Fertile Valley
(family, preg, inc, cons, size)
By Jim Davis


Maggie had managed to bring me back to reality - back from the fantasy I was having over my young daughter's swelling tits - back from the image of her belly so big and pregnant.

It was time to check on the male rats I'd injected with spring water. We suspected what the results would be, but what we found surprised us nonetheless. The rats were going crazy - running around their cages and throwing their bodies against the sides of the little cells. Maggie took pity on them:

"The poor little things - just look at them Bill - they're pitiful. I bet they want to get at those females so bad it hurts." As we got closer, her pity turned to astonishment: "MY GOD, I don't believe it - you have to see this Bill - it...it's frightening!" Some of the male subjects had grown a penis the size of my index finger - their little pricks were bright pink and swollen. Oddly enough, the biggest of the lot were some of the youngest.

Maggie opened a cage and pulled one out, holding him up for inspection. "Look at the SIZE of this thing Bill - he looks like a freak of nature." The prick on the rat Maggie had was even bigger than some of the others. "How is this possible?" she asked. She proceeded to put him in a cage with one of the females. She slammed the cage shut and we watched as the horny little fucker mounted the female, pinning her to the floor of the cage.

He pumped his haunches, shoving that deformed prick in the female. We heard the poor thing shriek as the male forced his way inside her. It was not a sound of pleasure. The whole process was over in about 30 seconds, and the male retreated to a corner of the cage. Both of them collapsed.

Maggie wanted to let the rest of them have a crack at the females - mainly to have some peace and quiet. They were making quite a fuss in their cages. I wanted to see what effect those 'vitamins' Emily passed out at the drug store would have on the female rats, so I prepared an aqueous solution - a small dosage of ground up pills and sugar water - and fed it to half of them before Maggie unleashed the males. I tagged the unlucky females that got the sugar water. If my suspicions were correct, that group would be impregnated with 3- 4 times the normal number of young.

The next order of business was to get those pills to the lab to be analyzed. I called a technician that Maggie referred me to, in the hopes they could put a rush order on the process. They were behind on their work, he said, but could probably get the analysis done in 48 hours if I could have the pills at their lab the next day. We took the proper steps to send the pills out.

I had already been promised a full analysis on the spring water the same day they'd finish with the pills, so all I could do at that point was wait - and hope. Hope that the contents wouldn't cause irreversible harm to my family. Hope that I could regain control of my thoughts and behavior. I'd gone off the deep end more than once since we'd arrived in the valley - in thought and in action, and I had become concerned about it.

I was accustomed to controlling every aspect of my life until then, and I wanted to feel that way again. As worried as I was about all that had happened, I took great pleasure in the fact that my prick had grown so large. I couldn't help myself - I was proud of it. I had always been proud that I was so much larger than average, having taken after my dad.

The men in our family had earned a reputation of sorts, especially dad. I'd heard my aunts whispering things through the years but never understood what "hung like a horse" meant until I was older. After the growth spurt I'd experienced, I REALLY knew what it meant - I'd ended up with a BIG piece of meat between my legs.

I loved the way women were looking at me - staring straight at my crotch as my dick swelled out the leg of my pants. Maggie was looking at me that way just then. The work was done for the day and it was obvious how horny she was. She started playing with her breasts - a habit she had when she was really worked-up. I felt like I'd known Maggie for years at that point even though we'd only worked together a matter of days.

She'd become so predictable. The result of her little habit was predictable as well. Maggie's breasts grew when she manipulated them. It was absurd how much they grew. That's why she did it I thought - to make them so large I wouldn't be able to resist her advances. That night I'd promised my wife to be home as quickly as I could, and I knew what I had waiting for me when I got there.

Maggie wouldn't win that time - Peggy would. But it was painful to watch that pretty nurse's cleavage burst out the top of her blouse. She'd given her tits a good working over, and they'd grown larger than I ever imagined they could. I told Maggie it was wrong what we'd done together - that I loved my wife. All the while my dick swelled so big I looked like I had a baseball bat in my pants leg.

"I'll let you off the hook this time mister, but you know you won't be able to resist me at all, before long. I know what you like, remember?"

Maggie was smirking at me then. She walked over and stood in front of me. She pulled her shoulders back and placed her hands at the small of her back, causing her belly to bulge out obscenely. I couldn't believe what that posture did to her belly. She stuck it out as far as she could - and it looked twice as big as I remembered. She was making my dick even harder. She was grinning from ear to ear then, and swiveling her hips.

"Do you have any idea just how pregnant I am Billy?" Maggie stroked her bulging tummy, smiling down at it. "I'm only 6 weeks gone Billy, and I'm already showing. I'm showing quite a LOT don't you think?" Maggie looked like she could easily be 4 months pregnant in that pose. She started giggling then.

"Do you know what that means Billy? Do you? It means that I'm VERY pregnant sweetie. And it means that I'm going to get very, VERY big. In a matter of weeks, I'll be simply HUGE Billy, and I know what that does to you. You can't hide it you know."

Maggie had my number. The very THOUGHT of a big pregnant belly would make my cock hard. Seeing one made me so horny I'd lose control. She knew how to manipulate me - and she was right - I couldn't hide my feelings. I'd grown too large for that. Anyone in sight could tell how I felt about Maggie right then - my dick had swollen to over a foot long and it made a fucking tent out of my pants leg.

She continued her teasing, stroking her bulging tummy and staring at the absurdly swollen prick in my pants. "You can go on home to Peggy, but I know you'll think about how big I'm getting - you won't be able to help yourself. That boy knocked me up good Billy - I could have 5 or 6 babies in here - you know that? Have you ever seen a girl swollen pregnant with 6 babies Billy? Let me tell you - they're ENORMOUS. Can you imagine my tummy that BIG?" Maggie was giggling again.

"I guess I better let you go home to your wife before I make you cum on yourself, huh? I'll just be here getting bigger for you. Every day, my belly will get bigger, rounder, more swollen... I'm so very pregnant Billy...and I'll get so huge you won't be able to keep your hands off me." Maggie had worked me into a lather talking about how big and pregnant she'd get - just like Peggy, she'd found all the right buttons to push and she stood there looking at me with a girlish pout on her pretty face.

I was about to lose control and stuff my prick up her big wet pussy when the phone rang. It was my wife. She wanted to see if I could get some birth control pills for the girls from the hospital pharmacy. There wasn't time to take them to a doctor and go through all the normal steps she said. "I'll explain it all when you get home sweetie - that is if you ever GET home."

I always knew when Peggy wanted me there stat, and this was one of those times. I wondered what the hell had happened to make her so adamant about birth control for our girls, but I didn't question it. I regained my senses and asked Maggie if there was a doctor that could write some prescriptions for me. Maggie had a Masters degree in nursing and could prescribe medication, so she wrote them herself - one for each of my 6 daughters.

"These should do the trick," she said, "but I have to warn you, the new formulas out there have a little side effect - and it's more pronounced than with the older formulas. As you know, 'the pill' fools the body into thinking it's pregnant - but these pills fool it better than ever - they're the state of the art. And we know what happens to a girl's...ahem...breasts... when she gets pregnant, don't we?"

She was grinning from ear to ear then, and cupped her fat pregnant tits in her hands. I had spilled my guts to Maggie about my girls and their recent development. About the water, the 'vitamins' they'd ingested - everything. I could tell she enjoyed teasing me with this information on what 'the pill' would do to my little girls.

"I just wanted you to be prepared for any new 'developments' you'll notice Billy. You need to know this too - I got really horny when I was on the pill. That's why I quit taking the damn things when I moved here. There were no eligible men around - I wasn't seeing anyone and I'd get sore from bringing myself off so much - I got tired of it.

"The only problem when you go OFF the pill is that it makes some women more fertile than ever. To make things worse, I'd had some of those "vitamins" by accident myself - I thought they were just pain killers, like you and Peggy did. All I can say is this - if you put them on the pill, you better keep them on it. Otherwise... well... look what happened to me!"

I couldn't help looking at what happened to Maggie. From the sound of my wife's voice on the phone, I knew I'd better get my ass home and get the girls on those pills before they ended up in the same condition. I ran to the pharmacy next to the ER and got the pills. Maggie told me about a short cut back to town -it was still daylight and I shouldn't get lost she said. Her shortcut turned out to be a nice drive past some pretty farms.

If I hadn't been in such a hurry I'd have stopped to investigate one particular farm. As it was, I couldn't help pulling over to look for a minute. "Fertile Valley Farms" was prosperous and sprawling - it must have stretched across hundreds of acres - and every inch of it was fenced. Inside those fences, there were answers to some of my questions - I just knew it.

My jaw went slack as I watched a poor cow inch her way, wobbly kneed, to a corner of the pasture. I'd never seen one that big with a calf before. Her sides were bulging out like two enormous beach balls. Her underbelly and udder dragged the ground. The cow was so pregnant, she just fell over and laid there on her side.

In the next pasture over, were a bull and 2 more cows. I stopped for a minute there too, as the bull mounted one of them. The fucker's testicles were the size of cantaloupes. His dick looked big a telephone pole as he shoved it in the poor beast cowering under his haunches. The cow bellowed in agony as the bull poured it to her. The same thing was happening in the next pasture, and the next, for what seemed like a mile - then, more pregnant cows. LOTS more pregnant cows. Each as big with (calves?) as the first one I saw.

I knew there was a great deal of manipulation in the cattle industry - with growth hormones, drugs to enhance milk production and so forth - but multiple births? Increased testosterone and sperm count? The nuts on that bull were definitely pumped up with SOMETHING. The implications of it were scary. Right then though, I had my family to worry about. I got underway again, knowing I'd have to delve into this farm situation later.

When I got to the hotel, Peggy was all over me. She threw me down on the bed and climbed on top of me, ripping my shirt off. She nuzzled her face in my chest and started moaning, panting - her hot breath set me on fire. She unbuckled my belt and hauled my prick out. It swelled bigger by the second - Peggy's excitement was intoxicating. My dick grew huge in less than a minute as she ran both her hands up and down the length of it - jacking me off, making me swell so hard I thought I'd burst.

"Oh Bill, where have you been? I need you inside me right NOW. Good GOD I'm so fucking horny I could scream. Oh Billy, how on earth...oh my God baby...LOOK at you!" Peggy was in awe of the size of my prick. Her excitement was so contagious I continued to grow larger, harder. I found it hard to believe, myself. "Good Lord...is this thing EVER gonna quit swelling? You're big as a fucking horse Billy - stick it in me NOW honey... FUCK me with that thing. Oh dear God, I NEED it."

Peggy didn't have to ask twice. She had ripped her panties off and thrown them on the floor already. When I got that horny, I liked to be on top, so I lifted Peggy off my lap and threw her on her back. She was so wet, her pussy was glistening - her juices oozing out onto the bed sheets.

Peggy hadn't acted quite this horny since the night I knocked her up with Meagan and Melissa. I knew I'd better be careful, but that didn't stop me from stuffing every inch of my big fat swollen prick up inside her.

She was so hot and so WET - my prick was in its favorite place - in my pretty wife's loving pussy. The mother of my children was bucking her hips back at me, pumping her pussy up and down on the whole length of my shaft as she wriggled under me. My hips were moving like a piston as we hit the same rhythm - we were fucking like animals. I heard the wet sucking, slurping sounds as I went in and out of her. Peggy was breathing heavily and began whispering in my ear as we picked up the pace.

"Oh Billy, you're so BIG inside me, you're getting BIGGER baby, oh dear GOD you're so huge honey. You're about to rip my insides open. Billy you need to pull out before you... OH GOD."

I poured it to her faster and harder at that point, banging her head against the headboard. For a second, I wondered if the kids would hear it, but I didn't care - I was just too fucking horny and I was ready to release the cum that had my balls so swollen for hours.

I was fucking the living shit out of my wife, slamming her head time and time again. "Billy I can tell you're about to...oh please honey...I don't want to get preg...oh don't knock me up again... please baby... I know I'm on birth control... but I... oh GOD I feel like I might... oh, pull it out Billy... pull it out and cum on my big tits." I'd learned never to doubt these 'feelings' my wife had.

I kept fucking her, sending her head crashing against the wall until I was ready to let go. I pulled my prick out of her and gabbed it with both hands. A big slimy rope of cum flew at her face, bouncing off her forehead and splattering on the headboard. I pumped my prick with a fury then - I had to get the rest of it out of me.

I felt like I'd explode - my balls had been swelling up since early that afternoon. Just as I let a big gob of it fly at her tits, the door to our room burst open. It was Meagan and Peter. They stood there with their jaws dropped - gawking at us - frozen like deer in the path of oncoming headlights.

They watched wide-eyed as a fat glob of jism hit their mother's big tits. Peggy had a look of utter shock on her face as my load hit her chest. She was watching our children as they openly stared at us. Peggy pleaded with me in a hushed tone.

"Oh Billy DO something - they shouldn't see us like this - what on earth are we going to do?" I really don't know what possessed me to do what I did next, but I wanted to hide my spurting cock from their innocent eyes. I wanted to keep them from seeing any more than they already had.

I let go of my prick and grabbed the covers behind me. I pulled them up over my shoulders and jumped on top of Peggy again in the hopes I could drape our bodies, shielding them from sight. I'm sure I couldn't do this again if I tried, but just as I settled on top of her, my prick slipped right inside Peggy again - all the WAY inside - and I dumped a HUGE load of cum in her. She panicked then, but shuddered from the sensation of all that sperm splattering her insides.

"Dear GOD Billy, NO! I can't believe this is happening, you can't be... oh Billy, NO!"

Even though Peggy seemed frightened at first, by what was going on in her vagina, she bucked her hips back at me like a dog in heat, milking gob after gob of potent sperm out of my swollen balls. Peggy had lost control of herself. She began to whisper in my ear then: "FUCK me Billy - I don't care if they watch - just keep FUCKING me. You're filling me up Billy - I can feel your cum gushing DEEP into me - cum in me Billy."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Peggy really HAD lost it. She let me cum like a fire hose inside her, even though she seemed so scared of getting pregnant. She continued to coax the last of the sperm out of my balls - pumping her hips up and down my prick like the children weren't even there. It felt like she was SUCKING the cum out of me she pumped so hard.

Peggy fucked me like a whore - jerking her hips up off the bed - until I dumped the last glob inside her. Finally, I rolled off and lay on my back next to her, staring at the ceiling.

I felt like I'd been drugged. We were both so consumed with lust, we'd fucked like a couple of minks and I'd pumped my wife's vagina full of cum - all in plain sight of our children. That night was a turning point for both of us I suppose.

I realized that I was NOT in control anymore - neither was Peggy. Something else had control of us, and we were helplessly under its spell. It occurred to me just then that we were overwhelmed with the urge to procreate. It was the same primal urge that had taken hold of the local population - the urge to 'be fruitful and multiply' - just like the billboard proclaimed. I had no idea what we'd say to the children, but I knew they'd want an explanation.

Maybe Peggy would come up with something. I heard her gasp as she looked over at the children. Peter turned and left the room in a hurry, as though he was on a mission. Then, a sly little grin crossed Meagan's face, and she approached the bed. She absently twirled her pigtails in her fingers as she was about to speak.

"Mommy, what were you and Daddy doing?" Her question seemed so innocent, though I felt she must have known something about what she'd seen. The little smile gave her away. Peggy's answer was priceless. Not exactly a lie, it was carefully crafted: "Meagan honey, Mommy was just trying to make Daddy feel better. He was hurting, and he likes it when I hug him in bed like that."

Meagan knew there was more to it than that - I could tell. The child's instincts had developed as rapidly as her bust - and I was afraid her libido would outpace both of them. She smirked at me then and began to fondle her big swollen breasts. I swear they looked even fuller than they had that afternoon.

Meagan put Peggy to the test with a perfectly reasonable question: "Mommy, can I make Daddy feel better sometime? I'll help, OK? And maybe Daddy can help ME - my boobs hurt Mommy - I think they're getting bigger again - my bra got too tight. Mommy look - they're huge."

I had to turn away from her. It was painful to watch my busty little daughter fondle herself like that, and hear her talk about how much bigger she was getting. If she only knew what that did to me. Peggy told her, "It's Mommy's job to do that honey, and some day you'll have a husband like Daddy - and you can make HIM feel better."

Peggy had always been good at explaining things to the children. And she certainly did make me feel better that night. Meagan seemed to accept her answer. Peggy told her to go run the water for a bath and that she'd be in their room in a little while. As we lay there in bed, she explained why she wanted the birth control pills.

She was almost in tears as she looked at me. "Oh Bill, I'm just so ashamed... I don't know if I should even tell you this. Do you promise you'll still love me Billy... no matter what?"

I moved closer and put my arms around her - I told my pretty wife there was nothing she could do that would keep me from loving her. I asked her to just tell me about it, and that we'd work through it - whatever it was.

Peggy proceeded to tell me what happened. She had a pitiful look on her face - I could tell she was embarrassed about it. "Well, I guess we shouldn't be surprised, but our little girls aren't the only ones who've 'developed'. It's Peter, Billy - he... he's GROWN - what I mean is that he... his... Well, I might as well just come out and say it - our little boy has this great big DICK between his legs now." I asked Peggy how she came to discover this, and what she was so ashamed of.

"He came in here when you were still at the hospital Billy - he said he was in pain and he looked so scared. He was hunched over at first, with his legs sort of crossed in front of him, like he was hiding something - he stayed near the door, almost afraid to come in. I told him to stand up straight and come over to the bed so I could talk to him. Then I saw it Billy - he could tell when I saw it. He lowered his head, as though he'd done something wrong and asked me:

'What's the matter with me mommy? Look... why am I so BIG? Mommy it hurts, it's big and sore and it hurts me.' I couldn't take my eyes off it Billy... oh, I'm just so ashamed."

I stroked my wife's hair and consoled her as best I could. I assured her that I'd understand, and to just tell me what happened.

"Well, I was sitting on the bed and he was standing in front of me with that... that PRICK bulging out the front of his pants. Billy...he is simply HUGE... I mean huge, like in... his dick is a good 9 or 10 inches long... and the damn thing is big around as a beer can Billy... He's THAT kind of huge. He started rubbing the front of his pants and got this far-away look in his eye - he told me it felt better when he did that. The thing had grown halfway to his knees Billy. Then he asked me if I could help him: 'Mommy, can you make it feel better? PLEASE Mommy... kiss it and make it all better. It HURTS.' He was almost in tears honey - I just didn't know what to do."

Peggy had my attention then and she knew it. I was hanging on every word, picturing in my mind what she looked like sitting on the bed in front of him - looking right at it. I could only imagine how hot it made her, and she continued giving me every detail:

"Before I knew what happened, he unzipped his pants Billy...I was in a trance as I watched him haul it out - every big, fat, throbbing inch of it. The boy is a fucking MULE. God only knows what's in that water - or in all the other things we've consumed here. He wrapped his little fist around it and began to tug on it Billy, and the fucking thing got BIGGER. I was simply hypnotized. I petted it - just the head at first, and I felt a little slimy pre-cum ooze out. I felt so sorry for him - it looked like it hurt so bad."

"I told him Mommy was going to make him feel better and I put the head of our little boy's big dick in my mouth Billy. I slipped my lips right over it and looked up at him. He cradled my head in his hands as I moved my mouth up and down on him. My GOD he got so BIG all of a sudden. I saw him looking at my tits - they'd gotten so big from all the excitement, they were BURSTING out the top of my bra. I think it was too much for him - I could feel his dick swelling in my mouth and I knew he was ready to cum.

I pulled it out and aimed him at my tits Billy - I beat him off and made him CUM on me. Billy, it was obscene - I made our little boy cum all over his Mother's big tits. And he didn't stop - he COULDN'T stop! He came all over my arms and all over my face and my hair - God it was everywhere! I just don't know what happened to me - I still can't believe it. Please don't hate me Billy." I felt sorry for Peggy - she thought she'd done the most awful thing in the world. But I knew she wasn't responsible for her actions. Any more than my 10-year-old son was responsible for that horse's prick he'd grown between his legs.

I always knew someone with a great big dick would come along to tempt Peggy. She had such a weakness. I just never imagined it would be Peter. Peggy was concerned about getting to the kids' room to check on them.

"What I've been so worried about is Peter - doing something with Meagan or Melissa. He's been looking at them like he never has before, Billy - he's been staring at their tits - and they like it. On the way back here today, I caught Meagan playing with herself in the back seat of the van - her head was thrown back and she was moaning like a girl getting her brains fucked out. Peter's eyes were riveted to her - he sat there gaping at her with his mouth hanging open. Meagan had half her fist inside her - running it in and out of her pussy - she's HUGE down there, Billy.

"And then they're those TITS of hers - you've seen how big they are - Peter was simply drooling over her. She stuck them out as far as she could and just smirked at him while she played with herself. The worst part is that she's ovulating. I've kept track of when the girls started their periods - the kid's probably got more eggs in her than a turtle right now. I'm worried sick. If you'd seen Peter cum all over me, you'd be worried too. I just want to get her though this cycle - I want her on those pills NOW! I want ALL of them on the pill."

I got another hard-on as I lay there listening to my wife tell me all this, but I knew we needed to check on the kids right away. We pulled ourselves together. I kissed my wife on the cheek and told her I still loved her, no matter what had happened - that I understood the circumstances she was in, and that I forgave her. We went next door to Meagan and Melissa's room.

We probably should have had them stay in our room until we moved into the house, but they were still bunking with the boys. Peggy knew that wasn't safe anymore - and based on what she'd just told me, I did too.

When we got to their room, Adam was playing Nintendo - glued to the TV like a zombie. Melissa had a quart jar of cocoa butter open right next to her on the bed. She had smeared the stuff all over her swollen chest. It appeared Meagan wasn't the only one who'd grown so much. Melissa was catching up. She sat there with her t-shirt pulled up over her tits, massaging them right in front of all of us - obviously pleased with her growth.

We asked her where Peter and Meagan were, and she motioned to the bathroom door. She had a devilish little smirk on her face. All of a sudden we heard a moan - then Peter said something. "Here it comes Meggy, Oh God...you're makin' me feel all better." We yanked the door open at that moment, hoping against hope he hadn't figured out how to do 'the real thing' with his sister.

Instead, Peter let go a wad of cum that made me gasp, right on Meagan's cute little face. A big, thick, sticky rope of it that plastered across her left cheek, her nose, all over her right cheek, onto her ear, and into her hair. She was in pig tails - sitting on the toilet in front of her brother - and a glob of jism hung on one of them.

We stood there in the bathroom doorway, just mesmerized as we watched Meagan yank on Peter's big prick. She coaxed more boy-cum out of him - aiming his dick at her big tits then, and giggling as he splattered every inch of them. She moved his dick around, pulling glob after glob of cum out of the kid right onto her huge, swollen young breasts.

Peggy and I continued to stand there - just frozen in our tracks. I couldn't believe what we were watching - or that we were powerless to stop it. Instead, I felt my dick swell.

As ashamed as I was over it, my daughter was giving me a hard-on as I watched her milk the last of our son's cum onto her tits. She looked simply enormous sitting there on that toilet - those tits of hers had swollen even bigger - and they looked so pretty covered in all that cum. I felt a strange pang of jealousy - jealousy mixed with pride actually. I was proud of my son, in much the same way my dad had been proud of me. Peggy wasn't lying - the kid was a fucking mule. Then there was a part of me that was jealous.

Jealous that it wasn't MY cum plastered all over Meagan's tits. I had fought those feelings toward her, but the harder I fought, the more I seemed to be drawn to her. It was overpowering - and Meagan didn't help the situation. I knew she wanted my attention. Secretly, I knew she wanted much more than that. But I was her father, and it just wasn't right. Anymore than it was right for her to play with her brother like that.

That's not how people in respectable society behaved - we'd all been brought up with a different set of values. Maybe Peggy could explain it to the kids. They acknowledged our presence all of a sudden, as though they just realized we were there. "I made Peetie feel all better mommy - just like you made daddy feel better - see. He squirted this white stuff on my boobies." The kid giggled then as she rubbed it into her tits.

"It feels all slippery and tingly mommy- it feels GOOD to have this stuff all over my boobs - lookit... I think this stuff makes 'em GROW. She raked a finger across her left breast and scooped a dollop of cum into her little mouth. Ooo... it tastes good too... it's sweet mommy."

I don't know whether it was the cum, or a combination of other things, but my little girl's breasts had grown so large she could heft them up to her mouth and lick the cum off her nipples. She lifted both her tits up to her mouth then and started licking and sucking and slobbering all over herself - moving from one big breast to the other - licking every drop of cum off her tits. I got hard as a rock watching her do that - I felt I should turn around to keep Meagan from seeing me - but I'd been too late - she'd already noticed the bulge in my pants and she giggled.

From that day forward, Meagan understood the power she had over me. She'd already guessed it, but then she was sure. She made her daddy horny with her big tits, and she knew it. It's a good thing she didn't know what a swollen pregnant belly did to me - or she'd probably want one.

I think Peggy was getting horny again too - she was watching Peter play with his prick. The damn thing was still hard, and he just kept jerking on it - beating off right in front of us. My wife took the initiative to speak to them then. Someone needed to establish control in the family, and clearly, I had lost that ability.

"Meagan, you shouldn't play with your brother like that. And Peter, you need to quit playing with yourself in front of everyone - it's not polite. Brothers and sisters just don't do that sort of thing with each other. That's what mommies and daddies do."

Both kids looked at Peggy - clearly confused. "But, his thingie hurt mommy - and I was just helping him. I thought it was OK since you and daddy did it, and he said YOU helped him too - Peter said you made him feel better this afternoon."

Peggy was remarkable in the way she dealt with that. "Meagan, mommies are supposed to help their children when they feel bad - that's what we do - that's not what sisters do - so let's just not do that OK?"

Meagan agreed reluctantly, but I could tell her little mind was trying to work its way around to another angle. "Mommy, is it OK if daddies help their children like mommies do. Maybe daddy wants to help ME mommy - help make my boobies feel better. Daddy's looking at me - and his thingie is all big. Oh mommy, daddy's thingie is really REALLY big."

Meagan walked over and stood right in front of me in the bathroom doorway. The top of her head barely cleared my waist, so she was just inches from my huge bulging prick. She reached out and stroked it through my pants. "WOW daddy, you're HUGE. Mommy, why is daddy thingie so BIG?"

I grabbed my child by the shoulders and told her to stop. After a little protest, I told her again. All the while, my dick was swelling so fast, and I'd become so excited I almost came in my pants. I decided I WOULD have control at this point - I was the father dammit.

I hated to get so stern, but I told my daughter to "stop, and stop NOW." Meagan still understood when I was serious, and she quit rubbing my prick just in the nick of time. I'd have lost it 10 seconds later. I told both my children they were not to repeat what they did together today, and that they didn't need an explanation - I said they were not to do that, because WE SAID SO.

That was one of the hardest things I'd ever done in my life. As I looked down at my daughter, I was insanely turned on by her... her little pig tails matted in cum... her sweet, pretty face... but most of all... her GREAT ...BIG... SWOLLEN... TITS!!

It took every shred of willpower I possessed to tell that child to stop playing with me...to tear myself away from her. Things were back to normal again, or at least as normal as you could call our situation. Peggy got the girls' prescriptions out of the bag I'd brought home and made sure they took the first pill. I told her about Maggie's warning on the new formula. She was not pleased to hear the girls' breasts might get bigger - or that they'd become more aroused. But I felt like we should have the latest protection available for our kids - we'd just have to live with the side effects.

When the subject of arousal came up, Peggy remembered something. "You know Billy, I didn't really make any connection before, but now that you brought it up - the kids are ALREADY more aroused. And it just happened today. They never did anything like that before - playing with each other - Meagan grabbing you like that. They acted strangely at lunch too. You'd told me not to let them have any more water, remember? Let them drink milk or something, you said - so we stopped at the Dairy Queen on the edge of town. I got them some milkshakes - which they inhaled. Jenny, Julie and Adam just wanted a diet coke, but the rest of them said they were hungry - really hungry." I asked Peggy what they ate.

"Well, they all wanted cheeseburgers, so I ordered one for each of us. I've never seen those kids eat like that Billy - they inhaled the burgers, like they had the milkshakes, and asked me if they could have another one. They wanted another one of EACH - so I got more milkshakes and burgers. I'll have to admit, they were really good. I had another one myself. Then Meagan begged me for another milkshake. I didn't think it was a good idea, but she pitched a fit - so I gave in. That made two BIG cheeseburgers and 3 milkshakes the kid sucked up. What do you think that was about Billy - that appetite?"

Peggy could see the color drain from my face as she asked me that question. I told her we'd better get those pills over to Dee and Deb - and to our oldest, just in case. I told her to HURRY. Peggy could see that something was wrong and she demanded to know. I told her about the farm I'd passed on the way home - about the cows and the bulls - the way they'd been engineered to grow so...the possibility that what they'd eaten at lunch had come from...

"Oh dear God Billy, tell me it's not...you mean they could have... oh my... all that meat, and all that cheese, all that ice cream, and all that MILK! Billy, this is just too much. What's going to happen to them?"

I told Peggy we'd already seen a little of what would happen to them, and that we'd better be prepared for anything. God only knew what was in store for them then. We gave the rest of our daughters the birth control pills, hoping we could at least prevent them from getting pregnant. They way Dee and Deb looked - and with Meagan and Melissa even MORE developed, they needed all the protection they could get.

We'll rejoin our group soon and find out more about the composition of the water, the "vitamins", and of course, all that food. Meanwhile, as always, your comments are appreciated. Let me hear from you.

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