Part one - g/g pedo incest

Young Katie is just discovering the delights of her own body. She is discovered by her older sister which leads to them learning more of the joys of sex with each other. If you are under 18 or find this offensive, please do not read any further!



It was a warm evening. Too warm. Katie lay on top of her duvet wearing just her knickers because it was too uncomfortable under the covers, too warm even for her 'party princess' pink nightdress. Unable to get to sleep, she listened to the muffled sounds of her sister Kayleigh's Robbie Williams CD. Katie wanted to play her favorite CDs but as she was only 10 years old it was past her bedtime. Kayleigh was 12 years old and could stay up a whole hour more. It wasn't fair.

Bored and frustrated, she turned her bedside lamp on and picked up her favorite magazine. It was a little old for her but she enjoyed reading about her favorite bands. Katie turned to the problem page where older girls wrote in for advice from the magazines 'agony aunt'. One of the letters was from a girl who was feeling strong sexual urges and wanted to know if it was OK to masturbate as her parents had told her it was bad. The letter interested Katie because she had experienced a funny tingly sensation in her pussy lately, her nipples had started to get puffy and were a lot more sensitive too. The advice given in the magazine was that masturbation wasn't bad, touching yourself was a good thing that helped you learn how your body's sexual functions worked.

As Katie read the letter, the new tingly feeling started to grow between her legs. She decided she should try this 'masturbation' thing for herself. The magazine was discarded. Katie's hands roamed over her flat, naked chest, lightly brushing the sensitive puffy nipples with her palms. Her nipples hardened and changed shape, sticking out from her pre pubescent tits. Katie found this seemed to make the nice feeling in her pussy grow more intense. She held each nipple between forefinger and thumb, testing the hardness and finding that this action increased the 'nice' feelings still more. The tingle had developed into a ache that, like an itch, needed to be scratched. One of Katie's hands slid tentatively down her tummy and over her soft cotton panties. She traced the outline of her crack through the fabric and gasped at the electric shock like jolt of pleasure that shot through her young body.

Katie closed her eyes and caressed herself some more. It felt good - very good. She began to feel a little dampness seeping from her crack soaking into her panties. A few days before Katie had 'borrowed' a book of Kayleigh's about puberty and sex. She remembered reading about how a girls vagina would get wet when she was 'aroused' and had wandered about that. Her curiosity aroused, Katie lifted her bum off the bed to slip her panties down to her knees. She examined her bald pussy, pulling her cunt lips apart to see the soft hidden folds of sensitive skin within. She found she was indeed wet. There seemed to be a clear fluid seeping from a hole near the bottom of her crack. Katie knew from Kayleigh's book that was her vagina. Tentatively, she dipped her finger in the fluid and found it to be kind of slimy, a bit like the olive oil that mummy used for salad dressing. Katie wriggled her finger in the hole, an action she discovered caused her pussy to throb with pleasure. She relaxed, lying back on her bed, eyes closed, gently exploring the wonderful new feelings her fingers were discovering down below in her crack.

In the room next door, Katie's sister Kayleigh lay on her bed too. She, however, was listening to one of her favorite CD's. She had been singing along softly to the songs reading the lyrics from the sleeve she had pulled from the CD case. Now she was looking for her Kylie Minogue CD but couldn't find it anywhere. Kayleigh scowled with annoyance as she realized Katie must have been in her room to borrow it. She decided to go to Katie's room to find it. Katie should be asleep so it would be easy to sneak in. Silently Kayleigh crept out of her room and tiptoed along the landing, taking great care to avoid the creaky floorboard.

The door to Kate's room wasn't closed properly and Kayleigh could see light inside. She cursed silently. Katie must be reading or something. She hesitated, not wanting to start an argument with her little sister, then changed her mind. It was her CD after all and Katie hadn't asked first either. The door only required a gentle push and it opened silently. Kayleigh stepped in then stopped in shock. There before her was an amazing sight. Katie lay on her bed, panties pulled down to her knee's and her fingers slowly rubbing her pussy crack. Kayleigh was about to make a snide comment but saw that her sister's eyes were closed and Kate wasn't aware that she was there. She held her breath and watched as Kate pleasured herself. Suddenly Kayleigh's pussy started aching and was instantly wet. Self gratification was not new to Kayleigh, she had been pleasuring herself for at least a year. Kayleigh loved it so much hardly a day went by without her fingering herself at least twice! The sight of her little sister openly touching herself struck deep sexual chords within Kayleigh. Her hand strayed between her thighs. She lifted the hem of her nighty and pushed eager fingers into her warm wet panty crotch. Kayleighs cunt ached, she groaned softly, her legs felt weak.

The involuntary groan from Kayleigh, though soft, spooked Katie into opening her eyes. She froze when she saw Kayleigh standing at the foot of her bed. Katie was so overcome with shame at being caught in this embarrassing situation that to begin with her mind didn't register that her sister was doing the same thing. The two sisters stared guiltily at each other for several long seconds until suddenly the tension broke and they both collapsed into a fit of giggles. Kayleigh came and sat on Kate's bed.

"How long have you been doing this?" Kayleigh smiled.

"A couple of times." Katie replied not wanting to sound too naive. "This is the first proper time though."

"Have you had an orgasm yet?"

" I don't think so. What's an orgasm?"

"That's when it feels really nice all of a sudden, kind of like an explosion in your pussy." Kayleigh explained.

"Nah... I don't think I've had that. Actually, I don't really know how to do it properly, it just feels good when I do it." Katie admitted. "How long have you been doing it?"

Kayleigh flushed. "Only about a year I suppose." She shrugged.

"Do you have, er... orgasm's then."

"Yeah... loads." Kayleigh boasted. "But not at first though."

"What was it like when it first happened?"

"Like, WOW! It was really mind blowing. I thought I'd done something awful to myself at first because I was doing it too much, but later I found out it was normal, it's what's supposed to happen." Kayleigh explained. Katie hadn't covered herself up so she lay on her bed with her knickers still round her knees, her bare cunt exposed to Kayleigh's gaze. She found the sight sexually stimulating and somewhat disturbing. Kayleigh's fingers strayed subconsciously to her own cunt.

Katie had noticed her sisters hand rummaging between her thighs. "Do you do it a lot then?" She smiled and looked pointedly at what Kayleigh was doing.

Kayleigh blushed suddenly realizing she had been touching herself and quickly pulled her hand away. "Well... yeah! I do I suppose. I guess I like doing it a lot." She blushed again.

"Will you... show me how to do it Kayleigh?" Katie asked shyly.

"I... ER, well... I don't know." Kayleigh stammered. She was quite shocked at the suggestion but the thought of touching herself whilst Katie watched did appeal. Her pussy ached for attention and she involuntarily tensed her cunt muscles, almost cumming on the spot.

"Oh please!" Katie insisted. "I want to learn how."

"Well all right then." Kayleigh gave in, stood up and slowly pulled her panties off. She felt very lightheaded and embarrassed but she was too sexually stimulated to back down now. Katie sat up, pulling her panties off too. Kayleigh sat on Kate's bed facing her younger sister and lifted her nighty up so Katie would see what she was doing.

It had been a year or more since Katie had seen her older sister naked. When Kayleigh had started her period she had become very self conscious of her body. Then Kayleigh's tits had just started to swell and a few soft hairs were visible above her slit. Now, though Katie was aware that her sisters boobs had filled out, she saw that Kayleigh's pussy hair had grown considerably. She sported a bush of dark hair above her slit, some of which curled over the dark line of her pussy crack obscuring the upper half from view.

"Right..." Kayleigh said as she smoothed her pussy hair and pulled her cunt lips apart. "Just so you know what all the bits are... this hole is the vagina, sometimes it's called a cunt." She pointed to a soft pink indentation near the bottom of her crack.

"That's where your wee comes out?" Asked Katie.

"No...." Kayleigh smiled. "That's here." She pointed. The vagina is a bigger hole. That's where boys put their willy when they fuck you, you know, that's having sex or 'making love'."

Katie didn't know, but she nodded dutifully anyway. She'd heard the word 'fuck' before but only knew it was a naughty word, not what it meant. She peered between her own legs, spreading her cunt lips to compare Kayleigh's anatomy to her own.

"Just above there is this little lumpy thing." Kayleigh continued. "It's called a clitoris, or clit. That's where all the really nice feeling comes from." She touched her own clit to show Katie where it was. She rubbed it and was rewarded with a strong sexual tingle that caused her cunt muscles to contract and an involuntary moan of pleasure escape her lips. "Go on... try it yourself." She urged her sister.

Katie looked into her own pussy and found her little clit. She copied Kayleigh, placing her finger on it and gently rubbing. To her pleasant surprise she found her clit to be sensitive. Her cunt tingled with sexual pleasure. "Oh wow!" She gasped. "That is nice."

The two sisters continued to pleasure themselves for a few minutes, each girl watching the other and gaining stimulation from it. Kayleigh was not too far from her orgasm. She slipped an index finger into her cunt, slowly fucking herself.

"My god Kay...." gasped Katie. "What are you doing?"

"I can push my finger inside my cunt." Kayleigh giggled. "It really feels great, like pretending it's a boy's willy."

"Gross! Have you ever let a boy do that to you?" Katie asked wide eyed.

"Do what? Put his willy in me... no way!"

"What about with their finger then."

"No... never." Kayleigh blushed.

"How do you know all this stuff then?"

"Promise you won't tell." Kayleigh pleaded.

"OK... tell me." Katie urged.

Kayleigh sighed. "Well, me and Sophie...." She started, referring to her best friend. She told her sister about finding a hard-core porn magazine on the local bus several months before, and how they had read it from cover to cover.

"Can I see it?" Katie asked.

"Sophie has it but I guess I can get it back off her." Kayleigh agreed.

Katie sighed. "What does it feel like, inside I mean." She asked pointing to her sister's pussy.

"Put your finger in and see for yourself." Kayleigh replied.

Katie reached across to slip her fingers between her sisters legs. Kayleigh was surprised, she had meant Katie should do it to her own pussy and was about to push her hand away when Katie touched her pussy. Kayleigh felt such a jolt of pure pleasure she froze, closed her eyes and drew a deep breath. She was used to touching her own cunt this was somehow different. This was another person! This was her own sister! It was electrifying.

"Move your finger then!" Katie said. Kayleigh still had her own finger in her cunt but moved her hand away giving Katie full access. She slipped her finger into Kayleigh's pussy. It was warm and squelchy, and it was a tight fit but she moved her finger around and could feel soft lumpy bits inside.

Kayleigh was in heaven. "Mmm....that feels great." She breathed. "Move your finger in and out like this." She held her sister's hand, guiding her so Katie was finger fucking her. "Oh yeah! That's awesome." She pumped her hips meeting Katie's gentle thrusts. "Here, rub my clitty with your thumb at the same time." Once again she showed her sister how she wanted it done. Kayleigh pulled her nighty up exposing her tits. They were lovely cone shaped swellings on her chest, topped with pert pink nipples. She lay back on Katie's bed causing her boobs to almost flatten against her chest. "Mmm, that's really nice Kate, don't stop." She urged her sister to continue as she fondled her own tits.

Katie could feel Kayleigh's cunt muscles gripping her. She hardly needed to move her hand as Kayleigh pumped her hips, pushing herself onto Katie's finger. The sight of her sister lying before her, legs apart and nighty pulled up, rubbing her own tits was both shocking and exciting to Kate. She used her free hand to rub her own little bud, experiencing feelings she had never felt before.

Kayleigh's breathing was getting heavy, she was groaning and thrusting her hips with greater urgency. "Arrrgh...." She moaned. She clamped her thigh's shut trapping Katie's hand.

Katie could feel her sister's cunt muscles rippling against her finger. Kayleigh's body shook uncontrollably for nearly a minute before she finally relaxed. "You all right Kay? What happened?" She asked with concern.

"Oh yeah! Boy that was great, I had an orgasm. That was nicer than when I do it myself" Kayleigh replied.

"I want to have an orgasm." Katie said. "Will you help me?"

Kayleigh blushed. She was going to refuse but then decided it wouldn't be fair as Kate had done her. "OK, lie down." She instructed. Katie lay back as she had seen her sister do. Kayleigh lay next to her on her side facing Katie, propped up on one elbow. She placed her hand on Kate's tummy then slowly slipped it down between her younger sister's open thighs. She felt funny. Though she had fantasized about trying some of the things she had seen in the porn magazine with her best friend Sophie, it had just been a fantasy. She had never dreamed that she would ever really do that stuff with anyone. Kayleigh's fingers slid gently over Katie's bald pussy. She rubbed her sister's puffy cunt lips then eased one finger between them into her warm moist crack.

Katie moaned with pleasure. Kayleigh was teasing her clit, that new and wonderful plaything she had most recently discovered. She couldn't help moving her hips to match the rhythm of Kayleigh's fingers, subconsciously pushing her pussy into her sisters hand. There was a very warm, itchy, almost achy feeling growing between her thighs, a feeling that grew and grew with intensity.

Kayleigh gazed down at the expression of rapture on her sisters face. She could tell Katie was really enjoying this new experience, she knew that it was her own efforts, her fingering of her sisters cunt that was responsible for Katie's pleasure and that thought exited her. Her own pussy, aching for attention, was wetter than she had ever known before. The inside of her thighs were slick with cunt oil. She was unable to play with herself so she opened her thighs and maneuvered herself so that Kate's leg rubbed against her pussy.

Then Katie suddenly gasped, her hips twitched as though she had received a shock. "Wow...!" She exclaimed. She opened her legs wide, lifting her bum off the bed and pushing hard against Kayleighs hand. Her legs trembled with the aftershocks of her first orgasm and she felt an intense warm feeling of pleasure wash through her body.

Suddenly both girls could hear the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs. Kayleigh scrambled off the bed, pulling he nighty down whilst Katie shuffled herself under her duvet. Both instinctively aware that they shouldn't be discovered playing with each other sexually. Kayleigh's knickers lay crumpled in plain view on the carpet next to Katie's bed. Kayleigh quickly kicked them under the bed and both girls started giggling nervously just as the bedroom door opened.

"You two should be in bed sleeping!" It was mom and she had a look of annoyance on her face. "Come along Kayleigh, your keeping Katie awake."

Kayleigh hustled out past her mom to her own room. "Now get to sleep, both of you." Mom said as she closed Katie's bedroom door.

Katie snuggled down in her bed, one hand between her thighs, gently stroking her young hairless pussy, recreating the wonderful feelings she had just discovered with the help of her sister. She was so tired though she soon fell asleep! In the room next door Kayleigh was still hot so as soon as she was sure her mom had gone back downstairs she had her fingers flashing in and out of her sopping cunt. She brought herself to two satisfying orgasms whilst imagining herself and Katie doing some of the things she had seen in the porn magazine. Then finally sated and exhausted, she too fell asleep.


Continues in Sisters, part 2




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