M/F/g/b pedo

Fiona and her young brother, Robert return home from play to find their mom paying the rent in kind. Mom sends the kids out but the landlord has other ideas. If you are under 18 or find this offensive, please do not read any further!



Hi, my name is Fiona. I want to tell you about my introduction to the pleasures of sex.

Well, it began one warm sunny Saturday afternoon. My little brother Robert and I had been playing at the local park and had ran home for a drink. I got to the back door first and burst in calling "Mummy! Mummy! Can we..." The words died in my throat at the sight before me. Mummy was kneeling on the kitchen floor in front of a man. She had no top on and her jeans and panties were pulled down to her knees. The mans trousers and pants were also pulled down and lay in a heap around his ankles. But most shocking of all, mummy was sucking the mans willy!

That was the first time I had seen anything to do with sex. I was only 9 years old then and my entire knowledge of the subject was the result of speculation and rumor amongst my school friends. I sometimes used to rub my crack in bed at night for the nice feeling it gave me, and Rob's was the only willy I had seen up until then. I knew it could get stiff and stick out sometimes, something that embarrassed him when it happened.

Rob, who was several paces behind me, crashed into my back as I stood rooted to the spot. "Fiona!" he moaned at my being in his way. But then he also saw what mummy and the man were doing and fell silent.

Mummy looked shocked and was just as frozen as Rob and I. The man, who I suddenly recognized as our landlord, just smiled at us. Mummy then let the man's willy slip out of her mouth and stammered "G...go back out to both of you." Her face had gone very red.

"No." The man said to mummy. "Tell them to stay."

Mummy and the man looked at each other for a few seconds then she shook her head. "Not them. Please, don't involve them." She pleaded. "They're only kids."

The man nodded once. "They stay." He grunted.

Later, mummy explained to us why she had to do what she did. Daddy left us when we were toddlers and mummy had to leave the big house we used to live in and rent this little one. She could only work part time because she had to look after us and didn't have much money. She owed the landlord a lot of money so she had to do whatever he asked because she couldn't afford to pay him the rent. If she didn't, he would throw us out.

Mum waved us over to stand either side of her. The landlord pulled mum's head forward until his willy went back in her mouth. She held the base where a wrinkly skin sack dangled between his legs and fondled it while at the same time moving her head back and forth so the mans stiff willy slid in and out of her mouth.

I could feel a warm tingly sensation in my crack, as strong as I had ever felt when I rubbed myself there. I was frightened and embarrassed at what was happening and wanted to run away, yet it also exited me and felt glad I was being made to stay.

Rob was watching the proceedings with interest. I could tell his willy had gone stiff, it was pushing the front of his football shorts out. As I watched he slipped one hand in to the pocket and fiddled with himself. I realized then that he must be feeling the same as me and that his willy went stiff when that warm feeling came. As soon as my young innocent mind had absorbed that fact, I realized the man must be enjoying what mummy was doing, that was why he was making mummy do it!

"Finger fuck yourself." Grunted the man, making me jump.

I didn't know what he meant but then realized it was mummy he was talking to. I watched with interest as she slipped her free hand between her own legs to rub her crack.

The landlord turned to Rob. "What is your name young man?" He said in a kind voice.

Rob jumped, surprised at being spoken to. "Ro...Robert."

"Well Robert, go and stand behind your mum." Said the man.

Rob looked at mum, unsure if he should. Mummy turned her eyes to Rob and nodded once without stopping what she was doing. With a shrug, Rob stepped behind mum looking up at the landlord wondering what was going to happen next.

The landlord smiled. "Now Robert, put your arms around your mum and rub her tits."

My brother moved his hands forward but he was clearly unsure what was expected of him. The man leaned forward taking Rob's hands pulling him forward against mummy's back and then pushing his hands under her arms, he placed Rob's little hands on her boobies. After a few moments of indecision, Robby decided he liked what he had been asked to do. He looked like he was enjoying massaging mummy's 'tits', with the landlord coaching him. I noticed Rob was rubbing his hip's against mums back.

The landlord then turned his attention to me. "And what is your name sweetheart?" He smiled.

"I'm Fiona." I Said, determined not to show how scared I was.

"What a lovely name." He Said"I'll bet you have a beautiful body to match. Why don't you undress for me."

"What!" I exclaimed. The suggestion embarrassed me and my face turned scarlet. I did what Rob did, looking for mummy's permission. Mummy nodded as she had to Robby. I took hold of the hem of my T-shirt and slowly pulled it up over my head, then let it drop to the floor at my feet. My boobs, or tits as the landlord called them, were non existent at the tender age of 9. I just had puffy nipples on a skinny flat chest. Next I hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my shorts, pulling them down until gravity took over and they fell down to my ankles. I felt very scared at this point. Fear of the unknown. I had no idea what to expect from this new experience. With my tummy doing somersaults, I pulled my panties down. They were too tight to slip down, clinging to my legs and I had to bend down to push them to join my shorts.

As I stood up, the landlord took hold of my arm, pulling me closer to him. I had to shuffle with the clothing still wrapped around my feet. Then he ran his hand over my chest. I held my breath as he explored my undeveloped nipples, making them harden and sensitive. The tingly feeling felt nice. He then slipped his hand down between my legs, he had to lean forward slightly to reach. His fingers probed my hairless crack rubbing up and down my slit making me feel very nice down there. My legs were weak and I felt lightheaded.

Suddenly the landlord grunted. "Oh yeah! Suck it bitch." As he thrust his hips forward and back, pushing his willy in and out of mummy's mouth. Then "Arrrrgh..." He stopped thrusting, his hips twitching several times and he groaned as though he was in pain. I thought mummy must have bitten his willy and he would be very cross. I expected to see blood but there was only a dribble of white stuff from mummy's lips that she licked back in. Finally mummy let his willy slip out of her mouth. It didn't look as stiff as it was before, but it still stuck out.

The landlord had stopped rubbing my crack and I felt disappointed thinking it was all over. Even Rob sensed it and let go of mum's boobs. It wasn't over though. The landlord pulled mum up and told her to lie on the kitchen table. Robby and I were left standing in the middle of the kitchen as the man freed his legs from the clothing wrapped around his ankles.

He leaned over and started to lick mummy's crack. I watched intently, taking in every detail of what he was doing, and noted mummy's response. After a few minutes the landlord called Robby over, and showed him how to do it. Rob learnt quickly and was soon sliding his small tongue up and down her slit. Mummy looked as though she was enjoying it, lifting her bum of the table to push her crack into Robby's face.

The landlord knelt on the floor and pulled Rob's football shorts and pants down. He reached round putting his hand between Rob's thighs. I was still standing in the middle of the kitchen, feeling left out. I couldn't see what the man was doing to Robby but I knew he must be touching his willy.

"Come over her Fiona." The landlord Said, startling me.

I shuffled over as best I could and stood next to him, hoping he would rub my crack again. Now I could see he was holding my brother's willy between his thumb and forefinger and was gently rubbing it up and down. Robby's willy was stiffer than I could remember seeing it before. From where I stood I had a better view of what Rob was doing to mum than before. I was amazed to watch him licking mummy's pee hole. I thought it must taste awful, but I could see mum was enjoying it and I wandered what it felt like.

I was soon to find out. The landlord smiled at me. "Would you like to try that too?" He asked.

"Yeah." I whispered round a large lump that had developed in my throat.

The man stopped rubbing Rob's willy. "OK then." He Said"Lie on the table next to your mum." He stood and lifted me up so I was sitting on the edge. He then pulled my shorts and panties off just as he had done to mummy. I lay back on the table next to mum wondering what was going to happen next. The landlord knelt between my knees and started rubbing my crack again, only this time he used both hands. He used the fingers of one hand to open the two fleshy folds covering my pee hole, then stroked and rubbed the sensitive bits inside. There is a tiny bump in there that is really sensitive and feels good when it is touched. When the man played with it, I felt fantastic. Then he surprised me by trying to poke his finger in my pee hole. That's what I thought it was then. It felt a bit uncomfortable and I flinched. "Ouch!" I squeaked.

"Oops, sorry sweetie." He smiled. "You need to be a bit wetter." He leaned forward and kissed my crack, then stuck his tongue out and licked me sliding it up between the folds just like he had taught Robby to do on mummy. It felt wonderful. I knew now why mummy was groaning with excitement next to me. My hips started rocking as I tried to push my bottom against his mouth as mum was doing to Rob.

Mum suddenly went stiff. "Aaaargh." She groaned. Her legs clamped on to Robby's head trapping him against her crack as her body jerked several times. When she stopped and opened her legs, Robby stepped back. There was a look of shock on his face. Mummy sat up on the edge of the table and pulled him close, telling him it was all right. She lifted him up to sit on her lap and they both watched the landlord licking me between my legs.

"Don't just sit there staring woman." The landlord Said to mum. "Can't you see the lad has a little problem? See to it."

Mummy took hold of Rob's willy, rubbing it just like the landlord had. It only took a few strokes before Rob's body was jerking in mum's lap and he was calling out. "Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Something was happening to me. There was a really lovely fluttering feeling in my crack and my legs started twitching. It didn't last long before it died away leaving me feeling relaxed and happy.

The landlord stood up and lifted Rob down from mum's lap, then pushed her back down onto her back on the kitchen table. I saw his willy had grown stiff again. He pulled mum's legs apart, then pushed his willy into mummy's pee hole. Robby and I watched in amazement a his willy disappeared into her. He pushed it in and out rapidly for a few minutes until he finally pulled it out and started to rub it with his hand. The landlord then let out a long. "Yeaaah!" And a jet of white stuff squirted out of his willy to splash all over mum's tummy.
Both of us kids stared open mouthed at what we had just seen. The landlord rummaged around for his clothes and got dressed.

"Run along now you two, while your mum and I talk business." He told us.

We both fled from the kitchen to the bedroom we shared. Neither of us had thought to pick up our clothes so I was still naked and Rob only had his T-shirt.

It was about 10 or 15 minutes before mummy came in. We had spent the time recalling what had happened and quizzing each other. "What did mummy's pee hole taste like?" I asked him.

"Sort of salty." He replied. "A bit like licking your arm I suppose, only wetter."

"Did you see him put his willy into mummy." I enthused.

"Wow, yeah! Do you think it hurt mum?"

"Nah!" I replied. "I think mummy liked it." If she felt anything like I did after the landlord had licked me she must have loved it I thought! "What was that white stuff he squirted out."

Rob shook his head no. "Doesn't yours do that?" I asked.

"No way!" Said Rob. "Did you see he squirted some into mum's mouth?"

I had just nodded my reply when mum came in. She had got dressed and brought us our clothes telling us to put them on. "I'm sorry you both had to see that." Mum apologized. This was when she explained why she had to let the landlord do those things and that he would want to do them again. Mum Said she didn't like doing them, especially if it involved us, but she couldn't do anything about it. This was when we got our sex education lecture, though I'm sure Mum never meant for it to be as graphic and down to earth as it turned out to be. She even taught us the popular names for our sex bits such as 'cunt', 'cock' and 'pussy'. We also learned some of the more unusual ways of having sex, all the stuff we should only have heard from our peers when we were a few years older.

We went to bed that night much older and wiser. That afternoons experiences left me feeling very 'horny' - another word we learned from mummy - my fingers quickly found their way to my 'pussy' and I massaged myself to sleep. From the shuffling sounds I could hear from Robby's bed, I'd guess he was practicing stroking his 'cock' .

Life went on as normal for the next few days though thoughts of sex were never very far from our young minds. Each evening as we got ready for bed, Rob and I would peek at each other naked. Neither of us took the trouble to hide our immature body's as we had grown accustomed to before. I found the feelings of sexual tension enjoyable and Rob's excitement was plainly obvious. We both went to bed every night to masturbate ourselves to sleep.

I began to think about my brother's cock. Each night I would try to imagine what it would be like to touch it. This in turn led to thoughts of Rob touching my pussy. One night whilst feverishly rubbing my clit, searching for a repeat of the mini orgasm I now know I experienced when the landlord had licked my cunt and listening to Rob wanking, I decided to do something about it. "Rob." I whispered. He froze at the sound of my voice. "Can I rub your cock?" He remained silent. "I'll let you rub my pussy." I offered. I liked using the new 'naughty' words Mum had taught us, it made me feel so grown up!

"Yeah, OK! I don't mind." He finally whispered back.

I turned on the bedside lamp then slipped out of my bed and pulled my panties off. "Budge up." I instructed. Rob sat up and moved over next to the wall, then tugged his pajama bottoms down to his ankles. With my nightdress pulled up to my waist, I climbed onto his bed and sat right next to him. I was eager to try this new experience so I reached over and held his cock in my hand. It surprised me. I'd expected it be hard. It was stiff but felt soft and warm to touch. His cock was about the same length as my middle finger only it was thicker. I started stroking it between my finger and thumb as I'd seen mummy and the landlord do.

After a minute or two I realized he wasn't touching me, and I wanted him to so much. "You can touch mine too if you want Rob." I encouraged him. He tentatively slipped his hand between my thighs and fiddled with my pussy lips. I had to show him where and how to stimulate me. Once he got the hang of it he soon had my cunt twitching with an orgasm. Soon after that his cock began pulsing in my hand as though it had suddenly come alive and was trying to escape from me. Rob shuddered and grunted a few times. I guess he had just had his orgasm. When I removed my hand I noticed the tip of his cock was wet with some clear slimy stuff. After that I returned to my own bed and fell asleep feeling very satisfied.

The following night after mummy had tucked us up in our beds we held a quick whispered conference.

"You know what we did last night?" Rob asked. "You want to do it again?"

"Yeah, OK" I replied. "Lets take all our clothes off and do it lying down this time."

We both shot out of bed giggling and removed our night clothes. We then got into Rob's bed and pulled the covers over ourselves.

What took place next was much the same mutual masturbation we had done the night before, except that I suggested we kiss each other like they do in films. It seemed like ages before we both had orgasms then eventually fell asleep together in the same bed.

Pretty soon it was Saturday again. We were out playing in our local park not realizing that it was rent day again and what that would mean. Mummy came looking for us and called us home. She explained that the landlord had come round to collect this weeks rent and that he wanted us both there to help her. I remember we were both openly excited and skipped happily all the way home. Mum looked shocked, though at the time I didn't understand why.

When we got home the landlord was sitting in the kitchen drinking a cup of coffee. He asked us how we were and if we were happy to help mummy with the rent. Of course we Said we were. Mum stood leaning against the sink saying nothing.

"Well, let's not waste any more time." The landlord Said with a smile. Shall we go to the bedroom."

Mum led the way and us kids followed her. The man followed us into mum's room and sat on the edge of the bed. "OK, why don't you all get undressed while I decide what we can do first. He Said There was a few seconds of inactivity as we looked to mummy, neither of us wanting to be the first to get naked. Then Mum started pulling her clothes off and we joined in. Soon all three of us stood bare before the landlord. "Right, let's see..." He mused. "Annie, you lie down here on the bed." He told my Mum"And... Fiona, yes you can join you Mum and lick her cunt, OK sweetheart?"

I nodded and climbed onto the bed between mummy's legs. Her pussy looked different to mine. There was a ridge of wrinkly skin peeking out from her lips and she had hair of course. I wasn't sure what to do even though I had seen Robby do it the last time. I lowered my face between mums thighs and kissed her soft wrinkly skin. Her hair tickled my nose. Mum sipped her hands between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart. I was surprised to see the lower half of the ridge split in two forming a crack. Inside it was pink and moist, a small lump of flesh I thought must be her clit hid at the top of the crack and there was a large hole that had a clear liquid oozing out near the bottom.

"Stick your tongue out Fiona." She instructed me. "Lick my cunt baby."

The taste was strange but not unpleasant. I already knew from my own experimentation that the little bump at the top of mum's crack was the spot I needed to concentrate on. As I licked mummy's clit I could see out of the corner of my eye the landlord called Robby over and lifted him up to sit in his lap. He held Robby's cock gently rubbing it as they both watched what I was doing with Mum

My pussy ached for some attention so I slipped one hand between my legs. Mummy was getting more excited, groaning and moving her hips up and down. Suddenly she shivered, let out a scream then started to rub her cunt all over my face. Mum held my head still so she could rub her clit on my nose. I just held my breath. When mum's climax subsided she pulled me up to lie on top of her and kissed my face repeatedly. "I'm so sorry sweetheart." She whispered between kisses. "You shouldn't have to do this at your age."

"It's OK mummy..." I began but Mum silenced me by kissing my mouth. I kissed her back and soon we were kissing like lovers do on the TV.

The landlord stood up and took his clothes off. "OK young lady, it's your brothers turn now." He told me. I climbed off Mum and Rob knelt down between her legs.

"No, no Robert." The landlord chuckled. "She's been licked by your sister, she's ready to be fucked now." Rob stood up, a puzzled expression on his face. "Here, lie on your Mum" He instructed. Robby did as He was asked and The landlord took hold of his stiff little cock, positioning it at The entrance to mummy's cunt. "Now, push it in." He told Rob. Rob's cock slid effortlessly into Mum He held still for a few seconds with a look of wonder on his face before natural instinct took over and He started to fuck her.

The landlord sat on The bed again and called me over. He lifted me into his lap, positioning me sideways so that his cock poked up between my thighs. One arm was wrapped around me, supporting me, which left his other hand free to play with my nipples.

He started moving his hips under me so that his cock moved up and down between my thighs. His cock head was dark red and slick with some clear slimy stuff that seemed to be oozing from a little slit in The end. The slit looked just like a miniature cunt. Robby's cock didn't look like The landlord's, it was covered with loose skin even when He was stiff.

The man adjusted my position on his lap which allowed his cock to rub against my pussy as He poked it up between my thighs. His movements parted my cunt lips so his rigid shaft stroked my clit. The fluid flowing from his cock soon soaked down to lubricate The point of contact between us. My pussy ached with pleasure. I clamped my thighs tighter around his shaft increasing The pressure on my clit. Within seconds my cunt began twitching with an orgasm. The landlord kissed me on The lips, and I responded eagerly. He pushed his tongue into my mouth which surprised me. It felt good though, so I opened my mouth and let him lick my tongue.

Robby continued to fuck mummy. His head only came up to her tits and Mum had got him to suck on her nipples. Rob was groaning with pleasure. I could recognize The signs and knew He was near to having an orgasm too.

The landlord lay back on The bed and moved me around. "I want to lick your pussy now kid." He Said"Lie on top of me this way." He made me kneel either side of his face so my cunt was just above his mouth. I lay down on his chest and found his cock sticking up just in front of me. "Now you can suck my cock, Fiona." He Said pushing my head down between his legs. His cock pressed against my cheek leaving a slimy wet patch on my skin. I knew what He wanted me to do and tried to remember how Mum was doing it The week before when this all started. I held his cock in my hand. It was a lot bigger than Robby's and had large veins on it that made it look like it had ridges. I stuck my tongue out and licked The end. It tasted sort of salty but not too unpleasant. I remembered mummy had stuck it in her mouth and sucked it. Opening my mouth I tried to push his cock in. I could only get The head in, my mouth was not as big as mum's.

The landlord was licking my pussy and that was great. He also started to probe me with his fingers which felt slightly uncomfortable but being on top, I found, allowed me to lift my bum away when it hurt too much. I was rubbing The landlords cock with my hand and sucking it's swollen head when He suddenly stiffened. His cock jerked in my hand two or three times then something squirted into my mouth.

It surprised me so much I pulled my head back in shock. As soon as his cock came out of my mouth I saw The little slit in The end open and a second squirt of white stuff shot out and splattered onto my face. "Arrrgh..." He groaned into my pussy. "Keep sucking me bitch." He pushed my head back down and thrust his cock deep into my mouth. It was still squirting and my mouth was soon full so it dribbled out onto my fingers.

As he was cumming He sucked hard on my little pussy and nipped me with his teeth. My body exploded in an orgasm of my own and I was thrusting my pulsing twat into his face. Finally we were both spent. I had a mouthful of cum I didn't know what to do with. The taste wasn't that bad but it was slimy and smelled funny.

"Swallow it kid." The landlord growled. I swallowed. It made me feel queasy and I gagged a couple of times but managed to get it down. "Good girl." He smiled. "Now lick my cock clean." His cock had gone soft and floppy. I licked all The gooey stuff off The shaft and from my fingers. "Don't forget to clean The head." He Said He took hold of his soft cock and milked it until a small blob of cum oozed from The tip, which I dutifully licked off.

I looked over at Rob and Mum They had finished fucking and were lying together on The bed watching me with The landlord. Robby's cock was still hard. The landlord took hold of it, testing it's stiffness.

"Hey! This young stud is still ready for action." He Said"You two kids lie here in The middle so you can kiss and cuddle." The landlord shoved me off his chest into The space between himself and mummy, then pulled Rob down next to me.

I began kissing my brother and He responded eagerly. My hand found its way between our bodies to stroke his willy, then within seconds his fingers were probing my pussy. We were in familiar territory here having done this much a couple of times already.

The land lord snuggled in close, I could feel him rubbing himself against my leg. He reached over us to fondle mummy's cunt, finger fucking her.

Rob and I were having a good time. He was humping my hand so I didn't have to wank him and my body quite naturally found The rhythm to work with The movement of his fingers, increasing The pleasure for me.

"OK young man, don't get too carried away with that." The landlord Said"It's time to fuck your sister." With The landlord directing us I lay on my back, legs apart, and Rob lay on top of me just as He had done with Mum I could feel his cock rubbing my pussy, a bit like a finger. The man slipped his hands between us to part my cunt lips and aim Robby's cock at my virgin hole. "Right lad, shove it in." The landlord told Rob.

I was excited and a bit scared. I knew what He was getting Robby to do and somehow I knew instinctively it would hurt.

Robby thrust at me but The aim was too high. He speared my clit sending a jolt of sexual pleasure through me. He backed off and The landlord readjusted Robby's aim. The second try was on target but came up short against my hymen. The sharp stab of pain made me flinch and Rob's cock was deflected out. The landlord again maneuvered Rob's willy to The entrance of my fuck hole. "Now, don't jab at it." He advised. "Push it in firmly."

Rob tried again with The landlord supporting his cock and holding me still. "Ouch!" I cried as Rob's small but rigid willy pressed into me. I wriggled my bum trying to back off through The firm mattress. Mummy leaned over and kissed me, calming me, pushing her tongue into my mouth.

Then suddenly my hymen gave up The struggle. "Arrrgh!" I yelped into mum's mouth. I felt a sharp pain in my cunt, then a stinging sensation. The pain rapidly died away as Rob slowly fucked me and The pleasure I had felt before quickly returned. The new sensation of having a cock, even a little one, invading my body was wonderful. I never dreamed that this could feel so good.

Robby's thrusting was becoming more urgent. He was groaning into my neck. Then He shuddered and I could feel his cock twitching inside me. His orgasm seemed to go on forever, or maybe I wanted it to, but eventually He was spent and He collapsed on top of me in total exhaustion. I felt a little disappointed that I hadn't cum too. I was still hot and hoped mummy or The landlord would lick my pussy.

The landlord gently rolled Robby off me and whilst still lying on his side next to me, slid his legs under mine.

In this position his cock, which had gone stiff again, poked up between my thighs to rest on my pussy. The tip of his cock was wet with and slimy with pre-cum that smeared over my bald mons. The landlord held his cock and pushed The tip up between my cunt lips, smearing them with his juice. I knew what was coming next and The thought frightened me. He rubbed my clit with his cock which felt good but did little to calm my anxiety.

"Annie." The landlord Said to Mum"Hold Fiona's cunt open for me."

Mummy lay on The bed next to me. She had positioned Robby between her legs so He could lick her cunt. She leaned over slipping one hand between my legs, her fingers holding my pussy lips open for The landlord.

I whimpered with fear as He pressed his cock into me. Mum kissed me on The lips again. "Its OK sweetheart." She whispered between kisses. "It'll only feel strange at first, then you'll feel great." It did feel strange. More a stretching feeling than pain though it did sting a bit at first. When I looked down I saw He had half his cock inside me and was slowly pushing it in and out just as Robby had done. I couldn't believe something that wide would have fit in, but it did. Mummy was rubbing my clit at The same time and it did feel good.

Mum had got Rob to finger fuck her, then to push more of his fingers into her until eventually He was pushing his whole hand in and out of mummy's pussy.

The landlords thrusting gradually became more urgent. The feeling of his cock filling me was having a desirable effect on me too. With a loud groan, The landlord came. I felt his cock twitching and pulsing inside me and a warm gush filling my tummy. Then with a slurping noise, his white stuff leaked out of my cunt.

A few seconds later mummy and I had our orgasms almost at The same time. We all lay exhausted for a minute or two. I cold feel The landlords cock shrinking until The tightness of my cunt squeezed it out. Robby's hand was still buried in mum's cunt up to his wrist.

"Oh man! That was great." The landlord groaned. "Here, Robert." He called my little brother over. "Clean us up, there's a good lad." Robby bent to his final task, sucking The man's limp cock clean of cum. When He had finished He cleaned me of all The white goo dribbling from my pussy.

For The next year or so The landlord came round to collect The rent. Sometimes He just fucked me, sometimes both me and Robby or all of us together. There were a few weeks when us kids weren't there for one reason or another, presumably He fucked mummy then.

Things changed at home too. Robby and I slept together all The time and fucked most nights. Mummy would join in sometimes as well.

So that's my story, I hope you enjoyed it, I did.


The End




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