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The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines - Part Three

- by Alvo Torelli, February, 2018

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Christmas, continued

Tadd's plan had been simple. He would give Tabby the presents, one by one, as long as she didn't seem too frightened or put off. He knew she thought the models in his magazines were glamorous and beautiful and he knew she had a predisposition for the thrill of helplessness and vulnerability that came with being bound. So he would give her the gifts, play the game she liked to play, tell her how pretty and grown-up she was, take some pictures of her, like the models she liked so much - and just see how far she wanted to go. It would all just be harmless fun, like the sabotaged toy handcuffs.


But Tadd hadn't reckoned on the impact Tabby's reactions would have on himself.

Tabby seemed so excited by the corset dress, which was so much more erotic on her than he'd ever imagined. She barely balked when he locked the boots to her perfect form. She'd blanched at the ankle cuffs, then thrown the shock off quickly. She seemed intrigued by the ball gag and its little padlock. And then, when Tadd had gotten too excited, momentarily lost control and found himself unexpectedly locking the collar around her neck, she hadn't screamed or lashed out. His little girl had meekly let him lead her around the house at the end of a humiliating leash without a sound of protest and in minutes she'd learned to be completely submissive. Could she actually have liked it - enjoyed the feeling of being controlled?

By the time Tabby was back on her knees, pulling the empty photo album out of the box, Tadd knew his plans were in shambles. He couldn't resist the incredible desires he had for his sweet baby. He didn't have the strength.

Tadd knelt next to his hot daughter and asked in a low, calm voice "Baby, would you like to take a break and play with some of your new presents now?" He held his breath, waiting for her answer.

Tabby set the photo album on the floor next to the handcuffs, the ankle cuffs, the frightening ball gag and her bright red leash. Her little tongue stuck out to one side and her big eyes stared at daddy through her glasses as she thought about what she wanted. It was daddy! And he thought she was pretty! And she knew he liked the glamorous ladies in the magazines when they were bound and helpless - and, well, she had to admit that SHE liked the glamorous ladies in the magazines when they were bound and helpless - but maybe in a different way than daddy liked them - and, well, daddy/Santa had gone to all the trouble to get her pretty dress, and her boots, and, and,.... Tabby reached up with one hand to lightly touch the tiny padlock at the side of her throat, imprisoning her in her pretty new collar. She shivered, despite the warmth of the fire in the festively decorated living room.

"D-did Santa give you the keys?" Tabby stammered to daddy.

It was all the invitation Tadd's fevered, overexcited brain needed. Any control he was holding onto melted away.

Tabby saw daddy kneel next to her and felt his fingers twine into the long hair at the nape of her neck as he pressed his lips to her and kissed her. It wasn't a little girl kiss. It was like the kisses he used to give mommy before they started fighting. It was an 'I think you're beautiful and I need you' kiss. Tabby kissed daddy back, fearful of doing it wrong, but thrilled by the heat of daddy's excitement. His tongue slid over her lips and her much smaller tongue and she submitted to it even though it frightened her. Tentatively at first, then with more energy, she played with daddy's tongue and ran the tip of her tongue along his lips and his teeth. Tabby couldn't remember when she'd put her small arms around daddy's neck to pull him even tighter.

The kiss was so overwhelming and new that Tabby almost didn't hear the jingle as daddy picked up one of the pairs of handcuffs, but the sound, as he fumbled blindly with the cold metal penetrated her young mind. Her heartbeat spiked and panic flooded her veins. 'What is daddy doing!?' But daddy didn't stop kissing her, pressing her back and controlling her with the strong fingers entwined in her hair. Then, even through the soft leather, Tabby felt the first cuff encircle her left ankle and she heard the ominous click-click-click as the pawls of the ratchet engaged one by one, tighter and tighter.

Terror overcame Tabby's confused young mind and she tried to twist away, to push daddy's shoulder, to escape - she couldn't help it - the instinct toward flight was too strong. But daddy was stronger and he never stopped kissing his baby as he fumbled the second ankle cuff around Tabby's right ankle and locked it in place. Her ankles were bound together!

This was real. This wasn't just a game Tabby played with her dolls and a couple of scarves. Daddy had cuffed her ankles together! Daddy's hand cupped Tabby's little ass while he continued to force her to kiss him and she pressed against his chest with her little hands. Daddy's fingers pushed between her thighs and pressed her panties up into her wet, tiny slit. Why was she so wet down there? Why was she so tingly down there? Why was daddy touching her down there? Tabby tried to move her ankles, still instinctively needing to escape the scary things she didn't understand. But they wouldn't move! More panic raced through her little body.

But wait! Didn't it mean that daddy thought Tabby was pretty - that he wanted to see her like the pretty models in his magazines? Daddy wouldn't hurt Tabby - it was all just part of the game. Daddy knew Tabby liked the game - he just didn't know she knew he knew. Wasn't the game fun, especially when daddy was watching. Hadn't Tabby always, secretly, wished daddy was playing the game with her? And now he was - because he loved her and he thought she was as pretty as his glamorous models.

Tabby stopped pushing at daddy's shoulders. She melted back into his kiss and tried to let the feeling of helplessness wash over her, like she did when she played in her room. Yes! It felt good. She was helpless and daddy was the reason. Daddy was strong and he loved Tabby. And daddy was touching Tabby. Tabby suddenly realized how good it felt where daddy was touching her, between her legs. Oh gosh, daddy, yes! Wait, wait, daddy! What are you doing? Don't stop touching me! Don't stop kissing me!

Tadd tilted Tabby to the side and pressed her to the floor. He grabbed the short chain between her ankles and brought her legs out straight as he rolled her to her back. "Daddy?" his little girl said plaintively. But Tadd wasn't about to let her soft fear stop him now. He was trembling with a burning need. He pushed her legs up towards her chest, bending her knees easily with the firm grip he had on her ankle cuffs. She squealed in fright when he grabbed her left wrist and pulled it up to the outside of her ankles, where he gripped the wrist with the same hand that held the chain.

Pausing for a moment of sudden panic of his own - was he really doing this - Tadd looked down at his pretty little nine-year-old. Her perfect, round little ass was just below him. A tiny pouch of red silk panty barely covered her forbidden, tight slit, framed between perfect smooth thighs and set off by the red garters and the little Christmas bows on her silk stockings. Wetness clearly stained the red of the fabric. It was the wet spot, the sure sign of his daughter's unwitting desire that spurned, no, forced Tadd on, as if he had no choice in the matter.

A moment of fumbling was required to find one of the child-sized handcuffs and when Tadd dangled its glittering, jangling cuffs in front of little Tabby's face the child went even more pale. The handcuffs reflected the lights on the Christmas tree as Tadd slowly, click by frightening click, closed the cuff around his baby's left wrist. Her eyes went wider when he pulled her wrist behind her ankles and threaded the free cuff between her legs, then over the short chain of the ankle cuffs and back through her ankles to the back. The two short chains were now linked together and there was barely enough play to get the free cuff out where it could be used.

When Tadd grabbed her right wrist to pull it up to her ankle, Tabby suddenly understood the severity of what daddy was trying to do and she couldn't help but struggle to resist him. Her fight or flight instincts were too strong to control. But Tadd was far too strong and far too worked up for Tabby's struggles or weak pleas to stop him. A moment later her right wrist was locked into the other half of the miniature handcuff. She was completely bound.

Tadd nearly lost the ability to breathe as he let go of Tabby and sat back to watch her struggle. He could see that the reality of true bondage and helplessness had finally overtaken her young emotions. He didn't even register it when he picked up his camera to capture the precious moments of Tabby's first real slavery - but he clicked away with the fancy camera, a Christmas gift to himself, as fast as he could.

Tabby's bondage was classic and one of Tadd's favorites. Her knees were forced back against her chest and bent severely to get her ankles close enough to her body. Her thin arms stretched around her knees with her wrists firmly bound to the back of her ankles. Her perfect ass was exposed and only a small oval of her wet, red panties, framed between her luscious thighs, kept her sex from the eye of the camera. Tabby rolled to her right side, trying to somehow get some control of her uncomfortable position, then rolled back onto her back. Even rolling from side to side took every ounce of her strength and concentration and it was the sum total of her ability to move. She was completely vulnerable and incapacitated and her weak struggles and frightened whimpers proved that she knew it.

Even as he watched her ineffectual thrashing, Tadd's eyes locked onto the small lens of red panty between Tabby's thighs. The fabric darkened with more of her wetness. Her arousal was too much for him! His need for her was too great.

Setting the camera aside, Tadd took control of the struggling child again, grabbing her by the chains of her cuffs and forced her legs back, lifting her cute ass off the ground. "Daddy, daddy, what are you doing?" Tabby wailed as Tadd brought his face down to her legs and pressed his nose agains the wet fabric of her panties. He inhaled deeply and nearly swooned at the amazing smell of his daughter's wet cunny, the smell of desire. "Daddy, oh god, daddy!" Tabby cried out when Tadd ran his tongue forcibly along the wet fabric, pressing the fabric hard against the little slit that it was already molded to.

Tabby wailed and moaned, shivering, while Tadd used his tongue, his nose, even his rough cheeks, to explore some of the tenderest parts of her body. She'd never imagined anything like this! Her panties got wetter and wetter as her daddy slid his tongue along the inside of her thighs, pressed his nose between her legs and nibbled through the thin fabric at her hidden, forbidden clit. He was patient, but he was insistent. He was gentle, but he was unstoppable. He needed Tabby to understand just how much deeper his control of her could be - it wasn't just bondage - it was complete, total dominance.

"Daddy? Oh god daddy?" Tabby cried out and her little girl voice told Tadd that the orgasm he wanted to force on her was ready to break. He pressed into her panty-covered sex with nose, lips, tongue - even his chin. He laved at her with no mercy. "DADDDDYYY!" Tabby screamed as she creamed against Tadd's face and bucked wildly in her first experience of sexual bliss.

Suddenly daddy's face and warm tongue were gone from Tabby's crotch and her eyes snapped open. She tried to focus her eyes through the blue glasses that had slipped to the end of her nose, but all she could make out was something round and red, dangling in front of her face. It took her fevered brain, still reeling from her first climax to understand what she was seeing - the ball gag! "Daddy! Nooooooo...."

The gag filled Tabby's mouth, deeper and deeper until it pressed in behind her pearly little teeth and cut off her screams. It was even more frightening than she had imagined - but maybe part of the fear came from the crazed look on daddy's face as he forced the gag on her! Tabby felt him strap the leather behind her head and pull her long hair out from beneath it. She heard the tell-tale click of the little padlock as daddy locked the evil gag into her mouth. A whole new wave of helplessness rolled over Tabby's mind, but she only had a second to try to understand it - daddy went back to her little panty-covered pussy and attacked it with his tongue. In a flash her orgasm redoubled and Tabby writhed on the floor.

Tabby couldn't understand what had come over daddy. He was frenzied! She was so scared, but the things he was doing to her felt so good! And even in her confused, frightened state, she had to admit that the more daddy exerted his control over her, the more excited she got. Her little cunny spasmed and gave off electric jolts of pleasure that spread over her whole body.

But what was daddy doing now? Oh god, no, daddy, daddy, that's wrong!

Daddy wanted to see Tabby's little pussy. He stopped licking at the lens of red fabric that was the only protection she still had from him. He ignored the scream she tried to force past her huge gag as he pulled the panties over her round bottom and slowly lifted them halfway to her knees. His eyes fixed on the sight of the small slit, buried between two puffy little hills of smooth flesh. Only the tiniest hint of the pink, lovely folds inside were visible, but the sheen of wetness that betrayed his daughter's arousal was as plain as the erection in daddy's pants.

Tabby couldn't believe that her daddy was looking at her pussy. She blushed with deep embarrassment and shivered as his gaze deepened her understanding of just how helpless and vulnerable she was. But it was so much worse than Tabby could understand. Daddy was much more out of control than she knew.

Daddy tongue sluiced between the tight mounds of flesh that protected Tabby's cunny. No matter how hard she instinctively clamped her thighs together she was helpless to stop him. She had to let him taste her, her pussy juices betraying her arousal, excitement and terror. Tabby writhed under daddy's exploring, insistent tongue, terrified to be touched so intimately. And every deep plunge of daddy's tongue just seemed to make him more desperate and wild. Suddenly daddy sat up, kneeling close to her bottom and holding her handcuffs tight in his grip, forcing her legs back even harder.

Tabby heard daddy's zipper.

Tabby knew that boys have something called a penis in their pants. Mommy had explained that to her, and told her that she was never to touch one until she was much, much older - and that if anyone tried to show her his penis she was supposed to scream and run away and find mommy or daddy or a policeman. But this was daddy! And now she saw the penis and it was huge and it looked angry and Tabby was scared again. She tried to scream, but almost no sound penetrated her evil gag.

Daddy pressed up hard against her bottom, kneeling in front of her. She couldn't see his big penis any more. Maybe he put it away. Maybe he... OH! OH! Daddy was rubbing Tabby's little slit again. But this was different. Daddy was sitting up, Tabby could see his face and the way daddy was biting his lip like he did when he was really serious. It was scary.

Tabby understood that daddy was rubbing the big end of his penis across the flesh of her cunny, grinding along her tiny slit and puffy mons. He was rubbing faster and faster. He was making her tingle again! Oh gosh, oh gosh, it felt good - scary, but good. Then daddy pushed harder and his penis slipped between her thighs as it continued to rub along her slit. Tabby realized how long and fat daddy's penis was! That was even more scary.

As Tabby stared up at her daddy's face with huge, frightened eyes, she saw him get more and more excited as he stroked his penis between her legs and pressed it hard against her little cunny, raking over her tiny clit again and again. And oh, gosh, the tingly feeling was getting stronger and stronger again. Oh gosh, oh gosh! Tabby was starting to shiver.

"Oh god, Tabby, baby, you little slut. Oh jeez, oh jeez, oh my god. You have no idea! Oh! Tabby, baby. Oh god, oh god! You fucking little tease! Jesus! You're so, so,... OH FUCK!"

Daddy's yells scared Tabby, but she couldn't stop the tingling feeling from overwhelming her. Daddy could make her do anything he wanted! Tabby was completely at daddy's mercy. The tingling was amazing and she couldn't fight it even though it made her feel so strange and helpless and.... "Mmmmmmmmmm" Tabby moaned into the huge ball gag that made her so uncomfortable.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me, baby!" Daddy screamed.

Tabby felt something hot and sticky on her legs. It quickly dribbled down her thighs to pool on her cunny. Daddy's big cock sluiced through the wetness again, then again, and more of the warm goo shot out onto her thighs. But Tabby didn't care. The tingly feeling overwhelmed her little body again and she shivered uncontrollably, even as daddy sat back, panting, and grabbed his camera.

Tadd looked down at the erotic picture of his bound, orgasming baby. His cum glistened on her thighs and coated the outside of her amazing little pussy as she quivered. He couldn't believe what he'd done, but he still couldn't quite control himself. It was never supposed to go this far. He had nearly raped her! Guilt at his horrible actions overwhelmed his mind, but a darker, meaner part of his brain, a monster inside of him, quickly took pictures of her ravaged, defiled state. Finally, the side of his mind where his guilt and his fear reigned took over. He rose and staggered backwards, horrified at the sight of his precious, cum-splattered baby. He ran from the room, leaving Tabby bound and gagged on the floor, writhing from the last of her extended, intense climax.

My god! I'm such a coward, Tadd told himself moments later as he hid in his study. How could I have done that to her? His heart was still racing and he could barely breathe. It took long minutes for his body to recover and his racing, guilty mind to calm.

But eventually Tadd was able to think straight. As he went over the last few hours he became more and more certain of something: the tighter he bound little Tabby, the more helpless and discomforted he made her, the more he stimulated her little body and proved how much control he had over her - the better she liked it. Oh, she moaned and writhed and shivered with fear and angst - but there was no denying that she had loved every minute of it.

And yet, Tadd couldn't forgive himself for the way he'd lost control, pulled his big cock out of his pants and defiled his little girl with his seed. He was so torn! He he could still feel the rush that have overwhelmed him as he rubbed his cock across her slit and forced it between her smooth thighs until he came on her. He wanted that again! But his guilt was intense.

What Tadd realized about himself in that moment was critical. There was a monster inside of Tadd Smeathers, and his little girl was the thing most likely to release that monster. And following quickly on that realization came another life-changing revelation - the monster was always near the surface and the monster had been in control far more often than Tadd had ever, consciously, known.

It was the monster in Tadd who felt smug satisfaction at the fact that poor little Tabby was still on the floor in the living room, bound and gagged and alone. It was the monster who understood that leaving Tabby by herself, struggling, helpless and hopeless, was an essential step in breaking the little girl to her daddy's dominance. It was the monster who told Tadd to download the pictures from his camera and start to work on printing out the best of them on his fancy new color printer, extending poor Tabby's time alone.

And despite his remorse, despite his love for his little girl, Tadd liked the monster.

An hour can go by in an instant when you're enjoying yourself. An hour can drag by for a long time if you're bored. But if you're tied up, helpless, not knowing how you're ever going to free yourself or whether anyone is ever going to come back to help you - an hour is a tortuous eternity. For some, it is also a treasure.

Tabby's hour of solitude, bound and powerless, barely able to move at all, frustrated by the huge gag that choked her and the corset that pinched her, tormented by the feel of the thick goo daddy had left on her, was heavenly. And terrifying. She didn't understand how it could be both - but it was. And it was instructive. No amount of moaning, writhing, fighting or straining would ever free the bound little girl. This was the true meaning of helpless - and the real power of Tabby's new master, her daddy.

But Tabby's hour of helpless solitude brought a new, terrible fear to her young mind. What if she had done something wrong? Did daddy leave her because she'd disappointed him, or made him mad? The more those thoughts swirled through her mind the more she was sure that daddy was angry with her, or had decided she wasn't pretty enough - that he wouldn't want to play the scary, wonderful games with her any more. Her tortured mind became convinced that she had done something terribly wrong!

Tabby also ached. Her jaw ached, her back ached, her knees and wrists ached. She wasn't comfortable on her side; she wasn't comfortable on her back; switching from one to the other was difficult and painful and reminded her again of how completely helpless she was. Another wave of strange pleasure washed over her at that thought. It also made here wonder, if daddy did ever come back to her, if he ever wanted to play with her again - what strange, scary things would he want to do. Her mind wandered through all the images of daddy's bondage models and all the strange, frightening devices that were used on them. What would daddy do his little Tabby? Just thinking about that question brought a new wave of tingling wetness to Tabby's small, innocent slit.

An hour is an eternity and a split second for a mind wracked with so many overwhelming new ideas and worries.

Tabby started, instinctively straining at her cuffs, when daddy suddenly appeared. Daddy knelt silently next to Tabby with a grim determination on his face. Oh gosh, she thought, he's mad! But the ball gag was quickly pried from her aching jaw. The key! Daddy DID have the keys. Daddy had always had the keys. Just as quickly, the cuffs were off her wrists and Tabby could move her shoulders, which ached from the motion and release almost as much as they'd ached from the bondage. A second later the cuffs were off of her ankles and daddy let Tabby's thin, curvy legs fall to the floor. She was free!

Daddy helped Tabby to a sitting position and then they both spoke at the same time.

"I'm so sorry, baby," daddy said.

"I'm so sorry, daddy," Tabby said.

They stared at each other until Tabby broke the silence.

"Daddy, please," Tabby sighed. "I don't know what I did wrong. Please tell me."

"Oh my god, baby, you didn't do anything wrong! It was me. I shouldn't have done that to you. It was wrong. It was so wrong, but... Oh god, how do I explain this?"

"Really? I didn't do anything wrong? I... I thought maybe I wasn't... It's just, you like the models in your magazines so much... oh!" Tabby covered her mouth and blanched. She'd let out that she knew about daddy's magazines!

Daddy looked his little girl in the eye and then he couldn't stop a smile. "Are you kidding? Baby? You are so much prettier than any of those models. They're practically old hags compared to you!"

Oh gosh! Daddy really meant it. Tabby could tell. "But, well... I don't have any... you know,... any boobies yet."

"Baby, baby," daddy crooned, taking Tabby's face in his hands. "You are the most beautiful and the sexiest and the best model of all time. You don't need boobies to be prettier than those women. You are the prettiest, do you hear me?"

"Yes, daddy," Tabby said and she bit her lip and drop her eyes to the floor. She knew she was blushing terribly at daddy's gaze.

"Look at me, Tabby," daddy commanded and lifted her chin. "I am sorry. I am so sorry. I think you like to play these games, but..."

"I do, daddy! I love to play the games," Tabby interrupted. "It's, it's hard to explain, but I do."

"Okay, baby, I'm glad. But, but you have to understand, baby. Daddy can't play the games without doing certain things - bad things. Daddy just isn't strong enough. If we play the games, then daddy won't be able to stop himself - and you won't be able to stop him either."

"Stop what, daddy?"

"Oh god." Daddy ran his hand through his hair, trying to figure out how to explain. He finally gave up and just blurted it out. "Daddy won't be able to stop himself from using you, baby - using your tight, hot little body - using you for daddy's pleasure."

Tabby's eyes were very big as she listened to her daddy. He was scaring her. But there was nothing in the whole world she wanted more at that moment than to make her daddy happy. "Do, do you mean... with your penis?"

Now daddy's eyes flared and he tensed. But he leaned in closer and kissed little Tabby on the lips, very gently. Then he backed off and whispered "Yes, baby. Daddy wants to do things with his penis, his cock. Bad things. Things that he shouldn't do to his own little daughter. But he really, really wants to whenever we play the games. I don't think I'm going to be able to stop myself."

Tabby stared into daddy's eyes for long seconds, really thinking about what daddy had told her, weighing it against her desire to play the games, weighing it against the thrill she'd gotten from daddy leading her around by a leash and making her completely helpless. She didn't know exactly what daddy wanted to do with his... cock, but she knew it was going to be scary! But....

"I love to play the games daddy. And I love my Christmas presents. You... you can do anything you want. I really mean it."

Tadd stared into his daughter's pretty hazel eyes. They were near to tearing with the intensity of her emotion and need. He realized that she was serious - as serious as any little nine-year-old girl had ever been. He rose from the floor and pulled Tabby to her feet. Her panties were still around her thighs, like some final remnants of her bondage, but when he started to pull them up for her, Tabby bent and pushed them down instead. She looked to him with trepidation, but he nodded and helped her push the panties off over the knee-high boots that were still locked onto her legs.

When Tadd connected the bright red leash to Tabby's red collar, she simply dropped her eyes to the floor and stood, meek and silent. She let him handcuff her wrists behind her body without so much as a blanch. Tadd smiled and quietly led the little girl, like a well-trained dog, to the kitchen.

At Tadd's unspoken command Tabby sat in a kitchen chair. She scooted all the way back and her short legs, even with her boots on, hung suspended off the floor. Daddy quickly uncuffed one of her wrists, but just as fast he put the handcuff back on, with the chain threaded through the slats of the chair. To the evident surprise of his little girl, he produced two of her pretty scarves, the ones he'd given her for her birthday, and moments later her ankles were firmly tied to the legs of the chair. This forced her legs wide open and Tabby was helpless to stop him from lifting what little of her skirt there was - revealing her sex to his hungry gaze.

Tadd leaned in close to Tabby and whispered into her ear, "I'll never forget the first time I saw you, just like this." Then he watched as Tabby realized what he meant - how she'd bound herself in just this position - for him - not so long ago.

"And now that you're completely at my mercy, now that you're totally helpless, I have something very special for you, baby."

Tabby's eyes showed real fear as she looked up. "Wha... what, daddy?" she said and then she bit her little red lip.

Tadd leaned in close to stare straight into Tabby's big eyes, hazel eyes that looked back through her big blue glasses with renewed fright.

"Breakfast!" Tadd said and smiled.


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