My Notes and Ideas on Creating the Stories

Just some thoughts here about writing, what gave me the idea to write a particular story and how they evolved, along with other random thoughts, ideas and info.

Easy reading is damn hard writing.  ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

2019 Updates

2/20/19 - Damn, I was just going over one of my stories that I'd written several years ago. My 3DX graphics expert friend, Onix, had read it and was thinking about doing some new graphics for it for me. Called 'Nasty Nan' and I got off while reading it. If he does some graphics for it, I might have to do some editing and expanding on it, then post it on our White Productions story site. If is still functional at that time, I'll post it here on my story pages. That is, if anyone gives a damn.

I'm still fighting the writers block/burnout thing, so really haven't been doing much writing. I've been enjoying editing Amy macBitch's monstrous big erotic story of perversion and getting it posted on our White Productions story universe. You can see how big her story is already and it's just getting started. She's a real wordy pervert like me. ROFL Incest? Check! Young? Check! Bestiality? Check! Orgies? Check! Trans? Check! Oral/Anal/A2M/WS/Scat? Check! Damn! And lately her productivity has put mine to shame. It's really been fun reading and editing her stories. I may have to put some excerpts here on my asstr site if she OK's that. Yay!

I really would like to be able to post some more stories here, but is still not fully functional. It would really be great if the site could continue and provide great (and some not so great) free, uncensored erotic stories for everyone. It seems like it's the only free place on the web left that isn't censored as far as themes and content. I don't even know if emails of support to the owners/admins get trhough or are read. I'll try to keep some of my pages updated so those two or three of you who like my stuff can still find some of it. As long as I can.

I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done.
-- Steven Wright

2/3/19 - Just a quick update on some ideas I've had regarding my stories. I decided that the house next door to the Zoo Mom family could be used and overseen by them for the neighbors who were transferred away. And boy, does that house see some action. I won't give away exactly what goes on, but Lynn and the kids all partake of some really excellent and perverted ventures. I've written several chapters of goings on there and my friend, Onix, [see the two illustrations below] has done up some really erotic 3DX graphics for some of it. It should be a real romp.

I still haven't gotten to Kari's 3 year birthday party yet, which is chapter 33. I wrote that quite a long time ago and I will really need to revisit that and bring it up to date. But I've got a few chapters to go before I get to that point.

I think the 3rd episode of my Solitude series is mostly done. It looks like I need just another 1000 words or so to bring it (and the characters) to a rousing climax. At one point, I almost thought that I had enough inspriation for a 4th chapter for it. Don't know now if that will happen. I guess a lot depends on what I do to end chapter 3, Solitude Irretrievably Lost. Once it is finished and has been posted to our White Productions story site for a while, and if is still mostly functional, I'll post it here. That is, if I get any feedback indicating that anybody cares. Sigh

I've been fighting off the writers block/burnout thing and occasionally will have a period of fleeting inspriation for a story. If it's ready to spew out of my cesspool mind, I then frantically bang away on the keyboard, trying to get enough down before it peters out.

I'm really saddened with the problems that has had and really would like to be able to post some stories here. I hope the site continues and faithful readers (all three of you) will continue to check in. Or if you want to read all of my latest, join us on the White Productions story site It's not free, but if you like what I've published here, you'll think it's worth it.

2018 Updates

12/26/18 -- Happy Holidays from my Zoo Mom families to you.

Happy After Christmas

[Zoo Mom graphics courtesy of Onix]

Zoo Mom family celebrating with Santa this year. Gotta keep him happy after his long Christmas eve trip.

12/24/18 -- Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from all of my fantasy families to all of yours. Best Wishes!

[Zoo Mom graphics courtesy of Onix]

"Deck our Mom with needles and things, We'll see what Santa brings".

9/26/18 -- Chapters 25.x of my Zoo Mom series have been finished and posted on our White Productions story site. Chapter 26 will be posted next. I've written a number of new chapters that go past 36 at this point and our great 3DX artist has done a number of illustrations for some of them. They're HOT! I love his work. Lynn and family continue to get more depraved and perverted. What's not to like?

The new series that I hinted at below in May has had three chapters posted on our site. It's called Young Slut in Training. If you like my Zoo Mom character of little Kari, you'll like Dorie's little young slut Katie. It was fun writing and I will be revisiting it to continue with chapter 4 and beyond. I've made up a short sample page if you want a preview.

Recently, I had a new series idea in my head that just wouldn't let me rest until I'd written 3 of the 4 sections of it. The first section, 2 chapters, is about young Chrissie who becomes a besiality porn star. It's been illustrated with many galleries of 3DX art by Onix, our very talented graphics artist. He's working on the second part of the series with me, tentatively titled Lexi, extremely developed teen. She is a young teen who starts developing very early and has a very nice set of D cups that she starts learning to enjoy torturing, similar to my Zoo Mom character, Lynn. Then there's Jenny, whose parents take her to the doctor and find out that she has an extremely large vagina. She becomes a young porn star taking some very large black cocks. Then there's Brie, the young scat queen, who has her mom join her in doing many extremely disgusting scat videos. Probably not everyone will lke that one, but I just write 'em. As I've said before, the characters all live inside my head and all I do is transcribe for you what they say and do. S'not my fault, man.

Another story that I had done for the White Productions story site is an episode of Back Story Edition, a streaming video program that is on the ficititious White Global network. This one is called Family Magic act with 4 yo Kiki. Again, I made a short sample page so you can get an idea of the story.

I'm hoping that ASSTR can get back to full functioning soon. I'd like to post more of CB Ed's and Goldfish's stories for everyone to read and enjoy along with a few more of my own. You can join me on our White Productions story site and read everything that I've posted there, along with several other authors who have joined us to provide fresh, raunchy, erotic fetish material for your reading and stroking pleasure. You can see the size and extent of the story site on this page and all of the stories of mine that I've posted on my Ole Stories page.

2017 Updates

5/15/17 - I may have had a bit of a respite from the burnout/writers block and have started a whole new, very depraved, twisted, bawdy, filthy story that has turned into a huge continuing series. Three or four chapters at least, so far, with no end in sight. It will start to be posted on our Little Model Annie website as soon as I get the first chapters formatted for posting. Can't give the storyline away, but it's sort of a tribute to the style of Phil Phantom's stories, which I love and are archived here on asstr (donation link). Which have very perverted families with young children having the most fun with all kinds of kinky, depraved sex. But then, what other kind do I write about? ROFL

Also have mostly finished (almost) my Zoo Mom chapter 24B, which was the last part of Annie's hot night of defloration and finding out just how wanton and perverse her friend Sissy and family are. I was stalled on that one and it was the hole that I had to fill so I could get to the next chapters that I'd already written. Chapters 25.x and 26 tell how Lynn's parents pay a visit and find out the same things that Annie did the night before. My Zoo Mom series is now up to over 36 chapters.

I posted chapter 8A of my Summertime series and haven't gotten any feedack or comments about it. Seems like no one knows that it's there. If there's no interest, then I'll just leave chapter 8B for my members area page and not bother putting up here. Am I ??

My friend Goldfish's Woodenhorse trilogy has been fun reading. I've been formatting them into html for posting here for him. Chapter 4D completes Woodenhorse 1 and he has sent me Woodenhorse 3 chapters to post. It would really be nice if I could forward him some of your feedack or comments on his series. He has put a lot of time and effort into writing it all and has been gracious enough to let me post them for those few of you who like or read my stories.

Similarly, CB Ed's story, Robin, continues with chapter 5 coming up. He has also written a really interesting short story for me titled "The Whipping Post Restaurant" and if you've read any of his stories, you can probably guess the theme by the title. I'm trying to encourage him to expand and elaborate on the story idea for me so I can post it here for your lascivious reading pleasure. uhhuh

-=- Giving You the ElbowTM -=-

4/24/17 - I've had a major problem with either writers block or writers burnout and really haven't had any luck breaking through it. Don't know what it is. I wrote chapters 8A and B of my Summertime story a while ago and posted it in the members area of our Little Model Annie website.

When I first started writing this series, I really didn't have any idea about whether Karen's mom would be - or should be - included in the sexual antics everyone enjoys. I think I first wrote her character as a somewhat... uh, well, 'un-sexual' type. I really had no plans for her in my mind. After writing seven chapters, I decided I either would have to get rid of mom or have her join in the fun. Decisions, decisions! Since I'm such a loving guy, I finally decided that mom could be "redeemed" and brought into the pervy group. I still really didn't have much of her character developed in my mind, but after a lot of pondering, chapter 8 sorta started rolling out and onto the keyboard.. Thus chapter 8 spewed out.

It's a two parter where our precocious little sex nymph, Karen, works on her mother and tries to seduce her over to the dark side so the family can all have hot sex together. And Karen seems to be quite the little persuader. I let a lady reader have a look at it when I first wrote it and she liked it. Thought it was hot. At least in places. Hope you all do too! uhhuh

The most common complaint I've heard from writers is that they get no feedback from readers. I've seen comments from readers that writers aren't updating their sites with new material... that many sites are even "dead". Could it be that the two might be related? Without feedback from readers here, writers can lose interest from not knowing whether anyone cares about their stories. There are weekly "page hit" statistics, but when thousands of people "hit" the story pages, yet there's no feedback on whether they liked the stories, where's the incentive to write more? Unless of course the author is truly DED, dead. That happens. Guess no amount of feedback can resolve that little problem. Duh!. But c'mon. For those of us who are still alive and posting, take a few seconds and let us know. I immediately answer all feedback emails, as long as a return email is provided. [And no, they're not sold or collected or used for any other reason.]

Zoo Mom Chapter 20C is ready and can be posted if anybody cares. [Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?]

3/15/17 - I've been happy to post stories from two of my friend writers on my site for them, Goldfish's and CB Ed's. I've enjoyed their subject matter and their stories, so I've posted them for those who like my stuff to read. I generally don't edit or do much proofing of their stuff, except what I catch while converting the files to HTML format for posting. So if you pick up on some typos or different uses of words or phrases, just enjoy that someone wanted to provide you with some enjoyable reading material. [Lately, I've been trying to convert their stories to HTML format so they are easily readable here when posted. HTML format seems to get more 'reads' than plain text, for some reason.]

I'm from the old school from 'way back, using just a very simple text editor to write my stories. At least when I get some inspiration, that is, which has been sadly lacking lately. Duh! Fancy "word processors" that let writers use different fancy fonts, bolding, italicizing, colored type, etc., just aren't my thing. I use words to paint and describe my mental images and I figure if I can't do it with plain text, then it wouldn't be any better in colors, fancy fonts or other distracting fluff.

In order to post online, the plain text is converted to HTML [which elaborate "word processors" do a lousy job of] but that's a quick and easy task when starting with plain ascii text files and converting using a 'txt2html' program in Linux. Yeah, I'm one of those Linux renegades.

I recently had an inquiry by another writer about which "program" that is used to create the websites or webpages. Again, old fashioned wins the day as I only use a very basic HTML editor, hand coding most everything myself (including misteaks [grin]). No WYSIWYG KrapTM for me.

I hope you enjoy my friends' stories, which I'll continue to post as long as they provide them. It would be very nice if you would use the feedback form to let me know so I can pass it along to them. uhhuh

My next Zoo Mom chapter will be posted soon. [If anybody cares... ]

2016 Updates

10/16/16 - Chapter 20A of my Zoo Mom series has been posted. I just love the attitudes and antics of my very special, warped family. As I've said before, they live - rent free - in my mind and all I do is transcribe what they say and do. It's so much fun. Almost like having my own little hot sex soap opera flashing before me in my mental movies. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I do. [Hint, hint. The Contact button is above.]

New chapters of my Zoo Mom series are always posted on our members site for a while, and then added here. If you wonder why I don't write more of my Zoo Mom, Summertime, Teen Slut Karen or other series, you have to understand the sheer size of the Little Model Annie story universe that I've been working on for the past years with my co-author, Data001. Once in a while, I get a chance or inspiration to work with Sissy or Lynn or Kari, but the Little Model Annie and White Productions series is where I'm focusing my creative energies. Since there are somewhere around 36 chapters of Zoo Mom either written/completed, partially written, or outlined, I'll be posting more here after they've been posted on the membership site for a while.

I hope everyone (all two? three? seven?) of you have had a nice summer. Have fun raking all the fall leaves and getting winterized. 'Til next time...

8/15/16 - Still having major problems with my writers block. Haven't really been able to get much pounded out on the keyboard. I get a few nasty ideas once in a while and I can't even get them down in notes for later on. Really doesn't make me happy because I like writing stuff for others to read. I'm trying to plug up the hole in the Zoo Mom series so I can get on to quite a bit of material that I had already written. It's been really frustrating. Additionally, when readers don't provide feedback, we don't know if anyone is even reading what's been posted. [Hint, hint. The Contact button is above.]

Along with some new Goldfish's stories that I'm posting, I'll be working on trying to get chapter 20 of Zoo Mom posted in the near future. Once they have been posted on our members site for a while, I'll add them here. If you want to get an idea of the sheer size of the Little Model Annie story universe, take a look at the new story and chapter outline that we have posted there. It's been really fun developing it with my co-author there, Data001. You can enjoy his Head Teacher, Young Sex Slave series.

2015 Updates

11/25/15 -    I've decided to post chapter 19 of my Zoo Mom series. After Sissy's unfortunate run in with the hapless Tejanos, she is taken to the police station to make a written report. Naturally, our perverse and audacious Sissy takes advantage of the situation by entertaining some of the boys in blue - and even one of the girls. It should be a fun read, but I really don't advocate anyone trying any of this stuff at home. Leave it to the professionals! (Arf! Arf!) Or fictional ones, at least.

My Zoo Mom series is up to chapter 23D posted on our members site. That's out of about 36 chapters so far that are either written, outlined or partially worked on. So this series just continues on.

If you enjoy reading any of my stories here or any of the other thousands of other authors' works on, please consider donating to, as they provide this great platform for us authors, giving you free stroke stories without censorship of themes or ideas. We couldn't do it without them. I just got notice that some of my stories were banned and deleted from another story site because they had instituted a "no underage characters" rule. gives us authors free rein to write what you like to read and your right to read it. ASSTR is a project of Internet Free Literature Corporation, a 501(c)(3) United States non-profit organization. As such, all donations to ASSTR are tax deductible to the maximum extent allowed by law.

I've received a lot of nice comments about my Summertime series with most asking when more will be posted. I really haven't done anything with it and, like I said in the last posting, all those requests make me feel guilty for not doing it. Although I had that bit of inspiration for a chapter 9, I got about half way through it before the writers block kicked in and got stalled there. I don't know when or if I'll ever get more done on it. I just wish I had the conscious control over what comes out of the cesspool that some think I do. Most of my writing efforts have been applied to the Little Model Annie story universe on our membership site. Fortunately, we've added a new author and that has helped us add several more chapters to that storyline.

Until the next update, enjoy Zoo Mom chapter 19..

1/22/15 -    Nope, I'm not dead, just busy working on some new updates to my Zoo Mom series, in addition to the Little Model Annie story universe. There have been some very nice comments on the Summertime at Grandpa Dick's story that I've felt very bad for pretty much dropping it. That must have gotten to the cesspool that is my subconscious mind as suddenly I got an inspiration for a new chapter. I started banging on the old keyboard and a nice extreme S&M torture session with Claire started to shape up. Gramps agrees to a no limit, no safeword session with Claire and after 6K words, she's just started really... ummmm, 'enjoying' (!?) the session with lots more to come. Or cum. Gramps sure does know how to give a girl orgasms while she's strung up with hooks through her... well, it's pretty extreme. From the reader input I've gotten on both Zoo Mom and Summertime, there are a lot of readers who will get off on this chapter. Particularly some of the female readers who've let me know they enjoy those scenes.

After writing a multi-part chapter 20, I got a three part ch 21 finished, then the inspiration kept flowing and I got a two part 22 completed, and chapter 23 looks like it's gonna be at least 4 to 5 parts long, with 4 completed so far. None of the parts are shorter than novelette in length. In there, Bobby gets up the nerve to talk to Adrienne, finally. With great results. Chapter 24 had been partially written some time ago but needs to be added to and finished- it needs some twisted sex with piercings added to it, which I'll be working on. So it's been somewhat productive lately.

Previously I had asked for reader input on what could be done with the house next door. A lot of good suggestions were made and my ol' cesspool ended up having Rob get a call from Bill, their old neighbor and owner of the house, with a proposition for it. Won't want to give it all away as I'm still working out the idea and some of the scenes for it, but it's been fun writing the first major story about what goes on there.

While it was all flowing out, a chapter about Teen Slut Karen started spewing out and there's now a chapter of her babysitting for a family with a five year old daughter. Naturally, Karen just loves kids -- and spent the evening corrupting and debauching the willing five year old. It was fun one to write and a little change of pace.

So a lot has been going on with the series. Everything new that I write is or will be posted in the members' area of the White Productions website. I post at least one new chapter of Zoo Mom, or one of the others every month there.

There have been some nice comments on the Ellen's Tech Toy Boy story that I originally wrote for another story site. A second chapter of it was written some time ago, but I just never got around to finishing it and getting it posted. With some encouragement, it might be possible to get that second chapter finished and posted here on asstr. I had actually plotted a third chapter of that story out, but never got to it. If my twisted cesspool starts working overtime and lets me pound that one out, I may get it posted here also. Depends on the responses.

So things have been moving along a little bit. The Little Model Annie story universe is growing and getting more perverted all the time. We're almost finished with Book 1, Annie's early modeling years and how she works into being a young porn star. If you want to see a bit of what the story universe includes, take a look at the story and chapter outline. It keeps growing.

A big thanks to all of my wonderful readers who have enjoyed my stories here and those who have joined us at the Little Model Annie story site. Don't forget to donate to so they can keep the computer servers running and provide all the pervy stories that you all find here.

2014 Updates

11/3/14  -  Have been working hard with Data001 to get more of the Little Model Annie story universe filled out. Plus I've had a little inspiration on my Zoo Mom storyline, writing a long ch 20 that has been broken into thrree parts. All of my new writing is being or will be posted in the member's area of our White Productions website.

I still haven't had any inspiration for Summertime at Grandpa Dicks yet, with ch 8 mostly written but needing an ending. I don't know if I'll be able to add any more to that storyline. It was the first story that I published way back years ago and on another story site, then here on A lot of readers have provided a lot of good feedback and comments on that story, but there just hasn't been the inspiration to continue it. Sorry 'bout that for those who wanted more. Not ruling anything out, but ch 8 might end up being the last of that series. As old Nat said, "Easy reading is damn hard writing." And then rewriting, editing, proofing, re-editing and re-proofing, etc.

As always, I appreciate reader's thoughts and comments on my stories. I respond to anyone who includes an email address to reply to.

9/1/14 - Sorry it's been so long between updates here. Just as I've been having trouble with the writers block, it seems to apply here as well. I've mentioned this before, but I've found that my characters live [rent-free] in my head and go about their perverted lives while I just watch and listen, then transcribe it all down, pounding frantically on the keyboard to try and get it all out before I miss something. I don't know how other writers do it, but that's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

It can be like watching a continuing teeheevee show, soap opera or movie. There are times when nothing is playing. Other times, it's a frantic banging on the keyboard just to keep up with what's going on. My writers block is sorta like the times between watching... nothing is happening, so nothing is coming out. It's frustrating, as I really do enjoy writing... well, watching and transcribing what is going on.

Some may wonder just how it is that I have such a dirty mind with all these twisted, perverted themes and ideas happening in it. I can't answer that. All I can do is describe that it's like watching a movie or show. It doesn't feel like it's my mind, it's just that those things are happening and I'm the guy trying to type it all out. It would be interesting to discuss this with other authors and see how it works for them. If there are any other writers who'd like to give their side of the story, I'll post any responses and comments here. Or more immediate conversations can be made at our public Author's Forum, in the Author's Corner, Sex Talk or Off Topic areas.

2013 Updates

6/16/13 - Yeah, I know, I'm an inconsiderate asshole for not getting more of my filth written and posted online for those two or three of you who stop by here occasionally. Sorry 'bout that.

Lately, with the writers block working against me, I've pondered why I write the extreme themes that I do and not something less vilified and more mainstream, like murder, rape, robbery, terrorism, maiming, brutal beatings and kidnapping. You know, like all the stuff you see on the teeheevee every night. And that's just on the news programs. Then you get to the 'prime time' shows. Oh, my!

It seems like I could actually write about all of those violent themes mentioned above and probably get not only accolades, but maybe even get paid for doing so. Writing on themes of loving incest, loving sexual explorations, loving threesomes, loving groups, loving... well, you get the idea... some people will get upset and try to find a way to stop me from doing so. Then after they are satisfied with what they've done - or tried to do- they'll go back to watching those violent themes and think nothing of the sheer numbers of dead bodies, raped and bleeding women, bruised and battered children that they see portrayed for their nightly enjoyment.

I write about a lot of different things, including some extreme sexual fetishes, but even when a character in my story is tortured with needles in her tits, it's because she wants to be and loves the infliction of the pain. And it's done lovingly by someone who cares about her and wants to help her enjoy the odd way of being treated. Or when a young child is lovingly allowed to watch and join in with sexual experiences and exposed to the different joys and sensations of sex, they're not being damaged or hurt. But the vilification by righteous assholes of my themes while they watch - and enjoy - the most extremes of violence is just short of totaly mind boggling to me.

I think some of my mental writers block has been building upon these bigoted and hypocritical attitudes that are displayed more and more in mainstream media. If it weren't for the encouragement and comments from asstr readers, I might have given up posting any of my stuff at all. Not stopped writing, but stopped publicly sharing it with others.

One of the people who has been instrumental in keeping me going has been a reader and now a fellow author. What has been enjoyable is that Data001 and I have spent the last two years collaborating on a huge story universe based upon the erotic themes that we enjoy reading about, and then writing about. The result is the Little Model Annie Story Universe. As I've described on my What's New page, this joint effort is becoming a huge new group of stories that take place in our heads and that we've pounded out on the keyboard into digital form to share with you. It's been fun describing people sharing sexual fetishes and loving relationships with each other - and not being killed, raped, maimed, beaten and damaged. For those who just can't get away from violence, we have considered writing some scenes where some violent things happen to some people. But while we both can imagine them - thanks to the constant exposure over the years to the mainstream media- and we've discussed some of them, neither of us has actually started doing much writing on them. Maybe we will. Maybe all the years of watching network teeheevee and all the brutality and violence we've seen portrayed will have desensitized us to it. We'll have to see.

But for now, we've created some websites to house our stories that reflect the fictional company in our story universe, White Global Holdings. Its subsidiary, White Productions, produces or controls a majority of the porn that's distributed world wide. Naturally, these companies cater to weird ass, twisted minded people like Data001 and I. (Why shouldn't they, as they originate in the fevered recesses of our respective cesspool minds?) White Productions includes the finest in young - very very young - and extremes of sex along with the kinkiest adults that you'll enjoy reading about.

We'd like to invite any of those people who have enjoyed reading our stories and the themes we have covered to join us at our new sites. In order to make sure that only adults have access and to protect ourselves, we've had to go to requiring membership to access everything. We plan on posting new chapters of Little Model Annie every two weeks and we already have a years worth of content ready to go. And much more planned

2012 Updates

- While posting the latest chapter of Zoo Mom, I added the word count of each story to the story listings page. Adding up the word count of only the chapters posted so far, Zoo Mom alone is four to five times larger than any of JK Rowling's Harry Potter books, with the exception of "Order of the Phoenix". It's only one and a half times larger than that one.  Zoo Mom alone is, so far, close to rivaling Gone With The Wind in size and with the chapters that have been written  or partially written, it will soon surpass War And Peace in sheer word count. Believe me, I do not equate my filth with any of those works, but it was interesting to see how the word count/size compares. But then, I'm really wordy and don't even try to keep stuff tightly edited for commercial publication. Like they say, just Fun with Statistics. [Wondering if the female readers think that size matters? LOL]

Chapter 18 of the Zoo Mom features young Sissy getting into a sticky situation with three guys. Only it's the wrong three guys. Normally, she'd be out looking for three guys to gang bang her and... well, she was, but not these particular ones. But she handles the situation, much to their disppointment. But it gives Sissy a chance to meet a friendly cop and find out more about the mysterious Perverts Club. And lets us see another side of our young sexpot.

My stories are not usually plotted out or really worked out or outlined in advance. When Ye Olde Cesspoole decides to spew out whatever has been swirling around in it, all I can do is just try to type as fast as possible and let it flow. That's what happened here. I don't know if anyone will like it, as it's a bit of character development and not so much stroke material. Well, there's a little of that too, I guess. What would one of my stories be without some really pervy sex of some kind. Plus we find out just how precocious and adorable little Kari is. I love that tyke!

Most of this chapter had already been written, except for the opening. The damnable writers block just didn't let me finish the opening of it until reader requests got me to feeling so bad that I had to finally force myself to get it finished and posted. I'm not really sure that it's been totally proofed,  so if you find some typos or problems, I hope you'll forgive them and just be happy I got it posted. ;^ )

Again, I can't emphasize how much reader input and comments mean to me and motivate me to get more written and posted. Like Ch 18, I do have most of Ch 19 written, so if I can fight the writers block enough, I'll try to finish that one and get it posted (if anyone sends feedback letting me know they want to read it). Sissy has quite a good time in it after her adventure in ch 18 and learns first hand what the guys in ch 18 meant by "airtight".

5/5/12 - The chapters 16 and 17 of Zoo Mom had been written a while ago, and the damnable writers block apparently lifted enough to get them completed and ready to post. I had held them off a while as some readers have expressed a dislike for heavy scat themes, and tried to see how not including them would affect the storyline. But with the encouragement on the blog[no longer active] and feedback, I've decided to go ahead and post them anyway. Ch 17 of Zoo Mom is now online.

These two chapters bring the friendly bar maid, Gillian, more into the story and her fetish and background opens up a whole new opportunity for the storyline for our twisted family. After ch 17, there's also a story about the totally perverted scat movie that the girls made. That one I'm holding off on and may just only link to it at some time later on, if readers indicate they'd like to read it.

Chapters 18 and 19 are also completed and relate Sissy's adventure with the local police dept. after she's accosted by some unsavory characters. I'll try to get those chapters proofed and ready to post also. I'm trying to force myself through the block and to at least do some proofing and editing on some of the stuff that's mostly already been written.  As always, your encouragement is the one thing that gets more stories completed and online.