Summertime at Grandpa Dick's

Summertime at Grandpa Dicks

This is a story about an old man who sees a young girl in a grocery store and engages her in conversation. One thing leads to another and the young girl visits the old man. He seduces her, or she seduces him. Whatever. But he soon finds out that she wants him to tutor her to be a sex slut, which he does. Then she brings her girlfriend to join them. And others. A lot of very extreme, kinky sex ensues. Very kinky sex.

WARNING:  These stories contain all sorts of sexual perversions, fetishes and extreme sex, such as pedo, ws, scat, best, pain/torture, oral, anal, older/younger, exhib, S/m, BDSM, etc. If any of this bothers you or you do not agree with it, please do not read the stories. No people or animals were harmed in the making of these stories, as they are completely fictional.

[Chapter 8 is in the works. If you would like this series continued, send me feedback.]

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