Disclaimer for Assorted Nasty Stories

Please, first read my General Disclaimer which applies to almost all of my stories. Then, the following applies to the stories listed below.

These stories are all one-piece stories with no plans to continue them. They are not the ones I consider my best stories, in fact I think some of them are rather bad, but you might like some of them anyway.

I'm not into gore and grossness, so the only bodily fluid you'll find in the following is tears, and there is no physical injury described. (If you want that sort of thing, you'll have to imagine it yourself.) If the description doesn't sound like a fantasy you would enjoy, then either don't read it, or blame yourself. I'm not forcing anyone to read these fantasies.

As always, these stories are not real, have never happened, and I hope will never happen, and any resemblance to any real or imaginary person, character, structure, or place is purely an unintentional coincidence. Oh, except that one, that deliberately bears a resemblance to an imaginary place and imaginary characters. You know the one.

Stories in the "BR&T Magazine" universe, in approximately chronological order (but overlapping with BR&T and Bunnytail).
Easter Lily [1 chapter so far]
(MB+/gg pedo rape incest) Two girls at the mercy of their brothers. Who have no mercy, of course.
Sheila's Slumber Party [4 chapters in 1]
(Mg7g5 pedo cons rom play; bb/g7g5 pedo bond humil rape) An adoring father and his two beautiful daughters tell what happened before and during the older girl's birthday party. This fantasy involves the bondage, humiliation, and rape of the two sisters, age five and seven by two unrelated boys. This fantasy was rewritten from a lame early attempt, and is hopefully much better. I have plans to add to the story, like most other stories on my site, since I like the rewrite.
Ancient Incan Virility Rites
(M+B+/g9 pedo ritual bond rape) Nine-year-old Sara, a tourist girl on a trip with her parents, learns about an ancient rite, with the help of the tour guide and all the other tourists in the group.
Ancient Temple Rites, Part Two
(M+B+/g6 pedo ritual bond rape; M+/g9g6 bond spank cold tort rape brutal) Sara's parents meet a woman and her daughter, Tina, while returning to the temple to get Sara. Sara's father enjoys the ancient rite, and the rest of the time at the temple, much more than Sara and Tina do.
Ancient Temple Rites, Part Three
(M+/g+ pedo bond rape public) Sara's father and Tina make the return trip on the bus together, along with several others.
Desk Thirteen [1 chapter so far]
(B+b+/g6 pedo nude humil) An all-boys boarding school loses a lawsuit, but the real loser is the winner's daughter.

Stories with no connection to the "BR&T Magazine" universe (at least not yet).
The Tying Game [1 chapter so far]
(Bb/g7 pedo bond nude humil forced-org) A girl finds that playing tying-up games with her friends might not have been such a good idea, when boys find her tied up.
Kidnap in Richmond
(M/g8 pedo kidnap bond implied-rape) This fantasy involves kidnapping by deception, bondage, and impending rape (never actually described) of an eight-year-old girl, by a man.
First Date at the Farmhouse
(Mgg/g6g4 pedo bond brutal spank, M/g6g4 rape) A man visits a family with four girls, and proceeds to brutalize and rape two of them, with help from the other two. This fantasy involves play, consensual playful spanking, rape, bondage, rape, bondage, rape, brutal spanking, and rape of two girls age 4 and 6, by a man with help from their older sisters.
Why Susie Hates Saturdays
(B/g6 pedo incest voy threat humil spank bond implied-rape) A teenage boy finally gets a chance to carry out his fantasies with his little cousin, making her into his slave. This fantasy involves voyeurism, threats, spanking, humiliation, nakedness, bondage, and impending rape of a six-year-old girl by her teenage cousin. The fantasy ends just before the rape happens, but it's clearly inevitable.
Girls in the Orphanage (ROUGH DRAFT)
(M+B+/g6+ pedo nude humil bond rape) The children in a large orphanage are all segregated by age and gender. All the six-year-old girls share one very large room, which is supposed to be locked up at night like the other rooms. The orphanage boys have the willing cooperation of the guards (all men), who are happy to help the boys have fun, so the locks only lock the girls in, never lock anyone else out. ROUGH DRAFT of a story that GP might or might not someday turn into a polished story.
The Mass Audition
(M/g+ pedo kidnap drug bond nosex, M/MFBGb+ drug murder nosex) A man uses a ruse to kidnap basically everyone in a small town, for sexual motivations. NO SEX in this story. (Not a very good one, either.) This fantasy involves kidnapping by deception, drugging, and bondage of a great many girls of various ages, and the drugging and implied murder of associated persons, by a man. There is no actual sex in the story, though it's obvious there will be later. This is one of my very earliest fantasies, and might not be interesting to anyone, but I'm making it available anyway.
New Angel
(???/g7g6g blasphemy pedo bond tort rape anal) A new angel gets the grand tour of Heaven from a longtime resident. "Believers" should avoid this one. This fantasy is an extremely sacriligious and blasphemous description of bondage, torture, rape, and (a very rare exception in my stories and barely described here) anal rape, of three girls age 7, 6, and unknown but around 7, by... well, you'll just have to see, if you dare. In the Dark Ages of Catholic domination of Europe, I would have been burned to death for writing such a story, and I'm sure there are many today who feel I deserve such a fate. This story is not for them.
Cherry Toys [a poem of 40 lines]
(M+g+ pedo rom cons play exhib oral spank incest necro rape bond) A quick little piece with as many naughty ideas as I could fit into it, some of them nasty of course, but mostly not, and no great detail about anything.
Assorted limericks
(MBb+/g+ pedo nude bond rape tort humil) Some limericks for amusement.
Station Wagon Kidnap
(?/gg pedo kidnap bond death) A man comes across two kidnapped girls, and fails to save them, so he writes a letter to the police, then doesn't send it, for reasons he makes clear in the letter. This fantasy was written in this exact form and has remained exactly as written since 14 June 1988. I must stress very strongly that the events in this fantasy bear absolutely no resemblance to, nor have any relationship with, any real events, and bear absolutely no resemblance to the author's life, neither before it was written nor since it was written.


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