A Walk In The Park

Story Codes: Ped, Mg6, Oral, Cons, Slow

By: Lucidity


One of the things I love about going on long walks is you never know what you're going to see, the things you're going to encounter..


Throughout the years I thought I'd seen it all - from spotting naked little children dancing in their bedroom windows, to soiled panties on the side of a hiking trail.


But when you put yourself out there in the world, you never know what's going to happen to you. The people you'll meet, and the experiences you share.


It was fairly late in the day, the sun was starting to go down and it was a little bit windy. This is normally the sort of time that people head home, eat dinner and stay in for the night - which is exactly what I was going to do. So I was very surprised when I crossed through the town park to find a lone little girl, who couldn't be more than 5 or 6, swinging all the monkey bars all by herself. Not a single other person in sight.


Normally I'd have taken a different route and tried to avoid her, but I was tired and cutting through the park saves a lot of time. The truth is, I've known that I'm a pedophile for some time now, but the last thing I want is for other people to find that out. Any bad accusations, and my career could be over. So being at the park, alone, with a little girl that isn't mine just didn't feel safe.


But as I'm sure you know, you don't always make the wisest decisions when you're tired.


Being all alone, it didn't take long for her to notice my presence. She looked over at me with a faint smile that suggested she wasn't sure how to feel about a middle-aged man like myself stepping into her private little world. Still, it was clear she was desperate for some kind of attention, somebody to notice her, and she was willing to get that from whoever was willing to offer it.


A smile back was all I offered in return. I mean... I probably should say something - ask why she's here all alone at the very least. It's late and well, it could've been anybody walking through here. Somebody with much worse intentions than my own. But is it really any of my business?


My scrambling thoughts were soon interrupted.


"Hello!" I hear called to me, in a cool composed manner.


I nod to acknowledge her greeting. "Hello."


As I carry on walking, a look of rejection and despair stems across her face. It's one of the saddest sights I've ever seen. Doesn't she have any friends? Is this what it's like for her every time she wants to get to know somebody? I pause and turn back towards her.


"Hey, it's getting a little dark, it'd probably be best if you went home soon," I tried to tell her in a non-threatening manner.


The look on her face didn't change. I hope she didn't interpret that as me wanting her to leave.


"Just don't want it for you to get too dark to see," I add. "Or for you to get lost." I try to emphasize my smile to make my kind-hearted suggestion clear.


"My mommy said to play here until she comes to pick me up. If I come home early I'll be in lotsa trouble, please don't make me go home mister!" She looked visibly upset, almost scared even. There's no way I can leave her now, alone with her thoughts.


"Oh, well that's okay," I say soothingly as I walk over to her and begin gently rubbing her back. "Would you like me to stay here with you for a little while? The playground is a lot more fun when you're with friends!"


Her face lights up like an excited puppy. "Will you? Yes, please! Will you really?"


"Sure, I would love that very much," I respond. Her pure happiness warms my heart. "What is your name sweetie?"


"Sophia," she says a bit bashfully.


"Ah, I knew it!" I exclaim. "Such a pretty name."


Sophia stares at me with a strange mixture of awe and confusion in her face. "How did you know Mister? Are you a secret mind reader?"


"Ha ha, not quite," I chuckle. "I just knew that such a pretty girl had to have a pretty name as well. And I was right!


"I'm not pretty," she tells me, turning away shyly. "There's a pretty girl in my class and she has lotsa friends and she's so happy and her mommy always says nice things about her when she picks her up from school!"


Well, at least now I know that she's in school, but her choice of words intrigues me. I wonder what life is like for her at home and around other kids her age. She really is adorable, so I've got to wonder what's actually wrong.


Before I get too lost in thought, a sweet little voice interrupts me.


"What should I call you? My mommy says to call you Mister but I don't like it because it means you're old. And if you're old you wouldn't wanna play on the playground with me!"


I chuckle at her logic. Her mother must have taught her to refer to all men as 'mister.' I suppose there could've been worse names.


"Peter," I said. "You can call me Peter.


"Oki Peter," she says with a little smile. "Will you push me on the swing? Please?"


"Of course dear."


Her innocence had taken it's effect on me and I felt my cock begin to twitch in my pants. Still, right now my heart felt full and I just genuinely wanted to see her happy. She seemed like she needed someone there for her, even if it's just a friend.


Her girlish squeals of laughter echoed throughout the empty park as she became more and more daring. "Push me higher Peter!" she's yell behind little giggles. "Higher!"


Oh, how I wished to be on the other side of that swing. Seeing her dress fly up in the wind, catching little peeks at her panties. If the rest of her outfit were anything to judge by, I had a feeling they probably didn't fit right either.


God, the things I wanted. My mind raced as I continued pushing Sophia on the swing. Without realizing it, my hands kept slipping further and further downward, until eventually I was pushing on her butt.


The realization hit me like a ton of bricks. I wanted to feel embarrassed, or shameful, or worried, but I wasn't. I was aroused and I was excited. Here I was, feeling a soft, squishy little girl butt against my hand, over and over again. Sophia didn't seem to notice or if she did she didn't seem to mind. Either way this was an exciting first for me. Everyone should be blessed with having a little girl in their life, but I was never that lucky.


I started to get a little braver and a little bolder, giving her little behind some squeezes and tickles. You wouldn't believe how hard it made her squeal with laughter! It was pure bliss for the both of of us. Sadly, our little version of heaven didn't last long as we saw two headlights approaching the entrance to the park.


"That must be your mom," I told Sophia with a tone of sadness in my voice.


"Nooo!" Sophia cried out. "I want to stay here with you!" Sophia wrapped her arms around me in a big hug while she looked up at me with those big, teary eyes.


"I know baby girl. I want to stay here with you two. But your mommy will be very upset and worried if you don't go."


"Nuh uh!" she cried back.


"Well how about this. If you're back here tomorrow, I'll come too and then we can spend more time together! How does that sound?" I didn't want her to be too upset, even if things don't work out. I couldn't handle seeing those sad little eyes for very much longer.


"Okay," she agrees. "But you'd better be here tomorrow! Tomorrow is Friday and my mommy makes me stay here even longer on Fridays."


A few honks indicate it's time to go.


"Bye Peter! And if you aren't here tomorrow I'm going to be so sad!"


"Bye Sophia. I will be here. I promise."


After waiting by to make sure it was actually her mother picking her up. I continued my walk home, eager for tomorrow.


The next day couldn't have come quicker. All day at work Sophia dominated my thoughts. Fortuantely I was able to get off a little early, hoping Sophia wouldn't have been waiting long. With my luck she may have thought I lied to her. I'm sure I wouldn't have been the first one to do so.


When I finally got to the park it was fairly late in the day - not too dark to see, but still pretty late. Still, Sophia must have had school today so she couldn't have been waiting too long.


In the distance I could see Sophia running around, obviously playing make believe in her head. Since nobody else was here I decided to sneak up on her and surprise her.


I didn't make it all the way before she ended up surprising me instead.


"YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" she yelled out as she ran over to meet me, arms wide. "You really came! You came back! I knew you'd come back Peter!"


"I sure did kiddo," I chuckle as I embrace her. "There's no way I could forget you!" She closes her eyes and smiles wider.


In the moment we held each other, I couldn't help but notice her scent. It was definitely the scent of a little girl, albeit not a very clean one. Either she hadn't showered since yesterday or she had played very, very hard while at school. Still, I liked it. It was the smell of Sophia.


"Let's go play!" She exclaimed. "I wanna swing again! Just like last time! Please Peter?"


"Of course sweetie, let's get you on that swing!" She really seems to adore the eagerness I have to spend time with her.


Unlike yesterday however, it wasn't long before my perverted hands were fondling her little bottom again. I just loved the way it felt in my hand, soft but full. Only the thin fabric of her dress and panties separating my hand from her smooth skin. Oh, how I wanted to touch it for real, or even to kiss it.


I had an idea.


"Hey Sophia," I said, walking to the front of her. "Why don't we play on the monkey bars? I want to see if you can go all the way across!"


"Okie Peter, but you gotta- stop me- swinging first!"


"Jump!" I yell to her inbetween swings. "I'll catch you! I promise!"




"Yes! Cross my heart and hope to die!" I make the motion for emphasis.


Without warning, she leaps from her swing, her destination- my arms. I manage to catch her at just the right time. In my arms, a smiling little girl looking up at me with surprised eyes. In my hand, a full butt cheek, fitting perfectly in my palm. I trace my finger up her crack as I set her down.


"To the monkey bars we go!" I shout, and begin walking over. Little Sophia followed close behind.


"Watch me Peter!" she yells as she grabs the first bar and starts swinging, a proud look on her face. It looks like she's been practicing.


Unfortunately, she doesn't make it very far before she gets stuck and subsequently scared, the bravery and pride washed away as she realizes she might fall.


Sensing the danger, I walk over and hold her legs, gently grabbing each one with my hands and rubbing them up and down.


Sophia looks down at me with a smile. "Thanks!"


"Don't mention it," I tell her. "Let's take it nice and slow, alright."


"Kay," she responds. As I give her a little momentum to reach the next bar, I finally get a look straight up her dress at the panties tightly hugging her little mound. White with a pink trim. Absolutely adorable.


"I'm doing it Peter!" She seemed very pleased with herself.


"You sure are baby girl!" I was proud of her, but as much as I wanted to watch I couldn't keep my eyes off of her pussy inside of those panties. The way her little slit would briefly come into view as she swung was driving me crazy.


When we got to the end, Sophia jumped up and down with Glee. "Peter, I liked that!"


My daze was broken. "Oh, what? Oh, me too. You did very good!"


"Nooooo Peter," she said in a silly manner. "The massage you gave my legs! I like it! I wanna 'nother one!"


"Oh fuck," I thought to myself. "I didn't realize she had noticed." At this point, I was too horny to care. But whatever was about to happen, it wasn't about to happen right out here in the open.


"Sure princess, your wish is my command." I joke.


"You think I'm a princess?" Sophia giggles in return.


"The prettiest one of all!" This time, making sure she knows I mean it. I only get a smile and a blush in return. "So where should we go so I can give you your massage? We shouldn't do it here, otherwise someone might see and they might want one too. So we gotta do it where nobody else will find out."


Sophia thinks for a moment before her face brightens up. "I know! Follow me!" Before I can say anything, she's grabbed my hand and is running to the outskirts of the park.


As we approach the edge, she leads me into some bushes. Seeing as I'm much taller than her, it's a lot easier for her to find her way through than me. After a few minutes we approach this clear open area, surrounded by trees but perfectly isolated. It makes me wonder how long Sophia's had to discover this little place, I certainly would've never have found it on my own.


"Hey," I ask. "What if your mom comes, how will you know she's there?"


"I'll hear her honk!" she tell me as if I had just asked the world's stupidest question. Somehow I doubted she'd hear it from here. "Besides, she won't be coming for a long time."


"How do you know?" I ask.


"Because it's Friday and she's always gone longer on Fridays."


"Oh? What is she doing anyway?" I really am curious.


"Shhh," Sophia puts her finger to my lips with an impish grin. "It's time for my massage. Maybe I'll tell you after."


"Wow," I think to myself. "Coercing me into a massage with this tiny bit of leverage that she's got." I find it both cute and comical at the same time.


After finding a soft patch of grass, I tell her to lay down. She stretches her arms and legs out as if it were the most comfy bed in the world.


"Ready?" I ask.




Without any further ado, I kneel on the ground and gently begin rubbing her right leg with my hands. She seems more relaxed by my touch than anything else.


After a couple minutes of rubbing her legs up to her kneecaps, I make a suggestion.


"Hey, you can take your shoes off you know. Even your socks if you want."


Sophia contemplates this for a moment before making her decision. "Hmm.... Kay!" She smiles at me as she lifts her head up to watch me take off her socks and shoes, wiggling her toes at me as I free them.


I gently set her clothing to the side and go back to massaging her legs, occasionally reaching down to tickle her feet, making her giggle and squeal. If I was lucky, she'd even kick her feet up, giving me a peek inside her dress.


As my arousal grew, so did my bravery. Slowly my hands started finding my way under her dress, sliding further and further up Sophia's legs, but never touching her pussy. She didn't seem to mind at all, and in fact, it seemed like she was actually enjoying it. Her breaths were deeper and more relaxed, her eyes closed, a large blissful smile running across her face.


Finally I reached a point where I knew I couldn't go farther without crossing the line. I had to ask one simple question, and once I did, there was no going back.


"Sophia, is it okay if I lift up your dress? I want to massage your tummy but your dress is in the way. You don't have to take it off, just lift it up. And you don't have to if you don't want to."


"Yes Peter," she sighed without much thought. "Keep massaging me. It feels gooooood."


Slowly I push up her dress, my cock throbbing harder and harder as her panty-clad pussy comes into view.


I loved the way her tummy looked. Tiny, with only a thin layer of baby fat. Smooth and soft as my hands ran over it.


Before long I found myself asking the same question again.


"Sophia, can I go further?" Without opening her eyes she nodded.


I had nearly came in my pants when her tiny little nipples came into view. Her chest was perfectly flat, only two little pink dots signifying there was anything there.


Within seconds my hands were all over them, feeling, squeezing, grabbing everything that I could. Sophia opened her mouth a little bit while she smiled, a bit unsure of what to think. Still, I wanted more.


"Sweetie, is it okay if I kiss you too, while I do my massage?"


She lifted her head up and looked to the side before opening her mouth. "Okie Peter... Yes please!" After nodding her head a few times I began adding light kisses to my rubs of her tummy and chest. She seemed to really appreciate being loved and adored in this way, or she at least appreciated the attention. Of course, I was definitely happy to give it to her. This little girl was an angel.


I was in heaven when my mouth covered her little nipple for the first time. I couldn't help but take it into my mouth, gently sucking while my hands ran over Sophia's tummy. After giving it a few licks I move over to her other one, savoring the experience.


I couldn't take it much longer.


Kissing my way back down her body, I stopped when I reached the waistband of her panties.


"Sophia, my perfect little princess, there's one more place I'd like to massage today. Would it be okay if I took off your panties?"


She seemed to know where this was going. "Yessssss Peter, you can massage my pee pee!"


As if she would say no. It was clear as day that the little one was horny, and I was a bit surprised she hadn't reached for her pussy already. Still, they say good things come to those who wait, and I was about to show her something incredible. She was going to do the same for me.


My mouth watered as her little bald slit came into view. It was genuinely one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. I wasted no time, shoving my nose in her pussy crack and savoring the light smell of little girl cunny before getting my first taste.


With one big lick, Sophia was already moaning. "Mmm," she sighed. "I like that. Please do it again."


She didn't have to ask. Over and over again I took long laps at her most private area, from right above her six-year-old butthole to the top of her slit, adoring the way she's giggle when my tongue traced across her kiddy clit. She tasted good, only a hint of stale pee covering the sweet taste of her preteen vagina.


"Keep massaging me there Peter!" she called out.


I could almost sense the waves of pleasure rushing through her as I licked and sucked on her young sex. The way her body would contract and shake slightly, her butthole blinking at me, tiny moans escaping her lips. She was experiencing one of the most beautiful things life has to offer, and so was I.


"Peeeetttteeeeerr that feels soooo goood. I reeeaaally loooove it!" she panted. "Oh Peeetterrr, it feels like, aahh, I'm uhhhnn...!"


Cupping my hands underneath her butt, I lifted her up into my mouth without stopping. Her words got fainter and fainter until all she could do was moan, her first orgasm fast approaching.


"Ahhhh, Pe- Uhhnnn Teerrrrrrrr - oooooeeeeeeeeeeeee!"


The little angel locks her legs around and my head, pulling me in as her little body begins to shake and quiver. I can't help but push my index finger against her butthole, feeling it blink and squeeze as she softly squeals, moans, and finally sighs as her orgasm subsides.


"Pe - Peter, what just happened? I felt so weird but it was the bestest thing ever!"


I smile at her sweetly, pulling her in close and cradling her in my arms. "We just did something very special sweetie. Are you okay?"


She rested her head against my chest and looked up at me. "Mhmm!"


"We can do that anytime you want, as long as it's just the two of us. But nobody else can join in or even know we did it, or else we won't be able to do it anymore."


Sophia seemed a bit tired and drowzy, as if she could fall asleep right there with me. Although we didn't know each other long, she seemed to sense that I would never hurt her. In fact, I would do anything I could to protect her.


"But what if I never see you again Peter?" The thought seemed to sadden both of us.


"Don't you worry about that sweetie," I tell her in the most reassuring manner I can. "I have a feeling we'll be seeing each other a lot more often. You might even get sick of me!" I joke.


"No way!" she yells back, as if she had used every ounce of energy she had left to make it clear.


For a few moments we just held each other, treasuring the feeling of being in each other's arms, feeling her heartbeat and hearing her breathe. I was still a bit horny - there was a lot I wanted to do. Not just lick her in more places (although I certainly wanted to do that) or fill her young womb with my seed (which I hoped would come with time) but just show her what it means to have a special bond with somebody. Who knows what it would morph into.


Sadly, it wasn't long enough before we heard honking out in the distance. Instantly Sophia started crying, which made it difficult for me too.


"I guess you've got to go," I told her, trying to make it as easy as possible for her.


"I don't wanna!" she cried out.


"Shh, it's ok baby girl," I reassured her. "I'll see you again, I promise. I will come back here every day if I have to, and no matter what, I will never give up on you. Because I think you're the most amazingest person in the whole world!"


While she seemed to love the praise, it didn't seem to help much. Still, she knew she had to go.


"You really think so Peter? And you really promise?"


"Of course."


She trusted me. Together, we started walking back towards the main area of the park where our day together started.


"Hey Sophia!" I asked, with one last thing on my mind.


"Yes Peter?"


"You never told me where your mommy was!"


"Oh," she said. "My mommy was out looking for a daddy for me!"


With that, we said our goodbyes, and I was left there alone in my thoughts.



Will I continue this story? Time will tell.


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