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When I Tied Up My Sister One Night

- by Alvo Torelli

(mg, Mg, inc, bond, rp, best, blackmail, 33 stanzas)


When I tied up my sister one night

She tried hard to put up a good fight.

She scratched and she kicked

But she knew she was licked

When she saw how I smiled with delight.


She'd no reason to holler or shriek

Since ours parents are gone for a week.

Still the wee pretty child

Screamed out loud something wild

'Til I spanked her small butt on each cheek!


"Oh please stop!" she cried out in her fear.

I admired her bare reddened rear.

Then I pulled back her arms

And increased her alarm -

Bound her elbows and wrists quite severe.


Round each ankle I looped a strong rope

As my poor sister dear lost all hope.

With her knees widely spread

She was tied to my bed

With her ass high and ready to grope!


"Brother why have you tied me like this?

Said my sister, the poor little miss.

"Don't you know, sister dear,

You've a perfect round rear

And it drives thoughts that I can't dismiss?"


And that butt was the thing that incited

Evil thoughts that made me so excited!

It was smooth and pear shaped

And cried out to be raped,

An idea that made me quite delighted.


Oh my god what a pussy she had!

And it too made me think things quite bad.

I could not get enough

Of her hairless wee muff

When I touched it she nearly went mad.


How she screamed as I knelt 'tween her feet,

Took a taste of her pussy so sweet!

Then she started to moan

As I licked her clit zone

And she flushed with a new kind of heat!


But I just couldn't manage to wait,

'Cause my need for tight cunt was too great.

I pushed close 'gainst her thighs

With a long hard surprise

That I placed up against her warm gate.


"Brother no!" screamed the innocent child.

'Twas no use - my pulse throbbed far too wild.

With no caring - I thrusted

Thus her cherry was busted

And my sweet sister dear was defiled.


In and out with surprising fast speed,

I fucked Sis with my terrible need.

It did not take so long

Ere cum sprayed from my dong

And I filled up her womb with my seed.


Then I left my poor sister to moan

Tied up tight on her knees on her own,

While I went for a brew

And a ciggy or two.

Half an hour I left her alone.


I came back with intentions quite crass!

I'd been thinking to use her sweet ass.

But I had a great shock

(One that stiffened my cock)

Someone else was there using my lass!


He was cleaning my cum from her gash

And he used his strong tongue like a lash.

The poor innocent child

Had an orgasm wild

With no choice but to quiver and thrash.


How I laughed! It was ever so funny.

My big dog licking hard at her cunny!

Then I had inspiration -

Don't waste this situation -

Surely this could be worth lots of money!


With a camera I caught all the jolly

Of my sister and our friendly collie

As she jerked and she mewled

The dog licked hard and drooled

And I laughed at her terrible folly.


Soon the dog had enough of her taste

And his red cock hung down 'neath his waist.

He ran round and he whined

Then he pawed her behind

And I knew she would soon be disgraced.


As I captured the moment with care,

The big dog rubbed her ass to prepare.

Then he jumped on her back

And began his attack,

I made sure that I filmed her despair!


"Make him stop! He can't do this, it's bad!"

Pleaded Sister, to me, 'twas so sad:

For she knew that he could,

And she knew that I would

Let the dog fuck her hard - what a cad.


In a flash the big cock was inside her.

In and out, with such speed! He did ride her.

Though she screamed bloody hell

In no time you could tell

That an orgasmic rush had defied her.


Oh I guffawed and laughed. It was rich.

My sweet sister was now the dog's bitch!

She could not stop her moaning

From a dog's rapid boning

As he thrust in and out of her ditch.


Every moment of shame caught on tape -

She gave in and enjoyed her dog rape.

All at once his knot swelled,

It could not be expelled.

She was filled to the max - mouth agape.


I'd no notion that humiliation

Like my sister's dog cock violation,

Would be so hot to watch

(My cock strained at my crotch!)

'Twas a wonderful, lewd revelation.


My poor sister was tied to the beast

For a long time - an hour at least.

Like a softball his knot

Was stuck fast up her twat

And all through it her climax ne'er ceased.


A new problem arose from my need,

My big cock swelled so full it might bleed!

So I stroked my big pole

Until I lost control -

Sister's face glistened bright with my seed!


At the end the two must be untied.

The knot stretched her - my wee sister cried.

When it finally pulled out

Dog cum sprayed all about

And my sister was so mortified.


For a week now my sister's stayed bound.

She serves me and she serves our big hound.

On a leash she must walk

And I don't let her talk

And she sleeps with the dog on the ground.


She has gotten quite good giving head

At the same time that she's being bred.

She will suck the dog's cock

While I'm fucking her sock

Or the other way turned round instead.


But our week finally came to a close.

It was sad, but it's good I suppose.

I know she will not squeal

'Cause we have a good deal -

If she's quiet: then nobody knows.


Yes I blackmailed the poor little girl

'Cause I knew that her young mind would swirl

If she thought that her shame

Would bring her any fame

When I sold her hot film to the world.


But I lied - she would be so aghast!

For her movies are selling quite fast.

I'm so mean to my sis,

The naive little miss,

For her audience now is quite vast.


And there's one more thing you ought to know:

Daddy dear has seen sister's dog show!

Now whenever mom's gone

Sis and dad get it on

While the dog gets a really great blow.


When I tied up my sister last night

She did not even put up a fight.

Be it daddy or me,

Or the doggy makes three,

She knows well now this life is her plight.


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