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The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines - Part One

-by Alvo Torelli, February, 2018

(Author's Note: This story was partly inspired by a suggestion from a reader. Thanks Botte!)


Tadd Smeathers came to a sudden stop before he walked into his bedroom. 'Oh shit, oh shit, god damn, shit!' he yelled in his head as he took a step back from the doorway and hid in the hall behind the half open door. 'Jesus, fucking, god damn me! Stupid, stupid, stupid!' He brought his eyes to the thin line of light between the door and the door frame. This gave him a very narrow view, but by moving left and right he could scan most of the bed.

What Tadd saw in his own bedroom twisted his gut in a knot. On his bed were fanned out three high-gloss magazines from his special stash. He knew exactly what the magazines were since he remembered, now much too late, that he had forgotten to put them safely away before he went for a run. That alone wasn't the problem. The problem was that his eight-year-old daughter, Tabby, was sitting in the middle of his bed, surrounded by the open magazines, with her eyes as big as tangerines and her mouth agape.

Tadd had to think fast, but first he had to get his pulse rate down. He forced himself to be calm and he concentrated on what his precious little girl was doing. He couldn't believe he'd been so careless as to leave three of his best bondage model magazines - real collectors items from the turn of the century - out where Tabby could accidentally find them. He knew exactly what she was seeing, some of the hottest bondage models of their time in all kinds of kinky, suggestive, vulnerable poses; hogtied, frog-tied, suspended, gagged; in chairs, on the floor, splayed across beds, tied to tables. Tadd thanked the gods for one thing - these three particular magazines were risque as hell but they didn't have any nudity. The models wore tight, revealing, sexy outfits, uniforms and costumes, but they were never actually nude, not even partially nude.

As he watched, Tadd was struck with his young daughter's reaction to the pictures. She was obviously shocked, but she wasn't repelled, or scared. And even her shock was quickly fading, giving way to a strange fascination. Tabby had all three magazines open around her where she sat cross-legged on the bed in her cute, striped tights and a little bare-midriff cotton top. She slowly, gently turned the pages of the magazines and studied each new discovery. Her eyes would flare at the sight of a new image, but her little tongue poked out the side of her mouth as it always did when she was concentrating hard on something. Occasionally, the child would reach out and barely touch one of the pictures, like she might get burned by the image if she wasn't ready to yank her hand back.

Tadd continued to watch his pretty daughter, fear giving way to fascination and fascination giving way to a strange, dark excitement that he didn't really understand. He watched Tabby repeatedly push her dark blue glasses back up onto the bridge of her small, freckled nose as she leaned close over the magazines. He watched her gently trace the outline of something on one of the pictures, but he couldn't see what it was. 'What is she so taken with?' he thought. Perhaps she was fascinated with the models themselves - beautiful, buxom women in suggestive, sexy clothing, made up to be as alluring as possible. Maybe it was the emotions they portrayed, the fear and alarm they pretended to. Or maybe it was the intricacy of the bondage - the ropes, the devices, the furniture. He couldn't tell.

Suddenly conscious of how long he'd been standing in the hall spying on Tabby, Tadd shook himself back to reality. As silently as possible he backed down the hall and into the kitchen, where he made a lot of noise as if he'd just come home from his run. He allowed himself to peek around the corner and was rewarded a moment later to see Tabby streak out of his bedroom and down the hall to her own. He could even see how hard she was blushing. The little copper-haired pixie never could hide her emotions - one of the things he loved about her. In his bedroom, Tadd found the three magazines neatly stacked exactly where he'd accidentally left them.

Neither Tadd nor Tabby mentioned the magazines. After a couple of days went by and Tadd's ex-wife didn't call and start screaming at him, it seemed the incident had blown over. Tadd decided to let the whole thing go - but that conviction was shattered two weeks later when Tabby was spending another weekend with Tadd and he came home from another run, breathing hard and sweating. It was getting cold for running, but he knew he could probably keep going out for at least another few weeks. He was just thinking about how much he disliked the off-season treadmill when he passed his daughter's door and heard her talking to someone. He was about to push her door the rest of the way open when he realized he'd heard her say "and then we'll tie your hands and feet together." He froze in place as his heart skipped a beat. After tip-toeing to Tabby's door, Tadd carefully pushed the door half open, until he could see through the crack between door and door frame, once again spying on his little daughter.

Tabby Smeathers loved playing with her dolls and stuffed animals, even when she didn't have anyone else to play with. Lately she enjoyed playing with her toys more by herself than with any of her third-grade friends. Besides, she rarely saw any of her friends when she stayed at daddy's house, because her school was twenty miles away in the next town over the river. That was okay with Tabby. She didn't quite understand why, but she knew she shouldn't, and couldn't, explain to her friends or anyone else the new way she liked to play with her dolls.

"Don't you think you look pretty?" Tabby said to the doll that sat on her knee in front of her dresser. She carefully brushed the dolls long, shining blonde hair. It was a large doll with a soft body and molded plastic arms, legs and head; dressed in a cute little pinafore. It was her favorite doll, Samantha. "I think you look very pretty, Samantha, look!" Tabby held the doll up to the mirror. Tabby had tied a small, knotted handkerchief across the doll's lips. It was a gag! Tabby had pretended to gag her favorite doll. It was such a fun game, even if she didn't have the pretty clothes to dress Samantha with - like the clothes on the ladies in daddy's magazines.

Tabby heard a strange noise from the hallway and she twisted around to look, but there was nothing to see. She knew daddy was gone for a little while - it must have just been her imagination.

After grabbing a length of thick plastic cord from her dresser, an extra clothes line from daddy's garage, Tabby pulled her doll's little arms behind its back and awkwardly looped the cord around its wrists. It was frustrating to work with the stiff cord that didn't want to cooperate! And she didn't really know how to secure the doll's wrists, so she used far too many loops of the cord, ending with a bit of a tangled mess. But at least Samantha's arms were bound behind her back! It was a little bit less of a struggle to tie the doll's ankles together, then use the ends of the cord to loop between the doll's arms and its knees, pulling tight. Tabby proudly placed her hogtied, gagged doll on its stomach on her bed, beaming at her accomplishment.

She though she heard another sound, but obviously it was just her imagination.

"Oh Samantha, you look so pretty and helpless." Tabby cried. She pushed her glasses back up onto her nose and then used her tablet, which daddy had bought her for playing her My Little Pony Princess game, to take pictures of her doll. She posed the bound toy again, this time on its side, and took more pictures - and all the while her cute little tongue stuck out the side of her delicate, grinning mouth.

The little gagged doll face looked straight at the crack between door and frame where Tabby's daddy was spying on her. She might have laughed at the way daddy jerked back when he felt the inanimate eyes accusing him, then raced away down the hall.

The sight of his daughter playing a bondage game with her doll haunted Tadd. He couldn't get it out of his mind and he was confused at how excited it made him feel. But then he had an idea that he just couldn't resist.

The next time Tabby was over for the weekend, Tadd 'accidentally' left several more of his glossy bondage magazines out on his bed, where a certain cute, naughty little girl might find them. Then he loudly announced he was going running and made a big show of dressing warm enough for the cold. He took off running, but was only gone long enough to circle the block. As planned, he ducked into the back yard and crept to the bedroom window, where he'd left a pair of binoculars. He'd left the window blinds open about three inches, plenty of space to peer through but not enough to likely be noticed from inside. And with the binoculars Tadd would be able to see whatever fascinated his daughter the most - if she took the bait.

Tadd figured he'd have to wait at least a few minutes before Tabby got up the nerve to invade his bedroom again. But to his surprise she was already staked out in the middle of his bed with four glossy magazines arranged around her. Her little tongue, always so cute, was already sticking out the side of her mouth as she concentrated over the pictures, almost as if she was trying to memorize every pose, every detail. Tadd watched Tabby pore over a two-page spread of a gorgeous model with coal black hair, hogtied on the ground. She traced the lines of the bright red ropes that contrasted so nicely with the models tight black corset and black panties. Tabby seemed particularly entranced with the models bright red lipstick, brilliant around the big black ball gag. And Tabby gently ran her fingers along the models knee-high laced black boots, with seven-inch heels that the model probably wouldn't have been able to stand in. Tabby was mesmerized.

Tadd was mesmerized too.

There was a bit of a difference between the magazines Tabby was poring over and the ones she'd stumbled across before. This time the models were more scantily clad - some of them even baring their breasts - usually very large breasts. Some of the models wore no more than panties, and some of them had clearly had their blouses, skirts, even their bras, forcibly pulled away after they were bound, to expose them and accentuate their vulnerability. Tabby spent a long time examining every detail of a pretty, buxom blonde model tied in a chair, with her blouse torn open and her bra pulled down to expose her generous breast. The model did a remarkably good impression of terror around the large red ball gag in her mouth.

Tadd was so hard as he spied on his daughter. Unfortunately, after only a few minutes, Tabby's mother called his cell phone, which he'd forgotten to put on silent. Tadd ducked down and fumbled to turn off the phone, but by the time he peeked back trough the window the magazines were already neatly stacked. He caught just a glimpse of his daughter dashing out the door of his bedroom. Reluctantly, he headed out and called his ex back.

Halloween approached and Tadd had a new idea, an idea he couldn't resist. Two more times he spied on his darling little eight-year-old while she bound and gagged one of her dolls or one of her teddy bears. It was cute in an oddly erotic, exciting way and the second he got his new idea he couldn't resist it.

Carefully, Tadd slipped into the dinner conversation that he always thought it would be fun to dress up as a policeman for Halloween, but he'd never gotten the chance. After all, policemen got to carry around all that cool stuff like guns, and billy clubs and badges... and handcuffs. At the mention of handcuffs, little Tabby's hazel eyes lit up and from that moment on nothing would do for Halloween but to go as a policewoman! Tadd's ex-wife was not thrilled with him for putting the policewoman idea into Tabby's impressionable head but he promised he would take care of procuring the costume for his favorite little girl. Tabby, as always, laughed at this little joke, since she was his only little girl.

Tadd was as good as his word, producing a policewoman's costume for Tabby to wear to her school festival and for trick-or-treating, complete with a badge, a toy pistol and, most importantly, a pair of child-sized plastic toy handcuffs. Tabby was so excited when he showed her that the little plastic handcuffs really worked! But she was oddly disappointed when he showed her that like any novelty handcuffs they had a safety release on the side. Still, they were almost real handcuffs and Tabby's eyes twinkled with excitement as she carried them off to get ready for her festival. When she came back with the handcuffs hanging at the side of her hips near the waist of her black policewoman's skirt, Tadd's heart missed yet another beat. He was crestfallen that Tabby had to go home to her mother's after the school festival.


Halloween went by uneventfully, but left Tadd eager to find out what little Tabby made of her new toy handcuffs. He had a good chance to find out the next weekend when he came home, yet again, from a cold, abbreviated run. Since he'd carefully oiled Tabby's bedroom door, it didn't make any sound as he pushed it half-way open to spy on his little girl, playing alone in her bedroom.

Tadd expected to find Tabby tying up and possibly handcuffing her dolls and teddy bears. What he found instead shocked him. When he peered through the door frame crack he saw Tabby sitting in a chair, set sideways in front of her mirror. She'd stripped down to her little cotton panties and a lightweight t-shirt. In her hands she had the plastic handcuffs and what looked like one of her mother's scarves, a lightweight silk scarf in a jungle pattern. Tabby rolled the scarf and then tied a knot in the middle of it. Tadd couldn't believe what he saw! The little girl put the knot between her delicate lips and then fumbled behind her head until she'd managed to tie the ends of the scarf in a large, clumsy knot. Tabby had amateurishly gagged herself!

Tabby looked at herself in the mirror, turning this way and that and she pulled her long copper colored hair out from under the scarf gag. Tadd was behind her, but he could see her clumsily gagged face clearly in the mirror. His heart raced!

Satisfied with her hair and gag, Tabby picked up the handcuffs from her lap and carefully locked the first cuff around her left wrist. Tadd was surprised how exciting that simple act made him feel. A pang of guilt wracked him, but he couldn't resist pulling his throbbing cock out of his running pants as he spied on little Tabby. He was sure the panty-clad little girl was going to put the other cuff on her right wrist and he thought about how much he wished he was the one to click it into place, even if it was just a toy. But she surprised him again. Tabby grabbed the hem of her midriff-length t-shirt and she rolled it upwards, farther and farther, until her tiny nipples were bared to her sight - and unknowingly to the sight of her shocked daddy. Finally, Tabby reached both arms behind her chair, pulled the second cuff between two of the slats and fumbled, quickly, to cuff it to her right wrist. She hurried, and the fright on her face told Tadd that she was trying not to lose her confidence as she pretended to bind herself to the chair.

As soon as the cuff was on, little Tabby watched herself in the mirror with a combination of shock and delight. She posed, twisting this way and that. Tadd watched her try on various expressions - fear, allure, worry. Then she struggled against the handcuffs. She was truly bound to the chair and Tadd saw the moment of panic that crossed her face when she first, fully felt it. It was too much for Tadd - his cock erupted with a torrent of cum.

Unfortunately, in his excitement, Tadd also knocked into the wall and made a small noise. It was enough to catch Tabby's attention. Her panic doubled as she fumbled to bring her hands together and trip the safety release on the toy handcuffs. For a moment she couldn't seem to find the little button, but then the left cuff sprang open and she was released.

Tadd beat a hasty retreat as his little girl scrambled to get dressed and hide the evidence of her odd playtime.

It was only two days later that daddy 'accidentally' left more of his bondage magazines out for Tabby to find, then pretended to go for a run. But there was something that daddy didn't know. Tabby had been worried about the sounds she kept hearing when she was playing in her room. She also realized her door was partly open when she thought she'd closed it. She started to put two and two together. She remembered when she was startled by the sound of a phone, leading her to finding daddy's binoculars hanging just outside his bedroom window, with the blinds open just enough to peek through. After that, little Tabby became certain; Daddy was spying on her - and he was leaving the magazines out for her on purpose! At first she was mad, but then the thought of daddy watching her play bondage model became exciting. Now that she knew daddy liked to watch her when she was looking at his magazines, or playing bondage model in her room, it was much more thrilling.

And so, when Tabby went to look through daddy's stash of old, glossy magazines, she took the scarf she'd pilfered from mommy's closet with her. She gave daddy enough time to be looking in through the window, and then she carefully gagged herself with the scarf before she started looking through all the pictures. She was right! It was electrifying to know that daddy was watching. But then Tabby's eyes got very big, because these pictures were different. It was the same buxom, pretty models. She found their clothes, toys, handcuffs and emotions fascinating - especially the intricate ropes and the other strange devices. But this was the first time that some of the models were completely naked! It was scary to see the women bound and naked. But it was exciting too, especially when daddy was watching her.

Tabby continued to play bondage model in her room whenever she was at daddy's house. She knew better than to play the game at mommy's house, or to tell anyone about it. Now that she knew daddy watched her play most of the time it was twice as much fun. She wasn't sure what daddy was doing out there in the hall - she just heard the occasional grunt or gasp, and she wasn't sure she wanted to know. But she loved knowing that he was watching when she pretended to handcuff herself to her chair.

Still, there wasn't much one little girl could do with nothing but a pair of toy handcuffs and one of her mother's scarves. Tabby and her daddy were soon both ready for something new.


Tabby had a birthday near the end of November. She was thrilled to be turning nine, only a year from being ten - double digits! And her birthday gave Tadd the perfect opportunity to feed his little girl's strange fascination with bondage model fashion.

Two days after her birthday there were some special presents for Tabby from her daddy. The first present was a shiny blue full-body gymnastics leotard that covered her from toe to neck. She squealed with delight and ran to her room to put it on. She loved the way it fit tight to her body, showing off every curve and bump and form. It accentuated the perfection of her lithe young body. And once she was looking at it in her mirror, Tabby recognized the garment from one of daddy's magazines! It was exactly the same. Did daddy think Tabby was pretty enough to wear a leotard like the pretty models in his magazines? Tabby got so excited at the idea. She ran back to show off the tight body suit to daddy and he affirmed his appreciation of her beauty when he immediately said "gosh baby, you look so grown up and pretty in that!"

But Daddy looked shocked a second later when he saw that Tabby had put the leotard on without any panties. She thought he was mad, but Tabby didn't want her panties to ruin the smooth, skin-hugging lines of the tight garment. When she looked down at what daddy was staring at - the perfectly molded curves of her little pudendum - Tabby got flustered and shy, and tingly. Why did it make her feel so strange to have daddy look at her there?

In a sudden hurry, daddy pressed Tabby's second present on her, blushing with embarrassment. Tabby blushed too as she opened the present where she found three long, silk scarves. Right away she wrapped one around her throat and swished the long ends around like some fashion model, making daddy laugh. Later, when she took the scarves back to mommy's house, mommy frowned and said they were too old for her, but she scowled and said she loved them.

The last present from daddy was a pair of soft, black leather boots, with two-inch heels. They zipped up tight over her calves, half-way to Tabby's knees and fit like gloves when she pulled them on over her new leotard. "Oh daddy, oh daddy, thank you!" Tabby squealed and hugged Tadd with real affection. "Be careful, baby," daddy said. "You're not used to heels, but gosh, you sure are tall and pretty!" Tabby basked in daddy's appreciation!

The boots brought out an even bigger frown from mommy when Tabby wore them home the next day, but she didn't try to dissuade her overly excited little girl from wearing them, knowing that it was a battle she didn't want to fight.

Needless to say, over the next couple of weeks, all of Tabby's new presents became integral parts of her childish play version of bondage model. Tadd found ways to enjoy the show, which included some serious, guilty stroking of his impressive cock. But it wasn't long before he started to find the whole situation more frustrating than enjoyable.

By the beginning of December, Tadd was going crazy and knew he had to do something. Watching his little girl pretend to be bound wasn't enough. Watching her run around his house in her new clothes and heeled boots wasn't enough. He decided to take a chance, up the stakes. While Tabby was at school one day, Tadd dug her toy handcuffs out of the dresser where she hid them. Very carefully, he disabled the safety release on each cuff using nothing more than a couple of drops of superglue and a few moments of pressure. His hands shook as he returned the modified toy back to its hiding place.

Waiting would be torture!


When daddy made lots of noise about going for a run, Tabby got excited. She had a great new idea for her bondage model game and wanted daddy to watch the whole thing! As soon as he headed out the door she got everything ready, then waited for him to 'not quite silently enough' return to watch her. She was pretty sure he'd think he was safe once he saw her new game.

Dressed in her sexy blue leotard and black boots, Tabby sat in her chair, by the mirror and worked hard to tie her own ankles to the front legs of her chair with two of her birthday scarves. Her cute little tongue stuck out the side of her mouth as she worked. Her knots were still clumsy, but effective. The scarves wrapped around the chair and her booted calves far more times then necessary, but they did the trick and soon enough her legs were completely immobilized. She shivered as she finished this arduous job, knowing daddy could see how well she was tied to the chair. But she was far from finished.

Out in the hall, Tadd watched Tabby admire her reflection and preen for the mirror, clearly thrilled with how much, at least in her young mind, she looked like one of the real models from his magazines. Tadd wondered if Tabby ever thought about what it would be like for other people to see her bound, gagged and vulnerable. Did she wonder about her daddy seeing her that way? The idea gave his erection even more life and he tried not to stroke it too fast. He had a feeling this was going to be quite the show!

The next act was Tabby's scarf gag. She'd improved her technique so that the knot in the middle of the scarf was much larger, large enough to hold her mouth slightly open, and she was much more adroit at securing it tightly behind her head now. Once her long, pretty hair was pulled out and arranged to the child's satisfaction, Tabby moved on to pulling one arm out of her leotard, and yanked the fabric down to uncover her flat left breast. She did a credible job of making it look like her clothes had been partially torn from her little body. Tabby got an even bigger thrill when she thought of daddy looking at her naked little nipples. Did he like it, like he liked the huge breasts of the pretty ladies in the magazines?

The moment of truth arrived. Tabby wanted to look perfect for daddy. She took up her toy handcuffs, secured her left wrist and then snaked the handcuffs through the slats in the back of her chair. It never occurred to the little girl to check the safety releases on her cuffs!

From his spy position, Tadd held his breath with intense anticipation and he nearly came the second he saw Tabby snap the second cuff onto her right wrist. Only Tadd knew that his innocent daughter was actually handcuffed to the chair. His pulse raced as he waited for her to find out.

Tabby went through her usual preening, twisting this way and that, but her range of motion was quite limited with both ankles and wrists bound. She loved her pretend bondage model look! She liked the way she felt helpless, even though it was just pretend and she could get free anytime she wanted. She hoped daddy liked it too and for a long time she put on a convincing show for him. But eventually it was time to take off the handcuffs and get herself untied from the chair. She had more plans!

Tabby pressed the release on her left cuff. Nothing happened. It wouldn't budge! She gasped through her nose and fumbled to push the release on her right cuff. Stuck! She jerked and strained. Panic flooded her little body and her face went white as a sheet. Again and again she tried the little release buttons but they were both immovable. She twisted and yanked at the cuffs. She pulled and wrestled with her legs. She was trapped, truly bound and helpless for the first time. She tried to scream, but she was too well gagged and only the tiniest moan of terror escaped. Her whole body spasmed with panic that she couldn't control.

In the hall, Tadd's cock erupted with a torrent of hot cum. He felt like he might pass out. The sight of his little girl's panic and fear was so incredibly erotic! The way she struggled, for real this time, was the most exciting thing he'd ever seen. And it was incredible to know that he had done it. He was responsible for her bondage - her vulnerable, terrible situation.

At the same time, Tadd knew that Tabby wasn't in any real danger. No one could take advantage of her. Yes, she was really bound to her chair, but the cuffs were mere toys. Once she calmed down she would realize she could break them if she wanted to. There was nothing stopping her. It was fantastic - no actual danger or harm - but all of the thrill and incredible, sexy stimulation. Tadd's cock was already getting hard again as he watched his little girl continue to struggle frantically against her bonds. His mind was whirling with the possibilities.

Tabby's young brain whirled too as she struggled. But eventually, slowly, she managed to get control of herself. She was safe! Daddy was watching and daddy wouldn't let anything bad happen to her - he loved her. She was safe, really. But what had happened to her handcuff? How had they gotten....? Oh gosh! Daddy?

Little Tabby felt and learned something very important. She was truly bound, truly helpless - and it was exciting! It was amazing! It was fun! Her heart beat fast, and for some reason her little cunny was soaking wet and tingling like mad. She loved it! And she loved knowing that daddy was watching her, like the beautiful real models in his magazine.

Eventually Tabby simply broke the weak plastic chain of her toy handcuffs, but not until she'd suffered the panic and the thrill of being bound to her chair for over an hour with daddy watching and making mysterious sounds out in the hall. It was the loveliest torture! Her only unhappiness came from the fact that her toy handcuffs were broken. Later, she had to completely mangle them with a screwdriver to get them off of her wrists. At least she still had her lovely scarves. Too bad she couldn't ask daddy for more handcuffs! But she knew she couldn't let him know that she knew he was watching her.

It was too much fun!


Continue on to Part 2 of the Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines.

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