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Daddies, Daughters and other Family Matter, Part II

- by Alvo Torelli

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When my sister walks by I feel flush.
My big cock gets all hard in a rush!
She's too young for my touch
But I want her so much
I would give her my cum in a gush!


Daddy, please come and sit by my bed.
Daddy, see how my legs can be spread.
Daddy, please won't you touch?
Dad, I need you so much!
Daddy, I'm ripe and want to be bred!

Daughter dear, your so hot - though just eight.
Daughter dear, you make my cock inflate.
Daughter dear, be a pet,
Daughter dear - ah, your wet!
Daughter dear, breeding you will be great!


Well my niece has a fine little tail!
She's just eight but she stiffens my sail.
Every time she is near
I just watch her cute rear
Thinking how tight she'd be to impale.


For my daughter I have great affection,
But her presence gives me an erection:
The sweet face of the lass
Plus the curve of her ass
Forces me to give her an injection!


It's so sad that they grow up so fast
Opportunity comes, then it's past.
So don't hesitate, Dad!
Yes, we know it is bad,
But you'll find sex with her unsurpassed!


Oh my daddy's a very fine chap
Though he might give my butt a sharp slap.
One day he had a lump
That pressed into my rump
As he held me quite tight in his lap.


Brother why are you checking me out?
That's not nice! I'm just ten - you big lout.
You can't do that, it's bad
I'm your sister, your cad!
No! I don't want to ride on your spout!


Oh my daddy is such a big clown.
Tickles me underneath my nightgown.
Then I giggle and laugh
When he shows me his staff
Ere it slides in my cunny or brown.

Brother dear I am taking a shower!
You can't stand there and watch me and glower.
I don't know what you mean:
I'm a teasing preteen?
And I'm ready right now to deflower?


Oh my daddy is such a great fellow!
He is always so nice and so mellow.
Daddy gives me a buck,
For each man that I suck -
I'm the star of his little bordello!


Daddy dear, I don't like what you're doing.
There's a terror inside me that's brewing.
Please don't touch at my ring
With that big throbbing thing
I'm too young for a hard anal screwing!


Oh my daddy is such a nice guy!
Anything that I ask he will buy
If I just show my love -
Take his cock in my glove -
'Til he shudders and comes with a sigh.


Daddy, what is that thing you caress?
Daddy, why am I feeling such stress?
Gosh it's such a fat pole.
It goes into my hole?!?
Yes, that's right, sweetie pie - now undress!


Oh my daddy is such a nice man
Brings me candy and sweet marzipan
All he asks in return
Is to not show concern
While he's pushing his cock up my can.


My submissive young daughter's a tyke,
Who will do anything that I like.
Though my cock is too big
To fit full in her rig
Her back door can take all of my spike!

When I learned of her need to be used -
That my orders would not be refused -
I staked out my new claim,
Her first Master became,
She's my slave now - let none be confused.

She's compliant and does every task,
There's no end to things I might ask!
She once sucked off a bum
And then swallowed his cum
As I watched and I sipped from my flask.

It's amazing the things she will do.
Suck my rod for an hour or two,
Ride my cock while she's bound,
Suck the dick of my hound,
If I told her - she'd even fuck you!

She'll get down on all fours if I want,
Wag her ass for my dog to confront.
Then she'll suck on my dick
While she's taking his prick
And his knot up her hot little cunt.

I'm so glad I discovered her need.
Now I walk her around on a lead -
Show her off around town
Pimp her out to some clown
Who will fill her slit up with his seed.

Since my sweet little daughter's just eight,
The next ten years or so will be great!
She will be my sex toy
And she'll get equal joy
From each terrible thing I dictate.


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