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The Little Girl and the Bondage Magazines - Part Five

- by Alvo Torelli, February, 2018

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Christmas continued

Tabby opened her eyes and blinked. She automatically reached out to find her glasses and the lingering aches of two hours of tight bondage raced through her body - especially her shoulders. She moaned and blinked again as memories flooded her young mind. She sat up to more aches, but the sudden need to pee overwhelmed every other sensation. She had to go! But where were her glasses? There, on the end of the sofa, yes.

The naked little girl dashed through the house, barely making it to the bathroom in time for a long, satisfying pee. As she did, she noticed how strange her little cunny felt after so many big, wonderful orgasms. Not bad, just strange. Tabby also suddenly realized that she was completely naked - no boots, no stockings, no corset, not even her collar. She walked back to the living room slowly, thinking about the games with daddy.

But where was daddy? He was nowhere in sight. She ran to check the kitchen, then daddy's bedroom and his bathroom, but he was gone. Tabby trudged back to the living room - where she noticed another pretty Christmas box, set prominently in the middle of the floor. But no daddy.

Tabby knew daddy must be nearby, watching her. She wasn't afraid of being alone. But she was afraid of what might be in the box, with it's pretty red ribbons and big red bow.

The box was a little over two feet long, but only five inches wide and deep. Tabby's new ball gag and one pair of her child-sized handcuffs were sitting on top of the box on either side of the big red bow. She sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the box and picked up the ball gag with trembling fingers. She thought about all the times she'd made pretend gags from scarves. If only she'd known how much scarier and more uncomfortable it was to have a real gag pressing deep into your mouth, constantly reminding you that you couldn't scream for help or take a deep breath. Tabby pushed the huge red ball past her lips and felt the familiar ache settle in to her jaw. She fumbled with the buckle and pulled her pretty hair out from under the harness before tightening the buckle down. Her fingers were trembling almost too violently to let her close the little padlock that locked the ball gag to her head. The click it made as it locked sent a shiver through her body.

Tabby liked this new game! Figuring out what daddy wanted her to do without him there to force her was exciting, and fun. But it was scary, too. What was she going to find in the box? Was she supposed to put the handcuffs on first? Which way - front or back? Tabby decided that if she cuffed her wrists behind her back - the much scarier way to do it - she would have a hard time dealing with whatever was in the box. So she picked up the handcuffs and put them around her wrists in the front, telling herself over and over that daddy really was there, somewhere, with the keys.

The big bow on the box yielded to a gentle tug and the lid of the box came off to reveal a gleaming silver bar just over two feet long and about an inch thick. At each end of the bar there was a big leather cuff with a shining silver buckle - and of course each buckle had its own little heart shaped padlock. In the center of the silver bar there was a u-shaped loop of steel that passed all the way through two pencil-sized holes in the bar to the other side. There, one of the little heart-shaped padlocks dangled through a hole in one end of the loop. Tabby puzzled over this for a moment until her eyes flared with surprise as she figured out what it was for. An inch to the left and right of the center loop, a small nub of metal stuck through a pencil-sized hole in the main bar. Tabby pushed on one of the nubs and it disappeared into the bar, then sprang back when she let it go. She couldn't figure out what those were for.

Tabby's new present was like a puzzle! She loved it - but it scared her. Still, she was pretty sure she knew what daddy wanted his pretty bondage model to do. It was such a fun game.

Tabby stretched her thin, naked legs out in front of her, bending her knees so that she could easily reach her bare ankles. The left cuff of the bar fit snugly around her small ankle, as if it was designed just for her. Tabby closed and tightened the buckle, making sure not to get it too tight, but knowing it could never slip off of her foot. It took her a long moment to get up the courage to lock the tiny padlock into the loop on the buckle, and she almost abandoned the new game over the fear it was engendering - but finally she snapped the tiny padlock closed. Buckling and then locking the second cuff was even worse. It was the second cuff that completely bound the little girl to the bar, stretched between her ankles, and pushed her along the path to being truly helpless once again. Tabby snapped the second lock and a shiver of terror ran down her spine. She sat on her bottom, staring at the bar of metal that was forcing her legs wide apart. Her little cunny tingled!

Now Tabby had to see if she had the fortitude for the scariest part of all. She unhooked the tiny padlock from the u-shaped loop of metal and pulled the loop out of the bar. She set the chain of her handcuffs between the two holes in the bar and tried to put the loop of metal back through holes over the top of the handcuff chain. But she couldn't do it. No matter how she twisted and turned she couldn't keep the handcuff chain in the right place and still get a hold of the loop to slide it back in place. It was so frustrating!

Tabby's new present really was a puzzle and Tabby loved puzzles! She smiled, to the extent she could smile with a huge ball gag locked into her mouth, to think of daddy going to all the trouble to make her a puzzle for Christmas. She concentrated hard to solve it, knowing that daddy was waiting, patiently, for her to finish. She wondered if it was making his big cock hard again to watch her put herself into bondage. She hoped it was!

One end of the loop of metal was longer than the other, Tabby realized. The end with the small hole for the padlock was shorter! That was the secret. Tabby put the longer end through one of the holes in the bar and let it fall through, but left the second end out to the side. Then it was simple. She hooked her handcuff chain under the free end of the loop and twisted the loop until the free end dropped into its hole! With triumph, Tabby reached around the bar and easily threaded the little padlock into the small hole in the loop. It was only as she eagerly click the padlock closed that she realized what she'd done and a new height of terror raced through her young body.

Tabby was completely helpless now - her wrists were locked to the center of the bar that stretched between her wide spread ankles - and she'd done it to herself.

Daddy didn't come. Tabby waited and waited. It was awful. Where was he? Still he didn't come. Had she done something wrong, something to make him mad? Had he really left her, alone and helpless? What if somebody else came? What if mommy came? As the minutes ticked by Tabby's mind played out scarier and scarier scenarios of what happened to daddy or who might suddenly appear? It was torture.

It was so much fun!

Tabby decided she had to do something for herself or go crazy. Maybe, if she was careful, she could stand up. Maybe she could carefully walk, bent over for sure, but still... It was worth a try, it had to be. Maybe she was supposed to go find the keys!

Twisting and turning, concentrating hard, Tabby managed to get the sole of her right foot onto the floor. Carefully, she shifted her weight onto the right foot, more and more, until she could just start to stand on the foot. It was hard! She was so close. Just a little more. She fumbled at her handcuffs, trying to help lift her other foot into position. She strained and then it was there! She was on her feet! She'd done it! But no, no, no....

Tabby had underestimated the awkward balance of trying to stand on feet that were spread more than shoulder's width apart, with her hands handcuffed to the bar. She slowly toppled over on her front, landing on her knees, with her shoulders and face pressed into the thick carpet. She'd lost her glasses and her arms stretched out underneath her body to the metal bar. Tabby was trapped, with her little ass high in the air and every attempt she made to change her position, roll over or pull her body back over the evil bar was ineffectual. Until someone came to help her, this was the humiliating, vulnerable position she was fixed in.

And Tabby realized, with a start, that this was exactly what daddy had wanted all along. After all, he had a magazine filled with glamorous bondage models in just this predicament.

Tabby tried to scream through her gag when she felt a hand gently glide over her naked, round ass.

Tadd couldn't decide which was better: binding his little nine-year-old or watching her bind herself. He thanked his lucky stars that he didn't have to decide - he, and the monster, could enjoy them both.

The whole day had gone far, far beyond Tadd's wildest dreams. He'd been fairly certain that Tabby couldn't resist the glamorous Christmas outfit, with its silk stockings, garters and boots. He was amazed how excited and eager she was opening the box with the handcuffs, collar and gag and she'd pushed through all her fears as he bound her helplessly and defiled her terribly, never complaining. He never thought they would get to the box of ropes, with the vibrators and the ring gag. But Tabby had just stood, submissively, as he bound her tight and forced the little vibrators on her. She seemed to enjoy every minute of the bondage and the torment. And now, here she was, trussed up in the spreader bar that Tadd had never imagined they would open. He'd bought the terrible, evil thing on a lark - too excited to pass up such a naughty device. Now, amazingly, his little girl was trapped in his favorite bondage position, completely vulnerable and available and trembling with excited fear at his touch. He was ready to cream in his pants!

Tabby's smooth, round ass was so sensual. Tadd stroked it reverently, enjoying the low, frightened mewling that barely escaped from Tabby's big ball gag - the gag she'd locked into her own mouth. She was so trusting, so beautiful, so vulnerable - so very, very erotic. Tadd's hand trembled as he let his fingers slip between her spread thighs, to adoringly brush against her puffy cunny. Her mewling intensified.

"Are you okay, baby?" Tadd asked, kneeling close behind his child and looking down on her overwrought face. Her wide, wild eyes and her short, labored breathes, through her nose, betrayed the frightened emotions engendered by her self-imposed bondage and Tadd's gentle but insistent touch. Tadd waited for her response, and when she gave a small, quick nod of her head his fingers stroked across her sensitive mons. He saw her stiffen and arch her back, pulling at her handcuffs. "Do you want me to stop, baby?" he whispered and waited, his heart in his throat, until she weekly shook her head.

Tadd let the monster have complete control. He was no longer sure if there was anything but the monster.

"Oh god, baby, Tabby, you're so pretty and so hot. You put all the other models to shame," Tadd prattled to his nine-year-old as he stroked his fingers deeper and deeper between the outer folds of her pussy. She was sopping wet again, inviting his probing digits. "Is it okay, baby?" he asked her, "Do you like that?" He had to wait for agonizing seconds before she decided to nod her head in agreement, and then he pressed a finger into her tiny slit, with the tip of his finger against her little clit, and he rubbed it forward and back, quickly, knowing she couldn't help but respond to the arousal.

Once Tabby was shivering, close to yet another climax that she couldn't prevent, Tadd suddenly stopped. He grabbed the bar between Tabby's booted ankles and pressed the little nubs that had so confused Tabby. With a slight twist, Tadd was able to slide both ends of the bar outwards, lengthening it and forcing his little girl's legs wider apart. Suddenly the bar was two and half feet long, three feet, three and a half! Tadd twisted the bars to reengage the locking nubs with the bar spread to it's full length. Tabby's legs would barely spread so wide and the new view of her amazing little virgin pussy and ass was even more spectacular than before. Tabby's frightened mewling started up again and she struggled against the bar with her feet and her wrists. She couldn't help it.

Tadd stood back to admire his handiwork. He grabbed the camera from the table where it had been clicking away, irresolutely, since the moment he left the spreader bar for Tabby to open. He was glad he'd emptied out the memory card!

Tabby struggled and struggled, obviously overwhelmed by a new wave of panic. But eventually she calmed. Her breathing slowed, her thrashing ceased. She barely flinched when Tadd's hand slid under her pretty ass and fingered her tiny, wide-spread pussy.

"Are you okay, baby?" Tadd gently asked again, not that the monster was likely to let him change course. It was just part of the game! Little Tabby's nod was weak, but clear. Tadd stroked his angry, insistent cock well out of the little girl's sight as he increased the intensity and speed of the fingers that stroked her child-cunt. Two fingers surrounded the puffy mounds, pressing them together, while his middle finger squeezed between them and stroked through the sopping wet channel of her tight entrance, grazing over her little clit with each stroke. Tadd could feel the way Tabby was getting more and more aroused, unable to stop her little body from responding to his patient attention. In seconds she was close to orgasm. She was exactly where he wanted her - almost out of control, but completely helpless - waiting for him.

Tadd was afraid to ask the next question, but the monster laughed at him. It wasn't that he was afraid she would shake her head and deny him, tell him she wasn't ready, that she didn't want to. No, the problem was that he was afraid her answer wouldn't make any difference, that he would take her no matter what she wanted, no matter what she thought she was willing to do. But he had to ask her; it was part of the game, the game he'd started and she'd continued on her own. He stroked her little pussy even faster, felt her tremble and heard her mewling, muffled cries increase. His cock was so hard, like it was going to burst any second.

"Baby," Tadd said. "Baby, do you want it? Oh god, do you want it now?"

Little Tabby felt more terrified than she had at any point of the long, lusty Christmas day. Did daddy really want what Tabby thought he wanted? It couldn't be! She knew how big his huge cock was - she'd seen it up close and personal; she'd felt how much it filled her little mouth. And her little cunny was so much smaller than her mouth. Could he really mean to push that monster of flesh up inside her tiny private space? She was sure that was what he wanted. She was certain of it. But how could it be? It couldn't possibly fit.

Tabby tried to quell her panic. Daddy was waiting for an answer. That was how the new game was played. What would he do if she shook her head? Would he back off, release her from the scary pole? Would he be angry? Hurt? But it was daddy, her lovely daddy, her daddy who'd given her so many wonderful scary exceptional strange experiences - and she'd loved it all. It was daddy, and daddy hadn't failed her yet. Yet. Yet. Oh god, oh god, what do I do? Panic flared again in the little girl and she could barely breathe.

"Baby?" daddy said.

Tabby gathered all her will and pushed her fear down, down, down into a deep dark hole. But still, she could only manage the tiniest nod to answer her daddy.

Tadd saw the tiny nod of his pretty daughters head and his brain exploded. He swept his arm under Tabby's body and lifted her legs off the floor. The pole kept her spread wide as he brought the head of his cock to her glistening, sopping cunny and swirled it through the well-prepared channel. The little girl was just as ready to be fucked as the monster was ready to fuck her. A match made in heaven. Tadd thrust forward.

Even through her gag, Tabby's scream was loud.

Tadd knew it would hurt his baby when he first entered her. It still tore at his heart to hear her scream. But not enough to make his cock stop. His cock, the monster, was in control, not his heart. He also knew that the pain of her first fuck should pass quickly - he'd gone to incredible trouble to prepare her for this moment and bring her to the very cusp of orgasm before he even entered her. Yes, there was a bit of blood on his cock as he pulled it out of her tiny pussy, but that was to be expected. He pressed back into her well-lubricated pussy and started a hard, steady rhythm, not too fast or too slow, not deep enough to hurt her, but deep enough to make sure she felt the full force of his hard, thick manhood.

"Oh god, baby, Tabby, you're so... you're so... oh fuck, you're so tight, you're so good. Oh baby, baby, GOD!" Tadd was losing his mind as he raped Tabby's little body - as he made love to his wonderful daughter. Somehow those two were the same thing. Tabby was the most amazing, sexy, stimulating fuck Tadd had ever experience, better than he'd ever dreamed of. "Oh god, baby, I love you so much!"

Daddy's cock was too big! It was too big! It tore into Tabby and it HURT! It stung. It burned. It stretched her too far! Too big. Oh, oh god, daddy! Please! Oh, oh, please daddy, please. Oh god it's so big and it's stretching me again and it's going so deep, so deep, so... OH! DADDY! DADDY! NO, NO, PLEASE!

But daddy kept stroking in and out and in and out, unstoppable. And the pain slowly changed. The pain wasn't so hot, so stinging. The pain was almost, almost..., just a little more, oh god, the pain, it was good. The pain wasn't pain - it was wonderful, it was incredible. Oh god, oh god, DADDY, DADDY, YES, YES, PLEASE!

Orgasm climaxed over Tabby's little body once again, but an orgasm ten times better than any of the others. This time it was daddy's big, beautiful man-cock that gave Tabby her orgasm. Tabby's eyes rolled back in her head as the orgasm crested higher and higher. Her innocent young mind couldn't keep up with it and her petite young body couldn't keep from shaking and quivering.

Daddy started pumping faster and faster. His impossibly big cock flashed to the end of Tabby's warm tunnel and pressed against her insides over and over, ever faster. Tabby felt like she was the stretchy, tight sock and daddy's cock was the invading, warm foot. Surely her whole body was expanding and contracting with every one of daddy's powerful strokes. How could it feel so amazing, so overpowering, with no visual external sign of his repeated invasions of her little body. It went on and on and it just kept Tabby's body trembling and quaking all over from the amazing electric waves that spread out from her cunny with every stroke of daddy's huge cock. Daddy yelled, incoherent babbling that Tabby couldn't understand and he drove his cock into her ever faster and harder. She could feel the raw energy of his passion with every stroke and she knew she was going to go crazy any second. It was too much!

Just as Tabby was about to lose her mind she heard daddy scream "Oh god, baby, I love you so much!" and then he filled her little body with all of the cock that he could force inside of her and she felt the core of her being fill with something warm, something gushing out of daddy's love for his little girl. Tabby knew it was the same thing daddy had squirted in her mouth, but it was so, so precious to have daddy love her enough to put it inside her little body and make her feel so, so good.

Tabby felt daddy pull out of her pussy and she moaned into her gag, pleading for him to come back! No daddy! Please don't stop! He let go of her hips and she heard him move away, behind her. Still bound, completely helpless, Tabby lay face down with her gorgeous little ass in the air, unable to move, unable to call out for him to come back to her. All she could do was tremble and quiver in her vulnerable position, breathing hard and fast through her nose and wish that daddy would come back to her.

The monster wouldn't let Tadd stop. The monster made him take picture after picture of his gorgeous baby, trapped on her knees as red-tinged cum oozed from her swollen, gaping little cunny. The monster was Tadd, Tadd was the monster. And Tadd was totally, completely in lust and in love with his bound little preteen beauty.

But Tadd couldn't just leave his precious Tabby there, alone on the floor. He knew the game demanded it, demanded the ultimate domination of the captured girl. But he couldn't do it, not after he'd just taken her innocence from her. Not when he loved her so very much. He finished a full, amazing set of pictures of Tabby's erotic, exciting position, then put his camera aside to release her from her bondage.

His daughter moaned through her gag as he gently removed her handcuffs and released the tension on the spreader bar. She collapsed onto the floor even before he could unlock the cuffs from her delicate ankles. He rolled her to her back and knelt next to her lithe little body, looking down into her pretty face. He put her glasses back on so that she could see how much he loved her, how happy he was, then he carefully unlocked the buckle of the ball gag and released her from the last of her bondage.

Tadd dropped low and kissed his gorgeous preteen and she slid her arms around his neck to hold him, so that she could kiss him back. He pulled her up into his lap and his arms, kissing her for a long, long time.

When Tadd finally ended their kiss, Tabby looked up at him, no longer playing the submissive little bondage girl, and asked "Was... was that... was it..."

"It was wonderful, baby," Tadd said. "It was the best. I mean it. The very best ever."

Tabby didn't say a word, she just bit her little lip and smiled.

"Are you okay, baby?" Tadd asked.

"I... I think so," Tabby said. "I'm kind of sore, all over, but that's okay. But... I... I feel different."

"You are different, baby," Tadd said, smiling. "We made love, I guess. So, that makes you my lover - not just my little girl. So, you are different."

Tabby's eyes went wide at the idea of being daddy's lover, and then she smiled broadly and kissed him again.

As Tadd and his lovely nine-year-old warmly kissed, the monster spoke in the back of his brain. Don't let up now! Cement your dominance, make her yours for good! Control her while she's vulnerable and pliant.

"You know what?" Tadd said, brightly, breaking off the kiss. "It's almost four o'clock, and it's Christmas. We need a Christmas dinner! Let's go out - we'll go out for the best Christmas dinner ever, to celebrate! I know the perfect place. What do you say?" Without waiting for an answer, he rose to his feet and pulled Tabby up to stand, naked, beside him.

"But," Tadd said, "first I think you better go get cleaned up and get dressed! Ha." Suddenly his voice changed, from the happy daddy to the controlling, dominant daddy. "Go on now, get in the shower and clean yourself up. I'll choose some clothes for you to put on when you're done. You'll wear what daddy wants you to wear when you go out on a date with him."

Tabby's eyes flared again and she blushed like an innocent little girl, despite all the amazing things that had happened - she was going on a date with daddy! Then she reached up to grab daddy by the shirt front and pulled him down so that she could kiss him one more time. With that done, she took off for her bathroom, walking a bit gingerly rather than running, but still as happy as she'd ever been.

Daddy was as good as his word. The Chinese food they enjoyed at a restaurant across town was a Christmas feast. Tabby loved every minute of it. They talked and joked and had the best time. But it all turned out to be part of the game.

Tabby walked very carefully when she and daddy entered the busy restaurant. Who knew so many people ate out on Christmas? Several people openly gawked at her. Tabby wore her new boots and a too-short dress, with her gorgeous coppery hair in a high ponytail. Daddy had picked out a favorite older dress from her closet, which was far too small for her now and rode up on her waist. Modesty demanded she should wear the dress with tights, but there were no tights in the clothes daddy picked out for Tabby, just a pair of blue cotton panties. Tabby knew perfectly well that the outfit she wore was scandalous for a third grade girl, and the attention she drew as she walked in her crazy boots made her very self-conscious.

Some of the men were openly lusting after Tabby's little ass as she walked by them. It was frightening. It was also thrilling to know that daddy was forcing her to show herself off, sexually - a whole new kind of submission to his desires! But daddy wouldn't do it if he didn't think she was pretty and glamorous and sexy! Tabby's only real fears about her inappropriate clothing centered on the idea of meeting someone she knew, or tripping and falling, exposing her panties to the drooling men.

Daddy and Tabby sat close together at a big booth and the long table cloth made sure that no one could see how daddy's hand caressed her bare leg all through dinner. It was hard to not giggle or gasp when daddy slid his hand up under her short skirt to caress her thigh or gently rub his middle finger across the fabric of her panties, getting her wetter and wetter, until her panties were soaked.

Tabby loved the Chinese food and daddy let her order whatever she wanted. He even let her order fried ice cream for dessert. Mommy would have a cow when she found out! But just before their dessert arrived, daddy leaned over to whisper in Tabby's ear in his new, dominant voice. "Take your panties off, baby, right now! Give them to me."

Every muscle in Tabby's little body stiffened at the command. Oh god, she couldn't! But... but daddy had commanded her. He was still playing the game, and just thinking about doing what he said sent a jolt of electric excitement through Tabby. Her little cunny spasmed hard. Trying to wriggle as little as possible behind the table, Tabby carefully worked her panties over her bottom and down her legs. But getting the accursed wet garment over her boots was nearly impossible! She wanted to punch daddy for chuckling at her as she struggled. Finally, just as their ice cream arrived, she was successful and she surreptitiously put the panties into daddy's hand.

Just as Tabby pushed her spoon into her dessert she felt daddy's hand press between her thighs, hidden behind the long table cloth. She gasped, slightly, trying desperately to avoid anyone's notice. Daddy pushed her legs open and she scooted forward on the booth seat, knowing what he wanted. As she tried to take her first bite of the hot and cold dessert, daddy slipped his finger up into her warm, wet cunny. Tabby hoped that anyone who was looking would think it was the cold of the dessert that was making her shiver so badly. Daddy continued to finger fuck her under the table, in front of all those people! He ate his ice cream calmly, with a wry smile, as Tabby got closer and closer to a humiliating, public orgasm. She saw several of the men around the room looking at her intently and she felt like they could see under the table, like they knew exactly what daddy was doing to her!

By the time they were done eating dessert Tabby was so desperate she could barely control herself. But suddenly daddy stopped fingering her, just before she climaxed. It took her a couple of minutes to recover her senses and all Tabby could think of was how much she wanted daddy to touch her again!

The waiter brought their check on a little tray with two fortune cookies. Daddy smiled wryly when he read his fortune and showed it to Tabby: "It is the fate of the Master to care for the Minions."

Tabby gasped when she read her fortune and when she showed it to daddy he laughed hard enough to draw stares. It read, "You will find happiness by serving others."

The final act of the game came after daddy had paid the check and the waiter brought his change. Tabby was very careful as she slid out from behind the table, very conscious of her lack of panties and too-short dress. Then, once they were ready to walk out, daddy made sure Tabby saw that instead of money he left Tabby's damp panties on the little tray, as a tip.

Tabby wanted to run from the room, sure that everyone had seen what daddy had done! But daddy held her hand and forced her to walk slowly across the full length of the restaurant, as several men undressed her with staring eyes and hungry smiles.

It was so thrilling!

After the restaurant, daddy raced home. Tabby couldn't wait to be alone with him! They tumbled into the house and were barely in the door before daddy lifted Tabby's dress over her head and crushed her little body to his chest to smother her with kisses. Daddy lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bed. Tabby was naked but for her knee-high bondage boots. She shivered in daddy's arms when she saw that all of her new Christmas presents were arranged on the end of his bed. Even more frightening, two of her new ropes had already been tied to the corners at the foot of the bed. It only took daddy a few seconds - and Tabby found herself firmly bound and stretched out on the bed. Her legs were forced wide apart by the ropes that were tied to her ankles, her hands were handcuffed up above her head and a rope stretched tightly between the handcuff chain and the head of the bed. Tabby was stretched out like an inverted Y and she could barely move at all.

Tabby was so excited! She was so wet.

Tabby could see the monster peeking out through daddy's eyes and he was SO scary! Tabby was starting to recognize the monster, even when he didn't speak through daddy. But she wanted the monster! Her lithe young body wanted the monster! She would have told daddy that she loved the monster too, but the big ball gag was already pressed deep into her mouth. But she didn't need to tell him. The monster could see the excitement glittering in the little girl's frightened eyes. The monster knew.

Daddy slid a large pillow under Tabby's ass and the small of her back, lifting her up six inches above the mattress. The act tightened her bonds and exposed her sex in a most lascivious fashion. She thought he would get on top of her with his big cock, but she didn't understand how daddy, and his monster, wanted to make her exquisite torment last a long time.

First daddy had to take more pictures of his erotic, beautiful child, from every angle. Tabby understood, now, that taking pictures of her was part of daddy's dominance of her. He could do anything he wanted with the pictures! He could even make a magazine filled with pictures of his little bondage model daughter - and show them to other men! So, she struggled against the ropes and handcuffs, pretending to really fight for her freedom. She could tell how much he liked that by the bulge in the slacks he was still wearing. It was such a fun game!

The game got even better when daddy stripped his clothes off. His cock looked so angry and dangerous! But still daddy didn't get on top of Tabby, still he didn't use his throbbing cock to satisfy the lust burning in the monster's eyes.

Instead, daddy grabbed a length of doubled white rope and carefully pulled it underneath Tabby's back and over her chest. He tied it off, tight around her torso, constricting her rapid breathing. The two strands of rope fell just across her tiny breasts, trapping her nipples. Tabby couldn't understand why? She was already completely helpless - the new rope didn't add to her inability to move. Understanding, and terror, dawned in her preteen mind as daddy slipped one of the little vibrating eggs under the rope! The rope held the little egg in place, just touching her left nipple. A moment later a second egg was trapped hard against her right nipple.

Tabby shook her head back and forth, moaning "mmmmm! mmmmm!" into her gag, but the monster wasn't listening. The monster didn't care. And Tabby knew that she didn't really want the monster to stop; she was just frightened, deliciously frightened.

Daddy turned on the little vibrators and Tabby arched her back. She twisted and turned and screamed into her gag, but no amount of struggle would loosen or displace the torturing little vibrators. When she stopped her screaming and looked up, daddy was taking pictures again and the monster's eyes gleamed bright.

After a few minutes the vibrators turned off and Tabby sagged in relief. But she knew they would come back on, eventually. She knew the anticipation would drive her crazy. But she didn't have time to think about that. The monster couldn't wait anymore.

Daddy's tongue dipped deep into the warm depths of Tabby's tiny cunny. Once again her back arched, pulling her hard against the ropes at her ankles and hands. The shadow of daddy's beard scraped against the incredibly sensitive skin of her thighs. In desperation, Tabby grabbed at the rope tied to her handcuffs to reduce the chaffing around her wrists. She was so glad she still wore her sexy, crazy bondage boots - or her thin ankles would already be raw from the ropes. Daddy's tongue raked across her clit and she screamed into her gag.

Before daddy ever touched her little pussy, Tabby was aroused and desperate. It only took a couple of minutes of his clever, strong tongue to bring her to the edge of climax. He teased her unmercifully, bringing her almost over the top, then backing away. He did it again, and again. And then, just as Tabby was about to lose her young mind, daddy did three things all at once, three things designed to send little Tabby into erotic orbit: the little vibrators came on, together, at high intensity; daddy's tongue plunged to new depths into her cunny as his lip raked at her little clit; and he plunged a finger, unexpectedly, into her tight, miniature rectum.

For the next few moments Tabby really did lose her mind.

Daddy twisted and probed with his finger, sending confusing, frightening sensations to Tabby's brain. He attacked her tiny cunny with ferocious intensity and the little eggs tortured her sensitive young nipples. Orgasm swept over her body, every muscle tightened and spasmed and her whole body shook violently.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm!"

Tabby was beyond rational thought, barely able to track all the erotic, wonderful sensations bombarding her. Her massive orgasm, by itself, was almost more sensation than she could process. She was far too young to sort out all the different ways her body was being attacked and all the ways it couldn't help but respond.

It was all a blur of wild sexual overstimulation that seem to go on and on, forever. At some point Tabby realized there was a great weight pressing her down. She managed to understand that her face was pressed into warm, hairy flesh. And then, finally, her whole being became the pounding, ceaseless, rhythm of daddy's cock pounding up into her insanely tight cunt as he fucked her on and on.

In his own bed, Daddy the monster fucked his bound nine-year-old with a desperate energy that betrayed all of his pent up desire to dominate the little beauty. Every stroke up into her warmth was exquisite as she writhed and grunted and showed him she was completely in his control. Despite the intensity of the moment, despite the sensation of fucking the tightest pussy ever, despite the overwhelming eroticism, daddy held his climax in check for long minutes as he thrust into his shivering, creaming little girl. After a day of cumming in and on his daughter, he had the stamina to fuck her on and on. The small vibrators cycled off, then back on, then off again. Ten minutes, twenty and still Tabby writhed under daddy from her constant orgasm. Thirty minutes came and went. Tabby's moans were getting weak, her eyes rolled back in her head. The eggs started their tortuous thrumming once more and Tabby arched her back, nearly insane, completely defeated.

Daddy came. He filled Tabby's tight cunt with hot seed, pressing as much of his broad, long cock into her small body as she could take. The monster roared his satisfaction and daddy, once again, professed his deep love for his dear daughter.



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