The Perverts Club - Zoo Mom - Chapter 19

Sissy goes to the police station, makes new friends. The Sergeant loves little Kari.

by Ole Crannon

Added - 11/25/15

Warning: This story contains or may contain descriptions of scat, incest, underage sex, bestiality, fisting, insertions, oral, anal, very young pedo, bi fem, ws, cum drinking, ass-to-mouth, and many other extreme and perverted themes. If any of these will offend or upset you, please do not read this story.


Sissy had slept well after having a serious talk with her father, then having a serious fuck session taking Rob's cock in all her holes. Rob had protested that he was too cummed out, but Sissy let him rest a while, then happily used her young body to rub against her father, teasing him and finally getting him rock hard again. After falling asleep for a while, Sissy sucked sleeping Rob's cock to a hard on, waking him up. She used all of her cock sucking techniques she'd learned and it took only minutes to get her father's cum spurting into her mouth. She let him watch her swallow his load, before laying back down and both going back to sleep.

Little Kari apparently had been all fucked out and didn't wake up early like she usually did. When Sissy woke up, she listened for a while to see if anyone else was getting up. After laying still in bed next to her father, thinking over what had happened the day before and not hearing anybody else in the house, Sissy got up as quietly as she could so as not to disturb Rob and tiptoed to the kitchen. There she got a bowl of food for Storm, filled a container with fresh water for him and went out the back to feed him. As usual, he'd heard her movements inside and was happily waiting right at the back door for her. She smiled at his lolling and drooling tongue, the one that had given her so much pleasure over the last week, and his excited, bouncing around. He loved attention. Any attention.

Closing the door behind her, Sissy filled his food and water dish and crouched down, watching him almost vacuum the food out of the bowl. She rested her hand on his back and then stroked him, reaching up to scratch behind his ears. Sissy was getting to really like this new addition to the family. Not just because he fucked her, but because he was a good dog and protector. It was going to be fun to take him to obedience and guard training that she'd discussed with Karen and Ben. Although she could tell that he was already very protective of the family and didn't doubt that he'd take on just about anybody or anything to protect them.

Sissy stroked and petted the dog as he ate, and when he'd gotten most of the food scarfed down, she couldn't help but run her hand under him along his belly and down to his sheath. As she touched it, he stopped what he was doing and turned his head to look at her, drooling tongue hanging out. Sissy grasped his sheath, feeling the hardening cock inside it and worked it a little bit. She wondered what was going through the animal's mind when she did things like this with him. She wondered if it felt as good to him as it did to a human male. Almost as an answer to her thought, the dog moved his big head to her and gave her a lick along the side of Sissy's face. Almost as if to say, "I really like what you're doing, kid."

Chuckling, Sissy stood up and spread her legs apart slightly, opening up access to her cunt for the dog. He immediately sent his long tongue exploring the hole. Sissy gasped as it rasped through her slit and then snaked up a little inside her hole. She so enjoyed that feeling. She backed away a bit and laid down on the grass, spreading her legs wide. Storm followed her and set to lapping her slit, bringing a moan of pleasure from her.

Sissy laid like that for a while, just enjoying the dog's tongue work on her. Then Storm stopped licking, moved up to straddle her and gave her face a big lick. She could feel his hard cock touching her stomach and pubic area as he panted over her. Raising her hips up, she felt down under him, grasped his cock and guided it to her slit. She held the dog cock at the base and rubbed it along her slit before arching her hips up to take several inches of it in her cunt. She let out a squeal of pleasure and tried to pull the dog all the way into her. This wasn't a position that the dog was accustomed to, and neither was Sissy. But she arched her back and got her hips up enough for the dog's cock to get into her quite a ways. Reflexively, Storm started to thrust in and out of her hot hole.

Although it was starting to feel really good, Sissy thought she should find something to support her in this position so it wouldn't be so physically tiring on her or awkward for either of them. But then Storm got pretty active, hammering away at her. He soon had his whole cock buried in Sissy's tight hole and he gave a little growl. Sissy could feel him expanding and she just loved the feeling. It didn't take long before Storm growled quietly again and the two of them were locked together for the duration. Sissy could almost hang from him, his knot holding his cock inside her. Sissy could feel his dog cum pulsing into her. She rubbed her clit a little bit until all of the pleasant sensations overcame her and she hit her orgasm. The pulling of the knot against her hot, tight cunt membranes just prolonged the orgasm and Sissy shook her head from side to side as the waves of pleasure washed over her, letting out moaning mewling sounds at the same time.

After she quieted down a bit, Storm again gave her a big lick on her face, letting her know he felt good too. Sissy tried to not put too much weight on his cock, but it was tiring to stay in this position, keeping her hips raised off the ground. After a while, her muscles tired holding against gravity and her hips dropped down, pulling against the dog's knot and finally it popped out of her with an almost audible squish. Sissy sighed and dropped flat on the ground, relaxing from both the pleasurable climax and the muscular tension she'd been holding, and felt the dog's cum draining out of her cunt and down over her asshole.

Storm stepped over her and went off to lay down and lick himself. Sissy laid there still for a while, dog cum drooling out of her cunt and down over her asshole to the ground. She let out a big sigh of contentment. She thought about all the things her mother was doing or wanted to do and how Sissy herself enjoyed now being able to be a real sex slut. She just loved her kinky family. And everything they did.

Sissy laid there looking up at the clouds drifting by in the sky. She ran a finger though her slimy slit, enjoying the slick feel of the dog's cum in her. Then she felt a shiver of fear run through her as she saw the faces of the three thugs who had accosted her yesterday. The scenes ran through her mind, scaring her. She could see the video from the traffic cam playing in her mind.

Then Sissy thought, 'No! I'm not gonna let those guys bother me. It's over. Done. I've got a loving family and great friends. I won't let it get to me. Screw 'em.' Then she had to laugh at that thought. That's just what they'd wanted was for her to screw them. Only she'd done it in a totally different way than they expected. Sissy giggled out loud, causing Storm to look over at her, get up and come over to lick her face.

As she scratched the dog behind his ears, she said, "Good dog. We're gonna enjoy each other aren't we?" Almost as if to answer her, Storm gently licked the side of her face again, then laid down beside her with his head on her arm. Sissy thought that she'd really have liked to have had him with her yesterday. They stayed like that for a while, Sissy looking over the fence at the upper floor window of the neighbor's house.

'Too bad Bill isn't there to watch me,' Sissy thought, thinking of the neighbors who had moved away. She could picture faces in the window watching her fuck Storm and exclaim in surprise at what nasty things that girl was doing. The thought of people watching her doing depraved things sent a shiver through her as her fingers felt along her cunt, slick with the dog's cum. 'Mmm, I just love doing really dirty things in front of people. Like Karen. That time at the restaurant was so fun. And exciting, with people and their kids watching us,' Sissy thought.

And it was so much fun seducing the package delivery guy that day too. If she could walk around naked all the time and just let guys fuck her and do exciting, dirty things with them, she'd be a happy camper. Sissy started getting a chill from the cool ground, so she got up, scratched Storm again, then went in the house to the bathroom and cleaned up.

Once she felt all fresh and clean, Sissy went to her computer and checked her messages and email. There wasn't anything of any importance. Some of her friends had texted or IM'd her, but Sissy figured she'd answer them later. Then she remembered that she would have to go to the police station and give a statement about what had happened to her. That brought back that shiver of fear, but it quickly was replaced by the satisfaction that she'd handled the situation and it was over.

Listening for any sounds of anybody being up and not hearing any, Sissy decided that she'd just start writing her story of what happened now and get it over with. She figured that it would be like a school report, so she just started the word processor and began typing. Once she realized that she was telling the story in third person and the cops would probably want it in a first person narrative, she changed it and continued typing. She thought hard about it and started to recall many more details than she thought she remembered. Soon she was typing frantically, trying to keep up with her mind. She could even recall what the three guys were wearing and the words they said to her. The color of the car, the license plate. She described the feel of the knife blade sliding along her skin and the guy's hot breath on her cheek. With quite a bit of satisfaction, Sissy described the satisfying feel of the heel of her hand driving up into the surprised guy's nose. Then she wrote about the crunching sounds of broken bones as she twisted the one's wrist and swung him around. She saw in her mind the third one's hands reaching out to grab her and the reflex of her leg striking out and stopping him in mid reach.

Reading over some of that last part, Sissy had to laugh out loud. A lot of the deep fear and tension flowed out of her. She put her head down on her arms and the laughing turned to crying. Her whole body was shaking as she sobbed. Then almost as fast as it came on, it was gone. Sissy felt herself relax and a calmness replace all the negative emotions she just had experienced. She thought, 'Ha! I fixed you fuckers!'

Sitting up, Sissy continued typing, finishing the story by telling how she had run away and almost ran into the side of the responding cop car. They should have all the rest so she wouldn't need to write any more about that. Sissy re-read the whole thing several times, making a few corrections of mistakes she'd made, but the fearful feeling didn't come back again. She felt satisfied and happy. Sissy saved the file and copied it onto a CD that she could give to the policeman later on.

Then Sissy remembered how concerned, nice and helpful the police sergeant had been to her. She also remembered Ben's words about how the guy would like to get together with her. Sissy thought, 'Wow! Doing it with a policeman! That'll be sooooo awesome. Too bad I won't be able to tell my friends about doing it.' She grinned inwardly, visualizing their shocked expressions if she did tell them. Funny!

Eventually, all the family roused and got functioning, having breakfast and talking about all kinds of things. Sissy could tell that her parents were purposely avoiding any mention of the incident, so Sissy decided to bring it up. Everyone had finished eating, Bobby had gone to check on the snakes and mice. Kari was sitting in her booster seat, singing some nonsense song of hers.

Sissy said, "Mom. Dad. I've got to go make the report for the police. I know you didn't want to bring it up, but I'm fine. It's over. I've thought about it and I'm not gonna let it cause me any probs. Daddy, will you call the sergeant and let him know that I'm ready to do it. As soon as he wants. I already wrote a bunch of stuff, so all I'll have to do is answer questions maybe. And Ben said the sergeant'd like to do more than ask me some questions, so is it OK if I... well, you know, let him do more than ask questions?" She grinned wickedly at her parents.

Lynn was taken aback. She'd really been distraught about how the whole thing would affect Sissy negatively. Rob had also been concerned but he pushed his chair back, patted his lap and said, "C'mere, honey." Sissy got up, went to him and sat on his lap. She put her arms around his neck.

Rob said, "We were really worried that this thing might cause you problems. You know we're here for you. For anything." He kissed her then continued. "You're sure everything's alright and you're ready to talk to the police about it?" Sissy nodded. Rob hugged her tightly to him and said, "I'm so proud of having you for my daughter." He let Sissy loose and said, "OK. I'll go get the card and give him a call. And if you want to do the nastiest, most perverted things with him. you've got my... our blessings. Just don't hurt the poor guy, OK." Rob grinned at her. "You've just got to give us a full report when you get home." He hugged her again, got her off his lap and went to get the card and make the call.

Lynn got up and hugged Sissy tightly for a long time. Then she whispered in her daughter's ear, "You don't know how much I love you, honey." Both of them got pretty teary eyed. Then Sissy helped her mother clear up the dishes and wash them. They could have loaded them in the dishwasher, but they both just wanted something to keep them busy.

Rob came back in the kitchen and said, "OK. Talked to Sergeant Burton. He'll be here shortly. He was waiting for our call. He seems to be a really nice guy." He grinned at Sissy. "But honey, remember that he's a bit older and don't break him if you can help it." They all laughed and Kari giggled, even though she didn't know what was so funny.

Lynn said, "We should probably get some clothes on if he's going to be here, I guess. Even if he's in that group, we probably shouldn't flaunt things too much. C'mon, Kari, let's go get some clothes on." Lynn helped her little daughter down off the chair.

Sissy said, "What should I wear? I mean, if I'm going to a police station?"

Rob said wolfishly, "He seemed to like what you had on yesterday." Then he thought of what Ben said last night and touched Lynn's arm, stopping her from leaving. He said, "Hon, how 'bout we leave Kari like she is. I'd like to see the look on his face and what he does."

Sissy said, "Yeah. Just stick a vibrator in her and let her go wild." She laughed.

Kari said, "Bibator bzzzzz. Fee' good. Ina me?" She danced around.

Lynn said, "Sissy! Don't give her any more ideas. She's going to be worse than you are. And I'm not sure about you." She laughed.

"How 'bout if I just meet him like this and let him decide what I should wear? Wouldn't THAT be kewl?" Sissy exclaimed.

Rob looked at Lynn and said, "I'm gonna go call Ben real quick. I want to find out just how much we can do," and he left the room. Lynn looked at her two daughters with an exasperated look.

"Well, I'M going to put something on. I want to at least be presentable." Lynn told them.

Sissy gave her mom a hug and said, "Mom, if you let him see you naked, none of us would have a chance with him. Give us a break." She giggled mirthfully.

"Thank you for the vote of confidence. But you get him today. I'll get him some other time," Lynn said. "Maybe I can report a burglar and ask specifically for him to come and check it out."

"Oh, he'd be cumming, no doubt about that. Mom, you're just so sexy. And warped. And I love you for it," Sissy said. "But today, I'll see how he is and I can report back to you. 'Kay?" The two laughed.

Rob walked back in and said, "Ben's at the store. He said that you're good to go to do anything with Sergeant Burton. He's as fully into things as we could imagine. Ben laughed when he said for you not to hold back on the guy. So I guess we're cleared for about anything."

Sissy squealed and giggled. Lynn looked at her husband and he instantly knew that there'd be a conversation as soon as Sissy left. Rob said, "And I'm going to run over to Ben's store to talk to him about some things. He...uh, knows much more than he's letting on. I want to try to get some information out of him. And yes, Sissy, I'll ask him about the critters for you." Sissy squealed again and hugged her dad. Lynn gave him a questioning look, then left to get dressed. As much of a slut as she wanted to be, her upbringing just made her feel that she'd rather be clothed when the cops came knocking.

Rob checked in on Bobby, finding him engrossed in a video game that Rob had installed on his computer, then he joined his wife and put on a pair of pants and a shirt. Sissy stayed naked along with Kari. They laid on the floor and went through Kari's picture books while they waited. Finally Storm raised a ruckus and then the doorbell rang. Sissy looked out the window to see a police car out front. She had such an erotic thrill run through her as she opened the door completely naked to stand in front of the sergeant. He was a bit taken aback at first, but then grinned at her.

"My you look even lovelier than you did yesterday," he said to her.

Sissy squealed a little and threw her arms around his neck. His badge and name tag poked into her little tits but she didn't care and gave him a kiss. She said, "I wanted to thank you so much for being so nice to me yesterday. Thank you."

The sergeant started to say something, but Kari had run to them and she put her arm around one of Sissy's legs and looked up at the police officer, beaming one of her cutie pie smiles at him.

"And this little thing is wearing the same thing as her big sister. How nice," the sergeant said, and knelt down to hold his arms open for Kari. She looked up at Sissy, who nodded and smiled, then Kari let the cop pick her up and hold her to him. She played with his shiny badge as she did yesterday.

Rob and Lynn walked into the living room. The sergeant smiled at them and said, "I really like how you greet the police. This is far from what we usually get." Rob and Lynn laughed with him.

Lynn said, "Our incorrigible daughter was the one who thought of it. So you have to her to thank."

Sergeant Burton smiled, then squeezed Kari, looked at her and said to her, "Well, thank you little one for coming up with this idea. I certainly like it!" He grinned, watching Sissy smile at his joke out of the corner of his eye. Kari giggled.

Sissy laughed at the joke and said, "Well, Sergeant. Are you going to take the two of us right here in the open doorway, or are you going to take us down to the police station so all the cops can get in on it?"

Cops are used to being in control of the situation, but Sissy was so quick he was taken aback and had to stop and think for a minute. He looked at Rob and Lynn with a questioning look. Lynn said, "Don't look at us. We can't keep up with either of them. You've got your hands full now."

Rob laughed and said, "Yeah, I just talked to Ben and he just said to tell Sissy not to break you too badly."

Sergeant Burton let out a loud laugh. He squeezed both girls to him and said, "Ben was right. We're going to really enjoy having you with us." He put Kari down and looked at Sissy. "But we do have some business to take care of and get out of the way. As much as I'd like to do other things right now. So maybe you could slip into something so we can go downtown, rather than me slipping into you here." He grinned at his double entendre. Then he said to her, "God, you're so gorgeous. Don't think I'm not sorely tempted."

Sissy giggled, blushed and pirouetted around for him. Then she said, "Thank you, kind sir. Will something like I had on yesterday be OK?" She looked right at him. "Something that I can get out of quick and easy?"

Again, the sergeant laughed loudly and said, "Yes, that'll be fine." Sissy pranced her way out of the living room, twitching her little butt for all to look at. The cop just grinned and shook his head.

Rob said, "Come in. Have a seat. She won't be long as she won't be putting much on probably." He grinned at the cop.

When they were all seated, the sergeant said, "She seems like she's doing OK? We have a sexual assault counselor available if you think that would be OK. I've let them know to be available today."

Rob said, "You know, she talked about it this morning at breakfast. We're pretty open with her and she with us." The sergeant nodded. "And I think she's taking it pretty well. You might talk to her about it as you've probably had more experience dealing with these things, but I don't know that she'll need a counselor." He grinned ruefully. "In fact, knowing her like we do, I would suspect that she'd probably try to seduce him or her. I know she'll try with you. She's already told us that. And you have our full approval to do whatever you want. Ben vouched for you like he has for us."

Again the sergeant let out a loud laugh. "I don't know if you realize what you're approving of there. Some of us have really put Karen through her paces. Haven't broken her yet, though." He grinned. "Is your daughter into pain like Karen is?"

Rob smiled and said, "No, not like that. My dear, sexy wife on the other hand..." He squeezed Lynn who blushed. "Sissy is more into sex of all sorts and likes to be filled up. She's an exhibitionist. Loves to do it with people watching. Trying to be outrageous. God, I can't believe we're discussing these things with a cop!" He grinned.

"Don't worry. You're going to be meeting some interesting and influential people pretty soon. And you won't have to hold back from any of them. Not that they all do what you do or vice versa, but everyone is very open minded about all kinds of things." He picked up Kari, who'd been sitting on the floor next to him. "Even when very young ones are involved." He ran his hand over Kari's bare chest down to rub her crotch. Kari giggled at his touch. He gave her a little kiss on the cheek as he worked a finger into her little cunt. "Ben said that you would be amenable to letting me play with this little one sometime soon. I'd really like that."

Rob nodded and said, "Yeah, Ben told us. He really enjoys our little daughter. And we like watching her with him. Or others."

"Damn!" the cop said. "Just the thought and touch of her makes me so... just damn!" He grinned and Rob returned the grin. Lynn smiled warmly at him.

Sissy walked into the room, wearing a similar outfit as she had yesterday, although the skirt on this one was even shorter and the stretch top didn't cover as much. The sergeant whistled when he saw her. Sissy pirouetted around for him, then said, "I hope this isn't too much." She grinned.

Lynn said, "There's not enough there to be too much, dear." Rob and the sergeant agreed. Pulling his finger out of Kari's cunt, he stood up and put her down on the chair. Straightening up, he quickly sniffed his finger and then held out his arm for Sissy to take.

As she twined her arm around his, the sergeant said, "We'll take good care of her. I'll bring her back when we're through. In one piece, if she's lucky." He smiled at them.

The two walked out to his car, Sissy holding her little purse and the CD in one hand and holding the cop's arm with her other. When they got to the car, he held the door open for Sissy. Again, she sat up front. When the cop got in, Sissy handed him the CD she'd made with her statement. He took it, looking puzzled.

Sissy said, "I woke up early this morning and I sat down and wrote up what happened yesterday. It's in a file on there. If you need any more, we can add to it."

The sergeant shook his head in wonder, put the CD in his console, started the car then picked up the mic and said, "Sam 254 Control." The dispatcher's voice came back, "Go ahead." "I'll be enroute from last to the station with a female for a statement. 863." The dispatcher acknowledged by repeating what he said and giving the time. The sergeant grinned at Sissy as he hung the mic up.

Sissy said, "863 is your starting mileage." She spread her legs and lifted her right one up to put the heel on the seat, giving the sergeant full view of her bare cunt. She said, "And I'm the female." She grinned at him.

As they drove off, the cop said, "Honey, you're one hot, sexy female, let me tell you. Put your foot down or I'm gonna have to stop and arrest you for obstructing an officer. I can't drive with a hard on like you've given me." He laughed as Sissy put her leg down and rubbed her clit.

In her best, sweetest little girl voice Sissy said, "But ossofer, don't you like being obstructed like this?" She grinned at him.

The cop said, "You bet your sweet, pre-teen ass I do. But if I get too distracted and crash this car, both of our asses will be in a sling."

Sissy laughed and put her legs together, but didn't bother to pull the mini down. They talked about all kinds of things on the way to the station, mostly Sissy asking questions about police stuff and the sergeant answering them. He did ask her whether she'd like to talk to a counselor and how she felt. Sissy told him very seriously about that morning and that she felt she was over it. He asked her several times in several different ways until he was satisfied that she was serious and meant what she said. He was amazed at her.

As they pulled into the station parking lot, he picked up the mic and told dispatch that they were arriving "back door" and his ending mileage. He smiled at Sissy as he pulled into a space marked "Sergeant". Sissy asked, "I won't get into trouble dressed like this will I? I mean, will anybody be upset if I flash them a little. I don't wanna do anything wrong, but this is sorta exciting. And hot. Scary, but hot."

"A little exhibitionistic slut huh?" the sergeant laughed. Sissy grinned and nodded. He said, "Uh, most of the guys will be happy to look at anything you've got, believe me. But it would be best not to look or act like a 15th street whore. Don't want to give the defense any loopholes until those guys are in long term lockup."

Sissy said, "But I'd like to be a 15th street whore. Really, I would. I'd love to have sex with as many people as I could. I get hot just thinking about doing it. That's not bad, is it?"

"Honey, if you want to be pimped out on 15th street, that can be arranged. But right now, we need to get this statement wrapped up without disrupting most of the force. I'll see what I can do to get your itch scratched a little though." He grabbed her disc out of the console, got out and walked around to open the door for Sissy. Figuring that she wouldn't need it and it would be safe there, sissy put her little purse on the console, smiled up at him, then put one leg out the door which gave the sergeant a totally full beaver shot. Sissy sat there for a few seconds, giving him a good look, then brought her other leg around and took the cop's hand to step out of the car. He grinned at her audacity. And loved every second of it.

Sissy tugged down and smoothed her mini-skirt, then pulled her top up so it wasn't baring so much of her blossoming chest. But her little nipples were hard and they made little bumps in the thin fabric. The sergeant lightly took Sissy's elbow and guided her into the building. They walked down some corridors and came to large office area. There were mostly cops in plain clothes, a few in uniform. The sergeant stopped at a desk and said he had the subject of yesterday's attack here to take her statement. The cop at the desk looked Sissy up and down, giving a soundless whistle. He liked what he saw. He smiled at Sissy and told the sergeant, "Interrogation three's open."

The sergeant pointed to a hallway and they walked down it until they came to a door marked "Interrogation three". He opened the door and ushered her inside, motioning for Sissy to sit in one of the chairs at the table. The room was pretty bare and there was a mirror on the wall opposite the door they came in, a pad and pen on the table with a couple of chairs. Other than that, it was pretty featureless. It had a not too pleasant smell to it.

"Uh, I'm going to take this disk and get some printouts of the file. It shouldn't take long. I'll be right back," the sergeant told her. He left her sitting at the table. Sissy had seen the cop shows on TV and figured that the mirror was really a way for them to look into the room. She looked around and saw a video camera with a red light on it high up on one wall, so she figured that someone was watching her. It was a little scary, but the thought that a bunch of strangers- cops, no less - were watching everything she did started getting Sissy aroused. She reached down and fingered her slit. She figured the table was covering her actions from both the mirror and the camera.

Sissy sat at the table as the minutes ticked by. She wondered if there was a problem getting the file off her disc. More time went by and she started getting fidgety. At least at home she could check her IM's and email on her computer or even play with Kari. Here there was nothing. She couldn't even hear any noise or sounds from outside the room. Sissy sat for a while more, getting antsy by the second.

The sergeant had assured her that she wasn't in any trouble and had nothing to be scared about being here. Sissy got up and walked to the mirror. Figuring that there was someone behind it, in fact counting on it, Sissy started primping her hair in the mirror. She adjusted the top edge of her tube top a little, then hooked her finger in the top and pulled it down to her waist, exposing her budding titties. Sissy fingered her nipples, massaging them and pinching them. She imagined a room full of guys behind the mirror. That only got her hotter. She continued to tweak and pinch her little tittie nubbins, watching herself in the mirror. This was fun.

Sissy pulled up her top covering the little mounds and walked back to the table. She saw the pad and pen on the table so Sissy picked up the pen and fiddled with it for a second. Then she purposely fumbled and dropped it on the floor. Making sure she was facing away from the camera, Sissy bent over at the waist, keeping her legs straight, to pick up the pen. This obviously let her mini ride up, exposing her ass and cunt to the camera. She took her time fumbling with the pen, finally standing up with a little grin on her face. Sitting down at the table, Sissy made sure that the mirror had a good view of her and she lifted one leg up and put the heel on the table, fully exposing her bare slit. Holding the pen, she rubbed the blunt end along her slit, getting it moistened. Enjoying the thought of the room full of cops behind the mirror watching her, she slowly inserted the pen into her cunt. She could get it almost all the way inside. Only about an inch was left protruding out between her cunt lips. Sissy flicked the end, getting a thrill from the feel of it inside her. Especially knowing there were a bunch of people watching her.

Leaving the pen inside her, Sissy stood up, smoothed her tiny skirt down and wandered around the room again, trying to think of something else sexy to do. She could take off all her clothes but that would be a little obvious. She tried the door knob, but it was locked. That gave her a little fright, but then she figured that this was a cop station, so what could possibly happen to her? So she sat back down at the table, grabbed the pad of paper, tore off a piece and started folding it in different ways. She'd read a book on origami and tried to remember how to make a simple figure.

The door opened and the sergeant walked in holding some pages of paper and a big smile on his face. He sat down in the other chair, laid the papers on the table and said, "Uh, we'll have to have you sign this." He held out his hand. "You have the pen?" he asked, his smile getting bigger. Sissy glanced at his uniform shirt pocket and saw two pens in it, so she knew he'd been watching. Or someone had.

Sissy stood up, moved over next to him, put her hand on his shoulder for balance and lifted her foot up and put it on the table, exposing her cunt, with the end of the pen sticking out of it, to the sergeant. And anyone else who was watching behind the mirror. Sissy said, "Ooops, fergot about that," and smiled, looking first at the sergeant and then at the mirror.

Without losing his smile, the sergeant took the end of the pen and slowly pulled it out of Sissy's cunt. He held it under his nose and said, "Mmmmm, smells good." He paused and then said, "The pen does too." Both laughed but Sissy kept her leg up and her cunt in full view.

"Taste it and see if it tastes good," Sissy said, looking right at him. Then she said, "Oh, and the pen too." The sergeant snickered and said, "You're a hot one, aren't you?"

Sissy moved her hand from his shoulder to his other shoulder so her arm was sort of around his neck. She put her foot down and leaned forward to whisper in the cop's ear, "How many guys are behind the mirror?" The sergeant looked at her and said, "Quite a few. And more pouring in by the second. It's going to be a full house, I think."

Sissy whispered, "So you're not gonna fuck me here in front of all of them, are ya?"

The sergeant smiled at her and shook his head. "No, not me. Wouldn't be good for morale. But I'm sure there's a couple of young bucks out there who'll be glad to come in and make a spectacle of themselves if you really want. But we've got some business to take care of first before I turn them loose on you. So have a seat and we'll go over this thing." Sissy pulled the other chair around so she was sitting next to him.

Sissy smiled and said, "OK, but just so you know. I'd really like you to do it. You will won't you? Just not here in public?"

Putting his hand on her arm, the cop said, "Honey, I'm gonna love doing you. Yes, I will do it but not here. But it'll be fun to watch you have a good time. That is, if you really want to."

Sissy visualized a train of cops coming in and fucking her every which way. She nodded, smiling and said, "Sure. But I'll save some for you." She gave him a little kiss on the cheek. "So, what does a girl have to do to get fucked around here?" Sissy said, smiling.

The sergeant laughed, looked at the papers and said, "You did a very good job of putting a statement together. It's more like a detailed school report on 'How I spent my summer vacation'. Much better than I would have imagined. There's a few things I need to ask you, then we can get to the fun stuff."

Sissy nodded and they spent about a half hour, him asking her questions and writing down her answers. There were a number of things that Sissy hadn't even thought of, which was expected since she had no police training or legal experience. When they were done, the sergeant had her initial all the pages and sign the last one of her report. He told her it would all be transcribed into an official report and that he'd bring it by for her to sign. Sissy looked at the sergeant and said, "And can we do it then?" knowing that he fully understood what she was talking about.

"I'd absolutely love to, sweet thing. I'll look forward to it," the sergeant said to Sissy softly. He smiled.

Sissy grinned and said, "Do all the guys carry those clubs on their belts?"

"You mean 'nightsticks'? Or 'baton'?" the sergeant asked. "Some of the guys carry short extensible batons, some carry the full aluminum nightstick. I think we still have some of the old wooden ones left in the equipment room. Why?" He paused, then his face lit up with a smile. "So you want to try one on, huh? Damn! I'll see what I can do." He stood up. "You're going to be fun."

Sissy laughed. "I hope you'll be watching," she said quietly.

"Wouldn't miss it," he said. "Wait here for a few minutes. I'll send some of the guys in. Have as much fun as you like. But don't hesitate to say 'no' to anything." He walked out the door. Sissy walked over to the mirror, pulled her top down exposing her breasts and smiled at whoever was behind there. This was getting to be fun, she thought, not like she'd worried about before.

The door opened and Sissy turned around to see the first cop whose car she was put into yesterday standing in the open door. Sissy let out a shriek of "Paul 137" and ran to him, fairly jumping into his arms. While pleased with what he was holding, he was a little taken aback and his expression showed it. Sissy proceeded to put kisses all over his face and neck while hanging onto him.

"Oh, you're my hero, Paul 137!" Sissy exclaimed, beaming at him. "You rescued me from those guys yesterday. Oh thank you, thank you SO MUCH!!" she squealed and kissed him again. She had also not pulled her top up before she ran to him, so his hands were on her bare back and her bare titties were pressing into his chest. His badge and name tag were uncomfortable digging into them, but she not only didn't care, she was paying no attention to it. She really was sincerely happy to see the cop. And he wasn't too unhappy to be holding a nice, soft bundle of sexy pre-teen girl against him either.

The cop looked at Sissy who was literally lit up with her smile at him and said, "Uh, thanks. I didn't really do anything except respond to the call." He looked a little sheepish as normally when he walked into an interrogation room, it was he who was the one in charge and being aggressive. Or assertive. He had fully expected to do that today, but the sexy twelve year old soft flesh seemed to melt that attitude away.

Sissy was still hanging from his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist. She said, "But you did. You put me in your car and got your gun out and caught those bad guys. It was soooo awesome what you did. Then you were so nice to me and explained everything. I thought I was gonna puke right in your car but you were so sweet. I don't care what you say, you're my hero!"

With that, Sissy dropped her legs down and stood on the floor. She took the cop's hand and pulled him all the way into the room. When he was in, she dropped to her knees and started undoing his belt. Sissy had quite a bit of a problem doing that as she didn't realize that he actually had two belts on. One, the duty belt which held all the things like gun, holster, radio, keys, baton, handcuffs and other things she didn't even recognize. And the other was a standard belt that went through the loops on his uniform pants. Then there were the odd leather loops that went around both belts and snapped together.

The cop smiled down at her and took both of her hands in his. He said, "Whoa, whoa. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Sissy smiled up at him and said, "Oh, yes! More than anything," and she tried to work on the belt again. She couldn't figure how the darn thing worked as it didn't seem to buckle like a regular belt. The cop grinned down at her, watching her fumble around and said, "Here, let me help you with it." He moved her hands away and pulled on the tail of the belt, then used two hands to unhook some hooks that held it in place instead of working like a normal belt buckle. He unsnapped the 'keepers', slipped the belt with all of its equipment off and laid it all on the table with a loud clunk.

Now Sissy could see the normal belt buckle on his pants and this she attacked with enthusiasm. She got it undone, unbuttoned the button and slid the zipper down. She opened the pants up and pulled them down off his hips revealing a pair of boxer briefs. It took all of a second or two for Sissy to have those down also, exposing his already semi-hard cock in front of her face. With a little squeal of delight, she grasped the shaft with one hand and engulfed the head with her mouth, bringing a groan from the cop.

Sissy was now in her element and sincerely wanted to show her appreciation for what he'd done for her. She was very enthusiastic and sucked the cop's cock all the way into her as far as she could take it. Sissy had done deep throating on her dad sometimes when she was really aroused. Normally the pressure on the back of her throat could cause her a little problem, but today she so very badly wanted to make her hero feel good. Sissy pressed hard down on the cock and soon she felt her nose hard against the cop's pubic bone. His pubic hair tickled her nose, but she ran her tongue along the bottom of his cock, then slowly drew back, licking all the way up the bottom of the shaft. She didn't let it pop out of her mouth and spent a little bit tonguing the little sensitive part right under the head. Some more groans of pleasure issued from the cop. He had his head thrown back and was completely oblivious to the mirror or anything else going on.

Sissy continued to bob her head up and down on his cock, taking it all the way into her throat, then licking and sucking all the way back up the shaft as she backed up. She was so hot and wanted so badly to give him the best blow job he'd ever had. And the cop felt that she was indeed doing that.

Wrapping her fingers around the base of his cock and putting her palm flat against his pubic area, Sissy continued to work on the hard rod. The cop thought for sure that he'd explode if it got any harder. He looked down at the pre-teen working on him, getting flashes of her little budding breasts as she bobbed to and fro, sucking him. He couldn't believe that she'd gotten him so close to cumming in such a short period of time. He'd heard some cop stories about prostitutes who could get a guy to cum within a minute or two, but he'd always thought they were exaggerations. Now he knew they weren't.

Sissy felt the cock tightening at the base with her hand and the cop was starting to thrust up into her mouth as she throated it. Not wanting him to cum yet, Sissy slowly pulled her head back and let the cock pop out of her mouth. She looked up at him with the most beatific smile on her face, lips glistening with her saliva and his precum and said, "Will you fuck me? Please?"

How could a public servant deny such a request from such a hot, horny, sexy pre-teen citizen? 'Shit!' he thought, 'this was worth coming in on a Saturday for.' He'd wondered why the sergeant had specifically asked him to come in to the station for a few hours on a weekend, which was normally his day off. Now he understood.

Sissy had backed up to the table and now jumped up to sit on it, She spread her legs, exposing her pink cunt to his view. 'Fuck!' he thought, then grinned as that was exactly what he was going to do to this sexy nymph. 'I gotta remember to buy a lottery ticket,' he thought as he moved between Sissy's legs. Scooting her ass forward to the edge of the table, he rubbed his already slobber-wetted cock along the young, bare slit in front of him. Sissy had laid back to prop herself up on her elbows, looking happily at the cock that was starting to slide in between her cunt lips.

As her warm hole enveloped his cock, the cop let out a low moan of pleasure, echoed immediately by Sissy. This felt so good to both of them. Holding Sissy by her hips, the cop started to pound in and out of Sissy's hot hole. She put her heels around his hips and helped to pull him all the way into her each time he thrust forward. It didn't take but a few minutes of this before the cop felt his balls and asshole tighten and he pulled Sissy full forward onto him as he thrust all the way up into her, hitting her cervix as his cum started boiling out of his cock. The wonderful sensation of the pressure against her cervix and the sheer erotic feeling of the whole situation brought Sissy off shortly after the cop started spewing up into her. Sissy squealed loudly with her orgasm and both were grunting with the pleasure of how good it felt.

The cop held onto Sissy's hips as she shuddered with her climax. He felt that this was one for the record books for him. As Sissy collapsed back down on the table, the cop leaned forward and supported his weight over her with his hands on the table. He looked down onto her flushed face, the flush extending all the way down to her little cupcake breasts that were bare under him. It took a minute for him to catch his breath.

As they both did so, Sissy looked up at him and said very quietly, "Thank you, my hero. That was so wonderful!"

With her smiling up at him, he leaned down and gave her a little kiss. He said, "Damn! That was good!"

Sissy grinned and said, "I hope so. I wanted to make you feel so good for helping me yesterday." She looked at him seriously and said, "We can do this again, can't we? Not necessarily HERE. But somewhere?"

The cop thought for a minute, with his big head actually and then said, "I don't know. You're so young. I could really get into deep shit for doing this."

Sissy turned on her radiant Sissy-smile and said, "Oh, you know people and I know some people. We can both make sure you don't get in any trouble. It'll be OK." She raised up a little to give him a nice kiss. "And thank you for making me feel so good. I loved it." She wiggled her hips to emphasize her words.

"You are one sweet piece, that's for sure. I'll see what I can do, OK?" the cop said, smiling at her. Sissy nodded. The cop slowly pulled his cock out of her steaming box and as soon as it was out, Sissy hopped off the table and took it in her mouth, very tenderly. She knew that right after cumming wasn't the time to get real aggressive. But she did want to lick him clean to show her appreciation.

The cop just stood there, looking down at her, amazed. Then he realized that they probably had a big audience behind the mirror, so he looked up at it and raised his hand, giving anyone there the finger. But he had a big smile on his face as he did it.

Sissy finished cleaning his cock with her tongue and helped him pull up his boxers, then his pants. As he buckled up, she turned to the table and grabbed his duty belt. When she tried to lift it, she got it a few inches up and then dropped it back down. She had never realized how heavy all that equipment was. She smiled at the cop as he reached past her, hefted the belt easily and wrapped it all around him, hooking it with that, to Sissy, mysterious double hook setup instead of buckling. Tucking the tail end of the belt into a loop, he looked at her with a smile. Sissy again threw her arms around his neck, looked him in the eyes and said, "Thank you. So much. For yesterday and just now." She gave him a little kiss.

He grinned as she pulled back and said, "No problem. Glad to be of service." He turned to the door, then turned back. He said quietly, "If you really want to, I'd like to get together again sometime. Thanks." He opened the door and walked out. Sissy shivered with glee. She felt so good.

Turning back to the mirror, she looked at it smiling and said, "So. Who's next?"

She couldn't hear anything but shortly the door opened and three husky cops walked in with grins on their faces. One was a very young white guy, who seemed to have a cocky attitude. The second was a very large black man with a big smile on his face. The third was another white guy, a bit older and looking a bit fatter around the middle than the other two.

The black cop said, "Well, ain't you just the sexiest little slut?" Sissy didn't think that he really wanted an answer so she just smiled at him. The black guy walked over to her and said, "Let's get this package unwrapped, huh?" and took a hold of the stretch top that was now acting more like a belt, and lifted it up over Sissy as she raised her hands above her head to let him. The other two cops took off their duty belts and laid them on the floor under the camera. Sissy hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her skirt and slipped it off her hips, letting it drop down to the floor, and stepped out of it. She stood there totally naked in front of the three cops. And who knows how many more behind the mirror.

The black cop took off his duty belt and laid it down with the others as the other two cops came over to Sissy and started feeling her up. The older one grasped her nipples and squeezed, getting a little yelp of surprise and pain out of her. The cocky young guy ran his hand over her butt and then got behind her and pried her butt cheeks open. From behind her, he said, "I know where I'm going to put it! In her nice, tight little asshole." He started roughly working a finger into that particular orifice, and not gently at all. Sissy wasn't too impressed with that guy.

"Why don't we make her airtight?" the black cop said, grinning. "Which one of you wants sloppy seconds?"

The young cop behind her said, "Not me. I'm gonna do her asshole."

The fatter one said, "Uh-uh. You can have that. I'll take the mouth. She looked like she was doing a good job that way before."

The black guy was taking off his pants. He said to the young one behind her, "OK, get your pants off and get on the table. She can ride you with her ass. I'll take the cunt. Gene can see how good her mouth work is."

The young guy wasted no time getting his pants and shorts off and climbed up on the table to lay on his back. "Fuck, this is cold," he said. Then to Sissy, "C'mon, bitch, climb up here and get your ass on my hot cock." Sissy looked at him laying there and saw that his cock wasn't nearly as big as her dad's. In fact, it wasn't that much larger than Bobby's. This was going to be a piece of cake!

Sissy used the chair to climb up on the table, straddling the young cop. He was pretty erect already so she didn't worry about trying to get him any harder. She put her hand down to her pussy and got some of the previous cop's cum on her fingers and wiped it along her asshole to lube it up a bit. Then she squatted down and grasped the cock under her, wiped it along her sloppy cunt and then guided it to her asshole. She felt it at her opening and pushed against it. Then she just sat down, jamming the cock through her sphincter. She squeaked with the sharp pain, then sank down as far as she could on it. It actually felt pretty good. Small. But good.

Then Sissy gasped as she saw the black guy's cock as he pulled his shorts down. It wasn't that long, but it was nice and thick. She was going to like this! The black cop climbed up on the table and got between her legs. Holding his cock by the base, he aimed it for her drooling cunt and scooted forward a bit. Once he had the head at the entrance of her hole, he rubbed the head around and then leaned forward to put his hands on either side of the two beneath him. Then with one slow, gentle push, he seated himself all the way up inside of Sissy. She gave another squeal of satisfaction, then laid back against the cop under her and tilted her head back over his shoulder.

On an impulse, she gave the young one a sweet kiss on his cheek and whispered in his ear, "It feels so good in me. It's just right." She saw his gruff look turn into a bit of a smile. Not a big one, but at least a smile. Then Sissy leaned her head back and looked up at the older cop above her. It was sort of funny looking at him upside down, but Sissy smiled up at him. She reached her hand up to grasp his cock above her head like she'd seen the porn actresses do in situations like this. Pulling him toward her with his cock, she took it in her mouth, licking the tip to start. The older guy groaned at that touch. Sissy grinned and ran her tongue all the way along the bottom of his shaft, getting another groan of pleasure out of him.

Then the black guy started sawing his thick cock in and out of her, while the young guy held onto her hips and thrust up into her ass. Once they got going, they fell into a rhythm and it really felt good. Sissy had never been triple fucked before and she was liking it. A lot. Although it was hard to concentrate on what to do and how to move.

Since her head was tilted backwards, it was a straight shot for the older guy's cock into her throat. This time, Sissy didn't feel any gag reflex as his cock slid in the whole length. He groaned again as he felt it go all the way deep into Sissy's throat. On reflex, Sissy swallowed, which got an even louder and better response from the older guy. Sissy was enjoying the feeling and reached her arms up above her head to get a hold of the older guy's hips. Holding on to him that way, she guided him in and out of her mouth, taking a breath of air when he pulled back, then letting him plunge into her a few times before she had to take another breath. Sissy wondered why she had never tried deep throating in this position before. It was fantastic. She loved the feeling.

The black cop was stroking in and out of her sloppy, but warm tight hole. Because his cock was thicker, Sissy felt tight around him. Plus the fact that it was only a twelve year old cunt that he was fucking added to the eroticism of the moment for him. It didn't take a lot of this stimulation to get the young guy on the bottom to the point of no return. As he thrust his hips up and drove his small cock into Sissy's very tight sphincter, he just lost control. Soon he was jerking hard up into her and yelling, "Oh God, I'm cumming!" Sissy could feel his cock spear up into her as it spurted his cum into her bowels.

The black guy didn't seem to be in any hurry and he just stroked in and out of Sissy's cunt in a steady rhythm. His cock filled her up soooooo gooood! And she was getting the same feeling from the cock sliding in and out of her throat. She felt so aroused and wanton. She felt like a 15th street whore. It was so hot!

The young guy had cum and was just laying under her while the black guy sawed in and out. The older guy in her throat started to moan a little more and Sissy could feel his hip and butt muscles tightening up under her hands. She kept pulling him into her and then letting him pull back out until he started thrusting faster and faster. So Sissy pushed his hips back once on the out stroke, took a deep breath through her nose and pulled his hips hard to her, forcing his cock all the way down her throat. Then she started swallowing and wiggling her tongue. The older guy let out a loud groan and Sissy could feel his cock jerking and spewing his cum straight down her throat. It was an interesting feeling and she kept on swallowing, as the tip of his cock was far enough in her throat that the cum was going straight down her gullet.

Once the guy in her throat started cumming, Sissy felt her orgasm coming on and her whole body spasmed with it. Plus, she was a bit oxygen starved at that point and that helped too. But she did spasm, and that included her cunt muscles. The young guy in her ass felt her anal sphincter tighten up on his cock, but there wasn't anything he could do in that position and he'd already shot his wad up into her.

The big black guy was rather enjoying the rhythm and the tightness of Sissy's cunt. As she started shaking and her muscles spasmed, he started pumping a little faster and pushing deeper into Sissy. He bottomed out against her cervix, just multiplying Sissy's orgasmic pleasure and that also felt good on his cock. He continued to stroke until he felt his balls tightening up and he pushed hard up into Sissy, putting sudden pressure on her cervix and bringing her to another screaming orgasmic peak. Except she couldn't scream as she still had a cock in her mouth and part way down her throat.

The shaking and spasming of Sissy's young body finally had its effect on him and the black cop spewed his seed into Sissy as he jammed his cock up into her tight hole. He put five or six good squirts up into her as she spasmed. At the point where he'd finished cumming into her, Sissy just went limp. The older cop let his cock slip out of her throat and mouth, amazed at the strength of his own orgasm. The black guy held up into her until he realized that she was limp and out of it. He looked down at her little titties and saw them slowly rising and falling, so he knew she was still alive. He grinned as he saw a newspaper headline flash through his mind: "Black cop fucks pre-teen to death in police station".

Gently, the black cop pulled his shrinking cock out of Sissy's hot, wet hole. A large dribble of his cum burped out after he got it out. He moved off the table and knelt down next to her head, looking at Sissy. Her color was good, flushed even, so she wasn't completely hypoxic. He looked up at the older cop and grinned, then grasped one of Sissy's nipples and squeezed it hard. This seemed to rouse Sissy out of her unconscious state and her eyes fluttered open. She looked at the two of them smiling down at her and she smiled back.

"That was awesome!" Sissy said. "God, I can't believe I passed out. I've never cum so hard that I passed out before."

The young cop under her rolled her off to his side and his cock slipped out of her ass. He rolled off the table, grabbed his pants and started putting them on. The black guy said, "What's the big hurry, chump? Aren't ya gonna let her clean you up?" He grinned at Sissy who just smiled back at him.

The young guy said, "Fuck! It was in her ass. Whattaya talkin' about?" He looked at the black guy like he was crazy.

Sissy rolled over on the table to face the young cop and held out her hand. "C'mere," she said. He looked at her like SHE was crazy, but moved over to the edge of the table. He'd gotten his shorts up already, so Sissy pulled them down, grasped his cock with her hand and guided it into her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it, tasting her own shit juices mixed with his cum.

"God, she IS a 15th street whore. I can't believe it," the young guy exclaimed and Sissy let his cock slip out of her mouth and smiled up at him.

"Only better, huh?" Sissy said, grinning.

He pulled his shorts back up then his pants and quickly buckled up. Then he walked over to get his duty belt and said, "Shit! You can have her." And he walked out of the room without even putting the belt on.

As the door shut behind him, the older cop looked at the black one and said, "Kids! Do they ever learn?" He looked down at Sissy on the table and stroked her hair, smiling at her.

The black guy laughed and said, "Yeah, he might be OK in... ten years or so!" He hefted his cock in his hands and offered it to Sissy. She opened her mouth and took it in, although she wasn't going to try to deep throat it. Not this one. Maybe when she got better at it. Sissy licked the slimy cock clean and let it slip out of her mouth. She grinned at the black cop as he pulled on his shorts and pants. The older one had already gotten his on and they both picked up their duty belts. Holding them in their hands, they walked back to the table.

The black cop smiled at Sissy and said, "Just how long have you been doin' this? You're pretty good for your age."

Sissy said, "Oh, not that long. It's just that you guys made me feel so rad! It was awesome! Thanks!"

"No, thank you, hon. You ever need our help you just holler, OK?" the black one said, and the older one nodded his assent.

Sissy sat up with her legs over the edge of the table and crooked her finger at them. They moved over to her and she grabbed the black cop's shirt and pulled him down to her to give him a nice, hot thank you kiss. Then she did the same for the older one. When she pulled back, he stroked her cheeks softly and said, "You remind me of someone."

"In a good way, I hope," Sissy said.

"Oh, yeah," the older guy said, smiling.

"Well, I hope she enjoys pleasing you as much as I did. Thank you," Sissy told him.

He got a wistful look in his eye and said, "Yeah. I'd like that too." Then he turned and went out the door. The black guy smiled at Sissy and gave a thumbs up to the mirror, then left the room.

Sissy jumped off the table and walked over, naked and drooling from both her lower holes, and said to the mirror, "Anybody got any tissues around here?" Then she turned and bent over, running her finger along both her ass and cunt, getting the cum that was leaking out of her. She put her finger in her mouth. 'Mmmmm, tasted good' she thought. Maybe it was just the sheer depravity of the situation that made it so. She grinned inwardly. Straightening up, she looked over her shoulder at the mirror and said, "Who's next?"

Sissy was just totally turned on by the whole situation. She couldn't believe what had happened and what she'd done. But fucking 'til she passed out was pretty neat. Although not being able to breath while a cock spurted cum down her throat probably helped. But she did want to try that again.

The door opened again and a female cop swaggered in. She wasn't that old and was nice looking, although she seemed a bit hefty for her height. Packing a bit around the chest and middle, Sissy thought. And she was fully kitted out in uniform, including a hat. She held a box of tissues out to Sissy. Smiling, Sissy took several and tried to wipe as much of the copious amount of cum as she could off of and out of her. It took several wads before Sissy was reasonably dry again.

Sissy thanked the cop for the tissues, then said, "I suppose I should get dressed now, huh?"

The female cop looked at her and said, "Fuck no, slut. It's my turn now." With that she put the tissue box on the table. Taking off her hat, she hung it over the thermostat on the wall. Smiling she unbuckled her duty belt, hanging it over the back of the chair. She said, "They aren't gonna have any videotape of me, damn it." She looked at the mirror and raised her hand and gave them the finger. Then she moved over to the naked Sissy.

Glancing at the video camera up on the wall and Sissy pointed to it and asked, "What about that. Shouldn't you block that?"

"Honey, that's a dummy. The real video camera is hidden in the thermostat. My hat takes care of that. I don't care if they watch though. Might be hotter that way," the cop said.

Sissy grinned and said, "Definitely hotter." She put her arms around the cop and felt a whole lot of padding on her. Sissy looked surprised, as she didn't realize that a lot of cops wore body armor or ballistic vests under their uniforms for protection.

"My vest," the cop said, noticing Sissy's look and hesitance. She put her hand on her uniform shirt and open it up accompanied by ripping sounds. Sissy also didn't know that some uniform shirts used velcro closures instead of buttons.

"Neat," Sissy exclaimed. As the shirt came off, Sissy saw what was causing the look of all the extra weight and padding on the lady cop. Laying the uniform shirt on the chair, she undid several velcro straps on the vest and slipped it off. Once it was off, Sissy saw that the woman wore a standard man's T shirt under it and that she had a pretty good figure. Nice boobs and trim waist. Full hips. Sissy was impressed.

The cop saw Sissy's expression and said, "You're quite the three holer slut, aren't you? Well, let's see how you do with a woman."

Sissy licked her lips and said, "Love 'em. Literally!" She grinned and hopped up on the table, spreading her legs and giving the cop a wide open view.

"Fuck that," the cop said. "I'm not putting my mouth where two fucking slobs have slimed you. Spin around." She twirled her finger in the air indicating what she meant. Sissy pulled up her legs and spun around on her ass, ending up facing the mirror. She grinned up at it and spread her legs wide open, giving them the full view. Sissy was rather enjoying this.

The female cop had dropped her pants and reached out to pull Sissy back down onto the table. Now Sissy was lying on her back across the table, her legs dangling over the mirror side and her head tilted back looking into the panty clad crotch of the lady cop. As the cop slipped her panties down off her hips, Sissy had an interesting view up her body. The cop had really nice breasts. Not big, but good cup size and firm. Perky, even. Sissy reached up to feel them and the cop knocked her hands away, grinning.

Spreading her legs, pulling Sissy forward so her head hung over the table edge and straddling her, the cop said, "Get to work. I want to get off. Let's see how good that magic mouth is."

Sissy put her hands up and spread the full, shaved cunt lips that were hanging right over her mouth, revealing the pink membranes of the cop's pussy. Sissy lifted her head to lick at the hole and the little clit right above it. She got a sigh of pleasure from the woman when she did that. The cop lowered herself down a little bit and started to grind her perineum on Sissy's nose. Sissy stuck her tongue out and tried to get it up as far into the pussy as possible. Once there, she wiggled the tip around as much as she could. This got another sigh from the female cop. Sissy was really enjoying it too.

Sissy reached up with both hands and grabbed the cop's hips, pulling her forward and over Sissy. This gave Sissy access to the woman's perineum and asshole. Sissy licked hard against the brown, puckered hole, then alternated between the rosebud and the cunt membranes. Sissy could tell she was doing a good job from the way the woman was moving.

After a few minutes of this, the cop stepped back and said in an authoritative voice, "Don't move." Sissy wondered what was going on as the cop walked over to the chair where her equipment belt was and extracted her baton from it. It was an old fashioned wooden one. The woman just liked the feel of it over the aluminum ones. She walked around the table, looked into the mirror then down at Sissy's wide open cunt. Wiping the tip of the stick along Sissy's dripping cunt to get it a little lubed, she then slowly shoved it in. Sissy took about six inches before it bottomed out. Sissy let out a grunt as the tip pushed against her cervix.

The cop said, "Hold that in. It'll give you something to keep you occupied while you work on me." Sissy put her hand down and grasped the night stick and held it up in her as the woman walked back around the table and straddled Sissy's head again. The nightstick felt good, so Sissy started working it in and out, knowing full well that there was a roomful of people watching her. It made it even hotter for her and she attacked the woman cop's cunt with renewed vigor. She was rewarded with some loud sighs and soft moans. Sissy covered her teeth with her lips and lifted enough to nip the officer's clit between them. Then she worked the tip of her tongue back and forth, squeezing the nubbin tight between her lips. Sissy alternated doing this and licking along the now dripping cunt over her face.

"Arrrrrgh! You're fucking good at that, slut. You must have had a lot of experience," the cop said.

"Mmmmmph-ummmph," Sissy muffled voice came from the woman's crotch.

The lady cop backed away from Sissy and looked down at her. Without saying anything, she walked around the table to where Sissy was working the nightstick in and out of her cunt. She grabbed the stick and pulled it out of Sissy, holding it up for the unseen audience to see the juices on it. Then she took a lick and smacked her lips, saying "Not bad." Then she pulled Sissy up and had her stand up next to the table. Reassessing the 'viewing audience's' angle and the table, she moved Sissy around to the end of the table and told Sissy to bend over. Sissy bent over the table and put her chest down on it, exposing her cunt and ass the to the cop.

After rubbing the rounded tip of the stick along Sissy's dripping cunt, the cop put the end against Sissy's exposed asshole and put pressure on it. Sissy moaned and pushed back against the object. The cop chuckled and said, "So you like taking it in the ass, huh, slut?"

Sissy nodded and moaned again as the tip spread her anal sphincter and slipped inside. The lady cop grinned at the mirror and started aggressively working the stick in and out of Sissy's hole, pushing it further in little bit by little bit. With about four inches inside Sissy's ass, she looked at the mirror and raised her eyebrows up, indicating her surprise that such a young girl could take that much so easily.

Sissy groaned with pleasure. She absolutely LOVED having anything shoved into her ass. She'd been doing it for many years, including her mother's largest dildos and other interesting household items. She'd recently found that she could take an awful lot of the length of a double dong rubber dildo up her. She shivered with pleasure as she felt the nightstick going the same place as the double dong did.

The cop continued to push the stick in as she didn't feel any major resistance. Sissy moaned for more, so the cop kept the pressure up. She knew that she herself could take a little more than what was already into Sissy, and loved it, but she was older and larger than Sissy was. Plus, she thought she had much more experience than Sissy did. She was only partly right.

Grabbing Sissy by the hair and pulling her upright, the cop said, "Here, you hold this," and pulled Sissy's hand around to take the stick. Then she got up and laid back on the table, scooting her ass not quite to the edge with her heels at the edge of the table. Spreading her cunt lips with her fingers, the cop told Sissy to get to work and get her off. Sissy immediately bent over and went to work. This position was much easier to work with and the cop's clit was standing out and easy to nibble on and lick. Which is what Sissy did.

Sissy got some good moans of pleasure out of the lady cop and while she worked, she wiggled the nightstick around and in and out of her ass. The stick felt so fucking good shoved that far up and the further it went the more filled Sissy felt. Sissy wanted to use her hands to work on the delicious cunt in front of her, so she stopped, grabbed the remaining chair that was next to the table and pulled it around behind her. With it there, she could rest the end of the nightstick against the seat so it would't slip out and that left her hands free to work on the cop's cunt, which is what she did.

Sissy was getting pretty aggressive and bringing the lady cop closer and closer to orgasm. At the same time she was knocking and scraping the end of the nightstick against the chair, which felt really good. It didn't take too much longer of this before the lady cop started squealing and moaning, then shaking as she climaxed. When she did, her legs reflexively slammed together, trapping Sissy's head between them. Sissy found out just how powerful this woman's thigh's were. So since she couldn't move much, she reached down and fingered her own clit, rubbing it and bringing herself to a very satisfying climax, thanks to the super filling feeling of the nightstick up inside her ass.

As the officer started to relax her legs, Sissy could move again. She was rather weak kneed and slumped forward, resting atop the panting cop. They both laid like that for a while, relaxing. Then there was a tapping on the glass of the mirror and the cop said, "Shit!", scooted out from under Sissy and rolled off the table. She rubbed her cunt as she walked around behind Sissy to get her nightstick out of the post orgasmic girl.

When the lady cop got behind Sissy, she gasped in surprise. She looked at the mirror and pointed to the nightstick. Sissy had about two-thirds of the thing all the way up inside her. The tip had to be somewhere close to her diaphragm. Putting her hand on the implement, she marked with her thumb where it came out of Sissy's ass, then slowly pulled it out of the girl. She shook her head as it came out and when she had it all out, it was as she thought. Sissy had taken two-thirds of it. She held it up to show the audience behind the mirror.

Pulling out the nightstick finally roused Sissy out of her bliss and she groaned. It had felt so full when it was in her and now she felt really empty. She turned around and leaned against the edge of the table, looking at the cop.

"You're a real ass slut, you know?" the cop said, grinning. Sissy smiled and nodded in agreement. The cop then said, "I don't think my girlfriend has taken this much. Ever. I'm gonna have to tell her about you and see if she can do better."

Sissy said, "I love things in my ass. I love to be stretched. But I don't think I've ever taken anything that far up." She rubbed around her tummy and said, "I think I can feel where it was."

The cop just shook her head and walked over to get a wad of tissues and clean Sissy's shit and ass juices off the stick. She said, "I'm gonna have to sterilize this good before I use it again." She grinned at Sissy. "But if I have to knock some heads between now and then, I'm sure those fuckers won't mind." She laughed.

Putting the stick back in a loop of her duty belt, the cop walked over by Sissy. She purposely turned away from the mirror and bent over straight legged to pick up her panties from the floor. "Might as well give 'em a little thrill, huh?" she said, chuckling throatily. "They know they'll never get a piece of it."

"So you're a lesbian, huh?" Sissy asked, as the cop straightened up with a grin on her face.

The lady cop looked at Sissy funny and said, "Yeah. Confirmed. And you're not? From the way you eat pussy, I'd have thought you'd been one all your life. So, bi, huh?"

"I'm not really sure what that is, but if you mean that I like to have sex with both male and female, then I guess I am. I'm just more confirmed for cock than otherwise," Sissy told her.

"That's too bad," the cop said as she laughed. "But it does make it twice as easy to get a date for the weekend."

Sissy didn't get that one right away and started to say something, then it hit her. She broke out laughing. "Oh, I get it. That's a good one. I've gotta remember that one to tell my mo... ummm, girlfriends."

"So, slut. Let's give 'em one more thrill before I go," the cop said, spreading her legs and using two fingers to spread her cunt lips. "You thirsty?" When Sissy grinned and nodded enthusiastically, the cop smiled and said, "I thought a slut like you probably would go for that. Get down and get ready," she told Sissy.

Kneeling in front of the cop, Sissy opened her mouth and tilted her head back, showing she was ready. The lady cop straddled Sissy's mouth, still holding her cunt lips spread apart. She looked at the mirror with a grin, then adjusted her position so all of them behind it would have a good viewing angle of what was coming. She lowered herself down a bit until her cunt was right on Sissy's mouth, then let go of her stream of piss. Sissy started swallowing quickly and the cop raised up slightly and pulled back just enough so that her golden stream spraying out into Sissy's mouth was fully visible. As she watched it splash into Sissy's mouth and down her throat, the cop turned her head and gave the audience behind the mirror a big grin. Then she mouthed the word "Fuckers!" to the mirror and turned back to watch the last of her stream peter out and dribble down Sissy's chin.

The cop walked over to the box of tissues, pulled a couple out and lifted her foot up onto the table, exposing her cunt to their hidden audience. Looking directly at the mirror, she wiped her cunt with the tissues, put her leg down and pulled on her panties. As she walked over to where her uniform was, she said, "And they think I'm the perverted one." She flashed a grin back at Sissy, who smiled back at her.

The cop returned the warm smile to Sissy as she started to put on her uniform. After she got the T shirt and pants on she said offhand, "So how long you been fucking? You must have started pretty early."

Sissy didn't know what to say and she hesitated. Then she said, "Uh, not that long. I'm a quick learner."

The cop continued to dress and said, "Well, you sure lick cunt good. Where'd ya learn to do it that good?"

Sissy hesitated again, then said, "Uhhh. Girlfriends," trying to be non-committal.

As the lady cop put her vest back on over the T shirt and fastened the straps, she said, "Girlfriends, huh? They teach you how to fuck too?"

Sissy wasn't sure what she should say, so she said nothing. She hadn't ever been in an interrogation room before and didn't realize that that was exactly what the cop was doing- interrogating. It was something of a second nature for a lot of cops, having to deal with a lot of people who didn't necessarily want to tell the truth all the time. Or any of the time.

After she got her uniform shirt on and tucked in, she put her duty belt back on. Then she took her hat off the thermostat/video camera. She stepped back a ways, looked into the camera and gave it the finger. Then she turned to Sissy and held out her arm, indicating that she wanted Sissy to come to her.

When Sissy got close, the cop put her arm around Sissy's shoulders and gave her a light kiss on the cheek. She said, "I enjoyed you. I wouldn't mind having you over to my place some time. Maybe we could try to turn you to our side. But I suppose that won't happen."

Sissy said happily, "Well, 'turning me' won't happen, I don't think, but I'd love to see you again."

With a smile on her face, the cop said very softly, "Honey, just a little advice. I don't care where or who you fuck, but just get together with your mom, uh, sorry...'girlfriends' and get a good story worked out and memorize it. Just so you don't slip up if someone like me starts asking questions." The cop fished in her uniform pocket and pulled out a card, handing it to Sissy. She said quietly, "My cell number is on the back. Don't hesitate to call if you want." Then she said loudly, looking at the mirror, "That's in case one of these fucking dillwads think they can dip their wick in you whenever they want." She gave Sissy a little squeeze and turned to the door. As she opened it, she said softly, "Call me." Then she left.

Sissy was feeling pretty good. She dropped the officer's card on her miniskirt and walked over to the mirror. She cupped her hands under her budding tits, massaged them and grinned up at the mirror. She said, "How many dillwads are left?" Then she turned and got a wad of tissues and cleaned her cunt and ass as best she could. Both holes felt really well used, but she figured she'd be ready for the next ones they sent in.

She turned to the door as it opened, expecting some more cops to come in to enjoy her. She was a little surprised to see Sergeant Burton walk in. He was smiling and said, "Hon, let's get you dressed." He walked over to where her tube top was and picked it up.

As he handed it to her, Sissy said, "Are there any more guys? I'm game if they are." She touched his arm. "Especially you, if you'd like." She blushed a little as she smiled at the older man.

He had her put her top on then picked up the mini off the floor along with the other officer's card. He handed Sissy the skirt to put on, keeping the card so she had her hands free. He said gently, "I'd love to, honey, but not here. Not now. We'll have our time."

Sissy pulled the little skirt on and straightened it out. She said, "Not good for morale, huh?" The older cop nodded, smiling.

Then she asked, a little worried, "Is there a problem. Did we do something wrong?"

The sergeant laughed and said, "Oh boy, did we do something wrong! But it's fine. The management is hearing a few rumors that it would be best weren't confirmed right now, so we'd best just get you home. But I've gotta tell you. Everyone loved the show."

Sissy grinned and took the card from him, then 'accidentally' dropped it on the floor. Bending over straight legged to pick it up, her ass was directly in view of the mirror. Sissy made sure it was. She looked through her legs upside down at the mirror and grinned. Then she straightened up, smoothed the little skirt down and took the sergeant's arm to head out the door.

They walked back down the hallway and when they came to the open office area, a bunch of guys stood up and started clapping, hooting and whistling. Sissy blushed furiously, but felt so aroused knowing that they knew or had seen what she'd done. There was a little added wiggle to her hips as the two headed through the corridors to the parking lot, where she turned a few heads as they walked to the sergeant's car. He courteously opened the door for her to get in, grinning at her very obvious beaver flash for him, then went around to the driver's side. Getting in, he started the car, picked up the mic and said he was transporting one female from the station to her residence and gave his starting mileage. The dispatcher calmly acknowledged the call.

Sissy said, "Do they always sound that calm and professional, What happens when there's an emergency? What do they do?"

As he drove out of the parking lot, the sergeant said, "That's their dispatch voice. Never varies. It's always calm and steady. Well, except when there's an officer down. Then you can hear the concern."

Sissy asked, "Does that happen a lot? I mean, an 'officer down'?

"Thankfully, no," the sergeant said.

"Have you ever had to shoot anybody?" Sissy asked.

"Well, honey. Not because I wanted to. Most of us have never had to fire our weapon, except at the range," the sergeant told her. He quickly changed the subject, saying, "You know, you certainly were quite the performer in there, today. I know there're going to be more than a few cops that remember you." He grinned over at her.

Sissy smiled and flushed a little. Then she said, "Umm, this pervy sex club that you belong to. Do they do like I did? I mean, sex stuff with other people. Even strangers?"

"You liked doing that? Taking on three guys at once. Letting strangers fuck you?" he asked her, smiling. Of course he already knew the answer or he wouldn't have arranged her exhibition today.

"Geez, yeah. That was so hot! Can I do it again, sometime? Were they all part of your sex club?" Sissy asked him.

"Uh, 'maybe' and 'no'," the sergeant answered, grinning. "Maybe I can set something up again if you want to, and no, they weren't all members of my 'sex club', as you call it."

"Well, what is it then. Daddy hasn't told me too much about it all yet. All we've gotten is that there's a bunch of kinky people that do all kinds of pervy things that most people don't know about. And it's all really secret," Sissy explained.

"Honey, you've got it partly right. You know what you're family's been doing for all these years. You know, letting you kids have sex and playing with each other? And having to keep that really secret because everyone could be, well, thrown in jail? Well, we have a group that doesn't think that kind of thing is bad. Along with a lot of other sexual behavior among consenting people. Like S/m, bestiality, kid sex, that kind of stuff. Not everyone likes or does the same things, but all agree that everyone should be free to decide for themselves what they want to do, as long as it isn't hurting anyone else," the cop explained.

"You mean, like Dad and Mom fucking me or Kari or Bobby. Or letting other people do it?" Sissy asked.

"Yeah. Pretty much. But it doesn't stop at just kids. There's things that adults do that is illegal and probably shouldn't be. At least, we all don't think it should be," the sergeant told her.

"Like with dogs and horses and stuff. What else?" Sissy asked.

"I hear your mother has some unconventional tastes," he said.

"You mean, like being a pain slut? Like Karen?" Sissy asked.

"Like Karen. Exactly. Many people are stimulated and get enjoyment out of having pain inflicted on them..." the cop started to say.

"Tell me about it!" Sissy exclaimed.

The sergeant continued, "... and a lot of that isn't approved or accepted. Just like sex with kids or family members."

"How 'bout exposing yourself or having sex in public?" Sissy asked.

He smiled and said, "You like that, don't you?"

Sissy said, "Oh God, I just start creaming thinking about it. Mom too. I think Kari's gonna be the same way. She already loves being fucked."

"And I can't wait to do that," the cop said absently, the fantasy flitting across his mind.

"So can anybody who wants to be a perv join this club? Are there a lot of people in it?" Sissy asked.

"No, it's pretty exclusive. Since just about everything we all do is pretty controversial let alone illegal, we have to make sure everyone agrees and can keep things quiet. There's a good number of people and families in the group, but it's not that big relative to the whole population of the area. we're pretty selective," he told her.

"So everybody does all kinds of sex things and everyone keeps quiet about it. Is that about it?" Sissy asked.

"You've summed it up pretty good, I guess. It's a lot more complicated and involved than that, but that pretty much covers it," the cop said, grinning at her. "Smart girl."

"Well, I can't wait!" Sissy said enthusiastically. "Mom's wanted to do stuff and she's been so paranoid and felt so guilty. We've been doing sex things together like forever, and it's been hard to keep from letting anybody know. And Mom's started to get really kinky, but she's so afraid of someone finding out and there'd be big trouble for all of us. So it'll be really good for her."

"You really care about your family, don't you?" he asked her tenderly.

"Sure. Lots! Who doesn't? What about your family. Do you do stuff like we do?" Sissy asked him.

"Uh-huh. So we know what it's like having to keep it all a secret. You're going to be able to do things and share with a lot more people and that will make it much easier to keep it all confidential. You'll find that, for the most part, our group has very few problems. The kids are like you, smart and mature. Don't get into trouble. Don't cause problems for the family. It gets to the point in my job that whenever I meet a very well behaved, smart, mature young person, I almost have to check to make sure they aren't from one of the group's families," he said. "And nobody wants to do something and get found out or reported."

Sissy nodded. She said, "Sorta like when, before I knew he was in your club, I figured that if I seduced Mr. Sullivan, then he couldn't say anything about what we did as a family. My mom said it was like blackmail. Or co... co... uh, co-something."

"Coercion is the word you're looking for, I think," he said. Sissy nodded. He laughed. "But if you think you could seduce Bob, that's like saying you could taunt a wild bear to attack you. You can't seduce someone who very much wants to fuck you already. He has a pretty good stable of young ones, even outside of the group's families."

"Duh. Yeah, if I'd known that before hand. I'd seen him being close with some of the girls, but I didn't know then that he was in a sex group already. So some of the girls are in the group too, huh?" Sissy asked.

"I don't keep track of... well, let me just say I CAN'T keep track of what he does. Or who. He's pretty... ummm, 'gregarious'," the cop said, laughing.

"Yeah, he's gregarioused both me and my mom. And we want him to continue being gregarious with us," Sissy said, laughing too. "Uh, Sergeant? Will you be gregarious with me when we get home. I'd really like you to fuck me in front of my mom and dad. They'd love it. They like watching us kids do it with other people."

"We'll have to see what happens. After all, I am on call, even though I'm not putting in a regular shift today," the sergeant told her. "I came in specially to take you to the station and have you give your statement. Well, that and the other things." He grinned.

"Awwww, you did that just for me on your day off? Now I REALLY want you to fuck me. Really," Sissy told him sincerely.

The cop chuckled and said, "We'll see. We'll see." They continued talking, with Sissy trying to find out more about the mysterious sex club, but the the sergeant didn't really reveal that much. As they pulled up in front of Sissy's house, he called in his arrival and mileage.

After he keyed off the mic, Sissy said, "Tell them that you were a perfect gentleman and didn't molest me. At all. Even though I wanted you to." She gave him a big, bright smile. He just shook his head as he climbed out of the car.

Sissy grabbed her little bag that she had left on the console and gave the cop a very wide spread beaver when he opened the door for her. She smiled up at him, reached down and plunged two fingers into her cunt, then rubbed her clit with them while sitting there watching him. The cop just grinned, shook his head and said, "You're such a slut!" as he took her hand and helped her from the car.

Sissy said, "I know. Isn't it neat?" as she ran her hand over the front of his pants, feeling his semi-hard cock. "I rilly, rilly want this," she said in her valley girl voice.

Storm had been barking in the back yard and the two walked up to the front door. Sissy opened it to find Kari, naked, lying on the floor in front of the couch, coloring in one of her coloring books. She looked up and said, "Thithy!" and jumped up to greet them.

Sissy immediately turned around and knelt down quickly in front of the sergeant. Before he could react, she grasped his duty belt and had it unhooked in no time. She'd watched carefully how they worked while at the station. She laid it on the floor, and looked up at the man. She saw a little look of objection on his face and she gave him her most serious look, raised a finger up to point at him and said, as severely as she could, "NOT. ONE. WORD." The cop froze as a big smile lit up his face. Sissy unbuckled his belt with Kari standing right beside her. Then unfastening his pants and unzipping them, Sissy worked the hardening cock out and said to Kari, "Here you go, squirt. It's all yours. Suck like a vacuum cleaner."

As Kari happily started to do just that, Sissy looked up at the sergeant and said, "And when you get him hard, squirt, we'll have him stick it in you. 'Cuz I know both of you'll like it." The sergeant just stood there, enjoying watching the little three year old work on his hard cock with her mouth. She had a real talent, he thought.

Lynn walked into the room, then stopped when she realized that it wasn't just Sissy there. She was naked and had been in a back room, and figured she'd heard Sissy come in when she'd heard the two girls voices. The sergeant looked at her appreciatively and smiled.

"I hope you'll forgive my dress, or lack of it. I didn't know anyone else was here. But I see my daughters are trying to make you feel at home," Lynn said with a big smile on her face.

The cop looked down at little Kari giving him a hummer and said, "Uh, yeah. That they are."

Sissy jumped up and went to Lynn, throwing her arms around her mom. She exclaimed, "Mom! It was sooooo awesome. I took on, like, four or five cops. It was great. You wouldn't believe it. Total radness!"

Lynn smiled at her daughter's enthusiasm and looked at the cop being sucked off by her other daughter. She said, "Were you one of them, Sergeant? I hope so because Sissy told us how much she appreciated what you've done for her."

The cop gave a little groan as Kari got really aggressive with his cock, then said, "Uh, no I wasn't. I didn't think it was the right time or place." He gave a little gasp again at the little toddlers mouth work.

Lynn smiled as she walked over to them, her arm around Sissy. She said, "Well, we definitely want to make you feel right at home. Have you ever had one as young as my little one?"

"No. Well, almost," the sergeant said, trying to suppress a groan of pleasure as he watched the little girl work on him. Sissy whispered something into her mother's ear.

"At least not as talented, huh? Would you like to fuck her, Sergeant. We'd all really like to watch that. And I'm sure Kari will enjoy it too," Lynn said.

"Oh, God! I've never had one this young and as good as she is. How long has she been doing this?" the cop asked.

Grinning, Sissy said, "Almost three years. Dad says she's one of the best cocksuckers around. At least one of the youngest. And you know that last thing that the lady cop did with me? You can do it with Kari after you fuck her. Like that?"

The cop groaned and said, "Damn, you guys are going to fit right in. Ben was right."

Lynn said, "C'mon, let's get you over to the couch where you'll be more comfortable." She knelt down and took Kari's hand and said to the little one, "Honey, let the man get on the couch and we can have him put it in down here. OK?" Lynn touched Kari's little slit with her finger to indicate where and then rubbed her tummy.

Kari let the cock pop out of her mouth and nodded vigorously. She said, "Fee good." She looked up at the cop and said, "Do ina me? Fee' good. Make tingows."

Even though the cop had been in the sex club, as Sissy called it, for quite a while and experienced a lot of things, he'd never actually been propositioned by a two or three year old to fuck her. Damned if he was going to turn that down!

Lynn took Kari by the hand and led her over to the couch, saying to Sissy, "Help the sergeant, dear."

Sissy yanked the cop's pants and boxers all the way down, grasped his cock with her hand and engulfed it with her mouth. She bobbed on it a couple of times, letting out a "mmmmmmmmmmmm", then let it pop out, smiled up and said, "Let's get my little sis fucked. Hmmm?" She helped the cop step out of his pants and led him over to the couch.

The sergeant asked, "How do we do this?" as he hadn't fucked a child this young before and didn't know which way would be best so as not to hurt her.

Lynn said, "Usually, I really like to sit on the couch with her on my lap so I can help guide it into her and feel it when you thrust. But why don't you lay down on your back this time and we'll let her do what makes her feel good."

Sissy said, "Yeah! Woman on top. Or in this case, slut baby. You're gonna like this." She tugged on the cop's arm and got him to lay back on the couch, his cock hard and sticking up in the air. Lynn lifted Kari up to stand straddling over him.

"You squat down and put it in you, honey. Do whatever makes you feel good. OK?" Lynn told her little daughter, giving her a kiss on the cheek. "I'll help hold you so you don't fall." Sissy knelt down on the floor next to the couch.

Kari bent down and put her hands around the stiff member, feeling it a little and getting her balance. Then she squatted down, looking at it and concentrating on what she was doing. She really wanted the feel good tinglies so she was happy to do this.

Sissy grasped the base of the cop's cock to help hold it steady. She put her other hand on Kari's little butt to guide and steady her. Lynn had a hand on the little girl's shoulder. Kari got down far enough for the cock head to rub against her little slit. She said, "Mmmmm. Ina me," and dropped down a little more to get it inside her. As it penetrated her slightly, she said, "Mommy! Ina me!" and giggled. Then she sat down on it, getting a gasp of pleasure from the owner of the cock. Kari was enjoying this and she raised up a little then sat down again, driving the cock head against her little cervix. She let out a little squeal of pain, but didn't raise up. She looked up at her mother with a look of either concentration or pain, then her face broke into a big smile. "Mommy! Hurt good. Do mo'?"

"Yes, baby. You do whatever makes you feel good. We'll help you," Lynn told the toddler. She figured that in that position, Kari could control the depth of penetration and do whatever gave her pleasure.

With a furrowed brow, the little girl tried to bounce a little, letting out little grunts and squeals as she jammed herself down on the man's cock. Sissy could see that she only had a couple of inches actually in her, but each time she bounced up and down, it went a little deeper. Sissy knew just how good her little sis was feeling. Sissy just LOVED her cervix being banged hard.

On his part, the cop could do little more than just lay there and let Kari do as she wanted. He didn't want to thrust up into the little one and hurt her, but when she raised up and then sat down, that urge was there. But the little cunt felt so good he didn't need to. She was doing all the work for him.

Kari continued to raise up and then drop down, giggling and enjoying the feelings. After a while, she said, "Mommy, legs ti'ed," and leaned forward to take some of her weight off her little legs. Lynn helped Kari bend her legs and kneel rather than squat. Kari giggled and indicated this was better. Then she got a good moan of pleasure out of the cop when she sat down hard on his cock, putting a lot of pressure on his cock head. His eyes flew open and he looked at the little one's face. Kari was frowning, her brow furrowed as she concentrated on the feelings.

The cop was scared that she was being hurt so he raised his thighs up a little bit, raising Kari up slightly and releasing the pressure of his cock on her cervix. Immediately Kari cried out, shaking her head, "No! Do mo'. Do mo'."

Lynn was holding on to Kari, keeping her balanced. She smiled at the cop and said, "Let her do it. Let her control it. She likes feeling the pressure against her cervix. Not all women do, but we three seem to really enjoy it." She smiled down at him.

Relaxing his legs, the cop let Kari down and felt the pressure on his cock head increase. He couldn't believe that he wasn't hurting the young girl. Actually he was causing pain, but all three of the females really liked that pain. So he just lay there, enjoying the feeling of having a three year old toddler bouncing up and down on his cock.

Kari would lean forward a little to release the pressure, then sit back down to jam his cock all the way up into her. She was frowning, but he now realized that was from the concentration on what she was doing and the enjoyment of the pain. The fact that this little three year old was enjoying the deep penetration of his cock just increased the arousal he was feeling. It wouldn't take much more of this and he'd be shooting up into her.

Kari continued to frown and rock and bounce on his cock. Every once in a while she'd stop and look at Lynn and giggle. Once she said, "Fun, Mommy! Wike ina me."

Lynn caressed her little daughter's back, nodded and said, "I know honey. I do too." Lynn was rubbing her own clit with her free hand. As Kari started to rock again, Lynn got close to her own orgasm and leaned forward to kiss her little daughter on the cheek. Kari's face broke into a smile, then she frowned again and continued to press down hard on the cop's cock, which was getting ready to spew.

Kari increased her rocking and the pressure, moving a little faster back and forth. Her face and neck flushed and her expression changed from a frown to almost crying. A little breathlessly, Lynn said, "Don't worry. You're not hurting her. That's just the way she reacts to her orgasms. Just let her do it on her own."

As Kari pushed harder and harder down on his cock, the cop watched the little girl's tears start to flow down her cheeks. She cried out but pushed down harder and stopped rocking; panting and crying at the same time. It was so erotic to watch her that with that and the combined sensations on his cock, the cop felt his balls explode and the cum spurt up his cock and into the little girl's hot cunt. Since she was putting so much pressure on his cock, it was hard for his cum to push out, which caused a feeling of pressure that he hadn't really experienced with one so young and that made the climax that much stronger and more erotic.

Kari's face, neck and chest were flushed and she was panting hard, crying but still pushing hard. The sight was so arousing for Lynn that she climaxed also, breathing in rapid, short pants.

Sissy was rubbing her own clit, smiling at the three. She'd cum numerous times today already, so she didn't need to cum right now. But watching her mother and sister get off was very enjoyable to her. Plus, she could feel the cop's cock spasming in her hand, as she still had her thumb and finger around it as her little sis pushed down.

After Kari had climaxed herself, she sighed, "Mommy!" and leaned forward to lay on the cop's chest, stretching out her cramped legs. This gave Sissy a great view of the cop's cock filling her little sister's cunt. It was really sexy. And she was happy that her little sister had gotten off on it.

The sergeant didn't know what exactly to do, so he wrapped his arms around the little body laying against him and just sighed contentedly as he came down from his orgasm. Lynn leaned forward and laid partly on Kari, her arm around her little daughter. She smiled at the sergeant.

"Sissy, honey, you've got to let go of my cock or I"m never gonna go soft in her," the cop said to Sissy. She grinned at him and squeezed a couple of times for him, then pulled her hand out from between the two. Then she got a wicked idea. Licking a finger to get it wet, she started pushing against her little sis's asshole.

As the tip slipped inside, Kari stirred and wiggled her hips slightly. Without opening her eyes, she said, "Fee's good, Thithy. Fee's good." Sissy grinned and continued to wiggle the finger up into her sister's rectum.

Suddenly the cop raised his head up and said, "God, I can feel you moving inside her. That feels fucking amazing."

Lynn turned her head and looked to see what Sissy was doing. She said, "Sissy, let your sister alone. She just got off. Would you want someone rooting around in your ass right after your orgasm?"

Sissy laughed and said, "Duh! Sure. I love anything in my ass, anytime. And Mom! You should have seen what I took in it today!"

Lynn let out an exasperated sigh and said, "Right now, I don't want to know. You can fill me in later."

There had been some hammering and sawing noises coming from the basement every once in a while. They had since stopped. Lynn looked up and saw Rob standing in the doorway with a smile on his face, leaning against the door jamb, just watching them. He had just a tool belt around his waist, with a tool pouch that covered his own tool.

Lynn smiled up at him. Sissy saw him too about the same time, so she slowly pulled her finger out of her sister's ass, stood up and went over to him. She held up her finger, slimy and with some brown streaks on it. She was going to put it into her mouth to give her dad a thrill, but he grabbed her hand and before she could do anything, he leaned forward and took the finger into his mouth. Rob licked and ran his tongue around it, giving Sissy a little erotic shiver, then slowly pulled it out. He looked at her with a smile. Or was it a shit eating grin?

"Daddy!" Sissy exclaimed. "I didn't think you liked that stuff," she said.

Rob pulled her to him and gave her a kiss. He said, "Anything my girls like." Sissy threw her arms around him to give him a big hug. She whispered in his ear, "I've gotta tell you what happened at the police station. Five cops fucked me. And I don't know how many watched. It was awesome! You won't believe it!" She reached down to rub his hardening cock under the tool pouch.

Kari was in her usual post orgasmic oblivion, but Lynn and the cop looked up at Rob. The cop had a bit of a sheepish look on his face.

Rob put on a faux serious expression and said, "I let you take my pre-teen daughter down to the police station and you let everyone fuck her?" Then he grinned as the cop smiled at him.

"Not everyone. Only four guys and one lesbian. But she was in good hands," the sergeant said, smiling.

Rob said, "Well, then I guess I'm gonna have to have you take my wife down there so she can fuck the rest of them." He laughed at Lynn's expression. Then Lynn laughed and rubbed Kari's naked back and butt cheeks.

"And I see you've made yourself at home in my youngest daughter," Rob said. "How's she feel?"

The cop just sighed. "Amazing! I haven't cum that hard in the longest time."

"Dad, I promised Sergeant Burton that he could do something with Kari after he'd cum in her. I want to watch him do it. I think you'll like it too," Sissy said to her dad. Rob and Lynn looked at each other, not knowing what Sissy was talking about, but pretty sure that it would be interesting, if not erotic. They knew their eldest daughter only too well.

Sissy walked over to the couch. "Mom. Let's get Kari off him. I want to see you lick his cum out of her. Will ya do that?" Lynn didn't know what to make of this, but she wasn't going to object too much, as she wasn't opposed to the idea since she really enjoyed sucking Rob's cum out of her little girl. That is, when Sissy didn't get to it before her.

Lynn sat up on her haunches as Sissy leaned over Kari and roused her. Kari looked up at her big sister, a little smile on her face. Sissy whispered in the little girl's ear and Kari nodded. She started to get up, but Sissy lifted her off the sergeant's chest and slowly pulled her back so that his cock slipped out of her cunt. Then Sissy sat Kari on his legs, spreading her sister's legs apart to give Lynn access to the red, drooling little hole. Lynn leaned forward and happily started working on that little hole. As she did, Kari giggled.

The sergeant raised himself up on his elbows, watching the action.

"Is that it? A little mom-daughter action?" Rob asked Sissy.

"Nope. Just wanted to let Mom have that first," Sissy said. Then she whispered in her dad's ear. He looked surprised, but then got a grin on his face and nodded.

"Yeah, that'll be hot if she wants to do it," Rob said.

"She loves it. You just watch," Sissy told him.

After Lynn had done a yeoman's job on cleaning little Kari's cunt, and almost getting her little daughter panting and off again, Sissy said, "Stand up, squirt. Gonna get some yummies."

Sissy had Rob go get a big towel so they wouldn't make too much of a mess on the floor. She laid it out and pulled Kari to stand on it. Then she told the sergeant to stand up and move over here. Since he knew what Sissy had planned, he didn't object and moved to stand in front of Kari. Sissy whispered in her little sister's ear again. Kari nodded, then stood there with her mouth open, right in front of the cum and juice covered cock in front of her.

It took a few seconds of concentration, but as soon as he felt the piss start to flow, the sergeant moved forward so his cock head was right at Kari's little mouth. A stream of hot piss shot out and Kari swallowed. She couldn't swallow fast enough for the stream and soon her mouth filled up. The little girl glubbed and giggled as she tried to swallow and get the rest of it. The sergeant didn't want to drown the poor thing, so he squeezed on his urethra and stopped the flow when Kari's mouth overflowed. She'd swallow, giggle, then open her mouth again for more. Sissy knelt down next to her sister, hugging her and whispering words of encouragement in the little ones's ear.

Once when the stream was stopped, Sissy put her mouth in front and got the next mouthful. She pulled back to let Kari have the next one. Sissy pulled Lynn to her, stood up and dribbled the mouthful down into her mother's mouth as the sergeant tried to divide his attention between controlling his flow into Kari and watching the other two exchange his piss. What an erotic, fucking family!

[Continued in ch 20A]