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The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines - Part Two

- by Alvo Torelli, February, 2018

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Visions of his gorgeous little daughter helplessly handcuffed to her chair tormented Tadd for days. Instead of helping with his frustrations, the whole superglued handcuffs incident just made him more desperate. Soon enough he gave in to the lustful thoughts that he couldn't keep away. Christmas was right around the corner - and it provided the perfect opportunity: Tadd's ex-wife and her new husband wanted to visit family an hour north of town on Christmas Eve and Christmas, but Tabby didn't want to give up Christmas morning with her daddy. Besides, Tabby wasn't that fond of her new older stepsisters, who were too bossy and didn't have time for a 'little girl.' So it was agreed that Tabby would get dropped off to stay with daddy for two nights.

On Christmas Eve Tabby and daddy put out the milk and cookies for Santa, even though Tabby was plenty old enough to know the act was silly. It was mommy and daddy who brought the presents on Christmas Eve night, not some silly old elf. It didn't matter. Tabby just hoped Santa brought her some new handcuffs - although it was scary and confusing to think about what that would mean.

On Christmas morning Tabby and daddy were alone to unwrap presents. It was strange to have Christmas morning without mommy, but Tabby was too excited by all the fancy presents under the tree to worry about it too much. Daddy pointed to one of the presents that had appeared overnight and Tabby was more than happy to open it.

Inside the white box, wrapped with a large red ribbon, Tabby found a new pair of soft black leather boots. She was a little bit confused at first. She already had pretty black boots. But when she pulled the boots from the box she immediately saw how much better they were than her old boots. These were knee-high boots, trimmed at the top with a cuff of soft, white fur. And they had four inch heels!

"Daddy, Daddy, can I put them on? Please?" Tabby begged.

"Of course, baby," Daddy said, but I think there's more in the box - it's pretty big.

Tabby dove back into the exciting box, pulling off a layer of red tissue paper. She pulled out a short dress that looked familiar, yet strange. But it was so pretty! It took her a moment to remember that this exact dress and the white-trimmed boots she'd already removed, were featured in one of daddy's magazines - a special Christmas edition! Did daddy really want her to dress like one of the glamorous bondage models? The question sent a shiver through Tabby's young body!

The garment was a sexy, super short Christmas dress of crushed red velvet, trimmed at the hem and neck with a line of soft white fur that matched the boots. It was so pretty! But as Tabby turned the garment around, wide-eyed with wonder, she was bewildered by all the cords that criss-crossed back and forth at the waist. She looked up at daddy with confusion.

"Don't worry, baby, I can help you when you put it on," daddy said.

"Oh, can I put it on now daddy? It's soooo pretty!"

"Uh, sure sweetie, but did you get to the bottom of the box?"

Tabby's eyes went wide behind her big glasses, then she dove into the box yet again. "Oh daddy, daddy, look!" she squealed as she came out of the box with a pair of white silk stockings, complete with little red Christmas bows at the back of the thigh, and a pair of silky red panties! Her little face was alight with delight. She was so happy to know that daddy-Santa thought she was pretty enough wear such amazing clothes, just like the glamorous models in his magazines.

Tadd smiled at his little nine-year-old, enjoying the joy on her face. But he was getting more and more excited by the moment. "Why don't you run and put your pretty dress on, sweetie?" he said.

Tabby grabbed the garment and dashed to her room to change out of her pajamas. She started to close her door, but then she smiled wryly and left it half open, figuring that daddy might like to secretly watch her change. She blushed at the idea, but it didn't stop her from stripping off her pajamas and her little white socks. When she got down to her panties, she paused and her little tongue stuck out as she pondered what to do. What would the ladies in daddy's magazines do?! Oh gosh, oh gosh! Tabby quickly stripped off her panties and left them on the floor of her room, blushing even harder at the thought of daddy out in the hallway. She pulled the new red panties on as quick as she could, only to discover that they were thong style. The thong disappeared up into her bottom and the little triangle of panty barely covered her hairless, puffy cunny!

As fast as she could, Tabby stepped into her gorgeous red Christmas dress, wriggled it up over her little hips and slid her arms into the short sleeves. The white fur along the low neckline tickled her sensitive chest. Tabby was able to close the single button that held the back of the dress closed just between her shoulder blades. But there was no way for her to reach the laces that would pull together the rest of the back of the dress. So she left that for daddy. When she turned to look in the mirror she gasped to see how short the skirt of the dress was. Not only was it short, but the skirt flared out from her little hips, making it look even shorter and accentuating the curve of her waist and hips. When she looked over her shoulder she saw that half of her little ass was visible! But she was pretty sure she'd heard a gasp out in the hall, so daddy must like the way it looked. And Tabby loved the velvety feel of the gorgeous red fabric.

Tabby gave daddy a few seconds to run back to the living room, just in case, and then she ran back there too - bubbling with excitement.

"Wow! You look amazing," daddy said, to which Tabby beamed. "It's too bad mommy's not here to see how grown-up and pretty you look," he said with a frown." Tabby suddenly felt bad - she'd practically forgotten mommy in her excitement over her amazing new clothes. "Is it okay if I take some pictures of you, so that mommy can see them later and not miss all the fun," daddy asked, brightening up.

Oh gosh! Tabby flushed. Daddy wanted to take pictures of her, just like the models. "Oh yes, daddy, yes, please," she told him. Then she posed this way and that as daddy took pictures of her with his digital camera. He liked it when she cocked her little hip to one side, put one hand on her hip and pretended to be startled. Oh gosh. Modeling was such a fun game!

"So, sweetie, do you want to put the rest of your new clothes on now?" daddy asked.

"Yes, daddy, yes. But, well, I can't do the laces on the back of my dress. Can you do them?"

"Sure, baby," daddy said and he knelt behind Tabby to start lacing up the cords. Right away the dress started getting tight around Tabby's waist, really tight. She had to draw in her breath and still daddy pulled it tighter.

"Oh! Daddy? That's kind of... uh, kind of... tight!" Tabby gasped.

"I know, baby, but that's the way it's designed. It's a corset dress. Didn't you know that?" Daddy kept lacing the back of the dress higher and higher, squeezing the air out of little Tabby and making her waist and torso tinier and tinier. By the time he was done she could barely breathe.

'Is this really what the models do?' Tabby wondered. But then daddy turned her to see herself reflected in the big window and she gasped. She looked amazing - and so much curvier than usual - like the models!

"Here baby, let me help you with your stockings," daddy said and he lifted Tabby by the waist to set her in a chair, then knelt in front of her with one of the stockings in his hand.

As daddy took her tiny foot in his hands and gently started to slide the white silk over her toes, Tabby look down and realized how she must look to daddy, and how intimate it was to have him pull the silken stockings onto her smooth, thin legs. He was looking along the sensitive white skin of her calves as he slowly rolled the stocking on, stretching and smoothing it carefully along her skin, then up over her knee on to her thigh. Daddy's hands ran up the back and sides and front of her thigh, until the stocking was all the way up to the top of her leg, just short of her very short skirt. Daddy was looking up Tabby's skirt and Tabby was only wearing the tiniest of panties! But daddy was smiling and happy. Then daddy reached up under Tabby's skirt, running his hand over her bare bottom.

Tabby gasped at daddy's intimate touch!

Tabby hadn't noticed the lacy elastic bands up underneath the super short skirt of her pretty red Christmas dress. The bright red and ornate elastic was sewn to the inside of the dress, up near the waist, one band in front and one in the back for each leg. Tabby's dress had garters! But daddy had to get very intimate with Tabby's little bottom and the front of her leg in order to retrieve the garters and snap them to the front and back of her silk stocking. Indeed, daddy had to carefully run the garters underneath her silky red panties, forcing him to touch skin that he hadn't touched since she was tiny baby. It was such smooth, inviting skin!

Tadd grinned at the way Tabby's tongue stuck out the side of her mouth as he slowly, methodically, ran his hands up every square inch of her precious little leg, dressing her in the second white silk stocking. He loved the way she shivered when he ran his fingers over her little ass, under her panties, to retrieve the rear garter, then brushed lightly past her nearly unprotected cunny as he retrieved and connected the front garter. Then he sat back to look at her. With each step she became so much sexier and more alluring. Tadd was barely able to control himself.

Of course the camera had to come out again, and Tabby happily swung her short legs and posed as daddy took pictures from every angle. Even Tabby knew that mommy was never going to see these pictures. They were far too much like the pictures in daddy's magazines.

"Time for your new boots!" daddy declared and Tabby clapped her hands with glee. She couldn't wait. She loved the look of black leather boots, and her new boots were amazing. If only she knew how amazing.

The tall black boots unzipped down the inside of the leg, but not all the way to the bottom. Daddy held up the boot and Tabby slipped her little foot inside it, but she had to press hard to get her foot to slip all the way in. And when she did, the boot held her foot pointed down and was tight. Daddy zipped the boot about half way up Tabby's leg, but left it open for her to start getting used to it. He helped her slip the other foot into the other boot. Tabby realized that the smooth, slick silk stockings helped her to get her foot in!

"Now, baby, there's something special about your new boots," daddy said as he zipped the second boot half way up her calf. Daddy's hands caressed Tabby's perfect, shapely legs as he worked with the boots, lingering along her smooth skin and the smooth stockings. He zipped the first boot higher, but not all the way, then repeated with the other, taking his time. As the boots tightened around Tabby's calves, higher and higher, they formed to her legs perfectly, like gloves. The leather was supple and thin and beautiful! Tabby loved them. Finally daddy zipped both boots right up to the top.

Tabby thought daddy was done and she was ready to get down and see if she could walk in the four-inch heels. But daddy wasn't done. Daddy turned up the white fur cuff at the top of each boot and revealed that the tab of the zipper was designed to fold upwards and fit over a little loop of metal. But hanging on each of those loops was a very small, heart shaped padlock! Quick as a wink daddy pulled one of the padlocks off, put the tab of the zipper over the loop and reconnected the padlock, snapping it closed. Even as Tabby's eyes went wide with shock and she gasped, not an easy thing to do in her tight corset, daddy locked the second zipper in place and then folded the furry trim back over, pushing the tiny padlocks through slits in the cuff to leave them dangling in plain sight.

Tabby was locked into her new boots! And, and, and... where were the keys?

The shock of being locked into her boots - trapped in the footwear - sent waves of panic through Tabby's young mind. Up to now everything had been like a game - an exciting, fun game. And everything had reaffirmed to Tabby that daddy thought she was pretty, like the models in his magazines. Even the corset was just a little bit scary, a fun kind of scary. But now Tabby knew that she was actually helpless. She could never get the boots off! Not unless someone, daddy, helped her. Tabby remembered the panic that had coursed through her little body when her superglued handcuffs had malfunctioned - and this felt just the same.

Tabby looked up from staring at the two tiny padlocks to find daddy taking pictures of her with his camera. Suddenly she wasn't so sure about daddy's pictures. She drew her knees together, trying to make sure his camera wasn't seeing her nearly uncovered little cunny. The camera made the terrible, scary vulnerable feeling even worse. But Tabby so wanted daddy to think she was as pretty as his models, so she did her best to smile and pose for his camera. Innocent little Tabby had no idea that her demure modesty just made her that much hotter for the camera.

Behind the camera, Tadd couldn't believe how insanely sexy his little daughter looked. The combination of shock and excitement on her face was amazing. He tried to capture every nuance of her torment, especially the way she tried to look confident when she was actually frightened. Over and over he told Tabby how pretty and grown-up she looked, but inside he was thinking how her youth and innocence was so hot. But soon his words worked their magic and Tabby was once again beaming with pride at daddy's praise. "Hey Tabby, baby," Tadd said, "let's see you model your new boots. Can you walk in them?"

Tabby's eyes flared, but she slid off the chair and stood, wobbling, on the crazy high-heeled boots. She was so tall! Her little feet pointed downwards, like she was standing on her toes, but the boots still supported her heel. She had to thrust her hips forward for balance, but she could walk, barely! She couldn't walk very fast, but she managed to wobble the length of the living room and back for daddy's clicking camera.

And the camera, like daddy, loved the sight of Tabby in her new outfit. Black knee-high boots, stockings up her thighs, lacy red garters and the corset-dress that cinched in her tiny waist, with a skirt that flared off her hips and was more of an invitation than a protection to the little girl's ass and sex. Tabby's gorgeous long copper hair framed her face - and her little girl glasses gave the whole montage the final touch of insane eroticism that Tadd had dreamed of.

And now it was time for the real thing. The locked boots were only the beginning.

"Gosh, baby, you look so great in your new clothes! I guess you should open another Santa present," daddy said.

Tabby's little tongue jutted out as she examined a large box, beautifully wrapped in Christmas ribbons. She'd only opened one present from Santa so far, and already she was decked out like one of daddy's pretty models, not to mention locked into her wonderful, evil boots! What was she going to find this time? Kneeling in front of the box and trembling slightly, she pulled the ends of the big red bow and released the ribbons holding the box closed. She opened the lid and pulled off a layer of red tissue paper.

And there, lying on the tissue, was the most beautiful pair of shining silver handcuffs Tabby could imagine. They gleamed, reflecting the fire light and the twinkling lights from the big Christmas tree. As she lifted them out of the box she was amazed at how much bigger and heavier they were than her toy handcuffs. And immediately she noticed there were no safety releases on these handcuffs, these were the real thing! But, but - where were the keys?

"That box was pretty heavy, Tabby," daddy said. "I think maybe there's more inside it."

Tabby started. She'd nearly forgotten daddy and his camera were there with her - she was so entranced by her new handcuffs. She set them carefully to the side and pulled off the next layer of tissue paper. To her surprise, she found two more pairs of beautiful silver handcuffs! But these handcuffs were much smaller, as small as her Halloween toy pair had been. Nevertheless, like the larger pair, these two smaller pairs of handcuffs were real - solid stainless steel and no safety releases. As she lifted them out of the box Tabby realized that these pairs of handcuffs ware so small because she was so small! The first pair of handcuffs were much too big for her skinny little wrists and hands - they would slide right off. But why did Santa give her big handcuffs if they were too big for her? She lifted all three pairs of handcuffs, dangling them to shine in the Christmas lights, and looked at daddy with a puzzled face.

Daddy smiled back as he took several pictures, then pulled the camera aside. He understood her confusion. Tabby had no idea that it had taken daddy a long time to track down a pair of real, child-sized handcuffs. Pointing at the smaller handcuffs, he simply said "wrists." Pointing at the larger pair of handcuffs he whispered "ankles."

Tabby blanched at the word 'ankles,' and daddy's camera caught her momentary look of distress as her eyes stared straight at the larger pair of cuffs.

"What else is in the box?" daddy asked Tabby, distracting her from her shock.

Shaking off her angst, Tabby set the three pairs of handcuffs to the side and lifted off the next layer of tissue paper. Daddy's camera caught the little gasp she gave off at the sight of a bright red ball gag, with black leather harness and shining silver hardware, including a buckle that came with another small, heart-shaped padlock - just like the new boots locked onto her feet. The padlock hung open - and there was no key.

Tabby didn't realize that she was breathing shallowly and very fast as she stared at the dangerous gag. At first she couldn't bring herself to touch it, but finally she reached into the box and pulled it out, holding it dangling between two trembling fingers. Her little tongue, so cute, stuck out the side her mouth and her eyes were like saucers. Daddy's camera loved it!

"Is that all there is in the box?" daddy asked, knowing it wasn't.

"Oh gosh, daddy. I, I'm not sure I want to look," Tabby stammered. Now that the real, working bondage devices were right there in front of her and not just images in some glossy magazine, Tabby was getting more and more nervous. But part of her, deep down inside, was excited. That part of her made her reach out and stroke the handcuffs and then the gag, with shaking fingertips. She looked up at daddy's smile and the lens of his camera and the excited part of her took over a little more control from the frightened part of her. "I, I g-guess I should look and see," she stammered.

The next layer of tissue paper came out of the box and Tabby gave a quick squeak of terror. The thing she saw frightened her at a deep level, worse than anything she'd already pulled from the box, worse than the boots locked to her feet. She knew it shouldn't have scared her half as much as the handcuffs, or the ball gag, but it did. Maybe it was the symbolism of it that spoke to the frightened little girl - she didn't know what frightened her so badly - but she was barely able to reach out her hands to pick up the two items.

They were made from matching red leather - a red that perfectly matched Tabby's insane corset-dress. Trembling, Tabby pulled out a dog collar and a leash. The collar was two inches wide and Tabby knew instantly it was exactly the right size to fit around her smooth, white neck. There were several loops of metal available for attachments and of course the silver buckle of the collar came with a small, heart-shaped padlock. Tabby had seen this same collar around the necks of several of daddy's bondage models - but without the little padlock! And even without the padlock the women had looked just as terrified, on their leashes, as Tabby felt.

"Oh sweetie, that's so pretty," daddy said, his eyes gleaming with excitement. "Don't you want to try that on? Here, let me help you."

"But daddy, no, it's too..." Tabby tried to say, but daddy had already taken the collar from her fingers. He smoothly fit it around her neck, pulling her beautiful coppery hair out from beneath before he quickly pulled the buckle tight. Tabby's blood turned to ice when she heard the distinctive click of the tiny padlock that locked the collar onto her smooth neck. She knew that it was just in her head, but she couldn't shake the feeling that the collar was strangling her and she took fast, panicky breathes. Her corset didn't help!

Daddy's camera loved the look on Tabby's pretty face and the way her collar, with its little padlock dangling down, completed her costume. Daddy loved it too.

"Daddy? Daddy? I, I feel... oh, daddy!" Tabby's panic ramped up and she began to vibrate, unable to control it. "Daddy? Daddy, please?"

"It's okay, sweetie, daddy's here. Don't be scared, you're fine. You look so pretty and grown-up. It's just amazing, baby." daddy said. "Maybe you just need to walk around a little, baby. I think you're just a little keyed up, that's all. Too much excitement. You need to walk it off. Come on baby, walk with daddy until you're not so upset!"

"Daddy? What are you... oh, oh gosh, daddy!"

"Come walk with daddy!" daddy said in a voice Tabby had never heard before and he tugged on the leash that he'd snapped to Tabby's collar.

Tabby stumbled to her feet, barely able to keep her balance on the high heeled boots. She was forced to lurch forward as daddy led her across the living room. Even when she clutched at the leash with her hands it was obvious that daddy could make her do whatever he wanted, that she was helpless to stop him. Daddy forced her to walk all the way down the hall to her bedroom and then back to the living room, where he walked her in circles.

Tabby's forced walk was terrifying, but it taught her something terribly important - that what she'd seen in daddy's magazines wasn't all just pretend! And it also made her little cunny tingle in a way she didn't understand at all. It was terrifying, but it was also thrilling!

Daddy kept walking Tabby around on her leash until she got control of her panic and got her breathing to slow down. Then he stopped and looked at Tabby, holding her leash close. Tabby looked up into daddy's eyes with confusion, but the second she did daddy's eyes flared and he started off again, forcing her to walk around the house again. She grabbed at the leash with her hands, but then daddy pulled even faster.

Tabby was too scared to speak, but her excitement kept growing. Her little tongue stuck out the side of her mouth as she concentrated to walk without stumbling on her tall boots. Tabby dropped her hands from the leash and daddy slowed down again. After a minute he stopped and looked into her pretty face. Tabby started to look at daddy again, but the second she did he pulled her forward. She stumbled, but she didn't grab at the leash. She didn't cry out or pull back, she just followed daddy, meekly, as her little cunny got wetter and wetter with excitement.

And then, when daddy stopped again and turned to face Tabby, she dropped her eyes to the floor, with her hands at her sides. She held the position, barely trembling, but she could tell that daddy smiled.

Daddy led Tabby forward one last time, gently, until she was standing in front of her Christmas present. With a slight jerk of the leash he got his submissive little girl to kneel. "I don't suppose there's anything else in the box, sweetie," daddy whispered with a smile as he unhooked her new leash.

Tabby was too overwhelmed to tell daddy that she wasn't sure she wanted anything else from the box! Instead, she pulled the next layer of tissue paper away and stared at the final layer in the Christmas box. What Tabby found in the bottom of the box was as much a surprise as anything else she'd unwrapped so far on Christmas morning. It was a pretty, elegant white photo album. Tabby lifted the album out of the box and riffled through it's many, empty pages - all of them waiting, ready to hold hundreds of photographs.

With trembling hands, Tabby closed the photo album and read the words written in ornate candy-cane letters across the cover: "Tabby's Special Christmas."


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