Fertile Valley
(family, preg, inc, cons, size)
By Jim Davis


"Oh my, it looks like Little Luke isn't the only one who's grown. My God Bill -- you're big as a horse! What on earth were you thinking about when you went to la-la land?" Maggie had managed to bring me out of the fantasy I was having over my daughter. She was staring at my crotch with her mouth open just gaping at me. I had to gasp myself when I looked down and saw it.

"DAMN Bill -- I knew you were hung -- but I had no idea you were THAT big." Maggie was pointing at the bulge running down my pants leg. She'd broken a sweat and couldn't seem to take her eyes off my prick. I told her she was right - I wasn't that big before... that something had happened to me.

It turned me on to see Maggie standing there gawking at the thing. It was so heavy, I felt like I had a slab of meat hanging from my crotch. The worst part was that I'd lost all control of it. I felt a strange sense of euphoria all of a sudden, and the fucking thing got bigger. My nuts had swollen to the size of baseballs and I felt like I would explode out of my pants.

I fought the urge to jump on Maggie and stuff every inch of it up her pussy but that didn't keep my prick from getting bigger and bigger. I couldn't believe what was happening and I continued to lose control of the situation.

"Oh my goodness Bill, look at it, Jesus! You're, you're so fucking HUGE! And it's still growing. MY GOD! It's even BIGGER now! It's that WATER you drank!! In the drugstore -- you -- you guzzled that shit."

Maggie was right. I'd put away a couple of liters of it in the store - then the old man gave me a couple to take with us. I drank every drop of it, and even had some at the hotel before I discovered -- well, you know.

Maggie locked the door to the lab and dropped to her knees in front of me. "Oh Bill -- you just don't know how fucking HORNY you're making me. Dear GOD just LOOK at the damn thing." Maggie had unzipped me and tried to haul my prick out, but it was too stiff by then. It was stuck in the left leg of my pants, so she yanked them and my underwear down around my knees. My prick sprang out and slapped her across the cheek.

Maggie was dripping sweat then, her wet hair plastered to her face. She looked up at me and grabbed my big schlong with both hands. She pumped it slowly, near the head, then further and further down until she was stroking up and down the entire length of my shaft. She spoke softly, slowly - almost whispering:

"I've never seen one like this Billy. You're bigger, so much bigger than that little boy. You're bigger than any man I've had, you know that mister? You have the cock of a horse Bill and I want you. I want your big horse cock inside me, fucking my wet pregnant pussy. I've just been fucked and I'm dripping wet Billy, and I'm gonna fuck you till you splatter my insides with cum. Then I want you to cover my tits with it. Right now, I wanna make you even BIGGER."

Maggie rubbed the fat head of my bloated cock all over her face, as she yanked furiously on the shaft of it. I saw a spurt of pre-cum hit her upper lip. Her mouth began to bob up and down on the head of it. She looked so pretty down there sucking my grossly swollen cock. It bulged her cheek out obscenely every time I thrust my hips forward.

She grabbed my butt cheeks and started jerking me forward herself, and I had her head in my hands, jamming it down on the head of my prick -- jerking off with her pretty mouth. I was barely able to get the head of it in her mouth then -- she'd made my prick swell so much larger -- her lips were stretched so tight around it I thought I'd split them open at the corners. She looked up at me again, quite pleased with her accomplishment.

"Oh goodness -- Maggie DID make it bigger. You're too big for my mouth now sweetie. Does Billy wanna FUCK Maggie with his big horse cock now? Huh? Is that what Billy wants?"

I told Maggie we shouldn't -- we couldn't. It wouldn't be right, but still my prick continued to swell. Maggie was grinning and looking at my dick.

"Bill I know what your mind is telling you, but your big prick wants something else. It wants my hot pregnant pussy wrapped around it, and Maggie's gonna give this big boy what he wants."

It was hopeless, I was too far gone to turn back then. I picked Maggie up off her knees and carried her over to an examination table. I sat her down on the edge, and she unbuttoned her uniform.

What I saw before me was a freshly-fucked, dripping wet, knocked-up little slut who needed it bad. Her pantyhose was soaked through with cum and pussy juice - from the fucking she'd just gotten from the boy, and all the excitement over my huge new dick.

Maggie had made me hornier than I'd ever been in my life. I yanked her hose off her and threw them in the corner. A puddle of cum belched out of her pussy all over the table as she moaned: "Oh God, look at all of it, Bill. I was already full of cum, and now you're just gonna have me SWIMMING in it. I'm ready for a REAL fuck now."

She looked so nasty sitting there in a pool of that kid's cum. I slipped my prick into her slowly, she gasped as more and more of it went in. I couldn't stand it any longer. I jammed it in her then. She put her arms around my neck and hung on for dear life. I'd forgotten how hot a pregnant woman's pussy was, or how wet. Maggie gave out a little yelp as the length of my big dick found its way inside her.

"God, I feel like I have a mule inside me, oh Billy you're so fucking BIG."

She was swirling her hips around under me then jerking my prick off with her scalding hot pregnant pussy, her butt slipping and sliding in the pool of cum that had poured out of her. I knew I wouldn't last long at that rate, and I didn't.

"Dear GOD, you're gonna split me in two, you're getting BIGGER!! Oh! Oh Billy, it feels like you're gonna CUM! Oh FUCK me, fuck your cum in me." Maggie was jerking even faster under me.

I could feel my balls swell up some more - the thought of how much was inside them, and the damage it could do, had me spewing in Maggie before I knew what hit me. She was not prepared for what hit HER. She gasped, then started jerking her pussy faster on me.

"Bill, you're cumming, you're CUMMING in Maggie. DAMN you've got a load in you mister, I think it hit my throat! Oh it feels so good inside me. Pull it out and cum on my TITS Billy. Cover me Billy, I want you to come all over Maggie's pretty face, all over my knocked up tummy. I want it in my hair Billy, I want it on my arms, I want your cum splattered all over my thighs Billy. Billy, I want you to CUM ALL OVER MAGGIE."

I didn't need a second invitation. I gave Maggie what she wanted, and then some. Whatever was responsible for my abnormal development had also put enough cum in my swollen balls to impregnate half the county. I pulled it out and let fly with a glob aimed at Maggie's face. I saw the look of shock on her face when it hit her - that look women always get when you cum on them. The glob of cum hit her squarely on the cheek, bouncing off into her hair.

She grabbed my prick then and jammed it between her tits - I blasted another load up under her chin that dribbled down to cover her big chest. I stepped back a little and aimed one at her belly, then her legs. I think I even got some on her feet. Maggie looked like she'd been through a gangbang.

She was COVERED in cum, and sitting in another big pool of it that had oozed out of her pussy. "I guess you think I'm a pretty nasty slut, huh Billy?" She smiled at me through the veil of cum I'd just plastered her face with. Then she slowly rubbed some cum into her big tits.

"I like to fuck Billy, what can I say? And I like to fuck men with great BIG dicks. You mister, have a great big HUGE fucking horse dick on you, and I plan on having it inside me every chance I get, you hear me? You won't be able to help yourself Billy. I'm pregnant Billy and I know what that does to you. I'm so VERY pregnant, and I'm going to get bigger. Week after week, Maggie's belly is gonna grow Billy. I'm going to get HUGE and the bigger I get, the harder I'll make that prick of yours. You're mine mister -- your wife will just have to share."

Maggie had won. I had been a sitting duck, and she knew it. It was time to get on with the work at hand though. I couldn't completely fuck the whole day off. I had to find out what had caused me to grow so large. I told her we'd better try injecting some of the male rats with the spring water for a comparative analysis. Maggie had a fresh uniform in her office, and there was a shower in the lab.

I sneaked down the hall to her office and got back with the clothes. When she got out of the shower, we proceeded to inject every age group of males with the same amount of spring water. I said I would check them all after I returned from Dixon Drugs and the church's community center. Maggie knew about the monthly selection of the Fertile Valley poster girl she said, as well as the process that went into it. "You've been holding out on me," I told her. "Well, you never asked, but now that you seem so interested, I guess I'll tell you" Maggie countered.

"It's pretty involved really -- kind'a like a beauty pageant, except without the big ceremony. It's all sponsored by the church, but I guess you knew that. The girls have to be pregnant of course. The more knocked-up they are the better, like in, how many babies they're carrying, how far along they are and how big they get with the babies. Also, how young they are, and how um, how busty they are. All those things are considered before they make the decision and they change the panel of judges every 3 months. The type of girls who win sort of goes with that group's tastes. The last group of judges liked 'em big - and I mean B-I-G -- But I guess you noticed that." She giggled, and raised an eyebrow at me.

I told Maggie that would be hard to miss, but I still wondered why they needed pictures of all those girls from every month of their pregnancy. She only speculated that maybe they wanted to see how fast each one developed, and predict the winner early. "Who knows -- they're probably just a bunch of horny old men looking for a thrill." That sounded like the best explanation, but I wanted to find out for myself how it all worked.

How many contestants were there each month? Were there different categories for girls in the same age group? Was there a financial incentive? Other prizes? Maggie only knew a little about those issues. I was most curious about the pictures. What happened to them after the judging was over? It just struck me as odd these girls had to get photographed month after month as their young bellies swelled. It was obvious they wanted them for the posters and billboards near the end of the last trimester -- when they were HUGE.

Maggie cornered me as I was about to leave for town. "I bet I know why you're in such a hurry to get downtown - I know you -- it's that pregnant little 7th grade slut signing posters today, huh? - That little knocked-up trailer trash with the big tits. Well, you just go on down there then - see if I care." She was jealous, and I thought I'd better de-fuse the situation.

I told her she was welcome to come with me - that all I wanted to do was try and gather some information that would help me solve some of the problems around there. She smirked at me and made a comment much like Peggy would have.

"OK, if you say so, but I wasn't born yesterday ya know."

I just smiled and asked her if she could spare the time to go, I thought she could help by asking questions at the community center while I spent some time studying Emily Walton - for research purposes of course.

I wanted to experience, as the flyer said, "the miracle blossoming forth within the child." I was getting a hard-on again just thinking about her, but I was still in the real world and told Maggie we'd better head out. I still had some results to check later, and a report to write. The town square was buzzing with activity. Cars were double parked, pulled up on the sidewalks and blocking driveways -- it was a mess.

There was a line of people half a block long in front of Dixon's drugstore -- men with little girls in tow. These were young girls -- 7, maybe 8 years old and showing no evidence of premature puberty or pregnancy. Not that I could tell anyway. Wow, I thought, it was refreshing to see normal kids out with their fathers for a change.

If I didn't know better, they could have been holding their daddy's hand waiting to buy beanie babies. But I did know better -- I knew why their fathers were there. I couldn't really figure out what the kids were doing there though. Maggie didn't know either, but volunteered to find out what she could at the community center.

I played dumb and asked a young woman on the street what everybody was waiting for at the drugstore. She could tell I wasn't a local, so she offered lots of information:

"Oh, that's yer traditional father-daughter autograph day. Ya see, we got this one young-un ever month who's been elected Fertile Valley poster girl. She's supposed to be a example for all the girls in the valley to do the Lord's work by bringin' new life into the world. When her belly gits all big an' swole up with young-uns, they put her picture up all over the valley to remind the girls what they oughtta be doin'.

"Preacher says she's a inspiration to the men folk too -- they sure seem to like 'er. I know Pa wants to stick his big ole thang up in me ever time he sees one o' them young-uns." From the looks of her, 'Pa' had stuck his 'thang' in the young woman quite a few months ago. She continued dishing out information as she watched me ogle her huge belly: "She signs copies of her picture for the men folk, and she talks to the girls that are fixin' ta be women folk. You know? Then they's ready ta start their monthlies. She tells 'em how important it is to be good to their daddies and brothers and uncles and grampas. Then they join the rest of the family at the community center.

"They's always some little young-un in the family that's got herself knocked-up, and wantin' to be a poster girl, so they's over there registerin' with their Mamas right now. Then they git their pictures took."

The woman rambled on, as I stood there speechless: "They got what they call 'conjugal' rooms over there in the church community center in case the men folk git too 'inspired' by the poster girl or one o' their own. They can take their young-uns in there an' do the Lord's work right in His own house. They's all full ever month for hours on end -- all 15 rooms.

"They's a lotta young-uns been knocked up right in them very rooms. Sometimes me an' Pa been in there when I git all swole up an' horny. I seen it happen right in the middle of church service even, specially when they's a girl big as Emily in the family -- men folk 'round here's got a thang for young-uns with a belly big as hers. Sometimes they cain't help themselves."

I fit in better than I'd realized, I thought. I thanked the woman for telling me about the town's traditions, and told her I wanted to meet this young woman who'd inspired so many. She gave me a knowing smile and headed toward the community center. I hoped Maggie had gathered some information of her own by then.

As I got closer to the drugstore, I saw one little girl after another walk out carrying a big jug of spring water and a medicine bottle. The men were all drooling over their pictures of Emily. I had no intention of waiting in line --

I didn't want an autograph, just a glimpse of the huge pregnant girl that had stared at me from the poster. She'd looked so enormous then, and that poster photo had been taken over a month earlier. I wanted to see how much bigger those tits of hers had swollen - and how much further those babies had pushed that big belly out in front of her. I wanted to see every knocked-up inch of her, in person. The flyer had teased me unmercifully -- it made her sound like a goddess.

I hoped I could persuade Mr. Dixon to let me hang out near the table where she was signing pictures, so I could hear what she said to the little girls and their fathers. I was sure I'd get an eyeful in the process. I made my way in the front door and saw Dixon standing off to the side, talking with a young couple.

There were a dozen children ranging in age from 3 -13 huddled around them. Dixon noticed me and waved me over there. He introduced the young couple as Emily's parents, Jed and Ellie Walton, the children were all Emily's brothers and sisters. The attractive pair looked little older than teenagers, and they bore a striking resemblance to one another.

"It's a real proud day for our whole family," the young man said. He was grinning from ear to ear. "I'd of never thought our first borned would end up a poster girl like this. Me n' Ellie here was Ma and Pa's first borned. They was so proud when they found out I'd done knocked-up my own twin sister -- an' when their little granddaughter ended up a poster girl, I thought they was gunna bust." I told the proud father that he and his sister seemed so young to already have a 12-year-old.

"We wudn't but 10 when I knocked'er up," he said "but we was big fer our age, huh darlin'? Hell, Ellie'd done already had her a young-un by the time I got to 'er. Pa saw to that. She growed up quick."

I said I could certainly see where Emily got her good looks, as I glanced at the young woman next to him. Ellie blushed a little and looked down at her huge chest. She was visibly pregnant - again.

"All us Walton girls is blessed, but Pa said when the Lord was passin' out big knockers, I musta stood in line twice. He could'n keep his hands off'n me when they started to grow, an' they kep' on a'growin till I was big as a cow. I busted outta 3 of my sisters big ole brassieres fore I was 9 and Pa had me swole up with Jimmy Ray here fore long."

The oldest boy was standing next to her now, and put his arm around her shoulder. As casual as a kiss on the cheek, he moved his hand off her shoulder and began to fondle his mother's enormous tits. He took the other hand and began to stroke her pregnant belly. She slapped his hands playfully. The boy had become quite obviously aroused at that point. Ellie giggled then, and tried to push the boy away.

"You actin' just like yer Pa Jimmy Ray," she said. "Ain't you done enough to yer poor mama already?"

Ellie stood there rubbing on her big belly and smiled at me. Her brother told her "You better git that young- un over to the conjugal rooms fore he makes a mess Ellie -- looks to me like he's gunna bust outta them britches. Take the little young-uns with ya and we'll meet ya'll over there to git the twins' picture took." Ellie's oldest boy limped behind his pregnant mother and several small children as I watched them make their way across the street.

An adorable set of twins that Jed introduced as Betty and Bobbie Sue stood on either side of their daddy. Like their mother, and sister Emily, these little Walton girls were 'blessed' -- rather abundantly I might add. They couldn't have been a day over 9. And like every other girl over the age of 9 it seemed, their pants were stretched tight with the telltale bulge of a pregnant tummy. In Walton family tradition, these girls had grown a pair of tits the size of their heads, then proceeded to get knocked up - all before they got out of grade school.

I walked away from the group then, completely dumbfounded. This was 'incest to the 3rd power' I thought. It seemed too outrageous to even comprehend. Twins having children together? - 13 of them? The son of a father-daughter union - knocking up his own mother?

These people were like animals -- and I mean LOWER forms of animal life -- they were fucking anything in sight. It made no difference to them how closely related they were. The sexual energy around me was overwhelming -- especially there in the store that day. It was intoxicating. After that shock, I was ready for anything I figured. So old man Dixon and me made our way behind the table to where our young celebrity was seated.

I was definitely NOT ready for the sight of 12-year-old Emily Walton in full bloom. The first time I'd seen her picture - the one on the poster - I thought she was the biggest pregnant girl I'd ever seen in my life. The child I saw in the store that day looked more like a science experiment. Her tits had grown BIGGER than her head -- they bulged out a foot in front of her chest, and her chair was pushed back a good THREE FEET from the table to accommodate her enormous belly.

That is one thoroughly knocked-up little bitch, I thought to myself. I'd heard about extreme growth spurts near the end of pregnancy, but this was beyond extreme. The kid looked like she'd been pregnant for a year. She had the same dress on that she wore in the poster shot -- the one held together with diaper pins. She had swollen to the point they had to hook two pins together to keep the front of her dress around her bust. Her belly pushed right out the front of it - she may as well have been naked.

Emily looked simply obscene with her body bulging out of the threadbare little dress in every direction. It had the desired effect on her male visitors, myself included. The men standing in line looked like they would cum in their pants looking at this young fertility goddess.

I hung on every word as she spoke with the little girls visiting at the table. "I was little, just like you once" she told a cute 7-year-old as she grabbed a copy of her photo to sign. "And then I started to grow -- you know -- up here." She cupped her huge breasts for the child and the kid's eyes got wide. "You gonna grow soon too if ya do what I tell ya OK?"

The child shook her head in unconditional obedience. "Now you drink 3 glasses of this water ever day ya hear? They's plenty at the church when ya run out. And then when ya start yer monthlies -- you be sure and ask yer ma about that -- then ya start takin' 2 o' these vitamins a day and you'll git big like Emily. Would ya like that? Ya want yerself a pair o' big ole titties like I got?"

Another nod of agreement came from the child.

"Well, you just drink that water first, then ask yer ma ta tell ya when yer monthlies start, then you take the vitamins. Now here's the important part: Yer Pa is gonna start to git real excited when you git all big and swole up with tits like I got. He's gonna want ya to play with him. You do what he says ya hear? It's what the Lord wants -- he wants little girls ta listen to their daddies. Yer daddy's excited right now lookin' at Emily."

The child's father was about to lose it any second, I could tell. So could Emily. He had that screwed up look of pain on his face. She looked him in the eye and smirked. "You'd like that, huh mister? You wanna see this young-un all swole up? Big as Emily? She will be if she does what I tell'er ya know. She'll be huge."

The man started cumming in his pants then, as he drooled over Emily's enormous pregnant body. The man soaked the entire front of his trousers as Emily and the little girl giggled. "That means yer daddy likes me," she said. As I listened to Emily describe what would happen to the little girl, and the sequence of events that made it work, something clicked.

Someone had developed out a formula here -- a combination of timing and dosage that could trigger premature puberty, staggering growth, increased fertility - who knows WHAT else. This was a major breakthrough for me. The first thing I would do is to have the contents of those "vitamins" analyzed.

I asked Dixon if he had a bottle he could spare. He took one off the table in front of Emily and handed it to me. When I opened it and examined one of the pills, the color drained from my face. Dixon knew why, and I saw a faint smile cross his face. The pills were the same size and had the same markings as the 'analgesic' I'd given Peggy for her headache -- a big capital A. My mind was reeling with the implications of all this.

I didn't know what to do right away, so I just went outside. I had to get away from the distraction in that store -- it had put me in a trance. I kept wondering if there was some mind altering substance involved in this whole scheme too - I'd felt that same sense of euphoria in the store that I'd felt when Maggie got her way with me in the lab.

All of a sudden something else hit me - I realized that Peggy taking those pills wasn't the worse thing that could have happened. I remembered my daughters complaining that their breasts hurt them. I knew then how it felt to grow so fast -- it WAS painful. I shuddered when I thought about what Peggy might have given them to ease that pain -- those pills were all she had at the hotel. I had to find out if they'd taken any of them already, and stop them if I could. With my head clearer, I went back inside to use the phone.

The desk clerk at the hotel, a nice young man who'd been friendly and helpful to us, said Peggy had gone to town to get the girls some new clothes. "Sir, I don't know how to tell you this, but -- hell, I guess you'll see for yourself." I think I knew what I'd see for myself, and I ran out the door to find my wife and kids. I figured I could catch up with Maggie at the community center after I'd found Peggy. I suspected Peggy had gone after some new bras to help contain my daughters' swelling breasts.

From the sound of that desk clerk's voice, there was a reason my girls needed new clothes. I found Peggy just where I thought she'd be -- at the little maternity shop on the square. The girls were in the back getting fitted for bigger bras Peggy said, and told me I should probably not stick around. She didn't want me to see them until they were 'properly' clothed as she put it, and she'd had a chance to talk to me. "Bill, I think you'd faint if you saw them now," she said.

My big concern at that point was to find out if she'd taken any more of that 'analgesic' and God forbid, if the kids had gotten any of it. I asked Peggy what she'd done with that medicine bottle -- I told her we had to destroy the contents, at least until I could determine what the chemical composition was. Then I told her why -- my suspicions, the possible results from ingesting them.

"Oops," is all I heard. I hated it when she said that - it ALWAYS meant trouble. Peggy didn't have the bottle. The girls had been complaining about their boobs being sore and hurting so bad she said, "And Bill honey, there's a very good reason they're so sore, and hurting so badly." I couldn't take it anymore. I went to the back of the store only to see Deb and Meagan throw a pill into their mouths and wash it down with a glass of water the shopkeeper handed them. The woman looked at me and cracked a faint smile -- the same kind of smile I'd just gotten from Dixon.

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