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by Alvo Torelli


Every limerick here must be in the form of a single question.

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When you walk by the children's playground

Do you hope there are girls to be found

Coming down the big slide

With their legs spread out wide

Who are flashing their panties around?



Is the way that she screams and she kicks

A sure sign that this child hates our dicks,

Or perhaps it's an act

And in actual fact

She enjoys being bounced on our pricks?



Why do most of the girls that I spy,

Even preteens who should be too shy,

Wear provocative dress

That leaves nothing to guess

Like they're selling something I should buy?



When you look at that lass over there,

Yes the one with the cute teddy bear,

Do you have thoughts of lust

About how you would thrust

As you're gripping her long golden hair?



Does she know when she shows off her wares

And she flaunts her fine parts without care,

That each man who sees her

Is thinking to seize her

And then force her to serve in his lair?



Does that child over there understand

That her slutty clothes only expand

On the chances that she

Will end up absentee

When she's snatched to a far foreign land?



Does that child over there have a clue

What her cheap whorish clothes just might do

To the men in her life

Who might break down in strife

And do something to her that's taboo?



Do you think that young girl knows the shame

That her actions will bring to the name

Of her mother and dad

When the way that she's clad

Gets her nicked on a prostitute claim?



Does that child in the park know her eyes

And the sweet slender curve of her thighs

Make me want to do stuff

That could get rather rough

And involve cuffs and gags and hog-ties?



Can you tell me, kind sir, why it be,

That my daddy must watch me go pee,

Help me wash in the tub

And my privates to scrub,

When I'm ten and I'm no longer three?


Please let me know what you thought of these poems. I love hearing from readers.

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