This is a story. It never happened and never will. The General Disclaimer is incorporated herein by reference.

Sara's First Letters

between Sara and Mommy Nicole or little Nicole

letters from Sara (mostly) by Sara,
from Mommy Nicole or little Nicole (mostly) by Nicole

9 to 12 September 2013

final editing by Georgie Porgie
(spelling, grammar, and punctuation mostly left as is)

24 February 2017

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Mommy Nicole's Letter of Introduction

BR&T date: written Tuesday, 27 February 1996

Hello Sara!

Congratulations on becoming a cheerleader for Bunnytail Elementary School! I'm sure you'll love all the attention that the Bunnytail cheerleaders get, just as much as my daughter, little Nicole, does. Even though it's sad that you were called on to replace a missing cheerleader after the terrible tragedy (I understand that you're replacing Anya, one of the Brownies of Troop 432), it's still a wonderful chance for you to serve your school. I'm sure you'll give it your all.

Anyways, since I'm little Nicole's Mommy, I'm called Mommy Nicole by all of her friends. I'll be making your cheerleader uniform. Since the school liked the one I made for little Nicole when she started school there, now they hire me to make all of the cheerleader uniforms. They're the school colors, of course, blue over pink. Maybe you've seen one already. They all have to be about the same, or else they wouldn't be uniforms, but I'll be sure to make your uniform extra good so everyone will cheer because of you.

I got your measurements from your mother this afternoon, so I can make sure the uniform fits you snugly in all the places it should. Your mother and I had a nice long talk about our two daughters, that's little Nicole and you, and we think that since you're new here, now that you're both cheerleaders, you two should be friends, that's why I'm writing to you.

As I understand it you have had quite a lot of adventures for a 10 year old. I am really looking forward to finding out about them. Your mother told me you got to spend two exciting weeks at an ancient temple in Peru last summer. That must have been unforgettable! What other girls get even one day in a temple in a foreign country? Yet you were there for two weeks! Though, your mother couldn't tell me very much about what you actually did there. Were you there taking care of the tourists, showing them the attractions, or were you one yourself? Quite an adventure and a vacation for a 9 year old in any case. I can't wait to tell little Nicole, perhaps she would like to go there sometime.

Little Nicole is 7. She has been a cheerleader since kindergarten. She has had quite a few adventures herself if you believe what she says that is. I think she has quite an imagination myself. Just wait until you meet her, but don't believe everything she tells you. In fact you shouldn't believe anything she tells you. I never do, unless she says the same thing an adult told me, then I always do.

I really think I have done a pretty good job raising little Nicole. At least that is what all the adult male neighbors say. And the boys say that also.

Makes me very proud.

I am really looking forward to chatting with you and I know little Nicole is also. You will hear from her soon. I just know that she will enjoy having a girl to talk to. All of her friends are boys now because of what happened with her Brownie troop.

Your mom showed me a picture of you, in a very pretty dress, the blue one with the cloth belt and the buttons all the way down the front. She said you liked it a lot and even wore it to school last week. You were certainly very pretty wearing that. Oh, I'm sure you were very pretty even when you weren't wearing it, of course, I didn't mean that like it sounded.

Little Nicole had a dress like that for awhile, I really don't know what happened to it, one time she wore it and I never saw it again. She told me the boys wanted to tie her to a tree and take her clothes off her. I knew she was just making things up, unless maybe they were playing Cowboys and Indians. I don't think any boy would want to tie a little girl to a tree unless they were just playing Cowboys and Indians like little Nicole does sometimes. She is a girl Indian of course and the boys told me that little girl Indians never wear any clothes so of course the dress would have to come off of her anyways along with everything else she had on. I told them I would take her dress and the rest of her clothes inside and leave the belt with them so they would have something to tie her to the tree with or wherever the rules of the game said they should tie her. I think its very important for her to play without anything that I do restraining her, but her learning to play by the rules is important too. No matter what the boys say they are.

Little Nicole just loves those games. I saw her out there running around just like a little girl Indian with all the boys chasing her, and screaming almost like they do in the movies. She's getting to be a very good little actress. Maybe she'll even be on stage someday. I would be so proud of her if she was. Of course I know she's been on stage for school plays, lots of times, but those are just practice for the real thing. Somehow I always miss seeing her perform, but her boy friends and their fathers tell me she was great. Anyways where was I? Oh, yes, the dress that went missing.

I put all of her clothes that I found back in her room so she could be a little girl Indian all day long, but I don't remember where the dress went after that.

Well it is time to get little Nicole undressed for bed. Her window faces the neighbors house across the busy street. I leave her drapes open so he can keep an eye on her when I'm out of the room. Plus he babysits for me often.

I may be up a while so I will check on her from time to time and perhaps pull off her covers after she falls asleep so she doesn't get too warm.

Anyways, really nice to get to know a school mate of little Nicole. Even though you are a little older I am sure you two will have lots of fun adventures together.

Perhaps you might like to come spend the night here sometime Sara. I think that would be fun.

You can call me Mommy Nicole or just Mommy if you prefer. Anyways once again nice to meet you Sara.

Mommy Nicole

Mommy Nicole's Second Letter of Introduction

BR&T date: written Wednesday, 28 February 1996

Dear Sara

I would like to tell you a bit more about myself than I did in the first letter. I am a 24 year old Mom named Nicole, I like to be called Mommy Nicole. I have a really cute 7 year old daughter who means the world to me. Her name is little Nicole. When I was her age I was not very popular and I was kind of awkward around men and boys. So I ended up as I am now, a single mom with no man and a daughter to raise.

Well the main thing that keeps me going every day is that I don't want little Nicole to end up anything like me at all. I want her exposed to as many men and boys as possible. I want her to be very very popular with both men and boys.

I have found over time that how I dress her is very important. I make sure she behaves and is as sweet as she can be.

I am fortunate to have had lots of help along the way.

I have my next door neighbor who is a single man. He just adores little Nicole and lets her come over and use his pool and babysits her. I am sure he would love another little girl around. I told him you may be stopping by and he has already picked out some fun swim suits for you to wear. And don't worry, he will keep a close eye on you.

There are many older boys from school too. Little Nicole manages to get invited to every party they have. She is the only girl at any of these parties. I make her go anytime she is invited, even if she doesn't want to go. Sometimes she even cries and tells me made up stories about things that go on but I never believe her. I know that there are adult men there also keeping an eye on things.

She has even gone so far as to say the adult men are being mean to her and making her take her clothes off and all kinds of unbelievable stuff I can't even repeat. I'm just glad she has such an active imagination. I'm sure it will take her places.

I think they would just love another girl to come to one of their parties. I have heard a lot about you and I look forward to having you over to play with little Nicole and some of our neighbors. Perhaps little Nicole could stay home and you could be the only girl there.

She has been looking very unhappy since the accident with her Brownie troop. Fortunately we have another neighbor just down the street who says he is a child counselor that specializes in lots of different kinds of traumas that little girls can experience. He even printed out his diploma for me on his computer when I took little Nicole there the first time. I saw he had lots of pictures of other little girls experiencing trauma, all of them crying and so on. When I asked about them he said it's to show what he specializes in and what he can do. I saw he was in some of them so I know he knows what he's doing and will know how to give little Nicole just what she needs.

She started going to see him after the terrible accident with her Brownie troop because she was delusional and making up even crazier stories than she usually does. She even included the school principal in some of them, if you can imagine that. I've taken her back to the counselor twice, and he's come to get her twice, in just two days. He said it was important to get her in several sessions right away, to quickly overcome her resistance. He really knows what he's doing, because little Nicole had a lot of resistance after the first session. That's why I had to have him come to get her for the next two.

He has all kinds of outfits for young girls to wear while he counsels them. I don't know exactly how he does what he does because he told me it is important for what goes on there to remain secret so that little Nicole can reveal everything to him. He says it is good for a girl to have a man to "bare all" for as he puts it.

So he has told me if Nicole starts to talk about their sessions that I was not to listen and to let him know that she tried to tell me and he would deal with it on their next session. Nicole did say some silly things so I told the nice man and he did deal with it. Nicole no longer tells silly stories about their sessions and she has even stopped talking about her nightmare with the Brownie scouts. Although he said for the therapy to work she has to keep going back, over and over. He just calls me anytime he has a little free time and I walk down with her to make sure she doesn't try to skip out on a session.

Wow he is a great counselor. I am so glad he offered to take little Nicole. When she comes home from his house now she always tells me she had fun and wants to go back as soon as possible. I have to tell her that she can't go every single day, as that would be unfair to the other girls he sees but I'll try to get her in his schedule right away. I can see how much that disappoints her even though she tries to pretend she isn't crying about it.

Anyways I do hope you stop by sometime. Little Nicole really only has friends that are boys. I think a 10 year old girl would be like a big sister to her. I just know she would love to hear your stories as would I.

I understand you have a friend named Mary, or Mary Clair maybe. I am looking forward to hearing about that.

You may write me anytime you wish and say anything to me you want to. Or if you are too shy to write to me, write to little Nicole instead. I get her boy friends to deliver letters for me and things like that as favors to thank me for sending her to their parties. Maybe you can do favors like that for them to get boys to deliver your letters to me and little Nicole.

Mommy Nicole

Sara's Reply: Mary Claire

BR&T date: written Wednesday, 28 February 1996

Hi Mommy Nicole,

It is nice to meet you, I hope we have lots of fun writing to each other, I look forward to getting to know you.

Mary Claire is a girl in my class and the cheerleader team manager too or something and she is mean to me, almost as bad as the boys. She wants me to go back to the woods and I don't want to go there anymore, but my mom and dad tell me I should be nice to her and she is just trying to be my friend. She also told me I have to go to cheerleader practice alone every tuesday before school and I don't want to but she said I didn't have any choice.

She followed me home from the woods and we got there just as my dad got home from work. When my parents invited her in I told them she was a mean girl and I didn't want to be friends with her then my dad spanked me with his belt and told me I wasn't being very nice. She told him I wasn't nice to her in school either and he spanked me again. When I tried to tell him why, he spanked me again. He had me standing with my panties down and my dress up for all three spankings. Mary Claire smiled about it the whole time he was spanking me. She was going to make up something else to get him to spank me again I'm sure but I ran up to my room and she finally left then he came upstairs and spanked me for not saying goodbye to her. I think my dad really likes her even though she's mean to me.

I don't know, do you think I should try to be nice to Mary Claire?


Mommy Nicole's Reply: Mary Claire

BR&T date: written Thursday, 29 February 1996

Well hello Sara

I am really sorry that Mary is being mean to you but perhaps if you tried harder to be her friend she might really like you. She is friends with other girls in the class I would think so why not you? Of course I really don't know her but perhaps a walk in the woods would be a nice way to start a friendship with her. You said you don't want to go there any more? Did you go before? Did something happen? Perhaps a bear scared you? I'm sure she didn't have anything to do with whatever happened so you shouldn't blame her.

I think your mom and dad are probably right, sometimes it is hard for a girl to make new friends and it sounds like Mary is really spending a lot of time trying to get to know you. Especially now that you're a cheerleader, she is the cheerleader team manager after all.

Well as far as your dad spanking you, I am a single mom so I don't spank Nicole very often I think men should spank girls so it is good you have a dad that cares about you. I usually have one of the male neighbors spank her or sometimes an older boy.

Perhaps your mom and dad are right. Why not try being really nice to her and see what happens? You got nothing to lose Sara. And your dad sounds like he really cares about you.

Anyways I am a really good seamstress and I could make you an outfit or two for school that the bully might like so you and her could get along better. Perhaps she could even be invited to one of the neighbors counseling sessions so she can reenact how she bullies you in front of him and he could offer some suggestions.

Or perhaps I could have Mary come over to visit when you are here to visit little Nicole. I am sure she must not be as bad as you say. But we can discuss that later.

Perhaps you should ask Mary what you can do to make her happy. I think that might help. Anyways whatever she wants you to do is probably better than getting a belt from your dad.

Perhaps you should even tell her that if you don't make friends with her then your dad will keep spanking you. That will make her believe that you really will try hard to please her. Anyways I will go ahead and do you the favor of telling her for you. I'll see Mary next time I take little Nicole to be a cheerleader at a sport game. I'll tell her that your dad will spank you any time she tells him you weren't nice to her, so she'll know how nice you want to be to her.

Let me know how it goes.

Little Nicole's friends are pretty much all boys. They used to bully and tease her but now they invite her to every party. She just started being nicer to the boys and dressing a little differently and a lot changed.

Now that there's no Brownie troop anymore, the cub scouts were nice enough to invite little Nicole to be part of their troop. I will have to make her a really cute scouting outfit to wear.

Mommy Nicole

Sara's Reply: Coming for a Visit

BR&T date: written Thursday, 29 February 1996

Hi Mommy Nicole,

Daddy said I could come over and stay with you and little Nicole, he just wanted to make sure that I behave myself and thinks the only way for me to behave myself is if I get spanked when I am naughty. So he said he hopes you would spank me or have some male spank me after I am stripped naked. He also wanted to let you know that he doesn't feel a hand spanking is enough, maybe for a start but he said I should get spanked with either a paddle or belt, or hairbrush, or any combination.

He also said he thought it was a wonderful idea to have Mary Claire come over and if your counselor friend doesn't mind he could help us out to become better friends. I am looking forward to spending time with you and little Nicole.


Mommy Nicole: little Nicole will write soon

BR&T date: written Friday, 1 March 1996

Hi Sara

Little Nicole is very excited about having a new friend but wants to send you a secret letter for some reason. Anyways the counselor down the street told me that it is normal and healthy for girls her age and yours probably to have some secrets from their parents. It seems kind of strange to me but he is a counselor so it must be true.

Anyways if you get a letter that says "to Sara" and it's sealed, it is from little Nicole to you and you do not need to tell me about it. (But you can if you want to.) Hah ha. Just kidding.

Anyways if you want to write something only to little Nicole that I am not allowed to read, then put it in a sealed envelope and it will go to little Nicole and I won't ever read it.

Mommy Nicole

Little Nicole's First Letter to Sara

BR&T date: written Friday, 1 March 1996

Hi Sara

My name is Nicole Miller. I am 7 years old. I am in first grade. Oh gosh no, now I'm starting to write letters that way. Mommy says we have lots in common and we will probably be good friends. I really hope so.

You can say anything you want and if you put it in a sealed envelope my Mom won't read it. I started getting a lot of other letters that are sealed, but I don't like those. They're from men mostly and some boys.

I try to show her the letters but she tells me she won't look at them because my stupid consoler told her never ever to read or find out what is in any letter that is sealed because he says I need to have secrets for my own well being. Can you believe that?

I hate that consoler. I told my mom that and then she took me over to see him and told him that I said I hated him. He told her that he would deal with it at our next session. He sure did. And he decided to have our next session right away so Mommy left me there with him and I couldn't go home for hours.

I can't even tell you what happened right now. But I really want to.

I hope you are a nice girl and not a bully. I could use a friend. Someone to talk to.

My mom means well but she is always putting me in embarrassing situations.

I don't want to make you feel bad I just really want you to be my friend.

Mommy says you go to the same school as me. That is really cool. And you had some wonderful adventures I heard. She also said you had a friend named Mary, is she nice? She also said you had a good singing voice and got to sing over the intercom at school or something that your mom told her you said something about but she didn't remember what you said.

Well she has told me a lot about you and you sound like a fun person. I hope we can be friends. I really am sick of only having friends who are boys. They arent really friends anyway.

Well I hope you like me and write back.

Just seal the envelope and you can even tell me secrets if you want to and no one else will ever read them.

Your friend

Sara's First Letter to Little Nicole

BR&T date: written Friday, 1 March 1996

Hi Nicole,

I guess I can tell you, if I tell my mom or dad this I get spanked. I hate Mary Claire, she is mean to me. She tricked me to go into the woods where some mean men and boys were waiting for me and they took off my dress, destroyed my shoes, socks and panties. They stuffed my panties into my mouth and spanked me long and hard and then when they took my gag off me they made me say I deserved to be spanked and that I liked being naked in front of them and that I wanted the one guy to play with my pussy. It was so humiliating, and now if I don't go back there when Mary Claire tells me to she has a picture of me naked getting my pussy played with that she says she will show the boys in school and they will all do the same to me.

My teacher tricked me into singing over the intercom system at school, he made me sing a solo while he had a meeting with the principal, and put the intercom on so he could make sure I was singing like I should, he likes to spank the girls but not the boys. So while I was singing This Old Man, every time I got to the line, "With a nick-nack patty whack" the boys would whack me, and to make it worse they stripped off my clothes while I sang, but I knew if I stopped I would get spanked by my teacher and then the principal, I didn't know the whole school was listening to me sing and get whacked, after I finished I was totally naked and he called over the intercom and made me keep singing until class was over. Then after class I had to go immediately out to recess, all I could find was my dress and shoes, I didn't have panties or socks on the rest of the day.

I am beginning to think it would be better not to wear panties since the boys always steal my panties and I am sure mom will notice if too many of my panties go missing and will have Daddy spank me.

It is nice to meet you. I hope we'll be friends forever.


Little Nicole's Reply: How Awful

BR&T date: written Saturday, 2 March 1996

Hi Sara

Wow, my mom was so wrong. She told me Mary Claire was your friend.

Things like this happen to me all the time. Probably the same boys. My mom is so weird, she thinks I need to be friends with every boy in the whole school. She is always inviting them over and she finds sneaky ways for them to see me undressed.

Wow a naked picture of you is awful for them to have. They can make you do anything. Trust me I know.

Did you tell your mom and dad?

And that intercom thing wow how embarrassing. I think I heard you but I didnt know it was you then of course. So you had no clothes on in front of the entire class? And got spanked by all the boys? Wow not fair at all. And I wonder where your panties went.

So your dad will spank you if your panties are missing? wow that sucks. I would give you some of mine but a lot of mine are at my neighbors house. Although he does bring them back sometimes all washed and clean.

You should probably stop wearing panties most of the time I guess so you don't get in trouble. I hope you have long dresses and skirts or pants and shorts to wear.

well thanks for writing back to me. Im glad we're friends.

Little Nicole

Sara's Reply: Mary Claire

BR&T date: written Saturday, 2 March 1996

Hi Nicole,

Mary Claire is a bully, she likes to watch the men play with me and spank me. Daddy made me write to your mom and tell her it would be a great idea for me and Mary Claire to go to your counselor to help us become friends. I only hope he can see through Mary Claire and tell my parents that she is evil and just wants to see me humiliated.

If my skirt is too long or if I wear shorts or pants then I was told they would be destroyed and I would have to walk home naked, so I just have to be careful that I don't let my skirt rise up and everyone see my pussy. After they let me go from the woods, Mary Claire followed me all the way home. My parents were glad to meet her and thought she was my friend.

I would tell my mom and dad what happened but they would spank me for being naked in public like that and letting them play with my pussy, and for losing my panties. "Money doesn't grow on trees Sara Jessica, and you know panties cost money, you need to learn to take better care of your things." One time last year I got spanked like a million times for letting some men on a bus touch me all over, and I don't even remember the bus! But my mom says I was sitting on her lap at the time and didn't stop them from touching me so I got spanked for it. Maybe that has something to do with this temple thing they say I was at but I don't remember either.

Daddy told me he thinks it would help Mary Claire and me become friends if she got to watch him spank me for saying mean things about her, I really hope he changes his mind.

Are the boys you are friends with nice to you? What kind of games do you play with them?

Please tell me about your counselor, what does he do with you? I do hope he is nice. Your mom said you like him a lot now but you said you didn't.


Mommy Nicole: Planning Sara's Visit

BR&T date: written Saturday, 2 March 1996

Hello there Sara

I am so glad your mom and dad are letting you come over to visit for a while. It's going to be so much fun to have another girl in the house. We are going to have so much fun, the three of us. And anyone else who shows up to visit, of course. Shall we make it for after school next tuesday? I think little Nicole doesn't have anything planned for then, but if you do, we can find another time.

I didn't realize that you needed to be spanked as often as it appears that you do, but I do want to make you feel like you are at home so I will make sure you get spanked as often as I can. I have been spanking little Nicole now and then but I will be sure to find reasons for you to get spanked much more often than her.

The men that spank little Nicole for me always have me strip her naked of course. Or strip her themselves. I am sure your dad must do that also. That is how girls get spanked by men. I think men feel bad a bit when they have to spank a girl but seeing them naked makes them feel better about it. It is some kind of silly physiological thing about men the counselor that little Nicole goes to told me about.

Anyways it sounds like you spend a lot of time without any clothes on. So because I want you to feel at home I will let you spend a lot of time here without any clothes on also, even when men or boys from the neighborhood come over to visit. As a 10 year old girl I am sure you are just as cute as can be and they won't mind you being naked.

As far as the harder spankings that your dad wants you to have, there are some nice neighbor men who I know who wouldn't mind stripping you naked and taking a belt to you. It seems kind of drastic to me but since your dad says you really need it to behave, I will let them know they can strip you and spank you for any excuse and you're used to it.

And as for your friend Mary, I already talked with the counselor down the street. He was just thrilled when I told him you were 10 years old and needed to be stripped and spanked. He does that as part of his therapy sometimes and thinks that he can definitely help Mary with her bullying of you. Isn't that great?

Well anyways I am really looking forward to your visit and seeing you. The neighbor with the pool has already bought you some outfits for you to change into and out of so he can watch you swim and have fun. He also said he would be willing to strip you and spank you so that you feel right at home there.

And if you or your parents have any other needs that need to be undressed I mean addressed, feel free to let me know.

I want you to feel just like you are at home.

See you soon

Mommy Nicole

Little Nicole's morning, and her counselor

BR&T date: written Sunday, 3 March 1996

Hi Sara

Sorry I didn't get back to you last night I fell asleep. Mommy put the envelope on my night table so I would find it in the morning.

Today when I woke up I was completely naked and my drapes were wide open and my covers were pulled off. That stupid neighbor that lives next door can see right into my room. He was in his window looking at me with binocalers. UGH.

I told Mommy and she just said he was probably bird watching. Yeah right. I got in a little argument with her and she spanked me, really hard. She hardly ever does that. Then she took my hand and brought me outside and over to my neighbors house across the street and made me apologize to him. Really? I had to stand there totally naked while he looked me up and down and tell him I was sorry that I thought he was peeking in my room and didn't trust him.

Then Mommy told him that she was going to remove the drapes from my large window completely just to show him that I trusted him. And that I would be undressing in front of that window every night at bedtime. And she even told him my bedtime.

She can be so mean sometimes.

Then Mommy made me shake his hand and tell him I trusted him. He pulled my hand up as high as my head to shake hands with me. He held on and shook my hand a long time, too. Mommy just kept holding my left hand so I was stuck between them with both arms out until he finally let go of me.

Then of course we had to go back across the street, but we had to wait for all the cars going by real slow so it took like five minutes standing there before we could get back home just across the street. Mommy kept scolding me to stand up straight while we waited, and she kept hold of one of my hands. I sometimes put the other one in front of me because of the cars and sometimes behind me because of the neighbor man who was still right there. She even waved to some of the men in the cars when I was trying to hide my bare bottom from the neighbor or hug myself because I was freezing.

About that so called consoler. I don't like him at all. He does role playing sessions. He has a large closet full of costumes in little girl sizes. He video tapes everything. First he has me look at the camera and say my name and age and what grade I'm in, like that could ever change from the last time he made me say it. Then I have to put on whatever outfit he gives me while he video tapes me changing clothes.

After that he makes me pretend to be a character. It can be anything from a princess or a ballerina to a bunny rabbit. Sometimes I get tied up, and sometimes spanked, and lots of times he does both, but in the end he always takes the costume off me and sprays something sticky all over me. Sometimes even aiming for my face and making me open my mouth. I hate it.

He wears a mask so if someone else sees the video no one would know who he was. But I'm completely exposed and my face is clear so anyone would know who I am. Epecially since I tell them my name!!! Oh my I just thought about that.

I get a lot of sealed letters from mostly men saying all kinds of awful things to me and wanting me to do things I don't want to do and telling me about all kinds of awful things they want to do to me. That started after I went to the consoler the first time. I think the letters are from guys who see the pictures he took of me. I bet a lot of guys have seen me in those, watched him tying me up, or spanking me, or spraying on me. I don't even understand some of the things they say they want to do to me. Like one guy said he wants to tie me up and put a ditty bincher on me. He said he would put it on me really really tight so I would scream. What's a ditty bincher anyway? It sounds mean. Maybe that was clitty if thats a word, the letter was messy. I don't dare ask the consoler because he might have one and want to use it.

I tried to tell my mom but she did not believe me at all and I got punished. Then she told the consoler and the next time I was there he tied me up and spanked me with a belt really hard. I had to keep promising him never to tell anyone again. He even makes me keep telling my mom that I want to go back there and that I have fun.

I don't know what will happen with Mary Claire there but I am afraid for you. I wish I could help you but I probably said too much. Please don't act like you are scared to go there or the consoler might think I told you something and I would get punished really bad. Please don't get me in trouble! Maybe you should pretend you really want to go.

Mommy made me breakfast so I can get dressed now and go eat. I will write you later and tell you about the games I have to play and stuff.

Thanks for being my friend

Little Nicole

Mommy Nicole tells Sara about Rape Therapy

BR&T date: written Monday, 4 March 1996


I just talked to the counselor. He thinks that little Nicole might need rape therapy. I am not sure what that is but he says it is very good for young girls to learn how to get along with adult men. It sounds like fun. You can go too, if your parents want. You need to ask your mom or dad, wait the counselor said to just ask your dad. Anyways if he wants you to go I can sign you up. I do know that you will need to go for quite a few follow up sessions and there will be a few different male counselors involved.

Well make sure to ask your dad, or I will have to call him myself and let him know you kept a secret from him.

Anyways it sounds like fun and I am signing up little Nicole. She has told me how much she likes going to this counselor now so I just know she will be thrilled and I am sure you will have a great time too. So you should really try to convince your dad you want to go.

Have a great day I am really looking forward to seeing you soon.

Mommy Nicole

PS: Please give this letter to your dad and ask him about it.

Dear Parents,

We are pleased to inform you that your daughter has been accepted into the new rape therapy program.

This program is offered only to girls age 5 to 12 and is based in part on personality and physical appearance of the girl who wishes to enter the program and also on the parenting skills of the mother, father and or guardians of the child.

This is a new pilot program that uses the most current physiological and physical therapies combined into a complete program that will be very beneficial to the child and to any people who come in contact with her.

The therapists are all highly motivated individuals. Men who have shown an extraordinary interest in interacting with girls in this age group.

While the name of the program is called rape therapy, and one of the skill sets that a girl learns is how to deal with being raped, there is no actual rape that takes place. It is all simulated. And not real.

However through the use of psychoses and technology your child will believe that she has experienced a brutal rape. Perhaps several times during the program. She may even show some physical signs of rape, perhaps many. This is normal and part of the program.

On the first day your child will not yet have the coping skills necessary to deal with this simulated rape. This is done on the first day as a breakdown of her existing thought process. When your child comes home she may be very afraid and withdrawn and try to convince you that she does not want to go back. Please don't give in to these feelings. You are part of the program too.

If you need to spank your child to get her to go back then please do. Also you should offer as little comfort to the child as possible. Crying at this stage is quite normal.

As your little girl goes back week after week you will start to notice a change for the better. Girls will become much less modest and much more affectionate. They will start to crave male attention. They will want to show themselves off. These behaviors should be encouraged by you.

You will find your little girl opening up herself right before your eyes.

You will soon be receiving a dress code for each meeting. Please try to follow it as best you can. For the first meeting please dress your daughter in a pretty skirt or dress no longer than halfway to her knees. Eventually, you will receive packages prior to each session, containing an outfit to put on her before she comes to therapy. Please ensure that the outfit is on her exactly as the instructions dictate. If you do not have time to see to it yourself, you may have an approved male do it. Ask for our recommendations.

You will get personal letters from time to time from a therapist or counselor.

Remember, the first visit will be a psychological breakdown of sorts. Then each week we will continue to break down her barriers and personality and replace it with a much more desirable set of behaviors and skills that will help her overcome her tendency to openly express any fear of men.

Congratulations again on your choice.

And please remember our methods are confidential and may not be discussed with anyone except other members of the program.

Yours truly
Richard Boner
program director

Sara's father approves

BR&T date: written Monday, 4 March 1996

Yes Ma'am,

I gave him the letter.

I just finished talking with Daddy, even though I didn't want to go to rape therapy, but Daddy thinks it is a good idea, and spanked me for not wanting to do it.

He says if the counselor approves, it would be a good idea for me to go to rape therapy with little Nicole, at least at first, so you could make sure we both go there together. He says since we planned for me to come for a visit tomorrow, that would be a great time to start going to rape therapy together. He asked if you would please tell the counselor how naughty I was for not wanting to go and ask him to spank me bare bottom before my first session, and every session after that if I say I don't want to go.


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