Stories By Lucidity

On this page, you'll find all of the stories I have published.

A Walk In The Park

Story Codes: Ped, Mg6, Oral, Cons, Slow

One of the great things about taking long walks is you never know what you're going to encounter. It could just end up changing your life!

Rules Of The Household

Story Codes: Ped, nosex

A list of rules the kids in our house are to follow.

Imagine (Male Version | Female Version)

Story Codes: Ped, Mg, Fb

The perfect life is out there for you. Can you imagine it? Note: This story has two versions. Click 'Male Version' if you're male, and 'Female Version' if you're female.

A Cure For Colic

Story Codes: MFg, Nepi, Ws, Inc

When their new baby won't stop crying, the doctor reveals a solution that just might work.

A Taste Of The Future

Story Codes: Mfg, Nepi, Inc

After discovering each other's secret, things start to heat up for this couple and their baby.

A Night To Remember

Story Codes: Mfg777, Cons, Inc

The Owens family just loves to host sleepovers for their daughter. When twin sisters Kelly and Jamie stay over for the very first time, they get the chance to become inducted into our special little world.

Hooked From An Early Age

Story Codes: Fb7, Ped, Cons

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to sex from a very young age. In this “story”, I recall some of my own childhood experiences.

Bath Time Bonding

Story Codes:Mg 6-8, Ped, Inc, Oral, Cons

Bath time was always a special experience for my daughter and I, bringing us closer and closer together as time went on.

Tonight's The Night

Story Codes: Mg 6-7, Ped, Panties, Sleep, Oral, Cons

After finding my daughter's panties on the bathroom floor, I realized it was time to try the real thing.