Welcome to my redesigned Asstr site! I've added a new theme to make it far easier to actually navigate and get around with ease.

Over the coming months I'll resume posting new stories, provide updates on the projects I'm working on through the blog section, and continue making improvements to the theme and navigation, adding new features to make it easier to find the stories you'll love. If Asstr goes down again, be sure to contact me to find out where I'm currently publishing new stories!

Additionally, if you have any feedback on the changes, please let me know by sending an email!

Note: Guest stories will be re-added as soon as possible - due to a host of issues, it will take me a little while to get these back online.

Submit A Guest Story

I recently opened up my page to guest submissions. Many people who want to publish aren't able to since Asstr doesn't always process new author applications as they should.

Want to publish here? Sounds great! Consensual stories only, and must comply with all of Asstr's rules. Contact me for more information.

Get In Touch!

I absolutely love hearing from my readers, and meeting like-minded people is one of my favorite reasons to write. Whether you've got a story suggestion, a comment, or you'd simply like to chat, reach me by sending an email to lucidity1@tutanota.com!