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My Two Sisters

- by Alvo Torelli


Two sisters have I whom I love
So young, so soft, so sweet
I like to bind them up at night
And set them at my feet

They wriggle and they groan out loud
And struggle 'gainst their bonds
They're both just eight, I love them so
My tied up little blondes

I bind them both without their clothes
To bring on them great shame
I find their blushing oh so cute!
Their faces both aflame

On Jenna I use silken rope
Her knickers gag her lips
Her startled eyes look up at me
Her hands tied to her hips

She's forced to stand and squirm and moan
Until it's time to play
Her ankles spread by two strong ropes
Her cunny on display

Her sister's name is Madeline
Or Maddy, if you please
The stockade holds her fixed in place
So cute on hands and knees

Her knees are spread, her wrists are trapped
The metal holds her fast
The circlet round her neck is cold
She looks up quite aghast

It's nice to have a pair of girls
To help you pass the time
With one to use and one to watch
It can be so sublime

I let them wait, in helpless angst
I leave them for some time
Their little minds will fantasize
Grave torments quite sublime

Thus when it's time to start our play
Their senses are much heightened
I love to use a little girl
When she is really frightened

Sweet Maddy tenses when she feels
My fingers at her crack
I spread some fragrant oil about
Her ass I lightly smack

The odor lifts upon the winds
And wafts out through the door
It drifts out to the big brown mutt
My sisters do adore

I lift sweet Jenna in my lap
Caress with gentle care
The flower of her innocence
As she mewls in despair

I want her squirming, wet and warm
I want to feel her spasm
Before I press my long hard pole
Into her tight young chasm

And here's the big brown dog at last
To Maddy's rear he bounds
She screams when first she feels his tongue
Lash 'tween her hairless mounds

My Maddy dear, she squirms and twists
The stockade holds her tight
The dog leaps on her back and barks
And grips her with his might

Wee Jenna's eyes grow wide with fright
She sees the dog's harpoon
Bright scarlet, wet and shining forth
And aimed for Maddy's poon

And so it is the dog and I
In tandem press our luck
We press our cocks to warm, wet cunts
And thrust in for a fuck

Dear Maddy screams, her pussy filled
The doggy howls with joy
And Jenna's cunny yields to me
My pretty, young sex toy

T'was ne'er two tighter little cunts
Than those my sisters had
The dog and I thrust on and on
It nearly drove us mad

But soon the mutt's big knot did swell
And tied him to the child
Sweet Maddy moaned in orgasm
And thus she was defiled

As Jenna watched her sister's shame
So too she groaned and quaked
In climax did she writhe and blush
Her pleasure was not faked

I held it back long as I could
But never was a male
Could keep his seed from spilling out
In such a hot young tail

I left my cum up in her womb
And clutched her to my chest
My sweet young Jenna warm and small
For sex she is the best

Two sisters have I whom I love
And when I let them go
They nestle into bed with me
Their faces all aglow

They giggle and we snuggle tight
They kiss my cheeks and then
They beg me, "Brother, that was nice
Let's do it soon again"

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