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The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines - Part Six

- by Alvo Torelli, February, 2018

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The Day After Christmas

Tabby woke up warm and snug, but confusion immediately swirled through her half-asleep brain. She was in bed - but it wasn't her bed. It smelled wrong, the covers were too heavy, the bed wasn't flat enough and the pillow wasn't fluffy enough. Her eyes flew open and a stab of panic raced through her chest. But the memories all came flooding back, memories that made her gasp and blush. The bed smelled like daddy. The covers were heavy because daddy liked a heavy blanket. The bed wasn't flat because daddy, the big lummox, was making a crater next to Tabby. And daddy had stollen the best pillow in the night! Ooh!

But daddy was also sleeping next to Tabby, with his arm draped over her waist. Tabby was sleeping in daddy's bed! Tabby was daddy's lover - he'd said so! Tabby sighed and pressed her back against daddy and went back to sleep.

The next time Tabby woke up it was light out. She was so happy. She carefully slid her naked little body out of the bed and stood up. The second she took a step she wanted to cry out. She wanted to scream, but she held her tongue. She was so sore! Oh my god! She could barely walk. Suddenly her whole body throbbed and ached, especially her poor abused little cunny that daddy had used so hard. Twice. But her wonderful memories of her time with daddy all came back to her, and she didn't care that she was in agony. She knew it would go away.

Tabby wanted to show daddy how much she loved him, and give him a present at the same time. She never had given him a present on Christmas. She decided to make him breakfast! But first she had to get some clothes on. She couldn't really imagine wandering around the house naked.

Tabby started to head to her room to put some clothes on, but a thought came to her. Shouldn't she show daddy that she was always ready to play the game? Wouldn't he be upset if she forgot? She stopped in her tracks and thought hard. How to dress for daddy so that he'd know that she was his little toy, now and always? How to make sure daddy wanted to play the game!? An idea came to Tabby and she scurried to daddy's 'secret' stash of magazines - she'd figured out where he kept them ages ago. She had to search for the right magazine - the one that was the most dog-eared - the one that was obviously daddy's favorite - the one that even had a couple of stains where it had somehow gotten 'wet.' She found the right pages in the right magazine and then she knew what she saw was perfect. Simple, but perfect. It only took her a few minutes to get ready after that.

Ten minutes later, Tabby was in the kitchen, working on daddy's breakfast. For nine, she actually knew her way around the kitchen reasonably well. In no time she had bacon on the stove, bread in the toaster and scrambled eggs ready to fry. She heard the bathroom and she knew daddy was coming, so she put the eggs on, excited that she'd timed everything perfectly! She jumped down from the chair she stood on for cooking, quickly poured orange juice and set the table and she was just scooping the hot eggs onto dishes, with the toast and bacon, as daddy walked into the kitchen, bleary eyed.

Tadd padded into the kitchen, not sure what he was going to find, but intrigued by the wonderful smell of bacon. The wonderful sight he found drove the idea of bacon right out of his head. His bleary eyes cleared in an instant.

Tadd thought he might be looking at the sexiest thing he'd ever seen in the flesh, and after Christmas day, Tadd had seen a lot. He literally felt his heart try to break out of his chest. Tabby was wearing exactly two things - one of Tadd's dress shirts, a snow white, silk dress shirt he only wore to formal events - and her bright red collar. Her leash was draped over the back of his chair at the table. The shirt draped over her body, accentuating how small and young Tabby was. She'd rolled the sleeves up to their elbows, but they still hung to her wrists. The tails of the shirt hung nearly to her ankles. Only the second button of the shirt was buttoned, just between Tabby's flat breasts and as she moved flashes of the beautiful body under the sexy tent of silk teased his eye and his stiffening cock. Tadd had thought nothing could be hotter than his little girl in her Christmas outfit, bound in ropes or cuffs - he was so wrong.

Tadd dropped to one knee in front of his daughter, pulled her to his chest and kissed her deeply, passionately. When he stopped she smiled and just said, "Good morning, daddy. I made you breakfast."

It was impossible not to stare at Tabby's amazing form all through breakfast. Tadd couldn't tear his eyes off her. The bacon and eggs were probably delicious, but not as delicious as the sight of Tabby. By the time the food was gone, Tadd was beside himself with desire. And he realized that the work he'd done the day and night before, which he'd planned to save for later, was perfect for this moment. Besides, he couldn't wait!

Rising, Tadd picked up the leash.

Rising, Tabby stood quietly and stared at the floor. She dropped her hands to her sides. But she shivered slightly in anticipation and her little tongue stuck out the side of her cute, excited little mouth.

Tadd connected the leash to his subservient daughter and without a word he led her out to the living room, still gaily decorated and lighted by the big Christmas tree. He sat on the big sofa and pulled Tabby into his lap, facing outwards. And then he placed a large book in her lap.

Tabby traced her fingers over the candy-cane letters that spelled "Tabby's Special Christmas." The picture album, the present she'd nearly forgotten, was much heavier now. She opened it to find it filled with pictures. There she was in her new Christmas dress, even before she put on her stockings and boots. There she was with her new collar. She turned the pages slowly, reliving her day. The pictures were amazing! They were just like the pictures in daddy's magazines. And in every picture Tabby was beautiful - no matter how she was dressed, or bound, or positioned or tied up - she was always incredibly beautiful. Tabby realized that this was the way daddy saw her!

Here was Tabby's first severe bondage, and then again, with her panties pulled up. She blushed to see her little cunny caught on film. Here was Tabby eating her Christmas breakfast, bound in a chair and another of Tabby swallowing daddy's seed. Turning the page, there she was writhing on the floor, bound severely with ropes as her little vibrators drove her wild. Oh gosh! Tabby on her knees, legs spread wide by the spreader bar and then worse, Tabby dripping red-tinged daddy-cum onto the floor.

The album included pictures right up to the time when Tabby was tied in a Y on daddy's bed, her pussy bare, both before and after daddy fucked her so very, very hard. Even then she looked stunning.

The album was full. Hundreds of pictures of Tabby the bondage model, the best bondage model ever.

Tabby twisted to look up into daddy's smiling face and she felt his love beaming down at her. She set the album aside and she turned in his lap to face him, straddling him and straining upwards to kiss him on the lips.

They kissed for a long time, with Tabby's thin arms wrapped around daddy's neck. It was such a nice, warm, perfect kiss. It was so wonderful to know that daddy loved her and thought she was the most beautiful of all the models in all of his magazines. He didn't even have to say it - it showed in his eyes. It was only after Tabby finally pulled back, to look into his eyes again, that she realized daddy had managed to take his sweat pants off.

Daddy's hands slipped up under the silk shirt Tabby wore and he gripped her hips. He pressed her back, then forward again and his cock was suddenly there, between her legs. As he pulled her forward her wet slit slid along the length of him. Tabby gasped and daddy moaned. But he didn't stop using her hips to move her forward and back, grinding her tiny, damp pussy into the underside of his cock.

"Tabby, baby," daddy said a few moments later and Tabby's eyes snapped open. She hadn't even realized she'd closed her eyes and started a low, keening moan as daddy slid through the trough of her pussy and brought the amazing tingling feeling back. Catching her gorgeous eyes, daddy continued. "Do you understand, baby. Daddy loves to play the games with you - I love the way you look and react and I love taking pictures of you. You're so beautiful! You're the most beautiful of all." He paused when Tabby looked down, embarrassed and he only continued when she looked back up to lock eyes with him.

"Baby," daddy finally continued. "You have to understand something. If we're going to play the games, then, well... I can't play the games unless we play them for real. And that means... it means... It means making love. It means daddy using your body, like I did yesterday. Do you understand, baby? If you don't want that, now that you know, it's okay, just say so. Just tell me now - and we can stop. But if you want to play the games then I have to do that. I can't help it, I have to fuck you. Just tell me, baby."

Tabby stared into daddy's eyes for a long time, letting the tingling, wonderful feeling build up in her little pussy as she ground against his huge cock. She was still intensely sore from yesterday's pounding. But already the grinding and teasing was giving her feelings that were so much stronger than the pain. She remembered how scared she was when she knew he was going to put it inside her. She remembered how it hurt when daddy used her the first time, and how it went from pain to pleasure to ecstasy. She'd never told him about the ecstasy part. She remembered how it had drained her little body and mind and left her confused, exhausted - but wanting more! And she saw in daddy's eyes how much he loved and adored her.

Tabby put the palm of one hand on daddy's face and clutched his shirt in her other little hand. "Yes, daddy. Please. Fuck me daddy," Tabby said in the tiniest whisper.

Daddy smiled and gave a sigh of relief. Then his eyes twinkled dangerously and he gently took the hand from his face to pull it back behind Tabby's back. She heard the click, click, click of a handcuff closing tight around her wrist and she trembled. Daddy pulled the other arm behind her back and click, click, click she was securely handcuffed. But he wasn't done.

Tabby's pretty eyes flared with alarm when daddy showed her that he also had her second pair of small handcuffs. In a second she heard and felt the cuff as it locked around her arm, just above her elbow. Realizing what he was doing, she stiffened with panic, but of course there was nothing she could do. Her shoulders were pulled back hard as daddy forced her elbows together in order to close the second cuff around her other arm.

The tight arm bondage was scary! Tabby loved it! She realized that she was now the one forcing her little pussy to grind along the length of daddy's big cock as the tingling got stronger and stronger. She undulated her little body like some natural lap dancer, sluicing her wet slit along daddy's pole over and over.

Daddy unbuttoned the one button keeping the shirt Tabby wore closed over her front and he draped the cloth back over her arms to reveal her naked body. Now she could look down to see the huge cock each time she rotated her hips back. She could see her juices glistening along its length.

Tabby knew it was time. She opened her mouth wide for daddy and he pushed in the big ball gag. She leaned forward to help him reach around and secure it. She knew from the pictures what her pretty face looked like with the big, evil gag in her mouth and she knew how much daddy liked it. She knew how much daddy liked her to be completely helpless - and she adored it too! She could see the desire twinkling in daddy's eyes. She was ready.

Daddy lifted Tabby's little body and slid his hungry manhood into her tight sex. Even through her gag he could hear her moan of frightened pain and excited pleasure. He grasped her thin hips and began to thrust upwards into her small body, slowly at first, then gradually faster and faster.

It was a long, careful, sweet fuck. It didn't really matter any more if it was the monster or daddy, or both, who enjoyed the use of nine-year-old Tabby's perfect, luscious body. It only mattered that the monster and daddy loved her desperately, that she loved them back and that they all reveled in the wonderful erotic ecstasy of their dominant/submissive fuck-games.

Daddy grunted with intense pleasure when he filled his daughter's immature womb with his seed. Her incredibly tight, warm cunt squeezed every drop from him as the last of her intense climax spread electric spasms of joy through her little body. Afterward, daddy held her against his chest and stroked his fingers through the long copper hair as she breathed slowly through her nose and listened to him whisper to her how beautiful and sexy and perfect she was.

It was time for Tabby to go back to mommy's house. She didn't want to go! She wanted to stay and play with daddy. On the other hand, Tabby knew that if daddy fucked her one more time before she had some time to recover then she wouldn't be able to walk. She just hoped mommy or her stepsisters wouldn't notice how gingerly she was already moving. Gosh daddy was big!

Tabby wanted to stay with daddy and sleep in daddy's bed. But mommy was coming to pick her up soon. Her things were gathered and she was dressed. Of course, all of her new bondage toys and her photo album were staying at daddy's house. It wouldn't do to have mommy or one of her stepsisters find a pair of shiny new handcuffs with her things, or have her stepfather peruse the contents of the photo album. Daddy had even gone to the trouble of giving Tabby a few regular Christmas presents - some pretty, but not sexy clothes, a new doll and a new Princess Pony game for her tablet. There was also a pretty bracelet that only Tabby and daddy knew was the exact same stainless steel as her new handcuffs. Tabby knew she would never take it off when she was away from daddy; it made her heart beat a little faster whenever she touched it and memories flooded her young mind. She loved it!

With an hour to go before mommy came to pick her up, daddy quietly came up behind Tabby, pulled her collar around her throat and locked it in place. As he connected her humiliating, wonderful leash she dropped her eyes to the floor and took up the weak, submissive posture she knew daddy liked so much. Then daddy led her down the hall to his study, where he sat her in the chair in front of his computer.

Tabby was very familiar with daddy's special collection of collector's bondage model magazines and she enjoyed them almost as much as he did. But she had no idea about the collection of pictures he had hidden away on his computer. He showed her the sorted folders, including a huge folder of pictures of Tabby herself, pictures that made her little cunny spasm. As Tabby watched, daddy created a new, empty folder called TabbysFavs.

Daddy leaned over Tabby and kissed her on the cheek, then he removed her leash and her collar. "Baby," daddy said, "I'm going to go downstairs and run on the treadmill until your mom picks you up. But you'll be back in a couple of weeks - and if you still want we can play the game some more." Tabby nodded her head enthusiastically. She knew she wanted to play the game more! "So, here's my last Christmas present for you, baby. Just look through any of the pictures you want - and if there's something you like, something you want to try for our game, just copy the picture into this folder. Okay?" Tabby nodded her head with a bit more hesitation. What was she going to find in the many folders of pictures? This was kind of scary! Fun scary. She nodded more enthusiastically. "I hope I see you sooner, but I'll see you in two weeks anyway, baby," daddy finished. He kissed her, on the lips, lingering long enough to play with her tongue and quicken her pulse. Then he was gone.

Little Tabby went to work on the folders of pictures, her hand trembling on the mouse.

Tadd ran hard on his hated treadmill. His mind was still busy trying to sort out the way his relationship with his hot little daughter had changed over the past day and a half. It was overwhelming. Was his life spiraling out of control, or had he found a strange kind of nirvana. Was he really the monster? He ran hard.

Much later, after he'd heard Tabby leave, Tadd wearily climbed the stairs and faced his heart-wrenchingly empty house. He hadn't understood as he'd taken his run how quickly and deeply he would miss his little girl now that she was more than just his daughter. He took a shower. He did some work. He ate a meal. He watched some television. He called a friend and arranged a golf game.

Tadd was avoiding the folder sitting on the desktop of his computer.

Finally Tadd couldn't put it off. He didn't know that his hand trembled on the mouse almost exactly the same as his sweet Tabby's hand had trembled. He opened the folder to find three picture files. He opened them.

"Oh my god," Tadd said out loud. He stared at the screen for long minutes. Then he texted Tabby. He had to text her something that wouldn't raise suspicion, so he just sent one word - 'Really?'

'Really, daddy,' came back almost at once. Tadd could practically see the way Tabby's tongue probably stuck out the side of her mouth as she texted him on her tablet. And then an emoji lit up his screen - a smiling face with a tongue sticking out on one side.


Read on for Part Seven of The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines.

Dear Readers -

Thank you all so much for all the wonderful letters and thoughts and ideas! Tabby's adventure is now continuing!

-Alvo Torelli




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