say. They explained that in some poor rural areas, it had been a way of life for many generations. There was more:

"Our film crews have captured footage that must be seen to be believed. This repeated inbreeding, so rampant in the families we've documented, has produced some rather astounding sexual characteristics in the younger generations. Let's just say Mother Nature went a little overboard here.

"Yes, the young people featured in these films are endowed beyond your wildest dreams - in ALL the right places. And they're driven, like animals in heat, to fuck each other silly. You will drool as you watch Jimmy's little 8 year old sister lick and slurp and suck her way up and down his massive prong - rubbing it all over her sweet face - shoving it up between her swollen young tits. Suzy simply worships her brother's big dick, and she knows what to do with it." The description went on after I hit the link to the next page:

"You'll gasp as he enters her gaping hole - shoving his big horse-cock so far up his sister's pussy he almost splits her open. Your tongue will drag the floor as you watch this boy fuck the living shit out of his sister - jerking her little body up and down on his monster prick like she was a rag-doll." BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE, it said:

For a limited time only - on our BONUS TAPE - you'll get to watch little sister Suzy as her belly swells with her brother's babies. You see, we filmed Jimmy fucking the little girl about a year ago - and month after month, following that very HOT piece of footage, we shot scenes of Suzy's progress. That's right - you'll see little Suzy's pants get tight. Then she won't be able to button them at all. Soon, she'll leave the zipper hanging open - then you'll witness a miracle of transformation."

I guess I knew what was coming next in their description - I had to take my prick out of my pants before I split them open. The head of it was hovering right under my chin after I let it loose - I'd become so excited over this narrative, my prick had swollen so big it was frightening.

As I scrolled down, a picture of Jimmy and Suzy came into view. It was an outtake from the first video - Suzy was on her knees, licking the underside of her brother's prick. Her little hands were wrapped around the middle of his prick - but both of them together could not reach around the fucking thing - his dick was that fat. He was easily 14 inches long - Suzy looked like such a little slut, licking on his big prong.

The next picture showed Suzy with that big prick stuffed up inside her young pussy - it was hard to believe she could take it all - but she had a devilish grin on her face, obviously enjoying it. Her pussy lips were stretched so tight they looked like they would split open at the seams. I scrolled down to yet another shot of her - an obviously PREGNANT Suzy. She'd grown so large, her zipper was hanging open - her bulging belly spilling out of her jeans. The narrative started up again, as my prick began to twitch.

"This is just the beginning of a transformation you will not soon forget. Suzy is only 8 weeks pregnant in this bulging belly shot. You'll watch her swell with each coming week of her pregnancy - you'll see her belly get rounder, fuller - HUGE, as Jimmy continues to stuff every fat inch of his monster up her knocked up hole. Little Suzy gets hornier by the day as her bulging abdomen expands with the growing children inside her - yes, Suzy will be the proud mother of triplets at the tender age of 8. We follow her swelling pregnancy all the way to labor day - you simply will NOT believe the size of this child as she enters the delivery room. ORDER NOW."

Well, they didn't offer a shot of Suzy at nine months gone - that would have cut down on tape sales I guess - or maybe it would have increased them. At any rate - they got to me. I had my credit card out before I knew what hit me, and I ordered the damn thing as I ogled Suzy's tummy bursting out of those jeans. I heard the door to my lab open.

Had I been THAT forgetful - leaving the damn door open? I scrambled to stuff my prick in my pants and close the window in my browser when I heard a familiar voice: "Relax mister, it's just li'l ole me." Maggie had a key to the lab, and had let herself in. She walked over to my computer station and leaned over my shoulder to see what was on the screen - mashing her tits into me.

"Oh my goodness, just what does my favorite scientist have here? Doing some genetic research I see? Genetic-marvels.com, huh? Now I wonder what's so interesting about this site?" Maggie reached around my right side for the mouse, squashing her entire chest into me then. She scrolled down to another shot of a pregnant Suzy getting stuffed with Jimmy's cock.

"Now I see - Billy's been a bad boy - looking at naughty pictures of knocked up little girls. Ooo...this one's getting FUCKED, and fucked good. Jesus Billy, that kid's bigger than YOU are - my GOD that's the biggest fucking DICK I've ever seen in my life. What do they say made him so HUGE?" I told Maggie they claimed it was all the inbreeding that turned these kids into freaks of nature, then drove them to do nothing but fuck all the time. Maggie was reading the part about the bonus tape and commented on the little girl then:

"I see where all that fucking got HER, huh Billy? That's what's got your attention - I know you mister - you wanna see that girl's belly the day she delivers - all swollen to bursting with those 3 babies in her tummy. She will be ENORMOUS Billy. Just like I'm gonna be soon. I'll make that kid look like a shrimp, sweetie - you know that? Ooo, I think all this talk about big pregnant bellies is making Billy VERY horny - maybe Maggie needs to make Billy feel better."

I knew that was coming - Maggie had been rubbing her tits on me the whole time she was looking over my shoulder at the screen. I could feel them swell as she mashed them on me - I knew she was horny. She let go of the mouse and reached for my throbbing prick. She jerked the head of my dick for a minute, then spun the chair around so we were facing each other.

She got on her knees in front of me and started jacking me off with both her hands. I couldn't take my eyes off Maggie's tits. Her uniform had grown even tighter that day, and her tits simply OOZED out the top of it. She had to leave the top 3 buttons open she'd gotten so big. Her belly had swollen to the point she had to leave a couple buttons open there too. She was about to pop out of that uniform.

"Ooo, I think I'm gonna climb in your lap and stick this THING of yours in my pregnant little twat. Oh God, I'm so WET Billy - you make me so HORNY. I don't have any panties on - see?" She'd hiked her skirt up to show me her glistening pussy. Maggie was dripping, sopping wet alright - her juice was running down her thighs and my big dick slid into her like she was greased with butter. Maggie was bouncing up and down on my prick so fast then, she looked like a blur in front of me.

She looked more pregnant than ever - her big belly mashing into mine as I fucked the daylights out of her. She grabbed the back of my head then and pulled me into her bloated breasts - smothering me with all her bulging tit-flesh. I slobbered all over her cleavage like a madman - rubbing my face over every inch of her fat pregnant bosoms.

She lost control of herself as my dick ran in and out of her pussy - her hair was flying in every direction, and she started moaning and panting. "Oh, God...FUCK me Billy...oh, I was hoping you'd come back here tonight - I wanted to fuck you so BAD...oh Billy, GIVE it to me... shove that big fucking DICK in me...I wanna make you CUM in me!"

The way Maggie was moving, she'd get her wish very soon - I didn't last long. I came and came and CAME inside her until it gushed out of her pussy, running out onto the chair seat under us. That was quite a workout, and Maggie looked so pleased with herself afterward.

"You really just can't resist a big ole pair of tits and a swollen tummy can you Billy?" She giggled like a little girl then. "Maggie's gonna get so big for you... I'm gonna to drive you right out of your mind with my big pregnant body. That's right Billy - I'm getting more pregnant every day - I can SEE it. I can feel it too - I'm swelling like a balloon - bigger Billy. My belly is getting HUGE baby. I'm going to have a belly FULL of babies bulging out in front of me. Right in front of YOU - every day you come to work."

Maggie was such a tease - I thought about what she'd said that night, and for days afterward. That is, when I wasn't thinking about Meagan and her expanding chest. It was hard to avoid thinking about Meagan - since she and Melissa were staying in the room with Peggy and me. I'd see her in her little flannel pajamas - her breasts about to pop the buttons off the top - her widening hips and plump round butt about to split the seams on the bottom.

She needed a bigger pair already, and Peggy had just bought those pajamas a week earlier. I would drift off now and then, lost in a fantasy over how big my daughter's tits would get. Meagan caught me going off into the ozone one day while I was propped up at the headboard, sitting in bed - I guess she could tell I had a far away look in my eye. I heard her all of a sudden, as though she was calling me from a distance.

"Daddy, what are you thinking about? You look like you're not even here."

When I came back to reality, Meagan was sitting at the foot of the bed looking at me. Peggy had left me alone with her while she and Melissa went to the store. The child was smirking, as she looked down at her chest. My pretty little daughter sat there, braless, in a skimpy tank top stretched across her swollen tits. She gently rocked her shoulders, causing her bosoms to bounce and wobble around inside the top.

"You aren't thinking about THESE are you daddy? - My boobies? They're pretty, aren't they daddy? - see how big they're getting?"

I just sat there with my jaw hanging open while she started to giggle. Then she shook her tits from side to side for me, looking me right in the eye with a big smirk on her face. "I know you like 'em daddy - you stare at 'em just like Peter does - with this funny kinda' look on your face."

I promised Peggy I'd be firm with Meagan, but as I sat there looking at her, my prick began to twitch like a snake with its head cut off. Meagan was staring at it as she began to mash her tits together from the sides. She tugged on her nipples - twisting and pulling on her fat rubbery areola till they were big around as doorknobs. She was grinning from ear to ear.

Then I noticed her bare tummy - her tits stuck out so far, they drew up the bottom hem of the tank top - there was a 6-inch gap between it and the waistband of her panties. She looked like she'd put on some weight in her middle - her tummy looked so plump, it made her belly button poke it bigger than I'd ever seen it. I knew how much she'd been eating, and it turned me on more than it should have to see where the extra weight was deposited.

I felt as though Meagan was torturing me. She grew more voluptuous every day - and I could do nothing but watch. She wobbled around braless in front of me - she teased me and taunted me, knowing how much it turned me on to see her growing bigger. She loved every minute of it - and I could do nothing but watch. I had to put a stop to the madness. I told Meagan she shouldn't dress like that in front of her father - or play with herself like that. I told her she should wear a bra and a shirt instead of that little top - and to put some pants on. She gave me a little pout.

"I can't help it daddy - my bras are too tight and they hurt me. It's 'cause of my boobs - they're getting too big to fit in my bras. I can't button my pants either daddy - my tummy's bigger too. Look...it's making my belly button a real BIG sticky-outie kind...see daddy?" Meagan poked her tummy out at me, and flicked her fingers over her distended navel. My God, it was HUGE - as big as a pregnant woman's, and Meagan wasn't even...

She could see that I was weakened - that I was under her spell, and she took advantage of it. She got on her hands and knees and crawled toward me at the head of the bed. Her breasts swung like cow bells hanging off her chest. She hovered above my left leg - swinging her bosoms - letting her nipples graze across my throbbing prick. I felt powerless to do anything to stop her - powerless to do anything but moan while she rubbed her bloated breasts across my prick. My daughter had a wicked little grin on her face as she watched my dick swell up in my pants leg.

I'd grown so excited I couldn't move - I couldn't even think. I was simply CONSUMED with lust for my little girl and her big tits. Meagan was about to make me cum on myself when Peggy and Melissa got back. Peggy ran over to the bed and grabbed Meagan by the shoulders, pulling her away from me.

"Young lady - you leave your daddy alone - do you hear me? I've told you NOT to do things like that - not with Peter, and certainly not with your father. Daddy belongs to Mommy! - do you understand that? Get yourself dressed and do it NOW Meagan, before you get a spanking you'll never forget."

I'd never seen Peggy so upset with her. I think there was a streak of jealousy developing between my wife and daughter, and I knew I'd have to be careful in the way I dealt with it all. Surely Peggy would take pity on me, and the situation I was in. I hoped she would, anyway.

For the time being she'd kept Meagan at bay, but I wondered how long it would last - how long it would be before Meagan would tempt me again. How long would it take before she succeeded in making me cum all over her, or worse.

The next couple of days passed so quickly, it all seemed like a blur. Peggy was getting the last of the furniture moved into our old farmhouse as I headed off to the lab. I was anxious to get my test results - the chemical analysis of the spring water and those PILLS - the ones dispensed to unsuspecting girls as 'vitamins', and to Peggy and my girls as 'analgesics'.

My hands were shaking that morning as I picked up the first page off my fax machine. I guess I should have known what to expect, but the anticipation was killing me. The spring water analysis came first - there was a list over half a page long of ingredients in the water. Many of them were naturally occurring minerals, but near the bottom were some very long chemical compounds I'd never seen in my life. There were explanations for each of these.

The first was described as "a most complex derivative of opium, found in miniscule traces - could produce a sense of euphoria if consumed on a regular basis - could also act as an aphrodisiac." I guessed that would help explain the behavior of some of the residents of the valley - and my own feelings since ingesting the stuff.

The second compound was described as "a stimulant to the pituitary, structured to expedite and magnify the normal growth associated with individual genetic predisposition." Hmm, I thought - it jump-started the growth process, explaining the early development, but it also magnified what would eventually happen anyway, when nature took its own course.

So, my daughters' breasts were partially the result of my great grandmother's genes after all. They would have had big tits anyway. This chemical just pushed them to the next level - they got bigger, earlier. Same with the penis development - my dad had passed along his genes to me in that department, and I to my son Peter. The chemicals took over where nature left off.

Next was a chemical described as "A facilitator, or delivery system for the other chemical compounds - enabling the deployment of those compounds in a timed release sequence. This could offer weeks, (or months, depending on the volume of ingestion) of systematic delivery of the chemical compounds listed above." So our bloodstreams were like a ticking time bomb - the chemicals would be delivered on a consistent basis for God knows how long. I was beside myself.

What would happen next, I wondered. My youngest children were developing at an alarming rate, and were already attracted to the opposite sex. My daughter was about to drive me to the brink of insanity - teasing me with her blossoming young body. Now that I knew the reason for their overactive libidos - and those of the rest of the inhabitants - it was little consolation. What could I do about it? Precious little, I was afraid.

The next page came through - the analysis of the pills. It confirmed my fears - and worse. They contained large amounts of Pergonal, a popular fertility drug among women having trouble conceiving. The lab added that multiple births were common among less fertile patients using this drug. Among normally fertile women, or girls, the results could be staggering. Along with the fertility drug, this concoction included another aphrodisiac - a stimulant they likened to cocaine. It too had a timed-release architecture - "The gift that keeps on giving", as it were.

So, if I understood all of it correctly, there could be thousands of people out there, (my family included), who were pumped full of drugs that were making them horny out of their minds - their reasoning was clouded by narcotics, they were bursting out of their clothes from growth enhanced by hormones, and the females were so fertile they could populate a small planet in a few years.

I remembered then, that I hadn't even received an analysis of the meat and milk yet - it would be several days before I'd find out. They could prove to contain ingredients that worked in combination with the others to produce even MORE staggering results - maybe on a whole new age group. It was truly frightening to consider the possibilities.

I thanked my lucky stars that Peggy had the foresight to put the girls on birth control. They'd started school that week, and we couldn't watch every move they made. We knew how horny they were - we'd witnessed that already, and it scared us to death. As the days went by, our little girls began to exhibit some of the side effects from the birth control pills - the ones that Maggie had warned me about. As if they needed to be any bigger in the bust, or any hornier than they already were.

On top of everything else that had happened, it seemed like a cruel joke - something designed to test the limits of my willpower. To add insult to injury, Meagan was leading the pack. Since that day in the hotel, she was under strict orders from her mother to put a bra on every morning and keep it on all day. Certain developments over those past few days however, made those orders more uncomfortable for my daughter.

Peggy had made the mistake of leaving her alone with Adam and me one Saturday, while she went shopping with the others. Adam retreated to his bedroom, and Nintendo games, as soon than the van pulled out of the driveway. I was stretched out on the couch, determined to catch a nap while things were quiet around our bustling household. But Meagan saw an opportunity, and she seized it. She walked over to the couch and kneeled down in front of me - her chest just inches from my face.

"Daddy, I'm scared...I don't know why it's happening so fast...I gotta show you something...pleeeeze daddy." The child looked like she was almost in tears, so I stroked her hair and asked her what was wrong. She began to unbutton her sleeveless little white cotton blouse. I'd noticed it seemed tighter than usual - it was stretched so far out in front, you could see her bra through the sides of the arm holes - but I thought nothing more of it. I'd finally grown accustomed to her being so big in the bust.

She peeled the blouse away from her chest then, and gestured toward her bra. "Daddy, look at it...look what it's doing to me. It hurts so bad - and mommy won't let me take it off."

Meagan had pulled the shoulder straps out as far as they would go - they were barely connected at the cups - yet they dug deeply into her shoulders, and the fleshy tops of her breasts. The cups themselves dug into the middle of her bosom, right above her areola, causing her breast flesh to literally burst out over the top. I looked beneath her breasts at the under-wire, and saw several inches of bosom oozing out there as well. That HAD to be painful. She pleaded with me then...

"Daddy, please help me...please unhook this thing...it's so tight, and I'm so BIG... it's HURTING me daddy." She removed her blouse completely then, and turned her back to me. "Pleeeze daddy...I promise I'll be good...just take it off me!"

I was trembling as I fumbled with the 4 hooks on the broad body band. I knew Peggy had bought her some new adult bras last week and altered the sides to fit snugly around her back. She'd outgrown the ones designed for busty girls - the ones we'd paid so much for at "Little Miss Maternity".

I had no idea what size she'd just purchased, and I gasped when I pulled the tag out. Meagan's ninth birthday was less than a week away, and she was BURSTING out of a 34"DD-cup brassiere. I shuddered to think what size she'd need to fully accommodate all the tit flesh squeezed into that overflowing bra.

Meagan became impatient as I got only two of the hooks loose - my hands all sweaty and shaking. "What's the matter daddy? Can't you get it all the way undone? Please get me outta this thing!" I twisted and pulled, and finally got them loose - the body band snapping forward like a slingshot.

From behind her, I could see the lower slopes of her big breasts spread out past her ribcage. They bounced and wobbled from side to side before they finally came to rest.

Then she turned around to face me. Meagan's breasts had grown enormous - her areola as wide as the palm of my hand.

"See what I mean daddy? My TITS are HUGE. There's no way they'll fit in that fucking bra." I was shocked to hear those words come out of my little girl's mouth - she'd always referred to her breasts as 'boobies" and we NEVER used the "F word" around the house.

I confronted her: "Meagan, where did you learn that language young lady?" It was just as I suspected: "I learned it at school daddy - this boy told me I had the biggest tits in the whole fourth grade. I asked him if he was talking about my boobies and he said when they get this big they're not boobies anymore - they're TITS. Then he said 'You so big girl, you gonna bust out of that fucking bra.' Is it bad to say that daddy?"

I told her that was not nice language, and she shouldn't repeat it, then I asked her who that boy was. She told me his name was Luke - " It was Luke McCabe daddy, and he's really cute. He said he wanted to play with my tits, but I said no. I want YOU to play with my tits daddy."

Meagan had her hands on her hips, slowly twisting at the waist. Her big bosoms were swaying from side to side. I could feel my eyes glaze over as I watched them - simply mesmerized by the sheer mass of her perfectly formed breasts - a veritable sea of firm young tit flesh - wobbling around right in front of me. Then I felt something else. Meagan had reached over and gently began to stroke my bulging cock. It looked like I had a tree branch inside my pants leg. My daughter knew what had inspired the swelling in my pants, as surely as she knew her name - and she used that knowledge on me.

"There's no use pretending daddy. I already know what happens when boys look at me - and when YOU look at me daddy. I make you excited - and it makes your thingie get bigger. Peter says it feels good when I rub on HIS big thingie, and I know you like it too daddy - I can tell. I know what else you wanna do too. You wanna feel how big and soft and round my TITS are, don't you daddy? I could tell you liked it when I called 'em that. They ARE too big to be boobies anymore. Don't you think so daddy?"

With that, Meagan reached for my right hand and drew it to her cleavage. She pushed her breasts together, squashing my hand between them. "See daddy - don't they feel soft and warm on your hand?" I could do nothing but nod in the affirmative at that point, as my daughter continued to stroke my bulging prick. "Feel me daddy - feel up my big tits while I play with your thingie. I wanna make you squirt stuff all over, like Peter does. I know that makes it all better."

Without a thought in my head, much like a zombie in a trance, my hands found their way to my little girl's big breasts. I felt up every bulging inch of her pillowy young tits - I hefted the undersides, gasping at their weight - I mashed them together, astounded at the cleavage that ran from her neck, halfway to her navel. I buried my face between them - licking and sucking on her nipples and fat rubbery areola. I slobbered all over every inch of her vast bosom as she jerked me harder and faster.

Meagan climbed up on the couch then, and sat on my thighs. She looked down on me over the shelf of her big young breasts. She unzipped my pants and asked me to pull them down. "I wanna take your thingie out daddy - pleeeze. I wanna see you squirt white stuff all over me - all over my big TITS. Oh, daddy, they feel so NICE with all that slippery stuff on 'em." Meagan got everything she wanted that day and more - I was powerless to argue. When my prick was free, she leaned over and rubbed it all over her pretty tits - they'd swollen from all the attention I'd given them.

My God in heaven, I thought to myself - I couldn't believe what I'd done to her breasts just from feeling her up and sucking on them. The effects were not lost on my daughter, as she pointed out to me: "Lookit daddy...look how BIG you made my tits. See what you get when you play with 'em? - you get BIGGER ones daddy. You made me ENORMOUS. Daddy, I know what that does to you - when you see me get real big. I want you to DO it now. You know - squirt on me daddy - squirt that stuff on me - all over these big tits."

Megan had both her hands on my prick - she'd made it so hard with all her teasing that she couldn't even wrap them around it, but she tried - boy did she try. Then she jerked them up and down the entire length of my shaft - she'd gotten me all slippery with pre-cum, and her hands were just FLYING over me. She concentrated on the head then - making quick, short strokes, and rubbing it all over her bulging young breasts. I thought I would simply BURST. She must have learned that from Peter I thought - I knew they'd been 'at it' every time our backs were turned. "Oh daddy, I can tell it's getting bigger - oh! ...look how BIG you are - it's gonna happen now, huh daddy? You're gonna squirt on me now aren't ya?"

The child had developed an uncanny sense about those things. In a few seconds, still under her intense manipulation, I let go with a wad of cum so big it made her jump back - startled like a kitten. It landed squarely on her chest, adorning her big fat nipples. She never let go of me through it all, and delighted in one big spurt after another. I came like a fountain all over my daughter's swollen tits. My gushing finally subsided as she rubbed my softening cock over her wet slippery bosoms - massaging the head of my prick into her enormous areola.

Meagan was very pleased with herself as she sat there looking at me. Some of my cum had landed on her left cheek, and her tits were COVERED in it. She looked so pretty with all that cum dripping off her, and she commented on the volume of it. "Daddy, you were REALLY full of that stuff...look how much of it you squirted - it's all over me. You have LOTS more than Peter does daddy... and your thingie is so much BIGGER."

With that, she began to giggle. "I like making you that big daddy. You must really like my tits huh daddy? I made you squirt so MUCH - I bet you really love 'em - I bet you're gonna love THIS too." She started to lick the cum off her tits then, lifting them up to her mouth and slurping on her own nipples like a baby - rubbing them on her cheeks and her chin. She massaged those big gobs of cum into her breasts like it was cocoa butter - grinning from ear to ear as she looked down at me.

Meagan stroked my prick one last time, then kissed me all over the face. She told me how much fun she had with me, and asked if she could make me feel better again sometime. I think my son had turned his sister into a cum-loving, cock crazy little slut. She knew exactly what she was doing as she worked me over, and she wanted more.

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