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The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines

- by Alvo Torelli, February-April, 2018

(Author's Note: This story was partly inspired by a suggestion from a reader. Thanks Botte!)

Preteen Tabby and her divorced daddy, Tadd, slowly discover the joys of dominate/submissive bondage play. This novella is currently about 45,000 words. The final chapters were supposed to be available in April of 2018, but then ASSTR's FTP server went belly-up. Now (7/7/18) the server is back, but unfortunately the story isn't finished because I lost ALL of my momentum when I could no longer post stories. SO, I ask your kind forebearance and I PROMISE I will post the next chapter of Tabby's adventures as soon as I can.

Part 1: Before Christmas

Part 2: Christmas morning

Part 3: Christmas morning continued

Part 4: Christmas continued

Part 5: Christmas afternoon and evening

Part 6: After Christmas

Part 7: New Year's Eve, morning

Part 8: New Year's Eve, afternoon shopping

Part 9: New Year's Eve, the party - coming soon!

Please let me know what you thought of this story. Feel free share to your ideas! For the time being, until ASSTR gets the email server back up, please email me here: or you can use the comment form below, which allows you to remain anonymous (if you prefer). I generally respond to comments if you give me an email address.

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