The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 20A

Rob enjoys a sound and little Kari. Sissy and Lynn go shopping.

by Ole Crannon

Added - 10/16/16

Warning: This story contains or may contain descriptions of scat, incest, underage sex, bestiality, fisting, insertions, oral, anal, very young pedo, bi fem, ws, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.


After the rather exciting day previously and the enjoyable time with the Sergeant, everyone had gone to bed later in the evening after talking about the shopping trip Sissy and Lynn planned on for today. Sissy heard Bobby up and then she heard Kari's unmistakable giggle. She stretched and got up, naked, and went out into the hall where she saw Bobby and Kari going into her parent's bedroom. Kari climbed on the bed and got between Lynn and Rob, reaching under the covers for her father's morning wood.

Sissy and Bobby sat on the bed and they all talked a little bit about what had been done the day before. Finally, Kari was bored and she climbed off the bed, took hold of Rob's hand and pulled, saying, "C'mon. Pray spinker!" She obviously wanted him to go with her. Deciding to humor the little toddler, Rob got out of bed and let his little daughter lead him out of the bedroom and into the main bathroom. Excited, Kari climbed into the bathtub, turned and looked at Rob, motioning for him to get in and join her.

"What do you want to do? Take a bath together, honey?" Rob asked the little one.

"No. Pray spinker," Kari said, grabbing a hold of Rob's semi hard cock. She flopped it around a little, playing with it and then sat down in the tub. "Otay. Do da spinker," the little girl said. Rob still wasn't sure exactly what Kari was asking him to do. Should he turn on the shower? Was that her 'spinker'? Lynn, Sissy and then Bobby came into the bathroom to see what was going on.

"Do pee! Make spinker!" Kari said, frustrated that her father couldn't understand what she clearly wanted him to do. At least clearly in her little mind.

It finally dawned on Rob about the same time that everyone else realized what the little toddler wanted him to do. Lynn laughed and Sissy giggled, then moved over to take her father's cock in her hand.

"Go ahead, Dad," Sissy said, flopping Rob's hardening cock around a little, playfully. Rob had the urge to pee but physiologically it is hard to do with an erection. And Sissy's actions didn't help relax the muscles that were needed to be relaxed in order to get a pee stream going. Kari looked up at him, nodding her head and waiting for him to get his piss stream going.

"OK, OK," Rob said, gently removing Sissy's hand from his cock. "That's not helping, sweetie," Rob said to Sissy. "Too much stimulation." Sissy giggled but stood close by to watch and to help.

Finally Rob got a little dribble going, but very little. It delighted Kari and she moved up between his legs to try to get under the little bit that had come out, giggling. The toddler really seemed to want to be the target of a golden shower.

"Try get inna mouf", Kari directed between bouts of childish giggles. Lynn was still trying to stifle her laughter, but was interested in what her little daughter was trying to do. How, or where, did she get the idea?

Rob started spurting out a little stream of piss that shot way over the head of his toddler daughter sitting between his legs. Kari laughed and quickly moved back away, trying to get far enough that the piss stream would hit her. She tilted her head back and tried to get some in her mouth. As Rob's piss stream got going, he played it over his three year old toddler, wetting her face and chest, then aiming for her mouth, which Kari was holding open for him as his target. Once Kari held still, Rob could get better aim and got a lot of his stream into Kari's open mouth, but a lot went all over her face and hair also. By the time that his stream petered out, Kari's hair and face were pretty much soaked, but she'd swallowed quite a bit of piss. She laughed and giggled joyously at what she'd gotten, smiling up at her dad happily.

"You little piss mop," Rob said, chuckling. Then he knelt down and pulled his pee soaked little daughter to him and gave her a kiss. Kari was immensely enjoying this play.

"Piff mop, piff mop," Kari sang and nodded her head. Then she said, "Now Bobby. Den Mommy, den Sissy. Pray spinker."

Rob grinned and motioned for Bobby to join them in the tub. Bobby climbed over the side and Rob held his son in front of him. Bobby held his cock in his hand and tried to get his piss stream going. It took a minute, but once he had it going, he directed the stream all over his little sister's face with her trying again to catch as much in her mouth as she could. Bobby wasn't as much interested in getting it in her mouth as soaking his sister's face and hair, it seemed. But Kari enjoyed the play, getting as much piss in her mouth as she could catch and swallowing it.

Sissy's mind was taking in the scene and she got a nasty idea. Running out of the bathroom and to the kitchen, she grabbed a small funnel and a plastic cup, then raced back to the bathroom. She got there just as Lynn stepped into the tub after Bobby had gotten out, making wet piss footprints on the bathroom floor.

Lynn spread her legs a little and said, "OK, honey, move up closer. Us girls don't have the control that the guys do." Kari giggled, nodded and moved between her mother's legs to sit, waiting for the warm piss stream. Lynn had a full bladder and it didn't take her long to get a stream going, which she moved her hips to play over her giggling young daughter. Again, Kari tried to catch as much as possible in her mouth, but ended up getting mostly soaked everywhere else. Lynn's stream continued for a good length of time, giving Kari quite a good soaking. Toward the end of it, Lynn moved to squat closer and reached out to hold Kari's head still, getting most of the tail end of her bladder's contents into the toddler's mouth, much to Kari's gurgling delight.

In the end, Kari was thoroughly soaked all over with piss, including all of her hair. Her bright eyes blinked as she laughed, enjoying being the target of the pee streams and being a "piss mop".

"OK, Siffy do it!" Kari announced excitedly. Lynn and Rob stepped out of the tub to join Bobby as Sissy got into it.

"We're gonna do something different, you little piss slut. You're gonna like it," Sissy said, kneeling down to give her little sister a lick on the face and then a wet kiss. Kari giggled in anticipation.

"Turn over, squirt. I'm gonna put this funnel in your ass and then pee in it. I'll fill your ass and then you can squirt it out and drink it. OK?" Sissy said, grinning. Kari clapped her hands in delight and nodded, laughing, then turned around to put her butt in the air. Kari would do anything her big sister wanted her to do. She loved her big sister. Lynn and Rob just watched in amazement.

Sissy had lubed the end of the funnel and positioning the little girl, gently worked the funnel end into the little asshole. Kari continued to giggle and laugh, enjoying the whole thing. "Do it inna butt! Good!" Kari said between giggles.

"Bob, can you hold the funnel so I can piss?" Sissy asked Bobby, who quickly moved over and knelt down beside the tub, grinning widely. He loved watching his sisters do things like this. He held the funnel with two fingers and then rubbed another finger along his little sister's slit. Kari giggled some more and wiggled her hips at that.

With Bobby holding the funnel, Sissy knelt down and positioned herself so she could piss directly into it. Once she got her pee going, the funnel quickly filled up, then drained down into the little girl's rectum. The level would fluctuate up and down as Kari giggled. Finally, Sissy's piss stream dribbled to an end and Bobby wiggled the funnel to let it all drain down into Kari's ass.

"OK, squirt. Stand up and move around a little to get it good and mixed," Sissy told the little toddler. Kari got up and started to dance around in the tub, thoroughly enjoying this whole thing.

"Piff mop, piff mop," Kari sang as she happily danced, wiggling her butt good. Lynn and Rob had to put some effort into not busting out in gales of laughter. They held each other, watching their kids do the pee play.

Grabbing the cup she'd brought, Sissy held it out and had Kari turn around and bend over. Holding the cup behind Kari's little butt, Sissy said, "OK, piss mop. Let it all out. Then you can have it all for a yummy drink."

Kari giggled and pushed a little, trying to let the piss out of her. A stream spurted out and overshot the cup a little but showed Sissy where to hold the cup and she caught the next long squirt of pee that came out with the cup. Not getting any more out after that, Sissy had Kari squat down over the cup and had her bear down. Soon the rest of the piss and a bunch of small brown turds splooshed into the cup, filling it up. Lynn looked at Rob a little apprehensively, fearing what would come next. But after the sessions with Gillian, both parents actually were a little turned on with the two girls' antics.

Holding the cup up in front of her, Sissy looked at it then took a little sip. Leaning toward Kari, Sissy spit the mouthful of pee at her little sister. Kari squealed in delight, then wanted some to do that. Sissy gave her a little mouthful which Kari then spit out at Sissy. The two laughed and played at that for another couple of mouthfuls, then Sissy took a drink and leaned over Kari. With her free hand, Sissy held Kari still, tilting the little one's head up. Kari opened her mouth and Sissy let the pee drain out and down into Kari's mouth. Both then giggled, Kari sputtering a little as she swallowed a little bit the wrong way. But both were having a good time.

Bobby wasn't to be ignored, so he grabbed hold of Sissy's hand that held the cup and took a drink. Then he spit his mouthful out onto Kari's face, which resulted in more peals of delighted laughter from the young toddler. Bobby got another mouthful and spit it out onto Sissy, who then returned the favor, getting most of it on Bobby's face. Sissy had to hold the cup up high to keep it away from Bobby as he tried to grab it to get even. The three were having a grand old time.

Finally, Sissy held Bobby off enough so she could pour a bit of the cup's contents over Kari, who giggled and squealed in delight. Then Sissy handed the cup to her little sister and said, "Go ahead, squirt. Drink up, you little piss mop."

Kari was only too happy to comply, taking the partially emptied cup from her big sis and looking into it. There wasn't much piss left in the cup and what little was there barely covered the brown turds at the bottom. Kari stuck a finger into the cup to play with the scat, pushing it around until she pulled out her brown coated finger and held it up. Then the little girl put her finger in her mouth and giggled. She put her finger into the cup again to get more and laughed as she wiped the brown shit on one of Sissy's little budding cupcake breasts.

That got Sissy going and she grabbed a turd out of the cup and rubbed it all over her other little tit. Sissy leaned in and pulled Kari's head to her to make her little sister lick the scat off her covered little mounds. Kari giggled in delight while licking, then gently biting on her big sis's nipples. Sissy gasped at the first little nip and grabbed one of the turds out of the cup and smeared it all over Kari's face. The little girl thought that was so funny and tried to grab some to do the same to her big sister, but Sissy held the cup away and out of her reach.

Since she couldn't get any ammunition, Kari threw her arms around Sissy and rubbed her shit covered face all over her sister, wherever she could get it. All were laughing and having a great old time with the dirty play. Finally, Sissy told Kari to open her mouth and she poured the remains of the cup into her little sister's mouth. Kari giggled and sputtered, and Sissy leaned in and gave her sister a kiss. They played with the shit, tonguing it back and forth between each other, much to Kari's delight.

Bobby watched them, finally taking the mostly empty cup from Sissy's hand and trying to pee in it. He'd already drained his bladder, so he didn't get any more 'ammunition' in the cup, which he wanted to dump on his older sister's head.

After the two girls had played and swallowed what was left in their mouths after the back and forth play, Bobby told Kari to stand up so she could fill the cup while he held it for her. Kari was happy to do that and giggled the whole time while she peed into the cup that Bobby held between her legs. Once the cup was full, Bobby lifted it up and quickly dumped it on top of Sissy's head, getting quite a reaction from his older sister. Sissy grabbed Bobby and pulled him to her, using her piss wetted hair to rub all over him as much as she could. She especially targeted his face, with Bobby putting up a protesting defense but actually not being very effective. Kari got the idea and started rubbing her piss soaked hair all over her brother too. The three had a good time doing that, but actually ended up kissing each other once they settled down a little bit. Both Rob and Lynn had wanted to jump in but had thought better of it and had stayed back, just watching the interaction of the three youngsters. Sort of like watching them play with the garden hose or sprinkler and try to get each other wet, even though each one was already drenched enough.

At one point, once they had settled down a bit, Kari took a hold of Bobby's hard little cock and said, "Put inna me!"

Bobby grabbed his younger sister's head and pulled it to him, saying, "Suck me first." Kari gladly complied and took his cock into her mouth, moving her head back and forth on it. Bobby sighed with pleasure. He wished he had more pee that he could shoot into the little one's mouth, but he settled for her good mouth job.

While Kari was sucking Bobby, Sissy said, "Can we play with the metal rods again? I wanna feel what it's like and I'd like to see Daddy take one all the way in him. I think it looks kewl!"

Lynn looked at Rob and the two of them smiled. "Sure, we can do a little of that. Why not?" Rob said. "You kids run the shower and get all cleaned up and your mom and I'll get the stuff ready. We'll go get cleaned up in our bathroom, then we can do some playing."

Bobby brightened up and asked, "Can I put my finger in Mom's pee hole again, too?"

Lynn hugged him to her and said, "Certainly, dear. I'll do anything you want me to." She leaned down to whisper in his ear, "And maybe you can put something else in there too." She grinned at her son's delighted look on his face. She whispered, "And drink some water so maybe you'll have a little something to squirt up in me." Bobby's face lit up and he grabbed the cup to go to the sink and fill it with water. He wanted so badly to be able to pee quickly again.

Sissy turned on the water and got the shower going. All the kids got under the hot water and started playing with each other, pretending to be soaping the other up, but mostly were feeling the others up and enjoying the slippery feel of their bodies. Bobby did have Kari kneel down and he put his little cock in her little cunt and fucked her a little bit. Rob and Lynn left, hearing the three kids squeals and laughter as they played in the shower and Kari telling Bobby to push harder.

Entering their bathroom, Lynn said, "I can't believe Kari came up with that idea. I wonder who's been putting those kinds of ideas in her little mind."

As she turned their shower on, Rob laughed and said, "I don't think there's much question really. Her older sister is quite full of very perverted ideas and I think she wants to... uh, share them with her little sister. I'm pretty sure Bobby isn't the instigator, although I have a feeling that he and Kari have been playing with each other a bit more than we thought."

The two stepped into their shower and started to soap each other, enjoying the slippery sensations of each other's soapy skin, just as the kids had. Lynn put her arms around Rob's neck, crushing and rubbing her delightful globes against his chest. She kissed him and then said, "And I wonder where they get all of that from." The two laughed.

Once everyone was cleaned up and dried off, Rob got the sounds, antiseptic, some old towels and other things together and spread them out on their bed. The kids came in and Kari immediately jumped up on the bed to start playing with the stuff. Rob grabbed her and took her in his arms, getting her away from the things.

"If we're gonna play with those things, they have to stay real clean, honey," he said, giving Kari a squeeze and a kiss. The toddler nodded.

"Put inna me?" she asked, pointed to her crotch.

"Sure, honey. We'll put them in you too. Let's see what we can do," Rob said, putting Kari back down to stand on the floor.

"I wanna see you take some, Dad," Sissy said. "What do we gotta do?"

Rob laid down on the bed and slipped on a pair of exam gloves. He took one of the urethral sounds and cleaned it good with the antiseptic. Then he cleaned the head of his penis and said, "OK. Gather round. You can watch what I do." He motioned for Lynn to get on the bed beside him.

"First, you have to remember that anything we put inside us has to be really clean. At least in the urethra. Your pee hole. And we have to be very careful because there are a lot of delicate tissues that can be damaged if we get too... uh, well, enthusiastic," Rob explained, taking some lube and putting it on the end of the sound and some on the tip of his cock.

"Let Mommy put it in ya," Sissy said. "I like watching her do that kinda stuff with ya."

Bobby said, "Yeah!"

Lynn smiled and put on a pair of the gloves, then took the sound from Rob. He laid back, his hard cock already standing up, in anticipation of the feelings that were to come. He enjoyed his wife doing those type of things with him, too. He agreed that it was erotic.

Rubbing the tip of the sound in the lube on his cock, Lynn held the tip right at the opening of the urethra. Then she let the sound slide in of its own weight. It slowly dropped in several inches. Sissy squealed a little with delight and Bobby said, "Kewl!"

Smiling at the kids, Lynn took hold of the end of the sound and started working it in and out of Rob's cock, pulling it back an inch or so, then pushing it down in, further and further. When about six inches was inside Rob's urethra, he reached down and pushed his hard cock down toward his feet a little, straightening out the bend in the urethra which let the sound slide down another inch or two. All that was sticking out of his cock was about a quarter inch of shiny, silver steel.

Sissy climbed on the bed to get closer and get a better look. She couldn't resist and reached out to wrap her fingers around the base of her father's cock, below his hand. When she squeezed gently, she could feel the hard rod inside it. "Ewwww, that feels neat!" Sissy exclaimed. Rob couldn't agree more and was really aroused by the feel of the sound inside him, plus his wife and daughter's hands touching his cock. He laid back and just let them play. It felt so good.

Lynn put the tip of her finger on the end of the sound and gently pushed, until the whole thing was all the way inside Rob's cock. Sissy squealed again in delight. "Does it feel good, Dad? It's all the way inside ya!"

"Oh yeah," Rob moaned lowly. It felt wonderful and Sissy's hand on his cock, lightly squeezing it, felt wonderful too. He closed his eyes and relaxed to enjoy the sensations. Suddenly he felt a warm mouth engulf the head of his cock. Opening his eyes, he saw Sissy looking up at him, his cock head in her mouth. She was tonguing the pee hole lightly with her tongue.

"Oh, Jeezus, honey, that feels good," Rob moaned. Sissy took that for permission and started doing a bit more enthusiastic knob job. Rob could only groan from the sensory overload. The feeling was amazing.

Sissy pulled off of his cock head and said, "The lube doesn't taste that great, but I just love the idea of sucking on your cock with the rod all the way inside it. Does it feel good to you, Dad?"

"Honey, you just don't know. God, yes, it feels good!" Rob told her. Sissy took his cock back into her mouth and tried to get as much as she could into her. She'd tried deep throating him before and she wasn't that bad at it. And the sensations of her mouth moving on his cock coupled with the unbelievable urethral stimulation was fucking amazing.

"Oh, God, sweetie, be careful. That's so good. Ahhhhhhhh," Rob moaned, mentally enjoying the idea of his own daughter sucking his cock with the hard rod inside it. It was so perverted.

"Could I, ummm, ya know, uh, put it inside me with the rod in you?" Sissy asked. "I mean, could we do it and it wouldn't hurt you? I'd love to try it. It's so wicked!"

Rob looked at his daughter and said, "Uh, it's possible. You've gotta be really careful though, and I'm not sure I could take the sensory overload, being in your sweet pussy with the sound in me at the same time."

"How would we do it?" Sissy asked, getting really turned on by the idea. She really wanted her dad's sound filled cock inside her cunt. The idea was just so extreme.

"Well, because of the way my urethra bends, I've gotta have my cock bent at this angle... or really, straightened out like this, so it can be all the way in. So it's not a good position. Maybe if your mother can hold it, you can squat and guide it into you. Just be gentle and be careful," Rob told her.

Kari was standing next to the bed with Bobby, her hand holding onto his cock. Both were watching in rapt attention what was going on on the bed.

Sissy got up and straddled her father's legs, trying to get the opening of her cunt aimed right so she could slip Rob's cock into her. Rob told Lynn to apply a copious amount of the lube to both his cock and Sissy's cunt, so everything would be very slippery. Lynn nodded and did so, then helped guide Sissy onto her father's cock.

It took a little bit of work, but Sissy finally got Rob's whole cock head inside her slippery slit. She gasped as it went in, and Rob let out a low groan of pleasure. "God, baby, that feels soooooooo good!" Rob said. Sissy nodded in agreement, trying to slip a little more of his cock into her. The angle was frustrating.

"Dad, if I laid on the bed with my legs up, could you guide it into me and get more in. God, I wanna feel it all in me!" Sissy exclaimed, pulling off slowly.

"Let's try that," Rob said. Sissy got off and Rob got up, holding his cock to keep the sound inside. Sissy laid down on the bed, spread her legs and pulled them as far up as she could, giving Rob a clear opening to her bare cunt.

Adding a little more lube to his daughter's cunt with one hand, Rob rubbed the head of his cock along her super slippery slit, then pushed forward a little, getting his cock head back into his daughter.

"Oh, yeah! That's it. More!" Sissy cried, watching her father's cock slip inside her cunt.

Rob looked at Lynn and said, "Fuck, this is amazing. The feeling is just so..." He couldn't even finish as his cock slipped down inside his daughter's cunt. He got it as far as he could, the sound pressing hard inside his urethral tract and his daughter's warm, tight cunt membranes around the outside. It was quite exquisite. Slowly drawing out and then slipping back in, Rob enjoyed the maxed out sensations. Sissy was excited too from the exotic thing that they were doing.

Once he had worked his cock as far in as he could, touching the back of Sissy's cunt and her cervix, Rob got an idea. He grasped the base of his cock and started working it a little bit. Slowly, he worked the sound up and out of his cock as he slowly pulled out from Sissy's cunt. The lube made it pretty easy and enjoyable and once his cock was out of her cunt, Rob let the sound slip out of him from its own weight. He grinned as he and Lynn looked and saw the gleaming silver rod sticking part way out of his daughter's slit. Sissy squealed in delight, grasping the sound and working it in and around her cunt. She'd put all kinds of things into her cunt before, but this was so unusual and erotic for her. Holding the sound with one hand and frigging her clit with the other, it didn't take her long to start shaking with an orgasm. As she climaxed, she pushed the sound as far in as she could, which pushed against the very back wall of her vagina. The feeling and the idea of it brought her over the edge.

Rob and Lynn watched as their daughter shook with orgasm. Bobby grinned and said, "Neat!"

Kari climbed on the bed and tapped Lynn on the shoulder, saying, "Put inna me nex? Put Daddy ting inna me?" Lynn hugged the little toddler to her.

Not knowing if he could do it with the little girl, Rob picked up the next larger size sound and lubed it up. He got on the bed and laid back, holding his cock and the sound. Then he slipped the rod into his urethra and let it drop down. Looking at Lynn and Kari, Rob motioned for Kari to move over to him.

Kari was fascinated by what she'd watched and wanted to feel the 'tingows' in her too, like Sissy had. She tentatively reached out and fingered the end of the sound that was sticking out of Rob's cock. Again, since he hadn't straightened it out, there were a couple of inches of the silver rod outside his cock. Carefully pushing his cock down to straighten the urethra out, Rob let gravity and Kari get the rod in again all the way in his cock. Kari gave out a squeal of delight and clapped her hands. Then she tried to do what her big sister had and straddled Rob to try to aim her little opening to the head of his cock. Rob had Lynn hold and steady the little one and lube her little slit with the gel. Kari giggled at the sensations of the slippery stuff being rubbed on her, then she got serious about trying to get on her dad's cock. Lynn carefully guided their little girl down until Rob's cock head was sliding on her slit.

Kari doubled her efforts, wanting very much to feel her father's cock in her little cunt. With Lynn's help, she did get the cock head all the way inside her cunt, and started giggling with delight after being so serious about the effort of getting it in her. Rob groaned again at the tight sheath of his little three year old daughter's cunt enveloping his cock, along with the urethral stimulation inside.

Wanting to bounce up and down and feel as much of her dad's cock in her, Kari tried but Lynn held her carefully. She did get more and more into her until Rob's cock head bumped against her tiny cervix. She let out a little grunt.

"Oh my God, that's fucking amazing," Rob exclaimed, unable to find the words to describe his feelings. Lynn tried to help Kari to work his cock in and out of her little bit, but the motion had to be limited due to the sound in him. Kari was moaning with pleasure though.

"That is just so totally rad!" Sissy exclaimed, getting on the other side of Kari and helping move her on Rob's cock. Kari grunted each time Rob's cock head pushed against her cervix and she wanted more.

"Mo' Mommy. Push mo'," Kari grunted out. Lynn and Sissy knew what the little one wanted and liked, so they eased her down on Rob's cock until he was bottomed out in her.

"Let me know if it hurts, hon," Lynn told Rob, who nodded. The pressure on his cock was tolerable, but he didn't know how much he could take or how much could cause something to give way with the metal sound in him. But watching his tiny toddler's flushed face made him want to give her a good orgasm. He just loved watching her get off, especially when it was his own cock that she was getting off from.

Holding Kari still, Sissy moved one hand up to rub her finger over Kari's little clit. Sissy knew just how good it felt when her dad's cock was pushing against her cervix and she rubbed her own clit at the same time. Sissy also just loved watching her little sister get off too.

Bobby was kneeling beside the bed, grinning and stroking his cock. He was enjoying the whole thing too. He hadn't put things in his younger sister's holes, but they had both enjoyed him fucking her in every one and putting his fingers in them. He just wished he was bigger so he could push into her like his dad did and get her off.

Kari had started to shake a little bit, but Rob couldn't stand the pressure anymore. "I can't take any more, hon," he told Lynn. As Kari shook, Sissy and Lynn gently lifted the toddler off of her father's cock. She started to protest, but Rob pulled the sound out of his cock and motioned for them to put the toddler back on him. Lynn and Sissy did it and Rob reached out to hold his little daughter's hips, holding her down onto his hard rod. Kari soon started shaking again, and Rob continued to press his cock head against her little cervix. Just like his wife and other daughter, he knew Kari got off from the pressure.

Now that the stimulation of the sound was gone, Rob didn't know how close he'd be to cumming. A lot of the sensation was gone, but the pressure of Kari's little cunt was feeling good. Rob held her on him until her face flushed and she started crying softly, her little legs stiffening as she orgasmed. Sissy and Lynn both got the same idea at the same time and started kissing Kari on her face and then her nipples. Kari trembled with her orgasm, Rob not releasing the pressure. He wanted to see how long the little one could actually orgasm before the pressure turned to pain and got too much.

As for Kari, when she started getting the 'tingows', she didn't want it to ever stop. The pressure on her cervix wasn't pain, but seemed to be interpreted by her brain as sexual tension, which she called the 'tingows'- or 'tingles' - in her tummy. While Sissy had stopped fingering Kari's clit, the continuing pressure just kept the tingles coming and Kari just loved it. She shook and cried, trembled, flushed and panted. And the tingles just continued.

Finally, it started to get to feel uncomfortable, so Kari opened her eyes and tried to push up a little to get the uncomfortable feeling to go away. But she loved how the whole thing made her feel. Once the pressure was off a little bit, Kari started to relax and her breathing started to slow and even out.

"Daddy! Dat fee' so good!" she sighed, looking at Rob. Without pushing against Kari's cervix, Rob slowly moved his cock a little bit in and out and soon he felt he was about to explode. He couldn't help it and as the cum spurted out of him into his little daughter's body, he pushed up into her again, getting a grunt and then a long groan as it set off the tingles again in her. Rob spurted five or six good, strong shots of cum up against his little daughter's cervix, pushing into it with every thrust. The orgasm was really strong and he realized that Kari had cum again from his thrusting and cumming into her.

"That's SO kewl, Dad!" Sissy exclaimed. She leaned in to give Kari a kiss on her cheek. Lynn grinned and gave the little one a kiss on the other cheek. After a little bit, they gently pulled Kari off of Rob's cock and for the first time since she'd had her first orgasm, she didn't object and want "mo'". Sissy and Lynn grinned at each other.

After laying Kari down on the bed so she could relax, Sissy kissed Rob and said, "Daddy! That's just the raddest thing! You made squirt really cum. I think it's so great!" Then she leaned down and grasped Rob's softening cock and engulfed it with her mouth. Bobbing up and down, sucking like a Hoover, Sissy cleaned Rob's cock of any traces of his cum and Kari's cunt juices. When she was finished, Rob was hard again. Sissy said, "Mmmmm. Squirt tastes good mixed with your cum. Must be the young cunt taste." She grinned at her dad.

Bobby was watching and grinning. "Yeah, I like Mom's best, but Kari's does taste really different. I like it too." Then he looked mischievously at Sissy and said, "Sometimes yours tastes like rotten fish."

"Yeah, I've never seen you turn it down, though, cunt breath. You'll lick or fuck any of us, any time," Sissy responded back.

"Yup." Bobby stood up, showing his hard on. "I'll stick it in any of your holes. But I still like Mom's the best."

Lynn reached her arm out and pulled Bobby onto the bed next to her. She kissed him and said, "And I really like you in me, too." Bobby beamed. Lynn leaned to him and whispered in his ear. He got an even bigger grin on his face and nodded.

"Where's the one that's as big as Mom's pee hole?" he asked Rob, pointing to the sounds. Rob laughed and pointed to the one that was the biggest that he'd gotten into Lynn last time. "What's the next biggest one?" Bobby asked with a grin. Rob pointed to the next larger size and Bobby picked it up.

"Uh-uh-uh," Rob said. "Either gloves or wash your hands with the antiseptic first. Don't wanta give anyone an infection. Remember?"

Bobby nodded and doused his hands with the antiseptic, then cleaned the sound with it also. Holding it up, he asked, "That OK?" Rob nodded and handed him the lube. Bobby put some on the sound. Lynn had already spread her legs in anticipation and Bobby got down between them and looked for the little hole he had used before, so he could put the lube on it. It was hard to find, but Lynn held her cunt lips open and pointed toward it for him. Once he found it, Bobby put a dollop of the lube there and started to gently work the tip of the sound into Lynn's pee hole, getting a moan of pleasure from his mother.

"Is that too big, Mom?" Bobby asked as he slipped about an inch of the sound into her.

"No. Feels good. If that end fits OK, then turn it around and put the bigger end in. That'll help stretch it a little. And get it ready for you," Lynn told him. Bobby nodded and pulled the sound out, then inserted the other, bigger end into her, again getting a moan of pleasure out of her.

Working the metal sound in and out of Lynn's pee hole, Bobby got about four inches into his mother when she gasped. "Wow. I think you just hit my sphincter."

"Does it hurt?" Bobby asked, concerned.

"No, but it really feels... uh, different. But if you push it any further, we're going to have a lot of wet to clean up. Better get a bunch of those towels under me if you're going to go any further," Lynn told him.

Pulling the sound out of her urethra, Bobby and Sissy got several towels and a blue plastic backed pad under Lynn, who had slid back up a bit and propped herself up with some pillows. "OK, try it again. And don't mind me if I scream a bit. It's really quite the sensation when it pushes past the sphincter. But I like it," Lynn told Bobby.

Grinning, Bobby worked the larger end of the sound back into his mother's urethra. When he got to about the four inch mark, he stopped, then slid it very slightly forward more. Lynn gasped and then let out a little scream as the sound penetrated and stretched her sphincter. Lynn grabbed Bobby's wrist and held it tight, shaking a little bit. Once she'd settled down, she let go. Bobby pushed a little more and Lynn's urine started to leak out around the sound.

"Ooooo, stings!" Lynn said. "But feels good. Don't stop."

Bobby continued to push the sound in bit by bit until he had over half of its length in Lynn's pee hole. Then he moved it around a little, getting more moans and gasps from Lynn as she stiffened and enjoyed the sensations.

"Put the next size in!" Lynn exclaimed. "I want to be stretched open."

Rob handed Bobby the next larger sound, indicating which was the narrower end. Bobby slipped the other sound out and inserted the new one, again getting a reaction when it went through his mother's sphincter. He slowly pulled the sound out and flipped it end for end, then slowly inserted it. Lynn gasped.

"Oh, God, that's starting to stretch me. It burns but it feels good. Don't stop," Lynn told her son. Bobby worked the silver rod in and out some more, getting moans of pleasure from his mother. Grinning, Rob handed Bobby the next larger sound, indicating the larger end of it. Bobby pulled the one that was in her out and started to insert the larger one in. He got it about a half inch into Lynn's pee hole before she groaned.

"Oh, God, that one hurts. Burns. But it feels good too. Keep going," Lynn told her son. Bobby continued to slide the larger probe into the pee hole with Lynn holding her breath as it slid in and stretched her membranes.

"That's so kewl, Mom," Sissy said, watching. She turned to Rob and asked, "Can I try one? Will you put one in me?"

Rob nodded and motioned for Sissy to come over by him. He got one of the sounds slightly smaller in diameter than a pencil and cleaned it, then lubed it.

Bobby had gotten the larger sound into Lynn and she let out a scream as that one penetrated her sphincter. "Oh, fuck, that one hurts," she said. "But don't stop."

Sissy was really anticipating the feel of the sound in her based on how much pleasure it seemed to be giving her mother. She spread her legs wide to give Rob access to her cunt and pee hole, even while watching Bobby work the large one in and out of her mother's urethra.

Rob carefully found Sissy's urethral opening and started to slide the tip of the sound into it. Sissy gasped. Rob slipped about an inch into her, then worked it in and out a little bit, stimulating his daughter's most tender membranes in her piss tube. Slowly, Rob slipped the rod down until he felt a very slight resistance. Sissy squealed when the tip of the sound hit her sphincter. Rob let her relax a little and get used to the feeling.

Working the larger sound in his mother's piss tube, Bobby watched as Lynn groaned and squealed from the stimulation. Her whole body would shake as the metal rod stretched and penetrated the sphincter.

"Oh, God, Bobby, pull that thing out and get in me. I want you, baby!" Lynn cried out. Bobby gladly dropped the sound and moved to get up between his mother's legs. His cock was hard and he could tell that the largest sound he'd put into her was bigger than his cock, so it shouldn't be any problem. Bobby had fucked his mother's urethra before, but he still had a bit of trouble finding the hole with the tip of his cock. Lynn tried to help him, and finally he got the head into her urethra. Both gasped with pleasure as his cock slid into his mother's slick piss tube.

Rob and Sissy were watching the other two. Kari was post orgasmic, lying on the bed, oblivious to all the others. Lynn pulled Bobby's hips to her, wanting to get his cock as far into her as she could. Then Bobby started thrusting in and out while Lynn squealed and moaned with his thrusts.

"God, Dad. I wanna be able to do that. It's gotta feel so good. Stick that thing into me and get me off! Please?" Sissy begged.

Rob grinned and put a blue pad under Sissy's hips. Then he re-inserted the sound, slowly slipping it in until Sissy let out a squeal as it passed through and stretched her sphincter.

"Oh, oh, oh. Burns! Oh, hurts. Ohhhhh, starting to really feel good. Ohhhh!" Sissy exclaimed as Rob gently worked the sound slightly in and out of her, past the sphincter and stimulating it. Rob had Sissy take a hold of the sound and work it herself. She spasmed as she worked it in and out, crying "OhGodohGodohGod!!" while doing so.

Picking up the next larger size, Rob cleaned it and lubed it. Taking the sound from Sissy and pulling it out, Rob gently inserted the larger size. Sissy moaned and said it hurt and stretched her out, but Rob didn't pull it out. Instead he slowly guided it in and out until Sissy was again moaning with pleasure. Then he slipped it through her sphincter, stretching it.

"OhshitfuckGoddamnpissshitfuckdamn," Sissy moaned grabbing Rob's wrist to hold it still. Her young body was shaking, just as her mother had. "Oh God, that hurts!" Sissy exclaimed.

"Are you sure you want to stretch it any further?" Rob asked Sissy gently.

"Gimme a minute. Oh shit, that burns!" Sissy said. Then she let go of Rob's wrist and said, "Go ahead. It hurts but it's sorta a good hurt. Know what I mean? Sorta sexy."

Rob slipped the sound out of his daughter's pee hole and picked up the next sized one. He cleaned it, lubed it and then started to slip it into her. He got more of the moaning, but she didn't tell him to stop or take it out. Rob worked it in and out a bit, then pulled it out and flipped it end for end, slipping the larger end into her.

"Holee Fuck!" Sissy exclaimed loudly as her pee hole was stretched a little further. Then she started frigging her clit and soon was bringing herself to orgasm. Well, along with Rob's actions of sliding the sound in and out of her.

Bobby was intently humping his mother's pee hole, slipping out once in a while, but putting it back in and going again. Lynn was totally enjoying the sensations, her eyes rolled back into her head and her mouth open, grunting with Bobby's major thrusts. Her whole body was shaking almost uncontrollably. Bobby continued until he started to get his nut and he jerked hard into her as his butt cheeks spasmed with his orgasm. Both he and his mother could feel his spasms. Bobby wanted so badly to be able to shoot cum directly into his mom's bladder. Even so, it felt wonderfully marvelous to both of them. Lynn moaned with her strong orgasm, pulling Bobby tightly to her.

"Mom, I'm gonna pee," Bobby whispered to his mother. Lynn squealed and nodded, then pulled Bobby tight against her to gt his little cock as far into her piss hole as possible. When Bobby started to piss into her, Lynn screamed in orgasm as she felt his piss pushing into her urethra and bladder. It was such an erotic feeling, especially knowing that it was her own eleven year old son's piss that was spraying into her.

Rob was working the sound slowly in and out of Sissy as she trembled also. Once she got used to the size, he'd pull it out and insert the next larger size, again getting the exclamations of it burning and hurting, but never once did she tell him to stop or say no. He didn't want to stretch her too much, as her young body was still developing. So he just brought her to several urethral orgasms, grinning as she trembled and shook with her eyes closed, panting.


After everyone had rested from their great orgasms, even Kari seemed satiated, at least a little bit. For once she didn't insist on them to "do mo'".

Lying together on the bed, Lynn said to Sissy, "After we get something to eat, we need to go to the mall like we planned and do some serious shopping." She put her hands under her lovely globes and jiggled them while tweaking the nipples between her fingers and looked at Rob. "I want to get some nice jewelry for these things."

"Yeah, Mom! Me too. And we need to get ya some nice sexy clothes that show off your smokin' bod'," Sissy exclaimed. She turned to her father and asked, "It's OK if I get my nips pierced too, isn't it? Like Gillian's? You'll do it if we get the jewelry, woncha?"

Rob grinned and reached out to pinch on of her little nipples lightly and said, "Well, if you're sure you can take it. You're not the total pain slut like your mother."

"I know, but I wanna have 'em in me. Maybe I won't like the piercing part as much, but I really wanna have some barbells, like Gillian does. Or maybe a couple of rings. Whadda ya think?" Sissy asked.

"I'll be glad to do it for you, dear. Just get some smaller ones to start with. Remember, you're still growing," Rob said.

"Yeah, I know. I hope I get big, gorgeous tits like Mom has," Sissy said, stroking her little cupcake breasts. "Do you like 'em so far, Daddy?" she asked in her coy, little girl voice.

"You know how much I love every part of your little bod, honey. If I wasn't cummed out, I'd fuck you right now," Rob told her, grinning.

Grinning, Sissy moved to straddle her dad and get his cock in her cunt. Rob started to protest but Sissy got his cock at the entrance of her cunt and dropped down onto it. She groaned with pleasure right along with her father. With a huge smile on her face, she started to grind her hips on Rob's cock, eliciting moans of pleasure from him.

"Jesus, honey, you know I can't cum right now. At least I don't think so," Rob said.

"I know. I just like your cock in me," Sissy said. "And my uretha is burning and that's turning me on."

"That's 'urethra', dear," Lynn said to her daughter.

With a lewd smile on her face, Sissy said, "Whatever!" and continued to grind on her dad's hard rod. Lynn took some pity on her poor worn out husband and leaned across Kari to rub Sissy's clit as she worked her hips on her dad's cock. Sissy gasped and didn't take long before she stiffened with another orgasm.

As she slumped down on the bed, Sissy said, "That stretching really turned me on, Mom. It burns and feels like I continually gotta pee. Badly!"

"I know," Lynn said. "Think you can recover so we can go shopping?"

Bobby piped up, saying, "Ya gonna get some really hot, sexy clothes, Mom? That'll be kewl! All the guys will like lookin' atcha. I like seeing ya naked best of all, though. But ya do look really sexy in some of those clothes you and Sissy got before."

Lynn hugged her young son to her, cradling his head on her large breasts. "Why thank you, dear. I'm glad you like it. I like you seeing me naked too. And you can do anything you want with me, naked or not."

Bobby grinned and said, "Kewl!"

"OK, kids. We'd better get the day started. Let's get cleaned up and get some breakfast," Rob said. He looked at Lynn and asked, "Are you going to take you know who..." and pointed to Kari, "or do you want Bob and I to take care of her while you two melt down the credit cards?"

Lynn grinned and said, "I have the feeling that it would be good if just Sissy and I went. Trying to keep you know who from stripping naked or sucking off a stranger while we're shopping could be a problem. You don't mind do you? The two of you could just spend the day fucking her. I'm sure she'd like that."

"No doubt," Rob said, grinning. "But I think we can keep her occupied with other things. Bob can help me with some of the stuff in the basement, maybe. And I've got something I want to order online."

"Do we have to watch how much we spend," Lynn asked? "I don't want to wipe out ALL of your VP bonus at one shot."

"Um, kids, why don't you two go get cleaned up and we can get some breakfast," Rob asked Sissy and Bobby. The two grinned at him and nodded, then kissed both of their parents and left the room.

Rob smiled at Lynn and said, "Honey, we've discussed this a little before. I don't think you need to worry about how much to spend. Like we've talked about, we don't waste our money on boats, golfing, expensive trips and stuff like that. Or shove it up our nose, like so many do. We're sitting pretty decent and anything you want to spend on hot clothes or piercing jewelry is fine with me. More than fine. My new VP salary plus the bonus, and the overrides that I'll be getting should cover most any of your wild desires. It's all fine with me."

"Thanks, dear," Lynn said, putting her hand on little Kari's tummy and caressing the little one. "I really want a bunch of piercing stuff and Sissy really wants to find some very revealing clothes for me. 'Slut clothes', she calls them. And I'm a little excited about it too. But I don't want to go overboard."

"It's OK. Just don't let Sissy go overboard and buy the ginormous stuff that you're going to be getting. She's not developed enough yet to have more than small rings or barbells. She's still growing. I don't mind if she gets something for her nipples. I know she wants that. And it really turns me on to visualize things like that on her. As 'mature' as she is, she can still go overboard if it has to do with sex," Rob said. He reached out and pinched one of Lynn's nipples and said, "Sorta like her mother, ya know?"

Lynn yipped a little with the pinch and laughed. "Yeah. Can't wait until this one..." and she pointed to the sleeping or lethargic young daughter between them, "wants all the same things. Can you imagine two big rings through these little nipples?" Lynn said, running a finger over one of Kari's nips.

Rob grinned and said, "Yeah. I can. And have. I don't know if I'll be able to resist if she wants."

"Rob!" Lynn exclaimed, then grinned. "I know." Then she shook the little one and said, "Kari. Wake up, honey. We've gotta get cleaned up and get breakfast."

The little girl opened her eyes and looked up at her mother. She reached out a hand and caressed one of Lynn's breasts and said, "Wuv you, Mommy." Then she sat up and rolled onto Rob, laying her body on his. She kissed him and said, "Wuv you too, Daddy." And she laid her head on his chest. Lynn and Rob looked at each other and both sighed.

After a few minutes like that, Rob lifted Kari up and said, "OK, sweetie. Let's get you cleaned up. Did you like that this morning?"

Kari nodded and said, "Wike Daddy inna me. Lossa tingows. Fee' good." She pointed at the metal sounds and said, "Put inna me?"

"Maybe next time, sweetie. OK?" Rob said.

Kari nodded and said, "Put bzzzz inna me here?" and pointed to her butt. Both Rob and Lynn broke out laughing.

"Sure. We can do that too," Rob said, grinning.

"No. Put inna me now?" Kari asked.

Lynn said, "Honey, let's get cleaned up and get some breakfast and then we can see what we can do later on? OK?"

Kari nodded her head, climbed off the bed and took a hold of Rob's hand. She tugged on him, wanting him to go with her into the bathroom. Rob and Lynn got up and took their toddler daughter in to take a shower together. While standing in the shower, Kari was right at the height of Rob's cock and she'd grab it and put it in her mouth most any chance she got. Rob had to persuade her to finish getting cleaned up by lifting her up and soaping her little body, running his finger through her little slit. She enjoyed that and hugged Rob tightly. They finally did get finished, stepped out, then dried off. Lynn got a small towel and wrapped it around Kari's damp hair. Kari thought that was neat to have a towel wrapped around her head like her mother had.

"Let me dry my hair, honey and then we can dry yours. OK?" Lynn told the little girl. Kari nodded, then ran out of the bathroom when Lynn started the hair dryer so she could go show Sissy her head dressing.

Rob put his arms around Lynn while she was drying her hair. She grinned at him in the mirror and then turned around in his arms.

Rob said, "I don't know how we're gonna survive that little one. I hope Ben and Sarah have some suggestions."

Lynn gave her husband a kiss and said, "Yes. She's gonna be a handful. Even moreso than Sissy. Although, we do have Sissy to help. I can't believe how much those two have taught her already."

"And Sissy is really serious about homeschooling her. But we've got a couple of years to make that decision," Rob said.

"But if she keeps going as she has, she'd be light years ahead of any school we could put her in, anyway. I think you're right. We need to have her tested and see, but she's gonna be a handful, no matter what we do," Lynn said.

Rob nodded. "And don't worry about the cost of the shopping trip. Get whatever you guys want. It's no problem. I know from experience that you'll be the frugal one. You'll have to hold Sissy back, I have a feeling."

"Tell me about it," Lynn said grinning. She turned back to drying her hair and Rob ran a brush through his, then went out to check on the kids.


Later on when Lynn and Sissy were driving to one of the local malls, Sissy was excited. Not only about buying the clothes and piercing jewelry, but just to go out and be seen in public. Especially with her sexy mother. Against Lynn's suggestions, Sissy went commando under a very short microskirt, with a spandex tube top and open sandals. The top showed her pointy little nipples quite well; her crotch and ass cheeks were open for view if she even turned or bent over the wrong way. And Lynn knew that her daughter planned on doing anything she could the wrong way.

Sissy chattered most of the way to the mall, regaling Lynn with the searches she'd done on the club wear clothing lines they might find at one of the shops there. A Victoria's Secret store was also there. Lynn wondered if they'd have to try to find a piercing shop, or whether they might find some jewelry at one of the mall stores. Sissy said that she'd seen some at one of the places she'd been in before, so they might be able to get everything they wanted at that mall. If not, then they could hit a few other places.

The mall parking lot was moderately crowded for a Sunday. Lynn knew that there would be quite a few people at the buffets there, as they were popular with church goers after Sunday services. Lynn hoped that Sissy could contain her sexuality a little bit and not flaunt it to those church goers.

After they parked the car and walked into the mall, they looked at the directory to see where the shops were that they wanted to go to. Sissy already knew where the jewelry store was located and she knew one of the stores that had the clubwear they wanted to find. So they set off through the crowds of shoppers and lookers.

Lynn noticed a number of males who followed Sissy with their eyes when they saw her. Sissy acted completely oblivious to most all of them until they came upon a group of several teenage boys gathered together in front of a sporting goods store. As Sissy approached them, they all stopped talking and looked at her and Lynn. Unlike her daughter, Lynn had on a modest length skirt WITH a pair of thong panties underneath. She had opted for a half bra, which accentuated her "rack" nicely, a light blouse and a pair of mid height heels.

As they got close to the boys, Sissy brightly skipped up to them and said, "Hi!" She obviously knew them from school. Several of the boys said "hi" back, but one of them, leaning against the wall of the building said, "Z'up?" Lynn was continually amazed at the lack of verbal skills of the teens today.

Sissy asked the guys what they were doing and found out they were checking out the latest skateboards at the store. Several of them had some worn boards that were on the floor next to them. Sissy engaged them in a conversation about the new boards and seemed to act like she was interested in them. One boy had what looked like a new board and Sissy motioned to it, asking if she could see it. The boy was happy to hand it to her to let her look at it.

Glancing at her mother, Sissy spun the wheels of the board, then put it down on the floor. She stepped up on it and pushed off with one foot. Narrowly missing several people walking past, Sissy managed to stay upright on the board for a few feet, then stepped off of it. Other than people walking past between her and the boys, they had a full view of her. Sissy faced away from them and bent over straight legged to fiddle with the board. The boys' eyes popped out and several nudged each other, appreciating the view Sissy was giving them of her bare ass and crotch as she was bent over. Lynn tried to choke back some chuckles as she watched the boys, knowing full well that her daughter was purposely giving them the view. One of the boys tore his gaze away from Sissy and guiltily looked at Lynn. Looking right at him, Lynn smiled. The boy flushed beet red and quickly looked away, trying to decide where to look other than the spread Sissy was displaying or at her sexy mother.

Having gotten all the attention she could, Sissy straightened up and stepped up on the board, shoving off again with one foot, this time back toward the group of boys. She had a big grin on her face and she kept her balance until she almost ran into one of the group. At that point, she seemed to lose her balance or couldn't stop and fell against one of the older boys. He instinctively reached out to grab her to keep her from falling down. Sissy ended up in his arms with a big smile on her face.

"Thanks for catching me," Sissy said to the boy and leaned up to give him a little kiss. Somehow, the tube top had slipped down and one of her little budding titties was on display. Sissy paid no attention, seemingly unaware of her exposure. Lynn moved next to her and reached out to pull the top back up to cover the exposed breast.

"Oops!" Sissy grinned as she reached up and adjusted the top. Then, as if nothing had happened, she told the boys they were heading for the store to do some shopping for sexy clothes for her mom. The boys had hardly said anything, Sissy doing most of the talking. She told them goodbye and that she'd see them all at school. Taking Lynn's arm in hers, the two headed off down the mall.

"Not too good on a skateboard, huh?" Lynn asked grinning.

"Actually, I'm probably better than a couple of those guys. I don't get to practice much, but I can hold my own," Sissy said. Lynn was shocked to hear this as Sissy had looked so girlish and clumsy doing it. Then it dawned on Lynn that Sissy had acted like a uncoordinated girl just for the boys. So she could expose herself to them. Lynn had to laugh.

"And I'm sure you know exactly how much you exposed to them with those antics," Lynn said, not really chastising her.

"Yeah. Did you see Will's hard on? The one leaning against the wall. He tries to be so cool and hip, but it's really fun to try to mess with his head. Especially in front of all the other guys," Sissy said gaily.

"I noticed. I was watching them watching you. It was amusing, to say the least," Lynn told her daughter.

"Yep. I'll bet. They're so easy!" Sissy laughed. "But I've seen a lot of guys giving you the up and down looks. You could have any guy here in an instant."

"I suppose, but I'm not going to," Lynn said.

---- continued in chapter 20B ----