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Little Nicole's Day at the Farm

by Georgie Porgie

18 March 2017

(M+/g4g5g6g6g7g7 pedo nude bond spank tort rape brutal)

BR&T date: written Sunday, 31 March 1996,
about Thursday, 28 March 1996.

Hi Sara

Haha what an imagination you have the mirror being a window in the nurses office. I'm sure it's a mirror just like the mirror in the girls show room. I mean SHOWER room, I don't know why I wrote that wrong.

Bad enough to have to go to rape therapy right after school, but for the boy to keep you there in his cellar the rest of the day, and his friends too! You don't have to tell me what happened unless you want to.

I'm so sorry you have to go to rape therapy. I wish I could do something but I can't do anything for myself either. I sure hope next thursday is different for you and he doesn't take you to his cellar again. Wasn't thursdays your free play day with no chores or homework to do after school? I know you came over to play with me on thursday at least once. Not getting to play and do what you want on thursdays anymore would be worse than your allowance getting cut but maybe he won't do it again.

If you came over last thursday you wouldn't have found me home anyway because of this farm thing. I didn't get home until after midnight either. Mommy picked me up at school and took me right home, then she said I was invited to go play at a farm. I wasn't sure it was going to be fun, but she mentioned kittens and ponies and cuddly little bunnies so I was hoping for the best. She brushed my hair and had me change to a real pretty dress and shoes and socks (I got to wear panties, sometimes she forgets to give me any). She said it's always best to be pretty just in case.

Then my ride to the farm showed up, and it was the white van that took me there before.

Sara, I CAN'T tell you any of this or at least no one can find out I told you or I'll get in BIG BIG trouble so please PROMISE me you won't let anyone know I told you. Please?? So if anyone invites you to go play at a farm you'll have to pretend you want to go there, just like the rape therapy, or they'll find out I told you about it.

I can't tell anyone else either they'll just say I'm delusional. Everyone was saying I was delusional. I finally figured out what delusional means. It just means they don't believe you. Or else they know you're telling the truth but they don't want anyone else to believe you. If I told Mommy about this she would just say I was delusional. If I told her right in front of the men who did it they would just laugh and say I was delusional and Mommy would laugh and agree then they'd punish me for saying anything to her.

Then the men took me out to the farm and I'm sure it was the same one they took me to before. A man pushed me out of the van and another man caught me and held me. A man already there, Mr. Blackrock, said "Get her ready quick. The show starts at four." Then right out where anyone could see, the men holding me pulled off my pretty dress and shoes and socks and panties and just threw them and left them where they landed. I saw there was some other girls clothes scattered around like mine. I don't know why Mommy bothered to get any clothes ready for me, but I won't tell her or she might decide not to have any clothes for me next time.

Oh no next time. I'll probably have to go back to the farm next thursday too I don't know. I won't have any choice.

They pulled my arms behind me and held me while another one tied my wrists with that real bad cord and laughed when I said it hurt me. Then they made me walk between them, both of them holding my arms. I was naked except for the cords, and we all just walked where anyone could see us, down a path, around some buildings, and toward a bunch of trees then into the trees. I knew where I was when I saw the big electric fence with the gate in it, and as soon as I was pushed and pulled through the gate, I saw the stage and I really knew where I was.

I tried to stop but they just picked me up by my arms and carried me the rest of the way, to a big metal cage beside the stage. They unlocked the door and shoved me in it and locked it up again.

There were six girls already in it. One was Georgia Gimble, maybe you don't remember her but she was on stage with us at the school assembly that time (sorry for mentioning it). She was in my class and my Brownie troop until the accident, so I knew her right away. Another was Dolly, another girl from my Brownie troop that I hadn't seen since the bus accident. When she saw me she pleaded for me to help her so I turned around and showed her my wrists were tied just like hers except behind me not in front. One other girl I didn't really know, but I asked her who she was, and she said she was Terra Sentry. She goes to our school too, I think she's in the other first grade. Now that I think of it I think her sister is in your class.

Oh if I forgot to say and you didn't guess already all six of us girls in the cage were naked with just the cords tying us. None of us even had any hair ribbons that I remember.

Then there was a really pretty girl with pretty black hair. She said her name was Justine Cool and she was four years old. They'd tied her elbows together behind her back, I saw later. They must have made a special deal for her at school because she was in kindergarden even though she's just four. "What are they going to do?" she asked me. Even if I knew, I didn't want to answer her. "What are they going to DO to us??" she cried, looking around at the other girls. I knew Georgia and Dolly probably knew, from being on the stage with the rest of the Brownie troop, but they didn't answer her either. "What are they gonna doooooo?" she wailed, but no one told her.

The other girl was scrunched up in the corner of the cage, trying to hide from everyone including us, but I knew her right away from her long silvery hair. No one else has light glowy angel hair like hers. Except her little sister, but hers isn't that long yet. You saw her on the stage at the assembly right before your turn (sorry for mentioning it!), and I'm sure you heard her, too. I said "Hi Hannah" but she just kept crying and didn't say anything. I don't blame her, since her arms were tied behind her back with the nasty cord on her wrists and elbows and halfway between her elbows and shoulders. It must have hurt three times worse than mine. Plus her ankles were tied, too, so make that four times worse. And there were cords from her ankles to her wrists and ankles to her elbows, and I could see they were both real tight with a piece of rubber hose around them. Oh I just thought, that must have been a handle for them to carry her since she couldn't walk. Those cords must have just hurt her AWFUL as they carried her all the way there.

I'm sorry I have to stop here and finish in another sealed I mean unsealed envelope. Mommy says to turn out the light and go to sleep now, and I can lay under the sheets instead of on top of them like I have to when the lights are on.

I'll tell you more later just if you can don't EVER go to a farm! But don't tell anyone I said anything, please please please!


BR&T date: written Monday, 1 April 1996,
about Thursday, 28 March 1996.

Hi again Sara

I have some time now to write some more now since the light coming in my window woke me up. The traffic is starting again too. I noticed last night that the cars drove by faster after I turned off my light and got under the covers. I thought that was weird. I will probably leave both of these envelopes for you at the same time and you probably left one for me also that I will get but I won't know what you said while writing this. I hope I can finish before I take this to school. There's a lot to tell.

What did I tell you last time, oh good they're not sealed so I can go back and see where I left off. I was in the cage with six girls no I mean there were six girls in the cage counting me, and all of us naked and tied up. Then a lot of men started coming in through the gate in the fence and they gathered all around the stage. They could see us girls in the cage but no one did anything. I could tell it was going to be like the Brownie troop on stage, a lot of men all there to see us naked and no one helping us.

And then a man got up and took a microphone and welcomed everyone to the show. More men and even some boys were still coming in through the gate and they rushed to get close to the stage.

So then one of the men who took my clothes off me and brought me there came to the cage door, unlocked it, and said "Hannah first." She didn't move, and we had to pick her up and push her out the door or he said we'd all get punished worse. He and two other men carried her up on the stage, we could still see from where we were, and they untied all the cords on her. But then they stood her up and tied her between two posts just like I was when the Brownies were there, arms and legs tied out wide and facing the crowd. They came to get Georgia next. She cried but didn't try to fight them as they took her up on the stage and tied her beside Hannah the same way.

Then they came to get me. I begged them to take someone else, and they told me I was "part number three" in a ruby golden device. They didn't say what that was. Do you know what a ruby golden device is? I guess maybe you'll find out by reading this. I'm still not sure. Anyway, they took me out on the stage, took the cords off my wrists, and retied me standing between two posts almost like Hannah and Georgia. But I was higher up, with my feet on two metal bars attached to the posts so I didn't have to hang by my wrists or keep trying to pull my feet in to stand like last time. My legs were wider so I was showing even more to the crowd though.

Oh I forgot, they introduced us to the crowd as they brought us up, like "This little angel is Hannah Smith, she's seven years old, most of you have seen her before. Maybe all of you." When he said "Most of you have HEARD her before, too!" the whole crowd cheered. For Georgia and the rest of us they made us give our names and ages ourselfs. I don't think I heard Hannah say one word the whole time. I don't mean she was quiet though no way.

Mommy just looked in to make sure I was on top of the sheets now that it's light. Maybe she wants me to get more Vitiman D than the school gives me with all those bright lights.

Where was I? Oh after they tied me, they got Terra and tied her beside me, the same without the metal things, then they brought up Dolly but they didn't tie her between two posts. They had a whole special frame to put her in, with bicycle chains and pulleys and wheels and gears and rods and other stuff. When they went to get Justine, the last one, they didn't tie her standing facing the crowd at all. They didn't even introduce her for some reason. They took her to a table behind us five. I could hear her squealing and protesting for a little while but I couldn't see what they were doing to her. I asked Georgia if she could see what they were doing with Justine, and she just said "I think they're getting ready to make the wax thing." I didn't know what she meant but she didn't explain, just shook her head at me and wouldn't say any more.

The man said to the crowd "This is going to be a real scream!" and they all laughed. Then a bunch of men came up to each of us and set up other stuff, maybe to make the ruby golden device. They put two microphones close to each of us, hooked into something else. Except me, they didn't put any microphones next to me. And there was no microphones for Dolly either, sorry, this is all hard to remember right.

They put a box under Georgia and pulled up two wires. They clipped them onto her with clips, I couldn't see where, but close together. She squealed and screamed when they put them on, so I knew they must have hurt.

One man put a box beside me with wires going to the metal things I was standing on, but didn't put anything on me that hurt, I was glad. One man set up some strange thing behind Terra that was like a motor on a stand, with a bunch of long straight metal wires sticking out of it in all directions. Then he pushed all the wires together, put a thing in place to hold them, moved it up close to her, and plugged it in. For Dolly, they just plugged in a wire to a motor so I guess everything else was built into the weird frame thing.

Then the man with the microphone started calling out numbers, guys in the crowd checked tickets and started coming up beside the stage one by one as he called their number. The first one up got handed a big thick leather belt. We were all crying, afraid he was going to come up and spank us with it but that's not what they did.

I'm out of time again Sara. I have to get ready for school now. I promise I'll finish this next time but you might not get it for a few days when I go in for the Vitiman D thing at school again then you go in after me and get my envelope. I guess that's one problem with this way to send messages I didn't think of. We might have to go back to sealed envelopes and just hope no one else ever reads them.

Your best friend


BR&T date: written Monday, 1 April 1996,
about Thursday, 28 March 1996.

Me again Sara

I hope I can finish telling you what happened at the farm thursday. Not that it will do you any good to know, but I want to tell someone and you're the only one I can tell who will believe me. Except I could tell Terra or Justine if I ever see them at school, but there's no reason to tell them because they were there so they already know. I can't tell Georgia or Hannah or Dolly because they don't come to school any more and when I told people where they were no one believed me.

I forgot where I left off last time so maybe this will skip something or repeat something but I'll fix it later if I notice.

So then when Georgia screamed, the light came on beside me, wait, I know I wasn't that far yet. Let me start over. Like you could stop me hah.

Ummm....... oh, the man with the belt, the first one they called up, he went to Hannah and stood behind her, and the man with the microphone nodded to him with a smile, and the man started spanking Hannah with the belt. You already know what she sounds like, EEEEEEEeeee!! EEEEEEeeee!! so I won't try to sound it out any more. There aren't the right letters for it anyway the way she shrieks, they would have to be almost invisible and so sharp you would hurt your eyes reading them. The crowd loved it though and cheered and cheered.

When Hannah screamed, there was a light on the box under Georgia that flashed on and was brightest when Hannah was loudest. Then Georgia screamed too, and a light came on on the box beside ME and it was brightest when Georgia was loudest. The first man in the line took about a minute to spank Hannah twelve times really really hard with the belt, and Georgia was screaming too after the first four, I didn't know why.

Then they passed the belt to the next man and he started spanking Hannah real hard, and she screamed, and Georgia kept screaming, and I started to notice that the metal things I was standing on were getting warm. Hannah kept screaming, and Georgia kept screaming, and the metal things got hot and Hot and HOT and then they got so hot I couldn't stand to stand on them. I had to do a little dance because they were so hot, and every time I picked up my foot to get away from the scalding hot metal thing, a spring pushed it up a little and a light turned on behind Terra.

The motor behind Terra started to hum and turn and after a while of me jumping up and down and trying to keep my feet off the hot metal things SPROOOING!! one of the metal wires snapped past the thing that was holding them all back and it was moving FAST!! It hit Terra right on the softest part of her bottom and she howled really loud and started bawling. Then another one sproinged past the holder and hit her the same way, just as hard, just the same soft place, and she screamed and screamed. After they hit, they dropped down and as the motor turned the holder slowly picked them up with the others again.

When Terra screamed real loud, a light turned on beside Dolly and the motor hooked to the weird frame thing started to hum.

All this time, men kept coming up and spanking Hannah with the belt, and she kept screaming. Georgia kept screaming real loud, and I asked her why she was screaming and all she could say between screams was "the things they p-AAaaaawww!! AAAawwwww! on me-AAaaaaauuww!! they-Aaaw Aaaw! AWWWWW!!" You get the idea as good as I did, which was not much. And the metal things I had to stand on got hotter and hotter and I was leaping back and forth between them so one of them was always up, and the wires kept springing out and hitting Terra on her bottom and she screamed and screamed each time one of them hit her, and the motor by Dolly kept humming.

Oh in case I forget to say, about the time they first started spanking Hannah, Justine on the table behind us was shrieking and screaming and wailing like crazy but after a while she went quiet and just kept crying and sobbing and not screaming so much but she didn't stop crying.

It seemed to me the frame Dolly was tied to was rising up, so even though I was crying and jumping around I tried to see what it was doing, and I saw that a big wheel under the frame was turning. Except it wasn't a normal wheel, it was like a big seashell, all big one place and small right beside that and as the wheel turned and turned, the frame sitting on it went from the small place on the wheel to the big place on the wheel so it got lifted up.

And then BAM!! it went past the big place and fell back down to the small place on the wheel and the whole frame dropped about eight inches and Dolly dropped with it since she was tied to it with her arms and legs spread out wide like the rest of us and when it dropped and Dolly screamed the crowd cheered.

The men kept spanking Hannah and she kept screaming, and Georgia kept screaming, and I kept jumping back and forth trying to keep my feet away from the scalding hot metal things and the wires kept hitting Terra in the second-worst place to be hit and she kept screaming and the motor kept lifting up Dolly and BAM! dropping her back down so she screamed, and the crowd also screamed but in a completely different way. They loved seeing all us girls up on the stage naked and tied up helpless and spread out wide so they could see our pussies and titties, and screaming because we were hurting or scared.

Then Dolly yelled, different from just a surprise scream. Now she was terrified. "There's something under me!! I think it's rising up! I didn't feel it last time but this time it touched my pussy." The crowd went wild.

The motor kept turning, raising up the frame, and when it dropped again Dolly shrieked "It is! Something under me is poking into my pussy, more than it did the last time." The men kept spanking Hannah.... the rest of us girls screamed and bawled and jumped and squirmed, and Dolly rose up again, and when she dropped, she screamed more than any of the rest of us. She actually started sounding like Hannah with no words just screams. They're sisters, after all. It took about three men spanking Hannah for each time Dolly rose up and dropped back down onto whatever thing was under her, and each man took about a minute for the dozen swats he was giving Hannah, and the line kept moving and we kept screaming and bawling and every time Dolly dropped she shrieked and there was a big roar of applause from the crowd.

I don't know how long they kept Hannah screaming. When they stopped Georgia stopped screaming, and the metal things cooled off enough I could stand on them, and the wires stopped hitting Terra, and the motor stopped raising up Dolly and dropping her. The man with the microphone came up on the stage and laughed, "How about that, folks? The louder, the longer, and the higher that Hannah screamed, the more her little sister Dolly got RAM RAPED! All these little sweeties in between helped!"

Then he said he had a new brat girl to introduce. They brought Justine from the table and pushed her out in front of us all. He whispered to her and she said what she was supposed to say, over and over. She stood there naked with her arms down looking out at them and told the crowd she was Justine Cool and she was four years old and now she was a brat girl. She said she was a virgin which meant she hadn't been raped yet. Then she said exactly what the man must have told her to say, "Justine Cool dolls will be ready for you next week, and they'll look and sound and specially feel just like me so everyone who wants to, any time he wants, anywhere in the world, can rape me when I'm still a virgin."

The man with the microphone made Justine tell the crowd that her mommy was a sales agent for the lumber mill and goes on long trips every week so people will get wood from the lumber mill. I guess her mommy is going to be gone six or seven days every week, all over the country. And she said she didn't have a daddy. "That leaves US to take care of this little sweetie!" the man beside her laughed and so did the crowd. "Or her to take care of US!" he said, and the whole crowd laughed even more.

Then Justine had to say "They hope to get me raped a thousand times in the next month. Starting with at least fifty now. You all get to watch." The crowd went wild again. I don't think she even knew what it meant. The man made her raise her arms up high and hold them out, and spread her legs out wide and say "They'll need your help. How many of you want to rape me?" Everyone in the crowd screamed Me! I do! and Count me in! and stuff like that. I'm sure if Mommy saw them she would just be jealous it wasn't me they were yelling about.

One man yelled real loud "Put me down for at least ninety!" The man who runs everything, Mr. Blackrock, called the man up and said he could go first but he wouldn't guarantee she'd be available to be raped ninety times by the same guy in just one month, it might take two or three months.

The man said "how soon they forget" and Mr. Blackrock looked at him again and then he apologised and said he'd guarantee ninety in the first month, or a hundred if he wanted, but come on give us a break. He said that would be enough, if he could have ten more with this one. He came over and ran his fingers through Georgia's curly hair and winked at her. She just tried to look at anything but him. When he went back to Justine I asked Georgia who he was but she didn't even look at me, just cried. She must know him but I never saw him before.

Oh Sara!! If they just had the rest of us there having to listen to Justine getting raped that would be bad enough. But they untied Hannah from where she was and tied Justine there instead, with her arms and legs out the same way. They had to move down the microphones for her. They untied Georgia and unhooked what was clipped to her, and they tied Hannah there and clipped them onto her, and they untied me and lifted me down off the metal things and picked up Georgia and tied her where I was, and they untied Terra from the posts she was tied to and tied me there, putting the motor with the wires close behind me and moving the microphones because I'm just a little taller than Terra, and they took Dolly off the frame and tied Terra to it and lowered the thing under her pussy. They took Dolly back to the table.

They started calling other men up by their numbers and saying if they didn't want to rape Justine with everyone watching to just come up later and show their ticket and they could rape her backstage after the show but of course there would still be cameras on HER for at least the first thousand times so everyone could watch her get raped and keep count if they wanted. Everyone else they called came up and raped Justine while she stood there up on stage screaming.

Also Dolly screamed and wailed behind us but I forgot about her real soon. I told Georgia not to pick up her feet but she did anyway. I tried real hard but I couldn't help screaming when the wires hit me those wires really HURT when they zing out of the holder so fast and hit your bottom on the softest place!! It's not my fault Terra got ram raped is it Sara?

After fifty guys raped Justine the man said the cast of Dolly was done, I still didn't know what they were talking about, and they moved us all down again so they spanked Dolly, clipped the two wires to Justine, Hannah stood on the metal things, Georgia got whipped by the motor, and I got lifted and dropped BAM!! onto some kind of thick rod about thirty times. I could see red marks on top of the wheel at the end of the big place so even though I couldn't tell when it was going to happen I could see it was getting real close and I screamed and screamed for them to STOP and the crowd heard me screaming a lot more and stared my way so they wouldn't miss the fun when I dropped. Every single time.

Then they took me back to the table and I found out what that wax thing was when they strapped me down to the table with my pussy spread wide open and poured scalding hot wax on me. They covered my legs all the way to my toes, and my arms all the way to my fingers, and even my face with holes for me to breathe and when I was finally allowed to get up I saw the wax under me shaped like my bottom and the part they cut off above that shaped like my pussy and my chest and even my face. They took pictures of me everywhere so they could get the colors right everywhere, even inside my pussy.

Then they tied me where Hannah was to begin with and all the men came up and spanked me and I couldn't stop screaming and it was ME who caused all the other girls to get shocked and scalded and whipped and raped the whole time Georgia was on the wax table then they moved us all for one last show while they waxed Hannah and I found out what Georgia was screaming about in the first one when they clipped the wires to my pussy and Justine was on the frame but they said that won't count.

Oh Sara I never want to go back to that farm!!

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