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Jules - M/g pedo

Part 1 - A photographer meets a 10 year old girl, Juliet, in the forest. He shows her how his digital camera works by taking some pictures of her in various states of undress.

Part 2 - The story of 10 year old Juliet and the photographer continues as she visits his tent late at night, keen to find out more of the things he taught her earlier.


Sarah - F/g incest pedo

Mom is masturbating in bed and is discovered by her 8 year old daughter, Sarah. The child is so upset mom decides to explain what sex is all about.


Abigail - M/g pedo

A father tells of the day he was left in charge of his 4 year old niece, Abigail. When she eventually falls asleep for her afternoon nap, he takes advantage.


Bound - M/g bb/g g/g pedo rape incest bestiality

Mandy is left tied to a tree by her 'friends'. A succession of passersby take advantage of the poor 9 year old child before her father finds her.


Burglar - M/g pedo rape

A burglar breaks into a house to steal valuables but he is disturbed when a 10 year old schoolgirl returns home. He ties her to a bed then finds the situation stimulating.


Education - F/g+/b+ pedo

A class of 11 - 12 year olds attend a special sex education lecture in their school from a visiting teacher. To their surprise the lesson becomes a practical session.


Landlord - M/F/g/b pedo

Fiona and her young brother, Robert return home from play to find their mom paying the rent in kind. Mom wants to send the kids back out but the landlord has other ideas.


Linda - g/solo F/g F/g/m pedo incest

Linda is discovered masturbating in the locker room. She has to see her teacher after school for 'sex lessons' with the help of the teachers teenage son.


Primary - M/g/g pedo

Rosie & Zoe - Greenwood Primary School has a unique fund raising program. On his first visit a client is 'entertained' by two delightful 12 year old girls.

Eleanor - Another story from Greenwood Primary School. In this visit, Mrs. 'Smith' meets a recent 8 year old addition to the program.


Jessica - M/g pedo incest

Uncle Pete is trusted to look after his 7 year old niece. An incident at the cinema leads to him taking advantage of her - or is it the other way round!


Gangbang - mmmmm/g rape pedo

12 year old Elise is bored and decides to head out for a swim. On the way she spies on a gang of teenage boys in an old ranch house - and suffers the consequences!


Caught in the Act - M/g pedo incest

A father takes the opportunity for a quick wank one quiet afternoon, but is caught by his 4 year old daughter. Now he has to explain what he was doing!


Sisters - g/g pedo incest

Part 1 - Young Katie is just discovering the delights of her own body. She is discovered by her older sister which leads to them learning more of the joys of sex with each other.

Part 2 - Concluding the story of sisters who discover the joy of sex with each other. The two young girls continue to learn new and exciting things.


Lorelle - MM/g pedo incest

Its 'Take your daughter to work day' and for one father it happens to be the most important day of his career. Far from being a burden, his 10 year old is used as a means to secure an important contract, and his job!


First Summer of Love - bb/gg pedo

This story explores the shared wonders of sexual discovery experienced between 4 children one summer vacation. Told from the viewpoint of the youngest, 10 year old Samantha.

Runaway - M+/g pedo

A young girl is bored and depressed with her home life. The wonders of far off cities tempt her to runaway. Her nighttime escape on a freight train with hobos and drifters turns into a nightmare!

Secret Beach - F/g pedo

A lesbian aunt takes her young niece out dinghy sailing for the day. They stop at a secluded beach for a picnic where she is able to fulfill a long surpressed wish.

The Baby-sitter - M/g pedo

Part 1 - Jody takes on a baby-sitting job for her dad's boss but he molests her when he drives the young girl home.

Part 2 - Concluding the story of Jody as she returns to Andy's house to baby-sit again but finds only he is home, and he isn't going out.


Little Helpers - F/bb pedo

A middle aged woman who is flattered by two preteen boys spying on her, turns to exhibitionism and both she and the boys get a thrill from it. The situation develops as she takes things further...


Party Game - F/ggggg pedo incest

Its Lindsey's 11th birthday and she has some friends round for a sleepover. Lindsey's mom decides to teach the young girls a game she learned when she was younger.

The Ranch - M/g pedo

Ranch hand Jake finds himself in a compromising situation with the rancher's 11 year old daughter Sandy. A situation he seems to have no will power to stop.

Libby's Penance M/g pedo

St. Agnes Devine is a strict Convent school where 10 year old Libby has been caught masturbating. She is sent to the principles office for behavioral correction lessons.


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