Fertile Valley
(family, preg, inc, cons, size)
By Jim Davis


I felt helpless as I stood there and watched two of my daughters swallow the last of those pills I'd given Peggy - the same pills that huge pregnant 12 year old was passing out as 'vitamins'. All I could think about was what they'd done to HER. Of course I wasn't sure what the contents were yet, but I should have been more careful and less trusting. Hell, I didn't know that druggist at all - he could have given me hard narcotics.

The possibility that my daughters were pumped full of fertility drugs, and God knows what else, had me worried sick. The shop owner knew something, I thought. She had a little smirk on her face that told me she knew plenty. She stood there watching Meagan gulp the glass of water down and offered her some more out of the gallon jug she held. I told the woman that would be quite enough, and to please get my daughters fitted.

"But DAD, I'm thirsty and it tastes so good" Meagan objected.

I insisted they finish getting their new bras and run along. They had plenty to do that day. "And no more water," I said.

The last thing Meagan needed was another glass of that water. When she'd turned around to face me and offer her little protest, I almost fainted - just like Peggy said I would. The child had grown bigger...again. MAN had she grown bigger. My little girl had tits the size of grapefruit. She wasn't the only one who'd grown either. Dee and Deb were about to pop the buttons off their blouses.

I was thoroughly confused then, just as I thought I had it figured out. Something else had kicked in to cause my middle twins to swell as rapidly as the youngest. My theories were all bullshit, I thought. Along with the test results I'd gotten from the rats at the lab. The introduction of the 'analgesic' pills would compound the confusion - I just knew it.

Peggy had caught up with me at the back of the store, and I asked her how many of those pills the girls had taken. There had been 30 in the bottle she said. Peggy had taken a total of 5 of them to get rid of her headache. She did the math on the rest: Meagan had complained the most about the pain and soreness in her breasts - one look at her confirmed why.

Peggy remembered giving her 9 of them, including the one she just swallowed. She gave Dee 8 of them in all - she had complained almost as much as Meagan had - and the remainder was split between Deb and Melissa.

Depending on what was in those pills, we'd have to keep a VERY close eye on Dee and Meagan in particular. The shop owner approached us after a few minutes with the verdict on our daughters' chest measurements. "God has truly blessed your children - why, it's almost a miracle," she said.

"Your little Meagan especially, has been endowed with abundance - praise the Lord."

I asked the woman how much abundance we were talking about.

"I do believe she will fill out the largest Double D-cup bra in our growing girl's collection. Now mind you - it's not as big as a grown up's DD- cup, but the child is quite a bit larger than she was. Her twin sister is a D-cup and their older sisters are C-cups at the moment. They've also increased in inch measurements - all of them except Meagan have gained 2 inches around the bust. Meagan has added a full 4 inches to her bust."

The blood was draining from my face as the woman continued to report on my children's growth: "I measured their hips this time since I noticed how wide they'd become, but I don't have any older measurements to compare them to. I do believe sir that the Lord has something special planned for your children."

Breeding hips, I thought. My sweet little girls had developed breeding hips. The blood that drained from my face had flooded into my dick when I spotted a kid Meagan's age in the corner of the store. She was browsing through a rack of maternity dresses.

The child even LOOKED like my Meagan, with one big difference. It was spooky - I needed no imagination at all then to see what my busty young daughter would look like with babies in her belly. I had already fantasized about it, and there she was right in front of me - filling out my fantasy in all her swollen glory.

It was too much to bear. I felt my prick pushing against the fabric of my pants leg. It was throbbing and swelling as I gawked at the pregnant little girl. She could have passed for Meagan's twin at a distance, except for the belly sticking out two feet in front of her.

The child was so young, maybe younger than my Meagan. And she was so very pregnant it was hard to believe. Peggy noticed the bulge in my pants leg and gasped - she pulled me aside and told me I'd better get out of there before the children saw me. We made it out to the sidewalk in front of the store.

"Billy, my God what has happened to you honey? I've never seen you so... so..." Peggy was trembling as she stared at my swelling cock.

I stopped her in mid-sentence: "Baby, believe me...I know. I'm huge, and I think it has something to do with the water. I have an experiment going on at the lab, and I'll tell you all about it later. Maybe I'll get some results that will tell me more. For now - NO MORE WATER for you or the girls - let them drink milk or something - anything but that spring water. I'll pick up some prescription pain medication at the hospital to bring home tonight. And stay away from that drugstore! I don't trust a thing that comes out of that place."

I doubt Peggy had heard a word I'd said. Her eyes never left my crotch. She was still trembling - weak kneed - and her face was flushed. My wife was HOT. "Billy you know how much of a weakness I have for...great...big...and you're the biggest thing I've ever...good GOD...I've NEVER seen a dick that huge in my whole fucking life Billy. It's making me horny baby. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself. When will you be home?"

I helped Peggy sit down on a bench in front of the store, and sat next to her. I told her I'd join them back at the hotel as soon as I had time to ask some questions at the community center, and check on my experiment at the lab.

My erection had subsided a bit as I thought about work, and the results I'd gather at the lab. Peggy got me hard all over again when she whispered in my ear: "You better hurry mister... I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked in your life. I don't know what I'll do if you don't hurry honey."

I promised my pretty wife I'd be there as soon as I could and I left her to gather the kids and be on her way. They were meeting the realtor at the new house to see when we could have our furniture delivered, and Peggy was going to sign the lease.

It would be great to have a house to come home to - I was glad we wouldn't have to live in a hotel for very long. The girls needed their space, now more than ever. A big house would allow me to keep my distance too, and that was important. Especially the way my feelings were developing toward Meagan. I was frightened by those feelings, and felt powerless to control them all of a sudden.

Every time I thought about my pretty young daughter and her big swollen breasts, I'd get an instant erection. After seeing that kid in the store - seeing what Meagan would look like all knocked up - I couldn't even think straight. She would be so beautiful I thought - so sexy with a big pregnant belly bulging out the front of her dress.

It was as though something was breaking down my resistance to temptation. At the same time, there was more temptation around me than I'd ever had in my life. And more of it kept coming from every direction.

When I made it inside the community center, I almost went into cardiac arrest. Everywhere I looked there were pregnant little girls - hundreds of them - some standing in line with their mothers to get pictures taken - others standing in line with their fathers or brothers to use one of the 'conjugal' rooms. I guess the men couldn't wait till they got home. After seeing Emily's bulging pregnant body at the drug store, and all the other girls so big with babies and swollen tits, I appreciated their predicament.

There were knocked-up children of every size and shape all around me - ranging in age from 8 to 12 for the most part. It looked like an epidemic had hit that age group - but they weren't alone by any means. I spotted about a dozen pregnant teenagers, each with a couple of very young, VERY pregnant children in tow. There were girls at every stage of pregnancy too - from one kid with slightly tight pants - to another with a belly big enough to have a calf inside her.

I began to think that the younger these girls were giving birth, the younger their offspring were able to conceive. There also seemed to be a lot of multiples resulting from those young pregnancies. Among the children of the teenage mothers I saw, several were carrying more than a couple of babies in their bellies. That would prove to be a complicated phenomenon to sort out.

The community center was set up like a gymnasium - with bleachers pulled out of the side walls. A big stage was at one end, in front of me. That's where the pictures were taken. There were 4 screened off areas - 'studios' where the different photographers were set up - two on either side of the stage. The conjugal rooms were on the end of the building I'd just entered - opposite the stage wall. There were 16 rooms in all.

There was quite a line in front of each door - so long some of the people waiting were sitting in the bleachers. I could hear some of the activity through the cinder block walls as I came in. Banging noises - from the girls' heads pounding against the headboards I figured - and loud moans. The girls and their fathers listened intently as they waited their turns.

I sat down on the bleachers at the end of one of the lines and watched a little girl rub her father's prick through his jeans. The man was a hulk - the child's shoulder barely came up to his crotch, and she'd reached around from behind and slipped her arm around his leg. She gently stroked the inside of his left leg then until a long fat bulge appeared, tenting out the fabric of his jeans.

The man's prick continued to swell under the girl's manipulation. She looked up at him and smiled then, proud that she had the power to make her father's dick stretch the leg of his jeans so tight. She did the same to mine as I watched the child stroke his prick with one hand and her big belly with the other. She was simply gigantic - as large as Emily. The man had knocked her up with God knows how many babies, and she couldn't have been a day over 10.

I thought about what my own 10-year-old Dee would look like with a belly that big, and I almost came in my pants. Dee had taken 8 of those 'vitamins' Emily was passing out at the store. The same pills this kid probably took before her father fucked her silly and pumped her full of sperm. She looked like such a little slut too, the way she was rubbing the man's prick. She started teasing him verbally:

"Ya like it, huh Pa? Ya like it when I play with yer big ole thang? It's gettin really big now Pa!" The head of the man's prick was close to his knee then, and she started giggling. "Ya like me all swole up don't ya Pa? I done good this time huh? You made me so big with young- uns I cain't hardly stand up no more."

The girl wasn't kidding. It would have been tough for her to stand without her father's leg to hang on to. She kept rubbing the man's dick, faster and faster until he looked like he was about to cum. She looked up at him again and just grinned.

"Pa, I'm gunna make you mess yer pants OK? I want you to cum Pa. Look how big my belly is Pa - that always makes ya cum. Then we can take a long time at home - an' fuck real good OK? I'm horny, Pa - you know how I git when I'm this big with young-uns and my tits are all swole up. I want ya to be ready to fuck me all night till I ain't horny no more."

The kid kept up her taunting, jerking on the man's dick through his jeans so hard and fast, he looked to be in pain at one point. She stuck her belly out as far as she could, and said: "Look what you done to me Pa." Then he lost it - he soaked the bottom half of his pants leg with semen while the little girl giggled with delight. The kid was very proud of her accomplishment.

"I knew that would do it to ya Pa! When my belly gits this big, it's easy to make ya cum huh?"

The man just smiled down at his pregnant daughter and put his arm around her shoulder. Neither of them acknowledged my presence, or seemed concerned that 10 other people were watching them.

My dick was about to break through my pants at that point, but even worse, my balls had started to swell. I'd become very uncomfortable and I knew I'd have to find a bathroom to relieve the pressure soon. I was not accustomed to having my balls fill to bursting so quickly.

I'd just dumped a big load inside Maggie, and splattered what was left on her tits, no longer than a couple of hours ago. It seemed unreal, but I had to deal with it - I couldn't 'mess my pants' as the little girl had made her daddy do. I limped back toward the entrance to the building. I saw the restroom signs - the men's was to the left, down a long corridor that ran behind 8 of the 16 conjugal rooms. I made my way down the long hall and inside.

The bathroom sounded like the peepshow stalls at a porno house. There were moans and grunts and horny utterance from at least 8 people fucking in there. It sounded more like 20. The place reeked of sex, and there were ropes of dried cum caked on the stalls and mirrors. One pair hadn't even bothered to close the door to their stall.

A huge man was sitting on the toilet, his little girl impaled on his prick. She was facing away from him, toward the stall door. His massive hands held her by the hips and moved her pussy up and down on his prick as easily as he might have moved his fist. His head was cocked around the side of her body, so he could see her reflection in the mirror, as her big tits bounced and slapped together.

The girl had a slight bulge to her tummy, but she didn't look pregnant - more like she'd just given birth. Her tits told the story there - they were engorged, like they were so full they could burst. They started dribbling then - milk began to drip steadily from her fat nipples as her father fucked the living shit out of her. She smiled at me as I stood there with my mouth open watching her get fucked - then she spoke:

"Mister, you about to bust outta them britches! Why don't- cha pull that big ole thang out an' yank on it while you watch Pa knock me up again. You got a BIG one mister - it's makin' me horny looking at that thang. You can cum on my tits like the last man that was in here." Sure enough, the kid had a fresh load of cum all over her enormous milk jugs.

I don't know what came over me - I couldn't believe I was actually doing it - but I did. I pulled my dick out and began whacking off right in front of that 10-year-old kid with the big milky tits. I beat off like a teenager with his first Playboy while the little girl rode up and down on the biggest dick I'd ever seen in my life - it looked like she was sitting on a baseball bat. Though I'd grown, the girl was being kind telling by me I had a 'big one'. Compared to the man fucking her, I felt like a kid again.

She grabbed her nipples all of a sudden - she started squirting them at me, and giggling. "Look Pa, I'm makin' the man all milky. Put it in my mouth mister - I want to feel that big dick in my mouth. I wanna suck on ya while Pa fucks me. Then, I want ya to come on my tits while he squirts baby juice in my tummy and makes me big again. It'll be just like when I suck Jimmy at home...you know...while Pa's fuckin' me. Come on mister... Pleeeze."

She started coaxing her dad again: "Oh Pa... FUCK me... that's it...that feels good ... I want some more young- uns in my belly...squirt some baby juice in little Jenny." She was really working her tits - expertly tugging at her nipples. Milk was flying everywhere.

Then she smiled and opened her sweet little mouth, just waiting for my dick, as she bounced up and down. I grabbed the back of her head with one hand, and guided my prick into her mouth with the other. I angled her head down so her mouth would bob up and down on MY dick as her dad yanked her pussy up and down on his. Mine had swollen to the point I had to really cram it in her mouth, but it made it.

She was making loud slurping noises - from her cunt and her mouth at the same time as her dad and I fucked her little brains out. I was face fucking a 10-year-old nursing mother with huge tits, while her own father tried to get her pregnant again. It sounded like a Twilight Zone episode. Had I lost my mind? Probably so, I thought - then I shoved her head down harder on my prick as her father's rutting became faster, and harder.

I felt my nuts swell up, and saw the twisted look on the man's face - I knew we were about to fill both ends of his daughter with potent sperm. I spewed the first of my load down her throat, causing her to gag and cough. I pulled my dick out to give her some air and she coughed as my cum gurgled out of her throat.

A big wad of it hung on her chin, dribbling slowly in strings onto her swollen tits. I plastered her face with the rest of the cum that came spurting out of my cock in huge globs. I heard her father grunt and start to let go in her fertile womb. "Oh baby, Pa's gunna dump a load in you an' make you HUGE" he said. "Knock me up Pa... that's it... cum in me... git me all swole up with young-uns again - that's how you like me huh?"

The man just kept yanking her up and down and grunting as her pumped her young pussy full of baby juice. I wiped the sweat off my brow and gave the girl a little kiss on the cheek I'd just splattered with cum. The kid gave me a sweet smile and whispered in my ear, "Mister, the next time you see me, I'll have a great big ole belly for ya to cum on. Pa just knocked me up, I can tell."

As much as I'd have loved to stay there and watch that milky little girl empty her tits, I decided I better get my ass in gear - I splashed some water on my face and made my way back to the area in the community center where Maggie was sure to be waiting - and furious. I looked over at the kid once more - sitting on her father knees, her hair glued to the side of her face with my cum. It was hard to leave her, but I did.

About mid-way down the corridor to the gym area, I saw a door with a "private" sign on it. I'd been in too much of a hurry on my way to the bathroom to notice it. It was padlocked, but somehow the lock hadn't completely snapped shut. I touched it and it fell open. Being a natural born snoop, I had to see what was inside. Considering the corridor ran behind the line of conjugal rooms, I wondered what the hell that door was doing there.

I looked in both directions outside the door and decided to go in, knowing full well I'd be very late to meet Maggie and get on with the day's work. Inside the door, lined up along a narrow path to my right, were 8 video cameras on tripods - and they were RUNNING. What the hell is this, I thought.

I walked over behind the first camera and damn near fell out. It was pointed at a big picture window. What I saw behind the window is what gave me the shock. A little girl was looking into the window the camera was pointed at. She was talking to a man in the room behind her. She felt her big breasts and swollen tummy and asked the man: "Do you think I'm pretty when I'm swole up Grampa?" Then she kept staring at the camera.

I don't know why it took me so long, but it finally hit me like a ton of bricks - she was looking into a mirror - or so she thought. Somebody had put one-way mirrors in the conjugal rooms and set up video cameras behind them to film all the action.

It was dark in the narrow corridor, but I could tell I'd kicked something. I reached down to pick it up - it was a video tape with a label on it I could barely read. I moved closer to the one-way mirror. "Daddy's Pregnant Pumpkin - Melanie at 9 months", read the label on the tape. I stuck it in my lab coat pocket and moved down to the next 'window'.

There was a 9 or 10 year old in that room sitting on a bed sucking her father's dick - the next room had a girl sandwiched between two burly men who were fucking her silly, like the kid we'd just finished with. In yet another room, a huge breasted young girl stood in front of the glass and studied herself as she kneaded her palm sized areola and tugged on her fat nipples - she squirted her big tits in a shower of milk all over the mirror. "See daddy, I'm a little cow," she said.

There must have been a camera situated behind a one-way mirror in each and every one of the 16 rooms - recording these very pregnant children as they got their young brains fucked out by their well-hung fathers. I wanted to stay and see what each and every room had in store, but I knew I'd never get home, and my ass would be DEAD if I got there too late. I decided to find Maggie, get the results back from the lab and get home to my wife. It was the only sensible thing to do at that point. When I got into the lighted corridor, I could read the smaller print on the tape's label:

"You'll drool as you watch this pretty young girl stroke her big belly and swollen breasts. Little Melanie is only 9 years old, but she's at full term with a set of twins in this 30-minute feature, and her belly is simply enormous. If you're a fan of big breasts, this child sports a pair that stretches her DD-cup bra to capacity. She is truly a sight to behold." The label said other titles were available at: "www.knocked-up-young-uns.com, or sister site www.genetic-marvels.com."

My biggest concern at that point was how to keep my family safe from the same fate that had befallen these simple poor folks in the sleepy little village of Fertile Valley. Given my state of mind, maybe it was too late. I'd already been sucked into it by all the sexual energy around me. I shuddered to think what would seduce me next. I found Maggie finally - she was furious as I'd expected - I told her I was sorry and asked her if she was ready to get back to the hospital.

As she drove us back, I was consumed with a fantasy vision of my daughter Meagan. She stood in front of me in the living room of our new house, in nothing but a bra and panties. Her breasts were swelling inside the bra, bulging over the cups as she stared at her chest in disbelief. Then her belly began to grow...and grow, making her look very...VERY pregnant. The vision of my swollen pregnant daughter smiled at me and said "I'm getting bigger for you Daddy - see how big Meagan is?"

The next thing I knew, Maggie was shaking me by the shoulders: "Earth to Bill, time to get to work." We'd arrived at the hospital again, and it was time to check the test results.

Soon, we'll hear more about the test findings, family interviews, and Bill's new house. We'll certainly find out more about the dastardly preacher and his minions.

Please let me know what you think so far - It helps to get regular feedback on the story. I'd be interested in hearing what you like, don't like - and what you'd like to read more about - we're winding down to the conclusion now, so let me hear from you.

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