Fertile Valley
(family, preg, inc, cons, size)
By Jim Davis


It seemed like a lifetime had passed since I first started as a research associate in genetics at the Mellon Institute. My wife and I had started a family when I was still in grad school. We went at it. And went at it some more. 12 years and 8 kids later, we were on our way to my first federally funded research project. It was the big time. Making history, uncovering the mysteries of life itself, and above all for guys like me - getting published.

I laughed at the irony of it all. Being sent to the far reaches of Appalachia was not exactly the dream assignment I had expected for all my work. But of all places -- Fertile Valley. It really was priceless. My wife didn't share my amusement. Peggy already had her fun with bringing our kids into the world and now, to quote her: "a fertile valley is the last fuckin' place I wanna go." She was a freshman when we met-not quite 18, and a student in my biology class-part of my dues in the work-study program for my graduate degree.

Peggy was stunning- beautiful blue eyes, long blonde hair, legs for miles and a perfectly plump round butt that made her an ass man's dream. She drove me to the brink of insanity as she wiggled her butt for me day after day-she was POURED into her jeans. I knew she had 'designs' on me - the youngest of the crop of instructors at the U of I - just by the way she looked at me. Not a 'come hither' look - more like an "I wanna fuck your eyeballs out" look.

I had checked out her age on her admissions papers. Hey - you can't be too careful. On her 18th birthday, I asked her out for pizza. The rest, as they say, is history. Peggy devoured me in bed. She stayed on top riding my dick up and down so fast she got blurry for a minute.

We both started to twitch and just as I was about to cum, she leaned over, held me real close and whispered in my ear "...oh Bill... I want... I want you to... I want you to cum in me... oh... I want you to cum in me and get me preg... I want you to come in me and get me PREGNANT." She was moving so fast, she had to gasp with each little utterance, and then it happened -- I exploded inside her with a force I never felt before or since - I came like a fire hose and the girl milked every last drop out of my spurting cock.

I think we both knew right then we'd made a baby -- well we had actually made two babies. Girls Julie and Jenny. Adam came a year later. Diedra and Debbie were conceived the next year like Julie and Jenny - after one of Peggy's teasing sessions.

Peter came along right on the heels of the 2nd set of twins, and we got drunk one weekend and produced another set - Melissa and Meagan barely a year later. "Preggy Peggy" as her friends called her was the mother of eight by her 23rd birthday. She decided 8 was enough and went on the pill, made me wear rubbers, and practiced the old "rhythm" method-all at the same time. I guess I couldn't blame her - we began to think she could get knocked up with a hard look.

So there we were. All of us - stuffed into the biggest shuttle-van that Mellon had available. The kids were all punching on each other and Peggy had to pee. Our directions said another 5 miles or so and there wasn't a bathroom in sight, so we kept trucking.

Off to the left a beautiful valley came into view - rusty roofed barns, a few cows here and there, a little creek running through the bottom-even the kids thought it was pretty. We go down the hill, around a bend and the kids say, "what's that?" - a series of big billboards off in the distance seems oddly placed in such a picture perfect little scene. We could barely make out the message but it was blazoned across the middle of the white background in bright red: "AND THE LORD SAYETH..."

"Oh shit," I muttered. I'd heard about all the religious fanatics in this part of the country and I wondered what this was all about. Next billboard: "BE FRUITFUL... MULTIPLY."

Peggy was looking really nervous by this point, and the kids were totally confused. "What next?" I thought, and here it came around the next curve: "OBEY THE LORD... " More curious than ever, I couldn't wait for the final billboard, and here it was at the foot of the hill. In curved script off to the left "Welcome to Fertile Valley!"

As our eyes moved to the right of the billboard, I just had to catch the reaction of my family to this. We pulled off to the side of the road and gawked at it. I saw everybody's jaw drop. There, in full living color, was a 20-foot tall photograph of a pretty little girl. A very pretty little girl about 11 or 12 years old in pig tails and a cotton print dress that buttoned up the front - a pretty girl just the age of one of my own. The similarity ended there. This little girl was pregnant. This little girl... in a photo 5 times larger than life... was VERY pregnant.

Her little print dress was far too small to fit around the expanse of her swollen belly, so the middle three buttons were undone allowing her naked pregnant middle to protrude out into the open. The child's belly button was enormous and sticking out for all the world to see. That, and half her tummy- a tummy that appeared to be at full term with twins (I recognized the size and shape).

To emphasize her condition, her belly stuck out far past the edge of the billboard in "cut out" fashion. The child was simply enormous and I sat there hypnotized... just staring at her image. All of a sudden Peggy punches me in the arm.

"Hey, how 'bout putting your eyes back in your head... you pervert." I had to shake my head for a minute and come to my senses. I had never thought of myself as having any strange yen for underage girls-after all, I have kids of my own that age...and I would kill the SOB that ever tried... but the image of that little girl was there-burned into my memory... as vivid as the first day I saw... HER.

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