A Taste Of The Future

Story Codes: MFg, Nepi, Inc

By: Lucidity


Note: Although this story is certainly enjoyable on its own, you may wish to first read the story that preceded it, A Cure For Colic.


I still couldn't process what had just happened.


When you leave for work in the morning, you don't envision your life changing. You envision doing the same thing you did yesterday. In my case, business as usual at the office, and coming home to a crying baby and a tired wife.


And in one short hour, my life completely changed. And if I do say so myself, it looks like it's going to be a change for the better.


I never expected to reveal to my wife that I was a pedophile. In truth, it wasn't an issue I didn't think I'd have to confront for a while - I didn't know I was into babies. But when Monica undid Lily's diaper and began touching her like that, something sparked.


And as much as I didn't expect myself to get turned on, there's no way in the world I'd have thought Monica would be a pedophile too. She was always great with kids, but I would have never guessed. And oh how fortunate I am, that the one thing that would instantly ruin most marriages is going to bring us closer than we ever imagined possible.


"Hey honey," Monica broke my daze as I wandered into the kitchen. She was carrying Lily, who was asleep and wearing only a diaper. Monica's smile was contagious, and she was clearly in as good of a mood as I was - after all, it was easy to forget that this was a big secret for her too.


"Hey you," I chirped back. I reached into give her a kiss as I slid my hand down her arm and underneath Lily's butt, cupping it and giving a slight squeeze through her diaper.


"Oops!" I joked. "I'd totally hate for you to get the wrong idea." I looked into Monica's eyes and smiled.


Without saying a word, Monica bent her head down and licked across Lily's chest, caressing both of her baby nipples with her tongue. "Oops! Yeah, me too," she teased, winking.


"You naughty thing," I teased.


"Oh yeah, like you're one to talk," she teased back.


There was a light and pleasant aura throughout the home as we prepared and finished our dinner. Everything just felt right. Yet I couldn't help but wonder if we were actually going to talk about what happened.


"Oh shoot!" I suddenly remembered. "It's time for me to give Lily her bath. Where is she?"


I walked around to find Monica, only to discover she was already in the bathroom.


"I thought we'd try the tub today," she said slyly. "Does Daddy want to get in the bath with Lily?" she turned to our daughter. "And does Lily want Daddy to come in and play with her all nakey inside of the tub?" She gave Lily a kiss and looked back up towards me.


"I think Lily wants her daddy," she continued in her baby voice. "So what do you say Daddy?"


I've got to admit, the way Monica was talking, and the idea of helping my daughter bathe was turning me on. It's not something I'd really thought of doing before, worrying that Monica might find it inappropriate and all.


I gave her an 'are you joking' look and began stripping off my clothes. And to no surprise, by the time I was in the tub I already had a full erection.


Monica turned towards me as she began to unstrap Lily's diaper. "Hey, remember this?" My cock twitched as her little crack came into view. She smiled as she set now-naked Lily on my legs.


"Aw, are you taking a bath with Daddy?" she asked. The feeling of the water against her skin still surprised Lily, who was clearly excited from the sensation. With a little squeal, she began kicking and splashing her legs as fast as she could.


"I think she's as excited as you are," my wife commented. "Wait, let's turn her around. Let me."


"I could do that you know," I said. "That way you don't have to get all wet."


"Like I'm not already! Don't act like you're the only that's excited."


God, my wife was naughty, and I absolutely loved it. She positioned Lily so her legs were off to both sides of my cock, her baby mound resting against it.


"Better?" she asked. I only smiled.


"Well look at you, you little cutie!" I lavished Lily with kisses. "Aren't you so precious with that adorable little smile on your face?"


"Gosh Michael, you don't have to be so reserved. It's not like I can't see your cock sticking straight up. Why don't you try playing with her a bit before I take her out of that tub and play with her myself?"


I needed to open up a bit. I know it. Of course I want to play with Lily. But Monica seems even more into it than I am. How far will we take things with her? How perverted could Monica get?


"She does have a nice little pussy already, doesn't she?" I asked.


"The cutest."


"Hmm..." I cupped my hands underneath my baby girl's butt and gently lifted her up. She looked into my eyes with a smile on my face.


"Oops!" I cried out in my baby voice and pretended to drop her. She squealed out with laughter as I lifted her in and out of the tub.


Meanwhile, her pussy was sliding up against my rod - all the way up, and all the way down. "Oops!" I cried out again. "Oops!"


I only got harder as my wife began undressing. A few more times and I was afraid my cum would already be shooting through the air.


"Mmm, I know you like that Michael, but didn't we bring her in here to give her a bath?"


"Right.. You're right. I guess I couldn't help myself."


To Monica's surprise, I lifted Lily up near my face and began licking her. Starting with her adorable little feet, I licked all the way up her leg until I got to her honey-hole. This only excited Lily further, who began kicking her legs and flapping her arms even faster than ever before.


I closed my eyes and continued feasting on my little treasure, taking in all the smells and tastes of my baby girl. That, and the sound of my wife rubbing away at herself.


"That's right," she said. "Now we're getting somewhere."


That only means it was time to take it one step further.


Lifting Lily up again, I could see the look of disappointment in my wife's eye. That was only however, until I set her back down. Positioning Lily further up, I sat her little baby bum right down on my waiting tongue. With one long flick, I began licking away at her most intimate area.


"Oh fuck, that IS naughty" Monica called out passionately as she shoved another finger into her cunt. I kissed both of Lily's butt cheeks and gave her crack another lick.


"Tickle tickle!" I called out. Lily's seemed to like this just as much as she loved having her cunny licked. So young, and already experiencing the joys of sex - and loving it.


"Oh yes honey," Monica cried out. "You keep fucking licking our baby girl all over, you fucking pleasure her." Monica fumbled to find her phone underneath her clothes.


I knew what she wanted, and it kind of made me nervous.


"Are you sure we should be taking pictures?" I asked.


"Aww, but of course. It's such a special moment, Daddy and daughter's first bath together! You do want to remember this, right?"


"Oh believe me, I don't think I'll have any problem forgetting."


"Good," my wife decided. "No problems."


I heard the shutter of her phone taking a picture - one of Lily and I just in the tub, and another zoomed in on my raging hard-on.


"Well, I guess the evidence is there," I thought. "No point in hiding anything now." I looked at my wife before focusing my attention back on Lily and taking her cunt in my mouth. It was so tiny, her entire mound fit perfectly inside, where I could suck and lick to our heart's content.


I heard the camera noise going off rapidly now. "Mmmm," my wife sighed with lust. "We're going to love looking back on these when Lily gets older, showing her how much of a little slut she was for her Daddy, even as a baby. I mean look, she loves it! Look at the smile on her face!"


"I wonder which one of us loves it more," I added.


My wife said nothing, clearly lost in her own thoughts. "Maybe we could show this to her the first time you fuck her! Or, wait, how about we show her when she gets pregnant with your baby!"


Not 'if', but 'when.' In Monica's mind, this was something that was destined to happen. Interesting choice of words.


I could see Monica's juices dripping down her leg. I gave Lily's cunny one last lick before picking her up. Cupping her butt in one hand and cradling her head with the other, I bend down and slowly work my tongue into her mouth the best I can.


"Oh fuck," Monica moaned. "I can't take it Daddy. I need you. Mommy needs you right now."


I agreed. "Here, take Lily and head to our bedroom while I dry off."


It only took a moment for me to make my way into our bedroom. It was nice to see Monica already going away at Lily on the family bed, her mouth covering our baby's cunt. Monica was bent down, ass in the air, offering her body to me in a position that suggested she was desperate for a fuck.


Monica made a muffled scream as I slid into her. Inside my mind I wondered if this was the first time Monica had actually tasted Lily. But let's be real here - who knows what they've been doing all of this time I've been out working.


I could feel my wife getting wetter with every thrust.


"Oh god," Monica moaned between licks. "Are we going to make her into a slut just like Mommy? Are we going to teach her to love her Daddy's cock, to drink his cum?"


I decided that it was time to be bold.


"Oh yeah," I groaned. "And I can start by cumming in her bottle."




Two seconds later, and my wife was bucking in orgasm. Hips quivering, body shaking, juices dripping.


Between the passionate screaming of Monica and the fact that she was no longer getting her cunny licked, Lily started to get fussy. Poor baby can't yet tell us not to stop, to keep licking because it feels so good.


"Too bad," my wife sighed as her orgasm subsided. "Still too small to take her daddy's cock, just like Mommy. But that's ok. We can still have fun."


Monica looked up at me. "I think it's your turn Daddy!"


Monica grabbed Lily and rolled over on to her back, holding our baby girl on her tummy. "I think our little girl still wants her pee pee licked... Don't you baby?" She gave Lily's slot a little rub with her finger, which caused her to squeal with laughter.


"Do it... feast on that yummy baby pussy. I want to see you eat her out."


As if she had to ask.


"Mm," I said. "She tastes so sweet." I savored the flavor. Baby cunt. My favorite taste in the entire world.


"Fuck me Daddy," Monica called out. "Won't be long before there's 2 of us asking for your cock, maybe more!"


I inserted myself back into my wife and began pumping, all without taking my mouth off of Lily's cunt - at least for the moment.


"Look, did you see her legs kicking?" I asked. "She really likes it."


"Mhmm," my wife responded. "Then get back to it, don't leave her waiting." She reached down and pulled both of her lips to the side, exposing her pink little baby clit. "Lick it."


I groaned again as my mouth made contact with the treasure inside of her folds.


The feeling of fucking my wife while licking our baby daughter's pussy was proving to be too much. I was the luckiest guy in the world for sure, and my excitement was building up. This excitement was taken out on the little one, who's slit was being probed and tickled at an increasing rate.


"Wow, you've never even gone down on me like that! Mommy's jealous!"


While I was busy lapping away at Lily's cunt, Monica scooped up some of her own juices, took her index finger, and slipped it underneath our little girl. Parting her cheeks ever so slightly, Monica rested her finger against Lily's baby butthole and gently began rubbing in a circle.


The combined sensations threw Lily into overdrive as she began writhing in pleasure. I encompassed my mouth completely over her mound and began sucking on her sex.


"Oh god," I thought. "Oh god, she's bending back. Oh god, she's doing it!"


I darted my tongue into her tiny slit. Lily made only a few little squeaks before her body exploded into pleasure.


As did mine.


"Oh god, I can't believe this," I thought. "I have a baby cumming right here on my face. My baby. My baby girl. And I'm cumming right along with her."


"Michael!" my wife interrupted. "Ohhh, I can feel it! Wow, it's still coming! I've never felt it like that before!"


I was still oozing cum as I pulled out of my wife.


"Oh, you naughty thing," she teased. "Oooh wait, let's save some for Lily."


I was drained. My wife however, was still incredibly horny.


"Go ahead, smack your cock against her cunt, rub our juices all over her. Don't worry, you won't hurt her."


Even now, the head of my cock looked massive against her tiny body.


"Mm, Mommy's love juice and Daddy's cum. The only thing that would make this better is if Lily gave us a little piddle."


"And you said I was the naughty one?" I asked.


"Hehe... well, you did just give our baby an orgasm. You can't tell me that's not naughty."


"Yeah, I guess you're right. I'll agree to being naughty, as long as you admit that you're naughty too."




This was heaven - being able to share this part of me with my dear wife, not having to hide anything. And being able to show love to my little girl in the most special of ways. There would never be a moment in Lily's wife where she doesn't know that her mommy and daddy love her with all of their heart.


My wife put a diaper back on Lily and we all crawled into bed. As I drifted off to sleep, I wondered how far this would go. What our life together would look like as Lily grew older, and new opportunities arose. And just how dirty things would get.


Somehow, I had a feeling that Monica was thinking the exact same thing.



Will I continue this story? Time will tell.


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