Libby's Penance

M/g pedo

St. Agnes Devine is a strict Convent school where 10 year old Libby has been caught masturbating. She is sent to the principles office for behavioral correction lessons. If you are under 18 or find this offensive, please do not read any further!



The big oak door opened with a loud creak. Libby, who had been slouching on the heavy wooden bench as she waited outside the principles office, sat up quickly before Father Andrews caught her. She shivered, and it was not just because the old stone walls of the St. Agnes Devine Convent School always made the place seem chilly. Father Andrews bulk filled the doorway, his long black cassock brushing the worn stone floor. He stood aside and waved the child into his office.

He pointed Libby towards an old leather and wood arm chair. The leather, which had once been red in colour, was faded and worn, the wood almost black with age. The chair creaked as she sat down. "Elizabeth Morris..." The priest breathed ominously. "Sister Mary has sent you to see me. What would be the reason for that, child?" He sat with his arms folded staring at young Libby with a sad expression.

Libby's face turned crimson. She knew the priest had already been told why she was there. "I... I... was p... pleasuring myself Father." She stammered, using the term Sister Mary had used.

"The correct term is masturbation, Elizabeth. You were masturbating." Libby nodded quickly, her eyes fixed on Father Andrews' heavy oak desk. He checked an open file on his desk. "You are... ten years old now!" A look of surprise crossed his face. "A little young to be experimenting in this manner." He muttered almost to himself. "This is a problem we usually find with the older girls."

Libby frowned. She had been secretly diddling her pussy for the last two years. She had only been caught by Sister Mary because the old nun had passed through the dormitory on her nightly rounds just when Libby had experienced her first ever orgasm and hadn't been able to keep quiet!

"I believe you are aware of the Convents policy on masturbation?" Libby nodded again but the priest ignored her and proceeded to remind her that the act of masturbation is considered to be an extremely selfish sin and not tolerated at St. Agnes Devine. The Convent teaches that the act of sex is a loving one and should always be shared with another. "So Elizabeth, you're here today not to be punished or chastised for your thoughtless and sinful act of selfishness." Father Andrews concluded. "No, here at St. Agnes we prefer to teach young girls the benefits of sharing the joys of the sexual experience." Libby frowned, wondering what he meant.

The priest took what looked to Libby like several leather dog collars from his desk drawer and told her to stand behind the chair she was sitting on. She stood, still puzzled as Father Andrews stood behind her and pushed her against the chair back which pressed into her chest just below her budding breasts. The Father then knelt behind her and moved her feet apart until her shoes were touching the stout wooden chair legs then strapped each of her ankles to the a chair leg with two of the dog collars.

Libby's heart was beating fast as the Father moved around to the front of the chair. She was still very puzzled wondering why she was being tied up in this way. Hadn't he just said she wouldn't be punished, she thought! He was supposed to be teaching her something about 'sharing' wasn't he? She gasped as Father Andrews pulled her arms forward, lifting her off her feet until the ankle straps were pulled tight and her body was bent over the back of the chair. He tied her wrists to the arms of the chair with two more collars "The straps aren't hurting are they?" He asked. Libby shook her head, they were tight but didn't hurt.

Father Andrews began stroking the child, starting with her hair, smoothing it back from her face and hooking it behind her ears. "This may seem a little strange to you Elizabeth," he said as he moved his hands along her back. "But it will not cause you any pain." He leaned forward until his hands ran over her ass cheeks. "This is a tried and tested teaching method here at St. Agnes, which has corrected the wayward and selfish misbehaviour of many young girls for many years. You should see it as a lesson designed to teach you the joy of sharing sex, by allowing you to experience that ultimate pleasure when it is freely given you by another." As his hands moved off her ass, her school skirt rode up, exposing her regulation Convent issue sensible white panties. Libby's face burned red with embarrassment as the Fathers hands moved around under her suspended body and slid up to her undeveloped breasts. He probed her young immature nipples through the thin white fabric of her school blouse before deftly undoing the small buttons and tugging the garment free from the waistband of her skirt. With the girl's chest bared, Father Andrews returned to stroking her budding breasts. He pulled and twisted her nipples until they were erect little points of rubbery flesh on top of her tiny cone-shaped bumps.

He then stepped round to the side of the chair, keeping one hand occupied on Libby's chest as the other roamed over her ass. He squeezed and massaged her soft ass cheeks, allowing his fingers to stray into her ass crack and between her thighs, pressing the coarse panty fabric into her most intimate places.

Libby felt the familiar tickle of desire deep in her sex, the first time that feeling had ever been kindled by fingers other than her own! She closed her eyes and bit her lip, concentrating on keeping her body still and trying not to show the old priest that she liked the feelings he was creating in her pussy. The old man's hand left her chest as he stepped behind the chair. She felt his fingers hook onto the elastic waistband of her panties and tug them over her ass cheeks. She whimpered involuntarily, not just at the thought of further embarrassment from being undressed in this way, but knowing that when he touched her bare sex it would be impossible to hide the pleasure she knew that action was sure to bring.

Father Andrews had to tug hard on Libby's panties in order to free them from between her body and the chair back. Once freed though, he pulled them down to her knees, which was as far as her parted legs would allow. He proceeded to examine her intimately, stretching her ass cheeks apart with his palms and stroking the puckered opening of her anus with his thumb. He moved down, caressing her little bald pussy and pulling her labia apart, exposing her virgin cunt hole, inner lips and tiny clit. He noted that her vaginal opening was moist and that as he manipulated her pussy lips a small drop of clear liquid dribbled from her tight hole and spread its wet lubrication along her inner lips.

Encouraged by Libby's apparent arousal, the Father ran his finger between the child's labia. When he touched her clit the girl gasped and her body flinched, he smiled and nodded knowingly. When he pressed his finger into her tight cunt hole and found her hymen, he knew she hadn't yet discovered the pleasures of penetration and he decided that he would introduce her to it himself as her first lesson. He continued rubbing her pussy and gently fucking the opening to her cunt with his finger, taking care not to penetrate her hymen yet. His caressing encouraged more fluid to ooze from her cunt and he spread this all over her ass from her bald pubic mound to her dark pink anal ring. He was pleased at the amount of lubrication Libby was producing, it would make things a lot easier in the later lessons.

Elizabeth moaned and sighed involuntarily. The priest smiled again at the child's attempts to hide her arousal and knew she couldn't keep it up for much longer, then he could begin with lesson one. Her thigh and pelvic floor muscles were already flexing despite her attempts to keep still! For now, he increased his caressing stimulation, concentrating on her clit.

Libby couldn't keep still any longer, the lovely ache she felt between her thighs was so much better than anything she had felt before and her body needed to respond. She began rocking her hips, trying to increase the stimulation from the old priest's fingers. Father Andrews responded by rubbing her little clit faster. "Oh yes...!" She moaned as she tried to push her ass against the Fathers hand. Libby knew that special moment was about to happen, an orgasm like the one she'd had the night before and longed for again. Her body was beginning to shake uncontrollably and she was moaning in the same way that had revealed her secret pleasure to the old nun. Suddenly she felt the old man's finger press into her cunt hole. She felt the walls of her virgin pussy stretch at the unfamiliar intrusion. She felt a sharp pain, but only for a second, then the priest's finger pushed deep inside her as her cunt muscles began to convulse. The orgasm rocked her young body, her arms and legs straining at the bonds that secured her to the chair and all through it she could feel Father Andrews finger rapidly slipping in and out of her throbbing pussy.

The priest withdrew his finger from the child's wet pussy and held it up to his nose. Taking a deep breath, he savoured the slight musky odour before licking the slick cunt juice off his finger. The girl was exhausted and panting, a fine sheen of sweat glistened on her exposed skin. "I think you enjoyed that first lesson Elizabeth, yes?" He asked the child.

Libby nodded, unable to speak. She felt her face flush with embarrassment at the admission. What had the old man meant by 'first lesson'? Surely it was over now, she thought. She felt movement behind her and out of the corner of her eye she saw the Father kneel down behind the chair out of sight and hoped he was untying her bonds. She felt his hands on her ass, pulling her cheeks open, and then something warm and wet touched her pussy. It moved up and down her slit, probing between her tender labia with its soft wetness. Then she felt warm breath caress her skin and realised with a gasp the he must be licking her private place.

The old priest savoured the taste of virgin child flesh. He ran his probing tongue up and down Libby's tiny hairless slit, feeling her little stiff clitty as the only firm protrusion in a mouthful of soft pussy. He probed deeper, curling his tongue into a firm tube and pushing it into the child's cunt hole.

Libby groaned and gasped as amazing feelings coursed through her body. She couldn't believe that such pleasure was possible. Her body jerked uncontrollably each time the old man's tongue brushed her sensitive clit. She felt the Father's mouth suck hard on her pussy lips as though he were trying to eat her alive! The intense pleasure continued to build and Libby knew she was going to have another orgasm. She could feel the delightful pre-orgasmic ache start deep within her belly and felt it grow and move down towards her pussy, as though Father Andrews was sucking it out of her. She imagined the feeling was a thick, syrupy liquid in her stomach that was being sucked from her and when it reached the priest's mouth she would cum.

Father Andrews could feel the child's excitement. It was evident in the way her young body wriggled uncontrollably. He sensed she was close to having her second orgasm so he increased the oral stimulation to her pussy. After a couple of minutes he felt Libby go rigid and heard her scream. Her tethered body jerked rhythmically against the bonds with such force, the chair moved with the low screech of wood on the stone floor.

Libby hung over the back of the leather chair, totally exhausted and breathing in ragged pants. She now knew what Father Andrews meant when he'd explained she was to be shown the joy of sharing sex. Despite the embarrassment and humiliation she had really enjoyed that last lesson. A few minutes passed and she wondered how long it would be before he released her. She felt the old man's fingers on her pussy and thought there couldn't possibly be more to learn! How wrong she was! It felt like Father Andrews was trying to push something into her pussy, she knew he had put his finger in her hole before but this was somehow different. Whatever it was seemed to be a lot bigger stretching her pussy lips and filling her little vagina. Suddenly she realised he was pushing his cock into her! He was fucking her!

The Father forced his stiff shaft into her tight cunt. Although she was very wet, both from his oral stimulation and her own cunt juice, her pussy was very tight and the he had to grip the back of the chair to stop it moving as he thrust forward. It took four or five firm pushes to get his thick shaft into Libby's small cunt. After a further half a dozen thrusts his cock was sliding in and out of the child's pussy with relative ease.

Libby gasped at the force the old man was using to penetrate her. It felt as though he was shoving his forearm into her body. Gradually the movement became easier and she felt his cock pulling nearly all the way out of her stretched hole before slipping back in again and filling her up. She felt the Father's thick fingers grope between her legs and push between her pussy lips, roughly rubbing her clit. He pinched and twisted the sensitive little bud making her cunt muscles contract against his pumping shaft. Once again she felt the familiar flutter deep in her pussy and knew she would soon experience another orgasm. Libby groaned and tried to push herself further onto the old man's cock wanting to feel him fill her now, where before she felt he was ripping her apart!

Libby's excitement was obvious to the Father so he increased the speed he was fucking her. The old leather chair slid forward with a loud squeak each time he thrust into her tight bald pussy. He grabbed the back of the chair and tilted it back onto its rear legs. Now, with the child's body in a more upright position, he could reach her delightful little titties and fuck her cunt with an up and down movement rather than back and forth. He fucked her harder still, his flabby stomach making a slapping sound against her small ass.

Her orgasm came with a loud yell. The girls body jerked as every muscle tensed, her arms and legs straining against the leather bonds. The priest kept pumping into her until she was completely sated and her exhausted body sagged over the chair.

Father Andrews pulled out of her and, working quickly, undid her bonds. Libby felt herself lifted off the chair but her legs felt too weak for her to stand so she collapsed onto the floor. Her panties had slipped down to her ankles, her skirt had ridden up and her open blouse hung off one shoulder. She sat slumped with her legs open on the cold, hard stone, gasping for breath. The old man stepped in front of her, his swollen cock protruding from the gap in his open robe. He placed a hand on top of her head and pressed his cock against her lips but Libby turned her head in surprise and the wet cockhead slid across her cheek leaving a slimy trail.

Holding her head firmly, the priest turned Libby's head back and pushed his cock to her lips again. "Open your mouth Elizabeth." He grunted. "This is your next lesson." The child's mouth opened and he pushed his cock past her cute lips. "You've learned how pleasurable it can be to allow another free use of your body instead of submitting to the selfish act of masturbation." He reached down and pulled Libby's hand up, wrapping her fingers around the length of hard shaft that didn't fit into her small mouth. "Now you will learn one of the many ways to return that pleasure."

The priest explained how she should suck and lick his cock, how to slide her lips back and forth over his shaft whilst rubbing her hand over the rest of his cock. She found it difficult to co-ordinate her mouth and hand at first, and his cock felt as big in her mouth as it had in her pussy. But soon she found the correct rhythm and her saliva eased the passage of his dick past her stretched lips.

"Oh yes!" He grunted. "That's good!"

Libby noticed the old man was panting and making small groaning noised in his throat just as she did when her orgasm was near. "Faster girl! Faster!" He gasped. She did as she was asked.

"Listen carefully my child... I'm about to cum in your mouth..." Father Andrews was speaking quickly between gasps. "The Lord teaches us it is a sin... for a man to spill his seed upon the ground... be sure you don't spill my seed child... do you understand?"

Libby nodded wondering why he was babbling about dropping seeds! Just then the old man let out a long groan. She felt his cock pulsate between her fingers then something wet and slimy squirted from the tip of his cock onto her tongue, quickly filling her mouth. Her first instinct was to pull back but he held her head firmly over her cock. Libby couldn't breathe and she swallowed automatically, gulping several times in an effort to clear the slimy liquid only to feel another load fill her mouth. Finally the slime stopped coming and Libby felt the priest's cock soften.

Father Andrews pulled his cock from the young child’s mouth and fastened his robe. He helped the girl up and helped her pull on her panties and re-button her blouse. "Well done Elizabeth." He said as he sat heavily behind his desk. "You have learned your lessons well. I shall let Sister Mary know how attentive you have been."

Libby stammered her thanks.

"Tomorrow, after evening prayers, you are to report to the Mother Superior's office. I know she will want to have a few words with you." Father Andrews dismissed the child.

Libby turned to leave, stumbling across the room on wobbly legs.




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