M/g pedo incest

Uncle Pete is trusted to look after his 7 year old niece. An incident at the cinema leads to him taking advantage of her - or is it the other way round! If you are under 18 or find this offensive, please do not read any further!



My cock was swelling uncomfortably within the tight confines of my jeans. The light pressure of her hand resting in my lap, her small palm on my denim covered manhood, fuelling the fire burning in my loins. I should have moved her hand. That would have been the proper thing to do, but I didn't, I just let her keep her hand innocently holding my penis.

She was Jessica, my 7 year old niece. It was half term at her school and I had volunteered to look after her for the day. Her mum was my sister. Both her parents worked and found it difficult to find childcare during school breaks. They usually relied on our mum, Jessie's gran, to look after her or send her to an expensive childcare center they could ill afford. Mum wasn't feeling well though, and wouldn't be able to cope with Jessica, so since I had time off work, I offered to entertain the child.

Jess and I had always been close. I was her favorite uncle. Every time I came to visit she would rush into my arms to give me a big hug and smother me with kisses. I had no family of my own, having never married and loved her as though she were my own daughter. Looking after her was a pleasure we both enjoyed, she because I always treated her to little gifts and special days out and I because it gave me the rare opportunity to play at being 'daddy'.

She is a little shorter than other kids her age, only coming up to my elbow, and carried a little puppy fat making her look slightly plump. Her hair is dark and cut to shoulder length and usually scruffy looking. Her face is an attractive heart shape with large beautiful brown eyes and a cute mouth that is always smiling. She is a happy playful child, always joking and larking around with a surplus of energy. She reminds me of my sister when we were younger. It's always a pleasure to spend time with Jessica.

I had decided to treat her to a trip to the cinema to see the new children's cartoon film 'Finding Nemo'. We were near the back of an auditorium that I was surprised was half empty, given the popularity of the film and the fact it was half term! We sat in the middle of a row we had to ourselves. She sat to my left and I had my arm around her shoulders whilst she leaned across the arm rest, her right hand in my lap. It had started when there was a frightening scene in the film where the main characters, two tropical fish, are confronted by a fearsome shark. Jess had jumped with fright as had every other child there, and I had quite naturally comforted her.

Her little hand fell naturally between my legs, her fingers gripping my flaccid cock innocently, I'm sure. I was about to take her hand in mine thus moving her hand, when my cock stirred at the contact. I paused to savor the feeling, after all it's not every day a 7 year old child holds your cock. My penis began swelling as I felt the heat from her sweaty palm penetrate the double layer of denim and cotton that covered it. I should have stopped it then! I moved my hand toward hers intending to do just that, but just placed my hand on hers giving her hand a comforting squeeze and pushing it against my bulge.

If she noticed she gave no sign. She appeared to be engrossed in the film. I sat considering just what the hell I was doing and what I was going to do next. She didn't seem to be aware I was rubbing her hand in such a way that made her stroke my cock. I squeezed her shoulders affectionately then let my left hand slip down her back and under her arm, drawing her closer. I then brought my hand down slowly to rest on her left thigh. My fingers curled round to follow the curve of her leg. The blue cotton fabric of her short skirt was all that separated my hand from her smooth skin.

Jessie looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back and kissed her forehead then she turned back to the film. Did she just squeeze my cock! For a moment I thought I was mistaken, but no, she did it a second time. She had curled her fingers around the bulge in my jeans and squeezed. My cock twitched in response.

For a couple of minutes we both sat motionless. I didn't know what to do next, should I let this go on or should I remove her hand before things went too far. Any thought I had of doing the correct thing evaporated when Jessica then moved her hand up and down the my stiff shaft. She did this all by herself with no assistance from me. My right hand was still resting on hers but I was no longer influencing what she was doing, she had taken control!

I was very conscious of how close my left hand was to her little pussy. My palm had become hot and sweaty as it rested on her skirt. I slid my hand up and down her thigh, trying to make it seem like a casual caress, in keeping with the slow back and forth movements of her hand on my cock. At first the cotton fabric stayed beneath my palm, then as I slid my hand lower than the hem I made contact with her skin just above her left knee. The next slow upward stroke brought my hand under her skirt and rucked it up revealing her bare thigh then stopped when my fingers came into contact with her right thigh. With my heart thudding loudly in my chest I figured I was no more the 2 or 3 inches from her innocent cunt.

Once again there was a few minutes of inactivity, I was unwilling to take the next step for fear of frightening her and yet I sensed she was waiting for me to continue! We both watched as the two heroes negotiate a dangerous school of jellyfish. Then, as if Jess had become impatient, she squeezed my cock again then quite deliberately opened her legs.

For another minute I did nothing but try to control by breathing. Then as the heroes had been stung by the jellyfish and would surely die, I resumed the casual stroking of her thigh as though I was comforting her during a sad moment in the film. Of course, each upward stroke slid a fraction higher than the one before, until finally my fingers came into contact with damp fabric.

Again I stopped, aware that the next move would take me past the point of no return. But then I'd probably past that point a long time ago! Jessica was fidgety, her little hand was repeatedly squeezing and rubbing my bulge and her bum wriggled on the seat. I took a deep breath, kissed the top of her head and pressed my finger into the warm patch of panty fabric between her thighs. She stopped wriggling and looked up at me. My heart skipped a beat thinking she would object volubly, accusing me of being a pervert or worse. She smiled up at me and I relaxed. I started to move my finger up and down the fabric, pressing it into her flesh so that it molded to the shape of her slit.

As I continued with this, Jessie still squeezed and rubbed my cock which was throbbing painfully. I wanted to unzip my fly and give it room to expand but I couldn't. Jess might think I had gone too far and I was conscious that what we were doing could be seen in the flickering glow from the screen by anyone who cared to look!

The throbbing in my cock grew in intensity then with a shudder my cum gushed into my pants, leaving me with a warm wet feeling. My breathing was heavy as I tried to prevent myself from grunting and groaning with pleasure as I usually do. I continued to stroke Jessica's slit until with a start, she suddenly clamped her thighs together. I felt her panties get hot and wet under my finger, then she jumped up. "I need the toilet." She whispered and pushed past me to the exit.

'Oh shit.' I thought. I had horrible visions of her running to the manager and telling all. Worse still was the thought that she had run out of the cinema and was wandering through town lost and crying, upset at the dreadful things her once trusted uncle had done to her. I should have gone after her but I just sat there numb with anxiety and feeling very uncomfortable as the cum cooled in my pants.

Then she came back. She hurried up the aisle and I turned to one side to let her pass but she sat on my lap instead, squelching the cold wet patch. My cock had long since shriveled in shame. Jessie leaned back against me, her head against my shoulder. I slipped my arms around her waist giving her a cuddle and she smiled up at me, kissing me on the cheek. "Did I miss anything?" She asked.

"They've been swallowed by a whale." I explained.

"Oh no!" She exclaimed. We both settled down to watch the rest of the film.

Nothing more happened in the cinema. Jessica was engrossed in the story and I worried and fretted so much over what had occurred I have no idea how it ended. I couldn't understand why I had let it go that far and I cursed myself for letting my balls rule my brain, not for the first time in my life either. But to do that with a child, my own niece, that was unforgivable. I had probably ruined a wonderful relationship. The film ended and the lights came up, the audience began moving towards the exits.

Jessie enthused about the film all the way home, she seemed no different than usual. It was still late afternoon and her parents weren't due back from work for a couple of hours. I needed a cup of coffee and started making Jess a chocolate milkshake whilst I waited for the kettle to boil. She stood next to me and watched. "Uncle Pete," she asked. "Why did your pee pee go all hard?" Her question took me completely by surprise, I was beginning to think she had forgotten the incident in the cinema. I felt dizzy.

"Well sweetheart, it er....well it just does....sometimes." I replied lamely.

"But daddy's pee pee looks small and soft." She insisted.

"That's because a man's penis, that's what it's called, a penis, it's usually soft most of the time but sometimes it grows big and hard, especially when er....someone holds it." I gave her the glass of milkshake and poured hot water into my coffee cup.

"Can I see yours go hard?" She asked as she sat at the kitchen table.

I spilt the coffee. I used the time it took to clear up the mess to think of a suitable response. "Well that's probably not a good idea Jessie." I explained. "Grown ups and children aren't supposed to do things like that."

"Oh, please uncle Pete." She insisted. "I've seen daddy's and I've seen Robby Mason's and you let me hold yours earlier, pleeeese! I just want to see what it looks like hard." Her smile could melt the most determined resolve.

"Oh yeah, and who is Robby Mason then?"

"He's just a boy from school. He showed me his pee pee, er....penis? And I showed him my crack." She replied as if it were an everyday occurrence. "I wanted to touch it but he wouldn't let me, he ran off embarrassed."

"I see, so are you going to let me see your crack then." I knew straight away that was the wrong thing to say.

"Yeah, I don't mind." She grinned. "Who goes first."

The old expression 'engage brain before opening mouth' sprang to mind. I had another opportunity to say no, but I let it slip. I remembered doing something similar with a girl when I was a kid though, and it had seemed very erotic back then, now I found the situation interested me. "I guess it's only fair we go at the same time."

Jessica stood up and pulled her skirt up around her waist revealing sky blue knickers. She looked at me expectantly. I sighed, put down my coffee cup and started undoing my belt. My pants still felt damp from earlier and I didn't want her to see a wet patch, so I hooked my thumbs into the waist band and pulled them down at the same time as my jeans. Though I felt some sexual stimulation in my loins it didn't show in my limp cock, I was too nervous. Then true to her word, Jessica pulled her panties down.

I took a deep breath as I gazed at her pussy. She was, of course, hairless as you'd expect a 7 year old to be. Her delightfully smooth purse was divided by a delicate cleft that curved down between her thighs. The lips either side of her pussy were full, almost swollen, exaggerating the depth of her crack, the top of which widened to form a tear drop shaped indentation. I couldn't believe I had been fingering that perfect little cunt less than an hour ago.

"Hey! It's not hard." She complained, a note of disappointment in her voice. "Make it go hard uncle Pete."

"Like I said before, it only goes hard sometimes, when it gets some stimulation."

"How can you do that?"

"By touching it is one way, like you did in the cinema." I said.

"Can I touch it now?" She asked.

By now I was past caring about the consequences. I couldn't have stopped with the best will in the world. "Yeah, if you want to, its OK with me." I stepped awkwardly nearer to where she stood and sat on a kitchen stool. Jessica gently took hold of my cock, squeezing it between her fingers testing it's softness. I could feel the beginnings of an erection and from the look on Jessie's face, she had felt it too though there was no visible sign yet. "If you rub it up and down you'll make it get harder." I said. She did as I suggested and unsurprisingly my cock started to swell. Jessica smiled up at me with excitement. "Would you mind if I touch your crack?" I asked with a lump in my throat.

"OK, I don't mind." She replied. I tentatively extended my arm across the short space between us. My finger came into contact with her hairless pussy. I stroked the soft warm skin that formed her cunt lips feeling the indentation of her crack, then, applying a little pressure, I slipped my finger between her cunt lips. She was noticeable warmer and ever so slightly damp. I could feel the tiny hard nub of her immature clit under my probing finger and concentrated on gently rubbing this.

By now my cock was rock hard and pointing straight at her tummy. It struck me that whilst she had an unrivaled view of me, the difference in our respective heights meant I could see very little of her pussy. I tried to think of ways to improve our positions to remedy this and thought she could sit on the edge of the table with her legs apart as I stood in front of her, in the end I decided to leave things as they were for fear of frightening her. Her little hand glided up and down my stiff shaft sliding the taught skin over the ridges formed by engorged blood vessels. A drop of clear fluid seeped from the exposed slit in my cock head and spread along the surface of my skin like oil.

The attention I was giving to Jessie's cunt must have been having an effect on her. She was wriggling her hips and pushing herself against my finger. I was reminded of the moment in the cinema when she had done the same thing. Her continued stimulation of my cock was having the desired effect, I could feel the relentless build up of pressure that would very soon need releasing! The problem was, should I let her see this or should I stop her now and sort myself out in the bathroom. "Jessie darling, we'd better stop this now before we go too far." I suggested.

"Oh, uncle Pete, I don't want to stop, I like it." She objected.

"So do I sweetheart, but if we don't stop soon something will happen that you shouldn't see." Damn, I said the wrong thing again, that was like waving a red flag at a bull!

"But I want to see it. What's going to happen?" She asked with a look of puzzlement on her pretty face.

"Never mind, you don't want to know" I tried to be firm.

"Yes I do, yes I do." She enthused. "Please?"

I could sense the moment was very near and what little remained of my will power and dignity was rapidly slipping away. "Well OK." I gave in. "But you may not like it."

"I will." She insisted. "What's going to happen?"

How do you explain this to a child? "When you do this for a long enough time, you experience something called an orgasm. It's a very nice feeling you feel in your privates." I winced at my lame explanation. "A girl feels it in her pussy, that's what your crack is called." She giggled. "A man feels it in his cock....I mean penis."

"Like I had in the cinema?" She smiled.

"Did you?" I asked. I wondered if she had.

"Yeah, it was a kind of throbbing, but very nice." She explained.

"Does it feel nice now?"

"Mmmm yeah!"

"When it happens to a man, some white stuff called cum squirts out, it can be very messy." I warned.

"Wow, cool! Can I see it."

"You will, very soon now." My cock was jerking in her hand and I had broken out in a sweat. "Grip it a little harder and rub it faster darling." I groaned. She did as she was asked with a look of concentration on her face. I could feel the first blob of cum rush through my cock and saw the first jet of semen erupted from me and land on her T-shirt, followed quickly by a second squirt that splattered her forearm. The remainder oozed out and fell to the parquet floor between our feet.

"Wow! Awesome!" Jess enthused.

I kissed the top of her head. "Yeah, that was." I agreed. "That really felt good sweetheart, thank you." I still had my finger playing with her cunt and she was still holding my cock though she had stopped rubbing me. We continued like this for several minutes when her legs suddenly weakened and she leant against me with a gasp. "Are you all right?" I asked. "What happened?"

"I don't know!" She smiled up at me. "It was sort of like a pain but it didn't hurt or anything, it was quite nice I think."

"I do believe you just had an orgasm again my love." I grinned at her and kissed her forehead. I cleaned us both up with paper towels and moped the mess off the floor and we rearranged our clothing.

"Thank you uncle Pete, that was nice." She said giving me a hug then skipped off to play leaving me shaking with anxiety. I felt ashamed of what I had done and yet it still excited me. The hardest thing to come to terms with was Jessica's reaction to all this! She was behaving as if it was an every day occurrence when I had always thought she was a sweet innocent kid. Then I remembered how it was when I was her age and realized perhaps it wasn't so unusual, I always thought my parents would have been shocked if they knew some of the things I had got up to!

Jessie's parents came home and invited me to stay to dinner. I agreed, but said I wanted to be home in time to watch the rugby on the TV later that night. Jess's dad said he was watching the match too so I could stay late and we'd watch it together and sink a couple of beers. I agreed. Our mum was still unwell and my sister was taking her to the doctor the next day and asked if I would mind looking after Jessica again. Of course I wouldn't!

After dinner we all sat in the lounge watching TV. Jessica sat on my lap and wriggled incessantly. This is normal behavior for her, she just can't keep still, but I had the distinct impression she was rubbing her bum on my cock deliberately. She certainly caused a reaction and she smirked at me when she felt the unmistakable lump in my pants. I was worried her parents would notice something odd in our behavior, but I don't think they had any idea. I felt guilty that I was betraying their trust even though I wasn't hurting Jess or forcing her to do these things.

Finally it was time for the late news. The rugby would start afterwards. It was Jessica's bedtime but she made a fuss, not wanting her mum to take her to bed. "I want uncle Pete to tuck me in." She moaned. I said it was all right, I didn't mind, I needed to visit the bathroom anyway. When we got to her bedroom, Jess whispered. "Can I see your pe....penis go hard again?" As she reached out to touch my bulge.

"No, not now Jess. It's time for bed."

She pulled a mock sad face then pulled her knickers down and lifted her nightdress."You can touch me again if you want." She opened her legs giving me an excellent view of her cunt.

I placed my hand on her leg then slipped it up to her crack, giving it a quick rub. "That's nice of you sweetheart, but not now." I said. "Remember your spending tomorrow at my house, we'll have all day to play together." I removed her hand from my bulge and placed it between her own legs, gently pushing her fingers into her pussy crack. "You keep yourself warm for now and I'll see you tomorrow." I pulled the duvet up to her chin and kissed her goodnight. It was difficult concentrating on the match as I imagined Jess playing with herself upstairs!

Part 2

The following morning my sister arrived with Jessica just after 8.30. Jess went straight to the TV and tuned into Cartoon Network whilst her mum and I discussed our mum's health. She didn't stay for long though so by 9 am Jess and I had the place to ourselves. I went to the lounge to see her. "What do you want to do today then munchkin?" I asked, unsure if she wanted to continue what we had started the day before.

She jumped up and threw herself into my arms, giving me a big kiss. "You said we could play together like yesterday." She squeaked with excitement.

"Ah I did." I said pretending she'd just reminded me. "We'll do whatever you want to do." I smiled.

"Yippee!" She kissed me again but this time surprised me by pushing her tongue into my mouth.

"Whoa there." I said, breaking away in shock. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"It's called a French kiss." She explained. "My friend Allison told me she's seen her big sister do it to her boyfriend. It means your lovers." A frown creased her forehead. "Didn't you like it uncle Pete?"

"Yes I do like French kissing, you have to be more gentle and loving though." I said. "Here, I'll show you." I placed my lips on hers in a gentle kiss slowly pushed my tongue forward licking her lips at first and gently easing them apart. Then I slid my tongue into her mouth feeling her delicate teeth and fencing with her tongue. I didn't push in too deeply, I was conscious that my tongue would probably completely fill her mouth causing her to gag! After a couple of minutes of this I slowly withdrew but kept our mouths locked together, our lips parted. She followed my retreat as I'd hoped, slipping her wriggling tongue into my mouth again. Finally I broke it off. "There, that's how it's done."

"Wow....that was great!" She exclaimed. "Now we're lovers!" She wriggled out of my arms and ran off calling. "Come on uncle Pete!"

I followed her voice to find she had run into my bedroom and was lying on the bed. "What do you think you're doing there Jess?" I said. My stomach was gripped with anxiety as I stood in the doorway thinking of the possible consequences of what might happen.

"Come on, we can play on the bed like real lovers." She smiled. "I've seen it on the TV!"

I took a couple of unsteady steps into the room. I wondered just what she had seen on TV that gave her so much knowledgeable confidence. "Really?" I asked as I sat on the bed next to her.

Jessica jumped playfully into my lap pushing me down onto the pillow. "Yeah! Mummy let me stay up late one night and I saw it on a film." She explained. "There was this man and woman, they took all their clothes off and got into bed to play."

"Mummy let you watch that?"

"She didn't know I saw that, she fell asleep." Jess giggled. "Lets us take our clothes off!" She pulled her T-shirt up over her head and tossed it across the room. "Come on uncle Pete." She urged as she tugged at my shirt. I grabbed her waist and started tickling her. She rolled sideways off me in a fit of laughter and I quickly rolled onto her, reversing our positions. I used the opportunity to run my hands over her bare chest as I tickled. Her little nipples, which stood proud and puffy on her tiny puppy fat titties, hardened to little rubber like points under my palms. "Gerroff me! Stobbit!" She squealed.

Finally I let her up and pulled my shirt off then waited for her to make the next move. "Come on, and the rest." She said undoing her jeans. As she pulled them off I was following her lead and undoing mine. By the time I'd got mine off, Jess had discarded her panties and scurried under the duvet. With a sigh I pulled my boxers down and slid under the duvet next to her. Jess cuddled up to me, all warm soft skin. I slipped my arm around her and caressed her bum whilst she run her little hand over my chest and stomach.

I could feel her pussy against my hip. Slipping my hand off her bum and between her thighs, I fingered her crack from the rear. Jessica followed my lead and dropped her hand to my cock finding it already hard and waiting eagerly for her attention. She wrapped her small hand around my stiff shaft, squeezing gently and rubbing me slowly. It felt wonderful. I pushed my fingers between her pussy lips parting them so I could play with her tiny clit and fuck hole. After a couple of seconds I felt her cunt turn slick as her love juice flowed, lubricating my finger. I toyed with the entrance to her virgin cunt, repeatedly slipping my finger a few millimeters in and out, gradually increasing each inward stroke until I came up against her hymen. I pushed a little more and felt my finger squeeze through the obstruction. Jessie's hips clamped onto my hand then she pressed her cunt onto me. The full length of my finger inched into her moist pussy as I gently finger fucked her.

My mind was running ahead of things and I was imagining what it would be like to push my cock into Jessica's tight hole. I knew that was what I wanted to do but had no idea how I was going to make it happen. I certainly wouldn't coerce her into doing something against her will, it would only happen if she wanted it to. The trouble was, I didn't know just how much she knew about sex!

Jessica's breathing had quickened and she was moaning softly. Her hips were moving rhythmically in opposition to my gentle finger thrusts into her pussy. Her little body stiffened and shuddered against me then she relaxed with a long sigh.

I wasn't far from an orgasm myself but I didn't want to cum just yet. I forced myself to relax with some difficulty and managed to prevent a premature ejaculation. Jessica's fondling of my cock gradually lessened to idle fiddling, then stopped altogether when she drifted off to sleep. I dozed too for ten minutes or so with my finger resting in Jess' crack.

When I woke I gently eased myself out from Jessica's sleepy embrace, careful not to disturb her and got out of bed. I pulled the duvet back to reveal her small naked body curled on her side and stood for a while gazing at her delicate form. Jess stirred in her sleep, rolling onto her back revealing her beautiful hairless crack. My mouth watered at the sight and my cock throbbed with need.

Kneeling on the bed, I gently parted her legs and lowered my face to her cunt. I took a deep breath savoring the smell of warm girl juice tinged with the faint whiff of piss. I pressed my lips to her pussy giving her several soft kisses. I continued with my tongue, using it to part her cunt lips, savoring the tangy taste and delicate feel of her crack.

"Uncle Pete, watcha doing?" Jess was awake. She propped herself up on her elbows to get a better look.

"Hey, sleepy! Now that were lovers I'm giving you a special kind of kiss. What do you think?" I kissed her pussy again.

"It's kind of weird but it's OK I guess."

"Do you like it?"

"Yeah, it's a bit like when you rub me with your finger, only sort of softer. Feels nice." She grinned. I continued licking her cunt alternating between pushing the tip into her tight hole and flicking her tiny clit. Jess moaned and pushed her bum against my face. It wasn't long before she was twitching with another orgasm.

"Phew! I really like that." She gasped. She wanted something to drink then, so I padded naked to the kitchen with my cock bobbing in front. Jess followed behind me.

"What was the film you saw, the one with the couple playing in bed?" I asked.

"Can't remember." She shrugged slurping her fruit juice.

"What did you see them doing?" I was trying to start a conversation about fucking.

"Couldn't see anything really, they was in the bed with the covers on top. The man was on top of the woman and it looked like he was sort of bouncing up and down on her. I guess he must have been rubbing his willy....his penis onto her pussy." She giggled.

"Have you learned anything about sex yet, what happens when people have sex?"

"Well....nah! Not really." She admitted.

"Would you like to learn?" She nodded excitedly. "I've got some films of people playing in bed but with no covers or anything so you can see what they're doing."

"Cool! Can I watch them?"

"I shouldn't let you really, your too young, but you seem to know so much already you might as well learn the rest." I shrugged. "Don't tell your mum I let you seen them though."

"Yippee!" She leapt into my arms and gave me a big kiss then wriggled down and skipped off towards the lounge. "C'mon uncle Pete!" She called. She settled herself on the couch whilst I rummaged in my cupboard for the DVDs. I had a few and knew them all quite well so I was able to choose one that had clear views of young teenage couples fucking. I fed it into the machine and settled next to Jess with the remote control.

The first scene involved two girls loving each other. Jess watched wide eyed and soon had her hand in my lap stroking my cock whilst I slipped a finger between her thighs to rub her slit. We were unconsciously repeating what had happened the day before in the cinema, but without our clothes. The next clip showed a young girl sucking her partners cock. "Uuuugh, gross!" Jess's jaw dropped at the new scene. "Do people really do that?" She looked up at me.

"Yeah, of course." I replied. "You didn't find it so yukky when I licked your little cunny just now."

"That's different, isn't it?"

"Nope. It's exactly the same, it's just the girl's turn to give pleasure to the boy."

"Yeah, I guess your right." She shrugged. Her attention returned to the TV as the couple changed positions so he could fuck the girl. "Wow!" Jess leaned forward to get a better view. The camera zoomed in, the screen was filled with a huge stiff cock pumping in and out of an enormous cunt. I saw Jess look down at her tiny pussy then her eyes flicked to my cock. "How can that fit in a girl's hole?" She asked.

"It's quite easy really." I replied. "A girls pussy can stretch open so a cock will fit in." She looked up at me with a frown, not quite believing me. She turned back to the screen where the evidence was playing larger than life. For the next hour we watched the DVD. Jessie saw just about every way there is to have sex. She watched wide eyed as a number of combinations unfolded on the screen from threesomes up to a group of six in an orgy. One girl was fucked in the ass and couple of the scenes showed girls taking cum in their mouths. By the time it was over she was thoroughly corrupted!

As the credits rolled and the dreadful 'porn film' music played, Jess climbed into my lap facing me. Her little bare cunt pressed against my aching cock as she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. "Uncle Pete?" She asked in that tone kids use when they want something. "Can I see if your cock will fit in my pussy?"

My god! I nearly shot my load up between our bodies but just managed to hold on. "Well, I'm not sure." I said. "I'd love to but you're a bit small for that sort of thing really."

"Oh please, please!" She pleaded, bouncing up and down in my lap.

"Well if you really want to." I said through gritted teeth as I continued to fight for control. "It might hurt a bit though and I really wouldn't want to hurt you."

"Oh..." Her face dropped in disappointment and I worried I had overdone the reluctant uncle bit. Then she looked at me, frowning. "How much hurt?"

"Well, probably the same as a pinch if it's going to hurt at all. I did put my finger in there earlier so it'll probably be OK." I replied, desperate to recover the situation.

"Yeah, that hurt, like a sting but only a little, I guess it was all right." She smiled. "I still want to try if you promise to stop if it hurts?"

"Sure sweetheart, in fact we'll do it so you can stop if it hurts." I lifted her up a bit and slipped my hand between our hot bodies and eased the tip if my throbbing shaft between her virgin cunt lips. We were both oozing natural lubrication and it felt quite slick down there. "Now all you have to do is lower yourself down and my cock will slip in." I instructed. "Take your time and just do it a little bit at first and if it hurts you just have to sit up again, OK?" She nodded, a frown of worry on her pretty face. Then I felt her weight bear down and a tight constriction engulf my cock head. I kissed her lips and caressed her back but otherwise kept still leaving her to take things at her own pace. She wriggled around on my cock, twisting one way, then the other, no doubt getting used to the feel of a cock between her cunt lips. Every now and then she would push down further, allowing my stiff shaft into her really tight pussy, then she would sit up again when she felt uncomfortable. Each time a little more cock squeezed in until just over half of my six and a bit inch length was engulfed in her small, child cunt.

At this point she stopped moving and looked down at her pussy in amazement. "Hey! Uncle Pete, it does fit in. Were fucking!" She enthused. She started moving again, a slow up and down movement. I couldn't hold back much longer and started rocking my hips, gently fucking my 7 year old niece. It wasn't long before her thrusts became more urgent as she built up to her orgasm so I increased my pace with her. Suddenly she gasped when the first involuntary spasm shook her body. I couldn't hold on any longer and groaned long and loud into her mouth whilst my throbbing shaft ejected a thick flood of cum into her tight hole.

We both collapsed onto the couch, totally exhausted. It hadn't lasted long which was a bit of a disappointment, but then the day was still young. I felt confident I could recover enough to indulge in a longer fuck in the afternoon, and I'm sure she will want to repeat this experience again in the future!


The End




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