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If you've made it this far, it means that either  you have as nasty, kinky, pervy a mind as I do or you're entirely in the wrong place. You're free to read the stories on this site as long as you agree to the Site Terms listed on the right. I write for my own enjoyment and freely share the results  on these pages as others have indicated that they have enjoyed reading them.

I've tried to provide adequate warning about the themes and content of them. But if you are one who has sought out such content -- Enjoy :)  Send a Comment

Hot Tit Torture

A Word of Warning

Some of the themes of the stories here are quite extreme and can cause digust or revulsion in some people who read them. Please be aware of this and feel free to click off to somewhere  with more normal content. No offense will be taken if you do. But also try to realize that these are all fictional stories, made up in the mind and nobody was hurt or damaged in the typing of them.

 Unless you consider the author's carpal tunnel, but that is mostly self inflicted.

Animal Lovers

Site updates

The stories and site pages are updated sporadically now. Any updates are usually listed on the What's New page. Additional information on the stories can sometimes be found on the Story Notes page which may give some insight into the twisted mind of the author - although that may be of very little practical use.

As always, reader feedback is usually welcome and responded to quickly, unless it is just a rabid, nasty diatribe, in which case you should read the Info page before typing.

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