Disclaimer regarding "BR&T Magazine"

First, read my General Disclaimer about all of my stories. Then the following applies to everything in the "BR&T Magazine" universe.

This fantasy involves at least bondage, rape, and cruel torture, among many other things, of numerous girls of various ages, by numerous men and boys. Indeed, many of my other stories can be considered to be in the same 'universe' and timeline where this magazine exists.

I'm not into gore and grossness, so the only bodily fluid you'll find in the following is tears, and there is no physical injury described. (If you want that sort of thing, you'll have to imagine it yourself.) If that doesn't sound like a fantasy you would enjoy, then either don't read it, or blame yourself. I'm not forcing anyone to read this fantasy.

As always, this is not real, has never happened, and I hope will never happen, and any resemblance to any real or imaginary person, character, structure, or place is purely an unintentional coincidence. Just to ensure there's no misunderstanding: there's no such magazine and never will be, no such girls and never will be, no such real-life places or activities and never will be.

(FAKE BR&T Magazine cover) BR&T Magazine (pronounced "brat") is published every few days, the theme and scope of the magazine made plain by the title. Each issue stars a particular girl decided by reader feedback, in a forty-page full-color spread of her in an activity also chosen by the readers, along with short introductions for other girls offered for later issues. There is also a column for letters to the editor.

Each time a girl stars in the magazine, her count gets reset, but if she's popular enough with the readers, her count can pass other girls and she'll be featured again before they are. The same goes for requested scenarios: popular activities are repeated more often, and the more the readers like them, the more often they'll be repeated with other girls.

Some of the girls are "free-range BR&T girls" who are brought in as needed for another issue, since they have good reasons to never mention their 'stardom' to anyone, ever. Other girls are "captive BR&T girls" who are brought out of wherever they're kept, as needed, and never get the chance to mention anything to anyone else, but that limits the activities they can be in. There are popular girls of both types, all of them fun in different ways.

These stories are approximately in chronological order though there can be some overlap when a story spans weeks to years. For more about the history of BR&T Magazine, see the chronology at the end.

Many of the girls in the stories below are Bunnytail Elementary School students (or were), and their stories there precede or depend upon stories here.

Kaiah's First Video, Part One (Author Favorite)
(M+/g7 pedo bond nude humil spank implied-rape brutal) Kaiah is a student at Bunnytail Elementary, and, as told there, Kaiah's father punishes her frequently by tying her to a flagpole beside their house. Boys in the neighborhood tell BR&T, and it doesn't take long before BR&T Magazine has a new free-range BR&T girl. They know how to have a lot more fun than the boys ever did, and how to share the fun. It's possible that her father saw this video, but then again, maybe not.
Kaiah's First Video, Part Two
(M+/g7 pedo bond nude humil spank rape brutal) Kaiah's First Video continues in part two. Men use her for what she's good for, as other men watch and wait their turns.
Kaiah's First Video, Part Three
(M+/g7 pedo bond nude humil spank rape brutal) Kaiah's First Video continues in part three. In a race against time, men use her for what she's good for. Kaiah loses, no matter who wins.
Kaiah at the Lumber Mill
(M+/g7 pedo humil nude bond spank brutal) Kaiah keeps the promise she made at the end of her first video, but things don't go as she expects.

Courtney and Melissa: The Threat
(M/g8g6 pedo threat nude humil bond rape oral tort) Melissa and Courtney play where they shouldn't, starting a chain of events they hate. (These characters then appear in BR&T Swat Meet, Part One.) This is an extensive rewrite of another author's original.
BR&T Swat Meet, Part One
(M+B/g5+g8 pedo threat nude humil bond kidnap implied-rape implied-tort) BR&T magazine sponsors a monthly swap meet where lots of girls get swapped... among other activities. The three earliest arrivals all have different motivations and methods.
BR&T Swat Meet, Part Two
(M+/g3-8 pedo kidnap spank implied-everything) BR&T magazine sponsors a monthly swap meet. One late arrival brings some very welcome cargo, and the BR&T crew help him unload it.
BR&T Swat Meet, Part Three
(M+/g+ pedo nude humil bond spank implied-rape) BR&T does business with the man who brought in the late arrivals, then they all really get down to the day's business: having fun.
Brittany and Caitlin's First Communion (bonus feature: Cujo's bitch)
(M+/g8g6 pedo nude exhib play kidnap) It's the day of Brittany's "First Communion" but before the ceremony at the church, Brittany and her little sister Caitlin go get their photos taken by a photographer who advertised on the church bulletin board. All dressed up in very pretty church dresses for the photos, the girls never make it to the ceremony, and they never go home.
(Dbb/g7 pedo runaway humil dog rape threat brutal) Small feature at the end of the issue to introduce Julie, also known as Cujo's bitch. To avoid getting in trouble, she ran away and hid in a doghouse. Worst mistake of her life.
Flower Girls?
(M+/g7g5 pedo trick kidnap bond implied-rape) A couple of beautiful girls get hired to be flower girls for a wedding, or so they and their mother thought.
BR&T Logic Puzzle: Five on Stage
(M+/ggggg pedo nude bond spank implied-rape) A tale of more helpless terrified naked girls on the BR&T Stage! But who they are, how old they are, where they are on the stage, in fact every detail like that, is left as an exercise for the reader. It will help greatly if you have read my other stories.

Mommy Nicole's First Letters
(M+/g7 pedo nude humil bond) Robert Blackrock of BR&T Magazine exchanges letters with Mommy Nicole (little Nicole's mother), about little Nicole, for the first time, making plans for her to be a model for their magazine. Plus, an offer of 'counseling' after the terrible accident (see below).
The Ballad of Brownie Troop 432 (Author Favorite)
(M+/g+ pedo nude humil spank bond cold tort rape) Nine Brownie girls survive an accident, and end up worse off than they would have been, maybe, with the worst fate awaiting eight of them.
Little Nicole on Stage
(M+/g7 pedo nude humil bond cold terror) A terrifying minute in the life of little Nicole on the BR&T Stage with the rest of the Brownies in her troop. (See the Ballad for context.)
Sara's First Letters
(M+/g7g10 pedo nude humil bond spank rape) Mommy Nicole, upon hearing that Sara is now a Bunnytail cheerleader like little Nicole, decides that little Nicole and Sara should be friends. Many letters on many subjects go back and forth between Sara and the two Nicoles, ending with Sara being 'invited' to go to Rape Therapy. For more about Sara, see tales from Bunnytail Elementary School and Assorted Nasty Stories.
Sara and little Nicole go to Rape Therapy
(FM+/g10g7 pedo nude bond humil spank brutal tort implied-rape) Sara visits little Nicole for the first time, but they don't get to stay there and play. Their parents get them ready to go to Rape Therapy together. Then they have to walk, four blocks there and four blocks back. They go back the next week, and their third week of going there together is a special session. (Note this covers three weeks, thus overlaps with some following stories.)
More Mommy Nicole's Letters
(M+/g7,F pedo nude humil bond implied-sex) Mommy Nicole designs a girl cub scout uniform for little Nicole with help from a BR&T man in a series of letters back and forth between them. Plus lots of important background story about events in little Nicole's life.
Little Nicole in the Van
(M+/g7 pedo terror) A terrifying minute in the life of little Nicole on the way back to the BR&T Stage, all alone except for the BR&T men.
Sealed Envelopes
(M+/g7 pedo nude humil bond spank) Little Nicole and Sara send letters to each other in sealed envelopes. Little Nicole tells Sara about an encounter with BR&T Magazine.
Sara's Rape Therapy, Alone
(B+/g10 pedo nude bond tort humil spank rape) Sara has to go over to a neighbor boy's house and have him get her ready to go to Rape Therapy. Then she has to walk thirteen blocks there and thirteen blocks back.
Little Nicole's Day at the Farm
(M+/g4g5g6g6g7g7 pedo nude bond spank tort rape brutal) Little Nicole gets 'invited' to go 'play' at a farm thursday afternoon. She finds herself on stage with five other girls, including three of the missing Brownies of Troop 432. She tells Sara about it in three letters.
After Sara's Rape Therapy
(B+/g10 pedo nude bond humil spank rape) Sara has to go back to a neighbor boy's house and have him remove everything he put on her for Rape Therapy. It takes him and his numerous friends six hours. In his basement.

Marie on the Torture Horse
(M+/g10 pedo bond rape tort brutal) Marie has been a free-range BR&T girl for years, ever since two neighbor boys discovered the magazine and the fun they could have with her. Jimbo gets to use her today, on a new device he invented with her in mind, but he'll keep it ready for other girls as they get voted in by BR&T readers. This is an extensive rewrite of another author's original.
BR&T Meets Cindy Graymont (Author Favorite)
(M+BB/g8 pedo humil threat spank bond rape tort) After a month of preparation, Austin and Dallas introduce Cindy to her new life as a free-range BR&T girl. More importantly, BR&T readers get intimately introduced to Cindy. BR&T likes Cindy. Cindy hates BR&T. (Background story about Cindy here.)
Cindy Goes on Stage (Author Favorite)
(BBM+/g8 pedo nude humil bond cold tort spank implied-rape terror) On a cold night at the end of October, the neighbor boys deliver Cindy to the second BR&T Stage for her first appearance. After a long terrible night, she finds out she'll have an even worse day.
Kelly's Mistake (FIRST DRAFT)
(M/g10,B/g10 pedo voy nude humil spank) Kelly makes a mistake that leads to bad consequences from her father, then her neighbor, and eventually BR&T Magazine. FIRST DRAFT beginning and ROUGH DRAFT ending that might or might not someday become a polished story.
Meadows, Book Three: Icicles at School (ROUGH DRAFT)
(B+/g8 pedo nude humil cold spank bond terror) The boys at school, especially Darren and Rusty, have a fun way to play with Marie. Fun for them, that is, not for her. ROUGH DRAFT of a story that might or might not someday become a polished story. The alternate ending is considerably nastier.
Meadows, Book Three: Laurie Comes to Visit (ROUGH DRAFT)
(B+/g8g5,M+/g8g5,M+/g5 pedo nude bond humil spank brutal) Marie's little cousin, Laurie Meadows, comes to visit her for three weeks. Darren and Rusty insist that Marie bring her over to their farm. Laurie gets the same treatment Marie has been getting, even to the point of taking her to the BR&T Stage solo. ROUGH DRAFT of a story that might or might not someday become a polished story.
Finding Out What Boys Want (FIRST DRAFT)
(b+/g8 pedo drug? nude) When she overhears boys at a party say a particular drink is drugged to make a girl fall asleep so they can do what they want to her, a girl wonders what they want to do... so to find out, she takes the one they say is drugged, and pretends to drink it. It turns out to be a far bigger leap than she thought she was taking. FIRST DRAFT of a story that might or might not someday become a polished story.

This is a map of the most important places in the town.
The map includes the flagpole for Kaiah's First Video (beside her house), the Lumber Mill she went to the next day, Bunnytail Elementary, BR&T Hardware ("Plumbing and Heating") where BR&T Magazine is headquartered, Bunnytail Park where the Brownies of Troop 432 gathered before their trip to the zoo, homes of Brownies Georgia and Molly, home of Stella and Mary (Swat Meet, Part One), and the homes of Sara and little Nicole and the 'counselor' they have to go to. Since the BR&T universe story spans many decades, the map also includes the homes of Robert (Bob) Blackrock and his friends, Ken, Jeremy (later owner of the lumber mill), and Steve (later the county sheriff), and the homes of 'fairies' Karen and Tina, though only Jeremy still lives there during the later stories.
BR&T Magazine: A Complete Chronology (ROUGH DRAFT)
(All the preceeding!) Warning: possible spoilers. You might not want to read this until you've read all of my other stories. An attempt at outlining the complete story of BR&T Magazine and all the main characters involved. This is a ROUGH DRAFT with many details, often with information not (yet) included in any other story, but could still have some contradictions or omissions.

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