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The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines - Part Four

- by Alvo Torelli, February, 2018

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Christmas, continued

Breakfast turned out to be Tabby's absolute favorite - waffles with strawberries and whipped cream! Of course, Tabby was forced to sit in her chair, bound and helpless while daddy whipped it all up - although most of it he'd already prepared in advance. The smell of the baking waffles filled the kitchen and made Tabby's mouth water. She hadn't realized how hungry she was! Getting bound and nearly raped by your daddy was hard work.

It was also strange to have daddy feed her - but Tabby's hands were still cuffed behind her, through the slats of the chair. He kept getting whipped cream on her nose, which he seemed to think was terribly funny. She frowned at him every time, but she had to admit that she liked all the attention she was getting from him.

By the time Tabby finished her second waffle, her corset was too tight to let her eat another bite. Still, she felt much better. But with breakfast over, daddy suddenly turned somber. For a second Tabby thought she'd done something wrong again, but she realized that daddy was having another attack of the same guilt he'd shown earlier.

Tabby let daddy untie her ankles and remove her handcuffs before she did anything about his change of mood. But the second she was free she threw her arms around his neck and pulled him tight. She gave him a kiss, right on the mouth, and not a little girl kiss either.

"Thank you for breakfast, daddy!" Tabby said, looking daddy in the eyes. "And thank you for my Christmas presents. Can..." She had to look down, embarrassed. "Can we p-play some more?" Tabby finished in an uncertain whisper.

Suddenly daddy swept Tabby up into his arms and kissed again, hard. He cupped her naked ass in his hand as he held her, crushing her to his chest. She kissed him back with equal passion. Eventually he set her down and without a word he put her leash back onto her collar and cuffed her hands in front of her. Finally he said, "Yes, baby, I'd love to play some more - but first... Well, I didn't think you would open it, but there's another present for you."

Tabby gasped. Another present? Oh god - what could daddy have in mind for her now? A shiver of fright ran up Tabby's pretty little body. It was wonderful.

Tabby once again knelt on the floor in front of a box with a bright Christmas ribbons. Since she was still handcuffed, she used both hands to pull the ends of the bow, unbinding the pretty box. The lid and the top layer of tissue paper gave way to reveal half a dozen coils of silk bondage rope in red, black and white. Tabby gasped at the sight of so much rope.

Tadd watched Tabby take each carefully coiled length of rope out of the box and set it to the side in a neat line - as if she was arranging them so that he wouldn't have any trouble finding the one he wanted. His eyes flashed with renewed desire. Visions of frightened models wrapped in rope, forced into uncomfortable, submissive positions, swam through Tadd's mind and he wondered if Tabby was having the same thoughts.

As Tabby pulled the next layer of tissue paper out of the box she wrinkled her brow with confusion. She reached into the box and pulled out three small plastic red eggs, each connected by a thin red wire to a red box about the size of a deck of cards. A small switch and a dial adorned the box. "Daddy? What are..." she started to ask, but her little girl voice broke and trailed off as her eyes went wide with concern. She put the little eggs aside and dove back into the box to get to the bottom layer, as if she was trying to ignore the scary eggs.

What Tabby lifted out of the box clearly frightened her and her hands trembled as she held it. It was a ring gag. Tadd knew well that the models in his glossy magazines always looked more frightened when they were forced to submit to ring gags and he could see the same fear in Tabby's pretty eyes. The silver ring of the gag gleamed like Tabby's handcuffs and Tadd saw how she stared at the ubiquitous heart-shaped, padlock that dangled from the buckle of the gag.

Tabby started to turn to Tadd, but he was already kneeling next to her, taking the ring gag from her fingers. Before she could say a word he pushed the ring past her teeth, forcing her jaw wide, and set the cold metal just behind her newly acquired top and bottom front teeth. The metal was hard and uncomfortable - but most of all it forced Tabby's jaw open even farther than the big ball gag had done. Tabby tried to say something, but all she could get out was a generic, pleading "ahhhhh." Tadd ignored her pleas and buckled the strap around the back of her head. He saw Tabby shiver with fear when she heard the unique click of the small padlock closing, where it dangled just below her left ear. Tadd carefully pulled Tabby's long, beautiful coppery hair out from under the strap. He loved her thick locks so much. He pushed Tabby's glasses back up onto her little nose, which he kissed lightly and then looked into her eyes. It was time, and Tabby's eyes showed that she was scared, but ready. Tadd lifted his daughter to stand before him, ready to play the game.

It was time to let the monster have his way.

Tabby immediately dropped her eyes to the floor and stood, submissively, in front of daddy. She tried not to tremble, but she failed and she could only hope that daddy wouldn't mind. When he unlocked her handcuffs she resisted the urge to rub her lightly chaffed wrists, dropping her hands meekly to her sides.

This new game was fun!

Daddy knelt in front of Tabby's small body and took ahold of the hem of her skirt. Suddenly he tore the skirt open up to her tiny waist. The skirt made a terrible ripping sound and Tabby nearly tried to cry out in dismay, but daddy smiled and said, "Don't worry, baby, it's supposed to do that, it's designed that way." Then he yanked hard at the skirt and it gave away, all the way around, as Tabby was forced to turn in place. Daddy dropped the skirt of her pretty, sexy Christmas dress to the floor and Tabby looked at her reflection in the big, bright window. It was obvious, now, that she wore only a severe corset, connected to a bright, lacy garter belt. Tabby's sex and ass were on display and she blushed almost as red as the skirt daddy had just torn off of her.

Tabby stared at the floor like a good little model, but her trembling wasn't any better. Daddy took pictures.

Daddy started the new game with a black rope, doubled, which he brought around from behind Tabby's waist and threaded through the loop in the end, then tied off just in front of her navel. It hung loosely around her waist and he let the doubled ends dangle to the floor. Daddy measured carefully, then tied a complicated knot several inches down the doubled rope. The knot was flat and pretty, shaped like a small flower. Just below it, daddy tied a second knot that looked like a ball the size of a walnut. He repeated the second knot again, an inch or so lower. When he finished the complicated knots he left the black rope to dangle.

Tabby didn't realize her little tongue jutted out across the edge of her ring gag as she tried to concentrate on everything daddy was doing while still keeping her eyes downcast. But daddy did, and he smiled warmly at the sight. Before he moved to the next step he was sure to capture the cute look on his camera.

Next daddy grabbed a red rope. Like the black rope it was doubled in his hands, and halfway down the rope he tied a small knot that left a doubled loop of rope big enough to push a couple of fingers through. Then he went back to the doubled end of the rope.

But first daddy needed his submissive little girl to do something for him. He told Tabby to reach behind her back with her left hand and grasp her right forearm just below her elbow. Then he helped her bend her right arm underneath her left, and grab her left forearm with her right hand. This position made Tabby very nervous - especially when daddy had a long rope in his hand! And well she should have been nervous.

Daddy started on the left side of Tabby's crossed arms. He pulled the doubled rope around her right wrist and left arm and threaded the free end through the natural loop in the end of the rope. Then he simply wound and wound the rope around her arms, carefully lining up the strands of the rope along her arms from left to right. When he got to the center of her back, the extra loop he'd already tied into the rope appeared, perfectly situated on the the outside. He kept winding and winding until her forearms and wrists had completely disappeared under the bright red rope. Tying off the end of the rope only took him a few seconds.

Tabby's arms were completely immobilized, wrapped in bright red rope! She gasped when daddy reached between her legs to retrieve the black rope. He pulled it between her legs and threaded the end through the loop he'd made in the red rope, but he didn't pull it tight, he just let it dangle. Even so, Tabby found the sensation of the rope between her thighs unsettling.

One of the white ropes was daddy's next choice and he sat on the floor just behind his trembling, almost naked nine-year-old. Tabby was getting more and more nervous, but she stood perfectly still, knowing that's what daddy expected of a submissive little girl. She desperately wanted to look over her should to see what daddy was doing, but she kept her eyes focused on the floor in front of her. That's the way the game was played! But it was still scary.

Tabby felt daddy fumbling just above her knees, where he threaded the lose end of the doubled white rope through the end loop to form a circuit around her legs. When he pulled it tighter, Tabby had to move her legs together until her ankles were almost touching. This made it harder to keep her balance on the crazy high heels that were locked onto her small feet. But daddy steadied her and she knew he wouldn't let her fall. In a few seconds her frightened breathing slowed down, and by then daddy had coiled the doubled rope a second time around her legs, just above her knees, then threaded the two loose ends between her legs and around the rope in opposite directions, a couple of times, then tied them off. Tabby's legs were tied together firmly, with her knees about an inch apart. She was glad that the rope was pulled tight against her silk stockings instead of her bare skin.

Staring at the floor, Tabby tried to control her trembling, but it was no use. She could feel the black rope dangling between her thighs, and the thought of what daddy might do with it was terrifying. It was heavenly!

There was still plenty of white rope dangling down the back of Tabby's shapely legs, but daddy made quick work of it, coiling it twice around her ankles and once around the soles of her boots, between the heels and the toes. Then he threaded the loose ends, again, between her legs, around the coil and pulled them tight to cinch up the ankle bondage. He tied off the ends and sat back to admire his handiwork.

Tabby was now beyond helpless. Her trembling threatened to throw her off balance and crash her to the floor. Immobilized as she was it was nearly impossible to keep her balance. She wanted to plead for help but the ring gag prevented any intelligible sounds, and besides she wasn't supposed to make a sound unless daddy commanded it. She knew that was how the game was played! But it was torture to have to wait, so close to falling over, just so that daddy could take so many pictures of her.

But Tabby knew daddy wasn't done with her. He was obviously having far too much fun - and the ladies in the magazines were never left just standing like this. She was so deliciously scared of what might be coming!

Daddy didn't make Tabby wait any longer. He picked up the three small red eggs that Tabby had so hurriedly put aside. Tabby couldn't stifle a quiet, frightened moan of "aaaaaa" at the sight, but she quickly forced herself to be quiet and cast her eyes back down at the floor.

The submissive bondage-girl game was fun, but the sight of the little eggs in daddy's hand sent real tremors of fear through Tabby's body.

"Do you know what these are, baby?" Tadd whispered to his nine-year-old as he knelt next to her trembling stance. Tabby shook her head quickly, but only for a second, clearly indicating that she didn't want to know! Tadd was fairly certain Tabby knew exactly what the little eggs were for.

Tadd's monster loved the fear in his daughters downcast eyes and the defeated, submissive stance of her costumed body. She was so good at this game! So good that it was hard to tell how much was game and how much was real. Could it be both? He shivered with excitement.

"I guess you'll just have to find out," Tadd whispered, even softer, and enjoyed another flare of his little girl's eyes. He enjoyed even more the way she flinched when he gently slid one of the little eggs between her thighs, above the black rope, and pressed it up against the hood of her sex where it would rest against her little clit. He held it in place with his other hand, reaching around her little body. He sighed when he found her wet, again, sopping wet.

"Aaaaa, aaaa," Tabby let escape in a terrified moan. Tadd's heart rate jumped.

Tadd pressed the second little egg between Tabby's sensitive, smooth thighs and nestled it up into her wet slit. He forced it between the fat outer lips, then higher, feeling her open up inside to admit the intruder just inside her tight pussy. Tabby's trembling and frightened, uncontrollable moans intensified. Tadd felt her tiny pussy spasm and the hard cock in his slacks spasmed in response. This game was almost as much torture for the monster as it was for the preteen.

Reluctantly, Tadd slid his fingers out of Tabby's sex, leaving the second egg firmly trapped just inside her tight slit. He grasped the final egg. He leaned in closer in order to slide the egg into his mouth and lubricate it with his saliva. He could see that little Tabby must know what was coming, for despite her efforts to be as submissive as possible, the muscles of her cute ass strained to clench her cheeks as tightly as possible.

Tadd pressed the wet egg into the deep cleft of Tabby's butt and she gasped in panic, "aaaa, aaaa, aaaa!"

"Relax!" Tadd command and he realized it was the first real, verbal command the monster had given Tabby. It was a test, a clarification of the rules of the game. She could still let him know she didn't want to go so far, that she wanted to stop. But would the monster stop if she said no? Tadd didn't know the answer. He didn't get to find out. Tadd's little girl relaxed her ass, renewed her submissive stance and found a way to look even more defeated. It was incredible.

Tadd didn't waste any time. He pressed the egg to Tabby's tiny rosette. He let the pointed end nestle into the little crater as he pressed harder and harder. Tabby moaned in fright one last time and then the little egg popped into her ass, quickly swallowed into her body. The only sign it was there was the thin wire protruding through the tiny, wrinkled opening.

It was time. The monster was impatient! Tadd grasped the black rope where it threaded through the loop at the back of Tabby's arms. He pulled it down and took up the slack, forcing the rope up into Tabby's cunny and the valley between her perfect round butt cheeks. She gave out another tortured gasp through her gag as the rope tightened and the three knots Tadd had meticulously tied in it did their jobs. The flat knot trapped the first of the eggs firmly against Tabby's immature clit. The second big knot pushed between her mons and fixed the second egg inside her pussy, nestled, no doubt, against the proof of her virginity. And the third walnut-sized knot snuggled perfectly against Tabby's back entrance, fixing the last egg so that no amount of straining could expel it.

The look on Tabby's pretty face as she fully understood her dreadful predicament sent the monster's lust into overdrive. He was suddenly desperate, nearly out of control. Even if his baby had screamed he wouldn't have been able to stop himself from using her. But he had to finish the tie first and his hands shook almost too hard to complete the last, simple task.

Tadd threaded the free ends of the black rope between Tabby's knees, from behind, just below the white rope wound around her legs. The end of the black rope pulled upwards, long enough to loop through the very first knot Tadd had tied, at Tabby's navel. The black rope would make it impossible for the white rope to ever slide downwards, keeping it as taught as the other ropes. But before he tied it off, Tadd tugged the rope down in the back, putting strain on poor Tabby's bound arms and pressing the knots and eggs harder against her sensitive cunny and ass. He tied the rope off with all that tension, watching his little girl's frightened face.

Tabby's bondage was perfect! Tadd's camera adored her as she swayed, terrified of falling. The different colored ropes interacted in a pleasing, horrifying way. A small river of drool covered the child's chin and her little tongue still protruded as she concentrated on the game. The ropes hid the little eggs, but the thin red wires snaking out and descending to the dangling little control box made it clear that they were there. The whole scene was perfection! the monster couldn't wait any longer. He set his camera to automatic, snapping pictures every three seconds and positioned it on the table.

As the monster forced Tabby down to her knees she mewled with surprise. But Tadd was hardly listening. He twined his fingers into her luxuriant copper hair to hold her steady and fumbled at his pants, dropping them to the floor. Standing in front of her, her mouth was perfectly positioned. His cock was so hard, so angry, so ready. He forced the head of the big cock through the ring gag.

The lovely game with daddy had suddenly taken a surprising, scary turn. Tabby loved the lovely, intricate bondage and the way she was totally helpless. She loved even more the way daddy looked at her when she was submissive or acted scared - and she was sure he thought she was as pretty as the ladies in his magazines. She didn't even mind too much the little eggs that had invaded her body and were giving strange tingling feelings in her cunny. Every time she moved even the slightest bit they rubbed her in the most sensitive places. Tabby remembered the amazing feelings that had coursed through her little body before breakfast - and she wasn't sure she wanted to go there again. That had been truly scary.

But Tabby had never imagined that daddy would want to put his penis, no, his cock, in her mouth! Why would he want to do that? It was so big and warm and it tasted funny. He poked it in farther to run it along the inside of her cheeks and over her little tongue. It made her struggle - she couldn't help it. Every instinct told her she didn't want the big cock in her mouth. It didn't belong there. But her struggles just drove home to Tabby how completely helpless she was. Daddy's ropes were tight and his hand was strong.

"Lick it! Lick it. Run your tongue around it!" daddy commanded in that new, scary voice - the voice that was part of the game, but also not part of the game It was daddy's new 'I own you, little girl' voice and it cut through everything else that Tabby was thinking or feeling. No matter what, she had to obey that voice - it was part of the game. But it was still frightening.

So Tabby used her tongue to caress the head of daddy's big cock. She stroked the underside several times, then did her best to swirl her tongue around the tip before stroking the underside again.

"Oh Jesus, oh, oh, Tabby, Tabby, oh god, you're so hot, so pretty, so, so wonderful!" daddy moaned out as Tabby licked him as best she could. She knew better than to raise her eyes to see daddy's face, but she could see the way he was excitedly stroking his hand up and down the part of his cock that wasn't pushed through the ring gag. "Oh fuck, fuck, yes," he growled. "Lick my cock, baby, lick my big, throbbing cock!" Again, the commanding, scary voice cut through Tabby's brain and she redoubled her submissive efforts to do her best with her little tongue. But it was scary!

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!" daddy suddenly yelled and Tabby felt a gush of hot, thick goo filling her little mouth. More of the nasty stuff flooded across her tongue and she thought she might choke. She realized the stuff was coming from daddy's cock and she was terrified. Was it poisonous? No, daddy wouldn't do that to her. Daddy loved her. But why was there so much of it?

Daddy pulled his cock out of Tabby's sweet, warm mouth and let two more huge ropes of cum erupt from his feverish cock, coating his pretty daughter's face with his seed. The warm rivulets of cum felt so strange as they started to drip along the sides of her face, tickling her. Tabby worried when daddy staggered, overwhelmed by the intensity of his climax. She listened for his shallow, fast breathing to slow - like it did when he'd just finished a hard run - a real run that is, not one of his fake runs. Then she felt daddy use the head of his cock to push the cum on her face across the edge of the ring gag, to drip down into her already full mouth.

Tabby had a sudden wave of new, frightening emotions that played across her face. She had a new level of understanding of just how helpless she really was. In a moment of defiance, she dared to glance up at daddy only to see that he'd recovered his camera. He was recording her new emotion - humiliation - and capturing the view of her mouth, still filled with daddy's nasty, thick cum. Tabby looked back down in defeat immediately.

The cum didn't taste that bad, at least at first. But it was so thick and slimy and coated every surface with some oily substance that permeated her tasted buds, so that the disturbing flavor grew stronger and stronger. Tabby wanted to get rid of it! But daddy used the scary command voice, again. "Swallow!" She knew she had to obey just as she knew the taste of daddy's seed would stay with her for a long, long time, reminding her constantly of what he could do to her anytime he wanted. She swallowed, slowly, showing daddy every gulp.

For the first time Tabby understood a look she'd seen on the faces of some of the models in daddy's magazines. She felt it now. It was the humiliating look of defeat. It was a new, frightening wrinkle to the bondage game, and Tabby was afraid that it was a feeling she was going to have again. But daddy obviously loved it! The feeling was so exciting and her little cunny tingled with a whole new kind of anticipation as it caressed the little egg that was bound inside her.

This game was amazing! It was so much fun to be so scared, knowing that it was only daddy - her lovely, loving, sweet daddy, and knowing the pleasure she was giving him. But the taste of daddy's gooey stuff was going to drive her crazy!

Even after he'd watched the prettiest nine-year-old in the world swallow his thick seed, Tadd could barely breathe. His heart was pounding so hard. He knew he needed to take a break to recover, both physically and mentally. But then, wasn't taking a break exactly what he'd been heading for - at least a break for him? The monster answered - yes!

Tadd lowered Tabby to the floor, gently, laying her on her side. He stepped back and started taking pictures of her erotic form, pictures he knew he would cherish. Despite her severe bondage, Tadd knew Tabby actually had a great range of motion available to her - not that any of it would do the poor child any good. She could roll from side to side, bend at the knees, bend at the waist - even roll onto her shoulders and knees if she wanted to get part way off the floor. But none of it would loosen her ropes, help her free herself or alleviate the pressure against her little slit or ass. Still, he was looking forward to watching her try.

And so Tadd, the monster, knelt down and flipped the switch to activate the three small egg-shaped vibrators. He set the intensity dial to medium and sat back to watch his sweet little girl find out what helplessness was really all about.

Tabby felt the first little egg, the one daddy had slipped just inside her tight cunny, come to life. Although it merely gave off a strong vibration it startled her into jerking about and arching her back, which merely served to intensify the unanticipated and novel sensation. She knew at once she was just making things worse by reacting to the thrumming intensity inside her pussy, but she couldn't help it. She writhed on the floor.

The second little egg started vibrating a minute before the first one stopped, as they were programmed to do. It was the egg pushed up into her butt and the simple alien newness of it drove Tabby wild. She desperately wanted it to stop! It was wrong. It was nasty. It was humiliating! "Aaaa! Aaaa!" She screamed through the evil ring gag. Even when the first vibrator stopped, Tabby writhed and twisted and strained, desperate to find some way to stop the other one from violating her.

Tabby knew that daddy was taking pictures of her, hundreds of them. As she twisted and turned, lifted her knees then set them back, curled into fetal position or straightened out, she caught glimpses of daddy and his camera. She hated being caught so vulnerable - and she loved being the center of daddy's world.

It was when the third vibrator started up, amplified by the second, that things really began to get out of control. The little egg pressed to Tabby's clit throbbed at a maddeningly energetic pace and Tabby's orgasm, already swelling, accelerated to a burning, tingling need.

It was torture. It was exquisite. It was helplessness at its best and worst. Tabby's innocent little mind began to break as she twisted and turned, her psyche instinctively trying to escape even though her brain knew that she couldn't - and that she didn't want to.

For another minute just the vibrator pressed hard to Tabby's clitoris did it's work, driving her higher and higher, but then, as programmed, all three vibrators came on at once and drove her over the edge. Her climax was intense, overwhelming and as it went on and on it was tortuous. Tabby struggled with every ounce of her strength, throwing herself this way and that, bending, twisting, straightening - all of it ineffectual. Her bonds never loosened, the evil vibrators were never shaken, the madness was never decreased. Daddy clicked on and on with his camera, catching every nuance of Tabby's huge, humiliating, forced orgasm.

All at once the three vibrators went still. Tabby panted on the floor, her heart racing, her arms, legs, shoulders and jaw all aching. Her cunny still throbbed from the end of the orgasm. Over long minutes her breathing returned to the normal, shallow breaths her corset would allow. Her heart slowed. Her quivering died to a low trembling. Her young mind began to recover from the overwhelming, orgasmic onslaught.

Tabby was just beginning to understand what had happened to her as the vibrator in her tiny cunny roared to life again and the cycle started over. She saw daddy lean over and do something to the control box and at once the vibrations grew much stronger. "Aaaaaaaaa," Tabby screamed through the ring gag as she watched daddy stand and walk away, abandoning her to the frustration of her bondage, the torment of the vibrators and the terror of being left alone.

Somewhere during the seventh or eighth cycle of the vibrators, Tabby passed out from sheer overstimulation and exhaustion. With every cycle her orgasms grew wilder and stronger and she struggled like a wild beast against her bondage and the terrible little eggs. It was all too much and she fainted just as the vibrators all started in together.

Throughout, Tadd never really left his sweet daughter alone. And although she couldn't see him, and it felt like she was abandoned to her helplessness, Tabby knew that daddy was always there, just out of sight. It was just part of the wonderful, crazy, overwhelming game.

Tadd was quick to turn off the vibrators and made short work of untying his unconscious child. She moaned once or twice in her dreams, but Tadd could tell she was alright - just exhausted. He gently placed her on the sofa, covering her practically naked, sweet little body with a blanket, and let her sleep. He stroked her hair and softly sang her favorite lullaby.

Tabby slept on and after a bit, Tadd headed back to his study to sort and print more of the fantastic pictures he and the monster had taken of Tabby. And oh, yes, wasn't there another present for his sweet girl - a present that still needed wrapping?



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