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Most of the poems here have stanzas in the form of Limericks. Short poems (1-6 stanzas) are collected together by theme. Long story-poems (7-100+ stanzas) appear by title.

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Collections of Short Poems by theme:

Daddies, Daughters and Other Family Matters, Part I

Daddies, Daughters and Other Family Matters, Part II

Pretty Little Girls Part I

Pretty Little Girls Part II

Little Whores Part I

Little Whores Part II


Pimped Out Daughters Part I

Pimped Out Daughters Part II

Pimped Out Daughters Part III

Dogs, Girls and Other Furry Things Part I

Dogs, Girls and Other Furry Things Part II


Bondage Chronicles Part I

Bondage Chronicles Part II


Longer Story-Poems by title:

A Father's Love (8 stanzas, Mg, con, inc, prost) How a father discovers his love for his daughter includes various forbidden desires.

As Kelly Grows Up (15 Stanzas, Mg, M+g, nc, best, inc) The saga of Kelly growing up with a "lucky" father.

Daddy Don't Spank Me Please! (13 Stanzas, Mg, nc, spank, inc) The little girl tries to get daddy to stop spanking her, not knowing she's just making things worse.

Dear Daddy I Love You So Much (38 Stanzas, Mg, bd, nc, inc) A little girl doesn't understand why her daddy is doing things to her, or why YOU are doing things to her.

The Flasher In The Alley (11 Stanzas, Mg, nc) A flasher, a little girl, what could go wrong?

Little Cherry And The Ancient Bauble (106 Stanzas, Mg, M+g, nc, inc) Little 8-year-old Cherry finds a magic bauble and discovers the joys of multiple partners.

The Doggie Game (48 stanzas, g, best) A little girl discovers the dangers of playing with horny dogs.

The Little Girl and the Great Dane (Dog/g, nc, best) Jane has to deal with daddy's Great Dane

An Innocent Game (12 stanzas, g, best) Playing with dogs isn't always as innocent as it seems.

Mary Had A Little Ram, A parody. (Ram/g, nc, best, humor)

When I First Took My Preteen To Bed (Mg, inc, reluc, oral) Daddy teaches his preteen about sex.

The Very Best Toy (Mg, bond, nc, pedo) A little girl can be a very nice toy.

When I Tied Up My Sister One Night (Mg, inc, bond, oral, rp, best, blackmail, 33 stanzas) A young man has a great time with his bound sister - and so does a surprise guest.

The Little Whore (Mg(8), Mdom, prost) How to train your little whore. A departure from my usual limerick style - written in quatrains.

Have Yourself A Little Mary Christmas (Mg, mc, oral, anal, ped, best Xmas) New, naughty lyrics to an old Christmas favorite.

Won't You Play In My Playground? (Mg, mc, implied incest, oral, anal) A little girl wants daddy to play in her "playground."

The Angry Daddy. (Mg, inc, rp, bond) Whorish preteens need to be taught a lesson.

Oh Daddy! (Mg, M+g, inc, nc, bond, prost) A little girl is trained to be daddy's whore.

My Big Brothers A sweet child gets more than she bargained for from her brothers

A Little Girl's Punishment (Mg, inc, spank, rp) Daddy loses control when he has to punish his ten-year-old daughter

My Two Sisters (Mg, Dg, inc, best) A brother and his two eight-year-old sisters.

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And here's another random limerick - just for fun: