Little Model Annie Story Universe

Little Model Annie, Book 1

The story is based on a fictional family and a fictional porn production company, White Productions, which is a worldwide producer of the most extreme porn possible. The company recruits from all over the world and specializes in all sorts of porn that is very extreme and out of the ordinary as well as much of the ordinary porn that's available worldwide. The company is also expanding into other markets, such as sexy clothing lines, called 'slut clothes', for young girls, jewelry and other products aimed at the young set.

The story starts out with a fictitious family where the parents have been a bit perverted and exotic in their sexual escapades previously, but settled down when their daughter was born. Annie's story starts when she's nine years old and is spotted by a modeling agent looking for young talent. Over the next three years, which is covered in Book 1, Little Annie becomes a well known child model, in addition to starting a very loving relationship with her father, who acts as her manager. It is during this time that Little Annie's sexual inquisitiveness blossoms, as she develops into a rapidly maturing tween girl.

Little Model Annie Book 2

Book 2 of Little Model Annie starts with her father being contacted by the mysterious White Productions, who want to hire her to be the lead model for their new slut clothing lines. Little Annie jumps at the chance when she finds out that it will include doing the most perverted sexual things she could imagine... and many neither she nor her father could imagine. Little Annie and her family quickly become part of the super XXX rated porn world, doing and being exposed to every twisted sexual perversion possible. This part of the story follows Annie and her family starting when she is twelve and covering the year until her thirteenth birthday.

White Global and White Productions have people and offices around the world. One of the most extreme of their ventures is White's Erotic Paradise Island. This is a small freehold island in the Caribbean where the rich and famous go to get away from the public and partake of any twisted desires they may have. White Global purchased the island from the developer who couldn't financially complete the development of the island. It is a very high end luxury resort which is outside of all laws and has its own casino, resort/spa, marina and beaches, in addition to a computerized nerve center for White's offshore banking and control of its globally connected network. The stories in Book 3 will describe the over-the-top sexual extremes that those super rich can afford to enjoy and partake in. Every possible perversion imaginable can and does take place on White's Erotic Paradise Island. You will never look at a story of a celeb vacationing on a private yacht or island the same way again!

Other Books in the series will follow various characters and families in their path to depravity. Little Annie's mother, Deborah, quickly becomes the office slut after joining with White Productions. Little Annie's family's close friends are also helped down the path of depravity and extreme sexual fetishes.

White Corporate Relations

Of course, an organization of the size of White Global would have to have many support personnel around the world, finding and providing more and more depraved people to take part in the kiddie porn, extreme sexual videos, exhibitions and shows. As luck would have it, a division of the company is White Corporate Relations, which definitely focuses on the 'relations' part of its title- sexual relations of every kind, that is. Some examples are 'talent agent' Geoff Sterling, who recruits talent for White's enterprises such as porn vids, sexual exhibition clubs (strip clubs) and other activities like high end prostitution. Other stories will describe or follow other players in the XXX world of White Global and White Productions.

There will also be a future short series of stories based on Carnival in Brazil. Everyone knows of the sexy carnival celebration, but naturally White Global takes extreme debauchery to even higher levels, culminating in a parade with exhibitions of the most extreme, twisted, depraved sexual acts imaginable.

This story format was patterned on the well known Phil Phantom's See No Evil type of story universe. Each individual segment or story is related to all the others in some way, and they all link together to make a huge story universe [outline of the overall storyline and chapters] of the most extreme characters and settings, doing the most depraved and twisted perversions possible. It is actually easier to list the story codes that *aren't* included in these stories, rather than list the ones that are. The stories include all ages, genders and species possible and all permutations of combinations of those. Among the story codes covered are solo, group, orgy, BD, SM, ds, humil, bi fem, cbt, ped, very extreme ped, beast, nec, incest, Cuckhold, Voy, fist, insertions, size, ws, scat, preg, menst, lac, oral, anal, interr, blackmail, Mg, Mf, M++g, MF, M++F, Fg, Ff, Fb, FF, F++g+f+b+? The themes cover pretty much every normal sexual and extreme fetish activities possible between all types, ages, sexes and species.

If you don't like some of the story themes, you are welcome to skip most anything that you might not like to read. We attempt to put applicable asstr-type story codes at the head of each story so readers will know which major themes are covered in them. If you enjoy the most extreme adult erotic fiction and written porn, then these stories will typically cover most of the perversions you might be looking for. If the existing posted stories don't, probably just wait a while and something will become available that tickles your particular fantasy or fetish.

This story universe has been over seven years in the planning and writing. It is a major literary undertaking and will easily surpass series such as Harry Potter and others in sheer size and word count. And certainly in extremes of themes. We hope you enjoy it.

New stories are posted approximately regularly, including other erotic story series, many exclusive to the site or first published there. If you are interested in joining the Annie Universe, join us there. You can read some story samples of Book 1 here or Book 2 here.

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