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The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines - Part Eight

- by Alvo Torelli, April, 2018

(Dear Reader: Thanks for your patience waiting for Part Eight of Tabby's adventures. If you are new to this story, please start at the beginning, or none of this will make sense.)

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New Year's Eve, afternoon

Tadd sat back on the bed, admiring his beautiful, comatose daughter. He really enjoyed the sight of his cum slowly dribbling out of her tiny ass. It was a picture he would never forget and he could already feel his cock stirring back to life at the sight.

Looking to his right, Tadd grinned at Marco, who was making sure that the video camera, which he held in his hands, captured the lovely moment as well. It was obvious that Marco's cock was swelling at the sight of Tadd's severely bound, gorgeous daughter as well - despite the fact that he'd emptied his cum into her little mouth twice in the past couple of hours. Tadd envied Marco his youth. Tadd was still virile in his early thirties, but he was no longer quite the stud he'd been at Marco's twenty three.

Back to business, Tadd carefully began disentangling the little girl from her self-imposed bondage. Both men continued their silence in case the child started to come around, but the exhausted, fucked little thing was out cold, like only the very young can be. Tadd pulled back the covers and smiled as he tucked his nine-year-old into his bed, as if he was just putting her to bed for the night, like any other night. His last act was to carefully slide the blindfold off of her face and set her glasses next to her on the bedside table where she would easily find them.

Tadd and Marco tiptoed out of the room, but only after they'd put the video camera back on the tripod at the foot of the bed, exactly where it had been the first time Tabby had seen it.

Tabby woke and rolled over, trying to stretch. Oh god, she was sore! Every muscle complained, especially her hips and her pussy and her arms and her... well, everything! She knew at once she was in daddy's big bed, safe under the covers and she snuggled down, trying to recover that warm, safe feeling that she liked so much. But her eyes flew open as memory flooded back. She'd been fucked by a stranger! Daddy had fucked her in the ass. She'd swallowed two huge loads of cum. She glanced to the side table, found her blue glasses and put them on, then read the clock - and it was barely noon!

What more could this day bring? Tabby thought back to the pictures she'd left daddy a few days earlier and she moaned softly. A lot more could happen! Oh gosh, what had she been thinking!?

"Time to get up, sleepy head," daddy said. Tabby squeaked and flipped over to find daddy standing at the foot of the bed, next to the video camera. "We've got a few hours before tonight's party, I thought you might like to go for an outing."

"A party? Oh, daddy! What kind of party?"

"That's for later, baby," daddy said with a wry smile. "For now, get cleaned up and get ready. I left a present for you on your bed."

"A present?" Tabby's heart skipped a beat. Daddy's presents were scary! What could it be? But wait, daddy didn't know about the other man, the scary man. "Daddy! Oh god, daddy, there was a..."

"Come on, baby, we've got to get going!" daddy said sharply, with a frown. "We're barely going to have time, especially the way it takes you so long to get ready." Daddy was already leaving the room as he grumbled. His voice trailed off as he headed down the hall. "Sometimes you're so like your mother."

"But daddy! Daddy, there was a man..." Tabby said to the empty room. For a moment she stared angrily at the video camera. If only she could... But no, daddy told her to get ready. She had to obey daddy, that was part of the game. Right? And besides, there was a present waiting for her!

Tabby tried to hurry in the shower, she really did. But the second she stood up from the bed she realized she could barely walk from the hard poundings she'd taken while she was bound. The hot water helped! After a long time of letting the hot water pound on her sore little body, she felt much better and she could move around more freely, although she knew she was going to walk a little bit funny for awhile. She toweled dry and brushed her long copper hair, then dashed naked down the hall to her bedroom.

It turned out there were two presents waiting for Tabby on her bed, side by side, with her tall, locking high-heeled boots next to them. They were both white boxes with big red bows - just like all of Tabby's frightening presents. Tabby understood that this was daddy's way of telling her that they were starting a new game - and her small naked body shivered with frightened anticipation.

"I hope you like them, princess," daddy said. Tabby squealed in surprise. She hadn't realized daddy was sitting in a chair at the side of her bedroom, watching her tentatively approach the scary presents - in her birthday suit. She couldn't stop herself from blushing, which daddy, and his camera, enjoyed very much. She was so cute when she was embarrassed. And naked. "Go on baby, open your presents," daddy said in his new commanding voice.

At the tone in daddy's voice, Tabby quickly dropped her eyes to the floor, adopting her submissive stance. She desperately wanted to try to tell daddy about the strange man who'd somehow intervened in their game without daddy knowing about it. But daddy's voice cut her off. She'd just have to live with her terrible frustration.

So Tabby turned to open the much larger of the two boxes. She pulled aside the big red bow and lifted the top off. She didn't realize that her little tongue stuck out the side of her cute mouth as she concentrated on controlling her trembling little hands. Just before she pulled off the top layer of tissue paper she pushed her big blue glasses back up onto her nose. It was annoying that every time she stood submissively, staring down at the floor, her glasses would start to slide down her nose! The top layer of tissue peeled away and Tabby could tell she was looking at a pretty, pleated black skirt. She pulled it out of the box and admired the fabric. It was so light and smooth and shiny-pretty! The skirt wasn't as insanely short as her Christmas dress, but it was very short! A shiver of frightened delight zipped through Tabby as she thought about wearing such a sexy, revealing skirt.

"Do you like it, baby?" daddy asked.

"I love it!" Tabby answered, with real enthusiasm. Then she pulled the next layer of tissue paper away and saw the blouse that was meant to go with the black skirt. It was midnight blue. As she pulled it out she realized that it sparkled in the light, like a sky filled with a billion stars. "Daddy, it's so pretty!" she said. Like the skirt, the fabric was very light and flowed through her fingers like water. A desire to put the pretty garments on as fast as possible filled her little girl brain. Tabby managed to hold her submissive role, but it was hard! She wanted the pretty clothes! "Can I put them on daddy?" she asked quietly without looking up to his smiling face.

"Let me help you, baby," daddy said as he stood and stepped to Tabby's side. "You're going to look so pretty! Everyone is going to want to look at my baby, aren't they?" he said as he helped Tabby step into the slinky short skirt. Tabby wasn't surprise that daddy seemed to want her to wear the sexy skirt with no panties, but it made her nervous - and her little cunny was already wet with excitement. As daddy zipped the skirt closed, it was much tighter than she expected and it tried to ride up above her hips. Tabby's tongue stuck out as she pondered the skirt. If she let it ride up her waist, like it wanted to, it would be short enough to show the bottom of her little ass. Instinctively, Tabby yanked at the hem of the slinky fabric to tug the skirt down, realizing that she'd have to do exactly that, frequently, or risk exposing herself! She looked up to see daddy grinning mischievously at her.

"Arms up, baby," daddy commanded in the voice that made Tabby shiver and wonder what would happen to her if she didn't obey instantly. Her pussy spasmed and she put her arms up into the air almost as fast as she decided she never wanted to find out! Or did she want to find out? It didn't matter - daddy pulled the sleeves of the shiny, slinky blouse over her arms and then the neckline over her head. Tabby dropped her arms and her submissive eyes, and she realized the top, which had long, tight sleeves all the way to her wrists, only came down an inch or two below her little nipples. It left uncovered a substantial swath of smooth, unblemished skin between the midnight blue and the black of the skirt.

From her many perusals of daddy's bondage magazines, Tabby knew perfectly well that a model could be just as sexy, just as wanton and just as provocative when she was half-dressed instead of nude, perhaps even more so. Was that what daddy was doing? Was he dressing Tabby almost decently, but making her look like she desperately wanted to be something a man would want to play with? Like every part of daddy's games, it was scary and exciting and she trembled to think what daddy had in mind.

But daddy was hardly done. "What else is in the box, princess?" he asked.

Tabby stiffened, but she'd known the box wasn't empty, so she had no one to blame but herself, just like she had no one else to blame for her severe bondage on daddy's bed, or getting herself raped by some stranger. Oh gosh, that man! She so wanted to warn daddy about the man!

Pulling the next layer of tissue aside, Tabby discovered a new collar. She blanched with fright. It wasn't anything like her broad, red, Christmas slave collar. It looked like nothing more than a pretty, inch-wide ribbon of black velvet. But as she lifted it from the box, she could see that the ribbon was lined with woven strands of thin, flexible metal. It was a slave collar, not a pretty neck ornament! And, of course, it would lock onto her throat with a small, ornate, heart shaped padlock. Tabby was very, very afraid of the gorgeous accouterment that pretended to be something harmless.

"Here, baby, let me help you." Daddy took the pretty velvet ribbon from Tabby's hand and slid behind her. She kept her eyes on the floor as daddy ran his big hands up over the tight fabric of her blouse, then pulled her long copper hair out of the way as he fixed the collar around her neck. It was tight, slightly constricting her throat in a way that wouldn't threaten her breathing or swallowing, but would never let her forget that she was the collar's captive. She heard the familiar click of the locking heart and her own heart skipped a beat with terrified delight. But she was careful not to look up.

Daddy turned Tabby around and lifted her chin to look him in the eye for a moment. "God, you are so pretty, baby," he whispered. He kissed her on the lips and she kissed him back, letting him playfully dominate her little tongue. She trembled and her pussy was spasming by the time he stopped. Daddy lifted her off her feet and set her on the edge of her bed. He slowly, carefully, slid Tabby's black, knee-high leather boots onto her smooth legs, making sure that he caressed her intimately in the process. He zipped the boots up along the inside of her calves and carefully locked them onto her legs, turning the white, furred cuffs over and letting the little heart-shaped padlocks dangle in plain sight.

"Come here, baby," daddy said as he took Tabby's hand and helped her stand, a little unsteady on the high heels. "Look at how pretty you are!" He led her in front of her full length mirror - the mirror she'd often used to admire herself when she was innocently playing her early bondage games. That seemed so long ago now! Little Tabby had learned so much, done so much - had so much done to her. She felt slightly dizzy from the speed at which her young life was changing.

Tabby stared at herself in the mirror with disbelief. She saw the way daddy stared at her too, over her shoulder, with a hungry, excited look on his face. Tabby saw at once how the smooth white skin of her thighs and her midriff were accentuated by her black boots, her black skirt and her midnight blue top. Suddenly, looking closely, she realized that the long-sleeved, cropped blouse of was see-through! Her little nipples were clearly visible through the thin, dark fabric, which stretched tight across her chest and arms. She blushed at the sight and at the thought that daddy said they were going for an 'outing.' Oh gosh! Where was he going to make her wear this outfit!?

The last two embellishments of Tabby's crazy outfit were her her little girl glasses and her new collar that masqueraded as a simple black velvet choker with a small, ornamental heart dangling from the front. Tabby's long copper hair hid the single ring at the back of the collar, where a leash or other device could easily be attached and used to control the frightened little girl. Tabby was certain her outfit couldn't possibly get any worse. She was so wrong.

"It's getting late baby," daddy said smoothly, one hand on Tabby's shoulder as he admired her with lust gleaming in his eye. Tabby immediately dropped her eyes to the floor. "What else is in the box?" Tabby took a deep breath. She wasn't sure she wanted to know. But she turned back to the bed and lifted off the final layer of tissue to find snow white faux fur. She pulled a long, heavy coat out of the bottom layer of the box. It was so pretty and soft and grown up! She loved it and in her excitement she almost forgot her place, stopping herself, just in time, before she squealed out loud. "Do you like it?" daddy asked, allowing Tabby to give voice to her thoughts without breaking the rules of her submission.

"Y-yes, daddy," Tabby replied without looking into his face. When daddy took the big, furry coat from her, she demurely held out her hands, keeping her eyes down, so that daddy could slip it onto her small frame. Then he turned her to look in the mirror, where she saw that the coat completely covered her sexy outfit, from its high collar to its ankle-brushing hem. "It's so pretty, daddy. Thank you!"

"I'm really glad you like it, princess," daddy said. "But let's take it off now, because you need to open your other present."

Oh gosh! Tabby thought. She'd forgotten all about the second beribboned white box on her bed. Oh no!

It was a smaller box, no more than eight inches square. With her new coat removed and set aside on the bed, Tabby untied the ubiquitous bow and lifted off the lid. At the top of the box, on a layer of black tissue paper, Tabby found a thin headband with snow white furry cat ears! Tabby gasped. The ears were so cute! She was desperate to try them on. She dared a glance at daddy, who smiled and indicated she should pick them up. Without hesitation, Tabby put the headband over her head and turned to the mirror to see her wonderful, pretty cat-ears. "Oh daddy, they're so..." Tabby squealed again before she could control herself. Daddy didn't seem to mind, and he even helped to settle the headband into her hair, where it disappeared completely. The soft, furry white ears, with pink insides, stood out strikingly against Tabby's thick copper hair.

"I'm glad you like them, baby," daddy said. "I hope you like the rest of your present as much.

Tabby stiffened. She loved the kitty ears, but suddenly she was afraid of what else she might find in the box. Dropping her body back into submissiveness, she turned back to the box and lifted off the layer of tissue paper.

What Tabby found coiled in the bottom of the box appeared to her to be a long, white furry tail. But Tabby knew what it was and her heart began to race. Tabby had seen pictures! Tabby had left a picture for daddy. Oh god, why had she done that? With wide eyes and trembling hands, Tabby lifted the fluffy tail out of the box to uncover the pointed, plastic plug it was attached to.

The plug was bigger than Tabby had expected. So much bigger! She knew something had to hold the tail in place - but how could it be this big? Tabby couldn't stop herself from looking up at daddy to show her surprise and concern. The excited look on daddy's face scared her even more than the present she'd just opened.

"Here, let me help you with that, baby," daddy said and his hands shook slightly as he took the beautiful white tail with the big anal plug. Tabby quickly grew terrified. This game was going places she'd never expected. But Tabby knew she had to be a good little girl for daddy, daddy's little slut. That was her part in the game. "This is the last part of your new outfit, baby," daddy said. "Now bend over the bed and spread your pretty legs for daddy! Do as your told!"

Everything was happening too fast! But Tabby did as she was told, even though she was nearly at the limit of her ability to keep in character with daddy's crazy, frightening game. Close to giving in to her panic, Tabby bent over her bed, spreading her booted legs wide. She felt daddy lift her short, slinky skirt up over her perfect round ass and bit her lower lip to keep from mewling with trepidation.

Tadd Smeathers stared down at the amazing form of his nine-year-old daughter, bent over her bed onto her elbows, gripping at the covers with her fists. He could tell how frightened she was and it made the blood of the monster inside him boil with excitement. He let the palm of the monster's hand gently stroke across the top of her little, round bottom, as if he was trying to soothe her fears. Both Tadd and the monster would love to slide their maddeningly stiff dick into one of the cute holes Tabby was submissively flaunting, but there were other plans afoot first.

"You know what this is, don't you, baby?" Tadd asked his little girl, to tease her. She gasped and nodded her head. "And you know what I'm going to do with it?" Another tiny nod, less sure this time. Tadd pressed the now lubricated end of the five-inch butt plug against Tabby's tiny ass, the ass he'd so recently awakened to the joys of a man's use. He loved her involuntary flinch and the little yip of fright that escaped her pretty lips. "Do you want me to do this, baby? Do you want to play this game?" He pressed just a bit harder. "Answer me, princess!"

"Oh, oh god, daddy, I'm, I'm..." Tadd watched a terrible battle of emotions cross his daughter's young face - the fear of the unknown, the desire to be perfect in his eyes, the need to be dominated. "Yes," his little girl whispered.

"Yes, what? Tell me, baby. Say it!"

"Oh, god, no, no, oh..., yes daddy, yes. Put it in my bottom. Please!"

The monster that was Tadd pressed the point of the anal plug against his little girl's anus and watched it begin to slide into her, slowly, as every muscle she had instinctively fought the big intruder. She'd been stretch open by his throbbing dick, once, but her ass was still incredibly tight. The plug flared to a thickness half again wider than Tadd's big dick. If he hadn't already taken her, ravished her tight little butt with his big cock, she could never have stretched around the much bigger plug. Slowly but surely, with even, unyielding pressure and with only one loud squeal from the tiny girl, the butt plug pressed deeper and deeper until it popped in her ass. Tabby's sphincter immediately closed tight around the pencil-thin connection between the cone and the round base, which pressed hard against her skin. The furry white tail arced out gracefully from her perfect little round butt.

Tadd waited, patiently as Tabby's panting slowed. He let her start to get used to the big invader in her rectum. But before she could fully calm, Tadd wanted her to understand the true domination of her sexy new tail. A thin tab of metal protruded from the base of the ass plug just enough for Tadd grasp it. As he slid the metal out, the butt plug began to shorten and flare out up inside of Tadd's little daughter.

"Daddy! Daddy! Oh gosh, what's happening?" Tabby cried out as she felt the plug shift inside of her.

Tadd didn't answer his girl. But as soon as he'd pulled half an inch of the tab out of the base of the plug, he slipped one of the ubiquitous little heart-shaped padlocks through a hole in the tab, thereby preventing the tab from sliding back inside the plug. Tadd saw the incredible shiver of terror that swept over Tabby's little body when she heard the tell-tale click of the padlock closing.

"Oh! Daddy, daddy!" Tabby couldn't stop herself from squealing out loud, breaking her character as daddy's obedient slave. The sensation of the plug swelling, several inches up inside of her, was unlike anything she'd ever felt before - and her pretty face showed how terrifying and uncomfortable it was.

"Hush now, baby," Tadd commanded, and Tabby immediately stop her squealing. But she couldn't stop squirming in response to the strange new sensation. "Daddy just had to make sure your pretty new tail won't come out, princess" Tadd said as he stroked the perfect little ass to soothe the child's fears. But his hands trembled with excitement. He'd found a new, wonderful way to bind his little girl - from within!

Tabby twisted and flailed at the sensation of the big plug invading her small ass. A look of trapped fear clouded her pretty face. As she squirmed, the long fluffy white tail twitched and twirled provocatively. The sight was amazing - better than Tadd had imagined. His camera loved it. The monster loved it. His poor cock was strangled in his pants.

Even with daddy's assistance, Tabby staggered as she rose to her feet. It was so strange to try to walk on her high heels with the big butt plug invading her insides, changing her posture and widening her stance. To keep her balance she had to tilt her pelvis and with every step she had to rotate her hips around the plug. Tabby had no idea how sexy her walk had suddenly become. But walk she did - for daddy attached a thin black leash to the padlock at the front of her new collar and he forced her to walk around the house - for practice, he said.

The fluffy, furry white tail jutted out from Tabby's little ass and poofed out the back of her ridiculous mini-skirt before it dangled all the way to the tops of her sexy boots. With every step she took, the tail swirled about and tickled her bare skin. Something about the tail made it curl in-between her legs, so that it tickled her unpredictably in the most sensitive places - the insides of her knees, her thighs, even curling around to the front of her legs now and then. Tabby had to work hard not to gasp out loud each time the pretty tail tormented her sensitive skin as she practiced her new, sexy, sashay.

Eventually it seemed that Tabby would be able to walk with her new tail without falling down. So daddy led her back to her bedroom.

"Pose for me, baby!" daddy commanded.

Tabby did as she was told, keeping her eyes down except when daddy told her to look into the camera. For half an hour daddy took hundreds of pictures of her as she got into all kinds of sexy, alluring positions. When she got on her hands and knees, she knew her skirt was too short to hide her glistening cunny or the way her tail disappeared into her ass and she blushed at the pictures daddy took. But still she smiled over her shoulder at the camera as she was told. Tabby loved being daddy's bondage model! She even loved it when he temporarily handcuffed her wrists behind her back for another thirty or forty pictures. Tabby hoped daddy would show her all the bondage model pictures later!

Finally daddy was done with the photo shoot. "It's time to go, baby," he said and Tabby felt ice in her veins. Go where? How could daddy take her anywhere dressed as she was? And he still didn't know about the other man! She almost raised her eyes from the floor to implore him with a look, but the tone of his next words shut down all thoughts of such disobedience. "Remember, Tabby," daddy commanded, "never speak unless you're asked a direct question. Never! Do you understand? Answer me. Do you understand?"

"Y-yes, daddy," Tabby answered, weakly, without lifting her eyes.

Daddy took Tabby off of her leash and out of her handcuffs and helped her into her new ankle-length heavy coat. Even her tail disappeared under the white coat. Only the pretty cat-ears were visible to draw attention to the little girl. Tabby sighed with real relief. No one would be able to tell that Tabby, bound at her neck and feet and ass, was a walking bondage model.

"Good girl, baby. Now let's go."

Tabby shivered. Gosh this game was scary fun!

It took Tadd a few minutes to find a parking space at the huge mall. With New Yea's Eve on a long weekend, the stores had all gone in for gonzo after-Christmas sales before shutting down for New Year's Day. Tadd was glad Tabby was wearing her boots and heavy coat as they trudged through the cold, with new snow falling lightly, snow that perfectly matched her white coat. Of course there were plenty of other reasons Tadd was glad Tabby was wearing her boots and coat, along with her tail and the rest of her amazing slut outfit.

Binding and dominating his pretty preteen daughter was a deep, longstanding fantasy for Tadd. But ever since she'd left those three pictures for him, ever since he'd admitted that he and the monster were really one and the same, Tadd had known that there was so much more to his fantasy. The ultimate domination of his little girl, the domination that she needed and deserved would take so much more. He loved her with all his heart. He never wanted anything to hurt her! But his need to control her, sexually, emotionally, physically, psychologically, was a drive he couldn't resist. He wanted it so much! And so did she. But he had to be incredibly careful - the risks were great.

It helped enormously to see, with each new, terrifying level of domination, just how much his nine-year-old thrilled at the sensations and experiences, and just how quickly she settled into her new levels of submission to his will.

As they started down the long, bright corridor of the big suburban mall, Tadd rested his hand gently at the collar of Tabby's coat. Already the pretty child was gathering looks from the shoppers. At first it was the surprising cat-ears that grabbed people's attention, just as they were intended. But once they noticed Tabby, most of the gawkers also took in her heels and out-of-place long coat. Tadd like it the best when the adults, especially the men, showed their surprise at Tabby's odd, sexual gait. Every ten or twelve steps, the little girl's gait would stutter slightly. Now and then she let out a tiny squeak. Of all the hundreds of people around them, it was only Tadd who knew that Tabby's fluffy tail was the source of her problem - tickling her terribly as it flicked over and between her smooth, bare legs.

It was delightful to watch Tabby's eyes dart about nervously as she realized more and more how much attention she was getting from the other shoppers.

Tadd smiled when Tabby's whole body stiffened and she nearly stumbled. She'd heard the click and felt the light tug at her throat when he snapped the thin black leash to the back of her collar! The clasp of the leash was hidden by her pretty copper tresses, and the leash disappeared into the sleeve of Tadd's jacket. With his hand still at the collar of her coat, the leash was invisible - but nonetheless, his daughter knew she was on a leash in a crowd of gawking shoppers. He could see Tabby's emotions ramp up a notch, even as he felt his own do the same. Through the fingers twined into her hair he felt her tremble. But the little slave-girl didn't falter any further as she paraded herself down the mall.

Twenty or thirty yards further down the crowded corridor, Tadd slid his hand down the soft faux fur at Tabby's back, letting the black leash thread out of his sleeve, until his hand rested at the small of her back. Again, she almost faltered, and she stuck her cute tongue out as she concentrated on her difficult, forced march. Tabby's long hair still covered most of the leash, but a few inches of the black leather stood out against the white of her coat. With so much attention drawn to the pretty child and her outlandish cat-ears, he knew someone would quickly notice that the pretty child was being treated like a pet. There! A man's eyes flared as he realized the significance of the thin band of leather. And there, too! A woman with a toddler looked aghast, then reacted by pulling on the leash of her three-year-old son's small monkey backpack. How perfectly ironic!

Another store went by, then another. Tadd dropped his hand entirely from Tabby's back. The leash threaded out of his coat until the handle nestled in his palm. It dangled from her neck to his hand in a gentle arc. After all, Tadd's submissive little pet would never tug at her leash like a badly trained puppy. Tadd stepped slightly away from her, then slowed to let her get a bit in front of him, making the leash more obvious. The people they passed, more and more, noticed that the pretty, exotic looking child with snow white cat ears was on a leash. If only they knew what she wore under the coat! Open stares abounded. Hushed whispers filtered through the crowd. Some children even pointed and tugged at their parents' sleeves. Tabby blushed deep crimson and her big hazel eyes glistened with moisture behind her little-girl glasses. The emotions swirling through Tadd's brain as he paraded his dominance over a gorgeous preteen, his gorgeous preteen, almost overwhelmed him.

Tabby walked slowly down the mall, experiencing new emotions that swirled through her innocent mind. Shock and fear mixed in as well, not to mention the damn tail that insisted on tickling her legs at the most unexpected times. All these people! And they could see she was on a leash, subservient to her daddy. She did her best to keep her eyes down, like she knew daddy wanted, but she just had to let her eyes dart about every few seconds to see if anyone had noticed her leash. And every time she saw someone's aghast look she felt a new spike of emotion she'd never felt before. It wasn't just the humiliation that swept over her little body, it was a strange sense of superiority that went with it - the knowledge that she was daddy's special bondage-model-slave-girl - and that made her the most special of anyone.

It was intoxicating! Tabby never wanted her ordeal to end.

But daddy and Tabby had come to the far end of the long mall. She thought he would turn and parade her back where they'd come, but instead daddy led his little girl into one of the stores - a high end clothing store called Forever 12, with sparse racks of expensive clothes for tweens. Forever 12 didn't need a lot of stock - buying clothes there was like shopping for jewelry.

Tabby was nervous. Like a trapped rabbit her eyes darted about. What new torment did daddy have in mind? But daddy simply led Tabby back through the store to the dressing rooms, snagging a couple of dresses as they walked by the racks.

The saleswoman was obviously scandalized at the sight of Tabby, but she didn't say anything as she unlocked a dressing room. Tabby submissively followed daddy in, on her leash, and stood quietly as he closed the door.

"Are you having fun, baby?" daddy whispered, leaning down close to her face. Tabby gasped, then bit her little lip and nodded, yes. She gasped again when daddy put his hand to the back of her neck to turn her face up so that he could kiss her, deeply. He took her small hand and placed it on his crotch so she could feel how hard and excited his cock was. Tabby could tell how badly he wanted to take it out and do terrible things with it.

And then daddy unbuttoned Tabby's coat, button by button, from bottom to top. A thousand frightening thoughts swirled through Tabby's mind. What was daddy going to do? Shivers of icy fear ran through her already excited body. Surely daddy wasn't going to... not here, in a dressing room, where people could hear... Oh gosh!

But daddy just removed Tabby's coat and folded it over his arm, revealing her outlandish outfit. He gently unclipped her leash from the back of her neck, but instead of laying it with the coat, he clipped it to the front of her collar where the little padlock hung. He let the leash dangle in front her but held up the looping handle of and presented it to her lips. Tabby's eyes flared as she understood what daddy expected. Without a word she took the leather handle between her teeth, like a dog excited to go for a walk. She understood how it made her look and she nervously shivered.

"I love you, baby," daddy whispered, smiling. He kissed Tabby on the forehead and reached under short skirt to gently probe at her tight slit with his fingers. Tabby understood that daddy was showing her that he knew how aroused and excited she was, despite everything. She couldn't stop herself from clenching around his fingers, like she was begging for more. "You stay here for five minutes," he commanded as he slipped his fingers from her wetness, catching Tabby completely by surprise. No! she thought. You can't leave me here, alone! "Then I'll meet you back at the car," daddy finished and Tabby truly understood the terror of her dilemma. Daddy slipped out the door to the dressing room, taking Tabby's coat with him. The last she saw was daddy licking his fingers.

Tabby was alone, uncovered, with the entire mall between her and the safety of daddy's car. Any nine-year-old would be frightened. Tabby was deliciously terrified.

Tadd didn't go far, just far enough to mingle with the crowd of shoppers where he could keep an eye on Tabby, but disappear into the crowd enough that she'd be unlikely to spot him. Besides, he was certain Tabby would be too preoccupied with her situation to find him in the crowd.

Right on time, his little girl emerged from the store. His heart lurched and his cock twitched at the sight of her! How could a nine-year-old be so amazingly, provocatively erotic. Instantly, she was the center of attention of everyone around her. Men stumbled and women gasped. Children pointed and whispers swirled through the crowds.

Tabby's tail didn't just hang from her ass. It was designed to twirl and twist and flick about, and the way she was forced to walk with the big plug in her ass made it twitch around her legs even more, like something alive. Every adult who looked at her as she tried to walk quickly down the long mall corridor would immediately know that the cat-eared child had an ass plug. If they only knew it was bound insider of her!

Every few steps Tabby would pull at the hem of her short skirt in a desperate attempt to keep herself half-way decent. But the skirt was designed to ride up on her waist and it performed its job admirably - as evidenced by the intense admiration of the many men who watched the sexy little girl walk. And Tabby's see-through blouse wasn't helping. Tadd could see she wanted to cover herself with her arms, but the need to pull down her skirt every few seconds thwarted her.

And always there was the humiliation of the leash that dangled from Tabby's throat and from her mouth, like an invitation to her onlookers to take control of her, an offer to be used and treated like a domesticated pet.

Tadd watched Tabby hurry down the mall as best she could. Her high heels and the awkwardness of her butt plug slowed her. She made fifty yards before she tripped, nearly falling to the floor. She caught herself at the last second by bending to grab at a bench. A gasp went through the crowd of shoppers as a dozen people got a perfect view under her short skirt. Tabby recovered and moved on as soon as she could, but her blush was that much deeper. She knew what everyone had seen!

Several men were actually following Tabby as she sashayed down the long mall. Tadd could only imagine what those men might want to do with his little sex goddess. But he wasn't worried - none of them would get bold enough to do anything to Tabby before they lost their chance. Any second now.

Tabby's new ordeal was intoxicating. She was terrified that someone she knew, some classmate or teacher, would see her! There were so many people, and all of them were openly gawking at her. She was the center of the world, like some famous star. But she was completely helpless and exposed in front of them. She was sure that any second one of the men would grab her leash and she'd be forced to go with him, unable to resist. What would all these men want to....

"Excuse me, miss," a gruff voice said and Tabby felt a hand clamped down on her arm. She gasped in surprise and lost the handle of the leash from between her teeth. Twisting around, Tabby nearly fell down. But the mall security guard she found angrily staring down at her used his strong grip to kept her on her feet.

The mall cop was a handsome man in his early twenties. His name tag said Marcelo Pall. "Miss, you're going to have to come with me," the man growled. Tabby saw the crowd thicken around them now that she'd been stopped and grabbed. "We've had several complaints about you and your..." he scanned Tabby up and down with a gleam in his eye and a snarl on his lips, "outfit. Come along quietly now."

"No! No, please, I have to go!" Tabby said with real fright. She tried to yank her arm from the man's grip. This couldn't be part of the game! It couldn't! She pulled again. Where was daddy? "No!"

"Resisting arrest, eh?" the mall cop barked. Tabby squealed with shock as he whirled her around. "I don't take guff from little mall rats," he snarled. "You kids think you can do any sordid thing you want. Well, not in my mall!" And just like that Tabby found her wrists bound tight behind her back by a couple of criss-crossed zip ties. Her public bondage had just gotten so much worse. She heard the whispers spread through the crowd as the mall cop, Marcelo, turned her around again and grabbed the convenient leash that hung hung from her collar. "Come with me!" he growled and yanked her forward.

"No, please!" Tabby blurted out, but the scary man pulled her forward and once again Tabby was forced to stumble along at the end of a leash - but this time in full view of hundreds of leering shoppers and half naked. "Where are you... Oh god," she cried before she came to her senses and submitted, fully, to the man's control.

Walking in public in her outfit was bad, but doing it on a leash, hands bound behind her was worse. Tabby couldn't even reach down to tug at her short skirt, which insisted on riding even higher onto her skinny waist. She was sure she was practically flashing her audience and there was nothing she could do to hide her little nipples. All the forced attention thrilled her and her little cunny got wetter and wetter as she tried to keep up with the security man. Like the girl in the picture, Tabby was bound and paraded in public. It was incredibly exhilarating and frightening.

Fifty yards down the mall Marcelo steered Tabby towards a long, steep escalator. Oh gosh, no! she thought. He couldn't! But he did. Marcelo guided her onto the rising stairs and up they went. Tabby looked back over her shoulder and saw several men enjoy the receding, no-panty view from below her ridiculously short skirt.

On the upper level a whole new crowd of shoppers stopped, stumbled and gaped at the sight of the bondage-model child with her twitching, sexy tail and her humiliating leash. Tabby had to endure another hundred yards of gawking, whispers and obvious leers before Marcelo finally turned down a smaller hallway, then led her though a door marked Security.

The security guard thrust Tabby into the brightly lit small office. It was tightly filled with a single desk, two chairs and a small holding cell. Without a word, Marcelo swung open the tiny prison's door and pushed Tabby inside. She wanted to scream as he clanged the door shut and removed the key, but the guard growled "There, now don't make a fuss!" Tabby bit her lip to keep herself quiet.

The cell was tiny and Tabby felt like she'd been locked in a cage. As frightened as she was, her panic jumped infinitely higher when she turned around and realized for the first time that she wasn't alone in the cell! On each side of the cell, only a couple of feet apart, was a four-foot metal bench. And on one of the benches a ragged looking man in a dark sweatshirt and dirty pants was lying curled with his back to her. The hood of his sweatshirt covered his face and Tabby immediately smelled liquor on him. The smelly, incarcerated drunk terrified her.

Tabby couldn't abide the idea of being locked in the cage with a man. Her arms were tied! She still had a leash on her collar. She didn't even have panties! The man could do anything to her. She didn't want to be in a cage with a smelly, nasty drunk. Her panic overwhelmed her. Tabby got up onto the other bench, on her knees and pressed her face to the bars of the cell closest to where Marcelo was standing, sneering at her.

"Oh please, please!" Tabby cried. "You can't leave me in here! Please, let me out! There's a man in here!" Tabby pressed against the bars and she was shocked when her head slipped between two of the bars until her shoulders press against the metal.

"Hey, settle down, you. Be quiet!" Marcelo growled. "Quit trying to escape - you'll never get out of there. You youngsters think you can get away with anything, don't you? Well, I'll show you!"

Before Tabby could pull her head back, Marcelo grabbed her leash and pulled it through the bars. He used it to pull Tabby's head down lower and then wrapped the leash tightly around the bars on either side of her head before he tied it off tight. She was trapped, unable to move forward or back. She was forced to spread her knees wider on the cold metal of the bench or she would fall. Her shoulders bit into the metal of the bars. Tabby's face jutted through the bars, but she couldn't turn her head to either side.

Tabby quickly realized that her public bondage had just gotten dramatically worse. Despite herself, her sopping cunny clenched with excitement. She struggled and squirmed and tested her bonds, but it was no use. Tabby was bound on her knees, in a cage.

A wave of alcohol and body odor assaulted Tabby's nose and she stiffened in terror. When she felt a pair of warm hands slide up under short skirt and grip her small hips, Tabby screamed. She tried to twist around, to turn her head, but it was impossible. She couldn't even see the man who was about to use her little body. Not again! she thought and she screamed even louder.

"Hey you, I said be quiet," Marcelo barked at Tabby. "I guess I'll have to make you be quiet." Tabby was terrified of what Marcelo meant. But before she could find out, the drunk behind her flipped Tabby's short skirt up over her back, covering her bound hands and exposing her sex completely. She heard a moan of lust from the man, but he didn't speak. Instead, he pulled on her tail! Tabby gasped loudly, giving Marcelo the perfect opportunity to shove a waded up cloth into her mouth, silencing her screams.

The man behind Tabby seemed fascinated with her tail. He twisted and tugged the plug in her ass, not hard but enough to send amazing sensations through her overstimulated young body. He also also used the fluffy tail to tickle that backs of her legs and knees. It was torture! Tabby tried to squeal around her new cloth gag. She squirmed wildly, but there was no escaping the torment.

Tabby realized that the security guard had unbuckled his pants! "You need to be taught a lesson, missy," he growled in Tabby's ear. Then his briefs joined his pants around his ankles and Tabby was eye to eye with a big, rapidly engorging cock. Even as it rose, Marcelo stroked the cock along the side of her trapped face, one side and then the other. Drops of his precum wetted her cheeks, like tears.

The drunk swiped his fingers through Tabby's wet slit and she arched her back in response, like some wanton, sex-starved whore. She was beyond terrified, but she couldn't stop her body's reaction to her impending rape at the hands of the two, horrible, strangers! The man teased Tabby's sensitive, small clitoris, flicking it rapidly and driving her mad. At the same time, Marcelo the mall cop stroked his hard cock all around her face, marking her with his scent and dominating her intimately. The drunk kept teasing her clit and tickling her legs! Front and back she was tormented almost more than her young mind could handle.

It was horrifying. It was incredibly exciting.

The drunk slid two fingers into Tabby's clutching, desperate cunny and she came. Her climax was huge. Her body arched and trembled and bucked. At the same moment Marcelo yanked the gag from Tabby's mouth and slid his big, excited cock past her lips. Unable to stop herself, Tabby gobbled greedily at his man-flesh, sucking and tonguing at him with all of her orgasm-fueled lust.

But wait! Something was wrong. Tabby could barely think. Her orgasm addled her brain. The drunk fingered her unmercifully and she could barely breathe around the big cock in her mouth. But something was very, very wrong! What was it? Tabby was losing her mind, but she had to figure it out. It was important!

It was the cock, the one in her mouth. She knew that cock! She knew the taste of it. She knew the odd, unique bumpiness of it. Suddenly everything fell in place for the bound nine-year-old. Tabby understood, with a flash of insight, that she was sucking the same cock that she'd sucked that morning, the same cock that had raped her little cunny when she was tied so severely on daddy's big bed. It was the same man! Marcelo was the unknown man from the morning.

And if Marcelo was the man from this morning, then surely, surely, the man torturing poor little Tabby from behind must be... but he couldn't be... but...

"Do you like the game, baby?" daddy whispered into Tabby's ear from behind her. And then he slid his huge cock into her wildly spasming, sopping cunny and started to fuck her with hard, slow, long strokes that kept her crazy orgasm at it's peak.

A strange, intense relief washed over Tabby, releasing her from the hours of unknown, exciting sexual terrors of her time in the mall. Marcelo slid his cock from her little mouth just long enough for her to cry out, "Yes, yes, daddy! Oh god, daddy! Fuck me, fuck me. Oh daddddddyyy!" Then Tabby gobbled Marcelo's cock back between her eager lips and bobbed her head as she sucked on him, anxious to taste his heady, salty cum once again.

"Oh god! Oh fuck me. You're so tight and sexy and perfect! Didn't I tell you, Marco? Didn't I tell you she'd love it. Suck him, baby. Suck Marco's cock while daddy fucks you and fucks you and fucks you! Oh, jesus!"

In the corner of the small security office, a camera on a tripod clicked away, capturing every moment as the bound child of nine was spitted by her daddy and his best friend. Her erotic white tail flicked about wildly as daddy pounded into her and more than half of Marco's cock disappeared as she began to learn how to take a man down her childish throat. But soon enough, too soon for all of them, the two men came - at nearly the same moment and quite spectacularly. The child shivered uncontrollably as she swallowed hot, thick cum. Her cunny spasmed as daddy filled her womb with his hot seed and then it grasped at his erection, willing him to stay inside her as long as he could.

Finally, completely spent, daddy and Marco withdrew from the shivering child's body. Tabby couldn't believe how amazing she felt after the long onslaught of emotions and submission and hard, pounding sex. She was ready to melt on the spot, and would have slumped to the floor if she wasn't bound so tightly in the holding cell. But her entire body stiffened with fright when daddy leaned in close to whisper in her ear once again.

"It's time to go home, baby. We have a party tonight!"

Party? Oh god!

Suddenly Tabby had second thoughts about that last picture she'd chosen for daddy.


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