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The Angry Daddy

- by Alvo Torelli

(Mg, inc, rp, bond)


Little girl, oh, you make me so mad.

Don't you know you must honor your dad?

You don't like to be tied?

Well, you shouldn't have lied.

And you shouldn't have acted so bad.


It's not my fault you're so ill-behaved

And your clothes make you look so depraved.

You don't know what it means.

You're a naive preteen!

Now I've no choice - you must be enslaved.


I can't have you out prancing all over.

Like some whore looking for her next rover.

But you've made it quite clear

What you're after my dear,

What you want is a roll in the clover!


Despite all of the times I said "no!"

You went out dressed to look like a ho.

Then you flirted with guys,

Showed too much of your thighs,

Did your best to put on a sex show!


Now I think the best way to be taught:

Have too much of the thing that you sought.

With that theory in mind

And you there in a bind

I have had a delectable thought.


I have one other problem, you see,

My cock throbs and it yearns to be free!

Since you're really to blame

It would be quite a shame

If I didn't use you to fix me.


It's the perfect solution sweet pet.

Oh don't thrash about acting upset.

It is just a big cock.

Yes, I know it's a shock.

But you'll learn well from being fucked yet!


Did you know this is what you were doing

To those boys when you gave them a viewing?

You gave them all erections

With your whorish affections.

And now this one will give you a screwing.


It looks too big to fit in your slit?

Oh stop writhing and having a fit.

With some force I can slip

The fat head 'tween your lips

Now get ready to feel yourself split!

With a thrust I break through, spread you wide.

And you feel something ripping inside.

Oh don't cry out so loud

Just because you've been plowed

You don't need to act so horrified.


Oh my god you're so tight and so warm.

Are you learning now how to reform?

This is just what men want

When you dress like a cunt.

And like this they'd all take you by storm.


Do you feel how my cock in you thrums,

As the depth of your pussy it plumbs?

No, no, no, little pet

I won't untie you yet.

Holy shit I am ready to cum!


Yes, oh my! I am thrusting so deep.

You're so sexy trussed up like a sheep.

Your womb I am hoeing.

My hot sperm is flowing!

Have you learned yet to stop being cheap?


I don't know what you've learned yet my child.

But your daddy has learned something wild.

Raping you while you're bound

Is the best fuck around,

It's erotic to see you defiled!


And you've really no space for complaint.

In your whore clothes you showed no restraint.

First you snuck out at night

Then you lied: that's not right!

You're a preteen who knows no constraint.


From now on you're a toy for my use,

Since it's clear that you want hard abuse.

You'll get more than you want

Of my cock up your cunt,

But I think next I'll use your caboose!

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