Out Of This World Adventure

Solitude Interrupted

A little story written for a contest on another sex story site. The first paragraph is the one that was required to start the story. I did enjoy writing this one so much that I wrote a second chapter, and then a third is now in the works. The second chapter is now posted and the third'll be posted when finished, if I receive encouragement from readers.   # ; ^ )  Send me feedback if you want more posted.

Warning: These stories depict extreme sexual acts with an apparently underage female by several people. Take note and skip them if that will offend you!

  • Solitude Interrupted - 93.2 KB - A young waif awakens an old curmudgeon set in his ways
  • Solitude Revisited -  - 72.3 KB - The old curmudgeon revisits his young waif, only with some  unwanted company.
  • Solitude Irrevocably Lost - [unfinished] The unwanted company turns into a full blown orgy

[BTW, I didn't win the contest. Yeah, not even close. ]

You can view some of the new 3DX graphics that have been created for this series here.

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